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在泉州医学高等专科学校附属人民医泉州假体隆胸哪家最好011 houses and apartment Beginner A: I like this apartment. Do you think we can afford the mortgage? B: yes. I think so. It’s not a very expensive apartment. It’s in the right area and it has everything that we are looking for. The rooms are quite large too. A: I love the balcony. We can sit outside and enjoy the sun in summer. We are on the 12th floor, so there’s very nice view from the balcony. B: the neighbourhood is nice too. There is a park nearby. A: yes, and there are many houses nearby. I like it that the neighbourhood isn’t full of apartment blocks. B: it’s a pity we can’t afford a house. A garden would be so nice. A: yes, it would. Don’t worry. There’s a lawn outside the building and there’s the park nearby. This place will be fine. B: the building is quite new and well constructed. I’m happy with the fittings too. A: yes, everything has been well designed. Intermediate A: so, tell me about you new house. How is it different to your old one? B: well, first of all, it’s much bigger. It has the same number of rooms, but each room is larger. We also have a larger garden, which our dog loves, of course! A: so, it’s a three-bedrooms detached house? B: yes. One bedroom is for my wife and i. there’s another for our daughter. My wife wants to use the third one as a guest room, but I’d like to make it into a study. Our daughter is also keen on making it a study, so that’s probably what will happen. A: what’s the kitchen like? I know both you and your wife like to cook. B: that’s one of the main reason we chose that particular house. The kitchen and dining room are together. It’s really large. A: are the rooms nice and bright? B: yes, they are. That’s very important to us. We like to live in a home with plenty of natural light. Each room has large windows. A: do you have a balcony? B: no, we don’t. we wish we had one. That’s the only thing we wanted, but don’t have. The area is very nice and the neighbours seem friendly. A: you’re right on the edge of the city, aren’t you? There can’t be much noise or traffic there. Is it easy to get into city centre? B: it’s a very quiet neighbourhood. There’s some traffic, but not much. It’s not very difficult to get to the city centre, but you must remember to turn left and right at the right places or you’ll get lost. So when are you going to drop by? Words Bungalow 平房 Garden Yard Garage Shed 小屋/货棚 Lawn Flower bed Rockery 假山 Ground/first floor Balcony Roof Steps Drive Flat/ apartment Fittings Phrases Detached house Semi-detached house Courtyard house Plenty of On the edge of Get lost /200704/12817南安市妇女儿童医院去痘印多少钱 VOA流行美语 77: CRITTER / MUG这是一个星期六的下午, Michael和李华比较放松,他们正在校园里散步。 李华会学到两个常用语:critter和mug。L: 今天天气真好,你看那个人在跟他的玩,那小白真好玩!M: Yes, he is a cute little critter.L: Critter是什么?Critter是的一个品种吗?M: No, a critter is just an animal, usually one that is relatively small and furry. The word is used a lot in the Southern part of the US.L: 噢,critter就是毛耸耸的小动物。那么,松鼠也可以说是个critter,对不对?M: Yes, squirrels are definitely critters. But you know a lot of people don't like squirrels. They think that they are dirty and look like rats with bushy tails.L: 还有人不喜欢松鼠的呀?怎么会说它们象老鼠呢!我觉得它们真可爱,看起来毛耸耸,软棉棉的。我最喜欢看它们用前面两条腿捧着一颗花生啃。哎哟,那样子真好玩!M: Well, I would not try to feed those little critters if I were you, they bite and can carry diseases.L: 不要喂它们吃东西?它们会咬人?嗨, 你站得远一点扔给它们不就行了吗?我倒是听说过它们会传染疾病,是要小心点。Michael, 那象耗子那样的小动物也能够叫做critters吗?M: Yes, those are critters, too. Speaking of which, did you hear that my roommate got a new-born sharpei?L: 你的室友养了一只刚出生的沙皮!那肯定很好玩。M: I don't think so. As far as I'm concerned, that little critter looks ugly.L: 你觉得沙皮难看啊?不少人家里养沙皮都觉得它们可爱。我还没有见过刚出生的沙皮呢!Michael, 你带我去看一看,好不好吗?M: You want to take a look at that ugly critter? Ok, we'll go.******M: Look, Li Hua, here is my roommate's sharpei. Look at that furry mug. He looks like he should be friendly.L: 哟,这就是你室友的沙皮呀!好可爱哟!Michael, 你说什么furry mug?Mug不是用来喝咖啡或喝茶的杯子吗?沙皮和mug有什么关系呀?M: No, not a coffee mug. Mug is slang for a face, usually an ugly one. His little mug is his face.L: 噢,在这里,mug不是指杯子的意思,而是指一张脸,而且往往是指难看的脸。我觉得这只的脸挺可爱的。Michael, 我能不能摸摸它啊?M: Go ahead, but I'm sure he'll bite you.L: 它会咬我?那就算了,我就看看它吧。哎,Michael, 我们能不能把人的脸称为mug呢?M: Of course. For example, my brother has a really ugly mug.L: 你弟弟的脸很难看? 哎哟,Michael, 你怎么能这么说啊?再说,你弟弟的脸没准跟你的脸很象啊!M: I was just trying to give you an example. I don't really think my brother has an ugly face.L: 哎哟,你真是的,要给我举例子也得找个适当的例子嘛。怎么能拿你弟弟来举例子,破坏他的形象呢?对了,我还得弄弄清楚,mug一般是指难看的脸,是贬意,对不对?M: Yeah, we usually don't say a person has a pretty mug. But, if you like the look of that dog, you can say: "Oh, what a cute mug this little dog has!"L: 噢,你的意思是,可以用mug这个词来指一个动物的脸很可爱,但是不能用来形容人的脸。M: That's right.今天李华学会说critter。这是指毛耸耸的小动物。今天她还学会一个词,那就是mug。Mug在这里是指动物和人的脸,一般是指难看的脸。 /200602/3152VOA流行美语 65: TO FORK STH. OVER / GET OVER STH.今天Michael和李华在打台球。从Michael的谈话中,李华学到两个常用语: to fork something over和to get over something.L: (sound of pool balls clicking) 嗨,别进去,别进去呀! 啊呀,我怎么又输了这关键的球呢!这下好了...M: That's too bad, Li Hua. Looks like you owe me five dollars. Come on, fork it over!L: 对,我们赌了五块钱,输了就给你,有什么了不起。可什么是fork it over?M: To fork something over means to pay or give something, usually money. You lost a 5 dollar bet, so you need to fork over five dollars!L: 噢,to fork it over原来就是付钱,或者给什么东西。Michael,你再举个例子,好不好?M: Before I left China, I bought a lot of souvenirs. At the train station, a worker told me that my bags were too heavy, and I was made to pay a fine. I had to fork over 80 yuan, 八十块!L: 行李太重就被罚了八十块人民币!可能是坑你是外国人吧!嗨,你本来就不该买那么多礼品。而且你买的都不是什么好东西,瞧那条石头雕的龙,真难看!M: Hey, I forked over 350 yuan for that statue! Don't make fun of it!L: You forked over 350 yuan for that thing? 出350块买那条龙呀?老天爷,Michael, 那玩意儿恐怕还不值50块人民币呢。M: Well, anyway, you need to fork over my 5 dollars now, please.L: 你那么着急要我给你五块钱干嘛?M: Go over to the bar and get us some beers. My treat!L: 要我拿那五块钱去买啤酒,还算你请客!Macheal, 你真好意思呐!******L: 我刚才怎么会又输给你呢,真是难以相信。真倒霉!M: Please, Li Hua, its a game of pool. Get over it!L: Get what? 你说什么?Get-over-it?M: I said "get over it". To get over something means to stop feeling bad about something, to forget about something bad.L: To get over it就是不要为了某件事老感到难受,要把它忘掉。你的意思是要我忘掉我输给你五块钱?M: Well, you don't need to completely forget about losing -- but just don't let the fact that you lost bother you. Get over it!L: 对,完全忘掉恐怕是不行,但是别老放在心里。 Michael, 我是跟你开玩笑的啦。不过,to get over it这个说法好像很有用,再给我举个例子吧。M: My aunt's husband was killed in the Vietnam war. She never completely got over his death. She sometimes talks about him as if he were still alive.L: 你姨夫在越南战争里被打死已经那么久了,你阿姨到现在有时还以为他还活着。我听了都感到难受,你别举这么伤心的例子好吗?M: Ok, let me see -- when I was eight, I had a puppy. I really loved that dog! But the dog got sick, and never got over the illness.L: 哟,你八岁时候养的小后来病死啦!Michael! 我最心痛这种小动物了,我都快要哭了。M: Li Hua, please! Don't cry . That was years ago! Besides, it wasn't even your dog.L: 说的也是,那么多年前的事了,而且也不是我的。可能我喝酒喝太多了。M: Hey, you'd better finish that! I forked over five dollars for these beers!今天李华学到两个常用语,一个是:to fork it over, 意思是给什么东西,或付钱。另一个是:to get over it, 意思是忘掉不愉快的事情。 /200602/3140永春县激光祛痘脱毛多少钱

石狮鼻翼缩小整容我的侄女是个很天真的孩子。【口语要素1】she is naive.现在她刚刚15岁,还不懂得什么是爱情,所以对很多男生的暗示一般不会有什么反映。【口语要素2】She does not take hints well.有人说不会吧,现在的15岁的孩子可是什么都懂了,不过我认为这才叫天真嘛!【口语要素3】Do you know how naive she sounds?不过要提醒女孩子们,现在就是有人利用这一点,骗取她们的感情。你看这里就有一个人,提醒你:【口语要素4】Be careful! He is up to no good.所以女孩子还是早点成熟起来的好。【口语要素5】Don’t be a babe in the woods. /200604/6703在泉州做整形美容优惠活动 Even though she has never seen ;Game of Thrones,; primarily because we are not the worst parents who ever lived.即使她未曾看过《权利的游戏》,主要是因为我们并不是最糟的父母。But she knows theres someone called the Mother of Dragons, and she calls herself that and she loves it.但她知道有人叫做龙母,她也自称龙母并怡然自得。Shes a huge comic book fan. Right now, her favorite character is Groot.她是个大大的漫画爱好者。现在,她最喜欢的角色是格鲁特。She loves Groot. She adores The Incredible Hulk.她喜欢格鲁特。她崇拜绿巨人浩克。But my daughter really at heart, her thing is Star Wars. My kid is a Jedi.但是在我女儿的内心中,星球大战才是她的最爱。我的孩子是个绝地武士。Although some days shes also a Sith, which is a choice that I can respect.尽管有时她也扮成西斯,是个令我敬佩的选择。But heres the question that I have to ask.但是我一直有个困惑,Why is it that when my daughter dresses up, whether its Groot or The Incredible Hulk,为什么当我的女儿想要换装打扮时,无论是格鲁特还是绿巨人,whether its Obi-Wan Kenobi or Darth Maul, why is every character she dresses up as a boy?无论是欧比旺·克诺比还是达斯·尔,为什么她饰演的都是男性角色?And where are all the female superheroes?女性超级英雄都去哪了?And that is not actually the question, because theres plenty of female superheroes.这么问并不确切,因为世界上有很多女性英雄。My question really is, where is all the female superhero stuff?事实上,我的问题是,所有女英雄的周边产品都哪儿去了?Because every day when my daughter plays when she dresses up, shes learning stuff因为当我的女儿每天换装扮演时,她都在学习,through a process that, in my own line of work, as a professor of media studies, we refer to as public pedagogy.在我自己的本职工作中,作为一个媒体分析领域的教授,我们把这个过程称为公共教育学。That is, it is how societies are taught ideologies.也就是说,这关于社会如何被赋予意识形态。Its how you learned what it meant to be a man or a woman,它让你懂得作为一名男性或女性的意义,what it meant to behave yourself in public, what it meant to be a patriot and have good manners.在公共场合自我表现的意义,成为一个忠心耿耿又彬彬有礼的人的意义。Its all the constituent social relations that make us up as a people.就是这些所有的社会关系组成了我们大家。201705/507738安溪县去除眉间纹手术多少钱

泉州胸部整形要多少钱第44课I could sure use a drink. 我想喝杯酒。45.饮酒物语 在酒吧,借酒消愁,暂时麻痹一下自己 158. I could sure use a drink. 我想喝杯酒。(是通常意义上的酒精饮料) 159. Make it a double. 我要双份的。(我要双份酒) 160. Let''s have one more for the road. 再喝一杯,咱们就回家吧。(让我们在酒吧里再最后喝一杯酒,然后我们就回家) 相关专题:洋话连篇视频教学 /200601/2951 Dear People of Europe,亲爱的欧洲民众,Children, women, fathers and brothers just want to live.这些儿童,妇女,父老,兄弟们只是想要生存。Now they are fleeing from their home and countries, you call them refugees. They are humiliated in Europe.如今,他们逃离了自己的家乡和祖国,被你们冠以”难民“之名。这些难民在欧洲受到羞辱。Children, instead of drawing sweet childhood memories, are drawing the cold of winter, lack of water and food, disease and standing in the camp’s long queues.孩子们的童年不再美好,他们没有饮水和食物,饱受疾病的困扰,寒冬瑟瑟却只能站在难民营外一望无际的队伍里。This will put the history of the 21st Century to shame.这一幕将成为21世纪历史篇章中屈辱的一笔。译文为翻译,未经授权!201706/513703福建省泉州丰泽区哪里祛斑好丰泽区人民医院医院



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