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2019年10月16日 16:26:06

Ann Hand安汉德Company: Project Frog公司:建筑公司Project FrogAge: 45年龄:45岁Though Hand was British Petroleum#39;s SVP of Global Brand, Marketing and Innovation, for several years, she#39;s on a much more environmentally friendly mission today. Project Frog aims to revamp the construction industry with simple-to-build spaces (they takes days, rather than months to construct) that consume about 50% less energy than traditional buildings for sectors like education and healthcare. Hand#39;s plan seems to be working: revenue is expected to more than double this year.虽然汉德曾在英国石油公司(British Petroleum)担任过多年全球品牌、营销与创新高级副总裁,但她现在却在从事更加环保的事业。Project Frog的使命是希望通过易于建造的空间(通常几天或者几个月便可完成),彻底改造建筑行业。相比教育与医疗等行业的传统建筑,Project Frog的建筑可以节省约50%的能源。汉德的计划似乎已经奏效:公司今年的收入预计将增加一倍以上。Julia Hartz茱莉亚哈茨Company: Eventbrite公司:在线票务平台EventbriteAge: 33年龄:33岁Hartz started Eventbrite, an online ticketing platform, with her now-husband Kevin in 2006. Since its founding, the company has raised 0 million from firms like Sequoia Capital and Tiger Global Management and reached billion in gross ticket sales this September. Entrepreneurship forced Hartz to appreciate candid and collaborative conversations. ;I had to learn how to ask for help,; she says. ;Everyone always thinks it#39;s brave to go out alone, but I think it#39;s even braver to put yourself out there in front of others, and to figure out how to work together.;2006年,哈茨与现任丈夫凯文共同创办了在线票务平台Eventbrite。自成立以来,这家公司先后从红杉资本(Sequoia Capital)和老虎全球基金(Tiger Global Management)等公司获得了总计1.4亿美元的投资。今年9月,它的票务销售总额达到了20亿美元。创业让哈茨不得不在与人沟通时运用坦率、且具有合作性的对话方式。她说:“我必须学会如何寻求帮助。所有人都认为创业是勇敢的举动,但我认为,更需要勇气的事情是,把自己摆到众人面前,同时努力达成协作。”Jules Pieri朱尔斯皮耶里Company: The Grommet公司:The Grommet公司Age: 53年龄:53岁After years working with large consumer product companies like Stride Rite and Keds, Pieri grew frustrated with the difficulty mom-and-pop shops had launching new products. ;The more innovative a product—as opposed to mainstream and ;known;—the harder it was to get distribution,; she explains. In response, she launched The Grommet, a discovery platform that connects customers with inventors#39; stories and their products, five years ago. Pieri, whose company helped launch products including SodaStream and Fitbit, counts HP CEO Meg Whitman as a mentor and has a side-gig as an entrepreneur in residence at Harvard Business School.皮耶里在大型消费类产品公司工作过多年,如Stride Rite和科迪斯(Keds)等。所以,这种夫妻店在推出新产品时所遇到的困难令皮耶里感到失望。她解释道:“越创新的产品,因为与主流和‘已知’相悖,因而越难销售。”因此,她在五年前成立了The Grommet,这个信息分享平台会将消费者与发明者的故事和产品联系起来。皮耶里的公司帮助发布的产品包括自制碳酸饮料机Sodastream和智能腕带Fitbit。她一直把惠普公司(HP)CEO梅格惠特曼作为自己的导师,并在哈佛商学院(Harvard Business School)担任入驻企业家。Leila Janah利拉詹纳Company: Samasource公司:撒马源公司Age: 31年龄:31岁In 2008, Janah talked to a call center worker from Dharavi, India, the largest slum in South Asia, while working as a consultant. The worker said there were millions of unemployed villagers as talented as he was. ;I thought, #39;What if outsourcing could generate a few dollars for billions of people, rather than billions of dollars for a wealthy few#39;; Janah says. She went on to launch Samasource, a tech platform that connects impoverished women and youth with large corporations like Google, LinkedIn, and Microsoft to complete digital projects. To date, the non-profit has helped over 16,000 people rise above the poverty line and it recently launched SamaUSA, a domestic program for low-income students living in San Francisco.2008年,詹纳作为顾问与印度达拉维一家呼叫中心的员工进行了交流。达拉维是南亚最大的贫民窟。那名工人说有数以百万计的无业村民具备有与他一样的能力。詹纳说:“我想:‘有没有可能利用外包为数十亿人每个人带来几美元,而不是为少数富人带去数十亿美元?’” 于是,她成立了撒马源公司(Samasource),用这个高科技平台帮助贫困的女性和年轻人获得谷歌(Google)、商务社交媒体公司LinkedIn和微软(Microsoft)等公司的数字项目。到目前为止,这个非盈利机构已经帮助16,000人脱离了贫困。近期,它还在美国成立了一个国内项目SamaUSA,主要面向居住在旧金山的低收入学生。Lisa Stone丽萨斯通Company: BlogHer公司:女性客网站BlogHerAge: 46年龄:46岁In early 2005, Stone and her co-founders Elisa Camahort Page and Jory Des Jardins noticed that there were countless women blogging, but mainstream media rarely linked to their posts. The trio decided to host a grassroots conference that year and attracted sponsors like Google and Yahoo. It quickly sold out and soon after, they launched BlogHer.com. The publishing platform turned blogging into a lucrative business for many women -- it paid million to 5,000 of its bloggers between 2009 and 2012 -- and now reaches an audience of 92 million.2005年初,斯通和其联合创始人爱丽莎卡玛赫特和朱瑞德斯贾丁斯发现,使用客的女性规模庞大,但主流媒体却很少会引用她们的文章。于是,三人决定召开一次草根会议,并吸引了谷歌和雅虎(Yahoo)等赞助商。门票很快销售一空,不久,她们便成立了BlogHer.com。这个客发布平台把撰写客变成了许多女性可以用来赚钱的一项业务——2009年至2012年期间,这家公司向5,000名主付了超过2,500万美元。目前,这个平台的用户已经超过9,200万人。Lori Steele劳瑞斯蒂尔Company: Everyone Counts公司:网络投票公司Everyone CountsAge: 50年龄:50岁Ten years ago, Steele was a successful investment advisor speaking at ITU World, a ed Nations conference on technology for government. That same week, California experienced its first-ever gubernatorial election recall. Steele couldn#39;t believe these kinds of hiccups were happening during such important races (the infamous Florida presidential election recall was only three years prior), so she decided to solve the problem herself. To date,169 countries, including Bosnia-Herzegovina, used Everyone Counts#39; electronic voting platform, as did the Academy Awards committee.十年前,斯蒂尔作为一名成功的投资顾问在世界电信展(ITU World)上发言。世界电信展是联合国主导的一项活动,重点是科技在政府中的应用。同一周,加州经历了史上第一次州长罢免选举。斯蒂尔不敢相信,在如此重要的选举中,会出现这种不合时宜的平台故障(三年前才刚刚发生了臭名昭著的佛罗里达州总统选举罢免),所以她决定凭一己之力来解决这个问题。到目前为止,共有169个国家使用了Everyone Counts的电子投票平台,包括波斯尼亚黑塞哥利亚和奥斯卡奖评审委员会。 /201311/263199上饶横峰县黑脸娃娃多少钱The incidence of dengue fever in Taiwan has risen sharply in recent days, pushing the number of cases since May close to 10,000, the country’s Centers for Disease Control reported on Tuesday. The government announced on Monday that it was creating a central command office to combat the rapid increase in the disease, which has been concentrated in the southern cities of Tainan and Kaohsiung.台湾疾病管制署周二报告称,近日来,台湾登革热患者急剧增加,5月以来,病例人数增加至约1万例。政府周一宣布将成立中央指挥中心,对抗病例迅速增加的情况。疫情爆发地主要集中在南部城市台南和高雄。The recent increase follows the worst summer for dengue fever in more than a decade on the island. Taiwan had more than 4,000 dengue cases from May 1 through August, the highest number for the period since systematic record keeping began in 2003, the Central News Agency reported. The cases have more than doubled since Sept. 1.最近病例增加之前,台湾刚刚经历了10多年来登革热疫情最严重的一个夏天。据台湾中央社报道,从5月1日到8月,台湾出现了4000多例登革热病例,这是自2003年开始系统记录以来,每年同一时期的最高数字。自9月1日以来,病例数增加了一倍多。Dengue is a mosquito-borne disease that causes fever, headaches, nausea, and joint and muscle pain. In severe cases, it can lead to dengue hemorrhagic fever, which is characterized by severe bleeding and circulatory system failures. It is particularly dangerous for children and can lead to death, though with proper medical care, less than 1 percent of cases cause fatalities, according to the World Health Organization.登革热是一种由蚊子传播的疾病,会引起发热、头痛、恶心及关节肌肉疼痛的症状。在几个病例中,该疾病会引发登革出血热,症状为严重出血,循环系统衰竭。这种疾病对于儿童来说尤其危险,可能会导致死亡,不过世界卫生组织(World Health Organization)表示,通过恰当医治,导致死亡的病例不到1%。Eighteen deaths associated with dengue this year have been confirmed, the C.D.C. of Taiwan said on Tuesday, and an additional 34 deaths are being investigated for links to the disease.台湾疾病管制署周二表示,今年累计有18例死因与登革热相关,另有34例的死因正在调查。Tainan has been the center of the outbreak, with 8,666 of the 9,862 cases reported in Taiwan since May 1, including 237 reported on Monday. Kaohsiung has been the second hardest hit, with 1,030 cases, including 50 reported on Monday.台南是疫情爆发中心,自5月1日以来台湾报告了10384例登革热病例,台南占9103例,其中包括周一报告的237例。高雄是疫情第二严重的地区,出现1108例病例,其中包括周一报告的50例。The tourism industry in Tainan, known for its temples and quiet lanes, has suffered because of the outbreak, with visitors down by about 50 percent over the same period last year, the ed Daily News reported on Sunday. “The mosquitoes have returned Tainan to Tainan residents,” the newspaper’s headline , citing a popular Facebook post.《联合报》周日报道称,以寺庙和安静的小巷著称的台湾旅游业,因为疫情的爆发受到影响,游客人数同比减少了大约50%。该报文章的标题引用了一个广受欢迎的Facebook帖子,称“蚊子把台南还给台南人”。The command center established by the central government includes representatives of the Environmental Protection Administration and the ministries of National Defense and Health and Welfare. The goal is to aid cross-regional prevention efforts, according to a statement from Sun Lih-chyun, a spokesman for the Executive Yuan, Taiwan’s cabinet. Over the past month, Taiwan has dispatched more than 2,500 troops to help with prevention efforts, including spraying insecticide in potential mosquito breeding sites.中央政府设立的指挥中心工作人员包括行政院环境保护署、国防部及卫生福利部的代表。台湾行政院发言人孙立群(Sun Lih-chyun)表示,成立该中心是为了持跨区域预防工作。在过去一个月中,台湾派出逾2500名士兵帮助开展预防工作,比如到潜在的蚊子繁殖场所喷洒杀虫剂。Dengue outbreaks are seasonal, with the number of cases expected to decline as temperatures cool in the fall. One year ago, the southern Chinese province of Guangdong recorded one of its worst outbreaks in years, and Japan recorded its first cases of the disease since 1945.登革热疫情是季节性的,随着秋季气温的降低,病例数将会下降。一年前,中国南部省份广东省遭遇了多年来最严重的登革热疫情,日本也出现了自1945年以来的首批登革热病例。In recent decades, the disease, which is caused by a virus carried by Aedes mosquitoes, has risen sharply around the world because of urbanization, population growth, climate change, increasing international trade and an explosion in trash that mosquitoes can use as breeding sites, according to the World Health Organization.世界卫生组织透露,近几十年来,由于城镇化发展、人口增长、气候变化、国际贸易的日益增长和垃圾——蚊子的繁殖场所——的激增,这种由伊蚊携带的病毒引发的疾病,在世界范围内急剧增加。 /201509/399120上饶人民医院做丰胸手术多少钱上饶假体丰胸多少钱


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