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盐城包皮手术哪家做的好大丰市人流专家From the first time I saw refugees I saw them in front of me, not in the television.我第一次见到难民,他们就活生生的在我眼前,而不是在电视里。Its a huge difference.两者之间差别很大。I never forget that I could have been in their position.我知道我的处境也可能和他们一样。You could see many people using their phones 24 hours per day trying to connect.你会看到很多人一天24小时都在试图用手机尝试联系。Everyone understood that Wi-Fi was so important in the camps to get a channel of communication with their relatives大家都明白无线网络在营区是非常重要的,可以与亲人交流,to say hello, that Im here, Im alive, I need help.可以向他们问好并告诉他们,我在这里,我还活着,我需要帮助。Thousands of people arrived there and the original camp expanded five times.数以千计的人抵达那里,最初的营区已经扩张了五倍。We were there to help, to install Wi-Fi everywhere.我们在那里提供帮助,给各处安装无线网络。In almost every deployment there were people from Google.几乎每一种岗位上都有来自谷歌的人。We do have a lot of people with an engineering mindset, and a lot of people want to help.我们确实有很多人都有工程意识,很多都想要去提供帮助。And this is one of those things that Ilias can do in about two, three minutes这种事情伊利亚斯只需要两三分钟,and so far Ive been on it for about 15.而到目前为止我已经花了15分钟了。But Im gonna get it eventually - We started expanding the connectivity to 60 camps all around Greece.但是我最终会完成的——我们开始给希腊的60多个营区接入网络。- This is an antenna thats going to beam it down to the school down there.这是一个天线,它的信号可以发送到那边的学校。We are trying to take care of the needs of the refugees我们尽力关照到难民的需求,and we are trying to give them the best life that we can offer them.并且尽可能的给予他们最好的生活。The fact they have Internet help them to believe for something else and that was something amazing.拥有网络的事实可以帮助他们相信一些其他的事情,那太令人惊奇了。- I feel pretty good about being able to give people connectivity我觉得能给人们建立这种连通性是很棒的,but its a little more special when its people that you know really need it.但是当你知道人们真正需要它的时候,这种感觉就更特别了。- It reminds them that there is another world. They are not alone.它提醒人们,还有另外一个世界,他们并不孤单。201706/515306盐城/哪家治疗妇科病的医院 TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201612/480348盐城/市第六人民医院治疗睾丸炎多少钱

盐城/中医治疗不孕不育原味人文风情:How to Create a Candy Thanksgiving如何打造一个糖果感恩节We gotta have a turkey for the centerpiece, and I know we have one. I dont think weve ever used it. Heres our fake-our fake fruit box. Yes! Ive forgotten about this thing. My idea is to turn this into a gummy turkey. Im gonna send it off to all the guys that make our giant gummy bears and gummy worms...see if we can turn this into a gummy turkey.我们一定要有只火鸡当餐桌中央的装饰品,我知道我们有一只。我不认为我们有用过它。这是我们的假--我们的假水果盒。好耶!我都忘记这玩意了。我的想法是把这变成一只软糖火鸡。我要把它寄给帮我们做超大小熊软糖和巨虫软糖的那些人...看看我们能不能把这变一只软糖火鸡。Im making a sweet potato casserole with Just Cereal Marshmallows.我正在用棉花糖谷片做地瓜砂锅。Thats some tasty-looking green jelly bean casserole. This is the VAT19 Thanksgiving stuffing. Three-quarters of a jar of Brownie Crisps, Cupcake Cookies, and regular Nams Bits-the chocolate chip ones-all mixed in with some caramel.那是一些看起来很好吃的软糖青豆砂锅。这是 VAT19 版的感恩节馅料。四分之三罐的布朗尼脆饼、杯子蛋糕饼干,还有普通的 Nams Bits 饼干--巧克力碎片口味--全用一些焦糖拌在一块。The sweets are prepared. The table is set. So lets bring in the VAT19 family and begin the feast.甜食准备好了。餐桌摆好了。那我们请 VAT19 家族进来,然后让宴会开始吧。Gummy Turkey: 25,625 calories软糖火鸡:25,625 卡Green Jelly Bean Casserole: 3,055 calories软糖青豆砂锅:3,055 卡Nams Bits Stuffing: 4,470 caloriesNams Bit 馅料:4,470 卡Cereal Marshmallow Casserole: 2,959 calories棉花糖谷片砂锅:2,959 卡Gravy Bubbles: 80 calories肉汁泡泡:80 卡Corn on the Cobsicle: 35 calories玉米棒冰:35 卡Gummy Cranberry ;Sauce;: 2,000 calories软糖蔓越莓「酱」:2,000 卡I heard that the Native Americans actually introduced gummy to the Pilgrims in the first Thanksgiving.我听说美国原住民其实在第一个感恩节时把软糖介绍给清教徒。That sounds wrong.那听起来不太对。Whiskey Pecans: 1,440 calories威士忌核桃:1,440 卡Pumpkin Pie Soda: 170 calories南瓜派汽水:170 卡Pumpkin Pie Lollipops: 540 calories南瓜派棒棒糖:540 卡Cheers!干杯!Should we go around the table and talk about what were thankful for?我们要不要整桌轮流然后说说我们感谢什么?Yeah.好啊。VAT19.comVAT19.comCheck out the featured products in this .看看这影片中的特色产品。If you wanna see us pig out on spice, check out this . And if you want a little more gummy, check out this one. And subscribe to VAT19 and share this with your friends and family. It is Thanksgiving after all.如果你想看我们大口吃辛香料,瞧瞧这部影片。如果你想要多一点软糖,看看这部。订阅 VAT19 频道然后和亲朋好友分享这部影片。毕竟这是感恩节。201702/490832盐城/不孕不育那家医院最好 栏目简介:The city received about 40 percent more rain than usual in May, and the wet weather will continue this week. Yuan Chenyue tells us more.201706/510998盐城市治疗睾丸炎哪家医院最好的

江苏省盐城/市协和医院宫颈糜烂多少钱I am thinking of an animal.我正在想一个动物Its black and white, furry, and kind of like a Teddy bear.它黑白相间 毛茸茸的 有点像泰迪熊You are right, Squeaks. Its a panda.Squeaks 你猜对了 它就是熊猫Kids all over the world have heard of pandas, but have you ever seen one?全世界的孩子都听说过熊猫 但你见过吗?If you are lucky, you may have seen one in the zoo.你可能有幸在动物园看到过But I am pretty sure, you never come across one just walking around.但我肯定 你不会随随便便在大街上就能碰上熊猫Thats because pandas are very rare.那是因为熊猫相当稀有And we can learn a lot from them about what all kinds of animals need to survive in the wild.我们能从它们身上了解到很多动物们野外生存的需求The animals you and I know as pandas are actually called ; Gaint Panda;.我们所知的熊猫,其学名实际上是;大熊猫;And they are bears, in the same family as brown and black bears.大熊猫属于熊科 与棕熊和黑熊属于同一科And pandas like all animals need certain things to live,大熊猫与其他动物一样需要在特定的条件下生存like food, water and a place to sleep and be safe.如食物、水以及用于休息且安全的场所We call the place where an animal has all of these things that needs to live, its ;habitat;.我们把满足动物所有生存条件的地方称为;栖息地;The place where you live is your habitat.你生活的地方就是你的栖息地But lets find out what a pandas habitat looks like.那让我们看看熊猫的栖息地是什么样子All pandas that live in the wild ,that is, they are in zoos,所有生活在野外,也就是动物园的熊猫,can be found in the mountains of China都来自于中国大山深处The weather there is cool and wet, and the forests in these mountains make up the pandas habitat.那里气候湿冷 深山中的森林成了熊猫的栖息地Pandas make their homes called dens in places like the stumps of trees or inside big hollow logs.熊猫把窝筑在树桩上或者中空的树洞里So these mountain forests give pandas a place to sleep and be safe.所以这些山林给熊猫提供了栖息地和安全感But the habitat also needs to provide food for the animals that live there.但是栖息地也要为生活在这里的动物们提供食物And the pandas favorite food, by far, is a plant called ;bamboo;.目前 熊猫最喜欢的食物是竹子Pandas eat a lot of bamboo and quickly.熊猫的食量很大而且进食迅速They have to eat a lot to get as big as they do.为了保持庞大的体型 他们必须吃很多But the problem with the pandas diet is they dont eat much else.但熊猫的饮食问题是 他们不太吃竹子之外的食物The fact is they are very picky eaters.事实上,它们很挑食!So a pandas habitat has to have a lot of bamboo growing in it.所以熊猫的栖息地必须有很多竹子Luckily, the cool wet forest of China are a great place for growing bamboo.幸运的是 中国的湿冷森林适宜竹子生长All and all, these forests are the perfect habitats for pandas.总之 这些山林是大熊猫的完美栖息地But, there is a problem. The pandas habitat is getting smaller.但问题是 熊猫的栖息地正在不断缩小A long time ago, there used to be a lot of mountain forests for the bears to live in.很久以前 有大片适于熊猫生活的山林But people started to cut down a lot of forests to make room for buildings, and to use the wood for fuel.但是人们开始砍树造房 烧柴生火As they did this, the pandas habitat got smaller, and separated into pieces.长此以往 熊猫的栖息地变得越来越小并且越来越分散了Pandas started to have problems finding enough food to eat, and safe places to have their babies.熊猫们开始找不到足够的食物了 也没有安全的巢穴照顾宝宝了And as their habitat got smaller, so did the number of pandas.随着栖息地越来越小 熊猫的数量也越来越少So today there are far fewer pandas than there were a long time ago.所以 现在熊猫的数量远少于之前Scientists think there are fewer than 2,000 pandas living in the wild today.科学家们估计 现在野生大熊猫的总数不到2000只But there is a good news.但也有个好消息Once people learned that pandas were in trouble, they started to do things to help them.人们意识到了熊猫们的困境 开始行动起来帮助它们了People are not allowed to cut down trees in the pandas habitat any more.比如禁止人们在熊猫栖息地伐木And scientists and volunteers have planted bamboo in trees to try to make the pandas habitat bigger again.科学家和志愿者开始在树林中种竹子 试图扩大熊猫的栖息地Its hard work, but lots of people are trying to solve the problem.虽然这是一项艰巨的任务 但是很多人都在努力解决这个问题So pandas are aly famous for being cute and kindly,尽管熊猫因为可爱和亲切而声名大噪but there also a great example of how all animals need a healthy habitat in order to survive.但是 也给了我们一个警示 动物们需要一个健康的栖息地来生存Anyhow, sometimes we can help protect for them.无论如何 我们都帮助保护它们Thanks for joining us on Scishow Kids.谢谢观看本期儿童科学秀节目Is there an animal that you like to learn more about?你有想了解的动物吗?If you have a question about the world around you,如果对于周围的世界存有疑惑grab a grownup and ask them to help you leave a comment down below,让大人在下方留言or send us an e-mail to kids@scishow.com.或者发电子邮件到kids@scishow.comThanks, Ill see you next time, here at the fort.下次再见!201706/513724 盐城/看男科那里最好盐城/迎宾外科医院看妇科好不好



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