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  • If you suffer from _iatrophobia_, a fear of physicians, these simple tips can help you realize a checkup isn#39;t so terrifying after all.如果你害怕医生,以下这些简单的建议可以帮助你意识到健康检查根本没有那么可怕。You Will Need你需要Partner伴侣Imagination想像Personal stories个人的故事Steps步骤While this is awesome, it didn#39;t go to medical school. Always consult your doctor for actual medical advice.尽管这段视频很精,然而并不是医学院专业出品。如果想要专业的治疗意见,一定要咨询医生。Step 1 Remember: hot docs and nurses!1.记住:医生和护士很热门The reason there are so many medical shows on TV is because doctors and nurses are hot! If making an appointment makes you queasy, just remember: Every checkup is a chance to check out the talent.电视上有那么多医疗节目的原因就是医生和和护士非常出色!如果跟医生预约让你感到有点紧张,记住:每次健康检查都是了解医生和护士的智慧的机会。Step 2 Expose yourself2.暴露自己Get comfortable with the concept by turning your home into an exam room. Disrobe and let your significant other examine your body thoroughly.把家变成检查室,让自己逐渐适应。脱掉衣,让另一半为你彻底检查身体。Step 3 Go to your happy place3.想像令你愉快的地方Actually make it to the exam room? Congratulations! Now picture yourself somewhere warm and comfortable. You’ll mentally overcome both your fear and the fact that you’re in a hospital gown.已经成功进入检查室?祝贺你!现在想像你自己置身于一个温暖舒适的地方。你将可以从思想上克你的恐惧和身穿病号的事实。Have a masseuse in your happy place. When the doctor touches you, it#39;ll seem like a pleasant rubdown.在你感到愉快的地方安排一位女师。当医生触碰你的时候,你可以想像成一次。Step 4 Humanize your doctor4.将医生人性化During your visit, tell your doctor some personal, non-medical details. In return, they may share some of their own life story. They#39;ll seem a lot less scary once you#39;ve heard about their bottle-cap collection.看医生期间,向医生讲述一些个人的,非医疗的故事细节。他们或许也会分享自己的生活经历。听着他们的故事,你可能不再觉得他们那么可怕。Don#39;t bring up golf. You want your doctor thinking about you, not the sand trap on the 15th hole.不要提起高尔夫球。你肯定希望你的医生想的是你,而不是打高尔夫球时的情景。Step 5 Talk it out5.说出来Simply talking about fears can lessen activity in the amygdala, a part of the brain that serves as an alarm against danger and triggers negative feelings. So go ahead -- open up!简单地把你的恐惧说出来可以放松扁桃腺的活动。扁桃腺是大脑的一部分,负责发送危险预警,触发消极感受。所以,坦白说出你的恐惧!Step 6 Make your grandma proud6.让你的祖母自豪Your grandmother always wanted you to marry a doctor -- think how happy she#39;ll be when you call and tell her you#39;re finally seeing one! Plus, the sooner you go in, the sooner you can leave with a lollipop!你的祖母可能一直希望你和医生结婚——想像一下,当你打电话告诉她你见到一位医生的时候她会多么开心!此外,进去的越快,离开的越快!In 2007, almost 18,000 students entered medical schools across the ed States.2007年,美国大约有18,000名学生进入医学院就读。视频听力译文由。 /201408/320053。
  • Reserve Game.预备队比赛。Newcastle ed V Queens Park Rangers.纽卡斯尔联队对女王公园巡游者。Come on!加油!You like him?你喜欢他?Yeah.是的。重点词汇:reserve game 预备队比赛例句:He can be available against Villa, in the cup or maybe in the reserve game.对维拉他有可能上场,杯赛或者预备队比赛也有可能。 Article/201405/303009。
  • Tough love has been used by therapists and parents to get results, so it seems only logical to bring the method into the workplace.治疗师和父母通常通过严格的爱来获得结果,所以,这种方法用于工作场合似乎也是符合逻辑的。You Will Need你需要High standards较高的标准Communication skills沟通技巧Limits限制Steps步骤STEP 1 Be firm1.坚定Stand your ground without being demanding or aggressive. Tough love is about getting results, but not at the cost of being emotional or difficult.不卑不亢地坚持自己的立场。严厉的爱是为了获得结果,但不是以情绪化或逼迫为代价来实现。STEP 2 Communicate the required behaviors2.就要求的行为进行沟通Make sure everyone at work understands the type of behaviors that are expected. In order to stress the tough portion of tough love, make sure they understand the consequences of not following these behaviors.确保工作中的每个人都能理解期望的行为模式。为了强调“严厉的爱”中严厉的部分,确保他们理解不遵守行为准则的后果。STEP 3 Hold everyone to the same standards3.统一标准Hold everyone at work to the same high expectations. Enforce the rules, and make sure everyone follows them.对工作中的每个人都抱有同样高的期望。执行规定,确保每个人都执行。STEP 4 Offer constructive criticism4.提供建设性的批评Offer constructive criticism that is honest and to the point. Don#39;t treat bad behavior as if it is no big deal. Make sure to praise good behavior.提供诚实而一针见血的建设性批评。不要把坏的行为不当回事。确保赞扬良好的行为。Be prepared to receive constructive criticism in return.做好准备接受别人的建设性批评。STEP 5 Set limits5.设定限制Set limits on unreasonable demands if you are an employee. Bosses are not the only ones who can administer tough love at work. Offer a compromise that is more beneficial when faced with an overwhelming workload.如果你是雇员,对不合理的要求设定限制。不仅仅老板可以在工作中严格管理。面临繁重的工作负担时,提出更加有益的折中方案。STEP 6 Make your word final6.自己拥有决定权If you are the boss, make it clear that you are open to hearing everyone#39;s opinions and that you welcome feedback, but that it#39;s up to you to make final decision. Don#39;t let your employees bully you into implementing ineffective policies.如果你是老板,明确表示你乐意听取每个人的建议,并欢迎大家反馈。但是最终的决定取决于你。不要让你的雇员在实行效率低下的政策时欺凌你。In a 2009 study, people who worried about losing their jobs had worse overall health than those who actually lost their jobs.在2009年的研究中,担心失业的人比已经失业的人整体健康状况更差。视频听力译文由。 Article/201409/327352。
  • Standing in the shower while brushing your teeth has its quaintness, but it can also be a hassle. Get creative with your petite bathroom and turn scrunched into spaciousness.在浴室中一边淋浴一边刷牙自有乐趣,但是也很麻烦。为你的袖珍型浴室注入创意,让拥挤化身宽敞。You Will Need你需要Cupboards橱柜Storage bins or cinch bags储存箱或便捷袋Cabinet or closet浴室柜或壁橱Shower shelf or caddy淋浴架或盒子Paint油漆Coffee tins (optional)咖啡罐(可选)Colored paper (optional)色纸(可选)Hot glue gun (optional)喷胶器(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Check your use of space1.查看可用空间Check your vanity for poorly appropriated space. If your home or apartment is lucky enough to have a vanity with cupboards,organize so you utilize the space well.查看狭小的空间中有多少是可用的。如果你的家或公寓很幸运地足够容纳橱柜,那就购买一个橱柜,最好地利用空间。Step 2 Get organized2.安排得当Get organized. Start collecting storage bins or creating cinch bags that match the decor in your bathroom. This way you can neatly and stylishly keep all of your barrettes, make-up, and other bathroom items together.一切安排有序。开始收集和浴室风格搭配的储物箱或便捷袋。这样就可以把发夹,化妆品和其他浴室用品有条理地放在一起。Be kind to the environment by recycling coffee tins and other containers -- paint them or cover them in decorative paper with hot glue to use as convenient storage bins.回收咖啡罐和其他容器,尽量做到环保——用油漆刷一下,或者用包装纸覆盖,用作便捷储物箱。Step 3 Hide bulky items3.隐藏笨重物品Get the big items like towels and baskets out of sight. Tuck them in a cabinet or a closet. Alternatively, put smaller, daily use items, like tooth brushes, toothpaste, and floss, close at hand -- on the sink or a small shelf nearby.把毛巾和篮子等体积较大的物品放在视线之外。将它们塞到柜子或壁橱中。而把较小的日常用到的物品,例如牙刷,牙膏,牙线等放在触手可及的地方——比如洗涤槽上方或附近的架子上。Step 4 Install a shower shelf4.安装浴室架Install a shower shelf or use an over-the-shower caddy to organize your body washes, hair products, and soaps. This will keep the edges of your bathtub free and clear.安装浴室架或者盒子,安放好沐浴露,洗发护发产品和香皂。这样可以让浴缸边缘干净整洁。Step 5 Redecorate5.重新装饰Redecorate completely to give the appearance of space. Paint the walls in cool colors and keep woodwork and counter tops within the same hue family. A single, vertical stripe gives the illuison of height.重新装饰浴室,打造宽敞的感觉。把墙壁涂成冷色调,木制品和柜台面涂成类似的颜色。竖条纹可以让人感觉比较高。The first hotel in America to have indoor plumbing was the Tremont Hotel in Boston. It was 1829 and a 26-year-old architect,Isaiah Rogers, wowed the country with this lavish addition to a luxury hotel.美国第一家安装室内管道工程的酒店是波士顿特里蒙特酒店。当时是1829年,26岁的建筑师Isaiah Rogers为这家豪华酒店增加了这种奢华的设备,震撼了全国。视频听力由。 Article/201401/273631。
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