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88. Let it be. 顺其自然吧。 用法透视 这个句子表达的含义是"让......继续按原样存在,不去理会"。 持范例 1. I decide to just let it be. 我决定顺其自然。 2. Let him be, he's doing no harm. 别理他,他不要紧,没事的。 3. Let the poor dog be. 别惹那可怜的儿。 会话记忆 A: Did you hear what she said to me? 你有没有听见她对我讲的话? B: I heard it. 我听见了。 A: What do you think I should do about it? 那你认为我该怎么办? B: Just let it be. Her rudeness will come back to haunt her. 不理它。她的那种无理迟早会让自己倒霉的 /200706/14619

So, what is it really about? We need to look to some of the non-religious, or secular, arguments against homosexuality, and we especially need to do that if we are genuinely committed to living in a society that embraces freedom of religion.所以,真正的原因是什么?我们来看看一些非宗教的,或者可以说更世俗的观点。当我们生存在一个持宗教自由的社会里并且真心热爱它的时候,我们尤其需要从这个角度进行探究。So, what are some of those non-religious arguments against homosexuality?那么,有哪些非宗教观念的论点是反对同性恋的呢?Well, the second argument Im going to look at tonight, the first non-religious argument, is the argument that homosexuality is wrong because its not universalizable.今晚我要说的第二个论点,也是第一个非宗教性质的论点,是声称同性恋不可以普遍推行。Thats not a word you get to use every day.这个词不是个常见词。What does that mean?那它是什么意思呢?I first heard of this argument back in 92.我第一次听说这种论调,是在1992年的时候。I gave an early version of this lecture at St. Johns University in New York, where I had previously done my undergraduate work.我在纽约的圣约翰大学,我本科就读的地方做一个演讲。此刻我的这个演讲即脱胎于那时。And there was a priest, Father Prior, who wrote to the school paper.当时有一位普莱奥神父--当时学校报纸的撰稿人。He was very upset that I had been invited to give this lecture, and he wrote this long letter to the school paper.对我受邀演讲非常不满。于是给校方写了一封长信。And in his letter to the school paper, on of the things he said was, ;Of course homosexuality is bad for society.信中有这样的说法:;毫无疑问,同性恋对人类社会是有坏处的。If everyone were homosexual, there would be no society.;每个人都是同性恋的话,根本不可能有人类社会。;And I call this the ;universalizability argument.;我将之称为;普遍推行论;。Everyone were this way, if we universalize the activity, that would be bad; therefore, the activity is bad.如果每个人都这样。如果我们将个体的行为推广到整体,出现不会的推论结果,那么这种行为就是错的。Now, I disagreed with a lot of what Father Prior said in his letter, but I thought it was nice that he took the time to write to the school paper.我对神父信中的很多观点颇不同意,但我想既然他花了那么多时间来写这封长信。And I said, ;You know what, Im going to write to the school paper, too.;我不妨也写封吧。So, I did. I wrote an open letter to Father Prior.因此我给普莱奥神父回了一封公开信。It said, ;Dear Father Prior, if everyone were a Roman Catholic Priest, there would be no society, either.信是这么说的:;尊敬的普莱奥神父,如果每个人都是罗马天主教神父的话,人类社会也不存在了。;(罗马天主教神父有独身不婚的传统)Sincerely, John Corvino.;John Corvino敬上。Whats the problem with this argument?这种论点的问题在哪里?A few problems.它有很多问题。One, Father Prior seems to assume that just because society needs some people to procreate that everyone is obligated to procreate, but, of course, that doesnt follow.一是普莱奥神父假定,仅仅因为社会需要某些人生育繁衍后代,就能据此得出每个人都有义务生育的结论。当然,这种推论显然错了。Society needs some people to be doctors.社会需要某些人去成为医生。That doesnt mean everyone is obligated to be a doctor.并不意味着每个人都有义务去成为医生;Society needs some people to be sanitation workers, which doesnt mean that everyone is obligated.社会需要某些人去成为环卫工人,并不意味着每个人都有义务去成为环卫工人。Yeah, we need some people to procreate, but it doesnt follow that everyone is obligated, as Father Prior surely recognized.诚然,我们需要一些人去生育后代,但并不能推论出每个人都有义务生育后代。这点我想普莱奥神父一定会认可。People have pointed out to me, ;Yeah, well some Catholic priests actually do have children.;有人对我指出:;其实有些天主教神父是有孩子的。;Fine. The point is the argument applies equally well to celibacy.说的没错,但重点在于,神父的论点都同样适用于独身主义。But, lets suppose that we were to grant this premise that everyone is obligated to procreate.因为很多同性恋也是有孩子的。退一万步说,先假定我们要遵循这种;每个人都有义务生育;的论调。201605/444002

How many ghosts are going to be around your bed when your time comes?. 在你离开这个世界的时候会有多少这样的幽魂围在你的床沿?You invested a lot in your education And people invested in you. 你们在教育上投入了很多别人也在你身上投入了很多And let me tell you the world needs your talents. 而且让我告诉你这个世界需要你的才华Man, does it ever I just got back from Africa, like just 2 days ago. 从未如此迫切过我两天前刚从非洲回来So Im rambling on this kind of jet leg I just got back from South Africa, thats a beautiful country. 所以我现在是在时差影响下 胡言乱语我刚从南非回来 那是一个美丽的国度But there are places there with terrible poverty that need help And Africa is just the tip of the iceberg. 但那里有些地方仍然非常贫穷 需要帮助而且非洲只是冰山一角The Middle East needs your help. Japan needs your help Alabama need your help. 中东需要你们 日本需要你们阿拉巴马州需要你们Tennessee need your help Louisiana needs your help. 田纳西州需要你们路易斯安那州需要你们Philadelphia needs your help The world needs a lot, and we need it from you. 费城需要你们这个世界需要很多 我们同样需要We really do, we need it from you young people I mean, Im not speaking for the rest of us up here. 我们真的需要 需要你们在座的各位年轻人我不代表其他坐在台上面的人But I know Im getting a little grayer we need it from you, the young people. 但是我知道自己已经老了 也有白头发了我们需要你们 在座的年轻人Because, remember this So you gotta get out there. 请记住出去闯吧You gotta give it everything youve got whether its your time, your talent, your prayers, or your treasures. 你要投入自己的一切不论是你的时间还是才华 祈福还是财富Because remember this Youll never see a U-Haul behind a hearse. 因为你要记住灵车后面不会有搬家卡车Ill say it again Youll never see a U-Haul behind a hearse. 我再说一遍灵车后面不会有搬家卡车201611/473712

Like it needs help. And I said, ;Whats the plan, Dan? Im thinking fireworks, bouncy castle ...;好像他才需要帮助吧。我说:“你们有什么打算呢,Dan?我能想到的是开业的烟花,充气的城堡……”;Im not sure what you mean.;“我没搞懂你的意思。”I said, ;Im just tremendously excited about the opening!;我说:“我只是对你们开业相当激动!”;Do you want to book the bouncy castle or shall I?;“你打算订充气城堡,还是我来订?”He said, ;I think you have misunderstood.;他说:“我觉得你可能误会了。”;A new store is opening, but there is no celebration planned.;“我们新店确实要开业了,但是并没有开业典礼计划。”I said, ;But what was all the Three weeks until, Two weeks until emails? I was getting excited.;我说:“但是你们每周都有发那些开业倒计时邮件啊?让我都白激动了啊。”;Im sorry youre disappointed.;“我对你的失望感到十分歉意。”I said, ;Not to worry. Lets do something anyway! Besides, the deposit on the bouncy castle was non-refundable.;我说:“没事。不管怎么样我们还是做点什么吧!再说充气城堡的订金已经不能退了。”;If we dont use it, were out a few hundred quid, Dan.;“如果我们不用它,我们就浪费了几百块呢,Dan.”He said, ;Mr. Veitch, Im not responsible for anything you have ordered.;他说:“Veitch先生,我对您所订购的东西没有任何责任。”I said, ;Lets not get into who did what. Bottom line: you and I are in this together.;我说:“我们先别说谁做了什么。无可否认,我们现在已经在一条船上了。;Question: Will you be there to make sure people take their shoes off?;请问:你愿意一直在旁边看着保别人都把鞋子脱了吗?”201706/514761

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