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第一句:When are you going on vacation?你什么时候开始度假?A: When are you going on vacation?你什么时候开始度假?B: Next week.下周A: When will you be back?什么时候回来?B: In a month.一个月以后第二句:When do you plan to travel?您计划什么时候开始您的旅行?A: When do you plan to travel?您计划什么时候开始您的旅行?B: I plan to travel on summer vacation.我打算暑假去旅游 学用提示:如果是询问大概的度假时间,则可以说:Will you plan to travel next week?你下周打算旅行吗?下个月:next month 寒假:winter vacation 暑假:summer vacation内容来自: 187575A: I just moved in recently.B: When was this?A: About a week ago.B: What have you done so far?A: Nothing really.B: What? Why haven’t you been doing anything?A: What is there to do?B: There’s a lot that you can do.A: Name one thing.B: You can always go to the beach or catch a movie.A: I haven’t done any of that.B: There’s no way you to be bored here. 70Return of goods退货A: The painwork on the body of the cars has become discolored.汽车上的外漆都褪色了B: We have looked into the matter and found it was due to a chemical imbalance in the paint used in spraying the vehicles.这事我们已经调查了,发现喷这批车使用的油漆成分比例不当A: Ill return the goods to you, postage and packing ward.我把货退给你们,邮费包装费到付B: Actually we are taking these models out of production and calling in all those that we have supplied.事实上,我们已不生产这一型号的车了,以前供应的车也要收回来A: That fine. When do you think we can get the replacements?那很好你认为什么时候换货能到?B: We have contacted our own suppliers and they said the replacements are on their way to us by express train. You should receive them within a week.我们和供货商联系过了,他们说换货用直达火车运输,已经发过来了了,一周内就能收到A: This is our initial order with which you and we are far from satisfied.这是我们首次向你们订货,结果很不令人满意B: I apologize the inconvenience and please permit me to point out that this kind of fault rarely occurs in our fatory. This is the first time, and I promise, itll also be the last time. Please trust me.给您带来了不便,我深感歉意请允许我指出一点,我们的车很少出这类问题这是第一次,我保也是最后一次请相信我们 185968

Giant pandas, as one of the world most iconic animals, can always create a sensation. So getting to be the one who looks after the black and white stars, especially when they are babies, can land one in the limelight too.作为世界上最具标志性的动物之一,大熊猫总能成功引起轰动,作为这些黑白明星的饲养员,尤其是幼崽熊猫的饲养员,也能沾光而大出风头Zhang Yue, a keeper at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, Southwest China Sichuan Province, has recently become an Internet celebrity after a showing him feeding eight baby bears went viral in November last year, racking up 30 million views within a month.张粤是中国西南部四川省成都市大熊猫繁育研究基地的一名饲养员,去年月,一段他给8个熊猫幼崽喂食的视频走红网络,该视频点击量在一个月内就超过3000万次He is now regularly asked to pose pictures by panda fans.现如今他常常会被熊猫迷要求合影Zhang, 7, grew up in Chengdu and got a job at the base in after majoring in veterinary sciences.今年7岁的张粤从小就生活在成都,在年从兽医学专业毕业后便开始了大熊猫繁育研究基地的工作;A job where I get to feed national treasures every day was extremely attractive,; he said, according to a People Daily report last October.在《人民日报去年月的报道中他曾说道:“一个能够天天饲养国宝的工作简直太吸引我了”But the job is not as easy as people imagine. Each of the base 80 keepers is normally in charge of two adult pandas. But at busy times Zhang has had to care five adult bears and nine babies at once.然而这份工作并非人们想象的那么简单在熊猫基地共有80名饲养员,每人负责两只成年熊猫但在繁忙时期,张粤必须同时照看5只成年熊猫和9只熊猫幼崽Sometimes he has to stay in the base all day, as newborn pandas require round-the-clock care.有时他必须一整天都待在熊猫基地,因为新生熊猫宝宝需要全天候照料;When a couple is in heat, we are even more nervous than they are and get up every two hours to observe them,; he said.张粤说道:“它们谈恋爱的时候,我们会比它们还紧张,晚上每两个小时就要起来一次观察情况”While he cares each baby panda as if it was his own child, he confesses that his relationship with the animals is inevitably only short-term as they will eventually be sent somewhere else when they become adults.这位奶爸把每个熊猫宝宝都当做自己的孩子一样悉心照料,他承认他和这些动物不可避免地只能短暂相处,因为他们终将在成年后被送至别的地方;Years later, they might no longer recognize me, and neither will I recognize them.;“几年之后,他们也许都认不出我是谁,而我也认不出它们”He recalled a panda called Damao with whom he spent two months, both day and night, while the bear was in quarantine bee it was sent to a zoo in Canada in .他想起一只名叫大毛的熊猫,他们日夜相伴共同度过个月的隔离检疫期,随后大毛在年被送至加拿大动物园;In , a friend of mine went to the zoo and we had a call. When I called out Damao, it looked at me. I think it still has a little memory of my voice,; he said.“年,我的一个朋友去了那所动物园并与我视频连线我在手机里喊‘大毛的名字,它看了我一眼,我觉得它对我的声音还有印象” 59

A -acre solar farm in the shape of Mickey Mouse head has been unveiled at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida.近日,一座占地亩、和米老鼠头形状一样的太阳能发电厂在佛罗里达州奥兰多的迪斯尼乐园首度亮相The five-megawatt Walt Disney World Solar Farm, built by Duke Energy over the course of five months, will produce enough electricity to be able to power 1,000 homes.这座五兆瓦的迪斯尼太阳能发电厂由杜克能源公司耗时五个月修建完成,它将能产生足够00户使用的电力Large enough to be seen from space, the project is part of a -year agreement that allows Duke Energy to run the farm in exchange powering the theme park, News6 reported. The electricity will be fed to Disney World as well as hotels in the area.根据News6网站报道,该太阳能发电厂大到能从太空看到该工程是迪斯尼与杜克公司签署的一份年合约的一部分,该合约允许杜克能源公司负责运营发电厂,作为交换,杜克要为公园供电产生的电力会供给迪斯尼乐园和乐园里的酒店The Epcot Universe of Energy building had solar panels installed in 198, the Orlando Sentinel reported, and this is just the latest eco-friendly project both companies.据奥兰多哨兵报报道,未来世界主题公园的能源世界大楼于198年就已经安装了太阳能面板,而这个发电厂只是两家公司共同运作的新环保项目Duke Energy has plans to expand its solar power projects, with another farm in the works slated to be the size of football fields.杜克能源计划要扩大其太阳能工程,打算建造另一个大约个足球场那么大的发电厂Duke Energy Florida President Alex Glenn said: By using alternative energy, we are putting our creativity to work and finding innovative ways to help preserve the planet.杜克能源佛罗里达区的总裁亚历克斯·格伦表示:“通过使用可再生能源,我们正在努力将创造力运用到寻找帮助保护地球的新途径上来”Disney is also looking to vamp up its environmental credentials by using a clean diesel fuel made from vegetable oil on the company buses in order to cut carbon emissions.迪斯尼公司也在通过使用从植物油中提取的清洁柴油作为游乐园公车的燃料,以此来减少碳排放,进而进行其环保事业 381

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