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赣州市仁济好不好赣州仁济男子医院预约是不是真的The rockets expected to carry China#39;s second orbiting space lab Tiangong-2 and the Shenzhou-11 manned spacecraft into space have been delivered to Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northwest China.执行运载我国第二个轨道空间实验室;天宫二号;和;神舟十一号;载人飞船升空任务的火箭近日已运抵位于中国西北的酒泉卫星发射中心。A statement issued by the China Manned Space Engineering Office said that the center was where the assembly and testing of the two rockets, which belong to the Long March-2F series of carrier rockets, would be carried out.中国载人航天工程办公室发布的声明称,这两枚火箭是长征二号F系列运载火箭,将在酒泉卫星发射中心开展总装和测试工作。The rockets were sent from Beijing last Wednesday by rail.这些火箭是上周三从北京经铁路运输的。Compared with their predecessors, the two rockets feature technical improvements to improve their safety and reliability, according to China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology.据中国运载火箭技术研究院表示,与它们的前辈相比,这两枚火箭的功能技术得到了改进,以此来提高安全性和可靠性。Tiangong-2 is scheduled to launch in mid-September, and Shenzhou-11, which will carry two astronauts to dock with Tiangong-2, will be sent into space in mid-October.天宫二号计划于9月中旬实施发射,搭乘2名航天员的神舟十一号将于10月中旬被送入太空,与天宫二号进行对接。 /201608/460374全南妇幼保健院是什么意思 Frail and dignified at 88, the man leaned on his cane and smiled as the story of his immigration in 1936 flashed behind him on a museum wall. Like tens of thousands of others who managed to come to the ed States from China during a 60-year period when the law singled them out for exclusion, the man, Tun Funn Hom, had entered as a “paper son,” with false identity papers that claimed his father was a native citizen.这位男士现年88岁,看起来有些虚弱,但不失体面。他拄着手杖微笑着,身后的物馆墙面上正在播放他1936年移民来美国的故事。他名为洪敦丰(Tun Funn Hom,音),当年是以“纸生仔”(paper son)的身份进入美国,拿的是声称其父是美国公民的假身份。在为期60年的美国法律排华时期,有数以万计的中国人都是通过这种方式从中国来到美国。For years, it was a shameful family secret. But Mr. Hom, a New York laundry worker who helped build battleships in World War II and put three children through college, outlived the stigma of an earlier era’s immigration fraud.多年来,这一直是个令人感到羞耻的家庭秘密。不过在纽约做洗衣工人的洪先生足够长寿,已经摆脱了更早年间移民欺诈的耻辱烙印。他曾在“二战”时期帮助建造战舰,还供三个孩子读完了大学。A narrow legalization program let him reclaim his true name in the 1950s. His life story is now on permanent display at the Museum of Chinese in America, which reopened last week at 215 Centre Street. And it illuminates an almost forgotten chapter in American history, one that historians say has new relevance in the current crackdown on illegal immigration.上世纪50年代,一项名额有限的新移民项目使他得以重新启用自己的真名。他的人生故事现在成为了美国华人物馆(Museum of Chinese in America)的永久展览项目。该物馆于上周在曼哈顿中街215号重新开放。它展示了美国历史上一段几乎被遗忘的篇章。历史学家表示,这段历史与眼下针对非法移民的严厉打击具有新的关联性。“When we think about illegal immigration, we think about Mexican immigrants, whereas in fact illegal immigration cuts across all immigrant groups,” said Erika Lee, the author of “At America’s Gate: Chinese Immigration During the Exclusion Era, 1882-1943.” The book traces how today’s national apparatus of immigration restriction was created and shaped by efforts to keep out Chinese workers and to counter the tactics they developed to overcome the barriers.“说到非法移民,我们会想到墨西哥移民,而实际上非法移民涉及所有的移民群体,”《在美国的大门前面:1882-1943排华时期的中国移民》(At America’s Gate: Chinese Immigration During the Exclusion Era, 1882-1943)一书的作者李漪莲(Erika Lee)说。这本书追溯了如今限制移民的国家机构是如何因排斥中国工人和打击他们想出来的克障碍的策略而诞生,如何因之改变。The current parallels are striking, said Professor Lee, who teaches history at the University of Minnesota. And though some descendants of paper sons do not make the connection, many others have become immigrant rights advocates in law, politics or museums like this one, which hopes to draw a national audience to its new Chinatown space, designed by Maya Lin.在明尼苏达大学教授历史课的李教授说,目前的这种相似之处令人震惊。尽管若干“纸生仔”的后裔并不会做这样的联想,但他们当中也有很多人在法律界、政界或物馆领域成了移民权利的持者;这家美国华人物馆由林璎(Maya Lin)设计,希望能吸引全国参观者来到这处位于华埠的新址。“In the Chinese-American community, it has only been very recently that these types of histories have been made public,” Professor Lee said. “Even my own grandparents who came in as paper sons were very, very reluctant to talk about this.”“在华裔美国人社区,这类的历史近期才开始面向公众,”李教授说。“我的祖父母也是以‘纸生仔’的身份来到美国,就连他们也很不情愿谈起那段历史。”For Mr. Hom, who was a teenager when he arrived to work in his father’s laundry on Bleecker Street, the past is now a blur. “It was so long ago that I hardly remember,” he said, as his wife, Yoke Won Hom, 82, straightened the lapels of his suit for a photograph.洪先生来到父亲位于布利克街上的洗衣房工作时只有十几岁,如今这段往事在他心中已经模糊。“时间太久了,我都不记得了,”说话时,他的妻子——82岁的洪玉媛(Yoke Won Hom,音)正帮他整理西装的领子,准备拍照。But when his memory was still sharp, his daughter Dorothy transcribed 48 pages of his taped recollections, which became the basis of a four-minute first-person narrative produced by the museum. It is one of 10 such autobiographical s that form the museum’s core exhibit.但在他依旧清晰的当年,他的女儿多萝西(Dorothy)曾经把他的录音回忆录誊写为一份48页的文件,美国华人物馆以此为底本,制作了一份四分钟的第一人称叙述视频。此次展览的核心部分就是10份这样的自传视频。“To get into the U.S. under the laws back then, I had to pretend to be another person,” Mr. Hom wrote. His father had bought him immigration papers that included 32 pages of information he was to memorize in preparation for hours of interrogation at Ellis Island.“当时,为了合法进入美国,我得假装成另外一个人,”洪先生写道。他的父亲给他买来了移民文件,其中包括32页的信息,他必须花费几个小时背下来,应付埃里斯岛上的盘查。Such cheat sheets were part of an elaborate, self-perpetuating cycle of enforcement and evasion, historians say. The authorities kept ratcheting up their scrutiny and requirements for documents, feeding a lucrative network of fraud and official corruption as immigrants tried to show they were either merchants or native-born citizens, groups exempt from the exclusion laws.历史学家们说,这样的欺骗性文件是一个精心打造、长久存在的执法与犯法怪圈的一部分。当局持续加强对文件的仔细审查和要求;而移民又试图表明他们是商人或本地出生的居民,不属于排外法案的对象,从而滋生出利润丰厚的造假与官员腐败网络。Mr. Hom was allowed ashore as Hom Ngin Sing, a student and son of a native. In reality, his father had made it to the ed States only about six years earlier, through a similar subterfuge, like an estimated 90 percent of Chinese immigrants of the period.洪先生以“洪迎新”(Hom Ngin Sing,音)的身份入境,这个身份的主人是学生,一个本地居民的儿子。事实上,他的父亲6年前才靠着类似的诡计来到美国,据估计,当时大约90%的中国移民都是这样做的。Like many poor families from Taishan, a region that sent many emigrants to California during the Gold Rush of 1849, the Homs had deep ties to the ed States. Mr. Hom’s great-uncle, for example, died in the San Francisco earthquake of 1906.与许多来自台山的贫困家庭一样——在1849年的淘金潮期间,台山有很多人移民到了加利福尼亚——洪家在美国也有密切的亲戚关系。比如说,洪先生的大伯就是在1906年旧金山地震中丧生的。But unlike any other immigrant group, the Chinese were barred from naturalizing. That bar was part of the Chinese Exclusion Act, which was passed in 1882 after years of escalating anti-Chinese violence in the West spurred by recessions, labor strife and a culture of white supremacy.但是和很多移民群体不同,华人群体被排除在入籍之外。受到经济衰退、劳工纠纷与白人至上文化影响,美国西部的反华暴力事件几年来持续上升,最终导致1882年通过的《排华法案》(Chinese Exclusion Act),不得入籍也是其中的一部分。The law was expanded in 1892 with a measure that required all Chinese to register with the government and subjected them to deportation unless they proved legal residency, which required the testimony of at least one white witness.1892年,该法案又被延长生效年限,并要求所有华人在政府登记,除非他们能明自己的合法居留身份(要求有至少一名白人人的词),否则便有可能被驱逐出境。In a comment that reflected the tone in Congress, one senator asserted that the government had the right “to set apart for them, as we have for the Indians, a territory or reservation, where they should not break out to contaminate our people.”一位参议员断言,政府有权利“就像我们对待印第安人那样,把他们隔离在一个区域或一块保留地之中,让他们没法出来毒害我们的人民。”这个说法颇能反映议会的态度。Lawyers argued that the law was repugnant to “the very soul of the Constitution.” But it was upheld in a sweeping Supreme Court decision of 1893, Fong Yue Ting v. ed States, which held that the government’s power to deport foreigners, whether here legally or not, was as “absolute and unqualified” as the power to exclude them. That finding reverberates today, said Daniel Kanstroom, a legal scholar and the author of “Deportation Nation.”律师们称,这项法律与“宪法精神”相矛盾。但是,1893年,它得到最高法院在冯越亭诉美国(Fong Yue Ting v. ed States)案中做出的压倒性判决的持。那项判决认为,与排斥他们的权力一样,政府也具有“绝对的、不受限制的”驱逐外国人的权力——不管是否是合法居留。法律学者、《驱逐国度》(Deportation Nation)的作者丹尼尔·坎斯特卢姆(Daniel Kanstroom)称,那一判决在今天依然有影响。Long after exclusion laws were repealed by Congress in 1943, after China became a World War II ally, that vast power over noncitizens was deployed in raids against immigrants of various ethnic groups whose politics were considered suspect.1943年,在中国成为美国的“二战”盟友之后,国会废除了排华法律。但是在那之后很久,对非公民的巨大权力依然被用来对政治倾向可疑的各个种族移民进行突然搜查。In the 1950s, Mr. Hom and his relatives, like many Chinese New Yorkers, suddenly faced the exposure of their false papers in just such an operation. The government was tipped off by an informer in Hong Kong as part of a cold war effort to stop illegal immigration.在20世纪50年代,和纽约的很多华裔一样,洪和亲戚们的假身份在这样一次搜查中突然曝光。政府从香港的一名告密者那里获得了消息——这是政府阻止非法移民的冷战努力的一部分。“We were very scared,” said Mrs. Hom, who worked at the family’s laundry, first in the Bronx, then in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. “Everybody was very worried on account maybe they all be sent back to China.”“我们非常害怕,”洪夫人说。她在家族的洗衣店工作,开始是在布朗克斯,后来是在布鲁克林的贝里奇。“大家非常担心会被一起遣送回中国。”But in a government “confession program,” Mr. Hom and some of his relatives admitted their illegal entry; because Mr. Hom had served in the military, he received citizenship papers within months.不过,在政府的一个“认罪项目”中,洪和一些亲戚承认自己非法入境。由于洪曾在军中役,所以几个月后,他收到了公民身份文件。As someone who never made it to high school, he now beams over his children’s professional successes and his six multiethnic grandchildren. His son, Tom, is a dentist in Manhattan; his daughter Mary is a physician in the Syracuse area, and Dorothy, an interior designer, works with her husband, Michael Strauss, a principal with Vanguard Construction, which recently completed DBGB Kitchen and Bar, Daniel Boulud’s latest restaurant.作为一个从未上过高中的人,洪现在很为孩子们的事业成功和6名多种族孙辈感到欣慰。他的儿子汤姆(Tom)是曼哈顿的一名牙医;女儿玛丽(Mary)是锡拉丘兹地区的一名内科医生;多萝西是室内设计师,和丈夫迈克尔·斯特劳斯(Michael Strauss)一起在Vanguard Construction建筑事务所工作,该公司前不久刚建好丹尼尔·布鲁德(Daniel Boulud)的最新餐馆DBGB Kitchen and Bar。At a time when debates about immigration often include the claim that “my relatives came the legal way,” referring to a period when there were few restrictions on any immigrants except the Chinese, the Hom family has a different perspective.曾经有一段时间,关于移民的辩论经常包括这样的声明,“我的亲戚是通过合法途径来的”。那段时期,政府对中国移民之外的其他移民几乎没有任何限制。洪一家人对此有不同观点。“One’s status being legal or illegal, it’s two seconds apart at any point,” Dorothy said. “For some, the process is more difficult than others.”“一个人的身份究竟是合法还是不合法,是相当微妙的事情,”多萝西说,“对有些人来说,这个过程要困难得多。” /201606/451139章贡区妇幼保健院在线咨询

于都县人民医院有药流吗寻乌月经不调多少钱 Living near a main road increases the risk of dementia, the first major research into air pollution and disease has shown.首项研究空气污染与疾病关系的重要调查发现,住在主干道旁边有可能增加患痴呆的风险。A decade-long study of 6.6 million people, published in The Lancet, found that one in 10 dementia deaths in people living within 50 metres of a busy road was attributable to fumes and noise.该研究时长超过十年,参与样本超过660万人并发表在医学期刊《柳叶刀》上面。研究结果表明,在居住在嘈杂路段50米范围内的痴呆症死亡患者中,有十分之一的患者病因可归因为尾气和噪音。There was a linear decline in deaths the further people lived away from heavy traffic.结果表明,离车水马龙的道路越远,他们的死亡率越低,且呈直线下降。Air pollution is aly known to contribute to the deaths of around 40,000 people in Britain each year by exacerbating respiratory and heart conditions, while previous research showed emissions can cause brain shrinkage.我们已经知道空气污染可引起呼吸系统及心脏健康的恶化,每年造成近乎4万英国人死亡。此前的研究还表明,尾气排放会引起大脑萎缩。But the new study by Canadian public health scientists is the first to find a link between living close to heavy traffic and the onset of dementia, a discovery described as ;plausible; and ;impressive; by British experts.然而,加拿大公共健康方面的科学家们最新的研究,却第一次找到住在马路旁和患痴呆几率上升之间的关系。这次发现被英国科学家们称之为“可信的”及“令人震惊的”。Dr Hong Chen, the lead author from Public Health Ontario, said:本次研究结果的首席作者、加拿大安大略省公共医疗局陈宏(音)士表示:;Our study suggests that busy roads could be a source of environmental stressors that could give rise to the onset of dementia.;“我们的研究结果表明繁忙的交通有可能成为一种加大患痴呆几率的环境压力源。”;Increasing population growth and urbanisation has placed many people close to heavy traffic, and with widesp exposure to traffic and growing rates of dementia, even a modest effect from near-road exposure could pose a large public health burden.;“人口增长及城市化让许多人住在繁忙路段附近,大范围接触到繁忙交通,老年痴呆病患上升。住在路边的一般影响也有可能严重危及公共健康。”;More research to understand this link is needed, particularly into the effects of different aspects of traffic, such as air pollutants and noise. Around 850,000 people suffer from dementia in Britain, and it is now the leading cause of death for both men and women.;“我们需要做更多研究明这样的联系,特别是对交通各种不同方面的影响,比方说空气污染物及噪声。在英国,约85万人身患痴呆。痴呆现在已经是人们死亡的主要原因之一了。”There has been concern that air pollution could be driving neurodegenerative conditions for many years.有担心者表示,空气污染很有可能导致多年的神经退化。Last year British scientists discovered tiny magnetic particles produced by car engines and brakes in the brains of people diagnosed with Alzheimer#39;s disease.去年,英国科学家在阿尔兹海默症患者的脑部发现了汽车发动机和刹车系统排放出的磁粒子。In the new study, the team tracked all adults aged between 20 and 85 living in Ontario for more than a decade from 2001 to 2012. They used postcodes to determine how close people lived to a main road and analysed medical records to see if they went on to develop dementia, Parkinson#39;s disease or multiple sclerosis.最新的这次研究从2001年到2012年跨越10年,研究人员追踪了住在安大略省的人们,年龄跨度涵盖20岁到85岁。他们用邮编来确认大家住得离主干道有多近,并进一步分析他们的医疗记录,分析他们会不会得老年痴呆、帕金森或者是多发性硬化。Over the study period, more than 243,000 people developed dementia, 31,500 people developed Parkinson#39;s disease and 9,250 people developed multiple sclerosis.在研究过程中,超过24.3万人患上了老年痴呆,约3.15万人患上了帕金森,而有9250人得了多发性硬化。While there was no association between living near a road and Parkinson#39;s disease or multiple sclerosis, dementia risk reduced as people lived further from a main road, with a 7 percent higher risk in developing dementia among those living within 50 metres; a 4 percent higher risk at 50-100 metres and a 2 percent higher risk at 101-200 metres.目前还没有找到住得离繁忙路段远近和患帕金森或多发性硬化几率的联系,然而人们住得离主干道越远,患老年痴呆的几率就会下降。这些住所离主干道50米之内的人患痴呆的几率会高7%,50-100米内,几率会高4%,而距离在101-200米内几率会高2%。After 200 metres there was no increase.距离超过两百米后,就几乎没有什么显著的影响了。Researchers believe that noise of traffic may also play a role in the raised risk as well as other urban pollution, which is often present near busy roads.研究者相信交通噪音及其他城市污染也很有可能是导致风险增加的原因。这在嘈杂路段非常常见。 /201701/487656江西省赣州市人民医院妇科怎么样

江西赣州市生孩子多少钱The Fourth Industrial Revolution By Klaus Schwab, World Economic Forum, 6.99/ .99《第四次工业革命》,克劳斯施瓦布(Klaus Schwab),世界经济论坛(WEF)出版,6.99英镑/9.99美元The World Economic Forum does a remarkable job of forging the conventional wisdom among the global elite. The trouble is that conventional wisdom is invariably wrong. So what are we to make of the theme of this week’s gathering in Davos: the arrival of the fourth industrial revolution? Peak Tech?在塑造全球精英的主流观点方面,世界经济论坛做出了出色的工作。问题在于,主流观点往往是错的。那么,我们该如何理解本周在达沃斯举行的世界经济论坛的主题——第四次工业革命的到来呢?尖峰科技?The book, written by Klaus Schwab, WEF’s founder and published just ahead of the organisation’s annual meeting atop a Swiss mountain, slaloms through the new technologies of artificial intelligence, robotics, the internet of things, autonomous vehicles, 3D printing, the blockchain, biotechnology and so on. The argument is that the confluence of these technologies amounts to the fourth industrial revolution of the book’s title.本书由世界经济论坛创始人克劳斯施瓦布撰写,并在本届年会即将于瑞士山巅小镇达沃斯召开之际出版。该书纵览了人工智能、机器人技术、物联网、自动驾驶汽车、3D打印、区块链(blockchain)、生物技术等新科技,主张这些技术汇集在一起,构成了本书标题中所说的“第四次工业革命”。In case you are wondering, Schwab defines the first three as: the transport and mechanical production revolution of the late 18th century; the mass production revolution of the late 19th century, and the computer revolution of the 1960s.为防有读者不清楚,施瓦布罗列了前三次工业革命:18世纪末的运输和机械化生产革命、19世纪末的大规模生产革命,以及上世纪60年代的计算机革命。He accepts that some people might consider the fourth revolution just an extension of the third but argues that the scale, speed and impact of the latest technologies mean they deserve a revolution of their own. “The changes are so profound that, from the perspective of human history, there has never been a time of greater promise or potential peril,” he asserts.他承认有一些人将第四次革命视为第三次革命的延续,但他认为,以规模、速度和影响来看,最新技术称得上是一次革命。“变革如此深刻,从人类历史的角度来看,其蕴含的希望和潜在危险超过以往任何时候,”他断言。Schwab spells out some of those perils: the unequal division of the spoils of technological advances and the threat of mass unemployment; the erosion of global governance; the potential abuse of robotics, genetic engineering and cyber weapons; the disruption of many established businesses.施瓦布阐明了其中的一些危险:技术进步好处的不平等分配和大规模失业的威胁;全球治理受到削弱;机器人技术、基因工程和网络武器可能被滥用;许多老牌企业遭到颠覆。New technologies are hitting both the supply and the demand side of business, meaning it is often far better to own a platform that brings consumers together than the underlying asset. Citing an article on the TechCrunch website, he notes that Uber, the world’s largest taxi company, owns no vehicles; Facebook, the most popular media owner, creates no content; Alibaba, the most valuable retailer, has no inventory; and Airbnb, the largest accommodation provider, owns no property.新技术对商业的供给方和需求方都造成冲击,拥有一个将消费者汇集起来的平台远好于拥有基础资产。他引用了TechCrunch网站上的一篇文章,指出世界上最大的打车公司优步(Uber)本身并不拥有车辆;最受欢迎的媒体所有者Facebook没有创造任何内容;最有价值的零售商阿里巴巴(Alibaba)没有库存;最大的住宿供应商Airbnb没有房产。In the face of such creative destruction, he notes, the average lifespan of a corporation listed on the Samp;P index has aly dropped from about 60 years to 18. Established companies must rapidly embrace the fourth industrial revolution if they are not to be destroyed by it. “In short, they have to innovate continuously,” he writes, urging companies to move from command-and-control structures to more collaborative teamwork.面临这种创造性破坏,他指出,标准普尔(Samp;P)指数成分股公司的平均寿命已经从约60年降至18年。如果老牌企业不想被第四次工业革命摧毁,它们就必须迅速接受它。“简而言之,它们必须不断创新,”施瓦布写道,他敦促企业从命令和控制结构,转向更多协作的团队工作。As you would expect, though, the global elite’s cheerleaders suggest that promise will ultimately triumph over peril. The fourth industrial revolution is empowering the economically excluded of the world by giving them access to digital networks, increasing the efficiency of organisations, accelerating the development of personalised drugs and — perhaps — providing a technological solution to climate change.不过,正如你预期的,全球精英的持者们认为,希望终将战胜危险。第四次工业革命让经济上处于边缘地位的群体能够接触数字网络,从而变得强大;提高了组织效率;加快个性化药物的开发;此外还可能为气候变化提供技术解决方案。The book’s conclusion follows the classic WEF formula: problems can be solved so long as all reasonable stakeholders pull together in the “spirit of Davos”. Schwab suggests that the fourth industrial revolution has the potential to “robotise humanity”; but, if shaped in a responsive and responsible way, could also catalyse a new cultural renaissance and a true global civilisation, lifting “humanity into a new collective and moral consciousness based on a shared sense of destiny”.这本书的结论遵循世界经济论坛的套路:只要所有理性的利益攸关方本着“达沃斯精神”通力合作,难题就能够解决。施瓦布主张,第四次工业革命有可能“将人类机器人化”;但是,如果以一种响应式的、负责任的方式进行,这次革命也可能催化新的文化复兴和真正的全球化文明,使“人类基于一种共同的命运感,升华到一种新的集体和道德意识”。The book is useful inflight ing matter for chief executives on their way to Davos. But, despite its release on Amazon, one might question its appeal to a broader ership. It is written in a strangely antiseptic Globish, full of paradigm shifts and multi-stakeholder co-operation.对于即将前往达沃斯赴会的首席执行官们而言,这本书是有用的机上读物。然而,尽管这本书在亚马逊(Amazon)上发行,人们可能质疑这本书对广大读者的吸引力。全书以一种异常朴实无华的全球语撰写,充斥着范式转变、多方利益相关者的合作。It is also, as Schwab admits, something of a rush job, amassing ideas culled from his many meetings with Davos luminaries (carefully noted in the acknowledgments). He tells us that is a “crowdsourced book, the product of the collected enlightened wisdom of the Forum’s activities”. Yet it also bears the heavy imprint of Schwab himself, who has presided over Davos since 1971. The word “I” appears 75 times in the text.施瓦布也坦言,这本书成书较为仓促,汇集了他与许多达沃斯座上客(他在致谢声明中仔细地记录下来)接触中产生的想法。他告诉我们,这是一本“集思广益的书,是世界经济论坛活动中集体的开明见解的产物”。然而,自1971年以来主持达沃斯论坛的施瓦布也在这本书中留下了深深的个人印记。“我”这个字在文中出现了75次。 /201601/424074 赣州市肿瘤医院四维彩超预约赣州仁济男科彩超检查好吗



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