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SEOUL, South Korea — When the respected Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra announced this month that it was canceling its ed States tour set April, it cited fiscal woes. Left unsaid were the lurid allegations of sexual harassment and financial improprieties that have rocked the orchestra recently, culminating in a police raid of its offices here.韩国首尔——本月宣布将取消原定于月举行的美国巡演时,受人尊敬的首尔爱乐乐团(Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra)给出的理由是经费困难没说出来的,是有关性骚扰和财务违规的骇人指控相关指控最近让乐团动荡不安,并导致警方突击搜查它在这里的办公地The infighting is threatening to slow the progress that the orchestra has made since Myung-whun Chung, who has conducted many of the world’s major ensembles and is a towering cultural figure here, became its music director in . Since then, as he has remade the orchestra, attendance has risen, international tours have been well reviewed and a contract with Deutsche Grammophon has allowed it to release a number of recordings.这场内讧可能会放慢该乐团自郑明勋(Myung-whun Chung)于年担任音乐总监以来取得的进步郑明勋指挥过世界上的很多大乐团,是韩国文化界的重量级人物自任职以来,郑明勋重组了乐团,使得它的上座率增加,国际巡演取得好评,并与德意志留声机公司(Deutsche Grammophon)签订了一份合同,得以发行大量唱片The first casualty of the chaos was a tour that was supposed to take it to Los Angeles; San Francisco; Seattle; Ann Arbor, Mich.; and Chicago in April. The orchestra said in a statement that a significant cut in tour funding from the City of Seoul had ced it to cancel. Mr. Chung said in a statement that he was “deeply saddened” by the decision. But the backstage troubles of the orchestra, whose appearance last year in London at the B Proms won praise, go back much further. They burst into public view in December, when an anonymous statement claiming to be from orchestra employees was sent to news organizations and called the resignation of the president of the orchestra, Park Hyun-jung, claiming that she had abused women on the staff with insults, sometimes sexist, since she joined the organization in .混乱局面首先波及的,便是原定于月在洛杉矶、旧金山、西雅图、密歇根州安娜堡和芝加哥举行的巡演乐团发表声明称,首尔市政府大幅削减巡演资金迫使其取消相关计划郑明勋则在另一份声明中称,他对这一决定“深感遗憾”去年亮相伦敦B逍遥音乐会(B Proms)时,首尔爱乐乐团赢得赞誉但其幕后的麻烦要回溯到更早的时候去年月,一封自称出自乐团雇员之手的匿名信寄至新闻机构,问题旋即暴露在公众面前匿名信要求团长朴贤晶(Park Hyun-jung)下台,宣称自年加入乐团以来,朴贤晶一直辱骂女员工,还不时带有性别歧视色Ms. Park defended herself, saying that while she might have used some rough language, she had simply been trying to jolt staff members out of complacency. She in turn raised questions about how public money was being spent by the orchestra, and charged that she had been the victim of a plot by Mr. Chung — saying that he saw her efts to rem the organization as a challenge to his leadership and the perks he enjoyed.朴贤晶为自己辩护,表示尽管有时候可能使用了粗鲁的语言,但她只是在努力让乐团成员不要自满她转而质疑乐团出公款的方式,并控诉自己是郑明勋设计的阴谋的受害者她声称,在郑明勋眼里,自己改革乐团的种种努力挑战了他享受的领导地位和好处Mr. Chung later said that he had spoken with city officials in Seoul about Ms. Park’s conduct at the orchestra. “My position is simple,” he was ed as saying in December. “It’s a human rights violation.”郑明勋随后表示,他同首尔市的官员谈论过朴贤晶在乐团的所作所为“我的立场很简单,”有报道在去年月援引他的话说“那是侵犯人权”Ms. Park resigned from the orchestra at the end of December. But officials in Seoul also began looking at Mr. Chung’s pay and perks, and in January city auditors raised questions about air travel that some of his relatives had taken, and about whether his outside appearances, including with the Vienna State Opera, had disrupted the Seoul Philharmonic’s schedule.朴贤晶于去年月底辞职,但首尔的官员也开始调查郑明勋的薪水和补贴今年1月,市级审计机构对他的一些行为提出了质疑,包括他部分亲属的航空旅行,以及他与维也纳国家歌剧院( Vienna State Opera)等外部机构的携手亮相是否扰乱了首尔爱乐乐团的日程安排Mr. Chung comes from South Korea’s best-known musical family. He rose to prominence while playing in a trio with his sisters — the violinist Kyung-wha Chung and the cellist Myung-wha Chung — bee embarking on an international conducting career. He has been paid more than million a year by the orchestra, and defended himself and his pay at a news conference in January. He criticized city officials failing to build a new concert hall the orchestra and cutting its budget, and warned that he would not agree to renew his contract at the Seoul Philharmonic unless it receives more resources.郑明勋来自韩国著名的音乐世家通过与——小提琴家郑京和(Kyung-wha Chung)与大提琴家郑明和(Myung-wha Chung)——表演三重奏,他崭露头角,后来又在国际上开始了音乐指挥生涯他在首尔爱乐乐团的年薪超过1百万美元(约合6万元人民币)今年1月,他召开新闻发布会为自己及薪酬进行了辩护他批评市里的官员不仅没有为乐团建造新的音乐厅,而且还削减了预算他发出警告,除非首尔爱乐乐团获得更多资源,否则他将拒绝与乐团续约“In the old days, people didn’t attend Seoul Philharmonic permances even if they were given free tickets,” he said at the news conference. “Now, those who invite eign orchestras complain to me that they can’t do business because of the Seoul Philharmonic.”“过去,人们即使有免费的票,也不来看首尔爱乐的演出,”他在新闻发布会上说“现在,邀请外国交响乐团来韩国演出的人向我抱怨,因为首尔爱乐,他们的生意都没法做了”He declined a request an interview. Orchestra officials would not comment publicly on the recent events, citing pending investigations.郑明勋拒绝了本报记者的采访请求爱乐乐团的官员也不愿公开近期的事件,理由是调查仍在进行当中“At the heart of this scandal is the clash of two gigantic egos,” said Lee Yong-il, a mer conductor and an honorary chairman of the Korean Society Music Education. “Chung thinks he is a world-class conductor and Park thinks she is an expert in management. This was a scandal waiting to happen because the two obviously did not respect each other.”“这起丑闻的核心是两个极其自负的人之间的矛盾,”韩国音乐教育协会的前指挥、荣誉主席李永一(Lee Yong-il,音)说“郑明勋认为自己是一名世界级的指挥家,朴贤晶认为自己是管理专家这桩丑闻迟早要发生,因为两人明显不把对方放在眼里”The battles have made headlines in South Korea. An editorial at the liberal Hankyoreh newspaper recently decried the “mud-pit fight” at the orchestra, while the conservative Chosun Ilbo newspaper warned in an editorial that the squabbling would alienate audiences.这些内斗引发了韩国媒体的关注自由派的《韩民族日报(Hankyoreh)近期的一篇社论谴责了首尔爱乐乐团的“泥坑大战”,而保守派的《朝鲜日报(Chosun Ilbo)则在其社论中提醒,这些争吵会疏远观众The scandal took a new turn this month when the police raided the orchestra’s offices here and confiscated computer equipment, cellphones and a fax machine. The authorities were apparently investigating a claim by Ms. Park that the whistle-blowers at the orchestra had defamed her. (Defamation is a criminal offense in South Korea.)这桩丑闻本月出现了新的动向:警方突访了首尔爱乐乐团的办公室,没收了电脑设备、手机和一部传真机当局似乎在调查朴贤晶的指控,即乐团的告密者对她构成了诽谤(诽谤在韩国属刑事犯罪)A few days later the orchestra said that the American tour was being canceled because the Seoul Metropolitan Council would not allocate the money needed the tour and corporate sponsors were not stepping in to help.几天之后,乐团宣布,取消美国之行,因为首尔市议会不愿提供此行所需的资金,也没有替代的企业赞助者伸出援手Recently, members of the orchestra issued a statement supporting Mr. Chung. They said the controversy had “spun out of control” and was damaging the ensemble’s hard-won international reputation, and accused critics of Mr. Chung and the orchestra of politicizing the scandal with damaging results.最近,一些乐团成员发布了一份持郑明勋的声明他们表示,这次的争议已经“失控”,正在破坏乐团来之不易的国际声誉他们还指责,批评郑明勋本人及乐团的那些人使得丑闻政治化,造成了破坏性的后果“An orchestra, which is a cultural and artistic entity, should not be interpreted or used with political and economic logic,” they said in the statement. “We hold deep trust in Maestro Chung’s musical capabilities and leadership in helping the Seoul Philharmonic win international recognition, as well as his contribution to the orchestra as its musical director.”“一团,是一个文化艺术实体,不应该以政治经济逻辑加以解读或利用,”他们在声明中说“我们非常信任郑明勋大师帮助首尔爱乐乐团赢得国际认可的音乐才华和领导力,以及他作为音乐总监对乐团的贡献” 3663

3.Arkham Asylum Was Once More Cheerful3.阿卡姆疯人院曾经欣欣向荣Even the most casual bat fans have vivid images of Arkham Asylum as a place of gothic terror and madness where no one truly gets better. Interestingly, though, this was not always the case. The asylum was introduced in 197 by Dennis ONeil, and it originally accommodated the somewhat more playful tone of the Silver Age, allowing villains such as Joker to be treated their mental health instead of being thrown in jail. However, as Batman stories grew darker, the asylum itself did as well.只要是看过《哥谭的人一定对阿卡姆疯人院有着深刻印象,它是一个有着哥特式恐怖和疯狂的地方,实际上没有人会在那里得到治愈有趣的是,它曾经并不是这个样子阿卡姆疯人院最初由丹尼斯·奥尼尔(译注:Dennis ONeil,美国著名漫画家,蝙蝠侠的创造者之一)在197年提出,它最初是为小丑这样的大反派提供一个住处来治疗他的精神疾病,而不是把他扔进监狱但是,随着蝙蝠侠的故事越来越黑暗,阿卡姆疯人院也要随着改变In many ways, the reputation of the asylum was cemented by the same book that cemented Grant Morrison comic book writing career. The book was Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth. While the narrative offered an eerie dreamscape of terror Batman, it gave some downright frightening history Arkham Asylum. Its founder, Amadeus Arkham, wanted to treat those who suffered from mental illness like his mother had.从许多方面来说,《蝙蝠侠:阿卡姆疯人院(Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth)这本书使阿卡姆疯人院臭名远扬的同时也成就了格兰特·莫里森的漫画写作生涯尽管该书描述的仅是蝙蝠侠的一个可怕的梦境,但却为阿卡姆疯人院蒙上了黑暗的面纱阿玛迪斯·阿卡姆(Amadeus Arkham)为了治疗像他的母亲一样患有精神疾病的患者,建立了阿卡姆疯人院,医院也是用他母亲的名字伊丽莎白·阿卡姆(Elizabeth Arkham)命名的However, one of his original patients, a man named Martin ;Mad Dog; Hawkins, escaped. He raped Arkham wife and killed both his wife and child. Martin was one of the first patients when Arkham Asylum officially opened. Amadeus insisted on treating him and ;accidentally; killed him with voltage from an electric chair. Amadeus became more erratic and bloodthirsty, eventually becoming institutionalized in his own prison and creating the legend that he wanders the halls of the asylum to ensure that no one ever truly becomes well.但是,医院的一个患者疯马丁逃脱,杀害了阿玛迪斯的妻子和孩子,马丁是阿卡姆疯人院正式开张时最初的病人之一阿玛迪斯坚持要治疗他,并在电椅上;意外;因为高压而杀害了他后来阿玛迪斯变得更加古怪和嗜血,最终被关进了自己亲手建造的监狱中,也由此创造了他时常在阿卡姆疯人院游荡以确保无人治愈的传奇.Batman Controls The City Power.蝙蝠侠控制了哥谭市的能源Another fact that literal-minded ers might have trouble reconciling is the idea of Batman status as an urban legend. After all, in a world so focused on surveillance, there should be webcam live streams every night of the Caped Crusader antics. So what gives?许多一般读者很难认同蝙蝠侠城市传奇的地位毕竟在这个监控遍布的世界,应该会有摄像头监视到蝙蝠侠在黑夜里的一举一动那么蝙蝠侠的制胜法宝是什么呢?Batman, as it turns out, has extremely fine control of the city power. Specifically, he has special boxes hidden throughout the city that let him siphon power from the city and make other adjustments to protect his secrecy. With his trademark originality, Batman has named these his ;bat-boxes.; They provide a canonical explanation why the police or government officials havent long since tracked Batman back to stately Wayne manor. The boxes allow him to turn off cameras, disable tracking devices, and otherwise stay off the radar of any places he is currently occupying or plans to go to. Hence, the legend of Batman is maintained. Some people are convinced he is actually real, while others think he is just a boogeyman used by the police to scare criminals.结果当然是蝙蝠侠对城市能源有着绝对的控制权具体来说,他在哥谭市的每一个角落都藏有特殊的能源盒子,用来获得能量和保护他的秘密由于这是由他发明的,他将这种盒子命名为;bat-boxes(蝙蝠盒);,它为为什么警察和政府官员无法追踪到韦恩庄园提供了合理的解释这种盒子可以关闭电子设备,使跟踪器失效,还能躲避雷达的探测从而使得蝙蝠侠的传奇色得以保持,一些人认为蝙蝠侠是存在的,另外一些人则认为他只是警方编造出力吓唬罪犯的超级英雄1.Gotham City Is Magically Evil1.哥谭市曾经也非常黑暗One aspect of Gotham City that Batman describes frequently is the return to the idea of its constant evil. It is not a good city made bad at some point in the past. In fact, its rotten present state is considered a marked improvement over its immediate past, as Batman has helped drive out both major mob influence and a corrupt police influence. What then could be the source of the town evil? Aside from the aementioned bat-demon is a more ancient explanation: an imprisoned warlock.哥谭市经常被试图被改造成永久黑暗的城市这座混乱的城市的从前也是很不堪的与以前相比,哥谭市的现状已经是算好的了,因为蝙蝠侠已经解决了两大黑帮之争,也镇压了哥谭警局的腐败之风那么谁会是罪恶之源呢?除了上文提到的恶魔外,还有另外一个原因——一位被囚禁的巫师The Shadowpact comic introduces the idea of a warlock who has been imprisoned and sleeping in a tomb in Gotham City millennia his evil deeds. When he is awakened, he makes the claim that the city growth and development has been somehow guided by his own evil essence and has given himself the name ;Dr. Gotham.; The villains Pentacle and Strega wake Doctor Gotham to gain his help in taking over the world and, although he is stopped by the super group Shadowpact, his malevolent influence of Gotham City seems to live on.在漫画《Shadowpact中,一位巫师因为他的恶行而被囚禁在墓地中沉睡了几百万年当他醒来的时候,他声称哥谭能够有如此大的发展都是他的功劳,并把自己叫做;Dr. Gotham(哥谭医生);Pentacle和Strega唤醒了他并在他的帮助下企图控制全世界虽然最终他被阻止了,但还是一直影响着哥谭ZC:译 来源:前十网 386750

  U.S. presidential couple Barack and Michelle Obama, Brad Pitt and French first lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy all made the cut an annual list of the world’s best dressed – and gave a few tips on where to find bargains.    Vanity Fair magazine’s International Best-Dressed list, now in its 70th year, included the U.S. President the first time although the U.S. first lady has made the list three times.   美国总统夫妇巴拉克·奥巴马和米歇尔·奥巴马、布拉德·皮特以及法国第一夫人卡拉·布鲁尼- 萨科齐都入围了年度全球最佳着装榜,并给出了一些去哪里淘货的建议   《名利场杂志的“全球最佳着装榜”今年已经步入第70 个年头,虽然美国第一夫人已三度入围,但美国总统还是首次上榜 9

  A year of chic international First Ladies!年终盘点:第一夫人们的精!The world first ladies kept busy last year, jet-setting around the world, campaigning their partners, and even giving birth. Let get to know these international first ladies and more!世界各地的第一夫人们的都可繁忙了世界各地跑,为丈夫的竞选以及活动助阵,甚至还要生孩子让我们一起来了解这些第一夫人们吧! 795。

  The CW is planning to send off Gossip Girl in style with a two-hour special event on Monday, Dec. , The CW announced Wednesday.CW台于周三宣布,《八卦天后(Gossip Girl)将于月日播出两小时大结局特集The network will first air a look back the show entire run, including interviews with the cast and creators, followed by the final episode.第一小时将播出六季剧情回顾和演员采访第二小时将播出大结局Appropriately fans of Manhattan elite will also be treated to an exclusive sneak peek at the another fashion-heavy, New York-based series, the Sex and the City prequel The Carrie Diaries.CW台还将在当晚放出《欲望都市(Sex and the City)前传《凯丽日记(The Carrie Diaries)独家片段这个同样发生在纽约的故事也和《八卦天后一样充满时尚元素Are you sad Gossip Girl is ending?你会怀念《八卦天后吗?

  Lights shine on the National Christmas Tree in front of the White House on Dec. 1 in Washington. President Barack Obama, first lady Michelle, and daughters Malia and Sasha, helped press the button to light the illuminate the Colorado blue spruce.   月1日,位于华盛顿的美国白宫前的国家圣诞树灯光闪耀总统巴拉克·奥巴马、第一夫人米歇尔和女儿玛丽亚、萨莎,一同下灯光的钮,点亮了科罗拉多州的蓝色云杉 9小编摘要:在格莱美奖即将颁出之际,世界乐坛又失去了一位传奇;;美国女歌手惠特尼;休斯顿在比弗利山庄的一家宾馆内去世,年仅8岁很多名人纷纷在自己的微上表示对她的哀悼众多欧美明星在推特上怀念惠特尼;休斯顿而;R.I.P Whitney Houston ;这一话题已成为twitter全球话题榜的首位玛丽亚;凯莉曾和惠特尼;休斯顿合作演唱了经典名曲;When You Believe;此外,更多关于天后之死的细节也逐渐被披露据悉,惠特尼;休斯顿原本计划在当地时间周六晚上参加克莱夫;戴维斯年度派对 (Clive Davisannual party)但在周六下午,却被随行人员发现在宾馆里失去了意识随即医疗人员展开了急救,但已无能为力就在她去世前,她还打电话给自己的表兄Dionne Warwick和母亲Cissy Houston,当时她的声音听上去很正常现在相关部门正在对她的死亡进行调查Over 0 million albums sold worldwide.她的唱片在全世界的范围内已销售超过亿张Recipient of six Grammy Awards and twenty-six nominations.共获得6次格莱美大奖,并且获得过6次格莱美提名Winner of twenty-two American Music Awards and thirty-eight nominations, more than any other female solo artist in history.次获得全美音乐奖,并且曾获得过38次提名,她也是历史上获奖次数最多的女歌手Only artist to chart seven consecutive Number One Billboard Hot 0 hits (;Saving All My Love You;, ;How Will I Know;, ;Greatest Love of All;, ;I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me);, ;Didnt We Almost Have It All;, ;So Emotional;, and ;Where Do Broken Hearts Go;).唯一一位连续七次获得公告牌全美热门单曲榜第一的女歌手这七首歌分别是 (;Saving All My Love You;, ;How Will I Know;, ;Greatest Love of All;, ;I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me);, ;Didnt We Almost Have It All;, ;So Emotional;, and ;Where Do Broken Hearts Go;)First female artist to debut an album at number one on the Billboard 0 albums chart.第一位出道作品就登上专辑排行榜前0位的女歌手Appeared in four films, including Sparkle.共参演过部电影,今年上演的电影《火花(Sparkle)成了她的遗作Only artist with at least one Grammy, Emmy, MTV Video Music Award, MTV Movie Award, People Choice Award, and Billboard Music Award to their name.唯一一位在格莱美奖,艾美奖,MTV音乐录影带奖,MTV电影奖,人民选择奖,以及公告牌音乐奖上均有斩获的歌手 79

  Ang Lee’s “Life of Pi” is an unusual movie, taking place mostly in a lifeboat at sea with a tiger and a young boy. Appropriately, Twentieth Century Fox has given it an unusual premiere.李安导演执导的电影《少年派的奇幻漂流是部非常奇特的电影,其中大部分的故事情节都发生的一个漂在海上的救生船里,在船里的是一只老虎和一个男孩二十世纪福克斯影片公司也为这部电影举办了一场特别的首映活动Last Wednesday, the studio debuted the Oscar hopeful in Paris in a location best designed to bring the audience along Pi’s journey. Not in a theater with cushy seats, but in an indoor swimming pool, with the moviegoers nestled in lifeboats, just like Pi.在上周三(当地时间月7日),福克斯在巴黎初次揭开了这部有望角逐奥斯卡的电影的神秘面纱,而首映的地点则是精心设计,让观众可以身临其中跟少年Pi一起体验奇幻漂流不是有着舒适座椅的电影院,而是在一家室内游泳池里和电影的主角Pi一样,观众们也都是坐在救生船里The 1930s-built Espace Sportif Pailleron is one of the city’s listed buildings and features a recently restored Art Deco interior as well as Paris’ only permanent ice rink.位于巴黎十九区的Pailleron游泳馆建于世纪30年代,是巴黎市区久负盛名的建筑该游泳馆最近还翻修了一个室内的溜冰场,这是巴黎唯一一个永久性的溜冰场But the crowd Lee’s film didn’t get to swim or skate. They were placed in the boats with life preservers in the 1-foot-long pool and shown the picture.不过慕名而来看李安导演电影的观众可不是来游泳或溜冰的他们身着救生衣坐在船里,身处在1英寸长的游泳池里看电影There’s no word on how the crowd handled bathroom breaks during the hour, 7 minute movie.电影时长两小时7分钟,在观影期间观众们要如何去上厕所?这个我们就不得而知啦! 网友围观精吐槽:How do I get out when I need to run to the bathroom?我要是想上厕所怎么出去啊?Did each boat also have a Bengal tiger in it?每个船是不是还配有一只孟加拉虎?I would undoubtedly feel seascik.我绝对绝对要晕船滴! 3

  Jessica Tams杰西卡塔玛斯Title: Managing Director职位:执行董事Company: Casual Games Association公司:休闲游戏协会As Managing Director of the Casual Games Association, Jessica Tams oversees quarterly Casual Connect Conferences around the world and publishes the Casual Connect Magazine, as well as research reports to over ,000 industry professionals. The CGA acts as a meeting place all facets of the casual games business through its sold-out conferences in locales like San Francisco, Amsterdam, and Kiev. Tams saw the worldwide growth of casual games across all platms early on, having worked as vice president of product planning at FUN Technologies, a Liberty Media (LMCA) company, and helping to create Oberon Media Seattle Studio. Tams entered the game industry as a software engineer developing PC and Xbox games like Dungeon Siege and Gabriel Knight III.杰西卡塔玛斯是休闲游戏协会公司(Casual Games Association,简称CGA)的执行董事,负责监管每个季度在世界各地召开的休闲连接会议 (Casual Connect Conferences),并出版《休闲连接杂志(Casual Connect ),以及面向万多名专业人士的研究报告休闲游戏协会时常在旧金山、阿姆斯特丹和基辅等地举办大受欢迎的行业会议,成为游戏业各路精英的会面之所塔玛斯是跨平台休闲游戏在全球迅速发展的早期见者之一,她曾经在自由媒体公司FUN Technologies担任产品规划业务副总裁,并帮助Oberon Media公司创建了西雅图工作室塔玛斯当初以一位软件工程师的身份加入游戏业,开发过《地牢围攻( Dungeon Siege)和《狩魔猎人3(Gabriel Knight III)等电脑和Xbox游戏Kate Edwards凯特爱德华兹Title: Executive Director职衔:执行董事Company: International Game Developers Association公司:国际游戏开发者协会The International Game Developers Association (IGDA) is one of the leading global entities that es game makers from every region through localized, national and global activities. Kate Edwards has spent years in the game development industry, serving as Microsoft geopolitical strategist from 199 through . She used her knowledge of the global games industry to identify geopolitical and cultural risks and opporties game franchises like Halo, Age of Empires, Fable, and Dance Central. She co-organized the Game Developer Conference Localization Summit.国际游戏开发者协会(International Game Developers Association,简称IGDA)是全球顶级的行业活动组织者之一,通过本地、全国性和全球性活动把来自各个地区的游戏开发商联合在一起凯特爱德华兹已经在游戏开发业工作了年,曾经在199年至年担任微软公司(Microsoft)的地缘政治战略分析师她运用自己对全球游戏业的深刻理解,为《光晕(Halo)、《帝国时代(Age of Empires)、《寓言( Fable)和《舞蹈中心(Dance Central)等游戏确认地缘政治及文化风险和增长机会她还是游戏开发者大会之本地化峰会的主办方之一Kiki Wolfkill琦琦沃尔夫基尔Title: Executive Producer of Halo职衔:《光晕游戏执行制作人Company: 3 IndustriesMicrosoft公司:微软3行业Kiki Wolfkill is an executive producer at Microsoft 3 Industries game studio, which is responsible theHalo entertainment franchise. In addition to developing Halo and the upcoming Halo 5, Wolfkill has been responsible the transmedia franchise that has spanned novels, comics, a web series, and an upcoming live-action series produced by Steven Spielberg. Wolfkill began her career as a motion graphics and cinematics artist. She previously served as director of art at Microsoft Studios, working with game developers on franchises like za Motorsport, Project Gotham Racing, Gears of War, and Mass Effect.琦琦沃尔夫基尔是微软公司旗下3行业游戏工作室(3 IndustriesMicrosoft)的执行制作人,这家工作室负责开发《光晕系列游戏除了开发《光晕和即将上市的《光晕5之外,沃尔夫基尔还负责跨媒体特许经营业务这项业务目前已经横跨小说、漫画、网络剧,以及史蒂芬斯皮尔伯格制作的真人动作电视剧等领域刚加入游戏行业时,沃尔夫基尔主要从事视频和动画设计她曾担任微软工作室的艺术总监,与游戏开发商一起合作开发了《极限竞速(za Motorsport)、《世界街头赛车(Project Gotham Racing)、《战争机器(Gears of War)和《质量效应(Mass Effect)等热门游戏Amy Hennig艾米亨尼格Title: Creative Director职衔:创意总监Company: Naughty Dog公司:顽皮Naughty Dog has been pushing the envelope when it comes to cinematic interactive entertainment since the first Uncharted game took the game industry by storm. With each sequel, as well as the new The Last of Us, Amy Hennig has overseen everything from the permance-captured actors that bring the virtual characters to life to the rich and addictive gameplay. Hennig is a big reason that Sony has a steady stream of must-have exclusives PlayStation from Naughty Dog. Bee joining the Santa Monica-based studio in , she worked at Crystal Dynamics on the Soul Reaver and Legacy of Kain titles.自第一部《神秘海域(Uncharted)游戏征游戏业以来,顽皮(Naughty Dog)就一直在挑战互动游戏的极限在每部续集和新游戏《最后生还者(The Last of Us)的开发过程中,从捕捉性能,让虚拟角色栩栩如生的技术人员到丰富且令人上瘾的游戏体验,艾米亨尼格负责监管一切事务索尼旗下的顽皮工作室之所以能够为PlayStation源源不断地提供玩家必备的独家游戏,艾米亨尼格绝对功不可没她在年加入这家位于圣莫尼卡的工作室之前曾经在水晶动力公司(Crystal Dynamics )参与过《灵魂掠夺者( Soul Reaver)和《凯恩的遗产( Legacy of Kain)等游戏的开发工作Lucy Bradshaw露西布拉德肖Title: SVP, Maxis职衔: Maxis公司高级副总裁Company: Electronic Arts公司:电子艺界公司As senior vice president of Maxis, Lucy Bradshaw oversees The Sims and SimCity at Electronic Arts (EA). Bradshaw has been with EA since 1997, working with Maxis founder Will Wright on bestselling franchises that attracted new females to gaming. Over half of Sims players are female. She played a pivotal role in evolving The Sims, which has sold over 0 million copies (The Sims arrives next fall). Prior to Maxis, Bradshaw worked at George Lucas LucasArts Entertainment, overseeing the development of games like The Dig, Secret of Monkey Island ,and Rebel Assault.露西布拉德肖是 Maxis公司的高级副总裁,负责电子艺界公司(Electronic Arts)旗下两款热门游戏《模拟人生(The Sims )《模拟城市(SimCity)的运营事务自1997年以来,布拉德肖一直就职于电子艺界公司,她曾经与Maxis公司创始人威尔赖特一起开发了吸引众多女性新玩家的畅销游戏超过一半的《模拟人生玩家是女性在《模拟人生的演化历程中,她起到了举足轻重的作用这款游戏至今已经售出超过1亿套(《模拟人生将于明年秋天上市)在加盟Maxis公司之前,布拉德肖曾经效力于乔治卢卡斯的卢卡斯艺术(LucasArts Entertainment),监督开发了《异星搜奇(The Dig)、《猴岛的秘密(Secret of Monkey Island )和《叛军袭击(Rebel Assault)等游戏Jade Raymond婕德雷蒙德Title: Managing Director职衔:执行董事Company: Ubisoft Toronto公司:育碧多伦多Jade Raymond heads up Ubisoft Toronto studio, which opened in and is on track to grow to 800 employees by . She responsible new intellectual property and is currently working on five titles. Raymond serves as executive producer of Tom Clancy Splinter Cell franchise, including games, books, and movies. She made her name in the industry as the co-creator and executive producer on the original Assassin Creed game at Ubisoft Montreal. That game went on to become the fastest-selling new intellectual property in gaming in years and has sold over 57 million copies worldwide. Having recently completed Tom ClancySplinter Cell: Blacklist, she now working on a new Assassin Creed game (not Assassin Creed IV: Black Flag), as well as the open-world Watch Dogs game set in Chicago. The mer programmer has focused on blockbuster game franchises and never looked back.婕德雷蒙德是育碧多伦多工作室(Ubisoft Toronto)的掌门人,预计到年,这家创建于年的工作室的员工团队将增长至800人她负责独家新游戏的开发工作,目前正在研发5款游戏雷蒙德是《分裂细胞(Splinter Cell )的执行制作人,这款游戏改编自反恐惊悚小说大师汤姆克兰西的同名作品(除了游戏之外,这部作品的授权产品还包括书籍和电影)雷蒙德在游戏业界的声誉来自她在育碧蒙特利尔工作室(Ubisoft Montreal)担任联合创始人兼执行制片人期间开发的原创游戏《刺客信条( Assassin Creed)——它随后成为近年来销售速度最快的独家新游戏,已经在全球各地售出了超过5,700万套她最近开发完成了根据汤姆克兰西作品改编的《分裂细胞:黑名单(Splinter Cell: Blacklist),目前正致力于开发一部全新的《刺客信条游戏——不是《刺客信条四:黑旗( Assassin Creed IV: Black Flag),以及以芝加哥为背景的开放式游戏《观赏犬(Watch Dogs )她以前是程序员,但现在正在专注于游戏大制作的开发工作,再也没有回过头 966

  Two months after viewers watched the shock death of Lady Sybil, the Crawley family lost another popular member of the family in the Christmas special of Downton Abbey.在经历了三Lady Sybil的死亡后两个月,《唐顿庄园剧迷们又要再一次经历剧中角色的离去在年的圣诞特辑中,Crawley家族中又有一位魅力角色离去Actor Dan Stevens bowed out after three series as Matthew Crawley shortly after becoming a father the first time.剧中的重要角色“大表哥Matthew Crawley”首次当了父亲,但在出演了三季《唐顿庄园后,饰演该角色的丹·史蒂文斯宣布告别After meeting his and wife Lady Mary baby boy in the hospital after missing the birth, a jubilant Matthew rushes home to Downton Abbey in the car to tell the family about the new addition to the family.Matthew错过了妻子Lady Mary的生产时刻,在医院见完妻子和孩子,Matthew急匆匆的开车赶回家告知家人,Crawley家族又添了一位新成员However, on the way back to the estate, his car collides with a van, leaving a bloodied Matthew dead.但在回家的路上,Matthew的车与一辆货车相撞,浑身是血的Matthew 倒在地上死去Matthew death comes after weeks of speculation Stevens, 30, would exit the soap as his career began to take off in Hollywood.在此前的几周中,也一直有谣言称现年30岁的丹·史蒂文斯为了好莱坞事业将退出这部热门英剧,现在这一消息随着圣诞特辑中Matthew的死亡也得到了实In an interview with the Daily Telegraph, Dan admitted it was weird to be leaving the ITV period drama, but he was looking ward to new roles in the future.在接受《每日电讯报采访时,丹·史蒂文斯也承认,以这样的方式告别这部年代剧感觉很奇怪,但他也很期待未来的新角色He said: It is a desire freedom really.他表示:“真的像是对自由的渴望”I don’t see money or a particular status as an actor as a goal but I want to do the best work I can in as interesting a range of roles as I can. And I think a moment like this is quite unique and presents those opporties more than ever bee.“作为一位演员,我并没有把金钱和特殊的社会地位看作是我的目标,我最想的还是能演好各种有趣的角色现在是个非常特别的时刻,我也获得和比以前相比更多的机会”His death brought a wave of grief from Downton Abbey fans on Twitter, with many complaining they had barely got used to seeing Lady Mary and Matthew finally together after two series of will-they-wont-they.Matthew的死亡也在推特上引起《唐顿庄园粉丝们的伤感情绪,大部分剧迷都在抱怨,Lady Mary和Matthew 经过两季的分分合合终于在一起,甜蜜都还没看够这一对就散了 39。



  If “South Park” were a person, it would be old enough to vote, though it probably wouldn’t. That scabrous cartoon has been a one-stop shop anti-partisan satire and blasphemy on Comedy Central since 1997.如果“南方公园”(South Park)是个人,应该已经到了投票的年龄,虽然它可能不会去从1997年至今,这部污秽不堪的卡通剧一直在提供反党派政治讽刺和神明亵渎的一站式务Few comedies can stay first-rate that long. (Sorry, Homer.) Early in the current season, the show’s 19th, the creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone seem to wonder how well the show’s offend-at-all-costs ethos has aged. “It’s like I’m a relic,” a recurring character says. “Sometimes I feel like I’ve outstayed my welcome.”很少有哪部笑剧能如此长时间保持一流水平(抱歉了,Homer)在本季——即本剧第19季之初,剧创特雷·帕克(Trey Parker)和麦特·斯通(Matt Stone)似乎在想,这种不惜一切代价触怒他人的精神是不是已经过时了“我就像个老古董,”一个经常出场的人物说道“有时候我觉得,老这么赖着不走已经招人烦了”The character in question is a white restaurant owner who believes he is Chinese and speaks in a grossly stereotyped Asian accent. Maybe, that meta-lament seemed to suggest, the show had started punching down in its later years.此人是个经营着一家餐馆的白人,认为自己是华人,操一口极端符合刻板印象的亚洲口音平白无故冒出来的哀叹似乎在暗示,也许这个步入暮年的剧已经有些力不从心Yet this fall “South Park” has gone and revitalized itself, by telling a more ambitious, serialized story and by asserting that it takes an outrageous comedy to capture an era of outrage.然而在今年秋天,《南方公园用一个更宏大的系列故事宣告,要捕捉一个暴戾的时代,需要用暴戾的喜剧This season, which airs its finale on Wednesday, is built around an extended satire of political correctness. South Park, Colo., is taken over by a new school principal — named, aptly, P. C. Principal — and his crew of like-minded, jacked-up frat bros, who believe that being p.c. “means you love nothing more than beer, working out and the feeling that you get when you rhetorically defend a marginalized commy from systems of oppression!” They meet microaggression with macroaggression, bullying kids and adults who, say, refer to the transgender reality star Caitlyn Jenner as anything less than “stunning and brave.”于本周三结束的这一季,是围绕着一种对政治正确的全面嘲弄展开的一位新校长入主科罗拉多州南方公园,他有个贴切的名字——“PC校长”(P.C. Principal,P.C.即“政治正确”[political correctness]——译注)——还有一帮跟他志同道合的弟兄手足,个个情绪激动,坚信政治正确“就是说你的最爱是啤酒、健身,以及那种在压迫体制下慷慨激昂地捍卫一个边缘群体的感觉!”他们用“宏侵犯”(macroaggression)打击“微侵犯”(microaggression),任何不认为跨性别真人秀明星凯特琳·詹纳(Caitlyn Jenner)“美艳而勇敢”的人,不论长幼,都会遭到他们的恐吓But the season also targeted the rise of Donald J. Trump, a phenomenon who has thrived on a resentment of things p.c., just this week crowing that his plan to ban Muslims from the ed States was “probably not politically correct.” A longtime character, Mr. Garrison, begins a White House bid on a familiar-sounding platm of xenophobia against Canadians (recurring boogeymen of “South Park,” going back to the “Blame Canada” number from the 1999 movie musical). Canada, in turn, has elected its own Trump-like figure, with disastrous results. “We thought it was funny,” one Canadian laments. “Nobody really thought he’d ever be president!”然而这一季还瞄准了唐纳德·J·特朗普(Donald J. Trump),一个因为憎恨一切PC而大红大紫的人物,就在这一周他还得意地说,他的禁止穆斯林入境计划“可能政治不大正确”在剧中已有些年头的人物“加里森先生”开始为入主白宫而努力,他采用的是排斥加拿大人的立场(也就是那个屡屡被《南方公园树立为大恶人的族群,这段恩怨可追溯到1999年歌舞片版里那首《都怪加拿大[Blame Canada]),听上去十分耳熟而加拿大反过来也选择了自己的特朗普式人物,后果是灾难性的“我们是觉得好玩,”一个加拿大人痛心疾首地说“谁能想到他真当上总统呢”In reality, Canada has a prime minister. But “South Park” has never cared much about political fine points so much as comedy that deflates zealots and defends the offensive, like an American Charlie Hebdo. It was ahead of the curve in asserting a right to depict the Prophet Muhammad, who appeared in a 01 episode (though Comedy Central squelched later attempts).在现实中,加拿大选的是总理但《南方公园从来不在乎这些政治细节,它更在乎用喜剧贬损狂热,捍卫无礼,就像美国版《查理周报(Charlie Hebdo)在先知默罕穆德形象描绘权的伸张上,它是走在前面的,早在01年的一集中就已经出现(不过此后的几次企图遭到Comedy Central的压制)Now, it was as if our culture had been shining an Eric Cartman-shaped Bat-signal and “South Park” answered. You could see the news from college campuses — safe spaces, trigger warnings — and conclude that America was more radically leftist than ever. You could a dispatch from the Republican primary — border walls, refugee panic — and conclude that it was more reactionary than ever. The country is deeply polarized, and between two poles is precisely where the quasi-libertarian “South Park” most likes to swing.此时此刻,我们的文化仿佛亮起了一个埃里克·卡特曼(Eric Cartman)形状的蝙蝠讯号,《南方公园应声赶来你也许看到了大学校园传来的新闻——安全空间(safe space)、触发警告(trigger warning)——认定如今的美国出于空前激进的左倾状态你也许看到了共和党初选的报道——边境墙、难民潮恐慌——认定它比以往更加抗拒进步这个国家是深度分化的,类自由主义的《南方公园,恰恰最喜欢在这两极之间摇摆“South Park” used to be so anti-continuity — its episodes are often written days bee airing — that the show would kill the same character, Kenny McCormick, every week. By shifting toward serial stories, Mr. Parker and Mr. Stone have been able to make more complex arguments this season: acknowledging, instance, that sometimes outrage culture has a basis in actual outrages. An episode on police brutality posits both that South Park’s cops are needed to keep the peace and that many of them joined the ce to have carte blanche to beat up minorities.《南方公园曾经非常反对连续性——脚本往往是在播出前几天写就——每周都要杀死肯尼·麦考尔米克(Kenny McCormick)本季转向有连续情节的故事后,帕克和斯通开始进行一些更复杂的论辩:比如他们承认,动辄觉得被冒犯的文化,有时的确源于粗暴的对待在关于警察暴力的一集中,南方公园的警察被认为是维护安定的必要存在,但同时,他们中的许多人加入警队就是为了可以肆意殴打少数族裔And where past “South Park” satires once looked at single issues, this season is sketching something like a grand — if messy — unified theory of anger, inequality and disillusionment in America.以前的《南方公园把讽刺的笔墨放在某个单一的问题上,而这一季里,面对年美国的愤怒、不公和幻灭,它选择去勾勒某种宏大的统一理论——虽然谈不上有条理Even as the p.c. wars rage, the town of South Park is being gentrified: It’s attracted a Whole Foods and built Sodosopa (South of Downtown South Park), an enclave of hipster eateries and condos built literally around the house of the dirt-poor McCormick family. The townspeople are delighted, until they realize many of them can’t afd to join the few, the smug, the artisanal. Under the town’s chichi new facade is a familiar slurry of resentment (of the privileged, of immigrants, of elites) and fear (of terrorism, of crime, of economically falling).就在PC战火熊熊燃烧之际,南方公园这座小镇却在士绅化:它迎来了第一座全食超市(Whole Foods),建造了Sodosopa(南方公园下城南)区,一个潮人食肆林立的地方,贫困的麦考尔米克家四周围全是新建的共管公寓镇民们十分欣喜,但是没过多久他们就发现,他们无力负担那稀罕、自得、精致的生活在附庸风雅的新外表之下,这座镇子弥漫着一种熟悉的(对特权阶层、对移民、对精英的)怨恨和(对恐怖主义、对犯罪、对经济滑坡的)恐惧And all that, in the “South Park” worldview, drives people to a self-pitying narcissism that extends to politics but also goes beyond it. In the season’s darkest episode, “Safe Space,” the townspeople assign a single child to filter every negative comment from their social media, to protect their self-esteem from all manner of “-shaming.”在《南方公园的世界观里,这些会让人产生一种自怜的自恋,它会扩张到政治中,还会向别处蔓延在本季最黑暗的一集《安全空间中,镇民们指定一个孩子去过滤社交媒体上的所有负面,让他们的自尊免受一切“羞辱”的侵扰After the boy nearly dies from the strain of filtering the entire Internet’s hate, an allegorical figure named Reality — wearing a silent-movie villain’s cape and mustache — shows up to scold South Parkers with a lecture that sums up this season’s Swiftian brimstone morality: “I’m sorry the world isn’t one big liberal-arts college campus! We eat too much. We take our spoiled lives granted. Feel a little bad about it sometimes.”为了过滤整个互联网的恨意,男孩在沉重的压力之下几乎丧命,一个名叫“现实”的寓言式人物随后出场,他穿着默片时代反派人物的斗篷,蓄着胡须,前来责骂南方公园的居民们,他用一场演说总结了这一季中的乔纳森·斯威夫特式道德拷问:“很遗憾,这世界不是一座巨型文科学院校园!我们吃太多了我们以为生活本来就该这么养尊处优心里应该偶尔有点过意不去的感觉”Affected by his words, the citizens are moved to action: They take Reality to the town square and hang him.他的言语促使居民们行动起来:他们把现实带到镇广场,将其吊死It’s not exactly subtle, nor is the show’s argument entirely focused; the season-ending arc has involved a tangent about deceptive online advertising. (The finale may be more timely. Only a week after the terrorist shooting in San Bernardino, Calif., the episode promises a story on how “the citizens of South Park feel safer armed”; a teaser has Cartman getting in an armed standoff with his mother at bedtime.)这不是多精巧的安排,而它的论述也不见得总能落在正题上;本季结尾的剧情中突然插入了一段讲欺骗性网络广告的内容(全季大结局可能有更多的时效性一周前刚刚发生加州圣贝尔纳迪诺恐怖主义袭击,这一集承诺要讲讲“南方公园人民手里有心中不慌”的故事;在一段预告视频中,卡特曼在睡前和妈妈发生了一场持对峙)And by making P. C. Principal and friends white dudes, the show sidesteps the fact that “politically correct” is often a label lobbed by white dudes at women and minorities who’ve faced actual prejudice. Mr. Parker and Mr. Stone anticipate this criticism too, having Cartman tell his schoolmate Kyle, with atypical self-awareness: “We’re two privileged straight white boys who have their laughs about things we never had to deal with.”剧中的PC校长和他的朋友都是白人男性,这就回避了一个现实:很多时候是白人男性在往女人和少数族裔头上扣“政治正确”的帽子,也就是那些真的在受歧视的人群帕克和斯通料到有人会揪住这里不放,他们让卡特曼用一种反常的自知之明对他的同学凯尔(Kyle)说:“我们是两个有特权的白人直男,喜欢取笑一些我们永远不需要面对的东西”This product of two white guys does have a different vantage point from many of today’s best comedies dealing with identity issues, from “black-ish” to “Master of None.” But in a way, its project and theirs are the same: to deal with tensions by prescribing more conversation, even if it’s uncomtable, not less.比起目前其他的一些涉及身份问题的喜剧杰作——比如《喜新不厌旧(Black-ish)和《无为大师(Master Of None),本剧作为两个白人男性的作品,的确占据着一个别人没有的优势但从某种程度上说,它们的课题是一样的:在紧张的气氛下,它们开出的处方是增加而非减少对话,即便这对话让大家坐立不安 1

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