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  KABUL, Afghanistan — As a young girl, Zahra became consumed with the idea of a life of learning, seizing on every new opportunity that trickled to her isolated town in the western Afghan province of Ghor.阿富汗喀布尔——作为一个小姑娘,扎赫拉(Zahra)向往着一个不断学习的人生,生活在阿富汗西部古尔省的这个偏远小镇上,她会抓住每一个机会去学习。In a school drama, she performed the role of Parisa, a young girl barred from attending school by her conservative family. When an educational circus traveled through about three years ago, she was one of the enthusiastic participants, selected as one of three students among 70 to take her new juggling act to Kabul.参加学校的戏剧表演时,她扮演了帕里萨(Parisa),一个被保守的家人禁止上学的小姑娘。大约三年前一个教育马戏团途经镇子时,她是热心的参与者之一。她和另外两名学生被从70人中选拔出来,前往喀布尔表演她新学到的抛接杂耍。But within the short span of her life, she was bartered away.但在她短暂的一生中,她被作为货品交易了出去。When her mother was paralyzed and her father decided to marry again, Zahra, then around 11 years old, became part of the dowry, according to her father’s accounts to reporters. Then, about two years later, as a sixth grader, she was married off.据她父亲告诉记者,当她的母亲瘫痪,而他决定再娶时,当时大约11岁的扎赫拉成了礼的一部分。之后过了大约两年,上六年级的她被嫁了出去。Last week, Zahra arrived at the central hospital in Ghor with burns over 90 percent of her body. She died six days later, on Saturday, in a Kabul hospital. She was four months pregnant, and she was 14 years old, her father said.上周,扎赫拉来到古尔省中心医院,全身90%烧伤。六天后的周六,她在喀布尔一家医院去世。她父亲说,去世时扎赫拉14岁,怀有四个月的身。The father, Muhammad Azam, said that her death was the culminating act of long abuse by her husband’s family. He accused them of beating and stabbing her after she refused to work in the opium fields while pregnant, and he said they then set her on fire with gasoline to cover their crime.扎赫拉的父亲穆罕默德·阿扎姆(Muhammad Azam)说,她的死是她丈夫一家长期虐待的结果。他指控他们在怀的扎赫拉拒绝在罂粟地里干活后殴打并用刀捅她,并表示在那之后,他们用汽油将她身上点燃,试图掩盖自己的罪行。Zahra’s husband’s family insists that her death was by self-immolation, according to the police.据警方介绍,扎赫拉的丈夫一家坚称她的死是自焚造成的。As investigators in Kabul and Ghor tried to piece the episode together, the conversation about her life and death once again brought to the fore the issue of child marriage and women’s rights in Afghanistan. Despite years of effort to advance women’s basic rights and build a government that protects them, they largely are still treated as little more than property.在喀布尔和古尔省的调查人员试图理清事情原委的同时,扎赫拉的生平和死亡引发的讨论,再次让阿富汗的童婚和女性权利问题成为了焦点。尽管多年来一直在努力促进女性的基本权利,建立一个保护女性的政府,她们大多依然被认为不过是一种财产。Zahra’s family, with the help of activists, has set up a protest tent near the hospital in Kabul to demand justice. The arguments a New York Times reporter saw there on Monday over her age and the circumstances of her death also highlight a clash of values still unfolding in the country.在活动人士的帮助下,扎赫拉的家人在喀布尔那家医院附近搭建了一顶抗议帐篷,要求公正处理此事。周一,《纽约时报》的一名记者在那里看到了围绕她的年龄和死因产生的争论。这些争论也突显了该国依然存在的价值观冲突。Even her own relatives were quick to defend the tradition of marrying young girls off to settle family disputes. And by his own account, though it was later contradicted by other relatives, Mr. Azam bartered her away for a marriage performed before it would be legal under Afghan national law at age 16.即便是她自己的亲戚,也迅速为把年轻女孩嫁出去以解决家庭纠纷这一传统辩解。根据阿扎姆自己的说法,他在女儿尚未达到阿富汗法律规定的结婚年龄16岁之前,就让女儿成了一桩婚姻中的交易品。不过后来,这番言论遭到其他亲属的反驳。Mr. Azam initially told reporters in Ghor, as well as in Kabul, that Zahra, who had just one name, had been 11 years old when she was promised into marriage, and figured she was 14 when she died. Circus organizers as well as locals in Ghor recalled her as a “very lively” 13-year-old sixth-grader before she was married two years ago, which would make her 15 when she died.阿扎姆一开始对古尔省以及喀布尔的记者表示,扎赫拉——她没有姓氏——在成为婚姻交易品的时候是11岁,因此算出她去世时是14岁。但马戏团的组织者和古尔省当地的人回忆起两年前尚未结婚的扎赫拉时,称她那时13岁,是一个“非常活泼”的六年级学生。若是这样,她去世时便是15岁。But later in the day at the protest tent in Kabul, other relatives tried to control the narrative and speak over Mr. Azam, as it became evident that he could be liable for forcing a child into marriage. They said Mr. Azam was in shock and did not know what he was saying — that in fact, Zahra had been 15 when she was married and 17 when she died.但当天晚些时候,在喀布尔的抗议帐篷里,其他亲属试图控制相关叙事,更正阿扎姆说过的话,因为显然,阿扎姆可能要因强迫孩童结婚承担法律责任。他们说,阿扎姆是懵了,不知道自己在说什么,并称实际上扎赫拉结婚时是15岁,去世时为17岁。 /201607/455321


  China has issued a new regulation to blacklist tourists and tourism service providers who indulge in inappropriate behavior.近日,我国发布了一项新规,存在“任性”不文明行为的游客和旅游从业人员将被纳入黑名单。Tourism service providers who insult, assault or threaten their clients or perform other behaviors which lead to serious adverse social influences will be placed on record for inappropriate tourism behavior, according to the regulation released by the China National Tourism Administration.国家旅游局发布的这项规定明确,旅游从业人员存在侮辱、殴打、胁迫游客等造成严重社会不良影响的行为,将被纳入“旅游不文明行为记录”。The regulation also takes aim at misconduct by Chinese tourists, including unlawful behaviors at home and abroad, undermining public order and good morals, which will also be recorded.新规还适用于游客不文明行为:中国游客在境内外旅游过程中发生违反境内外法律法规、公序良俗的行为,也将纳入记录。Entries to the blacklist will be kept valid from three to five years if the offenders break the Criminal Law.旅游不文明行为当事人违反刑法的,记录期限为3年至5年。The regulation comes after a blacklist system was established to target inappropriate tourist behaviors in China in May last year. The new regulation has added other potential targets, including tour guides and other tourism service providers to the blacklist system.该规定是在去年5月中国针对不文明的旅游行为而设立的一个黑名单系统之后发布的。 这一新规定增加了其他潜在的指标,包括导游和其他旅游务供应商的黑名单制度。 /201606/449204

  At the Lord Mayor’s banquet in London last week, I set out Britain’s global opportunity. 在上周伦敦金融城市长晚宴上,我阐述了英国的全球机遇。I said we can lead the world in understanding the extent to which some people — often those on modest to low incomes living in rich countries like our own — feel left behind by the forces of capitalism, and in embracing a new approach that ensures everyone shares the benefits of economic growth.我说,我们可以引领世界理解一些人(往往是那些生活在我们这种富有国家的中低收入人群)在多大程度上觉得被资本主义的力量甩在后面,并拥抱一种新的战略,确保所有人都能享受到经济增长的好处。In the Autumn Statement this week the chancellor will set out this new direction. 在11月23日的秋季预算报告(Autumn Statement)中,财政大臣将阐明这种新方向。This government will continue the tasks of bringing the deficit down and getting our debt falling so that we live within our means, while doing more to boost Britain’s long-term economic success. 本届政府将继续推进降低赤字和债务的任务,以便我们能量入为出,同时采取更多措施促进英国的长期经济成功。We will set out reforms to tackle low productivity and — crucially — provide targeted help to ordinary working families who are struggling to get by. 我们将制定改革计划,解决生产率低下的问题,并且(至关重要的是)为生活困难的普通工薪家庭提供针对性的帮助。We are a government that is not afraid to act to ensure the benefits of economic growth are shared by all.本届政府不怕采取措施确保所有人共享经济增长的好处。We will show that capitalism and free markets continue to be the best way to create prosperity, sp opportunity and give people the chance of a better life.我们还将展示出,资本主义和自由市场将继续是缔造繁荣、传播机遇和让人们有机会享受更美好生活的最佳方式。But if we believe in capitalism, free markets and free trade, we must be prepared to adapt.然而,如果我们信奉资本主义、自由市场和自由贸易,那么我们就必须准备好做出调整。If we are to maintain confidence in a system that has delivered unprecedented levels of wealth and opportunity, lifted millions out of poverty around the world, brought nations closer together, improved standards of living and consumer choice, 当今的制度带来了空前水平的繁荣和机遇,让世界各地数以百万计的人脱离了贫困,拉近了国与国之间的距离,提升了生活水平和消费者选择,还撑着基于规则的国际体系,该体系这么多年来一直是全球繁荣和安全的关键。and underpinned the rules-based international system that has been key to global prosperity and security for so long, we need to ensure it works for everyone.要保持对这样一种制度的信心,我们就需要确保它造福于所有人。This is not a task for government alone. 这并不只是政府的任务。So today at the CBI’s annual conference, I will ask British business to work with me: helping to shape this new approach, setting the template for others to follow, and calling out what is bad in order to promote what is just and good.因此,在英国工商业联合会(CBI)最近的年会上,我要求英国企业与我合作:帮助构建这个新的战略,确立让其他人仿效的模板,并且为了推动公正和善行而指出什么是不好的。The government will step up with a new industrial strategy that will get the economy firing on all cylinders, back Britain’s strengths in areas such as science and innovation, and tackle longstanding problems like low levels of productivity and the historic imbalance towards London and the south-east.本届政府将作出自己的贡献,出台新的产业战略,让英国经济全速前进,持英国在科学和创新等领域的优势,同时应对一些长期存在的问题,例如生产率水平低下以及偏重伦敦及英格兰东南部的历史性失衡。Britain will be the global go-to place for scientists, innovators and tech investors. 英国将成为科学家、创新者以及科技投资者的全球首选目的地。We will invest an extra £2bn a year in Ramp;D by the end of this parliament; set up an Industrial Strategy Challenge fund to back scientific research and development of technologies such as robotics, artificial intelligence and industrial biotechnology, and review our tax regime to encourage and support innovation.到本届议会任期结束之时,我们将每年作出额外的20亿英镑研发投入;设立一个产业战略挑战基金(Industrial Strategy Challenge fund)以持机器人、人工智能和工业生物技术等技术领域的科研和开发,并且重审我们的税收制度以鼓励和持创新。We will not just back the innovators, but the long-term investors, too. 我们不仅会持创新者,还会持长期投资者。For while the UK ranks third in the OECD for the number of start-ups we create, we are 13th for the number that go on to become scaled-up businesses. 因为,尽管英国在初创企业数量上在经合组织(OECD)中名列第三,但我们在随后发展壮大的初创企业数量上仅名列第13位。The government will act to turn our bright start-ups into successful scale-ups, launching a patient capital review led by the Treasury that will examine how we can break down the obstacles to long-term investment in innovative firms.政府将采取措施,把我国生气勃勃的初创企业培育为具有一定规模的成功企业,发起由财政部领导的耐心资本评估,由其考察我们如何能够克对创新企业进行长期投资所面临的障碍。Just as government must take a new approach, so business needs to change.就像政府必须采取新的战略一样,企业也需要改变。I will always be one of the strongest advocates for the role businesses play in creating jobs, generating wealth and supporting a strong economy and society. 对于企业在创造就业、产生财富以及持强大的经济和社会方面发挥的作用,我永远是最坚定的倡导者之一。Yet we must recognise that when a small minority of businesses and business figures appear to game the system and work to a different set of rules, the social contract between businesses and society fails — and the reputation of business as a whole is undermined.然而,我们必须意识到,如果少数企业和商界人士似乎在钻体制的空子,并根据不同的规则行事,那么企业与社会之间的社会契约就会失灵,整个商界的声誉将遭受损害。 /201611/480023


  Man arrested for placing condom full of semen in high school girl’s bag男子将满含JY的避套塞进女生包里被逮捕TOKYO —A 58-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of property damage after he was caught inserting a condom full of semen into a girl’s bag, police said.东京——一名58岁男子将一个满含的套套塞进女生包里,警方以涉嫌破坏财产的罪名将其逮捕。 According to police, the incident took place in May this year at Kokkaigijido-mae station in Tokyo’s Chiyoda Ward. Kiyoshi Kuroda, a 58-year-old janitor company employee from Toride, Ibaraki Prefecture, dropped a condom full of his own semen into the bag of a high-school student, who was standing at the station’s platform while on her way to school, Fuji TV reported.警方称此事发生在今年5月的东京千代田区车站。来自茨城县取手市的58岁清洁公司员工黑天洁将一个满含自己的套套放入一名中学女生的包包里,当时女生正在站台上等车前往学校。Kuroda has reportedly admitted to committing the act, telling police he was “stressed from work” and has been doing the same since two, three years ago, police said.据报道嫌疑人承认自己犯事,对警方说自己是因为工作压力,两三年前就已经这么干了。Investigators are currently checking on several similar reports in the capital, looking into the possibility that they are related to the same suspect.调查人员正在查看首都的类似几起案件,看是否可能是同一人所为。 /201607/453560

  A Chinese tourist has died in Hong Kong a day after being beaten up during a so-called ;forced shopping; tour. Operators of such discounted tours try to recoup costs by pressuring tourists to buy goods at selected stores在“强制购物”旅行期间被毒打后,一名中国游客于次日在香港死于非命。折扣旅行商想要通过强制游客在指定店铺购买产品来收回差价。Police said the victim, 54, intervened when a fellow tourist got into a fight with a tour guide after refusing to buy anything at a jewellery shop. At least four people have been arrested and the Hong Kong Tourist Board (HKTB) expressed regret over the incident. ;The HKTB has zero tolerance for any act that impacts the hospitable image of Hong Kong, particularly acts of violence,; it said in a statement.警方称,这名54岁的受害者的同行伴侣在拒绝购买珠宝店任何产品后与导游展开了争执,受害者企图调停这场纷争。至少已经有四人被捕,香港旅游委员会对事件深表遗憾。在一份声明中,香港旅游委员会称:“香港委员会对任何影响香港好客形象的行为,尤其是暴力行为绝不容忍”。The victim, a male building contractor from north-east China, was found lying unconscious outside the shop in Kowloon on Monday morning. He tried to mediate in a fight between two women - believed to be the tour leader and one of the tourists - before he and the female tourist were attacked by a group of men who dragged them onto the street and beat them, police said本周一早上,这名受害者被发现无意识地躺在九龙的店铺外,它是中国东北的一名男性建筑承包商。警方说,他企图调停两个女人之间的争执,这场争执发生在一名游客和导游之间。在他以前,这名女性游客被一群男性袭击,这些男性将他们拖到街边并且鞭打他们。The two women, aged 32 and 53, have been arrested, along with two men, one a 44-year-old Hong Kong resident and the other a 32-year-old mainlander. Police say they are still searching for two other suspects.两名分别为32岁和53岁的女性已经被逮捕,被逮捕的还有两名男性,一名是44岁的香港居民,另外一名是32岁的大陆人。警方说,他们还在搜索另外两名嫌疑人。 /201510/405402

  HK Express, Cathay Pacific, Dragonair and Hong Kong Airlines prohibited Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones to be carried on board the flights on Saturday, Oct. 15.10月15日星期六,香港快运、国泰航空、港龙航空、以及香港航空宣布禁止三星Note 7手机登机。This follows an emergency order by the ed States’ Department of Transportation banning all Samsung Galaxy Note 7 handsets from air transportation over or in the U.S. and Canadian airspace.在此之前,美国运输部已经下达了紧急命令,禁止所有三星Note 7手机登上飞越美国和加拿大领空的飞机。The possibility of the phones overheating has caused the airlines to move swiftly, initially suggesting passengers set their phones off and do not connect to a power source, and now introducing the total ban.三星Note 7手机过热的可能性导致了多家航空公司迅速采取行动,最初它们建议乘客们保持手机关机、并且不要给Note 7充电,而现在则对Note 7手机下达了全面禁令。HK Express stated, ;The safety of our guests and crew is our top priority. All Samsung Note 7 mobile devices are prohibited on all HK Express flights effective immediately. Guests may not carry on or check-in these devices.;据香港快运表示:“乘客和机组人员安全是我们的最优先事项。所有三星Note 7手机都禁止登上香港快运的航班,此禁令立即生效。乘客们不能携带Note 7,也不能带其过安检。”Earlier this week, Samsung announced to recall 190,984 Note 7 smartphones in the Chinese mainland market.本周早些时候,三星宣布在中国大陆召回190984台三星Note 7手机。There has only been one known incident of defective phone overheating on-board an aircraft, but with nearly 100 phones combusting and potentially causing injuries, Samsung has globally recalled the products and ended any more production of the phones.尽管因为Note 7手机缺陷而在飞机上过热起火的事件只有一例,但是Note 7起火燃烧和可能造成伤害的事故已经发生了近100起,三星已经对该手机进行了全球召回,并且停止了Note 7的生产。 /201610/471785

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