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浙江牙科美白牙齿需要多少钱浙江大学附属第一医院牙科《洋话连篇》MP3下载及全套文本 /200704/12184杭州牙套多少钱 英语900句(英音附字幕版) 第32课:作决定Making decisions[00:06.90]466. I'm anxious to know what your decision is.[00:10.17]我急于想知道你的决定。[00:13.45]467. I'm confident you've made the right choice.[00:16.78]我相信你已经作了正确的选择。[00:20.11]468. I want to persuade you to change your mind.[00:23.72]我想说你改变主意。[00:27.32]469. Will you accept my advice.[00:30.80]你愿意接受我的劝告吗?[00:34.27]470. What have you decided?[00:36.91]你是怎么决定的?[00:39.55]471. I've definitely decided to go to California.[00:44.07]我已肯定要去加利福尼亚州。[00:48.59]472. He didn't want to say anything to influence my decision.[00:52.77]他不想说什么来影响我的决定。[00:56.95]473. She refuses to make up her mind.[01:00.83]她拒绝做出决定。[01:04.71]474. I assume you've decided against buying a new car.[01:09.09]我想你已经决定不买新汽车了。[01:13.48]475. It took him a long time to make up his mind.[01:18.01]他用了很长时间才打定主意。[01:22.55]476. You can go whenever you wish.[01:25.83]什么时候走,随你便。[01:29.10]477. We're willing to accept your plan.[01:33.23]我们乐意采纳你的计划。[01:37.36]478. He knows it's inconvenient, but he wants to go anyway.[01:41.09]他知道这不太方便。但不管怎么样他还是要去。[01:44.83]479. According to Mr. Green, this is a complicated problem.[01:50.75]据格林先生认为,这是一个复杂问题。[01:56.66]480. She insists that it doesn't make any difference to her.[02:00.53]她坚持说,这对她无所谓。 /200604/6125Sites like these where many plant-eating dinosaurs have been killed in an accident像这种植食恐龙集体死于意外的地点lead paleontologists to believe these herbivores were living together in herds when they died together.使得古生物学家相信,这些植食动物直到死前都是群居生活With plant-eating dinosaurs, it#39;s very frequent to find groups of animals preserved together in the rocks.对于植食恐龙来说,成批的骨骼一起埋葬于岩石中是很常见的现象Because they#39;re all associated together closely, and they#39;re mixed ages together,因为它们都亲密无间,大大小小都聚在一起that#39;s good evidence they were living together as a herd.这些据都能充分说明,它们是群居生活的Bone beds containing herds of plant-eating dinosaurs are common.植食恐龙的骨骼化石群是很常见的But there was no such convincing evidence that large meat-eating dinosaurs lived and died in groups.但是并没有类似的据能明大型食肉恐龙也是同生共死In the case of the early fossil finds of meat-eating dinosaurs,根据早期发现的食肉恐龙化石they sort of reinforce this idea of meat-eaters as solitary hunters.他们更加确信了大型食肉恐龙独自狩猎的观点People had only found individual specimens of each of the species.人们每次只能找到某种恐龙的一具标本They never found a group of assemblages, they never found a bunch of individuals together.他们从来没有发现过一群食肉恐龙,或是聚在一起的食肉恐龙All of the evidence indicated these predators lived and died as solitary hunters.所有据都显示,这些掠食动物是孤独的猎手And if they were solitary hunters, no single carnivore, however big,倘若它们真是独自狩猎,单凭一只食肉恐龙,无论它有多大would have gone for a prey as huge as the giant herbivore, Argentinosaurus.也不可能将巨大的植食恐龙--阿根廷龙变成它的腹中之物It looks like the tantalizing idea of a clash of the titans down in Patagonia was doomed.看来调足人们胃口的巴塔哥尼亚,巨兽之争纯粹只是天方夜谭Or so most paleontologists thought.至少大部分古生物学家是这么想的 Article/201611/480940杭州哪的牙齿矫正好

绍兴哪家医院烤瓷牙效果最好杭州40岁能矫正牙齿吗 Every weekend for as long as I can remember, my father would get up on a Saturday, put on a worn sweatshirt在我的记忆中每个周末 我的父亲都会在周六起床后会穿上一件旧T恤衫and he#39;d scrape away at the squeaky old wheel of a house that we lived in.他会刮掉我们所住的老房子的油漆I wouldn#39;t even call it restoration; it was a ritual, catharsis.我不能把它叫做修整 那是一种仪式 一种净化He would spend all year scraping paint with this old heat gun and a spackle knife,他会用整整一年的时间来用他的热风以及抹墙粉刀来刮掉油漆and then he would repaint where he scraped, only to begin again the following year.然后他会重新油漆他刮掉的部分 这只是为了能在来年重新开始Scraping and re-scraping, painting and repainting: the work of an old house is never meant to be done.刮漆和再次刮漆油漆和再次油漆这所老房子的工作永远不会结束The day my father turned 52, I got a phone call.当我父亲52岁的时候我接到一通电话My mother was on the line to tell me that doctors had found a lump in his stomach terminal cancer, she told me,我母亲在线上告诉我说医生在他的腹腔发现一个肿块儿癌症晚期 她这么跟我说and he had been given only three weeks to live.他只能活三周I immediately moved home to Poughkeepsie, New York, to sit with my father on death watch,我立即搬家到纽约波基普西市,守护我父亲的临终死亡not knowing what the next days would bring us.不知道第二天我们会发生些什么To keep myself distracted, I rolled up my sleeves,为了让自己分散注意力我卷起了袖子and I went about finishing what he could now no longer complete the restoration of our old home.我去做他再也无法完成的事情修整我们的老房子When that looming three-week deadline came and then went, he was still alive.当那个无形的三周期限来到了 又过去后他还是活着And at three months, he joined me.三个月后 他开始跟我一起We gutted and repainted the interior.我们重新粉刷了内部At six months, the old windows were refinished, and at 18 months, the rotted porch was finally replaced.六个月后 老窗户完成了18个月的时候破败的阳台也翻新了And there was my father, standing with me outside, admiring a day#39;s work, hair on his head, fully in remission,而我的父亲和我一起站在外面欣赏着一天的工作他头上的发 重新长了出来when he turned to me and he said,他走向我 对我说;You know, Michael, this house saved my life.;你知道 迈克 这栋房子救了我So the following year, I decided to go to architecture school.所以 第二年 我去了建筑学院But there, I learned something different about buildings.在那儿我学习了很多关于建筑的东西Recognition seemed to come to those who prioritized novel and sculptural forms, like ribbons, or pickles?成名似乎都是 给那些最先革新和雕塑的形式 比方说缎带 或者是腌黄瓜条?And I think this is supposed to be a snail.但我认为这应该是一个蜗牛Something about this bothered me.这很让我烦恼Why was it that the best architects, the greatest architecture all beautiful and visionary and innovative is also so rare, and seems to serve so very few?为什么最优秀的建筑师 最好的建筑都是美丽的 充满神奇色的 标新立异的 但是它们都很罕见而且很少人能够享受And more to the point: With all of this creative talent, what more could we do?再加上一点 拥有所有这些创造天分我们还能做些什么呢?Just as I was about to start my final exams, I decided to take a break from an all-nighter就在即将面临期末考试的时刻 我决定从通宵学习的这段时间抽出一些时间 适当放松一下and go to a lecture by Dr. Paul Farmer, a leading health activist for the global poor.我去了保罗 法默医生的一个演讲 他是一个为了全球贫困而努力的健康活动家领袖I was surprised to hear a doctor talking about architecture.听一名医生谈论建筑 我感到很惊奇Buildings are making people sicker, he said,他说楼房使人们变得更加体弱and for the poorest in the world, this is causing epidemic-level problems.在世界最贫困的地方 这已经引起了流行病一样的问题In this hospital in South Africa, patients that came in with, say, a broken leg, to wait in this unventilated hallway,在南非的医院比如说 一个腿骨折的病人来到医院在通风不好的大厅等候walked out with a multidrug-resistant strand of tuberculosis.就会带着几种抗药性的结核病菌种走出医院Simple designs for infection control had not been thought about, and people had died because of it.根本没有想到为控制感染的简单设计 人们因此而死亡;Where are the architects?; Paul said.“建筑师在哪儿呢?”保罗说道If hospitals are making people sicker, where are the architects and designers to help us build and design hospitals that allow us to heal?如何这些医院使得人们的病变得更加严重 那么那些能建造和设计治愈人类的医院的建筑师和设计师在哪儿That following summer, I was in the back of a Land Rover with a few classmates, bumping over the mountainous hillside of Rwanda.那个接下来的暑期我和几个同学一起开着路虎在卢旺达的山岭间穿越颠簸For the next year, I#39;d be living in Butaro in this old guesthouse, which was a jail after the genocide.因为来年 我将居住在Butaro这所老客房内这是种族屠杀后的一座监狱I was there to design and build a new type of hospital with Dr. Farmer and his team.我在那里与法默医生和他的团队一起设计和建造一种新型的医院If hallways are making patients sicker, what if we could design a hospital that flips the hallways on the outside, and makes people walk in the exterior?如果大厅会使病人病情加重 那么我们能够设计一种医院可以把大厅向露天敞开使人们在外面走动If mechanical systems rarely work, what if we could design a hospital that could breathe如果机械系统不工作 那么我们是否可以设计一种医院through natural ventilation, and meanwhile reduce its environmental footprint?能通过自然通风而呼吸同时减少它的环境足迹And what about the patients#39; experience?还有病人的体验将会怎样呢?Evidence shows that a simple view of nature can radically improve health outcomes,结果显示能看到外面的风景能够彻底地提高健康状况So why couldn#39;t we design a hospital where every patient had a window with a view?所以为什么我们不能设计一所能够给每个病人提供一扇看风景的窗户的医院呢Simple, site-specific designs can make a hospital that heals.简单、特定的设计能建造一个有治愈效果的医院Designing it is one thing; getting it built, we learned, is quite another.设计一个建筑是一件事 但是把它建造出来又是一回事We worked with Bruce Nizeye, a brilliant engineer,我们跟Bruce Nizeye一起工作 他是一个很优秀的工程师and he thought about construction differently than I had been taught in school.对于建筑 他对我从学校学来的那一套有不同的看法When we had to excavate this enormous hilltop当我们必须在这个巨大的山顶挖掘的时候and a bulldozer was expensive and hard to get to site,推土机的消费昂贵而且难以到达那里Bruce suggested doing it by hand, using a method in Rwanda called ;Ubudehe,;布鲁斯建议用双手来解决 借助在卢旺达叫做“Ubedehe(愚公移山)”的方法which means ;community works for the community.;叫做“社区工作为社区务”Hundreds of people came with shovels and hoes,几百人带着铁锹和锄头来到现场and we excavated that hill in half the time and half the cost of that bulldozer.我们用了一半的时间和一半的推土机的费用而挖掘了山顶Instead of importing furniture, Bruce started a guild, and he brought in master carpenters to train others in how to make furniture by hand.他们没有采取进口家具的方式 而且由一次指导开始 他请来了木匠大师来给他们培训如何手工制造家具And on this job site, 15 years after the Rwandan genocide,所以 我们就不用进口家具了在卢旺达人的种族灭绝15年后Bruce insisted that we bring on labor from all backgrounds, and that half of them be women.布鲁斯坚持我们需要各种背景的劳动者其中一半是女人Bruce was using the process of building to heal, not just for those who were sick,布鲁斯是在利用建造的过程进行治愈 不光治愈了医院的病人but for the entire community as a whole.而且是把整个社区团结起来We call this the locally fabricated way of building, or ;lo-fab,; and it has four pillars: hire locally,我们把这个叫做当地人赤手空拳的建筑或者是“当地奇迹“source regionally, train where you can and most importantly, think about every design decision as an opportunity就地取材 训练学徒而最重要的想想每个设计的决策是一个机会to invest in the dignity of the places where you serve.给你所务的地方高贵的投资Think of it like the local food movement, but for architecture.把它作为当地的食品运动 对建筑来说And we#39;re convinced that this way of building can be replicated across the world,我认为全世界都能够效仿这种建筑的方式and change the way we talk about and evaluate architecture.改变我们谈论和评估建筑的方式Using the lo-fab way of building, even aesthetic decisions can be designed to impact people#39;s lives.利用“当地奇迹”的办法来建造楼房即使审美决定的设计也能对人们的生活产生影响In Butaro, we chose to use a local volcanic stone found in abundance within the area,在Butaro 我们选择利用当地的火山石 它在那个区域里资源非常充足but often considered a nuisance by farmers, and piled on the side of the road.而且通常被当地农人看作是很讨厌的堆砌在路边We worked with these masons to cut these stones and form them into the walls of the hospital.我们和泥瓦匠一起切割这些石块让它们做医院的墙And when they began on this corner and wrapped around the entire hospital,当它们从这个拐角开始环绕了整个医院they were so good at putting these stones together,这些石块放在一起非常好they asked us if they could take down the original wall and rebuild it.他们问我们是否能够拆掉原来的重新建立一个And you see what is possible. It#39;s beautiful.你可以看见什么是可能的 它很美And the beauty, to me, comes from the fact that I know that hands cut these stones,我认为那种美是来自我们手工切割那些石头的缘故and they formed them into this thick wall, made only in this place with rocks from this soil.他们把它们嵌进了这堵厚墙 只是在此地利用了来自这片土壤的石块儿When you go outside today and you look at your built world,现在 当你到了外面看看你建造的这个世界ask not only: ;What is the environmental footprint?;an important question不仅要问一个重要的问题“什么是环境的足迹“but what if we also asked, ;What is the human handprint of those who made it?;我们同时也会问 建造它的人类的手印又是什么呢We started a new practice based around these questions, and we tested it around the world.我们根据这些问题开始了一个新的练习我们在全世界做了试验Like in Haiti, where we asked if a new hospital could help end the epidemic of cholera.像在海地时我们问 是否一座新的医院能终结一次霍乱的流行In this 100-bed hospital, we designed a simple strategy to clean contaminated medical waste before it enters the water table,在这个100张床位的病房里我们设计了一个简单的策略来清除污染的医疗废品在它进入水源之前and our partners at Les Centres GHESKIO are aly saving lives because of it.而我们在 Les Centres GHESKIO的合作伙伴已经为此拯救了不少的生命Or Malawi: we asked if a birthing center could radically reduce maternal and infant mortality.或者在马拉维: 我们会问是否接生中心会从根本上减少母婴的死亡率Malawi has one of the highest rates of maternal and infant death in the world.马拉维有着世界上最高的母婴死亡率Using a simple strategy to be replicated nationally,利用一个简单的策略来做到we designed a birthing center that would attract women and their attendants我们设计了一个接生中心吸引女人和她们的同伴to come to the hospital earlier and therefore have safer births.早些来到医院因此而有着较为安全的分娩Or in the Congo, where we asked if an educational center could also be used to protect endangered wildlife.或者在刚果,我们会问是否可以有一个教育中心来用以保护处于灭绝的野生动物Poaching for ivory and bushmeat is leading to global epidemic, disease transfer and war.偷猎象牙和野兽肉会导致全球流行病的传染和战争In one of the hardest-to-reach places in the world,在这个世界上最难以企及的一个地方we used the mud and the dirt and the wood around us to construct a center我们利用了泥巴 尘土和周围的木头建造了一个中心that would show us ways to protect and conserve our rich biodiversity.像我们显示了保留我们丰富的生物多样性的方法Even here in the US, we were asked to rethink即便是在美国我们被要求重新思考the largest university for the deaf and hard of hearing in the world.世界上最大的聋哑大学The deaf community, through sign language, shows us the power of visual communication.聋人社区 通过手势语言像我们展示视觉交流的力量We designed a campus that would awaken the ways in which we as humans all communicate, both verbally and nonverbally.我们设计了一个校园可以唤醒人们作为一个整体而交流以语言或非语言的方式And even in Poughkeepsie, my hometown, we thought about old industrial infrastructure.即使在我的家乡波基普西市我们想到古老的工业基础设施We wondered: Could we use arts and culture and design to revitalize this city我们疑惑我们能用艺术文化和设计来振兴这个城市吗and other Rust Belt cities across our nation,还有全国其它一些老旧的条带式城市and turn them into centers for innovation and growth?能把她们变成革新和成长的中心吗?In each of these projects, we asked a simple question:我们在每个项目上都询问一个简单的问题What more can architecture do?建筑师还能够多做些什么?And by asking that question, we were forced to consider how we could create jobs,通过这个问题我们被迫地考虑到我们怎样来完成工作how we could source regionally怎样就地取材and how we could invest in the dignity of the communities in which we serve.怎样在我们所务的社区有尊严地投资I have learned that architecture can be a transformative engine for change.我已经学到了建筑可成为变化的转变性引擎About a year ago, I an article about a tireless and intrepid civil rights leader named Bryan Stevenson.一年以前 我读过一篇文章是关于一位孜孜不倦的勇敢的民运领袖他叫布赖恩 史蒂文森And Bryan had a bold architectural vision.布赖恩有一个大胆的建筑观点He and his team had been documenting the over 4,000 lynchings of African-Americans that have happened in the American South.他和他的队友们已经记录了在南美发生的超过4000例的美国非裔的私刑案例And they had a plan to mark every county where these lynchings occurred,他们计划标记下这些私刑发生的每一个区县and build a national memorial to the victims of lynching in Montgomery, Alabama.他们在阿拉巴马的蒙哥马利为私刑的牺牲者建立了一个国家纪念馆Countries like Germany and South Africa and, of course, Rwanda, have found it necessary to build memorials像德国和南非当然还有卢旺达我们发现有必要建立一个纪念馆to reflect on the atrocities of their past, in order to heal their national psyche.来折射他们过去的暴行以便从心理上获得全国性的治愈We have yet to do this in the ed States.我们在美国也要这样做So I sent a cold email to info@equaljusticeintiative.org: ;Dear Bryan,; it said,所以我发出了一个邮件到info@equaljusticeintiative.org:邮件上说:“亲爱的布赖恩;I think your building project is maybe the most important project we could do in America“我以为你的建筑项目也许是我们在美国能做到的最好的and could change the way we think about racial injustice.而且它能改变我们所认为的种族不平等By any chance, do you know who will design it?;顺便问一句你知道谁去设计这个建筑呢?“Surprisingly, shockingly, Bryan got right back to me,令人吃惊的是布赖恩马上回了我的邮件and invited me down to meet with his team and talk to them.并且邀请我去跟他的团队见面和谈话Needless to say, I canceled all my meetings and I jumped on a plane to Montgomery, Alabama.不用说 我取消了自己所有的会议直飞阿拉巴马的蒙哥马利When I got there, Bryan and his team picked me up, and we walked around the city.当我到达那里以后布赖恩和他的团队接我去参观了城市And they took the time to point out the many markers that have been placed all over the city to the history of the Confederacy,他们花了一番时间指出在全市所置放的很多关于南部联邦历史的标记and the very few that mark the history of slavery.没有几个标记是关于奴隶的And then he walked me to a hill.然后他把我带到一个山上It overlooked the whole city.在那里可以看到这座城市的全景He pointed out the river and the train tracks where the largest domestic slave-trading port in America had once prospered.他指向一条河和一些火车轨道 那是美国国内最大的奴隶交易港口 曾经很繁华And then to the Capitol rotunda, where George Wallace had stood on its steps and proclaimed, ;Segregation forever.;然后我们到了国会圆顶大厦乔治华莱士曾经站在它的阶梯上宣称“永远隔离”And then to the very hill below us.然后我们到了丘陵下面He said, ;Here we will build a new memorial that will change the identity of this city and of this nation.;他说 “我们会建立一个新的纪念馆这将改变这座城市和这个国家的面目Our two teams have worked together over the last year to design this memorial.我们两个团队去年在一起工作并设计了这个纪念馆The memorial will take us on a journey through a classical, almost familiar building type,这个纪念馆会带领我们走上一个旅途通过一个古典的几近熟悉的建筑类型like the Parthenon or the colonnade at the Vatican.像帕台农神庙或在梵蒂冈的柱廊But as we enter, the ground drops below us and our perception shifts,但当我们进入的时候地面下降,我们的视界更换了where we realize that these columns evoke the lynchings, which happened in the public square.我们意识到这些柱子唤起在公共广场发生的私刑And as we continue, we begin to understand the vast number of those who have yet to be put to rest.当我们继续的时候我们开始明白数目巨大的这一部分人已经置于安息Their names will be engraved on the markers that hang above us.他们的名字会刻在我们上面的这些标记And just outside will be a field of identical columns.而在外面 也会有相同的柱子But these are temporary columns, waiting in purgatory, to be placed in the very counties where these lynchings occurred.但这些是临时的 等候着今后几年Over the next few years, this site will bear witness,在那些私刑发生的区县尚在炼狱中的未明之人as each of these markers is claimed and visibly placed in those counties.就像每个标记宣称的在这些国家有目共睹的Our nation will begin to heal from over a century of silence.我们的国家将开始从世纪的沉默得到疗愈When we think about how it should be built, we were reminded of Ubudehe,当我们考虑怎样来建造它我们想起了“卢旺达人的愚公移山”the building process we learned about in Rwanda.我们开始了在卢旺达的那种建筑程序We wondered if we could fill those very columns with the soil from the sites of where these killings occurred.我们疑惑是否我们能够用私刑发生的当地的泥土来填充这些柱子Brian and his team have begun collecting that soil布莱恩和他的团队已经开始搜集了那些泥土and preserving it in individual jars with family members, community leaders and descendants.并且保存在瓶罐之中和他们的家庭成员 社区领袖和子孙后代们在一起The act of collecting soil itself has lead to a type of spiritual healing.搜集泥土的行为本身就带来了某种精神的疗愈It#39;s an act of restorative justice.这是某种回顾性的司法As one EJI team member noted in the collection of the soil from where Will McBride was lynched,就像一个Eji队员在 威尔 麦克布赖的私刑处的泥土搜集过程中记下来的;If Will McBride left one drop of sweat, one drop of blood, one hair follicle“如果威尔 麦克布赖德留下了一滴汗 一滴血 一根头发I pray that I dug it up, and that his whole body would be at peace.;我祈祷我会将它挖掘出来那么他的整个身体将会安息We plan to break ground on this memorial later this year,我们计划在今年后半年将纪念馆破土动工and it will be a place to finally speak of the unspeakable acts that have scarred this nation.它最终将成为一个为我们讲述那些使我们国家伤痕累累的不可诉说的行为的圣地When my father told me that day that this house our house had saved his life,我父亲对我说我们的房子拯救了他的生命那天what I didn#39;t know was that he was referring to a much deeper relationship between architecture and ourselves.我还没能体会到他指的是建筑和我们之间更加深的关系Buildings are not simply expressive sculptures.建筑不仅仅是一座表达性的雕像They make visible our personal and our collective aspirations as a society.它让我们个人和集体的愿望浮现于社会Great architecture can give us hope.好的建筑能够给予我们希望Great architecture can heal.好的建筑有治愈的效果Thank you very much.非常感谢大家 Article/201706/514355衢州牙科诊所哪家好

杭州武警医院瓷嵌体的费用TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201607/452212 Hi there my name is Valen and this is a lesson about common English expressions about money.大家好,我是Valen。今天,我们将学习跟钱有关的常用英语表达。So we#39;re going to talk about seven common English expressions that have to do with money. So the first one is ;loaded;.我们将学习7种与钱有关的常用英语表达。第一个词是“阔绰的”。So what the term ;loaded; means is to have a lot of money and we would use this expression in this way, here#39;s the set:“阔绰的”表示非常有钱,表达句型如下:My uncle is loaded so he always buys us awesome presents.我的叔叔出手阔绰,常给我们买一些很赞的礼物。So what that means is my uncle has a lot of money and he always buys us awesome presents.这句话是表示,我的叔叔很有钱,会经常给我们买很棒的礼物。The next expression is similar to loaded, is ;to make a killing;.下一个短语和“阔绰”相似,“赚了一大笔钱”。And what ;to make a killing; means is to make a lot of money, here#39;s how you can use it in a sentence.“To make a killing”,指赚了一大笔钱,句型可用如下。My sister made a killing working in the oil industry.在石油厂上班的赚了一大笔钱。So my sister made a lot of money when she was working in the oil industry. Pretty simple. Make a killing.我的在石油厂工作时,赚了一大笔钱。很简单的表达。赚了一大笔钱。;To make ends meet;, this means having enough money to pay your bills, to make ends meet. Let#39;s use it in a sentence.“收平衡”,这个是指有足够的钱付账单,能使收平衡。句中使用如下。I lost my job and I#39;m having a hard time making ends meet.我失业了,很难维持生计了。So what it means is you#39;re having a hard time covering all your expenses.这句话是指,很难维系你的所有费用。So, if you cannot make ends meet, that#39;s a problem, which means you cannot cover all your expenses and you cannot pay all your bills因此,如果你无法维系收平衡,那么你就无法维系你的出,无法付你的账单。The next expression is ;living hand-to-mouth;.下一个短语是“勉强糊口”。So what this means is spending money as soon as you make it, so you have no savings, you#39;re living from the money in your hand,是指刚挣钱就得用掉,因此,没有任何存款,spending it to the food in your mouth, so living hand-to-mouth. Here#39;s how we use it in the sentence.只够勉强糊口。在句子中用法如下。Since I lost my job, I#39;ve had to live hand-to-mouth.自失业以后,我只能勉强糊口。so what it means is since I lost my job, I#39;ve had to I spend my money as soon as I make it. It#39;s not a good thing to live hand-to-mouth,这句话是指,我失业了,刚挣来钱就得用掉。勉强糊口并不是好事,means you#39;re not saving money or using your savings. So since I lost my job, I#39;ve had to live hand-to-mouth.这意味着你存不到钱或者没有存款。因此,自失业以后,我只能勉强糊口。The next expression is ;to pay an arm and a leg for something;.下一个短语是“为...付出高价”。So if you pay an arm and a leg for something, it means it#39;s really expensive.如果你为某件东西付出高价,那么,这一定是一件非常贵重的物品。Here#39;s how we use it in a sentence.句中用法如下:My new car cost me an arm and a leg but I love it.虽然我花高价买下这辆车,但是我非常喜欢。So my new car was really expensive. How expensive, it cost me an arm and a leg, a lot of money.因此我的车非常昂贵。有多贵呢,我出了高价,花了非常多的钱。The next expression is ;to pinch pennies;.下一个短语是,“精打细算”。So a penny is a one-cent coin, um... and it doesn#39;t have a lot of value.便士是一分的硬币,不值钱。And pinching pennies means to be very thrifty, which means to be very careful about how you spend your money这个短语是指非常节约,花钱精打细算and maybe even to be cheap and the meaning of cheap is that you#39;re extremely careful in how you spend your money. So here#39;s how we would use it in a sentence.甚至对很便宜的东西也是如此。在句中用法如下。You might say my grandma is a penny pincher or you#39;d say my grandma pinches pennies, which means my grandma#39;s very careful about how she spends her money.可以说我的奶奶是个非常节俭的人或者说我的奶奶花钱精打细算,意思是说,我的奶奶花钱非常小心,精打细算。Okay, this last expression is a little bit different.最后一个短语稍有些不同。;Put in your two cents;. So instead is a penny but this doesn#39;t really have anything to do with money,“发表你的意见”。虽然美分与钱有关,但是这个短语却和钱没有关系。what this means is to give your opinion, so we can use it this way in a sentence.这个短语是指发表你的意见,在句子中用法如下。In my last meeting at work, I put in my two cents. So in my last meeting at work, I gave my opinion so I put in my two cents.在最后一场工作会议上,我发表了我的意见。也就是说,在最后一场工作会议上,我给出了我的观点。Okay, so in this lesson, we learned a bunch of common expressions that are used in English and there were all about money, so we learned在这堂课上,我们学到了一些与钱有关的英语常用短语,loaded, make the killing, make ends meet, living hand-to-mouth, to pay an arm and a leg for something, pinching pennies and put in your two cents.阔绰的、赚了一大笔钱、使收平衡、勉强糊口、为...付出高价、精打细算以及发表你的意见。You can take the quiz on www.engvid.com and test your knowledge on idioms about money.可以进入我们网站www.engvid.com做一下小测试哟。 Article/201707/515920杭州市第六人民医院看美白牙价格杭州哪家口腔科最好



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