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The ranks of the world’s billionaires continue to scale new heights–and stretch to new corners of the world. Our global wealth team found 1,645 billionaires with an aggregate net worth of .4 trillion, up from .4 trillion a year ago.今年,全球亿万富豪的队伍继续壮大,规模再次刷新纪录,而且全球覆盖范围延伸到新的角落。上榜人数多达1,645人,净资产总额高达6.4万亿美元,较上年的5.4万亿美元出现大幅增长。Bill Gates is back on top after a four-year hiatus, reclaiming the title of world’s richest person from telecom mogul Carlos Slim Helu of Mexico, who ranked No. 1 for the past four years. Gates, whose fortune rose by billion in the past year, has held the top spot for 15 of the past 20 years. Spanish clothing retailer Amancio Ortega (best known for the Zara fashion chain) retains the No. 3 spot for the second year in a row, extending his lead over Warren Buffett, who is again No. 4.阔别全球首富宝座四年之后,比尔·盖茨再次问鼎,从卡洛斯·斯利姆·埃卢那里重新夺回了世界首富的桂冠——过去四年来这位墨西哥电信巨头一直雄踞榜首。在过去的20年中,本榜冠军的宝座有15年被盖茨夺得;盖茨的财富去年增长了90亿美元。西班牙装零售商阿曼西奥·奥特加,以旗下的Zara Zara时装连锁店最为著名)连续第二年位列季军,并且扩大了对第四名沃伦·巴菲特的领先优势。Finally, in a case involving a very loyal daughter, this year’s youngest billionaire is a woman. Perenna Kei, at only 24 years old, is the controlling owner of Chinese real estate giant Logan Properties. Kei is the daughter of Logan’s chairman and CEO, Ji Haipeng. Company documents indicate that she is the majority shareholder, the settler of the trust and acts “in accordance with Mr. Ji’s directions.” The company went public in December 2013 and its stock rose 2.4% on the first day of trading, making Kei a billionaire.最后,今年福布斯富豪榜上最年轻的富豪是一位女性,年仅24岁的中国女孩纪凯婷获得了这一殊荣。纪凯婷是中国房地产巨头龙光地产董事局主席兼执行长纪海鹏之女。根据该公司披露的消息称,通过不同的公司及家族信托,纪凯婷持有龙光地产大多数股权。2013年12月,龙光地产上市第一天股价即涨了2.4%,使得纪凯婷成了亿万富豪。 /201403/278819

Chinese telecommunications equipment supplier Huawei Technologies Co. said two of its employees are among the 239 passengers on board the Malaysia Airlines flight that went missing over the weekend.中国电信设备供应商华为技术有限公司(Huawei Technologies Co.)说,马来西亚航空公司(Malaysia Airlines,简称:马航)上周末失踪的那架航班上有其两名员工。该航班共载有239人。#39;We are in very close contact with Malaysia Airlines and the Chinese Embassy in Malaysia,#39; said a Huawei spokeswoman who works at the company#39;s headquarters in Shenzhen, China. #39;Everyone here is very concerned and we are all watching the news,#39; she said.华为发言人在公司总部深圳说,华为正与马航和中国驻马来西亚大使馆保持密切联系。她说,公司所有人都极为关注此事,大家都在看新闻。The spokeswoman said that the two employees are Chinese, but did not identify them by name or provide further details.该发言人说,这两名员工为中国籍公民,但未透露其姓名,也没有提供更多详情。According to the passenger list released by the airline, just over half of the passengers on flight MH370 are Chinese citizens. The Boeing 777 jet vanished in the early morning hours on Saturday over the South China Sea. A massive, multination search for the plane is ongoing.据马航公布的乘客名单显示,MH370航班上多一半的乘客都为中国公民。这架波音(Boeing)777喷气式客机上周六凌晨在南中国海(South China Sea,中国称南海)上空失踪。多个国家目前正在展开大规模搜救行动。Huawei, the world#39;s second-largest supplier of telecom networking gear after Sweden#39;s Ericsson, has about 150,000 employees world-wide. The company has a Malaysian office in Kuala Lumpur.华为是仅次于瑞典爱立信(Ericsson)的全球第二大电信网络设备供应商,在全世界有大约15万名雇员。该公司的马来西亚办事处设在吉隆坡。 /201403/279303Whether you are suffering from another hosepipe ban in Nevada, or hitting deeper potholes in Chicago, global warming is affecting millions of Americans.无论是因内华达州再次出台的软管禁令(hosepipe ban,指禁止在水龙头上接橡胶软管为花园浇水、灌游泳池等——译者注)而倍感不便,还是在芝加哥街头撞上某个比往常更深的地陷坑,数百万美国人都体会到了全球变暖的影响。Evidence of its impact is steadily mounting – as is the US public’s awareness. Yet the will to take tough decisions is missing. Next month President Barack Obama’s administration will issue regulations to curb carbon emissions from US power plants. With Congress out of the picture, executive action is better than nothing. Yet unless the US can show it is serious about putting a price on carbon, it will have little chance of bringing the rest of the world along. The deadline is next year’s climate change summit in Paris. It is vital the US shores up its credentials before then.显示全球变暖影响的据还在不断累积,美国公众对这个问题的认知也在不断加深。不过,依然没有谁愿意来做出艰难的决定。巴拉克#8226;奥巴马(Barack Obama)政府下月将推出限制美国电厂碳排放的规定。在国会(Congress)缺席的情况下,行政部门能采取一些行动聊胜于无。然而,除非美国能明自己对碳排放定价是认真的,否则美国几乎不可能带动世界其他地区效仿。最后期限是明年的巴黎气候变化峰会。美国赶在那个期限之前建立信誉至关重要。The developing world will undoubtedly suffer a bigger fallout from global warming than most of the west. Countries such as Bangladesh confront the spectre of submergence while China, India and others are directly threatened by the retreat of the Himalayan glaciers. With or without US leadership, it is in their interests to take action.全球变暖让发展中世界受到的影响,无疑比大部分西方世界受到的影响更大。孟加拉等国笼罩在被淹没的恐惧中,而中国、印度等国则直接受到喜马拉雅山冰川消融的威胁。无论有没有美国的领导,采取行动应对这一问题都符合这些国家的利益。Yet this week’s US climate change report underlines the growing price Americans are paying at home. The report shows that average US temperatures have risen by almost 2 degrees centigrade since 1895 with most of it taking place over the past four decades. The incidence of drought, big hurricanes and unusually heavy rainfall has soared.然而本周美国的气候变化报告凸显出,这一问题让美国人在本土付出的代价也越来越高了。报告显示,自1895年至今,美国的平均气温上升了近两摄氏度,其中大部分升幅发生在过去40年中。旱灾、飓风以及反常暴雨的发生频率也大大增加。So too has the price of dealing with the consequences. It cost more than bn to clean up after Hurricane Sandy in 2012 – a storm that nearly submerged large tracts of New York City. Now the US is spending billions more to upgrade its tidal barriers. Meanwhile, the cost of water in the drought-prone southwest keeps rising.救灾成本也大幅上涨。2012年的桑迪飓风(Hurricane Sandy)过后,清理成本超过了600亿美元。那场飓风让纽约市许多地区几乎被淹没了。如今美国正拿出数十亿美元来加固防浪堤。与此同时,在容易发生旱灾的美国西南部,水的成本不断上涨。Yet Washington still refuses to act on the principle that prevention is cheaper than cure. Part of its reluctance comes from the boiling frog syndrome. Most Americans accept that global warming is happening. Yet they chafe when confronted with the higher bills they would have to pay to avert it. In a recent Gallup poll, voters ranked tackling climate change last out of 15 priorities. In 2009, Mr Obama tried and failed to push through a cap and trade bill that would have put a price on carbon. Politics makes it futile for him to go through Congress again in the near future. His only options are to use the White House bully pulpit to galvanise public opinion and deploy his executive powers to raise the cost of fossil fuel consumption. He has plenty of scope to go further on both.尽管如此,华盛顿方面仍然拒绝按照预防比治疗更便宜的原则来采取行动。这种不情愿部分源于“温水中的青蛙”症候群。大多数美国人接受全球确实在变暖的观点。但当他们看到为避免全球变暖、自己必须付的更贵账单,他们就开始愤愤不平了。盖洛普(Gallup)最近的一项调查显示,在15个优先事项中,投票者将解决气候变化排在最末一位。2009年,奥巴马曾试图推动一项为碳排放定价的“限额和交易”法案,但他的努力失败了。眼下政局意味着,他近期再次向国会提交相关法案将会徒劳无功。他唯一的选择就是,利用白宫“头号讲坛”的地位来刺激民意,并运用他的行政权来提高消费化石燃料的成本。他在两方面都还有很大推进空间。Last month, the Supreme Court upheld the Environmental Protection Agency’s authority to regulate carbon as a pollutant. Next month the EPA will issue new rules limiting power plant emissions. It should follow up with curbs on refineries, cement plants and other polluters. Rule-based economics is certainly less efficient than market signalling. But if the framework is intelligent – and avoids picking technological winners – it can simulate many of the benefits of an actual carbon market.上月,美国最高法院的判决持了国家环境保护局(Environmental Protection Agency)将二氧化碳作为污染物来监管的权力。环保局下月将推出新规,限制电厂的碳排放。该局应该接着推出对精炼厂、水泥厂和其他污染者的限制。用法规来改变人们的经济决策,效果肯定比市场信号要差。但如果法规框架设计明智(而不是选择技术上较优的方案),那么法规可以模拟真实碳排放市场的许多优点。Mr Obama must also do a better job of educating the public. Unfortunately, US environmentalists are fixated with stopping the Keystone XL pipeline – a decision Mr Obama keeps postponing.奥巴马还必须更好地教育公众。遗憾的是,美国环保主义者一门心思关注于阻止拱心石XL输油管道项目(Keystone XL pipeline)的开工建设。奥巴马一直推迟就这一问题做出决定。In reality, Canadian oil sands will still arrive in the US by road and rail, and be exported to China and other markets. Mr Obama should approve the pipeline. But he should make it clear there will be an escalating cost to consumption of oil sands and other carbon-intensive fuels.事实上,加拿大的油砂仍将通过公路和铁路到达美国,也仍将向中国和其他市场出口。奥巴马应批准那个输油管道项目。但他也应明确表示,消费油砂和其他高碳排放燃料的成本将越来越高。The White House lacks the power to set up a carbon market in the US – and the authority to tell other countries to do so. But the more Mr Obama acts as though a carbon market is inevitable, the sooner it is likely to happen.白宫无权在美国建立碳排放交易市场,也无权指示好别的国家这么做。但奥巴马越是用行动表现得仿佛建立碳排放交易市场势在必行,这件事很可能就会越早成真。 /201405/296909The 11 fathers of Asia: 800 million modern men are descended from a handful of ancient leaders - including Genghis Khan研究称8亿亚洲人来自11名共同祖先More than 800 million men living today are descended from just eleven men, including the ruthless Mongolian leader Genghis Khan, according to new research.最新研究表明,残酷的蒙古首领成吉思汗等11人在今天有8亿后代。Geneticists have been able to find eleven distinctive sequences in Y-chromosomes - the chunk of DNA that is only carried by men - that are persistent in modern populations in Asia.  基因学家发现,现代亚洲人中,只有男性才拥有的Y染色体有11种互不相同的序列。  By systematically analysing the DNA of more than 5,000 men, they have been able to trace these male lineages to their approximate #39;founding fathers#39;.通过对5000多名男子的DNA进行系统分析,基因学家能够追溯到他们的男性祖先。  They found that along with Khan, who is reputed to have sired hundreds of children as his hoards cut a swathe across much of Asia, they traced ten other lineages.他们一共找到11种血统,其中包括成吉思汗的--他几乎横扫整个亚洲,留下许多子孙。  They found that 37.8 per cent of the 5,000 men they tested belonged to one of these eleven lineages.他们发现,5000名男性中的37.8%都有这11种血统之一。If this is reflected in the entire Asian population, then it could mean around 830 million men living in Asia currently owe their Y-chromosomes to one of these eleven men.这一点反映了整个亚洲的人口状况,可能表明约8亿3千万亚洲男性都从这11位祖先中的某一位那里继承了Y染色体。  Among them is a lineage that has previously been attributed to a Chinese ruler called Giocangga, who died in 1583 and whose grandson founded the Qing Dynasty that ruled China between 1644 and 1912.  其中的一种血统曾被认为来自中国酋长觉昌安。他卒于1583年,孙子是清朝(统治期1644-1912)的建立者。  Giocangga is thought to have had many children with his wives and concubines and is the direct male ancestor of more than 1.5 million men.  人们认为觉昌安和他的妻妾生了许多孩子,是150万人的直系男性祖先。  The researchers also found that another of the lineages appears to have population clusters that are concentrated along the Silk Road trading route and date back to around 850AD.研究人员发现另一种血统的持有者集中在丝绸之路一带。这种血统可以上溯到公元850年左右。  This suggests they may have their origins among the powerful rulers who dominated the steppes where the route passed - the Khitan, Tangut Xia, Kara-Khitan and Mongol empires.  这表明他们的祖先可能是契丹、西夏、西辽、蒙古等丝绸之路沿途各国的统治者。  The researchers suggest that Abaoji, Emperor Taizu of Liao and the Great Khan of the Khitans, who died in 926AD in the Khitan area of China, is a possible candidate for the father of this lineage.研究人员认为公元926年去世的契丹大可汗辽太祖阿保机有可能是这条血脉的始祖。 /201507/384040

HONG KONG — American allies in Asia on Wednesday welcomed a ed States Senate vote that appeared to clear the way for a final round of negotiations over a sweeping trans-Pacific trade pact and may have made it easier for governments to make politically risky concessions.香港——周三,美国的亚洲盟友对联邦参议院的表决结果表示欢迎。这一结果看来为一项广泛的跨太平洋贸易协定开展最后一轮谈判扫清了障碍,而且可能会令各国政府更易于做出带有政治风险的让步。Japan’s minister responsible for trade negotiations, Akira Amari, said a congressional victory for President Obama could open the way for a deal as soon as next month.日本负责贸易谈判的大臣甘利明(Akira Amari)表示,奥巴马总统在国会获取的胜利或许会为最快于下月达成协议铺平道路。“It’s possible we could have a ministerial-level meeting in July and conclude a broad agreement,” he told reporters. Any agreement would then require putting legislation in each country into effect, followed by approval there, which could take months.“我们有可能在7月举行部长级会议,达成一项广泛的协议,”他告诉记者。无论内容如何,协议均需各个国家的立法机构批准并实施,而这个过程可能需要好几个月的时间。China, which is not among the 12 nations negotiating the deal and had proposed a competing agreement, refrained from criticizing the vote.中国并未包含在参与这项协定谈判的12个国家中,并已提出了一个与之竞争的协议。它没有对参议院的此次表决提出批评。For Mr. Obama, the deal, which appeared headed toward passage on Wednesday, represents an important element of the so-called pivot to Asia to help maintain ed States influence as countries grow increasingly dependent on trade with China. For American allies, it offers the political cover to commit to trade concessions, removing the risk that Congress might reject the negotiated deal.看起来,该协定在本周三离获得通过更进一步。对于奥巴马来说,它是“重返亚洲”战略的重要一环。就在各国日益依靠对华贸易的时候,美国实施了“重返亚洲”战略,以维持自身在该地区的影响力。对于美国的盟友来说,它为承诺做出贸易让步提供了政治掩护,消除了美国国会拒绝接受谈判协议的风险。China was initially wary of the trade measure, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, seeing it several years ago as potentially giving an advantage to American allies’ business over Chinese companies in ed States markets. But those objections have faded as China has begun energetically pursuing its own regional trade agreements with East Asian neighbors.中国起初对这项名为“跨太平洋伙伴关系”(Trans-Pacific Partnership,简称TPP)的贸易协定持警惕态度,头几年的时候认为它可能会使来自美国盟友的公司在美国市场上比中国公司更占优势。然而,随着中国开始积极与东亚邻国达成区域性的贸易协议,这种反对的声音逐渐消退。“Even if T.P.P. is done, I don’t think it will pose any threat to China — we follow our own efforts,” said He Weiwen, a former Chinese commerce ministry official who is now a director of the influential China-ed States-European Union Study Center at the China Association of International Trade in Beijing.曾担任商务部官员的中国国际贸易学会中美欧研究中心主任何伟文表示,“即便达成了TPP协定,我觉得也不会对中国构成威胁——我们要走自己的道路。”The Senate voted on Tuesday to end debate on legislation that would give Mr. Obama and his successor the authority for the next six years to negotiate trade agreements and submit them to Congress with no amendments or filibusters allowed.参议院周二的表决是为了结束围绕授予奥巴马总统及其继任者贸易谈判权的立法所展开的辩论。这项授权将允许总统在接下来的六年时间里就贸易协定开展谈判,并将协议提交给国会,而国会无权修订最后的协定,也无法再实施冗长演说拖延战术。Ending debate required 60 votes, which the Senate’s Republican leadership barely mustered with limited support from Democrats. Passage of the actual legislation requires only 51 votes and would send the bill to the president, as the House of Representatives has aly approved it.参议院的共和党领导层获得了民主党人的有限持,勉强凑够了结束辩论所需的60票。实际的授权只要51票便能获得通过,然后就可以提交给总统签署,因为众议院已经批准同样的提案。Like previous presidents, who have had similar trade negotiating authority, Mr. Obama contended that the authorization was necessary so other countries would make all available concessions in talks with American trade negotiators, instead of reserving some in case Congress rewrote a deal.前几任总统也拥有类似的贸易谈判权。与他们一样,奥巴马提出,这种授权是必要的,如此一来,其他国家才会在与美国贸易谈判代表进行协商的时候做出所有可能的让步,而不是有所保留,以防美国国会改写协议。But American labor unions, environmental activists and other critics bitterly opposed passage of the negotiating authority, contending that it undermined the ability of Congress to stop administration negotiators from working with large corporations to craft deals that might not be advantageous to workers or the environment.不过,美国国内的工会组织、环保人士及其他一些持批评态度的人士强烈反对通过授予总统谈判权的法案,认为这会削弱国会阻止政府谈判代表与大企业携手达成可能会对劳动者或环境不利的协议的能力。Final congressional approval of the legislation would clear the way for a difficult final round of talks on the details of the trade agreement, which would remove trade barriers from Canada and Chile to Australia, Singapore and Japan.国会最终通过这项授权会为开启最后一轮有关TPP细节的艰难谈判扫清障碍。该协议将会移除从加拿大、智利到澳大利亚、新加坡和日本的贸易壁垒。Japan has been an especially difficult negotiating partner for the ed States because it wants to preserve trade barriers on rice, pork and other agricultural products. Tokyo has indicated that it is prepared to compromise but, fearful of Japan’s restive farm lobby, it has refused to discuss details in public as long as it was unclear whether Mr. Obama had the power to conclude a deal.对于美国来说,日本是一个特别难对付的洽谈伙伴,因为日本希望保留大米、猪肉及其他一些农产品的贸易壁垒。东京方面已经表明,日本准备做出让步,但由于担心强硬的本国农业游说团体,只要尚不确定奥巴马是否有权达成协议,日本就拒绝公开探讨细节。Another difficult question, which comes up for practically every free trade agreement, lies in so-called rules of origin: how to determine which goods are really made predominantly within the free-trade region and therefore qualify for tariff removal and other preferential trade access.另一个难题几乎每项自由贸易协议都会遇到,那就是所谓的“原产地规则”:如何确定哪些商品真的是在自由贸易区制造的,因此有资格免除关税,并获得其他优惠贸易待遇。Under the North American Free Trade Agreement, for example, garments do not just need to be sewn in North America to cross borders without being subject to tariffs; the garments generally need to be made from fabric that was woven in North America, and the fabric itself must be woven from yarn that was made in North America. That rule was written to prevent Mexican manufacturers from buying lots of precut, cheaper fabric from China and elsewhere and assembling it into inexpensive shirts for duty-free shipment to the ed States.例如,根据北美自由贸易协定(North American Free Trade Agreement)的规定,要想免除关税,装类产品不仅需要在北美缝制,通常还需要由北美的布料制成,而这些布料本身必须由北美生产的纱线制成。制定这项规定是为了防止墨西哥生产商从中国等地方购买大量预先裁剪的便宜布料,再利用这些织物缝制成便宜的成衣,运往美国,而不用交税。The Trans-Pacific Partnership includes Vietnam, a large garment-manufacturing nation that relies heavily on fabric imported from China. The negotiations pose the next battleground in a decades-long fight. The American textile industry consistently lobbies for the trade status of garments to be determined by where the material was made, not just where garments were sewn.TPP谈判国中包括越南。这个装生产大国严重依赖从中国进口的布料。相关谈判为这场长达几十年的争斗开辟了另一个战场。美国纺织业一直在开展游说活动,希望装的贸易地位由原材料的产地决定,而不仅仅是缝制成衣的地点。But large retailers and fashion brands want to link the trade status only to where garments are sewn, making it easier to use low-cost Chinese fabrics.不过,大型零售商和时尚品牌希望这种贸易地位只由成衣产地决定,更易于它们使用成本较低的中国布料。China’s trade policy analysts are eager to scrutinize the language of the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership pact as soon as it is completed and released, to determine how it might actually affect Chinese exporters, Mr. He said.何伟文表示,这12个国家一达成并公布TPP协定,中国的贸易政策分析人士就会马上细读协定条文,从而判断实际上它会如何影响中国出口商。 /201506/383097China#39;s quality watchdog has started a campaign to ensure the safety of escalators after a mother in Hubei province was killed on an escalator at a department store after pushing her son to safety.湖北省一位母亲在百货公司搭乘自动扶梯时被卷入,临死前将儿子托出扶梯,随后中国质检总局开展安全检查确保自动扶梯安全运行。In a statement released on Tuesday, the special equipment bureau of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine said it has ordered quality watch-dogs at local levels to examine the safety of escalators and moving sidewalks.周二,国家质检总局特种设备局在发布的一份声明中称,已经下令要求地方各级质检部门对自动扶梯和自动人行道开展安全检查。Unsafe equipment should be suspended immediately and repaired, the authority said.该部门称,不安全的设备应当立即停止使用进行维修。The measures followed the death of Xiang Liujuan, a 31-year-old woman from Jingzhou, Hubei province, who was killed on Saturday when she fell into a gap between the floor and the escalator at a store in Jingzhou.此前的周六,湖北省荆州市一名31岁的女子向柳娟在当地一家百货公司搭乘自动扶梯时,因陷入楼层和扶梯之间的空隙而被卷入电梯致死。Surveillance of the accident, showing Xiang lifting her toddler son to safety as she fell, was uploaded to social media, where it was shared more than 100,000 times on Sina Weibo.事故监控录像显示,向柳娟在陷入电梯之后,将其幼小的儿子托到安全的地方,这段视频被上传到了社交媒体上,并在新浪微中转发超过10万次。The number of escalators and elevators in China has risen sharply in the past decade amid the intense urbanization drive, according to the quality watchdog.质检部门称,在过去的10年间,由于城市化进程加快,国内自动扶梯和垂直电梯的数量急剧上升。In another accident on Tuesday, a woman in Wuxi, Jiangsu province, was killed after getting stuck between an elevator and a platform in a factory.周二发生的另一起事故,是江苏省无锡市的一名女子被卡在一家工厂的垂直电梯和平台之间致死。China had more than 3.6 million elevators and escalators in service by the end of last year, and the number is increasing by 20 percent each year. In 2003, the country had only 300,000 elevators in service.截止去年年底,中国有360万升降电梯和自动扶梯在运行,并以每年20%的速度在增长。而2003年全国总共才有30万垂直电梯在使用。A separate safety campaign was launched in March for elevators. Forty-eight elevator accidents resulting in 36 deaths were reported last year, according to the watchdog.质检部门消息称,去年有记录的垂直电梯事故达48起并造成36人死亡,今年3月份开展了垂直电梯专项安全检查。;The supervision of elevator safety in China is done by government departments, while in Western countries the responsibility lies with the users and property owners,; said an official with the administration#39;s special equipment bureau, who asked not to be identified.质检总局特种设备局一位不愿透漏姓名的官员称:“在西方国家电梯安全检查由用户和业主负责,而我国则是由政府部门来完成。”The subject of liability for a large number of elevators remains unclear, and that has made safety supervision difficult, he said.他说,大量电梯的责任归属不够明确,这使得安全监督很困难。;The safety problem mainly lies in the elevators that were put into service before 2003, when safety standards for equipment was relatively low,; he said.“出现安全问题的电梯大部分是在2003年以前安装投入使用的,当时的设备安全标准相对较低。”他说。An emergency response system has been established for elevators in 11 cities across the country, and residents who become trapped in elevators can dial 96333 to request rescue, the quality watchdog said.质检部门称,全国有11个城市建立了电梯应急响应系统,居民如果被困在天梯内,可拨打96333请求救援。 /201507/389442

The World Bank has cut its forecast for global growth, warning that the world economy remained overly reliant on the “single engine” of the US recovery.世界(WB)降低了对全球经济增长的预期,并警告说全球经济依然过度依赖美国复苏这“唯一一台引擎”。The Bank said it expected lower oil prices to provide a boost to global activity. But it warned several headwinds would mitigate the effect of the falling cost of crude. These include weak confidence among consumers and businesses and the inability of big central banks to cut interest rates below their record-low levels to boost inflation expectations.该行表示,预计油价的降低会对全球经济活动起到促进作用。不过,该行警告说,几大不利因素会抵消原油价格下跌的影响。这些不利因素包括消费者和企业信心不足,以及各大央行无法通过将利率降至创纪录低点提升通胀预期。“The global economy is running on a single engine,” said Kaushik Basu, chief economist at the World Bank. “It is only the US economy that is forging ahead in a global economy with so much uncertainty. We need several engines,” he added.世行首席经济学家考希克#8226;巴苏(Kaushik Basu)表示:“全球经济正靠着唯一一台引擎运转。目前,在全球经济不确定因素众多的情况下,只有美国经济一枝独秀。我们需要更多的引擎。”In its twice-yearly Global Economic Prospects, the World Bank forecasts the world economy will expand by 3 per cent this year and by 3.3 per cent in 2016. In June the Bank’s economists had predicted global growth this year and next to be 3.4 per cent and 3.5 per cent respectively.在半年发布一次的《全球经济展望》(Global Economic Prospects)中,世界预计今年全球经济将增长3%,而2016年则会增长3.3%。去年6月,该行经济学家曾预计,今明两年全球经济增长率将分别是3.4%和3.5%。The Bank lifted its forecasts for growth in the US this year from 3 per cent to 3.2 per cent, while slashing those for the eurozone from 1.8 per cent to 1.1 per cent. The UK is expected to grow by 2.9 per cent in 2015.该行将美国今年的增长率预期从3%提升至3.2%。同时,该行将欧元区的增长率预期从1.8%降至1.1%。2015年,该行预计英国将增长2.9%。Middle-income countries were hit by a raft of downgrades, with Russia now expected to contract by 2.9 per cent instead of growing by 1.5 per cent. South Asia provided a rare bright spot, with forecasts for 2015 lifted by 0.2 percentage points to 6.1 per cent.中等收入国家则有许多遭遇了向下修正。俄罗斯预计会收缩2.9%,而不是增长1.5%。相比之下,南亚是少见的亮点,2015年的增长预期向上修正了0.2个百分点,达到6.1%。The Washington-based institution said it expected the 60 per cent drop in the cost of crude since June to lift growth by around 0.5 per cent over the medium run. But the Bank struck a downbeat tone on the prospects for the world economy. “Risks to this slow-moving global recovery are significant and tilted to the downside,” the report said.自2014年6月以来,原油价格已暴跌60%。对于油价的影响,世行表示,该行预计从中期来说油价的暴跌会将增长率推高大约0.5%。不过,该行在对全球经济的展望中却持一种较悲观的论调。该报告表示:“这种节奏迟缓的全球复苏风险很大,很容易滑向下行区间。”The most significant threat to the recovery listed by the Bank is the normalisation of monetary policy in the US. Last week, minutes from the December meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee showed the US Federal Reserve could raise interest rates from 0-0.25 per cent as soon as April. The Bank fears this could lead to a sudden tightening of financial conditions for governments and corporates in emerging markets, which have enjoyed low borrowing costs.在该行列出的全球复苏威胁中,影响最大的是美国货币政策的正常化。上周,联邦公开市场委员会(FOMC)12月份会议的会议记录显示,美联储(Fed)最早可能会在今年4月把利率从0%到0.25%的水平提升上来。该行担心,此举或将导致新兴市场政府和企业的融资环境突然趋于紧张。此前,它们一直享受着十分低廉的借贷成本。However, the Bank does not expect a repeat of the turmoil that hit developing countries in the summer of 2013, when the Fed first revealed it might pull back from its programme of quantitative easing. “The adjustment in developing countries to financial tightening is expected to proceed more smoothly,” the report said.不过,世行预计2013年曾冲击发展中国家的动荡局面不会再次出现。当时,美联储曾首次披露可能会退出量化宽松计划的消息。这份报告表示:“预计发展中国家能够更为平缓地应对融资状况收紧。”Mr Basu said he did not think monetary tightening in the US would force central banks in emerging markets into sudden interest rates hikes. “Central banks in emerging markets will have to react but the reaction will not have to be any more muscular than one-and-a-half year ago,” he explained.巴苏表示,他认为美国货币政策收紧并不会迫使新兴市场的央行突然提高利率。他解释说:“新兴市场央行将不得不应对这一局面。不过,他们的回应不一定会比一年半以前更强硬。”Last October, the International Monetary Fund lowered its forecasts for global growth, saying the world economy would expand by 3.3 per cent in 2015 instead of 3.4 per cent. The IMF’s latest batch of economic forecasts will be released next week in an update to its twice-yearly World Economic Outlook.去年10月,国际货币基金组织(IMF)曾降低对全球经济增长的预期,表示2015年全球经济将增长3.3%,而不是3.4%。下周,IMF将发布半年发布一次的《世界经济展望》(World Economic Outlook),届时该组织将公布对经济的最新预测。 /201501/354508The Spring Festival Rush of 2014 will be from January 16th to February 24th. Tickets are available 20 days in advance online or by telephone, 18 days ahead of departure date at railway stations and designated ticket offices.2014年春运时间为2014年1月16日至2月24日。互联网、电话订票预售期为20天(即2013年12月28日发售2014年1月16日(春运第一天)车票);车站窗口、代售点、自动售票机预售期为18天(即2013年12月30日发售2014年1月16日(春运第一天)车票)。The tickets for temporary (L) trains are released earlier: 25 days in advance online and by telephone, and 23 day in advance at railway stations and ticket offices.2014年春运期间的临客车票预售期提前,互联网、电话订票预售期为25天(即2013年12月23日发售2014年1月16日(春运第一天)车票);车站窗口、代售点、自动售票机预售期为23天(即2013年12月25日发售2014年1月16日(春运第一天)车票)。Tickets demands will far exceed supply during the period. It is advisable to make an early reservation if you plan to travel by rail.火车票由于供小于求,又会是一票难求的争夺。建议要选择火车出行的乘客,尽量早点预定车票。 /201312/269265HIRADO, Japan — Tax breaks come in many forms. Charitable gifts. Health care expenses. Mortgage interest payments.日本平户市——税收优惠政策有各种各样的形式。比如慈善礼品、医疗费用和抵押贷款的利息付。In this small fishing village, they come in a cooler.在这座小渔村,则是装在冰盒里送出的。It is part of the great tax giveaway happening across Japan.它是日本各地正在实施的大规模减税的一部分。Taxpayers who donate money to Hirado get a nice deduction and a shipment of slipper lobsters, spiral-shelled mollusks and oysters.给平户市捐钱的纳税人能够享受到不错的减免政策,还能得到琵琶虾、螺类和牡蛎。Don’t like seafood? Hirado has hundreds of other thank-you gifts, like a monthly vegetable delivery, a fold-up electric bike or a wedding photo shoot with formal wear and hotel stay included.不喜欢海鲜?平户另外还准备了数百种答谢礼物,比如每月递送的蔬菜、折叠式电动自行车,或者包含正装和酒店住宿的婚纱摄影。Donors — 36,000 in one year — now outnumber residents.目前,捐赠者人数已经超过了居民,一年内达到3.6万人。“I think of them as neo-citizens,” said Hirado’s mayor, Naruhiko Kuroda.平户市市长黑田稔彦(Naruhiko Kuroda,音)说,“我视他们为新市民。”Exploiting a quirk in the country’s tax system, scores of towns with dwindling populations are supplementing revenue by courting outside donors. The result is a sort of adopt-a-forest program for rural communities — albeit one where the forest reciprocates with gifts.数十座人口不断减少的城镇,正在利用日本税收系统的一个特点,通过招揽外部捐赠者增加收益。结果就产生了某种针对农村社区的认领树木项目——只不过这里代替树木的是礼品。Local governments are offering things as diverse as marbled Wagyu beef and hot-spring vacations. Last month one city in central Japan, Bizen, attracted 56 million yen with a deal on tablet computers.当地政府提供了多种多样的东西,其中包括有大理石般色纹理的神户牛肉和温泉度假游。上个月,位于日本中部的城市备前用平板电脑吸引了5600万日元(约合281万元人民币)。The tablets were available for a donation of 100,000 yen, or about 0. After the tax rebate, the cost to donors was just 2,000 yen.只要捐助10万日元,就可获得平板电脑。减税之后,捐助者的花费仅为2000日元。This year, Japan sweetened the tax benefits. The government views it as a way of addressing stubborn wealth disparities between cities and the countryside.今年,日本加大了税收优惠的力度。政府将其视为应对令人头疼的城乡财富差异的一种方式。Critics, though, say the system has come untethered from its initial purpose, which was to allow city dwellers to support their ancestral towns. The system is known as furusato nozei, or “hometown taxation.” But there is no requirement that donors have any connection to the places, and today few actually do.不过,批评人士称,这套名为“故乡税”(furusato nozei)制度已经偏离了最初目的,即让城市居民为他们的家乡提供持。但是,政府不要求捐赠者与受捐赠的地方有任何关系,而且目前很少有人真的与这些地方有关。The cost of thank-you gifts is also rising steadily as local governments compete to attract patrons — leaving less to spend on civic projects. Urban areas, where most donors live, end up bearing the cost, according to Takero Doi, a professor at Keio University, since donors’ tax write-offs subtract from other cities’ revenue. “Ultimately, it’s a zero-sum game.”在地方政府争相吸引捐款者的同时,礼品的成本也在不断上升,这导致了市政工程出的减少。庆应义塾大学(Keio University)教授土居丈朗(Takero Doi)说,捐款的成本最终由大多数捐款者生活的城市地区承担,由于对捐款者的减税会导致其他城市的收入减少,“这终究是一场零和弈。”Playing the game has been a boon for Hirado.但这场弈却让平户市受益无穷。The town’s heyday was four centuries ago, when it was a bustling trading hub that drew cloth and silver merchants from as far away as Europe. Today it has a cluster of aging tourist hotels, built by overly hopeful developers in the 1970s and ’80s, that sit mostly empty. The population has dropped by half since the 1950s.这座城市的最鼎盛时期是在四个世纪前,它当时是一座繁忙的贸易中心,吸引着远及欧洲的布料和银器商人。如今,这座城市里还有大量老旧的旅游酒店,它们都是上世纪70和80年代的开发商盲目乐观的结果,目前几乎闲置。自从上世纪50年代以来,平户市的人口已经减少了一半。While Hirado began accepting donations soon after the program began in 2008, it only recently started to earn serious money. Taking cues from online shopping, it set up a website where donors can choose gifts and a point system to claim rewards. It takes a donation of 10,000 yen, or , to get the seafood delivery.平户市在2008年项目启动之后就开始接受捐款了,但直到最近才收到一些大笔的捐赠。受到网络购物的启发,平户市设立了一个网站和积分系统,捐款者可以在网站上选择礼物,并通过积分系统要求获得奖励。捐款达1万日元就可以获赠海鲜礼包。The town earned 1.46 billion yen in donations in its latest fiscal year, which ended in March, or about million — 7 percent of its annual budget. That was the most of any local government in Japan.这座城市在3月份结束的最新财年获得了14.6亿日元的捐款,相当于年度预算的7%,这个数字居日本各地方政府之首。Some taxpayers are enjoying a windfall, too.一些纳税人也尝到了甜头。“My wife saw something about it on TV and said it would be a good way to save on taxes,” said Shigeki Kanamori, a wealthy real estate developer in Tokyo.“我妻子在电视上看到的,她说这是节约税费的好办法,”富裕的东京房地产开发商金森茂树(Shigeki Kanamori,音)说。Mr. Kanamori gave 3 million yen, or ,000, to a total of about 200 municipalities. In return, he received gifts worth roughly half that amount. Out of pocket, the haul cost him just 2,000 yen, about the price of lunch at a Tokyo restaurant.金森茂树向大约200个地方捐了300万日元。作为回报,他获得了价值相当于这个数额一半的礼物。最后算下来,这些东西总共花了他2000日元,相当于在东京的餐厅吃一顿午餐。“My biggest problem is that my refrigerator’s full,” he said. He has written a book about where to find the best deals.“我最大的问题是冰箱满了,”金森茂树说。他还写了本书,介绍怎样找到最划算的捐赠项目。Mr. Kanamori expects to do even better this year. The government doubled the upper limit on tax deductions on April 1, to 20 percent of the value of the donor’s municipal tax bill. That, combined with increasingly assertive soliciting, could spur a big increase in donations, which hit 14 billion yen nationwide last year, about 3 million.金森茂树估计今年的情况还会更好。4月1日,政府把税收减免的上限提高了一倍,增至捐赠者市政税务账单价值的20%。再加上越来越坚定的索捐呼声,可能会推动捐款数额的大幅度增加。去年,全国的捐款数额达到了140亿日元。Some are concerned that the escalating extravagance of the thank-you gifts could hurt public support for the initiative.有人担心,越来越昂贵的答谢礼物会损害公众对这项政策的持。“We want this to be a permanent fixture of the tax system, not just a kind of short-lived festival,” said Mr. Kuroda, the Hirado mayor. “I’m happy about our success, but I’m also worried.”“我们希望它能成为税收制度的一个固定部分,而不仅仅是一个短期计划,”平户市市长黑田稔彦说。“我对我们的成功感到高兴,但我同时也很担心。”Hirado’s gifts cost the city a little less than half the money it receives, Mr. Kuroda said. All are from local producers, he said, for an additional economic boost.黑田稔彦说,平户市的礼物所用的花费,略低于它所获得的资金的一半。他说,这些礼物均由当地生产商提供,从而能额外促进经济发展。But some towns are pouring 70 or 80 percent of the value of donations back into thank-you gifts, and are less focused on using local goods. The Ministry of Internal Affairs, which supervises local governments, recently issued a directive calling for “self-restraint” in the selection of gifts.但是,有些城镇把所获捐赠的70%或80%都用在了答谢礼物上,而且也不太坚持使用当地商品。管理地方政府的总务省(Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications)近日发布了一项命令,呼吁各政府在挑选礼物时进行“自律”。Defenders of the system say its merits more than make up for its flaws.该制度的维护者称,它的好处足以弥补其缺陷。Japan’s regions aly depend heavily on outside subsidies — like revenue transfers from the central government, farm supports and public spending on rural roads and bridges. Much of the money is opaquely handled and poorly spent, experts say.日本的一些地区已经十分依赖外部的补贴——比如中央政府下拨的资金、农业补贴,以及农村用于修建道路和桥梁的公共出。专家称,很大一部分钱是暗箱操作,而且没有妥善出。In contrast, furusato nozei is more personal and transparent, according to supporters. Recipients provide a list of proposed uses for donors’ money upfront and let them choose which ones to pay for. Hideo Kishimoto, the mayor of Genkai, said the competition it fostered was healthy and was spurring local innovation.持者说,相比之下,“故乡税”更加个性化和透明。接收者列出一个如何使用捐款的项目清单,让捐款者自己选择为哪项用途投钱。玄海町长岸本英雄(Hideo Kishimoto)说,它所引发的竞争是有益的,激发了当地的创新。“It’s like crowdfunding,” he said. Popular causes include child care subsidies and computers for local schools.“这就像是众筹,”他说。受欢迎的项目包括保育补贴和为当地中小学购置电脑。Takayuki Fukuoka, an asparagus farmer in Hirado, said he was earning about 30 percent of his income from gift requests. He said he hoped the program would open farmers’ eyes to new ways of marketing their produce, instead of relying on the monopolistic wholesale system that dominates Japanese agriculture.在平户种植芦笋的农民福冈孝行(Takayuki Fukuoka,音)说,他30%的收入来自赠送答谢礼物产生的需求。他说,希望该项目可以让农民们发现营销作物的更多办法,不再只是依靠在日本农业占主导地位的垄断性批发系统。“This has been a very closed-off place until now,” he said.“迄今为止,这一直是一块封闭的领域,”他说。Hirado town officials keep innovating. They are working on a smartphone-based system that would turn reward points into a virtual currency donors could spend at local businesses.平户市的官员还在不断创新。他们正在开发一个基于智能手机的系统,让捐款者可以把积分转换成能在当地商家使用的虚拟货币。“We know we won’t be on top forever,” said Mr. Kuroda. “We have to get people invested in Hirado, and strengthen the Hirado brand.”“我们知道我们不会永远领先,”黑田稔彦说。“我们必须为平户投资人力,强化平户的这个品牌。” /201506/378548

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