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微软和领英在一起,相爱相长? -- ::6 来源:sohu 领英首席执行总裁杰夫;韦纳(左) 微软首席执行总裁萨蒂亚;纳德拉(中) 领英联合创始人兼董事长雷德;霍夫曼(右) [Photo: Microsoft] 6月日,电脑软件巨头微软公司宣布将以6亿美元收购职业社交网站领英公司,以求共同获得新的发展机遇 Computer software giant Microsoft Corporation announced on June th, that it will acquire business-oriented social networking service LinkedIn Corporation 6. billion U.S. dollars, to seek new growth opporties its business productivity tools. 微软是世界最大个人电脑软件巨头之一,现在是跨国科技公司双方达成最终协议,微软公司将以每股196美元的价格收购领英公司,交易将于年完成 Under a definitive agreement, Microsoft, once the world's No. 1 software giant personal computer (PC) and now a multinational technology company, headquartered in Redmond, Washington, will buy LinkedIn, based in Mountain View, Calinia, 196 dollars per share in cash and the transaction is expected to close in . 微软首席执行总裁萨蒂亚;纳德拉称,这次是他自年年初出任首席执行总裁以来最大的交易,并将世界领先的专业云技术和世界领先的职业社交网络结合在一起 In Microsoft Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Satya Nadella's words, the deal, the biggest since he assumed the position in early , is to bring together the world's leading professional cloud with the world's leading professional network. 微软首席执行总裁萨蒂亚;纳德拉 微软将个人电脑应用Office应用程序套装运用到Office 365的云务中,并拥有亿用户;领英作为社交网站拥有亿职场用户微软发现了与领英共同发展的逻辑链条:纳德拉通过邮件向员工解释,“我们追求着相同的目标,连接用户和企业随着Office 365和Dynamics的新发展,这次交易是改变生产和业务流程的关键” Microsoft, which has moved its Office application suite from a set of PC productivity tools to a cloud service known as Office 365 and now has 1. billion users, finds a connection with LinkedIn, which runs an online network connecting more than 00 million professionals worldwide. ;We are in pursuit of a common mission centered on empowering people and organizations,; Nadella explained in an email to employees. ;Along with the new growth in our Office 365 commercial and Dynamics businesses, this deal is key to our bold ambition to reinvent productivity and business processes.; 微软Dynamics为企业提供了整合生产的解决方案纳德拉表示,当人们在寻找工作、培训技能、销售、交易、完成工作时,他们需要相关专业人员的信息,这些都可以在领英公共网站的Office 365和Dynamics上找到 Microsoft Dynamics offers businesses an integrated productivity solution. Nadella said when people find jobs, build skills, sell, market and get work done, they need a connected professional world which brings together a professional's inmation in LinkedIn's public network with the inmation in Office 365 and Dynamics. 微软列出了关于领英去年发展的一系列数据: -用户数量比去年增长了19%,增长至.33亿用户 -平均每月访问用户数量比去年增长了9%,增长至1.亿访问用户 -移动客户端访问比例比去年增长了9%,增长至60% -季度会员页面访问比去年增长了%,增长至50亿 -工作数量比去年增长了1%,增长至7百万 About LinkedIn's growth and strength, Microsoft listed a number of parameters registered in the past year: -- 19 percent growth year over year (YOY) to more than 33 million members worldwide; -- 9 percent growth YOY to more than 1 million unique visiting members per month; -- 9 percent growth YOY to 60 percent mobile usage; -- percent growth YOY to more than 5 billion quarterly member page views; -- 1 percent growth YOY to more than 7 million active job listings. 纳德拉表示,“领英已经成为了专注于求职方面的大型企业” ;The LinkedIn team has grown a fantastic business centered on connecting the world's professionals,; Nadella said. 领英联合创始人兼董事长雷德;霍夫曼 微软公司由比尔;盖茨和保罗;阿伦创立于1975年许多年过去了,微软公司仍在电脑操作系统市场占主导地位,世纪80年代中期的硬盘操作系统和世纪90年代中期至今的Windows系统然而,随着世界移动设备的发展和个人电脑市场的全面缩水,微软努力地顺应形势年微软公司的利润高达935.8亿美元 Microsoft was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1975. Over years, it has been dominating the PC operation system market, with DOS in the mid-1980s and Windows since mid-1990s. However, as the world goes mobile and PC market shrinks worldwide, Microsoft has been working hard to catch up the trend and keep itself relevant. It reported 93.58 billion dollars in revenue in . 领英公司创立于年年领英公司9.9亿美元的利润大部分来源于将用户非隐私信息卖给招聘人员和专业销售人员 Linkedin was founded in . As of , most of the company's revenue, reportedly .99 billion dollars, came from selling access to inmation about its users to recruiters and sales professionals. 领英和微软的董事会通过了双方的协议作为协议的一部分,杰夫;韦纳将继续担任领英的首席执行总裁并直接向纳德拉报告,同时领英也将保持自己的商标、文化和独立性 The transaction between the two has been approved by the boards of directors of both LinkedIn and Microsoft. As part of the deal, Jeff Weiner will remain CEO of LinkedIn and report to Nadella, while LinkedIn will retain its brand, culture and independence. “我们改变了全世界的求职方式这次并购使微软的云技术和领英社交网站相结合,让我们有机会改变世界运作的方式,”韦纳表示,“在过去的年中,我们在求职市场占据了独一无二的地位,使求职者更成功现在,我期望带领着我们的团队开启故事的新篇章” ;Just as we have changed the way the world connects to opporty, this relationship with Microsoft, and the combination of their cloud and LinkedIn's network, now gives us a chance to also change the way the world works,; Weiner said. ; the last years, we've been uniquely positioned to connect professionals to make them more productive and successful, and I'm looking ward to leading our team through the next chapter of our story.; 领英首席执行总裁杰夫;韦纳自由球员杜兰特宣布加盟勇士队 -- :6: 来源: NBA下赛季的工资帽达到史无前例的9.3万美元,各球队在休赛期豪掷钞票,大合同满天飞而今年最大牌的自由球员之一--杜兰特终于宣布了自己的去向--加盟勇士队 Oklahoma City Thunder free agent Kevin Durant announced Monday on The Players Tribune that he will join the Golden State Warriors.雷霆队自由球员杜兰特在The Players Tribute网站上宣布将加盟金州勇士队Durant agreed to a two-year, million deal with a player option in the second year, sources told The Vertical.消息源告知Vertical栏目,杜兰特签下的是一份两年价值500万的合同,第二年为球员选项"Kevin made an indelible mark on the Thunder organization and the state of Oklahoma as a founding father of the franchise," Thunder executive vice president and general manager Sam Presti said in a statement. "We can’t adequately articulate what he meant to the foundation of this franchise and our success. While clearly disappointing that he has chosen to move on, the core values he helped us establish only lead us to thanking him the many tangible and intangible ways that he helped our program."“凯文作为球队元老,为雷霆队和俄克拉荷马州留下了难以磨灭的印记,”雷霆队高级副总裁和总经理萨姆·普莱斯蒂在一份声明中说道“千言万语也难以表达他对于球队的创建和球队取得的成绩的意义他选择离开令人感到失望,然而球队在其帮助下建立起的核心价值却只会令我们感谢他做出的有形和无形的贡献”Golden State, Boston, Miami, San Antonio and the Los Angeles Clippers met with Durant and his inner circle on Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the Hamptons on Long Island in New York.金州勇士队,波士顿凯尔特人队,迈阿密热火队,圣安东尼奥马刺队和洛杉矶快船队于上周五至周日期间在纽约长岛的汉普顿斯与杜兰特和其核心团队会面Durant made his announcement on the Players Tribune – which he is deputy publisher – in a short story headlined, "My next chapter."杜兰特于本周一在Players Tribute网站上(杜兰特兼任该网站副总编)发表了一篇题为“我的下一章节”的亲笔信,公布了自己的决定以下为杜兰特亲笔信的全文:The primary mandate I had myself in making this decision was to have it based on the potential my growth as a player — as that has always steered me in the right direction. But I am also at a point in my life where it is of equal importance to find an opporty that encourages my evolution as a man: moving out of my comt zone to a new city and commy which offers the greatest potential my contribution and personal growth. With this in mind, I have decided that I am going to join the Golden State Warriors.作为一名运动员,职业生涯发展的潜力总是引领我找到正确的方向,撑我做出了如今的决定然而此时此刻,作为一名男人,得到一个利于成长的机会,对我来说同样重要:离开现在的安乐窝,前往新城市,加入一座最有可能令我为之奉献,得以成长的新社区基于这些因素,我决定加盟金州勇士队I’m from Washington, D.C. originally, but Oklahoma City truly raised me. It taught me so much about family as well as what it means to be a man. There are no words to express what the organization and the commy mean to me, and what they will represent in my life and in my heart ever. The memories and friendships are something that go far beyond the game. Those invaluable relationships are what made this deliberation so challenging.我的家乡是华盛顿特区,但真正养育我的是俄克拉荷马城在这里我学到了许多关于家庭和如何成为一名男子汉的道理球队和社区对我的意义,它们在我心中和我人生中的分量是任何言语也无法表达的我对这座城市的记忆和在这里结下的友谊远远超过了比赛的意义,正是这些无价的亲密关系令上述决定如此富有挑战性It really pains me to know that I will disappoint so many people with this choice, but I believe I am doing what I feel is the right thing at this point in my life and my playing career.我非常清楚这个决定令我痛苦,令许多人感到失望但我相信这是一个对我目前的人生和职业生涯来说非常正确的决定Durant was considered the top free agent on the market and now joins a team that is coming off back-to-back NBA Finals, a championship in and a 73-win regular season.杜兰特是今年自由球员市场上的大牌之一,而他选择加盟的球队获得了-赛季的总冠军,在-赛季常规赛创下73胜9负的历史最佳战绩并再次杀入总决赛Durant, 7, will join ces with All-Stars Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green to m perhaps the most dangerous offense in the league.杜兰特将和斯蒂芬·库里,克雷·汤普森以及德拉蒙德·格林等三大全明星成为队友,这套阵容很可能将成为联盟最恐怖的进攻阵容The Warriors came back from a 3-1 deficit to defeat the Thunder in seven games in the Western Conference finals, then fell to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals after leading 3-1.勇士队在西部决赛前四场以1-3落后雷霆队,战满七场后方逆转战胜雷霆队,杀入总决赛总决赛前三场,勇士队以3-1领先骑士队,未料也遭到骑士队逆转,丢掉了总冠军Durant, the No. overall pick in the draft, averaged . points, 8. rebounds and five assists this past season. He led the Thunder to the NBA Finals in and was the league’s MVP in .杜兰特是年的榜眼秀,上赛季场均得到.分,8.个篮板和5次助攻杜兰特于年带领雷霆队进入总决赛,并于年荣膺常规赛最有价值球员

美联社获年普利策奖:00多名奴工被解救 --7 3:50: 来源:i1st 导读:你吃的每一条海鱼和每一只海虾,都可能包含了另一个人的血和泪这并非耸人听闻,在被美联社揭露的血汗海鲜工厂,成百上千的劳工曾被非法奴役,他们像奴隶一样失去自由、健康和家人,用生命向全世界各地输送沾满鲜血的海鲜Chinese social media exploded last week with news about a prestigious culture award in the US – the Pulitzer Prize.上周中国社交媒体被美国久负盛名的文化类奖项——普利策奖的新闻刷屏了Much of the attention was focused on one of the winners: “Seafood from slaves”, an investigation by The Associated Press (AP) that won the award public service.公众的注意力主要集中在公共务奖的得主上:美联社以一篇关于“东南亚血汗海鲜工厂”的调查报道获此殊荣It is a series of stories recording how the fishing industry in Southeast Asia used slave labor to put seafood in kitchens and restaurants in the US, and around the world.这一系列的追踪报道记录了东南亚业非法奴役劳工为美国和全世界各地的厨房、餐馆输送海鲜AP correspondent Martha Mendoza was one of the lead reporters the yearlong investigation. After the series was released last year, NPR did a profile of Mendoza and the team’s work. NPR explains that the AP discovered “dozens of men being held against their will on Benjina, a remote Indonesian island, which serves as the base a trawler fleet that fishes in the area”.美联社记者玛莎?门多萨是这项调查的首席记者之一,该调查持续了一年去年系列调查刊登之后,美国国家公共电台曾介绍过门多萨团队的报道报道称,美联社发现“许多劳工被强制留在印尼的本吉纳岛,这个偏远的印尼小岛是该地区的渔船基地”When the AP’s team went to the island, they found men held in cages so that they wouldn’t run away. “They were trapped. They had no way to go home; they had not heard from their family in five, ten years,” Mendoza said.当美联社的调查团队进入本吉纳岛后,发现劳工们被关在笼子里以防逃跑门多萨说:“他们被囚禁;他们无法回家;他们已经有五年甚至十年没有和家人联系过了”These modern-day slaves were mostly from Myanmar. Some of them were lured by promises of a job, while others were kidnapped and ced to work.这些当代的奴隶大部分来自缅甸有些人被得到工作机会的承诺引诱而来,还有些人被绑架来强制工作After the AP reporters made this discovery, they began tracking where the seafood went. They watched the seafood get loaded into a cargo ship, then used GPS to track it to a port in Thailand.当美联社记者发现这个情况后,他们开始追踪这里海鲜的走向他们目睹海鲜被装上一艘货船后,用全球地位系统追踪到货船抵达泰国的一个港口The seafood was offloaded into some 0 trucks. The reporters followed as many of those trucks as they could, jotting down the names of the plants where the seafood was delivered.这批海鲜被分装到0余辆卡车上记者们竭尽全力追踪这些卡车,记下海鲜被送入哪些工厂Then the AP dug into customs records to see which of those plants were shipping seafood into the US. A lot of the seafood ended up in major supermarket chains including Wal-Mart and Safeway.之后,美联社深挖了海关记录,发现这些工厂将一些海鲜运往美国很多海鲜最终被送入包括沃尔玛、西夫韦在内的大型连锁超市The reporting eventually freed ,000 slaves, brought perpetrators to justice and caused industry rems.报道最终帮助00名奴工重获自由,将罪犯绳之以法,并敦促该行业进行改革

自拍爱好者小心“自拍肘” -- 3:: 来源:chinadaily Are you an avid selfie-taker? You are at risk of developing "selfie elbow" which is slowly becoming a real medical condition. Like tennis elbow or golfer's elbow, an addiction to selfie-taking can cause a pain in your primary pic-snapping elbow, according to a report. 你是个狂热的自拍爱好者吗?那么你就面临着患上“自拍肘”的风险,而这一风险正逐渐地成为一项真正的医学问题一项报告表明,就像“网球肘”或“高尔夫肘”,对自拍的高度着迷会导致你主要用于拍照的肘关节疼痛In a recent case, award-winning journalist and N's Today show host Hoda Kotb went to a doctor complaining of pain in her elbow, elle.com reported. 最近elle.com上报道了一个案例,曾斩获奖项的记者兼N今日秀的主持人霍达?科特普对医生抱怨肘部疼痛"I went to the orthopaedist and he said, 'are you playing tennis or ping-pong?' I told him I was taking selfies," Kotb was ed as saying. 科特普说:“我去看了整形外科医师,他说‘你最近在打网球还是乒乓球?’我告诉他我在自拍”"When you take the picture, your arm is up, bent in a weird way and you just click, click, click -- think about how many you take: , 30, or 0. Selfie elbow, everyone has it," added Kotb, who is also a well-documented figure on photo-sharing website Instagram. “当你在拍照的时候,你的胳膊抬起,很奇怪地弯曲着,而你却在咔嚓、咔嚓、咔嚓——想着你拍了多少照片:,30还是0自拍肘,每个人都深受其害,”作为一位早已在Instagram网站上分享过各种照片的名人,科特普这样补充道Her doctor recommended icing her elbow and certain exercises to help relieve the soreness. 她的医生建议给她的胳膊肘部敷冰块并且通过适当的锻炼来缓解酸痛"Basically, the interface between technology and the human body sometimes causes injuries of over-exuberance," Jordan Metzl, sports medicine physician at the Hospital Special Surgery in the US, was ed as saying in a Cosmopolitan report. 乔丹?梅茨尔曾在接受Cosmopolitan杂志采访时说:“其实有时候过度使用科技产品会给人体带来伤害”他是一位美国特色外科医院的医疗运动外科医师The problem is simply overuse. 这个问题相当普遍"You get selfie elbow from taking too many selfies, as you put too much stress on the muscle and it irritates the area where the muscle comes off the bone and you get this inflammatory response," Metzl added. “拍太多的自拍会让你形成一只‘自拍肘’,因为这只臂肘的肌肉承受太大压力,这些压力会刺激肌肉和骨骼连接的部分,你会感受到一种炎症性反应”梅茨尔补充道The condition can be treated by taking pain relievers like Advil or Motrin the inflammation and putting on some ice as well as stretching the muscles. 使用一些像埃德维尔、布洛芬等止痛药来治疗炎性反应,或者是冰敷,伸展肌肉,这些方法都可以治疗“自拍肘”"Maybe, people should alternate their arms -- start sping the load," Metzl pointed out. “或许人们应该换着臂膀自拍——分担一些压力,”梅茨尔指出From gaming and chatting to selfie-taking, texting and tweeting, there has been a significant rise in injuries in teenagers than bee. 从打游戏到聊天再到自拍、发短信和发推文,相较于以前,青少年受到的伤害大大增加" those who are dedicated selfie-takers, using a selfie stick can work like an arm extender and takes the pressure off the elbow," suggested Charles Kim, musculoskeletal rehab specialist at Rusk Rehabilitation at NYU Langone Medical Center in the US. “对于那些狂热的自拍爱好者来说,不妨使用自拍杆,它就像胳膊伸展器,能够减轻肘部压力,”查尔斯?金,一位来自美国纽约大学朗格尼医学中心鲁斯科康复医院的肌肉骨骼修复专家这样建议道英文来源:雅虎新闻翻译:张雪妮(中国日报网爱新闻iNews译者)编审:yaning

  双语新闻:皇家海军新制被批太丑了 --7 ::7 来源: The Royal Navy's first new unim 70 years will leave Britishsailors looking like garage mechanics, critics said.  批评者称,皇家海军70年来首次更换的新制将让英国水手们看起来像汽车修理工  The new darker blue clothes will replace the light blue shirt andtrousers known as Action Working Dress, or Nos, worn at seasince the Second World War.  新的深蓝色制将代替原先的浅蓝色衬衫和裤子原来的制被称为行动工作制,或者第四号制,是二战之后的海上制  Previously the Ministry of Defence described the new design as “cool and more modern", butreaction to Thursday's announcement was mixed at best.  先前,国防部称新设计“炫酷并且更现代化”,但是人们对星期四发布的这份公告反应不一  One Twitter user likened the new look to “a sack of spuds tied in the middle”, while another saidthe unim resembled a “fire-retardent bin liner”.  一位推特用户把新制比喻成“一袋从中间绑了一下的土豆”,而另外一个人则说像一个“防火垃圾袋”  Jamie Frost, a seaman who trains at the University Royal Naval , said: "The new Navy Noslook horrendous. They still can't issue a unim that fits and it reduces RN personnel to looking likegarage mechanics."  杰米·弗罗斯特(Jamie Frost)是一位在皇家海军大学负责培训工作的水手,他说:“新的海军第四号制看起来很可怕国防部仍然不能设计出一款合适的海军制,这套制让皇家海军们看起来像个汽车修理工”  The new Navy Nos look horrendous. They still can't issue a unim that fits and it reduces RNpersonnel to looking like garage mechanics. — Jamie Frost (@ospriet) March 19,   新的海军第四号制看起来很可怕 国防部仍然不能设计出一款合适的海军制,这套制让皇家海军们看起来像个汽车修理工 --杰米·弗罗斯特(@ospriet)年3月19日  According to the navy, however, feedback from sailors so far has been "mostly positive".  然而,海军方面称,到目前为止,大多数海军士兵的反馈是正面的  The crew of the Portsmouth-based HMS Lancaster, which will head out to the South Atlantic onSaturday on a nine-month deployment, will be the first to wear the new Nos.  停在朴茨茅斯基地的兰开斯特号舰艇上的船员将在周六奔赴南大西洋开始历时9个月的任务,他们将成为第一批穿上第四号制的人  It has several layers, including a t-shirt, top and thermals, and will offer more protection from fires.Badges denoting rank will also be worn on the front, instead of on the shoulders.  新制有好几件,包括一件T恤,上衣和保暖衣,能更有效防火并且军衔徽章将佩戴在前方,而不是肩上  Officially called the Royal Navy Personal Clothing System (RNPCS), the new design has been testedon several ships and submarines.  新制的官方名称为皇家海军人员装系统(RNPCS),已在几架舰艇和潜艇上进行过测试   It is only to be worn during operational duties and will not replace more mal unims or theberets and old caps seen by families when sailors return home from deployment.  新制只在有操作任务时穿,不会代替士兵结束任务归来时家人看到的那种更正式的制或是贝雷帽和旧帽  @BNews Oh dear, a fire retardent bin liner look! :( @thinkdefence @seapowerthinker — AndyScotland (@asctty) March 19,   @BNews 哦,亲爱的,一副防火垃圾袋的样子!:( @thinkdefence @seapowerthinker -- 安迪苏格兰(@asctty)年3月19日  Cdr Peter Laughton, commanding officer of HMS Lancaster, said: "We are extremely proud andgenuinely delighted to be the first ship to wear the Royal Navy's new unim.  彼得劳顿(Peter Laughton)是兰开斯特号的指挥官,他说:“我们为能成为第一批穿皇家海军新制的船员感到极其自豪,由衷地高兴  "It is a really practical, smart and modern unim, and the extra branding allows us to much betterrepresent our service.  “这真的是一件集智能和现代化的制,同时它是一个额外的品牌,能够让我们更好地代表我们的务  "This will most certainly be the case during our current deployment where we are due to transit inexcess of 30,000 nautical miles and visit up to 18 different countries."  “在我们目前的任务中,我们将穿越3万多海里,访问18个不同国家,这必将成为典范”  In the initial rollout about ,000 sets of the unim are being issued to sea-going ships.  最初推出的.万套制将分发给要航行的舰艇  Vice Admiral Sir David Steel, who led the changes while in his previous post of Second Sea Lord,said the old look was "a bit out of date".  海军中将大卫·斯蒂尔(David Steel)在此前担任第二海务大臣时主导了这次制更换,他说:“旧的制有一点过时”  He added: "This is a modern unim which suits a modern Navy.  他还说:“这是一种适合现代海军的现代化制  "But the most important thing is that it is comtable to wear in the extremes of climate in whichthe Royal Navy operates - from the Antarctic to the Gulf."  “但是最重要的是,穿上它能够让皇家海军在从南极到海湾地区的极端天气中都觉得舒”

  跨界携手巨头 宝马1年全自动无人驾驶车上路 -- ::38 来源: 年7月1日,宝马集团将与英特尔、Mobileye公司联合,把自动驾驶车辆和未来出行理念成为现实这三家分别来自汽车、科技与计算机视觉与机器学习行业的领军企业正展开合作,目标是到1年实现高度自动驾驶车辆和全自动驾驶车辆量产 BMW has teamed with two leading tech companies to deliver fully self-driving vehicles in 1.BMW与两家科技巨头合作,将于1年将全自动无人驾驶汽车变成现实The partnership, which involves Intel (INTC, Tech30) and the Israeli computer vision company Mobileye (MBLY), will create an open platm the next generation of vehicles.两家合作伙伴分别是英特尔和以色列的电脑视觉公司Mobileye,他们将携手为下一代的汽车创建一个开放平台The companies will announce the news Friday at BMW’s headquarters in Munich.BMW将于星期五在其总部慕尼黑宣布此消息BMW said the new iNEXT model will be the basis future fleets of fully autonomous vehicles that will drive on both highways and in urban environments, which are far more challenging. A BMW spokesman said it expects a steering wheel and pedals to remain in the fully self-driving vehicle, in case the driver wants to be in control.BMW表示,新的 iNEXT车型将会为一系列全自动驾驶车辆打下基础这些车辆将用于高速公路以及城市道路,非常具挑战性BMW一位发言人表示,全自动无人驾驶汽车只需要一个方向盘和脚踏就可以了,以方便在必要时控制车辆"With this technological leap ward, we are offering our customers a whole new level of sheer driving pleasure, whilst pioneering new concepts premium mobility," said BMW’s chairman Harald Kruger.BMW集团董事长科鲁格表示,“随着科技的飞跃式发展,我们将为消费者打造纯粹驾驶乐趣的全新高度,同时也为高档出行开创全新的理念”The BMW deal comes a day after attention swirled around an accident that killed a Tesla driver who was using the car’s autopilot software. The car did not recognize a tractor-trailer in its path and plowed into it, killing the driver and raising questions about the safety limits of autonomous software.就在宝马公司宣布该消息的前一天,即6月30日,同样使用自动驾驶技术的特斯拉Model S电动车发生了一起致命的交通事故,当时车辆正处于“Autopilot”自动驾驶模式,车辆未能识别出从其车道上开过的牵引式挂车,撞了上去,驾驶员死亡此事引发了公众对自动驾驶汽车安全局限性的疑问The companies say the partnership will lay the foundation an entirely new business model.该公司表示,合作关系将为一个全新的商业模式打下基础Their platm will be made available to multiple car vendors, as well as to other industries that could use autonomous machines.这个平台将向众多汽车供应商和其他使用自动驾驶的公司开放"In just five years, the driverless experience will be activated by the touch of a button," said Amnon Shashua, the chief technology officer of Mobileye.Mobileye公司首席技术官Amnon Shashua表示,“在5年内,只需一个钮就可以启动无人驾驶汽车”Experts say that autonomous vehicles could have a dramatic impact on safety, and curtail the 1.5 million deaths every year on the world’s roads.专家表示,自动驾驶汽车的安全性能将会显著提高,大大降低全球道路交通每年5万的死亡率Automakers and tech companies are increasingly interested in the potential of self-driving vehicles. In March, GM (GM) spent billion to acquire Cruise Automation, a Silicon Valley start-up that makes self-driving car software. In late , Toyota (TM) committed to spend billion on artificial intelligence, including efts to make fully self-driving vehicles.汽车制造商和科技公司对自动驾驶汽车的市场潜力非常有信心今年3月,通用集团花了亿美元收购了位于美国硅谷的自动驾驶初创公司Cruise Automation,它主要生产自动驾驶汽车软件年底,日本丰田在人工智能领域投资了亿美元,包括致力于研发全自动驾驶汽车。

  男人也时尚 让人哭笑不得的老爸们(双语) --30 18:3: 来源:sohu 谁说时尚达人必须是年轻漂亮的女士们?这些来自世界各地的老爸们在Instagram上炫耀着自己炫酷而又特立独行的着装 Who said that fashionistas must be young and pretty ladies? This Instagram shows off dads from all around the world rocking their own, unique style. 工装短裤,趣味T恤,有时再加几件令人汗颜的配件,这些把父亲们打造成了真正的“时尚偶像” Cargo shorts, fun T-shirts and sometimes cringe-worthy accessories make these dads true fashion icons. 看看这些超酷的装备吧,也许你会找到几件合适的单品添置到自己的衣柜里 Take a look at these cool clothing sets and maybe you'll find something that you could adapt to your own closet. 这个老爸,把穿到了身上 比起上面的那个,我们更加相亲相爱 不在T恤上,印到箱子上也不错啊 这两个老爸的打底裤,太时尚啦 瞧瞧这身混搭! 最OK的老爸,穿的也很萌萌达呢 看到你,生活立刻就缤纷乐! 那个短裤配貂皮的老爸真是亮瞎了小编的眼,感谢这些可爱的父亲,给我们带来了如此多的欢乐! English Source: Bored Panda

  中国A股再度被拒纳入MSCI新兴市场指数 -- :59: 来源: MSCI明晟公司再度拒绝将中国A股纳入其新兴市场指数 US stock index provider, MSCI, has again delayed the inclusion of China’s mainland domestic shares in its emerging markets index.美国股票指数提供商MSCI明晟公司再度推迟了将中国A股纳入其新兴市场指数Inclusion on the index would have been a major step ward Beijing as it attempts to open up its financial markets and attract eign capital.A股如被纳入,对于亟于向国外资金开放金融市场的中国政府来说,将是一大进展Regulation worries and accessibility global investors were some of the reasons behind MSCI’s decision.MSCI明晟公司不纳入A股的原因包括对监管机制的疑虑以及全球投资者的可进入程度MSCI is world’s biggest stock index provider.MSCI明晟公司是世界最大的指数提供商China has in recent months increased its efts to rem its often volatile stock market, but MSCI said global investors were looking more.中国近几个月致力于改革其经常剧烈动荡的股票市场,但是MSCI明晟公司称全球投资者有更多要求"International institutional investors clearly indicated that they would like to see further improvements in the accessibility of the China A shares market bee its inclusion in the MSCI Emerging Markets Index," Remy Briand, global head of research at MSCI, said.“国际性组织的投资者明确表示,他们希望在MSCI新兴市场指数纳入中国A股前,先看到中国A股市场的可进入程度有进一步改善” MSCI全球研究主管里米?布赖恩德表示The index provider said on Tuesday that China’s authorities had demonstrated "a clear commitment" in bringing accessibility of their A shares market closer to international standards.MSCI明晟公司周二表示,中国政府展现出“明确承诺”将让A股市场有更多可进入性,更向国际标准靠拢,中国政府期待乘着政策的势头,解决现有的关于可进性的问题It also said it was looking ward to the "continuation of policy momentum in addressing the remaining accessibility issues."MSCI还称希望看到“政府在解决余下的可进入程度问题上的连续的政策势头”However, analysts said they were not particularly surprised by MSCI’s decision.然而,分析人士表示他们对MSCI的决定并不特别惊讶"It really was fifty-fifty regarding the inclusion," Catherine Yeung from Fidelity Investment told the B.“被纳入与否是一半一半的几率,” 富达亚太区投资总监凯瑟琳·杨恩对B说"What’s important to note is that while we have seen some significant improvements in terms of how eign investors access domestic Chinese stocks, [but regarding] the criteria that was set last year, a lot of it still needs to be fulfilled," she said.“值得注意的是,我们看到外国投资人进入中国国内股市的可进入性有了明显的的提高,但去年设下的一些标准仍有许多需要达标的”她说Ms Yeung said what was very interesting was that MSCI said the inclusion of A shares could occur within the next year "outside of the normal review period which falls every June".杨恩表示MSCI明晟公司说明年可能会在“六月常规检视期之外”纳入A股一事非常有趣"So if we see further developments in terms of regulation, in terms of how we access the market as investors from a eigner perspective, then indeed we could see inclusion," she said.“所以就未来监管的发展看来,就进入市场的外国眼光来看,我们确实可以预测未来A股将被纳入”她说"But don’t get, it’s likely to be a partial inclusion, let’s say 5%, and inclusions do take years to actually be implemented.“但别忘了,很有可能是部分纳入,可能是5%,而被纳入后需要几年的时间来真正执行”"So this is very much a long-term story."“这将是漫长的道路”iPhone 7长啥样?先来一睹为快 --31 ::01 来源:chinadaily With just four months to go until Apple's new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are released, leaks are definitely starting to pick up pace. It makes sense in light of the recent news that iPhone 7 production is now underway — Apple has never been able to keep a lid on things once workers at its manufacturing partners' plants get their hands on new iPhone parts. 距苹果新品iPhone 7和iPhone 7 Plus发布还有四个月,有关传闻也层出不穷据最近消息透露,iPhone 7的生产目前正在进行,这一消息比较靠谱——苹果从来没能成功地守住秘密,一旦与其合作的制造厂的工人们染指新iPhone的零件,消息就会泄露If you haven't aly seen them, be sure to check out all of the big iPhone 7 leaks you missed from this past weekend. Once you're done there, we have an even bigger treat all the eager Apple fans out there: In all likelihood, the leaked photo below is our first look at a genuine iPhone 7 in the flesh. 如果你还没有见过它们,那你一定要查看过去的一个周末你错过的所有泄露iPhone 7的重大消息一旦你看了这些消息,我们就可以给苹果死忠粉们爆个更大的料:十有八九,看到下面这张照片,就是我们第一次亲眼见到真正iPhone 7的时刻Apple news cycles in mainstream media bounce dramatically between positive and negative. Things were generally pretty downbeat as the company's iPhone business made its climb, but then things reversed completely following the record-shattering launch of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Now that reporters and analysts have come to terms with the fact that Apple's iPhone business couldn't grow at breakneck speed ever, things have gotten negative again. 主流媒体关于苹果的新闻总是一会儿积极一会儿消极,循环往复苹果公司的iPhone销量增长艰难时,报道普遍都非常悲观,但是之后iPhone 6和iPhone 6 Plus推出,打破了销售记录,彻底扭转了之前的消极评价现在既然记者和分析人士已经接受了苹果iPhone业务不可能永远高速增长的事实,报道又陷入了悲观As part of the overall negativity on Apple right now, the idea that the upcoming new iPhone 7 is going to be "boring" has begun to permeate through the media. This downbeat attitude is based solely on rumors surrounding the new iPhone's design. People in the know have suggested repeatedly that the new iPhone 7 will look a great deal like the current iPhone 6s and 's iPhone 6, but nothing has really been confirmed at this point. 目前在所有对苹果的消极评价中有这样一种观点,已经散布到整个媒体行业,说将要问世的新iPhone 7将会很“无趣”产生如此消极的态度仅仅源于有关新iPhone设计的传言知情人士已经多次暗示,新iPhone 7将会与现在的iPhone 6s和年出的iPhone 6的外观非常相像,但是这一点还没有被真正实Until now, perhaps.现在来看,可能是We've aly discussed why a "boring" new iPhone 7 design probably wouldn't be such a big deal. You can about why in our earlier post. Apple had better hope that most of its customers feel the same way because it looks like next year's iPhone 7 will indeed look strikingly similar to the current flagship iPhone. 我们已经讨论了为什么“无趣的”新iPhone 7设计很可能没什么大不了你可以读一下我们之前发的一篇文章,了解原因苹果最好希望大多数消费者也这样想,因为似乎明年的iPhone 7确实会长得很像现在的iPhoneBehold what is likely our first look at a real iPhone 7: 让我们抢先看一下iPhone 7的照片吧,很有可能是真的哦The photo of what is claimed to be an actual iPhone 7 was posted on Weibo by a user named "Qiu Han tie," and it came alongside images of two different internal components said to be destined inclusion in the iPhone 7. This iPhone 7 image aligns exactly with what we've seen in earlier leaks and heard from reliable sources, and it is believed to be authentic. 这张据说是真正的iPhone 7的照片,被一个叫“虬扎大汉”的网友发到了微上,还有两个内部组件的照片,据说肯定是iPhone 7里面的这张照片与之前泄露的照片上的iPhone一模一样,也与可靠消息来源的说法非常像,人们觉得它是真的In the image, we see an iPhone that indeed looks a great deal like the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. On the plus side, the camera lens is huge compared to the one on the iPhone 6s, suggesting that we can expect a dramatically improved camera on the next-generation iPhone. On the flip side, the redesigned antenna lines follow a better path than the current ones, but they appear to be significantly thicker and still just as ugly. 照片上的iPhone确实很像iPhone 6和iPhone 6s只是摄像头比iPhone 6s要大一点,说明我们可以期待下一代iPhone的摄像头将有很大的改进在背面,天线带的设计已改,比目前的走线更好,但看上去厚了很多,依然那么丑Is this the real deal? Production is underway and all signs point to yes, but obviously nothing is 0% confirmed until Apple unveils its new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus this coming September. In the meantime, this photo likely gives us a good idea of what we can expect. Why would Apple release new iPhones that look just like old iPhones? That will be a much-debated topic over the coming months, but don't get that a completely redesigned iPhone is expected next year the iPhone's tenth anniversary. 这是真的吗?生产正在进行,所有的迹象都表明这是真的,但显然,在苹果九月揭开新款iPhone的面纱之前,没有什么是百分之百肯定的与此同时,这张照片给了我们启发,让我们知道应该期待什么为什么苹果要推出与老款iPhone长相一样的手机呢?接下来几个月大家一定会热烈地讨论这个问题,但不要忘了明年是iPhone推出的十周年,人们可都期待着苹果推出全新设计的iPhone呢Vocabulary: leak: 泄露 breakneck: 极快的 downbeat: 悲观的来源:雅虎新闻翻译:实习生孙美真编审:yaning猫头鹰退出哈利波特戏剧 -- :6: 来源: 在伦敦演出的哈利·波特新剧将取消使用活的猫头鹰 The new Harry Potter play in London has removed the use of live owls from the production.在伦敦演出的哈利·波特新剧将取消使用活的猫头鹰The decision follows an incident during Tuesday’s first show when an owl escaped into the auditorium.促使这项决议的是星期二首演中的一场意外——一只猫头鹰飞到了观众席The bird had failed to return to its handler after making a brief flight during a scene.它在一个场景完成短暂飞行后,没有返回到训练员那里Previews of the two-part play, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, began this week.这个两幕剧——哈利波特和被诅咒的孩子——将这周开始预演At Thursday’s permance of part two, a sign at the Palace Theatre inmed the audience that there were "no real birds" in the production.星期四,皇宫剧院在第二幕演出前贴出告示提醒观众演出中“没有真正的鸟”A statement issued on behalf of the producers said: "The production of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is currently in its preview stage, with the process designed to allow the creative team time to rehearse changes or explore specific scenes further bee the play’s official opening.以制作人的名义发表的声明表示“哈利波特和被诅咒的孩子目前在预演中,该阶段本来就允许充满创意的团队在正式演出前尝试不同的排演或者探讨某个场景”"As part of this process earlier this week the decision was made not to feature live owls in any aspect of the production moving ward.“就在这个过程中,我们在这周早些时候决定接下来的演出不会在任何环节使用活的猫头鹰”"The owls that were associated with the production were expertly cared by a team of certified trainers and an on-site specialist veterinary surgeon (Steve Smith, MRCVS) who ensured the owls’ welfare and enrichment needs were safeguarded at all times.“该猫头鹰在演出中一直得到专业照顾,具有资质的训练员和在场的兽医(Steve Smith, MRCVS)全程保它的安危并满足它的需求”"This was of utmost importance to the production."“这对于演出是至关重要的”Fan excitement JK RowlingJK Rowling的粉丝很兴奋Animal charity Peta (People the Ethical Treatment of Animals) welcomed the news.动物慈善机构Peta(People the Ethical Treatment of Animals,善待动物组织)对该消息表示欢迎"Peta commends the production team coming to its senses and recognising that treating owls like props goes against every message of respect and kindness that JK Rowling’s wonderful books taught us," director Mimi Bekhechi said.“Peta赞扬该演出团队的觉悟,他们总算意识到将猫头鹰当做道具与JK Rowling杰出作品中教导我们的尊重和善良相悖”负责人Mimi Bekhechi说到"Harry Potter can now join the ranks of innovative stage productions like War Horse, The Lion King and Running Wild which prove that animals need not be exploited the theatre - and that the possibilities of prop design are limited only by our own creativity."“哈利波特现在可以加入创新性舞台作品行列了,类似战马、狮子王和越野千里,他们都已明剧院不需要利用动物,在道具制作中使我们受限的是我们自己的创造力”Shortly bee the second half of Thursday’s permance started, JK Rowling was spotted in a box stage right, causing screams of excitement from the audience with hundreds craning their necks trying to catch a glimpse of her.就在星期四第二幕开演前,JK Rowling出现在右侧包厢,引起观众兴奋的尖叫声,上百人伸长脖子想要看她一眼The show does not have its official opening until 30 July.该剧将于7月30号后正式开演Based on an original story by Rowling, writer Jack Thorne and director John Tiffany, the play is set 19 years after the events of the seventh and final book in the series, the Deathly Hallows.作家Jack Thorne和导演John Tiffany在Rowling原作的基础上,将该剧的时间设定在哈利波特系列第七本,即最后一本死亡圣器过去19年后It portrays a grown-up Harry (Jamie Parker) as an employee at the Ministry of Magic, while his youngest son Albus (Sam Clemmett) has to deal with the "heavy burden" of the Potter family legacy.它向我们展现成年后的哈利(Jamie Parker饰演)——魔法部的一名员工,和他最小的孩子Albus(Sam Clemmett饰演),这个孩子需要面对波特家族传奇所带来的沉重负担The show runs in the West End to May .该剧将在西方巡演至年5月

  男子卖水果英语砍价可打折 -- 01:5: 来源:   [他说]任性Do what I want 前段时间不是很多专业人士都不知道怎么翻译“任性”吗?我觉得就是:Dowhat Iwant,Idowhat I like.(我做我想要的,我做我喜欢的 )  杭州街头有个水果摊,不仅卖水果还“卖打”顾客用英语还价可打九折,花5元钱可打一次老板,打得过就能得到00元奖励这个憨憨的水果摊老板叫孙雨,是亳州人,毕业于安徽农业大学英语专业,英语专业八级水平  五元一次杭州街头“卖打”  “热烈祝贺安徽阿雨独门硬气功大超市于5月1日正式开业运营,任你挑,任你选,任你打……本硬气功自1月1日试运营以来,共有1人前来切磋,挑战试拳,5元钱一次,击打部位为胸部、腹部,可以拳打、脚踢、肘顶、膝撞、掌推,只要你能把本人搞倒,现场奖励00元”  杭州河东路,孙雨在贩卖水果的小货车旁立了一个牌子,这就是“气功大超市”,没有门面,人在哪里哪里就是“超市”有人真的出5元钱来打一次,“他站着不动,没有一个人把他打倒”附近的小贩说  孙雨长年光着膀子,他个头不高,肌肉也不算突出,但像石头一样稳稳当当有人花钱来打,孙雨扎稳马步屏住呼吸,孙妈妈心疼,要把5元钱还给人家,孙雨不干,绷着脸让她走开,“我正挨打呢,你别打断,我泄了气更疼”“找打”吸引了很多好奇的人,不管打不打,都顺手买点水果,居然对生意有好处  英语砍价买水果打九折  孙雨在别人眼里有些怪之前,他还搞过另一个花样:“经济全球化,全球一体化,购物练练外语,给你一点折扣”旁边配上英文:“Economic globalization,Global integration,Shopping in English,Give you a discount”  来他这里讲英语买水果的,一天能遇到两三个,还有几个十三四岁的孩子,孙雨给他们的优惠更大孙妈妈不愿意了,本来利润就薄,打九折赚得更少了孙雨只得作罢  一些人觉得这些是孙雨精心策划的“炒作”孙雨着急辩解:“我这、这不是炒作,顶多是促销”  英语八级曾经考研三次  除了卖水果是“接地气”之外,孙雨其他时间大多“神游”在自己的世界里  孙雨介绍,在老家的乡镇中学,他是当年考上大学的两个人之一从三联学院英语专业毕业后,孙雨发奋自考本科,年考上了安农大英语专业在安农大,他更加疯狂地学习英语,轻松通过了专业八级考试  本科毕业后,他继续考英语专业研究生,可是由于二外日语太差,没有考上,“我一学日语就想看英语”之后,他到利辛一所私立学校当英语老师“我中学时的目标就是当翻译,我管不好人,学生常气得我肺疼”他辞了职,到广东佛山投奔开小货车的父亲,一边上班一边考研,立志考广州外国语学院,但考了三年都没有考上  三年前,他又来到杭州卖水果  苦练气功每天自捶万次  “我、我感兴趣的只有两样,英语和气功我的气功是自己的门派,都是自学的”孙雨加快语速,很骄傲每天,他至少花三个小时练习气功他练气功还有一个方法,就是捶打肌肉,一天一万锤  父母常常看着儿子叹气,“花那么多钱培养出个大学生,却在卖水果 ”更让他们着急的是,1981年出生的孙雨至今仍单身  孙雨的水果摊上总是摆着英语书,他只看英语原版,每月至少三本他还用英语写了一本《我的考研血泪史,“类似卢梭的《忏悔录”孙雨打算继续考研,他还想把家乡亳州的五禽戏融合到气功里  “你心里有落差吗?”记者问  “有也是有的,但是爱情这个东西要靠缘分;工作呢,我的目标是翻译兼保镖”好莱坞大帅哥惨不忍睹的过去 -- 1:56:5 来源:chinadaily 喜欢好莱坞的小鲜肉大帅锅么?也许你会改变早定好的计划去看他们新上映的电影,花光令人羞涩的工资就为买他们发行的每一张专辑,你根本逃不出这些英俊男人的魅力和才华!如果你恨自己为什么陷入对他们的迷恋不可自拔,就看看他们过去的照片吧 1. 乔治;克鲁尼 George Clooney 好莱坞帅哥乔治;克鲁尼不是一直都性感 Hollywood hunk George Clooney wasn't always the sexiest man of all time... 如果有最可爱复古奖,克鲁尼肯定会获奖 But if there was an award most adorable retro child, he would win it. . 布拉德;皮特 Brad Pitt 就像红酒一样,布拉德;皮特越老越有味道 Like a fine wine, Brad Pitt seems to be getting better with age. 这是早期的布拉德有没有太无厘头了? Here's Brad in his early fermentation stage. 3. 范;迪塞尔 Vin Diesel 范;迪塞尔绝对是让人移不开眼球的好莱坞型男 Vin Diesel is a serious Hollywood hunk we can't seem to take our eyes off. 以前的范看上去和现在不太一样,但还是闷闷地帅! Vin looked a bit different back in the day, but still so handsome! . 布鲁诺;马尔斯 Bruno Mars 我们都爱布鲁诺;马尔斯迷人的歌词和勾人的眼神 We love Bruno Mars his charming lyrics and that sultry stare. 我们爱他也因为他可爱的高中照片,千万不能错过 We also love him because his adorable high school photo is a must see! 这个黑人绝对把这张照片挂起来天天看! Told you! There's something about that afro – he just absolutely nails it. 5. 丹泽尔;华盛顿 Denzel Washington 丹泽尔;华盛顿有很多值得骄傲的成就,包括数不清的奖项和电影他可是小编最欣赏的演技派演员之一啊,那角色把握的深度和细腻程度,绝对值得一个镜头一个镜头地回味 Denzel Washington has a lot of accomplishments he should be very proud of, including winning dozens of awards and starring in too many movies to count. 真好奇他在照这张照片的时候有没有想到,有一天会有现在这样的巨大成就那时的他,嘴唇太抢镜 I wonder if he ever imagined being this successful when this picture was taken. 6. 瑞奇;热维斯 Ricky Gervais 英国版电影《办公室的制片、编剧、导演瑞奇;热维斯是总让我们大笑的英国人之一 Creator, writer, and director of The Office the UK version, Ricky Gervais is one of the hottest Brits that never fails to make us laugh. 过去的他看起来真是令人难以置信!太小鲜肉了有木有! Back in the day he was looking quite... fabulous! 7. 诺曼;瑞杜斯 Norman Reedus 美剧《行尸走肉的主演诺曼;瑞杜斯曾是Prada的模特 It's no surprise that this The Walking Dead actor Norman Reedus was once a model Prada. 谁能想到这个染成金发的男孩子长大能成为僵尸杀手? Who would have thought that this bleached blonde boy would grow up to be a zombie killer? 8. 拉塞尔;布兰德 Russell Brand 滑稽、充满争议并性感的拉塞尔;布兰德简直令人意乱情迷 The hilarious, controversial and sexy Russell Brand is all part of what makes us swoon over this actor. 虽然作为男孩的布兰德不是猎艳杀手,但他勾人的眼神和现在一摸一样!只是,那腮帮子上的肉肉咋消灭的呢? As a boy, Brand wasn't quite the lady killer he is today, but he had that sultry stare down pat! 看过这些照片之后,小伙伴们有没有惊呆了?

  剧迷注意!行尸走肉闯进美国环球影城 -- ::5 来源:sohu 《行尸走肉是美国经典电影有线电视台收视率最高的电视剧集, 更是迄今为止观看人数最多的有线电视节目拥有如此骄人的成绩, 《行尸走肉理所当然地被选中成为美国加利福尼亚州的环球影城永久性日间景点主题公园七月四日正式开放给公众游览 “The Walking Dead”permanent daytime attraction, based on AMC’s top-rated television series and the most watched show in cable television history, which officially opens to the public on Monday, July in Universal City, Calinia. 为了确保景点的真实性,美国好莱坞环球影城与行尸走肉的创意团队合作,共同为园中的丧尸设计假肢,更使用剧中的模具来上色和设计造型的细节 To ensure authenticity of the attraction, Universal Studios Hollywood partnered with “The Walking Dead's”creative team, to develop prosthetics, utilize original molds and painstakingly apply paint and detailing to attraction walkers. 景点位于环球影城主入口的建筑群中鉴于该景点的体验过程不可避免会有惊悚感, 故不建议十三岁以下的儿童入场参观 “The Walking Dead” attraction is situated within an expansive building complex just inside the theme park's main entry. Due to the intense nature of this experience, the attraction is not recommended guests under the age of . English Source: Truly Disturbing

  女性外貌信心调查:南非女人自认最美 中国排第五 -- 18::30 来源:chinadaily Women’s body confidence has become a “critical issue” around the world and pressure from the media is largely to blame our low self-esteem, a new report warns.一项最新报告指出,女性对自身外形缺乏信心已成为全球性重要问题,来自媒体的压力是主要原因The Dove Global Beauty and Confidence Report, given exclusively to The Huffington Post UK, has been created using interviews with ,500 women and girls across countries and is the largest the brand has ever commissioned.由《赫芬顿邮报英国版独家披露的《多芬全球美丽自信研究报告来源于对个国家0位妇女和女孩的采访这是该品牌委托进行的最大型的调研It found that women in the UK have one of the lowest body confidence scores in the world, with only % of us saying we like the way that we look.研究发现,英国女性的外形自信位列全球最低之一,仅%的人表示喜欢自己的外貌Globally, more than two-thirds of women (69%) and girls (65%) say increasing pressures from advertising and media to reach an unrealistic standard of beauty is the key ce in driving their appearance anxiety.从世界范围看,超过三分之二的妇女(69%)和女孩(65%)表示,广告和媒体宣传的不切实际的美丽标准,给女性造成越来越大的压力,是导致她们外貌焦虑的主要原因Meanwhile, 56% of all women recognise the impact of an “always on” social media culture in driving the pressure perfection and negative body image.同时,56%的女性意识到,“始终在线”的社交媒体文化迫使她们追求完美,并对负面的身体形象感到压力The report reveals that low body-esteem is causing the majority of women (85%) and girls (79%) to opt out of important life activities – such as trying out a team or club, and engaging with family or loved ones – when they don’t feel good about the way they look.报告显示,对外形缺乏自信导致大部分妇女(85%)和女孩(79%)在不满意自己的外貌时放弃生活中的重要活动——比如参与团队或俱乐部活动,和家人或心爱的人在一起Additionally, seven in girls with low body-esteem say they won’t be assertive in their opinion or stick to their decision if they aren’t happy with the way they look, while nine out of (87%) women will stop themselves from eating or will otherwise put their health at risk.此外,有七成对外形不自信的女孩说,如果她们不满意自己的外貌,就无法肯定自己的观点或坚持自己的决定而近九成的妇女(87%)会为此节食,或进行其他危害健康的行为What’s more, nearly eight in (78%) of both women and girls feel some pressure to never make mistakes or show weakness.还有近八成(78%)的女性,包括妇女和女孩,感受到从不犯错或示弱的压力“This latest research shows that low body confidence is a global issue,” says Dr Nancy Etcoff of Harvard Medical School.哈佛医院学院的南茜?埃特考夫士说:“这项最新研究显示,对外形缺乏自信是一个全球性问题”“Though troubling, these results are also unsurprising, given the increasing pressures women and girls face today.“考虑到当今妇女和女孩面临的压力持续增长,这些结果虽让人不安,但也不足为奇”“We need to help empower women and girls in many ways, including increasing body-confidence education, driving meaningful conversations around the pressures women and girls face, and advocating change in how females and their appearance are talked about and portrayed in the media.”“我们需要以各种方式帮助妇女和女孩获得力量,包括开展增强外形自信的教育,围绕她们面临的压力进行有意义的交流,并且倡导女性及其形象在媒体报道和呈现上的改变”The report found that beauty and appearance anxiety is a global issue, but one that women are experiencing differently by culture and country.该报告发现,美丽和外貌焦虑是一个全球性问题,但女性的体验会因为身处不同国家和文化环境而不同While women in South Africa are the most body confident with 6% saying they have “high body-esteem”, women in the UK come in th out of countries, with only % of us saying we feel good about the way we look.南非女性对自身外形的自信程度最高,有6%的女性表示“对外形高度自信”而英国女性在个国家中排名第位,只有%表示满意自己的外貌Percentage Of Women Who Feel Body Confident对外形感到自信的女性比例:1. South Africa: 6%1. 南非:6%. Russia: 5%. 俄罗斯:5%3. Turkey: %3. 土耳其:%. India: 0%. 印度:0%5. China: 37%5. 中国:37%6. Mexico: 36%6. 墨西哥:36%7. Germany: %7. 德国:%8. Brazil: 7%8. 巴西:7%9. US: %9. 美国:%. Canada: %. 加拿大:%. Australia: %. 澳大利亚:%. UK: %. 英国:%. Japan: 8%. 日本:8%But it’s not all bad news women and girls when it comes to body image.但妇女和女性在身体形象方面也并非都是坏消息The report reveals there is a pro-active desire among females to challenge existing beauty norms.报告显示,女性中存在一种主动挑战现行美丽标准的渴望A total of 71% of women and 67% of girls want to call on the media to do a better job portraying women of diverse physical appearance, age, race, shape and size.71%的妇女和67%的女孩希望呼吁媒体做出改善,更好地塑造不同外貌、年龄、种族、身材和体型的女性形象Additionally, while 60% of women believe they need to meet certain beauty standards, at the same time, 77% agree it is important to be their own person and not copy anyone else.此外,尽管60%的妇女认为她们需要符合一定的美丽标准,而同时,77%的人同意坚持自我、不模仿他人是重要的 many women and girls, the key to breaking a cycle of beauty and appearance anxiety seems to be the experience of taking time to care their minds, body and appearance.对于许多妇女和女孩来说,打破美丽和外貌焦虑的关键,似乎在于花费时间关爱自己的心灵、身体和外貌In fact, seven in women and eight in girls report feeling more confident or positive when they invest time in caring themselves.实际上,七成妇女和八成女孩报告称在投入时间关怀自己时感到更自信、更积极英文来源:赫芬顿邮报翻译:实习生徐晓彤编审:yaning。

  这些词多年前就有了,你都认识吗? -- :3:18 来源:chinadaily 我们每天都在向大家介绍英语中产生的新词和新的表达,不知道你们都积累多少了?有时候,我们发现的一些新词可能在英语里已经出现好多年了,但是一直没有被大规模使用,所以也就没有引起我们的注意 今天要给大家介绍的这些词,它们出现的最早记录都在1995年3月,也就多年前你都见过吗?知道是什么意思吗? gt;gt;Barfmail 退回邮件 n. An email message spewed out in all directions. 无法发送出去的邮件 最早出现1995年3月6日,The Washington Times 引文: Barfmail: multiple bounce (nondelivered) messages to the level of serious annoyance, like what happens when an inter-mail gateway goes wonky. —Larry R. Moffitt, “The Hacker's Dictionary,” The Washington Times, March 6, 1995 gt;gt;Celebrity wrangler 名人联络 n. A person who negotiates with a celebrity's agent, manager, or publicist to ensure the star's attendance at a social event. 与名人的经纪人、经理人或者公关人员商讨联络,确保名人能够出席某个社会活动的人员 最早出现1995年3月日,The Dallas Morning News 引文: Celebrities attending the All Star MS Rodeo will be well fed Sunday night, thanks to Al Biernat, manager of the Palm restaurant, and celebrity wranglers Marty Rendleman and Jean Kibler. —Alan Peppard, “Could be an instant replay,” The Dallas Morning News, March , 1995 gt;gt;Coolhunter 时尚猎酷 n. A person who investigates cutting-edge trends, fashions, and ideas and sells them as market research to companies so they can incorporate them into their latest products. 研究最前沿的潮流、时尚和理念,并将成果出售给公司企业,让其将这些成果应用到最新产品中的人 最早出现1995年3月日,The New Yorker 引文: The paradox, of course, is that the better coolhunters become at bringing the mainstream close to the cutting edge, the more elusive the cutting edge becomes. This is the first rule of the cool: The quicker the chase, the quicker the flight. The act of discovering what's cool is what causes cool to move on, which explains the triumphant circularity of coolhunting: because we have coolhunters like DeeDee and Baysie, cool changes more quickly, and because cool changes more quickly, we need coolhunters like DeeDee and Baysie. —Malcolm Gladwell, “The Coolhunt,” The New Yorker, March , 1995 gt;gt;De-alert 解除警报 v. To separate a nuclear weapon's warhead from its delivery system. 将核弹头与其发射架相脱离 最早出现1995年3月9日,Federal News Service 引文: Another developing international norm is the cessation of nuclear weapons testing. Since the NPT was signed, only one new country — India — has carried out an underground test. The steep reductions, de-alerting and detargeting of nuclear ces also convey important symbolic messages. —Michael Krepon, “Prepared Testimony of Michael Krepon Bee the Senate eign Relations Committee on Ratification,” Federal News Service, March 9, 1995 gt;gt;Dead tree edition 纸质版 n. The paper version of an online newspaper, magazine or journal. 在线报纸、杂志和期刊的纸质版 最早出现1995年3月3日,The Wall Street Journal 引文: The Los Angeles Times is on Prodigy under the name TimesLink and, like its parent, is filled with lengthy stories on every imaginable topic. But this strong content is trapped inside one of the ugliest and most confusing user interfaces I've seen on an electronic paper. The opening screen sports buttons, a clunky and juvenile Prodigy-style illustration and a garish ad. That said, there's a lot here, including much material that goes beyond what's in the dead-tree edition. —Walter S. Mossberg, “Newspapers Go Online to Save the Industry,” The Wall Street Journal, March 3, 1995 gt;gt;Eco-driving 环保驾驶 pp. Driving in a way that minimizes fuel consumption and exhaust emissions. 将油耗和尾气排放降到最低水平的驾驶方式 最早出现1995年3月31日,Sydney Morning Heral 引文: Now Mercedes Benz has started looking at the problem and has developed an eco-driving program. So far 1,0 drivers have done the course and, in covering 7 million kilometres, Mercedes believes they have saved 1.5 million litres of fuel and reduced carbon dioxide emissions by around 35,000 tonnes. —Alan Kennedy, “Drive to slow greenhouse blowout,” Sydney Morning Herald, March 31, 1995 gt;gt;Egosurfing 自我搜索 pp. Using a search engine to locate and pages, posts, s, and other online content that mentions your name. 在网络搜索并阅读带有自己名字的网页、帖子、文章等在线内容 最早出现1995年3月1日,Wired 引文: Egosurfing: Scanning the Net, databases, print media, or research papers looking mentions of your own name. —Gareth Branwyn, “Jargon Watch,” Wired, March 1, 1995 gt;gt;Elvis year 猫王年 n. The year in which a product, person, or phenomenon peaks in popularity. 某件产品、某个人,或者某个现象极度风靡的一年 最早出现1995年3月日, Billboard 引文: But Lyons believes that's simply more evidence that the pent-up demand Barney product was satisfied, and that sales will continue to be healthy. “Prior to ‘93, there was little Barney merchandise available,” Mack says. “We call 1993 ‘the Elvis year.”' —Moira McCormick, “Theme park, TV, vid show Barney far from extinct,” Billboard, March , 1995 gt;gt;Ethnoburb 族裔郊区 n. A suburban area that draws a large number of immigrants from the same ethnic group. 聚集了大量同一种族移民人口的郊区 最早出现1995年3月日,Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Association of American Geographers 引文: Wei Li, “Los Angeles' Chinese Ethnoburb: Evolution of Ethnic Commy and Economy,” Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Association of American Geographers, March , 1995 gt;gt;Fact-free science 虚拟科学 n. A scientific endeavour—such as a computer simulation of a biological process—that does not take into real-world constraints such as chemical or biological data. 计算机模拟生物进化过程等不需要考虑诸如化学或生物数据等现实局限性的科学探索 最早出现1995年3月日,The New York Review of Books 引文: I discuss below a particular example of a dynamic system—Turing's morphogenetic waves—which gives rise to just the kind of structure that, as a biologist, I want to see. But first I must explain why I have a general feeling of unease when contemplating complex systems dynamics. Its devotees are practicing fact-free science. A fact them is, at best, the output of a computer simulation: it is rarely a fact about the world. —John Maynard Smith, “Life at the Edge of Chaos?,” The New York Review of Books, March , 1995 gt;gt;Issue literature 主题文学 n. A literary genre where each work takes as its central theme a social, cultural, or political issue. 每部作品选择一个社会、文化或政治问题作为主题的文学作品形式 最早出现1995年3月日,The Irish Times 引文: Strangely or not strangely at all,“ said Ms Carr, ”babes are usually feminists, if you mean by feminism the promotion of all that is good and liberating in our culture. Where the babes part company with their sisters, is when it comes to issue literature. Babes will not reduce their work to a series of issues and disapprove strongly with anyone who tries to reduce their work to a series of issues. —Luke Clancy, “Writer prides herself on being ‘a babe',” The Irish Times, March , 1995 gt;gt;Paraeducator 特殊教育者 n. A teaching assistant, particularly one who works individually with children who have special language or learning needs. 帮助有特殊的语言或学习需求的孩子进行单独学习的助教人员 最早出现1995年3月3日,The Press-Enterprise 引文: The assistants want to be treated as professionals, in partnership with certified teachers. And please, don't call them aides. “We are teachers, OK? We are co-workers. I am not anybody's aide. I am your co-worker,” said Virginia Rivas, bilingual instructional aide Palm Springs Unified School District, who was answered by a cheer from the audience. The preferred term is para-educator, conference organizers said. —Rebecca Shoults, “Session gets teachers' aides fired up,” The Press-Enterprise, March 3, 1995 gt;gt;Weddingmoon 婚礼蜜月 n. A vacation that includes both a wedding ceremony and a honeymoon. 包括了婚礼和蜜月的假期 最早出现1995年3月日,The Houston Chronicle 引文: Many Caribbean islands have reacted to the growing popularity of “weddingmoons” by agreeing to waive waiting period requirements so that, in some instances, tourists can marry the day they arrive. —Harry Shattuck, “Not all couples wed to tradition,” The Houston Chronicle, March , 1995

  传奇影业拿下Pokemon Go电影版权 -- ::33 来源:chinadaily 传奇影业已赢得日本任天堂公司发布的热门手游Pokemon GO的电影改编权,并将与Pokémon公司合作拍摄首部真人电影《名侦探皮卡丘影片将于年开始制作请看相关报道:On the heels of Pokemon Go fever, Legendary has closed a deal the film rights the iconic Japanese property.传奇影业紧跟Pokemon Go游戏热潮,签下该游戏的电影版权Legendary and The Pokemon Co. on Wednesday announced that they will launch the first Pokemon live-action film franchise based on Detective Pikachu, a new character in the Pokemon universe.传奇影业与Pokemon公司日宣布将联合推出Pokemon系列真人电影,影片将讲述Pokemon系列新角色侦探皮卡丘的故事Pokemon Go是日本任天堂公司今年推出的一款增强现实游戏(augmented reality game, AR game),已经发布遍迅速蹿红,占领了安卓和苹果应用商店下载榜首位传奇影业购买该游戏电影改编权(film rights)的动作其实在月份就已经开始,影片的具体情节(details on the plot)和人物故事(story of the characters)目前仍处于保密阶段(being kept under wraps)影片制作完成后,环球影业公司将负责日本以外地区的发行(distribution of the live-action film outside of Japan),日本国内的发行将由东宝公司负责这里的live-action film是相对于animated cartoon来说的,指由动画作品改编成的真人电影,有时候也指 live-actionanimated film(真人动画电影),即在动画片中穿插真人角色的影片由最初的原创作品改编出来的各类作品都属于“衍生作品”(derivative works),而随着衍生作品的成功,市场上还会出现“衍生周边产品”(derivative products),比如:卡通玩偶、水杯、海报、钱包、笔记本,等等(中国日报网英语点津 Helen)

  中国家长的“全程监督”理念 -- :00: 来源: 爱孩子是正常的,但是现在的父母恨不得天天把孩子捧在手里,含在嘴里,在不知不觉中,对孩子的爱就变成了畸形的爱 Story highlights新闻概要Men and women are socially promiscuous in their early s, according to a recent study最近的一项研究表明,男性和女性在岁出头时交友广泛After the age of 5, the number of friends people have falls rapidly在5岁后,人们所拥有的朋友的数量急速下降Women lose friends at faster rates than men女性失去朋友的速度比男士更快Are you younger than 5 years old? You may want to appreciate this moment in life when your social circle is at its greatest. If you’re older, you may relate to what you next.你现在不到5岁吗?你可能会想感谢生命中这个时刻,你的社交圈是最棒的如果你年纪再大点,你可能会接触到你接下来读到的情况了Soon after your mid-s, your social circle shrinks, according to a recent study by scientists from Aalto University in Finland and the University of Oxd in England.根据来自芬兰阿尔托大学和英国牛津大学科学家的最新研究成果,来岁后不久,你的社交圈会开始缩小The teams analyzed data from 3 million mobile phone users to identify the frequency and patterns of whom they contacted and when, as well as overall activity within their networks.团队分析了来自300万个手机用户的数据,判定他们联系的频率和模式,以及在他们在网路上的整体活跃度Men and women were found to be socially promiscuous -- making more and more friends and social contacts -- until the age of 5, after which point they started losing them rapidly, with women losing them at an initially faster rate than men. The average 5-year-old woman contacts about .5 people per month, while a man contacts 19 people.男性和女性在5岁之前不断交友,社交联系频繁,处于泛交状态之后他们开始快速失去朋友,最初女性失去朋友的速度快于男性5岁的女性每月联系.5个人,而5岁的男性每月联系19个人No, Facebook friends don’t count.不,脸书上的朋友不计入其中This decline continues the rest of your life, or at least until retirement, where it plateaus, probably due to reduced data among this age group.在余生中,朋友的数量会继续下降,至少退休之前是这样的数据突然停滞的原因,也许是在这个年龄群体中可采集的数据减少Why does it happen? It comes down to investments.为什么会发生?归根结底是投资问题What’s it worth?什么是值得的?The theory is that around this age, people begin to decide who is most important -- and valuable -- in their life and make a greater eft to hold on to those friends.关于这个年纪的理论表明,人们开始决断在他们生命中谁是最重要的或者说是最有价值的,从而为了保住这些朋友作出更大的努力"People become more focused on certain relationships and maintain those relationships," said Kunal Bhattacharya, a postdoctoral researcher at Aalto University who co-authored the study. "You have new family contacts developing, but your casual circle shrinks."阿尔托大学士后Kunal Bhattacharya共同主导了这项研究,他说“人们更在在意某些关系并努力去维持这些关系,你建立了新的家庭联系,但是你的日常生活圈缩小了”This applies to both partners and friends, and it stems largely from people wanting to settle down and raise a family.这同时适用于伴侣和朋友,主要源于人们想安定下来建立家庭"At the beginning of this age range, women are more focused," Bhattacharya said, meaning women are more intent on finding the correct partner. Once they believe they have, they invest more time in nurturing that relationship and lose others of less value.Bhattacharya说“在这个年龄段初期,女性更加注重这点”这意味着女性更加想要找到合适的伴侣一旦她们认为自己拥有了,就会投入更多的时间去培养这段关系,失去一些其他没那么有价值的人"Once you’ve made decisions and found the appropriate people, you can be much less socially promiscuous and invest your time in these people," added Robin Dunbar, a professor of evolutionary psychology at the University of Oxd who co-authored the paper. "But they can’t be just anybody," he added.该论文的共同作者Robin Dunbar,也是牛津大学进化心理学教授补充道,“一旦你做出了决定并找到了合适的人,社交会更慎重,把时间投入到选择的人身上,而不是随意的任何人”Narrowing down the people you’re close to includes friendships as well as life partners, particularly women, due to the support and help they can provide in times of need.缩小亲近的朋友和人生伴侣的圈子,尤其是对女性来说,主要是由于他们在需要的时候可以提供的持和帮助有限"Women have this idea of a best friend, who is similar to a romantic partner ... and women work hard at these relationships," Dunbar said. "Particularly with friendships, if you don’t invest in them or see those friends, they will decay and quite rapidly drop."Dunbar认为“女性对最好的朋友的定义,几乎是一个浪漫的伴侣女性对这些关系付出巨大的努力特别在友谊方面,如果不花时间维持关系或去见见这些朋友,关系就会变淡并很快失去Middle-age reversal中年逆转Trends were seen to change slightly in people’s late 30s: Men begin losing buddies at a faster rate. "You get a secondary switchover later in life," said Dunbar.在人们30岁以后,趋势看起来有轻微的改变:男性开始以更快的速度失去伙伴Dunbar说,“在以后的生活中发生第二次的转变”By the age of 39, the average man was contacting people, while women were calling people each month.到39岁时,男性平均每月联系个人,而女性每月联系个人Initial numbers of contacts during younger years are higher men, but by these later years, they soon drop contacts faster than women, and their totals become lower.最初更年轻的时候男性月平均联系人数更高,但是在之后的这些年,与女性相比,男性更快的与朋友失去联系,直到每个月的联系人数反而少于女性"You see this [reduction] in them about seven years later," Dunbar said. "It’s the women who make up their mind very early on."“从7年后他们的下降趋势来看,” Dunbar说,“女性很早就做出了决定”The grandmother effect祖母效应Though the team emphasized that the rapid loss of friends happens in both men and women, experts generally consider this mation of an "inner circle" to be more important to women, mainly due to them having children.尽管团队强调朋友的快速流失同时发生在男性和女性身上,专家通常认为这种“核心圈”的模式因孩子的缘故对女性来说更重要"You make the eft in return some benefits," said Dunbar, who believes that at this point, people will prioritize those who are more useful to them.“你会为了某些回报而做出努力” Dunbar说,他相信人们会优先对待对他们更有用的人"That investment will help certain aspects of your life," Bhattacharya added.“这些投资会对你生活的某些部分有所帮助,”Bhattacharya补充道At this point, contacts such as mothers, mothers-in-law, close friends and family come into play as they help people raise their children, known as the grandmother effect.此时,联系母亲,伴侣的母亲,亲近的朋友和家人可以在帮助人们养孩子上发挥作用,被称为祖母效应"It’s the ’tend and befriend’ idea, meaning relationships become more important when you have children," said Michael Price, director of the Center Culture and Evolution at Brunel University London who was not involved in the study. "You’re now investing in offspring the rest of your lives."“这种‘照料与结盟’理念,意味着当你有孩子以后关系会变得更加重要,” 并未参与这项研究的英国布鲁内尔大学文化演变中心主任Michael Price说道,“你正在为你以后的生活投资后代”In an evolutionary aspect, such such networks are believed to help women raise children.从进化的角度来看,这样的网络被认为会帮助女性养育后代Price believes that men instead value more individualistic criteria, such as their achievements or status, once they have a family. "It’s well established that close, personal relationships are more highly valued by women in general, while men value status more," he said.Price认为一旦男性拥有家庭后,会更加重视个体标准,如他们的成就或地位他说道,“经实,通常来说女性更重视亲密私人的关系,而男性更重视社会地位”Though the study was an opporty to analyze a large data set across many age groups within a population, Price noted that it did not reveal much about the quality of the relationships being counted or what people were actually talking about. "The quantity doesn’t reveal the quality of the relationships," he said.尽管这项研究对通过年龄对人群进行划分并分析了大量数据,Price强调其并没揭示统计的关系的质量或者人们实际上所谈论的内容他说,“数量并没有展现出关系的质量”Is the future online?未来会是线上的吗? many years, social networks have been raising people’s "friend" count, making millennials believe they have hundreds or even thousands of friends. But even with these added means of communication, experts believe the time taken to invest in a true close-knit friendship will continue to keep the trend going. Although it may become more international, the value of face-to-face friendship may never change.多年来,社交网络增加了人们朋友的数量,使得千禧一代(198-1995年出生)自认为他们有成百上千的朋友但即使是这些通讯手段增加,专家认为投入在真实亲密的友谊上的时间将使这个趋势持续下去尽管通讯可能变得越来越国际化,面对面的友谊从未改变"Our natural psychology is small, very small, like a village," Dunbar said. "The internet may allow you to keep relationships going over a much wider geographical area, but [ now], a shoulder ,000 miles away isn’t as good to cry on.“我们自然的心理很小,非常小,像个小村庄,” Dunbar说,“网络能让你跨越一个非常大的地域范围保持一段关系,但目至今为止,千里之外的肩膀并不能让你在哭泣时依靠”

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