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上饶哪家绣眉好上饶妇幼保健院做红色胎记手术多少钱自改革开放以来,中国人的生活便以越来越快的速度变化发展着。中国年轻一代的生活不同于他们的父母,更不同于他们的祖辈。 Listen Read Learn Since the beginning of the opening up policy, life in China has been developing at a faster and faster rate. The lives of young Chinese hardly resemble those of their parents, much less their grandparents. This change has brought with it consumptive habit changes. People now have more money to spend and more things to spend it on. This has also led to the entrance of popular culture into China. People now spend more time on luxuries, including entertainment and food. For example, in some places in China people are more likely to spend their time during the New Year in Karaoke singing rather than celebrate in traditional ways. People had done this in the past, but it is steadily increasing. This does not mean that people have stopped appreciating traditional Chinese culture. The new infusion of wealth means that people are now just as likely to be culture consumers as well. They may buy antique furniture or even old buildings for their appeal. This aspect of the new lifestyle is echoed by an increasing desire to see more of the beautiful country of China. Tourism consumption has increased for the new middle class of China trying to retouch their roots. This has increased the comfort of life for those able to enjoy it.听看学自改革开放以来,中国人的生活便以越来越快的速度变化发展着。中国年轻一代的生活不同于他们的父母,更不同于他们的祖辈。这种变化还带来了消费习惯的变化。现在人们有更多的钱可以配,也有更多的事物可以消费。这还使流行文化进入中国。现在人们花费更多的钱在奢侈品上,包括和食物。例如,在中国的某些地方,人们在新年期间更愿意花时间去唱卡拉OK,而不再愿意以传统的方式庆祝。过去也有人这样庆祝,但现在这种庆祝方式稳步增多。这并不意味着人们已经不再欣赏传统的中国文化。财富的增长使得人们现在也想成为文化消费者。他们可能会出于喜好而购买古董家具,甚至是老房子。新生活方式的这一方面与人们不断增强的、想要看到中国美丽乡村的愿望相呼应。中国新一代的中产阶级想要寻根也使得旅游消费有所增长。这使那些能享受生活的人们生活得更加舒适。Grammar 语法小结过去完成时过去完成时的基本结构为had + 过去分词,表示在过去某一时间或动作之前已经发生或完成了的动作,它表示句子中描述的动作发生在“过去的过去”。过去完成时的基本用法有:1.表示在过去某一时刻或动作以前完成了的动作,即“过去的过去”,可以用by, before等介词短语或时间状语从句来表示,也可以用一个表示过去的动作来表示,还可以通过上下文来表示By nine o'clock last night, we had got 200 letters.到昨晚9点钟,我们已经收到了200封信。She found the key that she had lost. 她丢失的钥匙找到了。2.表示由过去的某一时刻开始,一直延续到过去另一时间的动作或状态,常和for, since引导的时间状语连用I had been at the bus stop for 20 minutes when a bus came.车来的时候,我在车站已经等了20分钟。He said he had worked in that factory since 1949.他说自从1949年以来他就在那家工厂工作。3.过去完成时可用在hardly…when…, no sooner…than…, It was the first (second…) time (that)…等固定句型中No sooner had he arrived than he went away again. 他刚到就又走了。It was the third time that he had been out of work that year.这是他那一年第三次失业。Do it together 家庭总动员两人一组,一方朗诵下面的中文句子,另一方说出相对应的英语句子。1.昨天我们到的时候,电影已经开始了。2.消防队赶到的时候,房子已经烧毁了。3.警察赶到的时候,杀人犯已经逃跑了。4.到去年,他们已经结婚20年了。5.他昨天回家的时候,家人都已经吃完晚餐了。1.The family had finished supper when he got back home yesterday.2.The movie had aly begun when we arrived last night.3.The house had burnt down when the firemen arrived.4.The murderer had run away when the policemen got there.5.By last year, they had been married for 20 years. /200806/43057江西省上饶改脸型的费用 资料内容和音频选自《一句话喷倒老美》经典语句I don’t follow it. 我还没认真看。喷倒老美Bill和同事谈论起 《阿凡达》电影中的片段,他问同事关于学习驾驭飞龙那段情节感想如何,同事想了想,说“I’m sorry I don’t know. I don’t follow it.”Bill心想:电影也不难理解,他怎么没看懂? 想聊就聊Mary:What do you think about this movie? I think it’s very comic.玛丽:你认为这部电影怎么样?我觉得它有趣了。Ben: I’m sorry I don’t know. I don’t follow it. I fell asleep just now.本:抱歉,我不太清楚,我没认真看,我刚才睡着了。知识点津follow意思有“跟上,接上,跟随”,在口语中follow还可引申为“明白,理解”,如I don’t follow it,表示“我不明白”。但在此处, 指的是在看电影时“没跟上电影的进度,没认真看”。 /201102/125724341. 这件事告诉我们,他并不像我们想象的那样诚实。 [误] This tells us that he is not so honest as we thought. [正] This shows that he is not so honest as we thought.注:中文用的是拟人的修辞手法,但在这句话上英国人很较真,他们认为“事情”是不会像人一样开口说话的,只能 show(表明)。 /02/61944上饶市第五人民医院瘦腿针多少钱

玉山县妇幼保健人民中医院做双眼皮多少钱316. 这可是件大事! [误] This is a big thing! [正] This is an important matter!注:big thing 是指“体积大的东西”,而“大事”是指“重要的事情”,它也可以用 major issue 来表达。所以中文的“大”不一定对应英文的“big”,如:“大雾”的表达就是“thick fog”。 /01/60446江西省上饶激光祛胎记多少钱 做完热身运动,丹尼尔就迫不及待地要下水,但是他不会游泳。那么在妈妈的指导下他到底有没有学会游泳呢?Listen Read Learn Daniel: Hurry up! Mom, I can't wait any more.Mom: Look out, honey. Let's come to the shoal waters. Follow me!Daniel: OK, Mom. Can I swim now? I want to learn butterfly stroke.Mom: Honey, listen to me. First, you should learn how to breathe in and breathe out.Daniel: Yes, gotcha. It seems so easy. It's my turn to show off.(Daniel tries for some time but he fails.)Daniel: Mom, it's so terrible. Water went down into my throat and I almost got drowned.Mom: Do be patient, Honey. Let's do it slowly and correctly.Daniel: Oh, Mom, I think I'm not the right person for swimming.Mom: Come on, sweetie, you've done very well. It is the first step that is tough.Daniel: Right, I'll make up my mind. Please correct me if any of my movements go wrong.Mom: Yes, well done. That's the way to go. How clever you are! You've got it.Daniel: Really? I can't believe it. Everything is possible to a willing heart.Mom: Exactly, next, you should hold your legs together and extend your arms above your head.(Daniel does it as Shirley tells him.)Mom: OK, here we go. Then, kick your legs up and down together in a whipping motion generating from the hips and bending at the knees, as if you were a dolphin.Daniel: Yes, like a dolphin. Am I on the right track?Mom: That's the way to go. Now, you are flying, my boy.听看学丹尼尔: 快点妈妈,我等不及了。妈妈: 当心点,孩子。我们去浅水区吧,跟我来。丹尼尔: 好的,妈妈,我现在能游了吗?我想学蝶泳。妈妈: 孩子,听我说,首先你得学会怎样吸气和呼气。丹尼尔: 嗯,知道了。好容易呀。轮到我大显身手了。(丹尼尔试了几次但是失败了。)丹尼尔: 妈妈,真糟糕。水到我的喉咙里来了,我差点被淹死。妈妈: 有耐心点,孩子。让我们慢慢来,把它做好。丹尼尔: 好的,妈妈,我想我不是游泳的料。妈妈: 来吧,孩子。你做得很好了。万事开头难嘛。丹尼尔: 也是,我要加把劲。如果我动作做错了,就纠正我吧。妈妈: 对,做得好,就该这样。你多聪明呀!你做对了。丹尼尔: 真的吗?我简直不敢相信。有志者事竟成。妈妈: 对呀,下一步,把你的双脚合拢,把你的胳膊放到你的头上。(丹尼尔按雪莉教的去做了。)妈妈: 好,这就对了。通过髋关节和膝关节用力运动,上下踢你的腿,就像海豚一样。丹尼尔: 嗯,像海豚一样。我做对了吗?妈妈: 对了。孩子,你进步了。经典背诵 RecitationDaniel: I want to learn the butterfly stroke, and I think it's a little case. However, the first step makes me feel terrible. The water goes down into my throat and I almost drown. I think I'm not the right person for swimming, but Mom always cheers me up. It's the first step that's tough.生词小结breathe in/out 吸气/呼气show off 炫耀whipping n. 鞭打generate vt. 产生hip n. 髋部dolphin n. 海豚注释gotcha 相当于got you. 为口语缩略表达,意为“知道了,明白了”。It is the first step that is tough. 万事开头难。做任何事情都会在刚开始时困难。Scene practice 情景练习仔细阅读下面五个场景,两人一组,使用表示鼓励的句型,用一用,练一练。1. Gucci got a very bad score in the final exams. If you were May, what would you say to her?2. Daniel has played the guitar for three hours, but there is no progress. He is very disappointed. If you were May, what would you say to him?3. Daniel failed many times when he tried to swim. If you were Shirley, what would you say to him?4. May is not good at biology. The college entrance examination is around the corner. If you were Benjamin, what would you say to her?5. May wants to learn how to drive this summer vacation. But she can't make sure whether she can make it. If you were Shirley, what would you say? /200809/49961南昌大学上饶市医院做双眼皮开眼角手术多少钱

上饶去法令纹哪里疗效好美国习惯用语-第124讲:a straw in the wind/to grasp at straws今天这一课我们要再给大家介绍两个由straw,也就是"稻草"这个词组成的习惯用语。稻草虽然没有什么价值,但是美国人常用的不少俗语都和straw这个词有关。我们首先要给大家介绍的一个常用语就是:a straw in the wind。按字面来解释,a straw in the wind意思就是:随风飘的一根稻草。可是,作为俗语,a straw in the wind是指:在事情发生前的一些风吹草动,也就是事态发展的一些迹象。一些记者在写经济或政治新闻的时候经常用这个俗语。我们先来举个例子看看到底a straw in the wind在句子里是怎么用的。例句-1: "Economic experts said today that the increase in auto sales the last 30 days is a straw in the wind that the nation's economy is beginning to recover from the brief recession."这句话很明显是一条新闻报导中的一部份。它的意思是:"经济专家们今天说,最近一个月来汽车销售量的增加象征着美国已经开始从短暂的经济衰退中复苏。"这句话里的最后两个字是:brief recession。Brief是短暂的意思,recession是目前经常用的一个字,它的意思是:经济衰退。A straw in the wind这个说法的来源可能和农民的习惯有关。要是你去过农村的话,你就知道农民经常把一把草往空中一扔,以此来看风往那个方向吹。逐渐地,a straw in the wind这个说法就应用到生活的各个方面,成为某件事的发展迹象了。现在我们再来给大家举个例子。这是一个正在竞选官职的候选人在担心他的竞选前景。例句-2: "I wish we had a good idea of how the voters feel about us. The only straw in the wind I see is that a lot more people are registering to vote this time. But is that good or bad for us?"这位候选人说:"我希望我们能更了解选民们对我们的看法。我所见到的唯一迹象就是这次有比以往多得多的人进行了选民登记。但是,这到底对我们是好事,还是坏事呢?"这句话里涉及美国选举的一个程序,那就是美国选民在投票前必须进行选民登记。只有登记了的选民才有资格投票,不登记就不能投票。可惜,有许多美国人对政治失去信心或感到反感,而经常不去投票,放弃这一民主权利。不投票的人一般也不会去登记。所以选民登记就变成预测选举的一个有用指标。下面我们要给大家介绍另一个和straw有关的习惯用语:to grasp at straws。Grasp就是抓紧的意思。To grasp at straws字面上的意思就是抓紧稻草,但它的实际意思和中文里的[捞救命稻草]很相似。要是有一个人在一艘船上,这艘船突然起火,他就被迫跳进海水里。但是,他不会游泳。于是,他只能拚了命在水里想办法抓到任何能不让他沉入海水的东西,例如一块木头,一只空瓶子,甚至一把稻草等。当然,这些东西里没有一样能救他的。这个人只是在绝望之中想用任何办法解脱绝望的境地。下面我们要举的例子是一个学生在说他的同房间同学,平时不用功,到考试前临时抱佛脚。例句-3: "Harry, you're grasping at straws if you think you can pass that exam by starting to study the night before. You'll never catch up, man! All you'll do is lose a night's sleep, and still you won't get a passing grade."这个学生说:"哈利,要是你认为在考试前一天的晚上开始念书就能通过考试的话,那你就是想捞救命稻草。夥计,你这样是绝对赶不上的。你这样到头来尽管通宵不眠,但是结果还是不及格。"这个例句里的passing grade就是学校里考试的及格分数。下面我们要给大家举的例子是一个律师在讲一个被控告谋杀自己妻子的人。例句-4: "This man claims that a burglar shot his wife. But there was no sign a robber had broken in and the husband was found with a gun in his hand. He's just grasping at straws trying to stay out of jail."这位律师说:"这个人说是一个闯进屋子里来偷东西的人杀死他的妻子的。可是,没有任何迹象明有贼破门而入,而这个丈夫却被发现手里拿着。他只不过是为了不想坐牢而要捞救命稻草罢了。"这个例子听起来很可怕,而这个案件也确实很可怕。但是美国的犯罪率很高,凶杀事件天天都有。这也是美国最严重的社会问题之一。我们今天讲的两个习惯用语是:a straw in the wind和to grasp at straws。A straw in the wind这个常用语的意思是:事态发展的迹象;to grasp at straws指的是企图捞救命稻草。今天的[美国习惯用语]就学习到这里。我们下次节目再见。 /200711/20969 婺源县冷冻点痣多少钱上饶韩美整形医院抽脂手术好不好



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