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2019年10月21日 19:46:42

U.S. lawmakers have expressed a mix of reactions to President Barack Obamas State of the Union address, with a particular focus on his economic policies and the ongoing international negotiations on Irans nuclear program.美国国会议员们对奥巴马总统的国情咨文演讲反应不一,而奥巴马的经济政策以及围绕伊朗核项目的国际谈判是议员们的关注焦点。After the speech Tuesday night at the Capitol in Washington, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi called Mr. Obamas speech a ;powerful vision of opportunity and prosperity; for American families, and highlighted his plans to help those in the middle class.奥巴马星期二晚间结束在华盛顿国会山的演讲后,国会众议院少数党领袖佩洛西说,奥巴马在演讲中极其关注为美国家庭提供机会和繁荣,并强调他计划帮助中产阶级。But Republicans in the Senate, who reclaimed a majority this year, questioned how the president would fund those initiatives.但今年赢得多数席位的共和党参议员们对奥巴马如何为实施有关计划提供资金提出质疑。Senator Cory Gardner expressed opposition to raising money through new taxes.参议员加德纳表示,反对通过增税筹集资金。On Iran, Mr. Obama said enacting new sanctions would ;all but guarantee; the negotiations would fail, but some members of Congress are pushing for more economic pressure.奥巴马在谈到伊朗问题时说,对伊朗实施新制裁几乎等于宣告谈判失败,但一些议员主张对伊朗施加更大经济压力。Senator Gardner said the current effort has given too many concessions to Iran, while not getting enough in return.加德纳说,目前的做法对伊朗做出太多让步,同时却没有从伊朗得到足够的回报。Democratic Representative Eliot Engel also wants more sanctions, which have hurt Irans economy during the past few years.民主党参议员恩格尔也主张对伊朗实施更多制裁。几年来,制裁使伊朗经济受到损害。Representative David Scott, a Democrat, expressed similar dissatisfaction with the presidents counterterror policies.民主党众议员斯科特也表示,对奥巴马的反恐政策感到不满。Others backed Mr. Obama, including Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer, who said he ;showed his leadership when he talked about America leading a united world in confronting the threat of terrorism.;一些议员持奥巴马,包括民主党参议员克瑟。她说,奥巴马在谈到美国领导团结一致的国际社会对抗恐怖主义威胁时,展示了领袖风范。来 /201501/355719江西赣州治疗妇科哪家医院好的It has been a while since the 6m people of Nicaragua did much to attract global attention.600万尼加拉瓜人已经有一段时间没做什么令全球瞩目的事了。But the Central American state burst on to the world stage at this week’s climate change conference in Paris when it became the first nation to declare it had no intention of publishing a national plan to combat global warming.但在上周的巴黎气候变化大会上,这个中美洲国家却突然跃上国际舞台,成为全球首个宣布无意发布一项遏制全球变暖的全国计划的国家。That would be “a path to failuresaid Paul Oquist, Managua’s lead negotiator, explaining his country did not want to be a part of a process dooming the world to “the hellof dangerous global warming.尼加拉瓜首席谈判代表保罗攠基斯特(Paul Oquist)解释道,他的国家不想参与一项注定会使世界堕入危险的全球变暖“地狱”的进程,那会是一条“失败之路”。More than 180 of the 195 countries involved in the Paris talks have volunteered a plan to combat climate change since March as part of an effort to forge a new global accord to stop global temperatures rising more than 2C from pre-industrial times.今年3月以来,在参加巴黎气候变化大会的195个国家中,已有80个国家自愿提出了应对气候变化的计划,以求构建一项新的全球协定,阻止全球气温较前工业化时代升摄氏度以上。Their number includes the strife-torn Democratic Republic of Congo, Liberia, which was struggling this year with Ebola, and most of the world’s poorest countries, from Malawi and Burundi to Haiti and Niger.其中包括饱受战乱折磨的刚果民主共和国、今年曾与埃拉疫情展开斗争的利比里亚、以及大多数全球最贫困国家——从马拉维、布隆迪到海地和尼日尔。But Mr Oquist, who first revealed his country’s stance to the Climate Home online news site, told reporters the voluntary nature of the pledges meant global temperatures were bound to rise.但奥基斯特告诉记者,这些承诺的自愿性质意味着全球气温注定会升高。他最初是在在线新闻网站Climate Home披露尼加拉瓜的立场的。“We do not want to be accomplices to the death, damages and destruction that a 3C or 4C world will represent,he said.他表示:“我们不想成为帮凶,促成气温升高3摄氏度或4摄氏度所代表的死亡、破坏和毁灭。”Managua’s snub to the Paris conference, known as COP21, is unlikely to interrupt the meeting’s central aim of striking the first new UN climate agreement in 18 years. Nicaragua accounts for just 0.03 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions.尼加拉瓜对巴黎气候变化大会的怠慢态度,不太可能扰乱此次会议的主要目标,即达成18年来首个新的联合UN)气候协议。尼加拉瓜仅占全球温室气体排放量.03%。As of Sunday, Nicaragua was one of nine countries yet to submit a climate pledge.截至上周日,除尼加拉瓜外还有8个国家尚未提出气候变化承诺。The others were: oil-rich Venezuela, North Korea, Libya, East Timor, Nepal, Uzbekistan, St Kitts and Nevis and Panama.个国家包括石油储量丰富的委内瑞拉、朝鲜、利比亚、东帝汶、尼泊尔、乌兹别克斯坦、圣基茨和尼维斯以及巴拿马。来 /201512/414908信丰县人民医院打胎流产好吗A black-masked executioner belonging to Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant appears to murder an American aid worker in a that surfaced on Sunday, despite pleas for his release by Muslim scholars and a leader of another Syrian jihadi group.A man appearing to be Peter Kassig, a 26-year-old aid worker and former US soldier, is shown on the kneeling in an orange jumpsuit as a black-clad warrior for the group, also known as Isis, stood beside him. Minutes later, a severed head described as Mr Kassig’s is shown resting on the ground in an area described as northern Syria.在周日出现的一段视频中,一名戴着黑色面具的“伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国ISIS)行刑人员似乎杀害了一名美国救助人员——尽管此前曾有穆斯林学者和一名其他叙利亚圣战组织的首脑请求释放这名救助人员。视频中遇害的似乎是现年26岁的救助人员彼得#8226;卡西Peter Kassig),他曾经是一位美军士兵。在视频中,他身着橙色连身衣跪在地上,身旁站着一名身穿黑衣的ISIS士兵。几分钟后,据称是卡西格的头颅被放在了地上,视频中称这一事件发生在叙利亚北部地区。US officials verified the authenticity of the , making Mr Kassig the fifth western hostage executed by Isis.“This is Peter Edward Kassig, a US citizen of your country,says the Isis member, speaking English with a British accent. “Peter, who fought the Muslims in Iraq while serving as soldier in the American army, doesn’t have much to say. His previous cellmates have aly spoken on his behalf.”Muslim clergy and even a leader of the rival jihadi group Jabhat al-Nusra had pleaded for mercy for Mr Kassig, who had converted to Islam during his 13-month captivity and renamed himself Abdul-Rahman.“Abdul-Rahman was taken from us in an act of pure evil by a terrorist group that the world rightly associates with inhumanity,said US President Barack Obama.David Cameron, UK prime minister, condemned the purported killing and offered condolences to Mr Kassig’s family. “These beheadings show once again what a depraved organisation this is,he said in a statement.美国官方确认了视频的真实性,卡西格成为第5名被ISIS处死的西方人质。视频中,那名ISIS成员操着英国口音说:“这就是彼得#8226;爱德#8226;卡西格,一名来自你们美国的公民。彼得曾作为美国陆军士兵,与伊拉克的穆斯林对抗。他现在没什么要说的,要说的话已经由之前的狱友说了。”此前曾有穆斯林神职人员为卡西格求情,为他求情的甚至还包括敌对的伊斯兰圣战组织Jabhat al-Nusra的一名领导人。在被关押的13个月内,卡西格已经皈依伊斯兰教,并将自己改名为阿卜杜拉赫Abdul-Rahman)。美国总统巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)表示:“阿卜杜拉赫曼被一个恐怖组织以纯粹的罪恶行径从我们中夺走了。世界对该组织‘残暴’的形容是恰如其分的。”The alleged execution of Mr Kassig is shown at the end of a bloody 16-minute propaganda that includes the beheading by knife of 16 men described as Syrian regime soldiers and pilots.The release comes amid a flood of high-profile media announcements by the jihadi group, including a rare statement Thursday by the group’s leader and the announcement it would launch a new currency.英国首相戴维#8226;卡梅David Cameron)谴责了这一传闻中的杀人行径,并向卡西格的家人表示慰问。他在声明中表示:“这些斩首行为再次表明了该组织的邪恶本质。”对卡西格的涉嫌斩首行为是在一段长6分钟的血腥宣传视频末尾出现的,该视频中还播出了对16名据称是叙利亚政府军士兵和飞行员的斩首行为。The media offensive is concurrent with Isis battlefield losses and stalemates in both Syria and Iraq. After making inroads in large parts of Iraq and Syria, Isis has been stymied in its efforts to take control of the Syrian city of Kobani. The jihadi group has also suffered setbacks in Iraq at the town of Jorf al Sakher, in the south of Baghdad, and in the northwestern oil refinery city of Baiji, where Iraqi troops backed by Shia militiamen and US-led warplanes have gained ground in recent days.Chairman of the US joint chiefs, Gen Martin Dempsey, arrived in Baghdad on Saturday in an unannounced visit meant to shore up Washington’s support for Iraqi forces. These are at the frontline of efforts to halt and reverse Isis advances that begin with their June 10 seizure of the country’s second-largest city, Mosul. In addition to daily air strikes, US President Barack Obama has authorised some 3,000 troops to deploy in Iraq to train and advise Iraqi forces. 卡西格曾007年作为美军士兵在伊拉克役,并在2012年重返中东。他在多家医院作为志愿者从事医疗救助方面的工作,帮助那些在叙利亚受伤的人们,并建立了自己的慈善组织——“应急响应与援助特别组织(Special Emergency Response and Assistance)”0130日,他在去叙利亚城市Dair Azzour的途中被一个圣战组织扣押。卡西格的父母艾Ed)和葆Paula)在社交媒体上发表了一份声明,请求媒体不要发布有关这一涉嫌杀人行径的视频或照片。声明表示:“我们宁愿人们用文字描述我们的儿子,并缅怀他的重要工作和与亲友间的深厚感情,而不是重复那种扣押人质者试图用来操纵美国人并推进其事业的方式。”来 /201411/343548赣州市仁济医院妇科检查怎么样

赣州市赣南片区医院治疗子宫肌瘤好吗赣州信丰人民医院在线咨询Western intelligence agencies were forced to rethink their operations and reassess their ability to track Isis yesterday as French officials confirmed the organiser of Friday’s Paris attacks had been operating from under their noses.西方情报机构昨日被迫反思他们的行动,重新评估他们追踪“伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国ISIS)的能力,因为法国官员实,上周五巴黎恐袭的策划者此前在他们的眼皮底下活动而未被察觉。Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the 27-year old Belgian jihadi said to have plotted the attacks in the French capital last week, and previously thought to be operating from Isis’s territories in Syria, died during a seven-hour siege in Saint-Denis on Wednesday, authorities confirmed.据悉7岁的比利时圣战分子阿卜杜勒哈米德·阿巴伍德(Abdelhamid Abaaoud)策划了上周法国首都的恐怖袭击。法国有关部门实,他已于周三在巴黎北郊德尼(Saint-Denis)持续7小时的围困行动中被打死,而此前官方以为他在叙利亚境内的ISIS地盘活动。“If Abaaoud has been able to travel from Syria to France, it means that there are failings in the whole European system,said Laurent Fabius, foreign minister.“如果阿巴伍德能够从叙利亚旅行至法国,这意味着整个欧洲体系存在失败之处,”法国外长洛朗法比尤Laurent Fabius)表示。A senior European intelligence official said that the attacks had raised a host of serious questions for him and his colleagues at other agencies. Among the issues they say are responsible for the lack of intelligence on the complex attack, in which eight jihadis killed 129 people across Paris, is the use of encrypted communications and “extremely diligentoperational security measures between Abaaoud and others in the terror cell responsible. 一位资深的欧洲情报官员表示,此次恐袭对他和他在其它情报机构的同事们提出了一系列严重问题。他们认为,有关方面之所以对此次复杂袭击行动(其个圣战分子在巴黎不同地点杀死了129人)缺乏情报,因素之一是阿巴伍德和发起此次袭击的恐怖主义小组其他成员之间使用了加密通信,并采取了“极端细致彻底的”行动安全措斀?“Finding Abaaoud in France and not in Syria means that all our European system of alerts has failed completely. It’s a huge collective failure,terrorism consultant Jean-Charles Brisard said.“在法国而不是在叙利亚发现阿巴伍德意味着,我们欧洲的警报体系彻底失败了。这是一个巨大的集体失败,”反恐顾问让-夏尔·布里萨尔(Jean-Charles Brisard)表示。Abaaoud was linked with four of six attempted Isis attacks in France since the spring that had occurred before Friday’s massacres, interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve said.法国内政部长贝尔纳愠泽纳Bernard Cazeneuve)表示,早在上周五的暴行发生前,阿巴伍德就被发现与今春以来六起ISIS未遂袭击中的四起有关联。The plots, he added, had identical modus operandi: “Overseas planning of violent actions perpetrated by jihadis from European countries who have been trained to handle weapons to carry out attacks.”他补充说,这些阴谋有相同的作案手法:“海外策划暴力行动,由欧洲国家的圣战分子执行,这些人在发起袭击之前受过武器使用训练。”France is demanding that Brussels and the European parliament “get a gripon the security threats facing the bloc by allowing tighter border checks and removing barriers to sharing airline passenger data.法国正要求布鲁塞尔方面和欧洲议会清醒认识欧盟面对的安全威胁,允许更严格的边境检查,消除共享航空客运数据的障碍。EU home affairs ministers meeting in Brussels today are preparing to reprise a series of demands to close loopholes in the passport-free Schengen zone’s security arrangements.欧盟内政部长今日将在布鲁塞尔开会,准备提出一系列要求,力求堵住免护照申根区安全安排中的漏洞。French spymasters were unaware that Abaaoud had returned to Europe until a foreign intelligence service tipped them off that the jihadi had recently been spotted in Greece.法国情报机构没有察觉到阿巴伍德已返回欧洲——直到某个外国情报机构提示他们:这个圣战分子最近曾在希腊露面。Further information was gleaned on Monday that he could be on French soil, allowing authorities eventually to track him down to a flat in Saint-Denis, a suburb of the capital.周一发现的进一步线索显示,他可能在法国境内,这使有关部门最终锁定他在圣-德尼的一个公寓藏身。The police operation in Saint-Denis resulted in the deaths of at least two people one a female suicide bomber, while the other was believed to have been hit by grenade fragments making his mangled body difficult to identify.警方在圣-德尼的行动造成至少两人死亡:一个是一名女性自杀式炸弹袭击者,而另一人据信被手榴弹碎片击中,其残缺不全的尸体难以辨认 /201511/411966信丰县人民医院治疗不孕不育好吗大余妇幼保健院可以做人流吗

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