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Flavio: Thanks meeting with me. Marcia: It’s my pleasure. We’re eager to hear your ideas about our companies doing business together in the future. Flavio: Well, I wanted us to meet because I think our two companies can create great synergy. Marcia: I agree. What do you have in mind? Flavio: We seem to have core capabilities that complement each other, and I want to see how we can create a partnership that would be to our mutual benefit. Marcia: Yes, that’s why I’m here. I think we’re thinking along the same lines. Flavio: Good. I’m glad to hear that. If we can pull off a partnership, we could really dominate the market. Marcia: Yes, I think that’s true, too, but let’s get beyond the preliminaries. What kind of business model do you have in mind? Flavio: Well, that’s why I wanted to meet with you. I’d like to get your perspective on that. Marcia: I see. When your company approached us about working together, we were under the impression that you had some concrete ideas to present. Flavio: Oh, we do. I just wanted to get your suggestions bee we present a mal proposal. Marcia: Let’s do this. Why don’t you send me a proposal in writing and I’ll make sure that we give it our full consideration. Flavio: We’ll do that. Thanks your time. Marcia: Don’t mention it.6.Pluck this little flower and take it, delay not! I fear lest it droop and drop into the dust.摘下这朵花来,拿了去罢,不要迟延!我怕它会萎谢了,掉在尘土里I may not find a place in thy garland, but honour it with a touch of pain from thy hand and pluck it.它也许配不上你的花冠,但请你采折它,以你手采折的痛苦来给它光宠I fear lest the day end bee I am aware, and the time of offering go by.我怕在我警觉之先,日光已逝,供献的时间过了Though its colour be not deep and its smell be faint, use this flower in thy service and pluck it while there is time.虽然它颜色不深,香气很淡,请仍用这花来礼拜,趁着还有时间,就采折罢 0The Toad and the WatermelonResearchers did find a way, however, people to tickle themselves. When volunteers activated a robot by remote control to tickle them after a short delay, the volunteers felt as if someone else were tickling them. It seems that the cerebellum sends a signal to disregard the thcoming movement, then moves on to other things. Your brain ;gets; that you are tickling yourself—even with a delay as short as a fifth of a second. So it is possible to tickle yourself—but only by remote control. What will science discover next? 然而,研究人员也发现了可以替自己哈痒的方法自愿者用遥控器操纵机器人,延迟片刻之后再让机器人为自己哈痒,自愿者就会觉得好像是别人在给他们哈痒看来小脑在发出信号忽视即将到来的动作,然后将注意力转移到其它事物上尽管只有零点二秒的时间差,脑部就会“忘记”你在替自己哈痒所以自己给自己哈痒仍有可能,只不过需要依靠遥控器谁知道接下来科学还会有什么新发现呢? 6390Cora: Hi, Im Cora.考拉:嗨,我是考拉Antonio: Im Antonio. Nice to meet you.安东尼奥:我是安东尼奥很高兴遇见你Cora: Same here. Are you from around here?考拉:我也一样请问你是本地人吗?Antonio: No, Im originally from Arkansas. How about you?安东尼奥:不,我最初来自阿克塞斯你呢?Cora: Im a native Calinian, but I grew up in the Middle East. My parents were in the military, so we moved quite a bit, but mainly around the Middle East.考拉:我是加利福利亚本地人,但我在中东长大我的父母是军人,所以我们经常搬家,但主要在中东附近Antonio: That really interesting. I spent some time in Jordan myself a few years ago doing research my company. But Ive lived in Los Angeles over years and consider it my adopted hometown.安东尼奥:太有趣了几年前我曾在我位于约旦的公司从事研究工作但是我在洛杉矶已经生活了超过年了,已经把它视作第二故乡了Cora: Isnt that funny? Even though I was born here, I only moved back here two months ago. Im sure you know the city much better than I do.考拉:这不是很有意思吗?尽管我在这里出生,可是我两个月前才搬回这里我敢说你对这座城市的了解要比我多Antonio: Id be happy to show you around, to help you get reacquainted with L.A.安东尼奥:我很乐意带你四处转转,帮助你重新认识洛杉矶Cora: I was only eight years old when my family moved away, so I have a lot of catching up to do.考拉:我们家搬走的时候,我才8岁,所以我有很多“功课”要补啊!Antonio: Let start next weekend. Ill show you some of the places where the locals like to hang out.安东尼奥:我们下个礼拜开始吧我会带你去当地人经常逛的地方Cora: That sounds great. Is this how all Angelinos treat newcomers?考拉: 那听起来不错!所有洛杉矶人都是这样接待新人的吗?Antonio: Absolutely! Im the city one-man welcome wagon.安东尼奥:当然!我就是这座城市的单人迎宾车 原文译文属!

College education is a big investment anyone.Each choice leads to a different destination.Which road should you take?对于任何人来说,大学教育都是一项大的投资每一项选择都可能会引导你到不同的目的地你该选择哪一条路呢?You create your own choices through researching.Find the universtites that will provide the deucation you want.This task can take a while,but it is a crucial step;your future the next few years will depend on it.你的选择是要你自己去研究出来的去找出哪些大学能提供你想要的教育内容;这一项可能会花上一些时间,但却是关键性的一步你未来的几年就要看它了Limit your search to those schools that offer the degrees and prograns you intended field of study.Tuition,location,weather,city size,and on campus housing are all factors that should be taken into consideration.Inmation about every college can be obtained from the education section of the US News website at www.usnews.com.The faculty to student ratio can be an indicator of the quality of their classes.The acceptance rate of each school shows how selective they are with applicants.Famous schools are associated with certain prestige,but there might be other schools that can better suit your educational needs.把你的搜寻范围限定在有提供你想求得学样和课程的那一些学校学费,地点,气候,城市规模,和校内宿舍等都是应该要考虑的因素有关每个大学的资讯可以从US News的网页www.usnews.com的教育版篇幅中获得教授与学生的比例可以用来评估教学的品质从每个学校的碌取率可以看出们们挑选申请人的严格程度有名的学校固然有一定的声望,但别的学校也许更适合你个人的教育需求When you know which schools you want to attend,the next step is to request more inmation from their admissions offices.Review the inmation to make sure everything looks good.Send in the application and the fee once you are sure about your choices.当你知道你想要申请的学校是哪几所时,下一步就是向他们的招生办公室索取更多的资料反复检查那些资讯以确定一切都是你想要的一旦你确定了你的选择,再来就是递交申请书及费用了 338

Being there,Done that早已经历过Have you ever heard the expression ;being there done that;?你听说过“早已经历过”这个表达吗?You say it to a friend when you want to let that person know that youve aly experienced something.当你要让那个人知道你已经经历过的时候,就对朋友使用这个表达吧You often say when want to emphasize that experience wasnt so good,and you dont really want it again.你经常会想强调经历不是那么好,你真的不想再来一遍 example,your friend might say;Hi, Issac, have you ever gone fishing on a boat on the ocean?;, 例如,你的朋友可能会说“嗨,伊萨克,你有没有出海在一条船上钓鱼?”I would then reply,;Being there done that;.我便回答:“我曾经有过那样的事”I would explain that I have gone fishing on the ocean, and that I got really seasick. 我会说明自己曾经出海钓鱼,但那次我很晕船It not something that I want to do it again any time soon.这意味着什么,我不想再来一遍了Do you have any being there done that experiences?你有没有曾经做过某事的经验?Maybe a job interview, it really intense.也许是求职面试,真是令人紧张A long road trip with your family, while you get stuck in traffic.或者是与你的家人的长途旅行,却被困在车阵中Or getting bitten by a lot of mosquitos, when you are on a camping trip.或者当你在露营时候被很多蚊子叮到These are somethings that I had bee, I would not ever like to have again.这是我有过的经历,我决不想再体验一遍I have been there and done that.我已经做过那件事了Talk about it谈论下面的话题Have you been in the position that you dont want to be in it again any time soon?你曾经处于一种你不想再经历这件事的境地吗?Do you know any similar experiences to being there done that?你有过任何类似已经做过这件事的经历吗?Can you think the time when you could use that expression?你会在恰当的时机使用这种表达吗?What your experience that you would not like to have it again?你会不愿意再来一遍的经历是什么呢?What the experience that you could do over and over, and never get tired ? 你会一遍一遍的去做,而从不会疲倦的事情是什么? 1957

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