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I think there’s a number of key elements to good running form, and the first is not to overstride. Overstriding is when you stick your leg out in front of you, and you land with your… your foot in front of your knee, and really way in front of your hip. A lot of people think that they’re running hard when they do that. You know why? ‘Cause they are running hard! Because when you stick your leg out in front of you, you actually decelerate, from the time it takes the center of mass of your body to get over your foot. You’re actually losing energy.我认为一个良好的跑步方式有很多关键元素,而首要的就是不要跨太大步。跨太大步是当你将腿伸出到前方时,你是把你的… 把你的脚在膝盖前方着地,真的要在你的臀部前方很多。很多人觉得当他们这么做是在用力地跑步。你知道为什么吗?因为他们就是在用力地跑步!因为当你在将腿伸出到前方时,从你身体重心要赶上双脚所花费的时间来看,你其实是在减慢速度。事实上你正失去能量。The other thing that happens when you overstride is that when you stick your… your foot out in front of you and make your leg stiffer. And you have this… what’s called an impact peak and this shockwave travels up your body. But when you land without an overstride, you don’t have that jolt of force. And you’re much less likely to get injured, uh… It’s just a better way to run.当你跨太大步,另一件会发生的事情是,那时你将…将你的脚伸出到前方,并将腿打直。你会有着这…所谓的冲击峰,而这个冲击波会向上传递到你的身体。但是当你着地时没有跨太大步,你就没有那样猛震的力量。你不太可能会受伤,呃…它就是一个比较好的跑步方式。Another key element to running, is run with a… land with a pretty flat foot. I think most good runners tend to land on the ball of their foot. It just happens naturally. If you don’t stick your leg out in fron… front of you, you will not land hard on your heel. You’ll land on the ball of your foot or your mid-foot strike. But it’s a gentle landing.另外一个跑步的关键元素,是用一个…相当平坦的脚型来着地。我觉得大部份优秀的跑者倾向于用前脚掌着地。它就这么自然地发生了。若你不将腿伸到你的前…前方,你就不会用你的后脚跟用力地着地。你会用你的前脚掌或你的中脚掌着地。但它是个温和平稳的着地。Don’t lean. A lot of runners lean forward at the hips. That’s another… total evil. Be vertical from the hips up. If you can hear your feet, if your feet are landing really hard… If you are thumping as we call it in my lab, then you’re running poorly. That thump is the sound of the collision of your body with the ground. Running should be light and gentle and collision-free. So if you’re making a lot of noise, you’re running poorly.不要倾斜。很多跑者在臀部会向前倾。那是另一件…可怕的事情。从臀部以上要是垂直的。如果你能听到脚步声,如果你的脚很用力地着地…如果你像我们在实验室说的发出砰砰的重击声,那么你正是在笨拙地跑步。那重击声是你的身体与地面碰撞的声音。跑步应该是轻盈的、温和的、没有碰撞的。所以假如你发出很多杂音,你正是在笨拙地跑步。And then finally, the most important thing is if you’re learning to run properly, and if you haven’t been doing this for a long time, listen to pain. Don’t overdo it. Transition really slowly, gradually. Your body is not just designed for this instantly. If you transition to learning to run properly too fast, you are guaranteed to injure yourself. You have to adapt your body, right? You know, I think everybody can… can learn to run this way. Most people can learn to run this way, but you can’t do it overnight.紧接着最后,最重要的事情是,如果你正在学习正确地跑步,而假如你很长一段时间没有持续这样子做,请乖乖听疼痛的话。不要跑过量。非常慢地、一步步地转变。你的身体不是就为了马上做好这个而设计的。如果你太快就转换去学习正确地跑步,保你会弄伤自己。你必须适应你的身体,对吧?你知道,我认为每个人都能够…能够学习这样子跑步。大部份的人都可以学会这样子跑,但你不能一夜之间就做到。201305/241247

Step 1: You will need s: Metric US Imperial UK Imperial 7 tbsp olive oil frac12; red onion 2 medium garlic cloves 800 g canned chopped tomatoes 100 ml vegetable stock or water salt and freshly ground black pepper 1 knife 1 chopping board 1 wooden spoon 1 large frying pan Serves: 4 Preparation Time: 20 minutes Cooking Time: 25 minutes Step 2: OnionPut 7 tablespoons of olive oil into a pan over a low heat. While it is heating, slice the ends off the red onion, and peel the outer skins. Add the onion to the pan. Fry for 7 minutes, stirring occasionally to ensure that the pieces cook evenly. Cooking the onions for this long gives the sauce its sweetness. When cooked the onions should be translucent and golden.Step 3: GarlicPeel the 2 garlic cloves and add them whole to the pan. Cook for about a minute, taking care not to burn the garlic. Add 2 generous pinches of freshly ground black pepper and 3 generous pinches of saltStep 4: TomatoesPour in 800 grams of chopped tomatoes and stir. Use the spoon to break tomatoes down a little. You will also find that they naturally break down as they cook. Turn the heat up until the sauce begins to simmer. Then leave the sauce to cook for roughly 20 minutes. If it starts to burn add some water or vegetable stockStep 5: LiquidAdd the remaining 100 millilitres of water or vegetable stock to the pan and gently stir for about 2 minutes. The sauce should be thick and not watery so allow it to reduce down. This will concentrate the flavours. Now leave the sauce to reduce for 10 minutes. If you feel it has reduced too far and is likely to burn add a little more water. Don't be afraid to taste a little and add more salt or pepper if you think it needs it.Step 6: ServeThis sauce goes well with any type of pasta.201001/93914

How To Achieve Total Relaxation on HowcastEveryone suffers from stress, but stress can take a toll on our bodies and our minds. Take a minute to relax – stop and smell the roses.每个人都有压力,但是压力会影响到我们的身心和健康。花些时间来放松下——停下来,闻闻花香。Step 1: Meditate 静思Meditate. Find a quiet, relaxing place, sit with your back straight, close your eyes, and breathe deeply from your abdomen. Relax your muscles and relax your mind, focusing only on your breathing.Step 2: Get a massage 一下Get a relaxation massage. In contrast to a therapeutic massage, which is designed for pain or discomfort, a relaxation massage is intended strictly to relieve stress.Step 3: Practice yoga 练瑜伽Practice yoga. Enroll in a class or learn on your own. More than mere exercise, yoga intends to balance body, mind, and spirit through exercise, breathing, and meditation.Step 4: Consider acupuncture 尝试下针灸Consider acupuncture. Acupuncture has long been used to treat stress and tension headaches and has been known to be calming and relaxing as well.Step 5: Consider hypnosis 尝试下催眠Consider hypnotherapy. A hypnotherapist will induce a relaxed, meditative state and can introduce healing behaviors to alleviate stress in everyday life.Step 6: Try self-hypnosis 试试自我催眠Try self-hypnosis. Self-hypnosis helps you to relax your body and mind, causes stress hormones to dissipate, and distracts your mind from unpleasant thoughts. Many tools for self-hypnosis are available on the web.201110/156386

波音公司日前宣布期待已久的新787梦想飞机会进行首次试飞。If you fly, you know flying really isnt that fun. But airplane makers are building new planes they say will make flying more enjoyable. The newest is the 7-8-7 Dream liner which stopped by Washington DC. To give VIPs a tour, Phillip Yin jumped onboard to see what all the hype was about.There was a time when people traveled on airlines such as Pan Am in luxury and style. Today, things are a lot different. We call that economy class. The worlds biggest airplane makers, Boeing and Airbus, want to change that. The Airbus A380 entered service with Singapore Airlines as the biggest passenger plane in the world.Phillip Yin, Washington DC, said, ;Boeing developed the 787 Dream liner, which after several delays has finally gone into service. Airlines around the world have ordered 19 Dream liners, so far. The outside of one may not look a whole lot different from other aircraft, but take a look at the inside. They dont call it the Dream liner, for nothing.;Mike Sinnett, chief product engineer of Boeing, said, ;The air plane is the result.;Phillip Yin, Washington DC, said, ;The airlines that have been losing billions because of high cost of fuel, they’re betting on this plane behind me to help them save money. Boeing estimates that the all-composite exterior, and the latest fuel-efficient engine, will save up to 22% of operating costs.;But with the banking industry still in trouble, volatile oil markets and many parts of the world in recession. Can the airlines really succeed?Boeing predicts the world’s airlines will need 33,500 planes delivered by the year 2030.201205/182638

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