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JD.com has challenged China ecommerce rival Alibaba with the launch of a cross-border platform designed to bring foreign brands to the Chinese middle class.中国电商集团京东(JD.com)向国内竞争对手阿里巴巴(Alibaba)发出挑战,推出了一个旨在为中国中产阶层带来国外品牌的跨境网购平台。The platform, JD Worldwide, highlights the eagerness of US groups to enter the ecommerce market in China, which is dominated by local participants.京东全球购(JD Worldwide)平台凸显了美国企业对进入由本土企业主导的中国电子商务市场的渴望。JD Worldwide enables international businesses to sell directly to China consumers without needing to establish a legal presence on the mainland, lowering the barriers to entry for brands.京东全球购使国际企业能够直接面向中国消费者进行销售,不需要在中国内地设立法律实体,降低了品牌准入的壁垒。The cross-border platform includes the launch of an eBay store that allows Chinese shoppers to buy goods from US eBay sellers.这一跨境网购平台包括了“eBay海外精选”频道的上线,可以让中国消费者向美国eBay卖家购买商品。US group eBay was an early leader in China’s ecommerce sector but has lost out to fierce competition from Alibaba, which dominates the local market.美国在线零售商eBay在中国电商行业发展初期处于领先地位,但在与阿里巴巴的激烈竞争中败下阵来,后者在中国市场占据了主导地位。The competition with eBay prompted Jack Ma, Alibaba’s chairman, to quip: “Ebay may be a shark in the ocean, but I am a crocodile in the Yangtze. If we fight in the ocean, we lose, but if we fight in the river, we win.”对于与eBay的竞争,阿里巴巴集团董事局主席马云(Jack Ma)曾诙谐地说:“eBay是海洋中的鲨鱼,而我们是长江中的扬子鳄。如果在海洋中对抗,我们将会失败。但如果在长江里对抗,我们将取得胜利。”Ebay’s strategy to get back into the Chinese market with the help of more established local brands such as JD.com follows last month’s move by Amazon to open a store on Alibaba’s Tmall sales website.Ebay借助京东这样的较成熟本土品牌重回中国市场并非首开先河,上月,亚马逊(Amazon)就入驻了阿里巴巴旗下的天猫商城(Tmall)。JD.com, backed by Alibaba arch-rival Tencent, said of yesterday’s platform launch: “Ebay’s channel on JD Worldwide will showcase a variety of top categories and popular brands.”京东得到阿里巴巴主要竞争对手腾讯(Tencent)的持。对于昨日平台上线,京东表示:“京东全球购平台的ebay频道将展示种类繁多的优质商品和流行品牌。”JD.com is the largest Amazon-like direct sales ecommerce seller in China, boasting its own distribution and logistics network, though Alibaba dominates the local industry intraffic numbers.京东是中国最大的类似亚马逊的直销电商,拥有独立的配送和物流网络,但在交易额上阿里巴巴是行业领军者。 /201504/370422There might be a ninth planet in the solar system after all, and it is not Pluto.太阳系或许还是拥有第九颗行星,不是冥王星。Two astronomers reported on Wednesday that they had compelling signs of something bigger and farther away — something that would satisfy the current definition of a planet, where Pluto falls short.两名天文学家于周三通报,他们发现了令人信的迹象,表明存在一颗更大、更遥远的天体——该星体将满足目前对行星的定义,而冥王星则不符合。“We are pretty sure there’s one out there,” said Michael E. Brown, a professor of planetary astronomy at the California Institute of Technology.“我们相当确定有那么一颗行星,”加州理工学院(California Institute of Technology)的行星天文学教授迈克尔·E·布朗(Michael E. Brown)说。What Dr. Brown and a fellow Caltech professor, Konstantin Batygin, have not done is actually find that planet, so it would be premature to start revising mnemonics of the planets.布朗士和他的同事康斯坦丁·巴蒂金(Konstantin Batygin)尚未真正找到那颗行星,所以现在修改行星名单还为时过早。In a paper published in The Astronomical Journal, Dr. Brown and Dr. Batygin lay out a detailed circumstantial argument for the planet’s existence in what astronomers have observed — a half-dozen small bodies in distant elliptical orbits.布朗和巴蒂金在《天文学杂志》(The Astronomical Journal)上联合发表了一篇论文,提出详细的旁,认为天文学家们观测到的现象——在遥远的椭圆轨道上运行的六个小天体——明了这颗行星的存在。What is striking, the scientists said, is that the orbits of all six loop outward in the same quadrant of the solar system and are tilted at about the same angle. The odds of that happening by chance are about 1 in 14,000, Dr. Batygin said.这两位科学家称,一个突出的现象是,这六个天体的轨道全部位于太阳系的同一象限内,并且倾斜角度大致一样。巴蒂金表示,这种情况纯属巧合的概率大约是1.4万分之一。A ninth planet could be gravitationally herding them into these orbits.可能有第九颗行星通过引力将这些天体拉入这样的轨道。For the calculations to work, the planet would be at least an equal to Earth, and most likely much bigger — perhaps a mini-Neptune with a mass about 10 times that of Earth. That would be 4,500 times the mass of Pluto.要想理论成立,这颗行星至少要和地球尺寸相当,很可能要大得多——大概相当于一颗小海王星,质量是地球的10倍、冥王星的4500倍。Pluto, at its most distant, is 4.6 billion miles from the sun. The potential ninth planet, at its closest, would be about 20 billion miles away; at its farthest, it could be 100 billion miles away. One trip around the sun would take 10,000 to 20,000 years.冥王星运行到远日点时,距离太阳46亿英里。这颗有望成为第九大行星的天体距离太阳最近时是200亿英里,最远时可能是1000亿英里。绕行太阳一周需要1万到2万年。“We have pretty good constraints on its orbit,” Dr. Brown said. “What we don’t know is where it is in its orbit, which is too bad.”“我们对它的轨道参数有了不少了解,”布朗说。“我们尚不知道的是它在轨道上的位置,这太糟糕了。”Alessandro Morbidelli of the d’Azur Observatory in France, an expert in dynamics of the solar system, said he was convinced. “I think the chase is now on to find this planet,” he said.法国蔚蓝海岸天文台( d’Azur Observatory)的太阳系动力学专家亚历山德罗·莫比德利(Alessandro Morbidelli)觉得可信。“我认为现在的目标是找到这颗行星,”他说。This would be the second time that Dr. Brown has upended the map of the solar system. In January 2005, he discovered a Pluto-size object, now known as Eris, in the Kuiper belt, the ring of icy debris beyond Neptune.如若实,这将是布朗第二次颠覆太阳系的图谱。2005年1月,他发现了一颗大小相当于冥王星的天体,位于海王星以外的充满冰结碎块的柯伊伯带(Kuiper Belt)。它如今命名为阋神星(Eris)。The next year, the International Astronomical Union placed Pluto in a new category, “dwarf planet,” because in its view, a full-fledged planet must be the gravitational bully of its orbit, and Pluto was not.第二年,国际天文学联合会(International Astronomical Union)就把冥王星归入名为“矮行星”的一个新类别,因为在该学会看来,一颗名副其实的行星必须能够清空轨道上的其他天体,而冥王星做不到这一点。The first indication of a hidden planet beyond Pluto had come a couple of years earlier. The Kuiper belt extends outward from Neptune’s orbit, about 2.8 billion miles from the sun, to a bit less than twice Neptune’s orbit, about five billion miles.在此之前两年,科学家就首次发现了冥王星以外可能存在隐藏行星的迹象。柯伊伯带从海王星的轨道向外延伸,一直到接近海王星轨道两倍的地方,也就是分布在距离太阳约28亿英里到50亿英里处。Astronomers expected that beyond lay mostly empty space.天文学家认为,那以外应当几乎空无一物。Thus they were surprised when Dr. Brown and two colleagues spotted a 600-mile-wide icy world at a distance of eight billion miles that remained well outside the Kuiper belt even at the closest point in its orbit.所以,当布朗和他的两名同事在80亿英里远的地方发现了一片直径600英里的冰雪世界时,科学家们颇为意外。就连该天体运行轨道的近日点也在柯伊伯带以外。No one could convincingly explain how the object, which Dr. Brown named Sedna, got there, and the hope was that the discovery of more Sedna-like worlds would provide enlightening clues.布朗把它命名为赛德娜(Sedna)。没有人能够对这颗天体为何出现在那里作出令人信的解释。科学家希望,将来发现更多的类似天体,从而提供能带来启发的线索。Instead, astronomers looked and found nothing, deepening the mystery.但事与愿违,天文学家的搜寻一无所获,让此事变得更加扑朔迷离。Finally, in 2014, Chadwick Trujillo, who had worked with Dr. Brown on the Sedna discovery, and Scott S. Sheppard, an astronomer at the Carnegie Institution for Science in Washington, reported a smaller object in a Sedna-like orbit, always remaining beyond the Kuiper belt.最后,2014年,曾和布朗共同发现赛德娜的查德威克·特鲁希略(Chadwick Trujillo)与位于华盛顿的卡内基科学研究所(Carnegie Institution for Science)的天文学家斯科特·S·谢泼德(Scott S. Sheppard)通报,发现了一颗较小的天体有着与赛德娜类似的轨道,一直运行在柯伊伯带以外。Dr. Trujillo and Dr. Sheppard noted that several Kuiper belt objects had similar orbital characteristics, and they laid out the possibility of a planet disturbing the orbits of these objects. “It was the best explanation we could come up with,” Dr. Trujillo said.特鲁希略和谢泼德注意到,柯伊伯带的几个天体有类似的轨道特征。他们提出了一种假设:有可能存在一颗行星,正是它影响了这些天体的轨道。“这是我们能想到的最佳解释了,”特鲁希略士说。But the particulars of their proposed planet did not explain what was in the sky, Dr. Brown said.不过,布朗称,他们提出的这颗行星的参数却无法解释太空中的现象。“The theorists didn’t really take it seriously,” he said. “They figured it was all some observational effect. The observers didn’t take it seriously, because they figured it was all some theoretical thing they couldn’t understand.”“理论领域的学者没当回事,”他说。“他们认为这都是某种观测效应。观测领域的学者也没当回事,因为他们认为这都是他们无法理解的某种理论。”Still, the peculiarities of the orbits appeared genuine.然而,它们轨道的特殊性看来是真实的。Dr. Brown said he and Dr. Batygin “sat down and beat our heads against the wall for the last two years.”布朗表示,他和巴蒂金“过去两年坐在那里,想破了脑袋。”First, they focused on the six objects in stable orbits and disregarded others that had been recently flung out by Neptune.他们开始把重点放在处于稳定轨道的六个小型星体上,不再考虑近期被海王星抛出的其他天体。That made the picture clearer.局面豁然开朗。“They all point into the same overall direction,” Dr. Batygin said. “This is in stark contrast with the rest of the Kuiper belt.”“他们都指向大致一样的方向,”巴蒂金说。“这和柯伊伯带的其他天体截然不同。”Besides the long odds of this alignment being coincidental, Dr. Batygin said, this pattern would disperse over time.且不说这种一致性纯属巧合的几率有多小,巴蒂金表示,这样的运行模式也本应随时间的流逝而消散。That argued for the force of some unseen body guiding Sedna and the others.他们认为,这是未曾发现的星体在吸引赛德娜和其他天体。Dr. Batygin, a theorist, tried placing a planet among them, which scattered some Kuiper belt objects, but the orbits were not sufficiently eccentric.作为理论天文学家,巴蒂金试图将一颗行星安放其中。这打散了柯伊伯带中的不少天体,但形成的椭圆轨道的离心率依然不够大。Then he examined what would happen if a ninth planet were looping outward in the opposite direction. That, Dr. Batygin said, gave “a beautiful match to the real data.”随后,他假设有第九大行星在相反方向向外绕行。巴蒂金表示,结果呈现出“与真实数据完美的匹配”。The computer simulations showed that the planet swept up the Kuiper belt objects and placed them only temporarily in the elliptical orbits. Come back in half a billion years, Dr. Brown said, and Sedna will be back in the Kuiper belt, while other Kuiper belt objects will have been pushed into elliptical orbits.计算机模拟显示,该行星将柯伊伯带的天体全部重新洗牌,只是暂时被安置在椭圆形轨道中。巴蒂金表示,五亿年后赛德娜会回到柯伊伯带,而其他天体也会被推入椭圆形轨道中。Another strange result in the simulations: A few Kuiper belt objects were knocked into orbits perpendicular to those of the planets. Dr. Brown remembered that five objects had been found in perpendicular orbits.模拟中另一奇怪的结果是:小部分柯伊伯带天体被撞向了与其他行星相垂直的轨道。根据巴蒂金回忆,在垂直轨道中发现了五个天体。“They’re exactly where we predicted them to be,” he said. “That’s when my jaw hit my floor. I think this is actually right.”“它们完全处在我们预测的位置上,”他称,“我惊得下巴都掉地了。我认为这应该是对的。”Dr. Morbidelli said a possible ninth planet could be the core of a gas giant that started forming during the infancy of the solar system; a close pass to Jupiter could have ejected it. Back then, the sun resided in a dense cluster of stars, and the gravitational jostling could have prevented the planet from escaping to interstellar space.莫比德利表示,可能存在的第九大行星,也许是一个气态巨行星的核心,自太阳系初期就开始形成;可能当它经过木星时被引力抛远了。当时的太阳处在密集的恒星群中,而引力的推挤可能阻止了这颗行星逃到星际空间。“I think they’re onto something real,” he said. “I would bet money. I would bet 10,000 bucks.”“我觉得他们这样下去有戏,”他说,“我敢打赌。我赌一万块。”Dr. Brown said he began searching for the planet a year ago, and he thought he would be able to find it within five years. Other astronomers will most likely also scan that swath of the night sky.巴蒂金称,他早在一年前就开始寻找这颗行星,他认为自己可以在五年内找到它。其他天文学家很有可能也会去搜索那一片夜空。If the planet exists, it would easily meet the definition of planet, Dr. Brown said.他说如果这颗行星真的存在,它应该能轻易吻合对行星的定义。“There are some truly dominant bodies in the solar system and they are pushing around everything else,” Dr. Brown said. “This is what we mean when we say planet.”“在太阳系有一些格外显要的星体,它们会肆意摆布其他一切天体,”巴蒂金说,“这就是我们说的‘行星’的意思。” /201601/424080

If you want a smartwatch to make travel easier, Apple Watch is hard to beat. But what about all those Android competitors? There are too many to list here, including models from Sony and Samsung. Still, after taking Apple Watch for a test run several weeks ago, I gave a few popular watches for Android users a whirl (one nimble contender, Pebble, is compatible with both Android and iOS devices).如果你想买块智能手表,让旅行变得更方便,苹果手表可能是最好的选择。不过,那些安卓竞争者呢?它们的种类太多了,无法在这里一一列举,包括索尼(Sony)和三星(Samsung)的多种款式。不过,几周前,我试用苹果手表之后,也试了试几款流行的安卓手表(其中一个灵活的竞争产品是Pebble,它既能在安卓系统使用,也能在苹果的iOS系统中使用)。Apple Watch, among the newest additions to the smartwatch market, raised the bar in terms of intuitiveness and elegant functionality. And its travel apps are perhaps the most useful to date. But of course, not everyone wants an Apple. Below, a look at three popular Android options, and the pros and cons for travelers.苹果手表是智能手表市场的最新产品之一,它提高了直觉性和优雅功能性的标准。它的旅行应用程序可能是目前最有用的。但话又说回来了,并非所有人都想要苹果产品。下面我研究了三款流行的安卓产品,并分析了各自的优劣。Pebble and Pebble TimePebble和Pebble TimeFrom for Pebble; 9 for TimePebble,99美元起;Time,199美元STYLE With its colorless display and retro push buttons on the side of the face — which, in an age of touch screens, is a refreshingly uncomplicated way to navigate — the boxy Pebble calls to mind the watch David Hasselhoff used to summon his talking car in “Knight Rider.” It doesn’t have a touch screen, and its “e-paper” display (it’s easy to in sunlight) isn’t as crisp as others. But you’re not buying this (or any smartwatch) for looks. Like Crocs, it’s about utility. Besides, the company’s second-generation watch, which is being rolled out as I type, is, well, cute. One model of the new Pebble Time, with a gleaming white silicone band and color display, has a sporty Swatch-like look made for summer.外观:四四方方的Pebble让人想起了《霹雳游侠》(Knight Rider)中大卫·哈塞尔霍夫(David Hasselhoff)召唤自己会说话的汽车时用的那块手表。它的显示屏不是色的,表盘旁边设有古董按钮。在触摸屏时代,这个按钮倒是清爽的简单操作方式。这款手表没有触摸屏,它的“电子纸”显示屏(在阳光下看得很清楚)不像其他手表那么明快。不过你买它(或任何智能手表)不是为了外观。像Crocs的鞋子一样,重要的是实用性。另外,该公司正推出的第二代手表I型(I type)比较好看。新Pebble Time的其中一款拥有闪亮的白色硅胶表带和色显示屏,外形像斯沃琪(Swatch)夏季运动款手表。TRAVEL APPS Unlike its competitors, Pebble can go days without charging. It’s also water-resistant. You can shower with it on or go surfing or swimming. However, the first generation can hold only eight apps at a time. On iOS you’ll find versions of some travel apps such as Yelp, but many standard apps are not available. There’s no Hotel Tonight or Expedia, for example. So I branched out and tried Toilet Finder, an app that alerted me to nearby bathrooms— or tried to.旅行应用程序:跟它的竞争对手不同,Pebble好几天都不用充电。它还防水。你能戴着它洗澡、冲浪或游泳。不过,第一代只能安装八个应用程序。在iOS系统中,你能找到一些旅行应用程序,比如Yelp,但是很多常见应用程序都没有。例如,没有Hotel Tonight和Expedia。所以我稍微扩大范围,试了试Toilet Finder,这个应用程序能提醒我附近有厕所。NAVIGATION If you want directions on your Pebble, you need to load an app. The most helpful iOS app I tried was PebbleNav, but you have to enter your destination on a companion app that lives on your phone. It’s only after doing this that Pebble comes to life with turn-by-turn directions. An added step, yes, though after setting it up you can put away your phone and just glance at the watch’s detailed turn-by-turn directions, something that’s missing from a number of competitors.导航:如果你想用Pebble指路,你需要下载一个应用程序。我试过的最有用的iOS应用程序是PebbleNav,但是你必须在手机的配套应用程序上输入目的地,然后Pebble才能激活,一步一步指路。是的,它是多了一个步骤,不过,设定好之后,你可以把手机收起来,只看手表上的详细指引就行——有好几个竞争对手的产品都没有这个功能。PROS An affordable watch for those who want to texts and see what’s nearby, especially households where there are both iOS and Android devices. It’s water-resistant, has a long battery life and is well-sized for small wrists.优点:这款手表价格实惠,适合那些想用手表看短信或了解附近设施的人,特别是家里既有iOS又有Android产品的人。它防水,电池使用时间长,非常适合手腕细的人。CONS Frequent fliers and road warriors who have come to rely on an arsenal of travel apps (and Google Maps) will miss them.缺点:经常旅行的人会想念他们已经非常依赖的各种旅行应用程序(和谷歌地图)。LG Watch Urbane (Android Wear)LG城市手表(LG Watch Urbane,适配安卓系统)About 0约350美元STYLE This watch may be chunky, and the stitched leather strap may be slightly stiff, but it looks like the real thing (that is until you start talking into it).外观:这款手表可能看起来有些笨重,它的缝制皮表带可能有点硬,但它看起来很智能(直到你开始对它讲话才会发现它也没那么智能)。TRAVEL APPS You primarily use this smartwatch by saying “O.K., Google” and then asking for directions to, say, a museum, or instructing the watch to send a text or an email or jot down a note. When I lifted my wrist and spoke aloud, “O.K., Google, how do you say ‘table for two’ in French?,” up popped the words: “table pour deux ‘table for two in French’ ” Neat. (Though this wasn’t quite so smooth when there was a lot of ambient noise and the watch couldn’t hear me.) As with all smartwatches, popular travel apps are pared down or must be used in conjunction with the phone. For instance, to call up an American Airlines boarding pass, the watch told me I first had to view it on my smartphone.旅行应用程序:这款智能手表的主要使用方法是,先说“好的,谷歌”,然后询问去往某个目的地(比如物馆)的路线,或者命令手表发短信、发邮件或记笔记。当我抬起手腕,大声说“好的,谷歌,怎么用法语说‘两人桌位’”时,手表上跳出这些字:“table pour deux (法语两人桌位)”。棒极了(不过,当周围噪音很大、手表听不清我讲话时就没这么顺畅了)。和所有的智能手表一样,很多热门旅行应用程序都不能用,或者必须和手机协同使用。例如,我命令手表显示美国航空公司(American Airlines)的登机牌,它告诉我,必须先在智能手机上查看。NAVIGATION Google Maps makes navigation on this watch among the best to be found on a wrist. Ask for directions and up pops an arrow indicating which direction to begin driving or walking, along with the number of miles you should keep heading in that direction.导航:谷歌地图让这款手表的导航成为你能在手腕上找到的最好的导航方式之一。你问路之后,手表上会跳出一个箭头,指示开始往哪个方向开车或行走,以及你要接着往那个方向走多少英里。PROS Good navigation, voice-activated search and the ability to send texts and emails from your wrist make this a handy digital companion on the road.优点:导航优良,能声控激活搜索,能发送短信和邮件,这些优点让它成为旅行途中的便捷数码伴侣。CONS Apps that many travelers have come to rely on are not functional enough to be useful solely on the watch. And transitioning between activities takes some getting used to.缺点:很多旅行者所依赖的应用程序不能在这款手表上单独使用。不同活动之间的切换需要时间适应。MOTO 360 (Android Wear)托罗拉360(MOTO 360,适配安卓系统)From 9.99149.99美元起STYLE The fat, round face of the Moto 360 felt as weighty as an antique pocket watch, though the oversize color touch-screen face makes for easier ing. And you can customize, choosing from several bands and faces with the company’s “Moto Maker” at motorola.com.外形:托罗拉360圆乎乎的表盘感觉像古董怀表一样沉重,不过它的超大色触摸屏更易查看。你能在motorola.com网站上通过该公司的Moto Maker选择自己喜欢的表带和表盘。TRAVEL APPS Like the LG Urbane, you talk to this smartwatch by saying “O.K., Google” and then making a request. When I asked it to send an email it instantly asked “To whom?” When I asked for directions to the nearest gas station, it brought up choices from Mobil and Exxon. You can load a travel app such as Orbitz, but tap the icon and, as with the Urbane, you’ll be directed to your phone to fully use it.旅行应用程序:和LG城市手表一样,你能对着这款智能手表说“好的,谷歌”,然后开始下命令。我让它发邮件时,它马上问道:“给谁发?”我询问最近的加油站时,它显示出美孚(Mobil)和埃克森(Exxon)的几家加油站。你能装载旅行应用程序,比如Orbitz,但是点击图标后,你会得到指示,需要搭配手机才能完全使用,这一点跟LG城市手表一样。NAVIGATION After asking the watch to navigate to Union Square, New York, it showed me an arrow and the direction to set out. More detailed directions, including a map with turn-by-turn voice directions, appeared on my phone. Even if I were just planning to use Google Maps on my phone, it was still faster to ask the watch and allow it to instantly display a map and fire up navigation.导航:我要求这款手表把我导航到纽约联合广场(Union Square),它显示出箭头和出发方向。更详细的导航出现在我的手机上,包括带有逐步声音导航的地图。尽管我本来就打算使用手机上的谷歌地图,但是询问手表、让它立刻显示出地图并开始导航,还是更快一些。PROS Good navigation and effective voice-activated search from a watch that’s less than half the price of the Urbane.优点:导航良好,声控激活搜索高效,价格不到LG城市智能手表的一半。CONS The travel apps are pared down; you’re better off using most of them on your phone.缺点:很多旅行应用程序不能使用;大部分程序在手机上使用更好。 /201506/379287

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