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福州造影检查那家好龙岩检查女性不孕哪个医院最好US federal election law requires all candidates to report each campaign donation to the Federal Election Committee (FEC). These filings offer insight into who is willing to put their money where their vote is.美国联邦选举法规定,所有候选人必须向联邦选举委员会报告每个选举阵营所收到的捐款。这些法律文件可以让我们比较直观地了解到谁把钱捐到了哪里。Direct campaign donors are legally allowed to interact with a candidate, but their donations cannot exceed ,700 per presidential candidate.在法律上,允许竞选直接捐赠者和候选人进行互动,但是捐赠者给每个候选人的捐款金额最多不能超700美元。Hillary Clinton - Total raised 0,443,637. Though Clinton has received a significant amount from bankers, she has raised even more from lawyers.希拉釷克林顿一共筹集了130443637美元。尽管希拉里从家们那里收到了一笔不小的捐款,但是他从律师们手中筹集的资金更多。The Clinton campaign has taken in m from lawyers and law firms, including .33m from individuals who work at seven of the top US law firms. By contrast she has received just over m from the commercial banking and investment industries.希拉里阵营目前已经从律师和律师事务所手里获得100万美元资金,其中来自全美7所最大律师事务所的律师们为其贡献33万美元。于此相对的,她只从商业和投资行业手里得到了400万美元多一点的持。Bernie Sanders - Total raised ,311,423. Bernie Sanders has received a swell of financial support from Americans giving in small amounts.伯尼·桑德斯一共筹集了96311423美元。桑德斯受到了大量捐赠小数额的美国选民的持。即使他们捐款的面额很小,但也让桑德斯获益良多。Nearly three-quarters of Senator Sanders donations have been under 0. His campaign said the average donation in 2015 was .16. Only 17% of donations to rival Hillary Clinton are under 0.在桑德斯收到的资金中,大约有四分之三捐款的面额小00美元。桑德斯选举阵营表示015年平均捐款的面额7.16美元。而在希拉里收到的捐赠中,只有17%的捐款面额小00美元。Ted Cruz - Total raised ,661,506. More than most, Texas Senator Ted Cruz has relied on donations from his home state. His campaign has received 43% of its donations from people in Texas. Those donations came from a wide range of industries including traditional Texas businesses like oil and gas and farming.泰德·克鲁兹一共筹集了54661506美元。德克萨斯州参议员泰德·克鲁兹从他老家得到的捐款最多。在克鲁兹选举阵营目前收到捐款中,3%来自于德克萨斯州人。这些捐款来自于一大批工业部门,包括诸如石油和农业等德克萨斯州传统产业。Donald Trump - Total raised ,526,319. The first was the amount of media attention Mr Trump received early on allowing him to sp his campaign message without buying costly TV ads.而唐纳德·特朗普一共筹集了25526319美元。特朗普收到的最大持应该是媒体们免费的宣传。他早早地便吸引到了媒体的注意,从而不费一分一毫就把自己的竞选信息广为传播。That has not stopped him from fundraising. The campaign has raised m, but only .5m is from individual donors. Health professionals and real estate professionals are the most active donors.不过那并不能阻止他筹款的步伐。特朗普阵营目前收到500万美元的捐款,但个人捐款只有750万美元。卫生健康行业和房地产行业是特朗普最大的捐赠者。来 /201606/447011福州那间医院查生育最好 福州博爱医院结扎复通

福州输卵管复通术到哪里好福州检查白带专业医院 After suffering more than twenty million military and civilian deaths in World War II Russia has little cause to thank Hitler.在二战中遭受超过二千万军民死亡的俄罗斯没有任何理由感谢希特勒。But with Wednesday June 22 marking the seventy-fifth anniversary ofOperation Barbarossa the Nazi invasion of the Soviet unx it is time to recall one of history’s greatest ironies. Adolf Hitler was obsessed with turning Russia into a vast German colony and the Russian people into slaves. Instead half of Germany was occupied by the Red Army its people subjects of the Russian empire. When four million Nazi soldiers crossed the Soviet border in the early hours of June 22 1941 they dreamed of seeing the spires of the Kremlin. Instead they unleashed a chain of consequences that still shape the world today.但是在今2的周三,即纳粹入侵苏联的巴巴罗萨行动75周年纪念日,是时候让我们重新回顾一下这个历史上最大的讽刺事件。阿道夫.希特勒沉迷于将俄罗斯变成德国最大的殖民地,以及奴隶俄罗斯人民。可笑的是最终一半德国领土被红军占领,人民臣于俄罗斯帝囀?当400万纳粹士兵于19412日穿过苏联边境时,他们幻想着看到克林姆宫的塔尖,事与愿违的是这次行动造成的一系列后果至今影响着世界To claim that Russia was not a great power before Hitler would be silly. Abundant in territory resources and population Russia has been a heavyweight since at least the eighteenth century a behemoth strong enough to destroy the army of Napoleon (who also thought Russia would be easy prey). Yet three-quarters of a century later it is hard to appreciate just how different the global balance of power was back then.如果认为希特勒之前的俄罗斯不是强国,那么这种想法是愚蠢的。丰富的自然资源和人口使俄罗斯至少从18世纪开始就是一个大国,一个足以摧毁拿破仑军队的庞然大物(拿破仑当时也认为俄罗斯很容易被征)。在75年后,我们很难想象那时的世界权力格局与当今有多么不同。In the late 1930s the ed States had an army smaller than Romania’s. Britain whose destroyers today can’t sail in warm water owned a quarter of the Earth’s surface and was reckoned to have the world’s most powerful navy. France now the butt of many “I surrenderjokes was considered to have the most powerful land army in Western Europe. Germany whose military todayappears barely functional had been terrifying its neighbors since 1870.930年代末时,美国的军队规模小于罗马尼亚,现今驱逐舰都不能航行在温水海域的英国在当时占有全球四分之一领土,并且被认为拥有全球最强大的海军。如今经常被“我投降”拿来开涮的法国在当时的西欧拥有最强大的陆军。如今被认为不具有军事力量的德国,从1870年代开始就威胁其邻囀?And then there was Russia the enigmatic Communist colossus racked by Stalinist purges the giant with feet of clay that could barely subdue tiny Finland in 19390. It wasn’t just Hitler and his generals who believed Russia would collapse like a house of cards; even British and American experts did not expect Moscow to survive Hitler’s blitzkrieg. Yet in May 1945 it was Britain that was broke France devastated and Germans who watched Russian tanks clank through the rubble of Berlin. Like a boxer bloodied but still triumphant it was Russia that remained on its feet and became one of the world’s two superpowers for more than forty years.930940年代时,神秘的社会主义国家俄罗斯正因斯大林式的清洗迫害而深陷泥潭中,甚至都不能征弱小的芬兰。不仅是希特勒和他的将军们认为俄罗斯会像纸牌屋一样倒塌,甚至英国和美国专家也不认为莫斯科能挺过希特勒的闪电袭击。然而在1945月,英国和法国一样变得满目疮痍,德国人亲眼目睹俄罗斯坦克开过柏林废墟。就像鲜血淋漓依然依然获得胜利的拳击手一样,俄罗斯最终站了起来,并在接下来超过五十年的时间里成为世界两个超级大国之一。What would Russia look like today if World War II had never happened? What if Hitler had remained a failed painter in Vienna or had been blown up by an assassin’s bomb in a Munich beer hall?如果二战没有发生,如果希特勒依然是维也纳一个失败的画家或者在慕尼黑的啤酒大厅中炸弹暗杀中身亡,今天的俄罗斯会是什么样?来 /201606/450388宁德治疗阳痿什么医院好

三明市那个医院治子宫粘连It is symbolic and poignant that the election of Donald Trump was confirmed on the morning of November 9, 27 years to the day after the fall of the Berlin Wall. 唐纳特朗Donald Trump)1日早上被确认当选美国总统,这具有令人伤感的象征意义—7年前的这一天,柏林墙倒塌。That was a moment of triumph for US leadership and ushered in a period of optimism and expansion for liberal and democratic ideas around the world. 那是一个美国领导力胜利的时刻,还开启了一段令人乐观、自由和民主思想在世界各地传播的时期。That era has been definitively ended by Mr Trump’s victory.那个时期无疑随着特朗普的胜选而终结。The electoral triumph of a race-baiting demagogue represents a profound blow to the prestige of US democracy and thus to the cause of democracy around the world, which America has championed, on and off, since 1945.一个打种族牌的煽动者赢得大选,代表着对美国民主体制威望的沉重打击,也是对世界各地民主事业的沉重打击——美国自1945年以来断断续续地捍卫着民主事业。The most eloquent and moving statement of that American commitment was made by John F Kennedy in 1961 Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, to assure the survival and the success of liberty.美国作出的最精辟也最令人感动的承诺是约翰.肯尼John F Kennedy)961年所说的:让每个国家都知道——不论它希望我们繁荣还是希望我们衰落——为确保自由的存在和自由的胜利,我们将付出任何代价,承受任何负担,应付任何艰难,持任何朋友,反抗任何敌人。The generosity, bth and eloquence of Kennedy’s vision makes a sad contrast with the pinched nationalism of Mr Trump’s proclamation that Our plan will put America first. 肯尼迪愿景的大气、广度和雄辩与特朗普那种小家子气的民族主义宣告构成了令人悲哀的对比——我们的计划将首先考虑美国。Americanism not globalism will be our credo. 美国主义而非全球主义将是我们的信条。The difference between these two visions is profound and ominous. 这两种愿景之间的差异是深远和不祥的。It was not just idealism that led America’s postwar generation to commit to the protection of liberty around the world. 促使美国战后一代人承诺保护世界各地自由民主的,并不只是理想主义。As Kennedy observed, his generation was tempered by war, disciplined by a hard and bitter peace. 正如肯尼迪所指出的,他们这代人在战争中受过锻炼,在艰难困苦的和平时期受过陶冶。They make a stark contrast with the generation who have voted for Mr Trump fattened by fast food and infantilised by reality television.他们与当今这一代把特朗普选上台的美国人(因吃多了快餐食品而变得肥胖,因看多了真人秀节目而变得幼稚)不可同日而语。The Kennedy generation had learnt bitter lessons from the Great Depression and the second world war. 肯尼迪那代人从大萧条(Great Depression)和二战汲取了惨痛的教训。They knew that America First policies those that sought to isolate the US from the problems of the wider world had ultimately led to economic and political catastrophe. 他们知道,美国优先政策——那些寻求让美国对外部世界的问题不理不问的政策——最终导致经济和政治灾难。So after 1945, a new generation of US leaders, both Republicans and Democrats, built an economic and security architecture for the world based around US leadership and international institutions and alliances, such as Nato, the UN and the World Bank.因此945年之后,美国新一代领导人(无论是共和党还是民主党人)为世界打造了一套经济和安全架构,其基础是美国的领导力以及国际机构和联盟,如北约(Nato)、联合国和世界银World Bank)。Mr Trump has forgotten these lessons drawn from the experience of the 1930s, if he ever knew them. 特朗普忘记了从上世纪30年代汲取的这些教训——如果他曾经明白过这些教训的话。He appears to have even more contempt for international bodies than for the institutions of America itself. 在他眼里,国际机构似乎比美国自己的机构更值得蔑视。His proposed policies threaten to take an axe to the liberal world order that the US has supported and sustained for many decades. 他拟议的政策可能砍掉美国几十年来持和捍卫的自由主义世界秩序。In particular, he has challenged two of the main bipartisan principles that underpin America’s approach to the world. 尤其是,他挑战了撑美国对外政策的两大跨党派原则:The first is support for an open, international trading system. 一是持一个开放的国际贸易体系;The second is the commitment to the US-led alliances that underpin global security.二是承诺维护以美国为首的联盟以撑全球安全。Mr Trump is the first avowed protectionist to be elected US president since before the second world war. 特朗普是自二战之前以来首个当选美国总统的公开的保护主义者。He has promised to renegotiate America’s terrible trade deals, such as the North American Free Trade Agreement, and threatened to pull the US out of the World Trade Organisation. 他承诺重新谈判美国糟糕的贸易协定,比如《北美自由贸易协定NAFTA),并威胁让美国退出世贸组WTO)。He has also mooted tariffs as high as 45 per cent on Chinese goods. 他还提议对中国输美商品征收高5%的关税。If Mr Trump were to follow through on these threats, he would spark a global trade war and could well plunge the world into recession similar to the depression of the 1930s, which was greatly deepened by America’s embrace of protectionism.如果特朗普真的兑现这些威胁,他将引发全球贸易战,很可能让世界陷入衰退,类似于上世0年代的大萧条,那场萧条因美国采取保护主义而严重加剧。来 /201611/477658 福州晋安区妇科检查费用福州那些医院封闭抗体检查比较好




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