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福州备孕检查那个医院好福州仓山区做造影哪里比较好Little Robert asked his mother for two cents. 小罗伯特向妈妈要两分钱。 ;What did you do with the money I gave you yesterday?; “昨天给你的钱干什么了?” ;I gave it to a poor old woman,; he answered. “我给了一个可怜的老太婆,”他回答说。 ;You#39;re a good boy,; said the mother proudly. “你真是个好孩子,”妈妈骄傲地说。 ;Here are two cents more. But why are you so interested in the old woman?; “再给你两分钱。可你为什么对那位老太太那么感兴趣呢?” ;She is the one who sells the candy.; “她是个卖糖果的。” /201206/185622福州哪些医院输卵管通液最好 Two questions for you: 1.) Are you overweight? 2.) Are you happy about it? If you answered “Yes” to #1 and “No” to #2 then we have good news for you: understanding the reasons why you are fat can help you lose that weight faster。问你两个问题: 1. 你超重了吗? 2. 这样你开心吗? 如果你第一个的问题的回答是肯定的,而第二个问题是否定的,那我们给你带来了好消息:明白自己为什么这么胖可以帮助你更快地减肥。The National Weight Control Registry (NWCR) tracks over 10,000 individuals who have lost significant amounts of weight and kept it off for long periods of time. People who don’t adopt the following behaviors are more likely to be overweight or obese. Here are the 5 reasons why you might be fat:美国国家体重控制登记处(NWCR)长期追踪调查了1万名减重明显而且保持下去的人。那些没有养成以下习惯的人更有可能超重或者肥胖。下面就是你为什么长胖的五大原因:1. You don’t eat breakfast你不吃早餐According to the NWCR research, 78 percent of people who were successful at losing weight and keeping it off reported regularly eating breakfast every day of the week. Only 4 percent of healthy people never eat breakfast. So here’s the deal: make yourself a healthy breakfast every morning. Choose foods like fresh fruit, smoothies, eggs, coffee (sans cream and sugar), tea, and whole grains。根据NWCR的研究,78%成功减肥并且保持下去的人每天都规律地吃早餐。健康人士中只有4%从不吃早饭。所以办法就是:每天早晨给自己做一份健康早餐。可以选择新鲜水果、果汁、鸡蛋、咖啡(不加奶油和糖)、茶和全谷物食品。2. You don’t weigh yourself enough你没有经常给自己称体重75 percent of people who maintain a healthy weight weigh themselves at least once a week. If you’re struggling to get rid of those love handles, then buy a scale and weigh yourself a few times a week. This will help you stick with your health goals and see measurable progress。75%保持健康体重的人每周至少给自己称重一次。如果你正在为减掉腰部赘肉努力,那就买一个秤,每周称几次体重。这有助于你坚持自己的健康目标,而且能够看到可以衡量的进步。3. You watch too much TV你看电视的时间太多了Here’s one of the biggest reasons why you might be fat: too many hours in front of the television. 62 percent of people on the NWCR registry watch less than 10 hours of TV per week. Get up off the couch and get some exercise instead。你长胖的最大原因之一就是,看电视的时间太多了。NWCR追踪的减肥成功人士当中,62%的人每周看电视的时间不到10小时。离开沙发,做点运动吧。4. You don’t exercise enough你缺乏锻炼Speaking of exercise, 90 percent of healthy folks exercise an average of 1 hour per day. Don’t think you have time for exercise? These tips will make you think otherwise。说到锻炼,90%的健康人士平均每天锻炼1小时。觉得自己没有时间锻炼?这些小贴士会改变你的想法。5. You don’t eat healthy enough你的饮食不够健康This one should be obvious. The biggest reason why most people are fat is because of what they eat. Good healthy habits start with a good diet. Eat more whole, natural, unprocessed foods like these:这一点应该很明显。大多数人长胖的最大原因都在于吃。良好的健康习惯从健康饮食开始。多吃一些完整、自然、未经加工的食物,比如:Fruits and veggies水果和蔬菜Nuts and seeds坚果和瓜子Lean meats and eggs from pasture-raised animals来自食草动物的瘦肉和蛋Healthy fats from olive oil, coconut oil, and dark chocolate来自橄榄油和椰子油的健康油脂、黑巧克力Whole grains全谷物HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT?如何减肥?Losing weight is tough. For most people, it requires a change in diet, a change in exercise habits, and a change in attitude. Here’s how you can accomplish all three:减肥是一件苦差事。对大多数人来说,这要求他们在饮食、锻炼习惯和态度上做出改变。下面这些建议告诉你该如何完成这三种改变:1. Set healthy goals设定健康的目标If you’re overweight and want to change that, the first step is deciding what your target weight is. Write down your goal and set a date that you want to accomplish that goal by。如果你已经超重,而且想要改变,第一步就是确定自己的目标体重。写下你的目标和你想要实现目标的日期。2. Start small从小事做起Making major behavior modifications isn’t something that happens overnight. So start with 1-2 things per week and work up from there. Commit to eating 5 servings of vegetables a day and exercising 2 days a week for the first week, then add a little more each week。你不可能一夜之间让自己的行为习惯做出巨大改变。所以每周改变一两件事,就从这开始。第一周保每天吃5种蔬菜,锻炼两天,然后每周增加一点。3. Track what you eat and how much you exercise跟踪记录你的饮食和运动量Now it’s time to start working toward that goal. The best way to stick with your diet and exercise regimen is to track it. There are plenty of websites and apps that allow you to do this. Or you can do it the old fashioned way and keep a written food and exercise journal. Find what works for you and write down what you’ve accomplished every day。现在可以朝着目标开始努力了。坚持饮食和锻炼习惯的最好办法就是跟踪记录。有很多网站和手机应用都可以帮助你完成记录。或者你也可以用老办法,手写饮食和锻炼日志。找出对你有效的办法,记录下你每天完成的内容。4. Evaluate and adjust评估和调整Every month you should take a look at your goal and see what type of progress you’ve made toward accomplishing it. If you’re not where you want to be, make minor adjustments. Try doing different exercises or cutting back on certain types of foods that you may be eating too much of. Losing weight and keeping it off is a highly personal thing. Find what works for you and stick with it。每个月你都应该审视一下自己的目标,看看你在实现目标的道路上取得了哪些进步。如果你还没有达到自己的要求,做一些小的调整。尝试不同的锻炼方法,或者减少某种吃的太多的食物摄入。减肥并且保持下去是因人而异的。找出对自己有用的办法,并且坚持下去。 /201507/387943龙岩第一医院做试管婴儿

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福州做处女膜修复那里比较好 A New York Long Island woman said she was fired after she donated a kidney to help save the life of her boss.纽约长岛的一名女性称她为救上司性命捐了一个肾后,被解雇了。Debbie Stevens, a 47-year-old divorced mother of two, filed a formal complaint with the New York State Human Rights Commission last Friday, claiming her boss used her for her organ then fired her ;after the woman got what she wanted.; Stevens#39; boss, 61-year-old Jackie Brucia, is one of the West Islip controllers for Atlantic Automotive Group, a billion-dollar dealership operator. Brucia hired Stevens in January 2009 as an assistant.黛比#8226;史蒂文斯是一位有两个孩子的47岁的离异母亲,她上周五向纽约州人权委员会提交了一封正式控诉书,称她的老板利用她捐出自己的器官,然后“这名女性在得到自己想要的东西后”将她解雇。史蒂文斯的老板名叫杰姬#8226;布鲁西亚,今年61岁,是大西洋汽车集团西伊斯利普控制器生产商的一员,该集团是价值过十亿美元的代理商。布鲁西亚于2009年1月雇用史蒂文斯做助理。;She just started treating me horribly, viciously, inhumanly after the surgery,; Stevens told ANews.com. ;It was almost like she hired me just to get my kidney.; Although Stevens turned out to be less than a perfect kidney match for Brucia, Stevens donated her organ to an out-of-state stranger so that Brucia could move up on the organ donor list.史蒂文斯告诉美国广播公司网站说:“手术结束后她对我的态度就变得很恶劣、充满敌意、残忍。好像她雇用我就只是为了得到我的肾。”尽管史蒂文斯的肾对布鲁西亚而言并不是最佳匹配,但史蒂文斯将她的肾捐给一个外州的陌生人,这样布鲁西亚可以在器官捐赠名单上排位靠前。Stevens left the company in June 2010 to move to Florida. She returned to New York in September to visit her daughter, and decided to stop in at the dealership, according to the complaint. It was during this visit that Brucia told Stevens of her need for a kidney transplant.史蒂文斯于2010年6月离开公司,搬到佛罗里达州居住。据控诉书中所写,她9月份回纽约看望女儿,决定顺便去一下公司。正是这次走访中,布鲁西亚告诉史蒂文斯自己需要做肾移植。;She said she had a possible donor, a friend or something,; Stevens said. ;But I told her if anything happened that I#39;d be willing to donate my kidney. She kind of jokingly replied, #39;You never know, I may have to take you up on that one day.#39;;史蒂文斯说:“她说她可能有一位捐赠人,大概是一位朋友。但我告诉她如果发生任何意外,我愿意捐出我的肾。她好似开玩笑地回答说,‘谁知道呢,也许有一天我会用上你的肾。’”A few months later, Stevens moved back to Long Island and asked Brucia if she had any job openings. Brucia hired her within weeks.几个月后,史蒂文斯搬回长岛居住,问布鲁西亚是否有工作机会。布鲁西亚在几周后就雇用了她。Then, in January 2011, Stevens said her boss called her into her office and asked if she was serious about donating her kidney.2011年1月,史蒂文斯说老板将她叫进办公室,问捐肾一事她是否是认真的。;I said, #39;Yeah, sure. This isn#39;t a joking matter,#39;; Stevens said. ;I did not do it for job security. I didn#39;t do it to get a raise. I did it because it#39;s who I am. I didn#39;t want her to die,; Stevens said.史蒂文斯说:“我说,‘是的,当然。这可不是拿来开玩笑的。’我不是为了保住工作才这么做。也不是为了升职才这么做。我这么做是因为我的为人。我不想让她死。”When tests revealed that Stevens was not the best match, doctors agreed to let her give her kidney to someone in Missouri, which gave Brucia a higher place on the organ donor list.当测试显示史蒂文斯的肾不是最佳匹配时,医生同意让她将肾捐给密苏里州的另一个人,这让布鲁西亚在器官捐赠名单上可以更靠前。Stevens underwent surgery on Aug. 10, 2011. She said doctors hit a nerve in her leg, causing her discomfort and digestive problems.史蒂文斯于2011年8月10日做了手术。她说医生触及她腿上的一根神经,导致她身体不适,出现消化问题。She returned to work four weeks later, and said that#39;s when the problems began.她四周后回去工作,据她说从这以后麻烦就开始了。;I don#39;t have words strong enough or large enough to describe her treatment of me,; Stevens said. ;Screaming at me about things I never did, carrying on to the point where she wouldn#39;t even let me leave my desk. It was constant, constant screaming.;史蒂文斯说:“我没有足够强烈或有力的言词来描述她对我的态度。以莫须有的罪名对我叫骂,甚至都不让我离开办公桌。那叫骂一直持续不断。”After consulting a psychiatrist for her mental stress, Stevens#39; hired attorneys who sent a letter to Atlantic Automotive Group. Stevens was fired within a week.在史蒂文斯由于心理压力太大去看了精神病医生后,她雇用的律师向大西洋汽车集团寄了律师信。史蒂文斯在一周内就被解雇了。Stevens#39; attorney, civil rights lawyer Lenard Leeds, said he planned to file a discrimination lawsuit against A, and would likely seek millions of dollars in compensation.史蒂文斯的律师、民权律师伦纳德#8226;里兹说他打算对大西洋汽车集团提出歧视诉讼,并将可能索赔数百万美元。 /201204/179306福州检查多囊那间医院好龙岩检查男性精子质量去哪好



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