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延寿县儿童医院专家预约哈尔滨医大一院做人流得多少钱哈尔滨人工流产有哪些医院 A nine-year-old art genius nicknamed ;Mini Monet; is about to become a millionaire after selling his latest collection of 24 paintings for 250,000 pounds, the Daily Mail reported.一个9岁的绘画天才新近卖出了24幅作品,价值25万英镑。这个小男孩的昵称叫“小莫奈”,自此将成为一名百万富翁。Kieron Williamson, from Norfolk, had his landscape pictures snapped up by telephone and internet buyers from around the world in just 15 minutes during a recent sale.据英国《每日邮报》报道,小画家名为克尔隆#8226;威廉森,来自于诺福克。近日,威廉森的风景画遭疯抢,仅15分钟就被世界各地的买家通过电话和网络抢购一空。The youngster only started painting during a family trip to Devon and Cornwall in 2008 - before then he had just colored in dinosaurs his parents had drawn for him.其实,小男孩是从2008年与家人到丹佛和康沃尔游玩时才开始画画的,在那之前都是等父母画好了恐龙,他来上色。The talented schoolboy will not be given free access to his rapidly growing wealth until he reaches 18, as his parents have been investing it on his behalf.尽管这位有天赋的小男生财富迅速增长,但在18岁之前他是不能自由配那些钱的。不过,他的父母用这些钱正在帮他搞投资。 /201207/190419The debut on Sunday night of Caitlyn Jenner’s new reality TV show, “I Am Cait,” was full of emotional moments, as well as Kardashians, as you might expect. But tucked away in the family revelations and inspiration was a pretty interesting moment between Kim Kardashian and Ms. Jenner, in, of all places, Ms. Jenner’s closet.星期日,凯特琳·詹纳(Caitlyn Jenner)的最新电视真人秀《我是凯特》(I Am Cait)迎来首播,第一集中充满动人的时刻,当然也少不了卡戴珊。但是除了这一大堆家庭私事以及鼓舞人心的情节之外,有那么一段特别有意思,金·卡戴珊(Kim Kardashian)和詹纳来到詹纳的衣橱旁边。Ms. Kardashian had demanded a tour, and Ms. Jenner had obliged, pulling out garments with glee: dresses by Tom Ford, Diane von Furstenberg, and the like. According to Ms. Jenner, designers had been sending A LOT of stuff. She was excited.卡戴珊有要求参观詹纳的衣柜,詹纳很乐意,高高兴兴地拿出自己的衣:诸如汤姆·福特(Tom Ford)、黛安·冯芙丝汀宝(Diane von Furstenberg)的长裙之类的。詹纳说,设计师们送给她一大堆东西,她非常兴奋。It underscores a post last week on Ms. Jenner’s blog, in which she explained the genesis of her Versace dress at the ESPY Awards: “Donatella Versace reached out to me and said, ‘I want to do the dress.’ I said, ‘I am SO in.’ We started with designs; they made the dress in Italy. Her head dressmaker came over, and we did two fittings to make sure we got it just absolutely perfect. It was like every fantasy of my life come true.”这不禁让人想起上星期詹纳写的一条客,解释自己在ESPY颁奖礼上穿的那条范思哲裙子是怎么来的:“多娜泰拉·范思哲(Donatella Versace)找到我,说,‘我想做这么一条裙子。’我说,‘我太乐意了。’我们就开始了设计;他们在意大利做了这条裙子。她派裁缝过来,我们试穿了两次,确保一切完美。就像我人生里的童话成真了。”Fashion, it seems, has a new favorite celebrity.时尚界似乎又多了一个名人新宠。On the one hand, you could interpret this as simple generosity and designers being charmed by the idea of playing fairy godmother, waving their wands and helping someone feel beautiful. And I am sure that is part of it.一方面,你可以说这只是因为慷慨,设计师们乐意充当仙女教母的角色,挥舞他们的魔杖,帮别人变得漂漂亮亮,我相信这确实是部分原因。Brands love being involved in a Cinderella story, after all: It is part of the essential narrative of fashion. And Ms. Jenner embodies that transformation story more powerfully than perhaps any other public figure in many years.时尚品牌喜欢参与到灰姑娘式的故事里来,毕竟这本身就是时尚核心叙事的一部分。詹纳所体现出的脱胎换骨的故事,也许比多年来任何公众人物的变形都有力量。But it’s hard not to think that Ms. Jenner’s 2.73 million Twitter followers and 3.2 million Instagram followers (as of Monday morning) also have something to do with it. Her potential marketing power is enormous — even more so given the television show. To be associated with that, as well as the supportive and individual value system Ms. Jenner has made it her mission to promote, is invaluable on many levels.但是很难认为詹纳在Twitter上的273万名粉丝与Instagram上的320名粉丝(截至周一上午)与此完全无关。她潜在的市场宣传力量非常大,有了电视真人秀后更是如此。所以,和詹纳决心致力推广的、具有持性的个人价值体系一样,她的价值在许多方面不可限量。This year, Make Up for Ever became the first brand to sign a transgender model, Andreja Pejic, to a beauty contract. I wonder how many fashion brands have aly approached Ms. Jenner? After all, as my colleague Mike Hale pointed out in his review of “I Am Cait,” Ms. Jenner is “a polished, effective pitchwoman.” Will we see her in the front row of shows come September and the next y-to-wear season? I wouldn’t be surprised.今年,玫科菲(Make Up for Ever)与安德烈娅·皮杰斯(Andreja Pejic)签下一纸美容用品合约,成了首个签约跨性别模特的品牌。我不禁猜想,现在有多少时尚品牌已经开始接洽詹纳了?毕竟,正如我的同事迈克·希尔(Mike Hale)在他对《我是凯特》的中指出,詹纳是一个“精心修饰,效果颇佳的女推销员。”如果她的身影出现在9月的时装秀或者下一个成衣秀的观众席前排,我是不会感到奇怪的。But despite the fact that the platform for getting her message across globally would be amplified by a brand ambassador contract — with all the glossy exposure that implies — and that the money involved could go to support a transgender support group, I hope she remains independent of the commercial machine.如果她得到某个品牌大使的合约,无疑会令她更有能力把自己的信息传播到世界各地——有光夺目的亮相——所得收入也可用于投入跨性别者的互助组织,但是,我还是希望她能在商业机器面前保持独立。In the long run, I think it would give her more power to be beholden to no single brand, but to be a friend to all.从长远角度来说,如果她不仅仅是对某一个品牌负责,而是致力于成为所有人的朋友,那么她将拥有更多的力量。 /201508/390848黑龙江省阳光医院做孕检多少钱

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