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\South Korean President Set to Discuss Security, Trade During China Visit韩国总统访华期待加强与中国合作   South Korea's President heads to China this week for high-level talks with his country's biggest trading partner. Besides hoping to expand commercial opportunities, Seoul hopes to strengthen security cooperation on issues such as ending North Korea's nuclear weapons.  韩国总统本星期将访问韩国最大的贸易夥伴中国,举行高层会谈。除了希望扩大商业机会外,首尔还希望就终止北韩核计划之类的安全议题,与中国加强合作。South Korean President Lee Myung-bak's is scheduled to begin his three-day China trip Tuesday by meeting with President Hu Jintao and Premier Wen Jiabao in Beijing.  韩国总统李明预定星期二前往中国进行三天访问,期间将会见中国国家主席胡锦涛和总理温家宝。China has hosted five years of multinational diplomacy aimed at ending North Korea's nuclear weapons capabilities. A new round of the talks is expected to start within weeks, and President Lee is expected to discuss details of Pyongyang's forthcoming nuclear declaration with Chinese officials. 中国连续五年主持旨在终止北韩核武器计划的六方会谈。新一轮六方会谈预定在几个星期内举行,预期李明这次会讨论平壤即将向中国官员提出的核声明细节。Mr. Lee a conservative former corporate chairman, is widely seen as one of South Korea's most U.S.-friendly presidents in ten years. He has vowed to strengthen his country's military alliance with Washington, and is pushing for passage of a major trade liberalization deal with the U.S. - the largest in South Korean history.  李明是一名保守的前韩国企业董事长,被广泛认为是过去十年来对美国最友善的韩国总统。他曾经誓言要加强和华盛顿的军事联盟,并且推动和美国的贸易自由化协议。这项贸易自由化协议是韩国历史上最大的。Many analysts here say Mr. Lee will seek to reassure Beijing that South Korea's closeness to America does not come at the expense of China. Han Sukhee, a China specialist at Seoul's Yonsei University, says the two relationships can mutually reinforce each other. 首尔的许多分析家表示,李明会向中国保,韩国和美国亲近不会以中国为代价。韩国延世大学中国问题专家韩硕熙表示,美韩和中韩关系可以相互加强。"Korea needs both the U.S. and China," he said. "We should take these relations not as a zero-sum perspective, but as a positive-sum perspective. Korea doesn't have to choose [between] either one." 韩硕熙说:“韩国需要美国和中国。我们不应该以零和的态度来看待这个关系,而应该以双赢的角度来看待。韩国并不是非要二选一不可。”Still, some irritants have the potential to emerge in the South Korea-China relationship. Seoul is contemplating participation in a U.S. - led ballistic missile defense program for East Asia. South Korean leaders past and present have expressed fears the U.S. alliance could embroil the South in an unwanted potential conflict over Taiwan, which China has warned it may invade if the island ever declares independence.  但是,韩国和中国之间仍然存在一些潜在的不稳定因素。首尔打算参加美国领导的东亚反弹道导弹计划。过去和现在的韩国领导人都表示,担心韩国和美国的联盟可能会使韩国为了台湾问题而卷入和中国不必要的冲突。中国一再警告,如果台湾宣布独立中国就可能动武。Several dozen business leaders are traveling with President Lee to China this week. They hope to explore ways of boosting the 5-billion two-way trade relationship - possibly including some initial steps toward an eventual trade liberalization deal like the one South Korea has signed with Washington. 将有几十名企业领袖本星期和李明一同前往访问中国。他们希望找出途径,促进每年已经达1450亿美元的双边贸易,其中可能包括一些初步的步骤,以便最终像韩国和华盛顿签订自由贸易协议一样,和中国也签订自由贸易协议。 200805/40232。

Oh! Thank you very much! Earth Wind amp; Fire in the Black Eyed Peas, everybody. As I'd like to call them "Earth Wind in Fiber". It's a nice breaker/an ice-breaker, don't judge me yet. Welcome to the 57th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards. That's right, 57, which means 50 years ago today, people who worked in television could only suspect that they were inadequate. You've noticed some of us are wearing a magnolia is for support of the victims of Hurricane Katrina. New Orleans is my hometown, and I have family in Mississippi. Our thoughts and our prayers go out to everyone affected. I guess I don't have to point out that this is the second time I've hosted the Emmy's after a national tragedy, and I just want to say that I'm honored, because it's times like this, we really, really need laughter.But today, we're here to celebrate television. Personally, I love TV. Some people call it "the idiot box". Really, well, if we didn't have television then how could we be watching a show honoring the people who make television on television if there was no television? Idiots! I think the reason that we love award shows so much is because they're exciting. We don't who is gonna win or lose, well we know that HBO is gonna get a butt load of awards, but, you know, people say that HBO wins because they can show cursing and naked people. Let's be honest, we like to watch naked people cursing in real life, not not in real life. It's actually not that pleasant. It's Grandma, put your clothes on, it's Thanksgiving. We're trying to watch the parade. Ah? Where did you learn that word? Which reminds me if Ian McShane from that Deadwood wins tonight, uh, get the children out of the room, and the pets. They don't need that.You know what, I keep hearing myself saying words like wining and losing and awards as if that's what tonight is about. Like somehow, wining an award will validate you. Come on, if you don't win tonight, it doesn't mean you're not a good person, it just means you are not a good actor. I'm kidding. I'm kidding. It just means that you're not as good as the other people in that category. Kidding again. Winning is not important, what is important is how you feel about yourself, and of course you're gonna feel a lot better about yourself if you win. But let's be realistic. Most of you tonight will not win, so, let's look at the bright side of not winning. Give me a minute, there's gonna be something.Well, you don't have to get up, you can stay comfortably seated, and you don't have to make an acceptance speech, which is, that's not easy, that's a lot of pressure, because no matter how hard you try to thank everybody, somebody is gonna feel left out, somebody is gonna have their feelings hurt. You know, well, I guess those eyebrows've just waxed themselves. She'd look like a monkey if it weren't for me. Here is a tip the best acceptance speech you can give is, I'd like to thank everyone who helped me get this, and you know who you are. followed by a …… It's the best thing. But please don't say you didn't expect it. You're nominated, you had a one-in-five chance. Except for Blythe Danner. Blythe Danner is nominated for 3 categories this year. Blythe, your speech? Yours should be the shortest. Just walk up and say, "I knew it." Let's face it. Everybody wants to win, this is show business. But tonight, let's try something; let's just try to put aside our ego, our envy, our jealousy, our judgment. What am I saying? That's what we've got this year.But seriously, I think overall in the scheme of things, winning an Emmy is not important. Let's get our priority straight, I think we all know what's really important in life, winning an Oscar. They're for movies. Man, I'd love to host that show. All right, everybody have fun, relax. Everybody win a drunk tonight. I'll see you in a minute.200807/44411。

a sight for sore eyes ---- 让人看到就高兴的人(短语)英文释义(phrase)Someone who it is a great relief or joy to see.例句Once when I was stranded late one rainy night in a strange part of town I called my brother for help, and when I saw him arrive in his car, he was really a sight for sore eyes.有一次,在一个下雨的深夜,我被困在了这座城市的一个陌生地带,便给我的兄弟打电话请求帮助。看到他驾车赶到,我感到十分欣慰。 /201609/464987。

探索世界奥秘之Life Story(生命物语) 9Millions of years ago, the embryo of a distant ancestor of ours would have shared with us many of these features. As well as giving rise to us, it gave rise to all sorts of other creatures. And in those creatures, these features we're looking at here have evolved quite differently. We can actually see it happening with the ear bones, because those very same grooves that in us would have become our ear bones, in this creature become something else entirely. This is the embryo of a fish. Here is its heart. And it too has a curved spine and the tiny grooves here, just a fraction of a millimeter long, have evolved to become not ear bones, but supports for its gills. So, sometime long, long ago, this sort and I shared a common ancestor. And like them it too had little bones around its gills which helped it to breathe. But as we evolved, these little bones were adapted for an entirely different job purpose to become the intricate mechanism of our ears. And our ear bones are not the only things to have been transformed in this way. Such apparent miracles are in fact all around us. The rest of our ears that allow us to balance and walk upright as well as hear, our limbs and hands, our whole body has been shaped by the process of evolution. Everything about the human body has been inherited and adapted from something our ancestors had a long time ago. Even though they may have used it for something entirely different, we are recycled from the past. Once we begin to understand the source from which our bodies are derived, the way we look at ourselves can never be quite the same again. So every part of the human body bears a shadow from our distant past. Evolution has adapted our bodies from those of our ancestors, all the way back since life was as simple as that in the steaming pools of three billion years ago. It is incredible...words and expressionsderive:To issue from a source; originate.起源于,来自200707/16009。

Id like to go ahead and make the reservation please.我先给您发送一下确认函吧。OK Ill give it a try. But where shall I look?好的,我来试试,但是我该上哪找酒店呢?Try searching on the internet. Look for a five star hotel.上网搜搜看。找一个五星级酒店。He is a five star guest after all. Good luck.他可是位五星级的贵宾啊。好运!Thanks. I better get back to the office and get started.谢谢,我最好赶快回办公室做起来。Hi Anna.你好,安娜。Oh hi Tom. Well done for saving Mr Ingle in that fire.是汤姆啊,你刚才太棒了,把英格尔先生从火场里救了出来。You were very brave.你真勇敢。Tom It was nothing really.没什么啦。So… err...what are you doing?那么……你在干嘛呢?Ive got to book a hotel for Mr Socrates.我在给苏格拉底先生订酒店。No! You know, we must be in trouble.不!你知道吗,我们一定有麻烦了。He never visits.他从不来我们这的。Really? So where shall I book him in to?真的?那我该上哪给他定酒店呢?Well my friend runs a fantastic hotel – its five star!正好我的一个朋友在开酒店——可是五星级的!Its called the Royal Imperial.酒店叫皇家帝国。Look, Ive got his number. Give him a call, mention my name.我这里有他们的电话。打电话给他们,提我的名字就行。Youre bound to get a special rate.他们会给你一个优惠折扣的。Thanks Tom. No problem.谢谢汤姆。 不用谢。Oh but dont forget, Ive heard Mr S only likes a room with a single bed in it.不过你可别忘了,我听说S先生只喜欢有一张床的房间。He gets spooked out if theres another empty bed.如果他发现房间里多出一张空床的话他会被吓坏的。Oh right. OK, I might as well give it a try.好的,我知道了,我这就打电话。 /201702/491109。