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UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Todays first ;Shoutout; goes out to Mrs. Jimenezs math classes, at Cesar Chavez Academy in Denver, Colorado.今天的第一次“大声喊出来”来到了Jimenez女士的数学课堂。Which of these political parties has won a U.S. presidential election?这些政党中的哪一个曾经赢得过美国总统选举?Here we go. Is it the Reform Party, Green Party, Libertarian Party or Whig Party? Youve got three seconds, go!开始!它是改革党,绿党,自由党还是辉格党?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!There have been four U.S. presidents who were members of the Whig Party. Thats your answer and thats your ;Shoutout.;曾经有四位美国总统来自辉格党成员。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: You obviously hear about the Republican and Democratic Parties, but as you saw there are other political parties in the ed States, there have been throughout the countrys history.你肯定听说过共和党和民主党,但正如你所看到的美国还有其他的政党,他们谱写着美国的历史。Like the Whigs back in the 1800s.正如19世纪的辉格党。These days other parties are usually referred to as third parties.现在其他的党派通常被称为第三党派。This years third party presidential candidates werent part of the debates between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.今年的第三党派总统竞选人并不是巴拉克#8226;奥巴马和米特#8226;罗姆尼争论的部分。They got together for their own debate this week in Chicago.他们这周聚集在芝加哥举行了他们自己的辩论。 /201210/206499VideoJug presents a simple on how to have a great relationship with your father-in-law. With advice from counsellor Hillie Marshall, here are various tips and advice on how to adapt to this new relationship.VideoJug提供了一段简单的视频,教给你怎样与伴侣的父亲保持良好的关系。顾问Hillie Marshall给出了几条建议,让你适应这种新关系。Step 1: The father-in-laws role1.伴侣父亲的角色Respect his place in the way he runs his household. If your partner is his daughter give them some space and time to themselves. Try to interest yourself in his hobbies, even if its just having a chat / drink together.尊重他主持家事的方式。你的老婆是他的女儿,给他们一些自己的时间和空间。试着投其所好,即使仅仅是一起聊天或喝茶。Dont step on his toes or try to usurp his place in his daughters affections.不要触犯他,或者试图夺走他在女儿心目中的位置。Step 2: The marital role2.婚姻关系If youre the son in law, youre the guy looking after your father-in-laws daughter - dont give him any cause to worry,dont mention past relationships. Appear to be a very dependable, responsible person.如果你是女婿,你照顾岳父的女儿——不要让他有任何担心的理由,不要提起以前的恋情。一定要向他展现你是可靠,有责任感的人。It can also be very flattering to ask his advice whether youre daughter or son-in-law.无论你是儿媳还是女婿,向他征求建议都会让他非常高兴。Step 3: The ongoing relationship3.保持长久关系If youre daughter-in-law he may want to protect you as his new daughter. If son-in-law youre now part of his pride, so he may want you to succeed and do well, so listen to and appreciate his advice.如果你是儿媳,他可能想要像新的女儿一样对待你。如果你是女婿,现在你也是他的骄傲,他希望你能成功,所以一定要倾听他的建议。Thanks for watching How To Have A Great Relationship With Your Father In Law.感谢收看“怎样与伴侣的父亲保持良好关系”视频节目。201211/210059

This VideoJug film is designed to teach you how you can gain a healthy weight through proper diet and exercise. Obtain a healthy body and mind by listening closely to a personal trainers advice.VideoJug这段视频教给你怎样通过恰当的饮食和锻炼来获得健康体重的目的。请认真倾听这位个人教练的建议,帮助你获得健康的身体和思想。If youre looking to gain a healthy weight, the first thing that you need to do is assess where you are. I would recommend going to the doctor or health professional to gauge where you are in terms of your weight. Are you overweight? Are you okay?Are you underweight? If youre underweight, you really shouldnt worry about training.如果你想获得健康的体重,第一步就是评估目前的状况。我建议到医生或者健康专家那里测量一下自己的体重。你有没有超重?身体如何?你的体重是不是过轻?如果体重过轻,那么你不必忧虑体育锻炼。The main thing is to eat well and have some good habits and go to a nutritionist to get some help. If youre overweight or a little bit fat and you want to gain more weight, its probably muscle that youre looking for than the natural fat. So Id recommend some training that means go to the gym, ideally do some weight lifting.主要就是保合理的饮食,养成良好的习惯,到营养师那里寻求帮助。如果你超重,或者有一点脂肪,你想要增肥,你实际上需要的可能是肌肉,而不是脂肪。这样的话,我建议进行一些体育锻炼,去健身馆最好,最理想的就是进行一些负重锻炼。Do some barbells, dumbbells, and push yourself. You can do this three to four time a week. Like 40-45 minutes.可以举杠铃,哑铃,或者俯卧撑。每周三至四次,每次40-45分钟。Youll see a difference and youll gain healthy muscle weight naturally. So to recap, if youre underweight, look at your nutrition and get some help. If youre overweight, theres the gym and do some resistance training.不久之后你会看到身体发生变化,你会自然地获得健康的肌肉。复述一下,如果你体重过轻,关注一下自己的营养状况,寻求营养师的帮助。如果体重过重,去健身馆,做一些耐力锻炼。If youre varying weight though, again, talk to a doctor or nutritionist first before you actually go into training.再次强调一下,如果你的体重偏离正常状况,进行锻炼之前先向医生或营养师咨询。Thanks for watching How To Gain Healthy Weight感谢收看“怎样获得健康的体重”视频节目。201210/203719

  The ollie impossible is a retro trick derived from a pressure flip. Here in this you will be able to see an ;ollie Impossible; demonstrated and also, a descriptive walk-through on how to perform the trick yourself!翱骊(滑板的一种动作)是一种重新流行的滑板动作,是由压力翻转演化而来。在本期视频里面你将会看到这个很酷的动作,还能看到分解动作讲解。Hello, Im Bryce Campbell - sponsored skateboarder. And Im here to show you how to do an Ollie impossible. Now this trick, for a bit of history on it is quite a retro trick derived from pressure flips, before a lot of people were getting too far off the ground.大家好,我是一名滑板爱好者,这里我将向大家展示在翱骊动作中应该如何做This trick is where the board is going to come up 360 and going to wrap around your back foot and the rotation of your back foot is going to bring it back, therefore ;360; landing back on the board. If we look at it on the ground imaging, the back foot was in this corner here as you jump, put pressure on the back foot, slide it up, bring your foot around and then land back on there. If we look at the trick here, foot in the corner here, by pushing down right in that corner, its going to make the board come up slightly, then that is where you are going to get the scoop.这个技巧的关键是使滑板围绕脚背翻转360度,然后还能重新站在滑板上。从地面上看,起跳的时候后脚放在这个地方然后用力下压,这样滑板就会跳起来,围着你的脚背转一圈,然后再落到地面上。如果离近了看,后脚掌的着力点是在滑板的尾部右侧。用力之后滑板将跳起来,这就是秘密所在。If the board does not come up, you will not get any scoop, therefore the board will not come around. It is very important to get that pressure that half corner pressure going that will bring it back around. That is how you Ollie impossible on a skateboard. Its a good trick to learn and loads of varieties of them, you can ;180;, ;360; with it, a fun trick to be able to do.如果滑板没有起来,那么就没有任何效果可言。使用尾部侧边下压的动作能够使滑板跳起,同时滑板自身的重量会使它自然翻滚,围绕着你的脚被转一圈之后落回地面。这就是滑板中翱骊的秘密。此外还有别的版本,比如180度翻转之类的,也很容易做。Thanks for watching How To Impossible On A Skateboard谢谢收看本期“滑板翱骊秘诀”节目。 /201208/194995

  How To Be AssertiveLearn how to take control of your life by effectively communicating with others. Confrontation doesn't have to be unpleasant; it can be a vehicle in which you get to broadcast your feelings and thoughts to someone, if done properly.Step 1: Confront The Issue(提出反对)Start off with showing empathy for the other person's feelings. This shows them that you understand their point of view and you're not trying to pick a fight. Then describe your unhappiness. This tells them why you need something to change. Finally, state exactly what you would like to see change in the other person's behavior.Step 2: Communication Dos And Don'ts(习惯用“行”或“不行”)Don't lose your temper. Keep your voice calm and maintain a pleasant but serious facial expression. Don't accuse, judge or blame the other person; instead, focus on the problem you're having. Use your body to communicate, too; stand or sit up tall and maintain eye contact. Use "I" statements - for example, "I'd like to have some more time to get y", instead of "You're always rushing me". Express ownership of your thoughts and feelings.Step 3: Stay On Track(一直关注)There are several ways the confrontation can get off track. Be sure to remain focused on the problem at hand. If you need to, keep repeating yourself until the other person gets what you're requesting. This is called the broken record technique. If the content of the argument shifts, slow down and re-evaluate. The real problem may be something bigger than the immediate topic.Step 4: Just Say No(坚持说“no”)Passive people commonly have trouble saying no. If you can't say no, you're not in charge of your life. Realize you do have a choice and if you say no, it doesn't make you a bad person and the other person will accept it as your answer. Decide on your position before you speak and if you need some time to think about it, it's OK to ask for more time. Finally, don't apologize for saying no, remember, it's your right to do so.201003/98371。

  Veggie Juice. Make your own Planet Organic Veggie- a mixed vegetable juice, packed with vitamins and minerals. Tasty and healthy- a real speciality! Delight in our Veggie Juice.蔬菜汁。自己制作混合各种蔬菜,富含维生素和矿物质的蔬菜汁。不仅美味,而且健康,这是真正的特制品!好好享用我们的蔬菜汁吧!Step 1: You will need1.你需要knife amp; chopping board,juicer,glass刀子和切菜板,果汁机,玻璃杯Step 2: Prepare2.准备Chop 2 carrots, 3 sticks of celery, half a bulb of fennel, 1 fresh beetroot, a medium sized head of broccoli, half a cucumber and half a courgette so they fit into your juicer.切两根胡萝卜,三根芹菜,半粒茴香,一个新鲜的甜菜,一个中等大小的西兰花,半根黄瓜,一个西葫芦,放入果汁中。Step 3: Juice3.榨汁One by one simply feed the vegetables into the juicer. Remove as much liquid as possible.将刚才切好的蔬菜逐一放入果汁机中,尽可能榨出最多液体。Step 4: Serve4.享用Pour into a glass, and serve.把榨好的蔬菜装入杯子中就可以享用了。Thanks for watching How To Make A Veggie Juice.感谢收看“怎样制作美味蔬菜汁”视频节目。 /201211/210058

  201201/168657Amid the dispute with China about the Diaoyu Islands, there are some voices in Japan expressing anger at the stance of Prime Minister Yoshihiko Nodas government. As the 40th anniversary approaches of the normalisation of diplomatic relations between the two nations, some Japanese citizens say their government is to blame for the situation.在近日发生的日本争夺中国钓鱼岛事件中,部分日本民众对野田家彦日本政府所持立场表达了不满。随着2国外交关系正常化发展40周年的日益临近,部分日本民众认为日本政府应该对钓鱼岛事件引发的后果负责任。;The farce of the purchase of the Diaoyu Islands has made relations between the two nations very bad. I feel sorry about it. We are going to celebrate the 40th anniversary of normal relations between the two countries, which is a key time. But Nodas government and some people have made the situation very bad.;“日本政府意欲购买钓鱼岛的闹剧使得两国关系异常紧张。对此,我感到很遗憾。正当我们打算庆祝2国正常化交往40周年之际,但就在这关键时刻,野田家彦政府和一些人的行为无疑使事态朝反方向发展。”As anti-Japan sentiment has grown within China, the dispute has taken its toll on the Japanese economy. Key sectors like the auto-industry, tourism and retail, rely heavily on the Chinese market, and have suffered big losses in recent weeks. Some economic analysts in Japan say Japanese car imports to China will fall.随着中国抗日情绪高涨,钓鱼岛事件对日本经济已经造成负面影响。日本汽车制造业,旅游业以及零售业这些严重依赖中国市场的关键产业近来数周遭受严重损失。部分日本分析家表示日本对华汽车出口将迎来寒冬。Japanese car companies have recently seen their share prices fall by between 1 and 4 percent.Japans retail enterprises in China are also making losses. Aeon Stores has been forced to close 30 of its 35 outlets in China, due to rising Chinese consumer anger. Its share price has also plummeted to a new record low. Meanwhile, thousands of tourist flights between the two countries have been cancelled.日本汽车制造公司股价已不同程度出现1%-4%下跌。日本在华零售企业也正在遭受损失。由于中国消费者怒火不断升级,日本永旺集团已被迫关闭35家在华专卖店中的30家。该集团股价也已创新低。同时,往返两国额数千次航班已经被取消。 201209/201530

  Throughout his long reign,在路易漫长的统治生涯中Louis sought to bring glory to himself and his country.他为国家和自己赢得了荣誉That lifelong devotion,他终身都奉献给了expressed in the extraordinary palace he built at Versailles,超凡的凡尔赛宫is the reason hes become part of the very essence of France.因此他也成为了法国精髓的代表He didnt just leave glorious monuments,他不仅留下了荣耀的丰碑beautiful buildings, fabulous paintings,华美的建筑 优秀的画作he left a sense of identity which has endured until today.他的名讳也千古流芳Louis certainly embodies,路易代表了I think, the idea of the greatness of France.法国的崇高理念He was the king,他是当之无愧的国王and you were the subject,而别人不过是他的国民and there was never any doubt about that.这一点毋庸置疑He imposed his will on the world so splendidly in every respect.他的意志在世界上留下了深刻烙印He wanted to impress everybody, and I think he succeeded.他想为世人所惊叹 的确成功了The scale of the vision is breathtaking.凡尔赛宫的壮美令人窒息No-one did it like Louis.对此路易功不可没201204/179002

  Next time you feel stressed and reach for your favorite comfort foods, do yourself a favor and consider a healthy choice with the power to reduce tension.You Will NeedComplex carbohydrate foods Magnesium-rich foods Turkey Oranges Warm milk Small meals (optional) Step 1: Reach for complex carbs(多吃杂粮)Reach for complex carbs to reduce your stress. Whole grain bs, cereals, and pastas help your body produce serotonin, the feel-good chemical.Step 2: Load up on magnesium(多吃含镁的食物)Load up on magnesium-rich foods such as spinach, soy, and apricots to help your system control cortisol. These foods serve as a natural muscle relaxant.Eat several small meals throughout the day to maintain stable blood sugar levels. This helps you better manage stress.Step 3: Make a turkey sandwich(自制火鸡三明治)Make yourself a turkey sandwich, even if it’s not Thanksgiving. Turkey is high in L-tryptophan, which releases serotonin.Step 4: Grab and orange(多吃含维生素C的橘子)Grab an orange for a dose of Vitamin C, another stress-buster.Step 5: Avoid sweets and sodas(少吃糖果和苏打水)Avoid sweets, sodas, and simple carbs. They give you a quick serotonin boost, but also cause an unpleasant crash.Maintaining a healthy diet will help your body deal with stress and keep your immune system strong.Step 6: Pour a glass of milk(喝牛奶)Pour yourself a glass of warm milk at bedtime. The serotonin-inducing drink will provide a calm trip to dreamland, so you’ll be y for a bright new day.Serotonin influences moods, and experts link an imbalance of serotonin levels in a person to depression.201003/99703

  Step 1: Warm up(热身运动)Warm up before you begin your total body workout by bringing your heart rate up slowly and stretching your arm and leg muscles.Step 2: Do plank(保持俯卧撑的姿势一分钟)Get in the plank position. It’s a modified pushup position, with your hands even with your shoulders and your arms supporting your body weight. Your body should form a straight line. Hold this position for 60 seconds.Using your own body weight as resistance eliminates the need for dumbbells.Step 3: Add to the plank(保持俯卧撑的过程中,抬起自己的右手臂和左腿,保持2秒,然后还原,再抬起左手臂和右腿,如此轮流,做1分钟)While in the plank position, raise your right arm and left leg. Hold them for two seconds and then return to the start position. Repeat with the opposite arm and foot and continue alternating for 60 more seconds.Step 4: Lunge(左腿往后伸,右腿成90度弯曲,然后收回,右腿往后伸,左腿成90度弯曲,如此轮流,每边10下)Stand and lunge back with your left leg, lowering your body until your right knee is bent 90 degrees. Push back up and repeat with your right leg – do 10 on each side.Step 5: Do side plank(侧压腿)Do the side plank by lying on your left side with your legs straight. Prop yourself up with your left forearm so your body forms a diagonal line and put your right hand on your right hip. Raise your hips and hold for 30 seconds, and then repeat the on the right.Step 6: Squat(蹲坐)Do squats by keeping your legs hip-width apart and bending your knees, squatting into an almost seated position. Do 10 of these.Step 7: Push up(将身体的重量放在脚趾上,两只脚之间的距离大于肩距,弯曲自己的胳膊肘,尽可能低地接近地面)Balance your weight on your toes and palms with your hands a little wider than shoulder width apart. Bend your elbows and lower yourself as far as possible toward the floor and then push back to start. Do eight of these.Step 8: Repeat(重复以上的动作)Repeat the entire sequence of exercises as many times as you can in one hour. In no time, your entire body will feel stronger.201004/102152。




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