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博爱医院染色体检查福州台江区打胎医院排名Then they fire up the snowblower.And within seconds, I#39;m completely covered.然后他们开动吹雪机 短短几秒内 我就被完全覆盖了Deep under the snow, there#39;s no room for my crew,深处雪下 没有摄像组的容身之处but by plunging a small camera down a stretch of piping,但他们可以通过放入加长管的摄像机 they can get the shot of me buried in my snow coffin.拍到我被困雪棺中的镜头I lost a close friend to avalanche.Her body was never found.我有一个好朋友就葬身于雪崩 遗体一直没有找到I always thought she was invincible.我一直觉得她战无不胜And since then, I#39;ve had a wary respect for avalanches.从那时起 开始对雪崩心生敬畏In truth, I#39;m scared of them.事实上 是心生恐惧This tube simulates a burial at 12 feet and heavily restricts my breathing,这条管道模拟了十二英尺的深埋 严重限制了我的呼吸and aly this feels way too close for comfort.根本就谈不上舒Bear, that#39;s a minute.Your blood sats are good,but the CO2 is building up.贝尔 一分钟了 你的血氧分压还算正常 但是二氧化碳攀升Feels like a lot more than a minute.感觉上可比一分钟漫长多了I#39;m not enjoying this.It#39;s, you know,炼狱一般 这感觉 要知道just very, very claustrophobic, you know.就是很 很幽闭恐怖 你知道When the snow from an avalanche settles,it sets like concrete.雪崩的雪尘埃落定 堆积如混凝土一般You can#39;t break free from its icy grip,and its pressure is crushing.冰层的张力无法打破 压力逼人Really noticing the cold much more now.明显感觉到冷多了Feel really, really woozy.Ah, it#39;s horrible.Can#39;t move.And I can#39;t breathe properly.Utterly powerless.感觉很 真的很眩晕 难受死了 动弹不得 没法正常呼吸 使不上力Get buried by an avalanche,and the major killer is carbon dioxide.被雪崩深埋 头号杀手是二氧化碳As you exhale, it fills the space around your mouth,and eventually you asphyxiate.呼吸的时候 充满嘴部周围空间 最终导致窒息We#39;re at the threshold now, Bear.You#39;ve got less than 12% oxygen.临界点了 贝尔 氧气指标已经低于百分之十二Carbon-dioxide levels are rising sharply now.二氧化碳含量急速上升As the oxygen level plummets,it gets harder and harder to breathe.随着含氧量骤降 呼吸越来越困难Just massive urge to need to breathe more.迫切地需要大口呼吸When you push your chest up and try and take a breath,it doesn#39;t satisfy you.然而当挺起胸膛 奋力呼吸 却没法满足We#39;ve hit 8:15,the time our skier was buried,but the air now is running out,And I#39;m struggling for every breath.八分十五秒了 正是模拟滑雪者被埋的时长 但是空气快耗尽了 每次呼吸都是一种挣扎 Article/201702/493981南平去那间医院检查胎停 This is a type of lightning这是一种闪电that doesn#39;t strike down towards the ground它们不直接袭击地表面but instead reaches upwards within the mesosphere,而是往上发射,高至中心层30-50 miles high.30到50英里高We#39;ve seen the power of the atmosphere to shape the planet我们看过大气的力量是怎样塑造星球and create the weather,和创造气候but it#39;s the relationship between the atmosphere and life大气和生命的联系that has made our planet unique in the solar system.使我们的地球在太阳系中独一无二To understand how this vital relationship evolved,要明白这一重要的关系如何发生you have to go back to the very beginning of Earth#39;s long history.得追溯到很久以前地球混沌初开时The planet#39;s atmosphere was created shortly after the Earth was formed在地球刚形成不久大气圏就形成了four and a half billion years ago.四十六亿年前The early Earth was probably highly volcanic.早期地球充满火山And for millions of years,几百万年后these volcanoes spewed out huge quantities of gas.这些火山喷发出大量气体Slowly these gases built up and created the atmosphere.这些气体缓慢聚合创造了大气层 Article/201509/399756宁德哪里可以看不孕

福州博爱不孕不育精液检查怎么样英语非常道 第41期:回望大学时候的糗事大一: 代表词:懵懂、单纯、憧憬、社团活动 《Sydney White》 Article/201511/402186福建查激素哪家医院好 Surely even Charles could see that?难道查理没能看透这一切吗Surely that would be an end to the bloodshed and the country could return to reasonableness?难道这还不能结束那段杀戮 让国家重新步入有序吗And there were many in parliament aching for just this 而议会中的许多人仍有一个眼中钉a settlement that would allow Charles to keep his throne,停战协议保留了查尔斯的王位some kind of return to what had been on the table back in 1642.这似乎又回到了1642年谈判前的局面Surely, after all the blunders and bloodshed,难道经历了这些错误与伤亡the botched coups and the futile slaughters,he would do the right thing, he would share power?拙劣的政变和无谓的厮杀之后 他还不愿意认清形势 交出部分权力吗But Charles was constitutionally incapable of being a constitutional king.但查理本身决定了 他做不成立宪君主He gagged at the idea of being reduced to a subaltern monarch,taking, not giving, orders.他不愿做听命于上尉的君主 从而不是发布命令The war might be over, for now,but for Charles the plotting was not.也许战争已经告一段落 但对查尔斯来说 密谋仍在进行For the next two years, in a bid to reverse his defeat,接下来的两年里 查尔斯企图扭转乾坤Charles tried to play off parliament against the army,他试图让议会与军队为敌the army against parliament,and the Scots against both.让军队与议会为敌 让苏格兰成为双方共同的敌人Oliver Cromwell finally realised that as long as Charles was around,奥利弗·克伦威尔终于意识到 只要查理还在he was always going to be a rallying point for the discontented,and there were bound to be a lot of them.他就必将集结那些不安现状的人 而这类人不在少数But Cromwell was also enraged by Charles#39;s presumption at defying the verdict of God,同时查理肆意违抗上帝的裁决 激怒了克伦威尔so clearly revealed at the battles of Marston Moor and Naseby.马斯顿荒原和纳斯比战役就是最好的明It was evident then that King Charles had to go.很显然 查理必须离开Whether or not he had to die, that was another matter.无论如何他都要死 这又是一桩大事 /201703/500060福州包皮手术需要多少钱

三明市排卵监测费用Here we can take all that variability out这样我们就可以排除那些变量we can size you up我们可以获取你的数据we can basically take the model to predict exactly how much we need to give you根据模型预测要给你多大剂量in the drip to achieve exactly what is needed for the experiment.以此来达到实验预期的效果The experiment the team has specialised in团队所做的实验是is seeing what happens to the brains reward circuitry观察被酒精侵袭的大脑when its hit with alcohol.其奖励环路有何反应OK. You can put them down.好了 胳膊放下来吧As I#39;d be getting the alcohol straight into my blood酒精直接进入我的血液in case I had an adverse reaction以防万一有什么不良反应I#39;d first be infused outside the scanner.第一次就只让我在扫描仪外注射5 4 3 2 1 start.5-4-3-2-1 开始And then it was needle in and pump switched on针头扎入 注射泵调开with me giving a running account of how it was making me feel.然后我不断地说明自己的感受-It does feel quite cold doesn#39;t it? -Yeah It does feel cold-感觉相当凉哦 -是的 确实很凉because it#39;s kept at room temperature因为它保存在室温下and your body is of course much hotter than that.你的身体当然比它热多了But it was going to be a very weird experience.但这感觉真的很奇怪I was going to be given alcohol我体内注射了酒精stripped away from normal social context.用排除了各种社会背景因素影响的方法重点解释:1.take out 取出;拔掉;去掉例句:He took out the pencil marks from his drawing.他把面上的铅笔印擦掉。2.switch on 开,接通例句:The is programmed to switch on at ten o#39;clock.电视机设定在10点钟自动打开。3.strip away 揭掉; 去掉例句:Let#39;s strip away the cant and get down to bedrock.咱们少说漂亮话,多谈实质问题吧。 Article/201507/388461 音乐家与社会活动家 诺 获颁 2005 TED Prize 时的精演说。 诺认为援助非洲不是另一个明星标榜的事业,而是一个世界级的危机。 Article/201507/383465福建妇幼保健院输卵管通水多少钱福州治疗阳痿哪里好



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