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墟沟海州湾连云连岛板桥徐圩朝阳街道做产前检查哪家医院最好的连云港妇幼保健院治疗不孕不育好吗Stop the itch in its tracks by mixing a few simple ingredients.将几种简单的成分混合,瘙痒将无影无踪。You Will Need你需要Antihistamine tablets抗组织胺药片3/4 cup hot water3/4杯热水Packet instant oatmeal袋装即食燕麦片Baking soda小苏打Washcloths毛巾Aloe vera plant芦荟1/2 oz. dried basil1/2盎司干罗勒2 oz. witch hazel2盎司北美金缕梅15 drops tea tree oil15滴茶树油Spray bottle喷瓶1/2 oz. cloves (optional)1/2盎司丁香(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Use antihistamines1.使用抗组织胺药片Crush several antihistamine tablets and add a few drops of water to make a paste. Sp the paste on the itchy area.将几片抗组织胺药片压碎,加入几滴水,混合成膏状。将膏体涂抹在瘙痒部位。Antihistamines contain diphenhydramine, which numbs skin.抗组织胺药中含有可他敏,可以麻木皮肤。Step 2 Use oatmeal2.使用燕麦Mix the hot water with a 1.5 ounce packet of instant oatmeal. Let it cool and sp it on the itch. Oatmeal has anti-itch properties and is effective for large areas, such as those affected by chicken pox, poison oak and poison ivy.将热水与1.5盎司即食燕麦片混合。冷却后涂抹在瘙痒处。燕麦中含有止痒成分,对于大片区域止痒有效,例如感染了水痘,毒葛和三叶毒藤的部位。Step 3 Mix baking soda and water3.小苏打Mix three parts baking soda with one part water and apply the resulting paste to the itchy area. The paste will harden into a crust and soothe irritated skin.将三份小苏打和一份水混合,将膏体涂抹在瘙痒部位。膏体会变硬成为粉末,舒缓过敏皮肤。You can also make a solution of 4 tablespoons baking soda dissolved in a quart of water and apply it with a washcloth.你也可以将4汤匙小苏打溶解在水中制成溶液,用毛巾涂抹。Step 4 Use aloe vera4.使用芦荟Snap off an aloe vera leaf, split it down the middle, and squeeze the gel onto the itch.折断一片芦荟叶子,从中间撕开,将芦荟胶挤到瘙痒处。Step 5 Use basil5.使用干罗勒Make a tea with 1/2 ounce dried basil and 1 pint of water. Cover the tea until it cools and then apply it to irritated skin with a washcloth. Basil contains a natural anesthetic called eugenol.用1/2盎司干罗勒和1品脱水泡茶。用盖子盖上,直到冷却,然后用毛巾涂抹在过敏皮肤上。罗勒中含有天然的麻醉成分丁香油酚。You can substitute cloves for basil. Cloves are also high in eugenol.也可以用丁香代替罗勒。丁香中也含有很多丁香油酚。Step 6 Mix solution6.混合溶液Mix a solution of 2 ounces witch hazel, 2 ounces aloe vera gel, and 15 drops tea tree oil. Put it in a spray bottle and spray your itch.用2盎司北美金缕梅,2盎司芦荟胶和15滴茶树油混合成溶液。放入喷瓶中,喷洒在瘙痒部位。Depending on the species, most mosquitoes have a very short life span, from one week to a month.根据品种不同,大部分蚊子的寿命都非常短暂,从1周到1个月。视频听力栏目译文属。201305/237640江苏连云港妇科医院哪家好 Everyone was knocking and crying for the elevator to come up.所有人都在敲打闸门,呼喊着要电梯上来 Suddenly the elevator came and the girls rushed in.突然电梯来了,女工们一下子涌了进去 I was searching for my sister, Rose, but I couldnt find her.我在找我的罗丝,但怎么也找不到她 The flames were coming toward me, and I was being left behind.火焰正朝着我的方向扑来,我被甩在了逃生队伍最后 I felt the elevator was leaving the ninth floor for the last time.我觉得这次电梯离开9楼后就再也不会回来了 Shes the last person to get to the last elevator.她是搭上最后一班电梯的最后一个人 More than 100 girls are left behind to die.其他100多名女工失去了最后逃生机会 The only escape route left is the metal fire escape... but it collapses.还剩下一条逃生路线就是金属防火梯,但已经塌落Firemen arrive with the biggest ladder in New York City.消防员带来了全纽约市最大的梯子 But its 30 feet too short.但仍差30英尺4:58 p.m.The girls trapped on the ninth floor are out of options.下午4时58分,被困9楼的女工已别无选择 In desperation...they jump.由于绝望,她们选择了向下跳 5:15 p.m.The entire blaze is over in less than half an hour.下午5时15分不到,半小时大火就被扑灭146 people die in the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire.146人在三角女式衬衫厂的大火中丧生Theres a trial, but the owners walk free.法院进行了审判,但雇主获判无罪 It remains the deadliest workplace disaster in NYC history until September 11, 2001.它是;911;之前,纽约史上死伤最惨重的工作场所事故 But some good does come out of it.但这场事故带来的并非全是恶果 This dramatic tragedy sparks a wave of reform, so you begin to get new restrictions and a new conversation about what to do to prevent this kind of tragedy from happening.这场悲剧引致了一场变革,政府开始制定新的限制措施,社会展开了一场关于该如何防止类似事故再度发生的大讨论 But it did not stop, of course, that tragedy itself.但对这次事故本身来说,一切都太晚了Unions force management to take responsibility for the lives of their workers.工会要求管理方担负起保护工人生命安全的责任The Life Safety Code now used in all 50 states is a direct result of this fire.50个州现行的《生命安全守则》就直接源于这场大火Its why doors now open outwards in public buildings, why automatic sprinkler systems or multiple exits are now the law.其中规定公共场所的门必须向外打开,必须设置自动喷水灭火系统,必须设有多于一个出口 The US and the modern city grew up together.美国的发展伴随着现代城市的兴起 Typically new, enormous and fast-paced, the megacity is one of Americas greatest inventions.以新兴,大规模以及快节奏为特征的现代大都市成了美国最伟大的发明之一The dawn of the 20th century.20世纪初 America is changing in ways never thought possible.美国正以超乎想象的方式发生着改变 Cities explode outwards.城市大规模扩张 Booze fuels a criminal underworld.酗酒导致的黑社会犯罪屡有发生 Millions head north to escape poverty.几百万人为摆脱贫穷来到北方 Violence erupts.暴力犯罪陡然增加 America is about to become the richest nation on earth.美国即将成为,世界经济头号强国 Its 1900. The dawn of the greatest consumer boom the world has ever seen.1900年,一场全世界前所未见的消费繁荣悄然来临 /201212/214906Whether you want to mend a relationship, end a relationship, or to tell someone how much you love them, express yourself and tell someone how you feel.无论你是想修补一段关系,结束一段关系,还是要告诉别人你有多爱他们,坦诚地表达自己,说出自己的感受。You Will Need你需要Organization组织Time时间Confidence信心Honesty诚实Empathy共鸣Steps步骤Step 1 Organize your thoughts1.组织自己的想法Organize your thoughts in your head before telling someone how you feel.告诉对方你的感受之前先在脑海中组织好自己的想法。Step 2 Make time2.找时间Set aside time to meet with the person you want to talk to.留出时间与你想交流的人会面。Pick an environment without distractions.选择一个没有干扰的环境。Step 3 Be confident3.有信心Be confident and go for it. Speak your mind and express issues that are important to you. Speak calmly, and stick to the points you want to get across. Dont distract from your message by veering off-topic.自信满满地赴约。说出自己的想法,讲述对自己比较重要的事宜。语气要平静,坚持你想要传达的观点。不要跑题,偏离自己的主题。Step 4 Be honest4.诚实Keep eye contact with that person and be honest with how youre feeling.与对方进行眼神交流,诚实地说出自己的感觉。Step 5 Be empathetic5.换位思考Be empathetic to the person you are talking to by giving them the chance to respond. Avoid interrupting them.理解对方,给他们机会来做出回应。不要打断对方。Step 6 Resolve issues6.解决问题Once youve spoken up, try to resolve any lingering issues on both sides, and feel good about expressing your feelings.一旦敞开心扉畅所欲言,努力解决双方的问题,表达出自己的感受会让你感到非常畅快。During the Great Depression, Dale Carnegie wrote How to Win Friends and Influence People, which inspired ers and job-seekers to learn proper communication skills. Copies flew off shelves at 5,000 a day.大萧条时期,戴尔·卡耐基撰写了《怎样赢得朋友和影响他人》一书,激励读者和求职者学习恰当的沟通技巧。当时该书每天的销量高达5,000本。视频听力栏目译文属。201305/240695连云港赣榆区治疗脱肛多少钱

连云区体检多少钱Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola called Wednesdays Kings Cup semi-final second leg against Valencia ;a game for men; while revealing little about the state of his injured players.Earlier this week Barcelona won the World Laureus Award for best team and are seeking their third Kings Cup final appearance in four years. They are also in the running for a possible 14th title since Guardiola took over in 2008.The world and European champions have suffered a string of injuries, though, which have contributed to their dip in form in recent weeks. Carlos Puyols away goal in the 1-1 draw from the first leg gives Barca a slight edge against a team who have always made life tough for them.Spanish internationals Andres Iniesta and Pedro returned from injury to training with the rest of the squad on Monday, only taking part in some of the session. Playmaker Xavi has been surprisingly rested for their last two matches, including last weeks first leg, while Chile forward Alexis Sanchez has been struggling with a shoulder problem.Midfielder Sergio Busquets needed stitches in a gashed knee after Saturdays 2-1 league win over Real Sociedad while Ibrahim Afellay and David Villa are long-term injury victims. But Guardiola is licking his lips at the ;perfect situation; his team is in.Pep Guardiola, Barcelona Coach, said, ;It is a perfect situation in the perfect stadium. It is a perfect situation. When I started to fight for the Spanish Cup, I wanted this. The semifinals - the second leg - with the chance of reaching the final without losing the chance in the first leg. The situation is ideal. Its perfect. And if some of the boys cant make it tomorrow, others will.;巴塞罗那主教练瓜迪奥拉称星期三的国王杯半决赛第二回合对阵瓦伦西亚是;男人的比赛;,同时也全面展示了一些他受伤球员的状态。瓜迪奥拉表示这是在完美的体育场的最理想的状态。这是完美的情况。当我开始争取西甲联赛冠军时,我希望的就是这个。我们已经做好准备面对瓦伦西亚。201202/170694连云港国泰人流价格表 Mosquito bites are very common and very annoying. Relieve the itching and swelling with some common household products.蚊子叮咬非常普遍,也非常让人气恼。使用一些普通的家用产品,缓解瘙痒和红肿。You Will Need你需要Ice冰Baking soda小苏打Cotton balls棉球Apple cider vinegar苹果醋Toothpaste牙膏Aloe芦荟Salt盐Calamine lotion炉甘石洗剂Bar of soap条形肥皂Steps步骤Step 1 Apply ice1.敷冰块Apply an ice cube to the bite to help relieve the itch.在蚊子叮咬处敷一块冰块,帮助缓解瘙痒。Apply to the bite as soon as possible.一旦被蚊子叮咬,尽快处理。Step 2 Mix a solution2.配制溶液Mix a pasty solution of baking soda and water and apply to the affected area.将小苏打和水混合搅拌成糊状,涂抹在被咬的地方。Step 3 Rub on apple cider vinegar3.用苹果醋擦Dampen a cotton ball with apple cider vinegar and rub it onto the mosquito bite to help relieve the itching.将棉球浸入苹果醋中,轻轻地擦拭被蚊子咬的地方,帮助缓解瘙痒。Step 4 Apply toothpaste4.抹牙膏Apply flavored toothpaste to the mosquito bite to quickly eliminate the itching sensation.将有香味的牙膏涂抹在蚊子咬的地方,迅速消除奇痒无比的感觉。Step 5 Apply aloe5.涂抹芦荟Rub aloe onto the affected area to help stop the itch and to help heal the area.将芦荟涂抹在被咬的地方,可以止痒,又可以消除红肿。Step 6 Add salt6.盐水Rub a saltwater solution directly onto the mosquito bite.直接用盐溶液擦拭蚊子咬的地方。Step 7 Apply calamine lotion7.用炉甘石洗剂Apply calamine lotion to a babys mosquito bite to help relieve the itch and swelling.如果被咬的是婴儿,可以用炉甘石洗剂涂抹,帮助缓解瘙痒和红肿。Keep calamine lotion away from eyes.炉甘石洗剂不要接触到眼睛。Step 8 Rub soap8.涂抹肥皂Rub a dry bar of soap over the mosquito bite. At least one of these solutions should stop your itching in no time!直接用条形肥皂擦拭被咬的地方。以上至少有一种方法可以帮你迅速止痒!A mosquito can detect a moving target as far as 18 feet away.蚊子可以侦查到18英尺以外运动的目标。视频听力栏目译文属。 /201303/231445青口柘汪石桥金山黑林厉庄海头塔山镇治疗内痔多少钱

海州区彩超哪家医院最好的In Italy, AC Milan were able to survive a tremendous scare this past week against Arsenal. Despite suffering an embarassing loss, they were able to advance in the Champions League, and on Sunday the Italian giants were hoping they could get back to their winning ways against Lecce.Milan, who lost to Arsenal 3-0, but still progressed to Champions League last 8, quickly got on the board when Zlatan Ibrahimovic set up Antonio Nocerino with a neat feed, who finished with fine strike, making it 1-0. It was Nocerinos 9th goal of the season.Less than 20 minutes in, Ibrahimovic almost doubled Milans cushion when the Swede chipped a ball that was inches away from rolling in. Ambitious attempt.Ibrahimovic, however, made amends in the 64th minute, when the striker picked up a cross and hammered a powerful volley into the net. Ibrahimovic took his goal tally to 19, leading the Serie A scorers table.意甲;领头羊;AC米兰队主场2:0轻松击败莱切队,在积分榜上继续领先。AC米兰主场作战,完全占据优势。他们在第七分钟由诺切里诺接伊布妙传率先破门。第65分钟,伊布进球锁定胜局。201203/174274 连云港国泰医院四维彩超预约连云港做一个人流大概多少钱



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