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FindingAsia:Japan Society, NYC亚洲发现: 纽约日本协会One of the places I was most looking ward to visiting in New York City was the Japan Society.纽约日本协会是我最期待的拜访地之一Holding over 0 different events each year, the Japan Society is one of the leading U.S. organizations fostering a mutual understanding and appreciation between Japan and the ed States.日本协会每年举办0多场不同的活动它是一个致力于加强日美两国之间互相理解与欣赏的主要美国组织之一Founded in May of 19 by a group of New Yorkers with a deep adoration Japan, this nonprofit society has long played a role in strengthening U.S. – Japanese relations. Its expansion into a full-blown arts and culture center in the 1970s was largely thanks to John D Rockefeller III, who was also an avid admirer of Japan.日本协会是在19年由一群深深崇拜日本的纽约人创建这个非营利的组织长久以来在加深美日关系中起着重要作用主要是由于狂热的日本迷约翰·D·洛克菲勒三世的大力帮助,日本协会在世纪70年代发展成了一个全面的艺术文化中心The building itself was designed by famous Japanese architect Junzo Yoshimura and was the building of Japanese architecture in NYC when it opened in 1971.该楼在1971年开放,在当时的纽约属于典型的日本建筑风格,由日本著名的建筑师吉村顺三设计Inside it features an impressive three-story indoor bamboo water garden, a large theatre, art gallery, library, the Toyota Language Center and additional conference facilities.内部构造有最具特色的三层室内水竹园,还有大剧院,美术馆,丰田语言中心以及其他的会议设施Each week they put on an array of programs that touch on?art and culture, language learning, public policy, business and more.他们每周都举办一系列涉及艺术文化,语言学习,公共政策,日本商业等的活动The theater often hosts all sorts of Japanese films, as well as dance, music, and theatrical permances. And?I wish I had been able to spend more time there as they were actually playing a few movies that I had been wanting to see!剧院经常放映各种类型的日本电影,也有舞蹈演出,音乐和戏剧表演我多么希望可以在那度过更长一段时间,因为剧院播放了一些我很想看的电影 those wishing to learn or practice Japanese, the Toyota Language Center offers different levels of instruction and those just wanting to know more?about Japan and its unique culture, the library features over ,000 English-language books.针对那些想学习或练习日语的人,丰田语言中心提供种不同程度的语言指导对于那些只想更多了解日本和其独特文化的人来说,图书馆提供了超过000本英文编著的书The Japan Society seems to put on two large exhibitions a year, one in spring and one in fall. While I was there I managed to catch the popular?Life of Cats: Selections from the Hiraki Ukiyo-e Collection, which I had been wanting to see since learning about it months prior.日本协会基本在每年的春天和秋天共举办次大型的展览我成功的看到了非常有名的猫的生活—Hiraki Ukiyo-e文集中的节选我几个月前了解之后就一直想接触一下This exhibition examined the importance of cats in Japan’s history and folklore– which is interesting considering cats are not native to Japan.该展览呈现了猫在日本历史与民间传说当中的重要作用有趣的是,猫并不源于日本Cats first arrived in Japan from China in the mid-sixth century, supposedly on a ship that was carrying sacred Buddhist scriptures. They were quickly adopted as pets and have since infiltrated Japanese hearts, and arts and literature, too.据说在6世纪一艘装有神圣佛经的,从中国驶往日本的船上也载了猫那是猫第一次到达日本And though they were loved,people soon started to discover the mischievous side of cats, and folk tales began to sp about these creatures transming into demons.即使猫受到了宠爱,人们很快的发现了猫不好的一面民间故事散布开来,猫也在流传中成为了人们口中的恶魔The paradox between a cat’s cute appearance and their innate need destruction was just one of the five themes explored in the exhibition.可爱的面容和内心的破坏欲,对该悖论的探讨也成了该展览5个被探索的主题之一Over 90 rare woodblock prints from the Edo period (-1868) were included, which was quite impressive.展出了江户年间90多种罕见的木板刻画令人印象深刻Even though that exhibition is now over, the one opening in September on experimental art and photography sounds just as awesome.即使展览现在已经结束了,9月的关于实验艺术与摄影的展览听说也是非常棒的If I lived in NYC, I’d be taking advantage of the Japan Society and all its programs. I know I’ll be back.如果我住在纽约,我一定会充分利用日本协会的,想参加他们所有的活动我知道我一定还会回来的When to visit: Monday – Fridays; and weekends during exhibitions参观时间--每个周五和展览期间的周末Cost:$, $ students and seniors. Free members, children under , and after 6pm on Fridays费用:美元学生和老年人美元岁以下儿童及周五六点以后免费Where to visit: 333 E. 7th St., New York, NY 0地址:纽约市东7街333号Have you experienced Asian culture outside of Asia? Tell me about it in the comments below or share your own photo on social media using the hashtag #FindingAsia!你在亚洲以外的地方体验过亚洲文化吗?可以在下面的中告诉我,或者在社交媒体上用标签#FindingAsia分享你自己的照片译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可, 38333。

  • Some peopledon’t feel great about the way they look, so they just hide themselves and feel awful. Well, on and become confident in your looks  很多人不满意自己的长相,总会在内心感觉很自卑没关系,看看下面的内容,它们会让你变得自信起来  1. Remember that what people think of you doesn’tmatter a bit. The important is what you, and only you, think of yourself  要记住,别人对你的看法并不重要,重要的是你就是你,任何人替代不了  . Be natural when made up 化自然裸妆  Although makeup can do wonders a person, it can make you look fake or tacky if done the wrong way. Remember, less is more when it comes to makeup, and if you really know how to do it, it will make you moreglamorous on the outside  化妆可以很大地改变一个人,但化不好也会让你变得虚假俗气,妆容以淡为好知道该怎么化妆之后,你看起来会更加魅力四射  3. Accept the way you are. 接受自己  No matter ifyour hair is curly, straight, wavy or if you’re skinny or fat.Whatever you are, you will always have something beautiful inyou  无论你是直发还是直发,胖子还是瘦子,你就是你,唯一的你,拥有独特美的你  . Just because you are confident in yourselfdoesn’t mean you must be cocky. Always be kind to people and makethem feel good around you, because that’s what makes you trulyattractive  自信不等于狂妄自大,善待身边的人友好可以增添你的魅力值,让别人喜欢围绕在你的身边  5.Get a new wardrobe. 买一个新衣柜  Stop, look atyour wardrobe and think is that the style I want? Do I like wearing these clothes? Depending on the answers, you could go outand buy new clothes that suit you and your style, clothes that makeyou feel comtable and good-looking  不要再站在衣柜前问自己:那是我的风格么?我喜欢穿那些衣么?必要的时候,依着自己的心意去买合适的喜欢的风格  6. Know that skin and hair care are really important保护好头发和皮肤很重要  Make sure to always clean your skin. Wash your hairtwice a week and make sure it really smells good  永远保持自己的皮肤干净,每周至少洗两次头发,并且确保头发没有异味  7. Pamper yourself. 纵容自己  Take a bubblebath, splurge on a new perfume or outfit, get a manicure. If youset aside some time out of your busy week to do these things, you will feel good, and when you feel good, you feel more confident  洗个泡泡浴,用一款新的香水,买一套新的衣,修指甲……每周花一点时间做这些事,你会感到相当开心而且当你感觉良好的时候,你就会更加自信  8. Let yourself know how beautiful you are告诉自己你是最漂亮的  Stop in front of the mirrorand smile, see how good you look with your new clothes and niceskin and hair, tell you how pretty you look, how smart and good-looking you are. Look at photos of yourself. Often this willgive you a kinder perception of the person you reallyare  站在镜子前微笑,告诉自己面前这个穿着新衣,有着光洁肌肤和美丽头发的自己是多么得美丽看看自己的照片,经常这么做会让自我认知更近一步  9. Don’t try to be someone you’re not; be your ownbeauty  不要尝试不适合自己的风格,你有你自己的风格和美丽  . Having "inner beauty" is just as important asbeing outwardly beautiful. Being beautiful on the inside will showyou are a very special girl not worth losing  拥有内在美和外在美同样重要拥有内在美,让身边的人感受到你的与众不同和重要性 01953。
  • Mariusz Szymaszek is a Poland-born, London based amateur photographer. His first attempts in photography date from 1985, when he began shooting with Russian Smena and Zenit cameras. He discovered new possibilities with digital photography in ; a medium through which he clearly illustrates his vision. He’s passionate about nature, from small creatures to big spectacular landscapes. You can see it, in his marvelous shots of butterflies and breathtaking sceneries.Szymaszek是波兰出生,工作于伦敦的业余摄影师他第一次摄影尝试始于1985年,那时起他就开始用俄国斯明娜牌照相机和泽尼特牌照相机开始摄影在年发现用数码相机拍摄的可能性:通过拍摄可以展示他的事业他对大自然充满热情,从小的生物到大的自然景观从蝴蝶和神奇壮丽的风景照片中你可以看出这些 5918。
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