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An inflamed throat is often the first sign that youre getting sick. Help nip it in the bud with a few simple tricks.喉咙发炎通常是生病的第一个症状。使用下面几个简单的步骤,将疾病消灭在萌芽状态。You Will Need你需要1 lemon1个柠檬1 tsp. salt1茶匙食盐1 tsp. apple cider vinegar1茶匙苹果醋1 tsp. cayenne pepper1汤匙红椒3 tbsp. honey3汤匙蜂蜜A humidifier一个加湿器Epsom salts七水硫酸镁Ibuprofen布洛芬Chamomile or licorice tea甘菊或甘草茶Steps步骤STEP 1 Gargle a mixture of lemon juice and salt in 8 ounces warm water for one minute every hour. It will wash away mucus and improve circulation.1.将柠檬汁和盐加入8盎司温水中,每小时用来漱口一分钟。这样可以冲走粘液,改善血液流动。STEP 2 Drink a tea of apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, a pinch of cayenne pepper, and honey in a glass of hot water at least three times a day.2.将苹果醋,柠檬汁,一小捏红椒和蜂蜜加入一杯温水中,每天至少喝三次。Chamomile and licorice teas soothe a sore throat.甘菊或甘草茶可以缓解喉咙痛。STEP 3 Keep the air moist with a cool or warm humidifier to relieve swollen air passages. Or, set out a shallow pan of water, which will evaporate and naturally humidify the air.3.用清凉或温暖的加湿器保持空气湿润,舒缓肿胀的呼吸道。或者放置一盆水,水蒸发的过程中自动湿润空气。Don’t smoke and stay clear of secondhand smoke and other airborne pollutants.不要吸烟或者远离二手烟和其他空气污染物。STEP 4 Take a hot bath with Epsom salts. The magnesium sulfate is absorbed through the skin and draws toxins out of the body.4.用加入七水硫酸镁的热水洗澡。硫酸镁会被皮肤吸收,将毒素排出体外。STEP 5 Take an anti-inflammatory such as ibuprofen to reduce swelling and discomfort.5.用布洛芬等消炎药来缓解肿胀和不适。A tonsillectomy is the second most common childhood surgery.扁桃腺切除术是第二大常见儿童手术。 /201412/347289Heatstroke is a life-threatening illness anyone may experience if exposed to excessive heat. By taking a few commonsense precautions, heat-related illnesses and their potentially serious effects can be avoided.中暑是一种威胁生命的疾病,任何人暴露在极端高温下都可能会经历。通过采取一些常识性的预防措施,与炎热有关的疾病和因此产生的严重后果是可以避免的。You Will Need你需要Cool spot凉爽的地点Loose clothing宽松的衣Fluids液体Steps步骤Call a physician if heatstroke is suspected.如果怀疑中暑,立即致电医生。STEP 1 Recognize what leads to heatstroke1.识别导致中暑的原因Recognize that heatstroke may occur when ones body is exposed to high temperatures or a person undertakes strenuous activity in a hot environment.要认识到,当人体暴露在高温下或在炎热的环境下进行剧烈活动时可能会中暑。STEP 2 Treat heat cramps and exhaustion2.治疗中暑性痉挛和中暑衰竭Treat heat cramps and heat exhaustion, which left untreated may lead to heat strokes.治疗中暑性痉挛和中暑衰竭,如果不治疗就会导致中暑。Ask your doctor whether your prescribed medications increase heatstroke risk.问一下医生你的处方药是否会增加中暑风险。STEP 3 Wear loose clothing3.穿宽松的衣Wear loose, lightweight clothing to help your body stay cool when exposed to hot conditions.穿宽松,质地轻薄的衣,帮助身体在炎热环境中保持凉爽。STEP 4 Find a cool spot4.寻找凉爽的地点Find a cool spot, like an air-conditioned building, where you are able to remain comfortable until outdoor temperatures return to normal.寻找一个凉爽的地点,比如有空调的大厦,在这里你可以保持舒适,直到室外温度恢复正常。Air-conditioned movie theaters, malls, and libraries are good places to stay cool.有空调的电影院,商场和图书馆都是保持凉爽的好地方。STEP 5 Drink fluids5.饮用液体Drink water or electrolyte sport drinks to stay hydrated, avoiding caffeine and alcohol, which may increase dehydration.饮用水或电解质运动饮料来补水,避免咖啡因和酒精,这两种饮品会加剧脱水。STEP 6 Avoid hot cars6.避免炎热的汽车Avoid sitting in hot cars -- temperatures inside closed vehicles rise quickly, increasing the risk of heat stroke.避免坐在炎热的汽车里——密闭的车辆中温度会快速上升,增加中暑的风险。STEP 7 Avoid strenuous exercise7.避免剧烈运动Avoid strenuous exercise during heat spells, or schedule activities for the cooler morning and evening hours. It will go a long way in preventing heatstroke and your body will thank you.酷热难当时避免剧烈运动,或者把运动安排在凉爽的早上或晚上。这样对于预防中暑大有帮助,你的身体会非常舒适。Children are at higher risk for heatstroke because their body temperature rises 3 to 5 times faster than an adults body temperature.儿童中暑的风险更高,因为他们的体温上升的速度比成年人快3至5倍。视频听力译文由。201407/314122He sold his Apple stock他卖了其苹果股票so Steve Jobs had 0 million.得到1亿美元And he had enough money因为这样他拥有足够的资金that he could spend money until he was satisfied可以用来令到每件事that he was doing everything in the best possible way.都以他所认为的完美方式来进行So this created problerns for也因为这样而令到for NeXT ComputerNeXT电脑遇上麻烦because Steve wanted everything to be perfect.因为乔布斯希望所有东西都完美While Jobs was busy starting NeXT,当乔布斯忙于开展NeXT时a computer animation group电影导演乔治卢卡斯旗下的part of film director George Lucas empire - was for sale.电脑动画公司正在放盘出售So George brought Steve Jobs当时乔治卢卡斯to come in and look at some of this叫乔布斯去看看very early comparatively primitive,他们制作那些比较原始crude computer animation that they were doing at Lucas.和粗糙的电脑动画And Steve Jobs was blown away这令到乔布斯感到非常震惊In 1986, he bought Pixar1986年,他以1000万美元for ten million dollars.买入了皮克斯动画制作室Like NeXT,和NeXT一样Pixar would sell an expensive, high-end computer,皮克斯售卖昂贵的高端电脑but it wouldnt sell very well.不过销情并不理想To help make money,为了赚钱Pixars animation team皮克斯的动画制作队伍made television commercials除短片之外in addition to their short films.也会制作电视广告Our small group of animators我们的动画制作小组每年也会was making one small short a year制作一条动画短片that we were primarily showing at Trade shows end conferences.主要在各大展览和会议上播出But, these short films started getting a lot of attention.不过这些短片开始受到各界关注We were nominated for an academy award我们凭着顽皮跳跳灯短片in 1986 for Luxo Jr.在1986年得到奥斯卡金像奖提名In 1988 we won the academy award1988年我们的锡玩具短片更荣获for best short film for Tin Toy.奥斯卡金像奖最佳动画短片大奖The story for babies and toys and how they mixed together.讲述一个婴儿和一件玩具的故事,由你追我逐变成一团和气 /201310/261674

Dying to get your hands on a piece of clothing worn by a famous star? Let us help.非常心水一名大牌明星穿过的裙子?让我们来帮你吧!You Will Need你需要A charity auction一场慈善拍卖会A knockoff仿制品A Hollywood wardrobe shop好莱坞装商店A seamstress女裁缝师Steps步骤Step 1 Buy it off their back1.拍卖会Check out whats for sale on clothesoffourback.org, a non-profit organization that auctions clothes celebrities have worn on set and to award shows. Proceeds go to various childrens charities.登录clothesoffourback.org这个网站查看有哪些装出售,这是一个非营利组织,拍卖明星在特定场合和颁奖典礼上穿过的装,拍卖所得会送给不同的儿童慈善机构。Step 2 Find a knockoff2.寻找仿制品Get a replica of a gown worn to an award show. Knockoffs arrive at department stores within one week of red-carpet events.购买明星在颁奖典礼上穿过的礼的仿制品。仿制品通常在红毯走秀一周之内就会抵达商场柜台。The clothing line A.B.S. by Allen Schwartz specializes in translating red-carpet trends into affordable pieces.A.B.S. by Allen Schwartz装专门将红毯流行元素转化为大众消费品牌。Step 3 Purchase the same thing3.购买同样的产品Like something you saw a celebrity wear in real life or in character? Check out seenon.com, which provides purchasing information for celebrity ensembles and accessories.喜欢明星在现实生活中或扮演角色时穿的装?登录seenon.com查看,了解明星全套装和配饰的购买信息。Step 4 Get it second-hand4.购买二手产品Check out the merchandise offered by Its a Wrap, which has two stores in Los Angeles and a web site, itsawraphollywood.com.查看Its a Wrap提供的商品,在洛杉矶拥有两家店铺,其网址是itsawraphollywood.com。They sell clothes and props from TV shows and movie sets.它们为电视节目和电影出售装和道具。Step 5 Have it made5.订做Still no luck? Bring a photo of the dress to a seamstress, wholl make a copycat for you.仍然没那么幸运?带着你喜欢的装的照片到裁缝那里,他们会为你量身定做。A Clothes Off Our Back bidder paid ,000 for the vintage Christian Dior gown that Jennifer Aniston wore to the 2002 Emmy Awards.慈善组织Clothes Off Our Back一位拍卖者花费50,000美元购买詹妮弗·安妮斯顿在2002年艾美奖上穿的克里斯汀·迪奥高级礼。视频听力译文由。201404/288046

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