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上饶鄱阳县祛痘要多少钱上饶去除胎记多少钱广丰区激光除斑多少钱 DIY treats: make your own chocolate bars and bourbon biscuits自己动手制作巧克力和夹心饼干You’ve got a craving for your favorite big-name biscuit. Do you a) grab your wallet and head to the corner shop, or b)fire up the oven and make your own? If it is the latter, then welcome to the growing DIY treats movement. Homemade versions of famous biccies, cakes and chocolates have become more popular than ever in the past year. The internet is awash with homespun jaffa cakes and make-your-own Kit Kats. On a time and cost comparison, homemade versions of famous treats can’t compete with the megabrands, so why do people bother making them?如果你渴望吃到你最喜欢的牌子的饼干。 你会a)拿出钱包去街角的商店,还是b)打开烤箱自己制作?如果你选择b,那欢迎加入到自己动手制作产品的活动中。自制蛋糕以及巧克力这种方式比去年更受欢迎。互联网上随处可见家制的甜橙蛋糕和制作你自己的奇巧威化巧克力(这些信息)。在一段时间内,从成本的角度考虑,自制型的食物不能与大牌相匹敌,那么为什么人们还要不辞辛劳的选择自制呢?Food blogger Kate is leading the latest wave of sweetie DIY. Her new cookbook,Homemade Memories, is a beautiful nostalgia fest of caterpillar cake, bourbon biscuits and marshmallow teacakes. “My mum tried to get us to make our own versions of everything because she was quite anti additives and preservatives in shop-bought treats,” says Doran. She points out that home cooks have been sharing their recreations of branded treats since the early days of the internet. Hands up who remembers the glorious Pimp That Snack? The website that encouraged users to make giant versions of everything from Jammy Dodgers to Jelly Babies went viral in the 00s; its archive is still online.美食达人凯特正是最近流行的自己动手中的领军人物。她的新烹饪书《自制的记忆》绝对是一场毛虫蛋糕的盛宴。多兰谈到“因为我的母亲一向反对商店购得的食品内含的添加剂和防腐剂,所以她尝试让我们自制所有的东西。”她指出前些天在互联网,自制厨师们分享了他们制作产品的乐趣。还有人还记着那个有名的“改造你的零食”的网站吗?该网站鼓励使用者使用杰米道奇(一种英国的饼干内含果酱和覆盆子)到果冻宝宝(一种软糖果)这些来制作,其产品在二十一世纪的现在竞争;这些竞争档案记录在线。Chefs love a bit of DIY action, too. Think Heston and his attempt to make the perfect version of a Viennetta. Dan Doherty of Londan restaurant Duckamp;Waffle has been tinkering with his version of Maltesers to top a new dessert. “ We pipe them into little domes like macaroons, then stick them together with chocolate and Microplane the edges,” he explains. The sense of challenge is one key to the DIY treat’s success. 大厨也非常喜欢自己动手这个活动。想想赫斯顿和他为改善千层雪(一种冰激凌)做出的努力。为了使其甜品做到极致,伦敦餐馆鸭和华夫饼(Duckamp;Waffle)的丹多尔蒂一直改进麦提莎。他解释说道,“我们把它们变成像杏仁饼一样小圆顶,然后用巧克力和微平面边缘把它们粘在一起。”挑战感是自制品成功的关键。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201507/380405Two sisters wrecking their bedroomThe search for Britain#39;s most mischievous toddler is on after parents shared hilarious photos of their children causing havoc.英国熊孩子大赛正在拉开帷幕,父母们纷纷寄来了他们家孩子大搞破坏的滑稽照片。From #39;exploding#39; beanbags and covering themselves in talc, to covering themselves in paint, images have been coming in thick and fast to organisers of a national competition.从打翻装满豆子的袋子,全身铺满滑石粉,到把自己也粉刷了一遍,一打打的照片飞快传送到这场全国大赛的组织者手里。A selection of the top entries so far - including two tots busily painting their pet dog with orange and white spots, a lad stuck down the loo and two sisters wrecking their bedroom - have been revealed.到目前为止进了前几名的组图——包括俩孩子忙不迭地把自家涂成了橙色和带着白斑点的,一小家伙被卡在马桶,还有两在卧室里搞破坏——已经闪亮发布。 /201504/369735上饶市第二人民医院点痣多少钱

上饶市韩美整形医院激光除皱手术多少钱玉山县妇幼保健人民中医院祛痘多少钱 21. A toilet#39;s flush will change direction depending upon which hemisphere it is in马桶的冲水方向会改变,这取决于它在哪一个半球The real cause of #39;backwards#39;-flushing toilets is just that the water jets point in the opposite direction.“向后”的真正原因仅仅只是冲洗厕所的水柱指向相反的方向。22. Mars is red火星是红色的The red colour we see in images of Mars is just the result of iron rusting.我们看到的红色火星图像只是铁生锈的结果。23. Sunflowers track the sun across the sky向日葵追着太阳生长A common misconception is that sunflower heads track the sun across the sky when in full bloom. The uniform alignment of the flowers does result from heliotropism in an earlier development stage, the bud stage, before the appearance of flower heads so technically they follow the sun before they have bloomed, not after.一个常见的误解是向日葵盛开时花盘会跟着太阳转动。向日葵在萌芽阶段还没长出花盘时就已经具有向日性了,所以从技术上讲,它们在盛开前就已经追着太阳生长了,而不是盛开后才追着太阳生长。24. People use just 10 per cent of their brain人们仅仅使用了大脑的10%Neurologists describe the myth as false and state we use virtually every part of the brain, and that (most of) the brain is active almost all the time.神经学家认为这种观念是错误的,并且指出我们几乎使用了大脑的每一部分,大脑(大部分)基本上一直是活跃的。25. Your fingernails continue to grow after you die你的指甲在你死后继续生长The dehydration of the body after death can cause retraction of the skin around hair and nails, giving the illusion that they have grown. However, all tissues require energy to sustain their functions, and no such thing is possible once the mechanism that promotes normal growth shuts down at death.在人死后,身体的脱水可引起头发和指甲周围的皮肤收缩,造成指甲生长的错觉。然而,所有的组织都需要能量来维持他们的功能,一旦促进正常生长的机制在死亡时关闭,任何组织都不可能再生长。26. Bats are blind蝙蝠是瞎子Despite the tiny eyes and nocturnal lifestyle, none of the roughly 1,100 bat species are blind.尽管它们的眼睛很小而且总在夜间活动,但所有1100种蝙蝠都不是瞎子。27. Dropping a penny from the Empire State building would kill someone从帝国大厦抛下一分钱硬币会砸死人A penny only weighs about a gram and it tumbles as it falls. Because of the tumbling and the light weight, there#39;s so much air resistance that the penny never really gathers that much speed before it hits its terminal velocity. A gram of weight travelling at a relatively slow speed might hurt a little if it hit you on the head, but it#39;s not going to kill you.一分钱,只重约1克。所以当它下落时,因为翻滚和重量轻,又有这么大空气阻力,就算是达到最大速度也没有多快。一克重量以相对较慢的速度砸到你头上可能会让你有点疼,但它不至于会杀了你。28. Handling a baby bird will make its mother reject it被人养过的幼鸟会被母亲抛弃Most birds have a very poor sense of smell, so in most cases are unable to even notice human scent on baby bird.大多数鸟类的嗅觉都不太灵敏,所以在大多数情况下甚至无法察觉到在幼鸟身上的人类气味。29. You need to wait 24 hours before reporting a missing person to the police一个人失踪24小时以后才能向警方报案There is no rule that states you have to wait 24 hours before reporting a missing person. The person will be recorded as missing and their details made available to other UK police forces within 48 hours.没有任何规定要求你必须等待24小时后才能报失踪案。失踪的人将被记录在案,并且案件细节必须在48小时内被传达到英国其他警察部队。30. Your blood is blue before its oxygenated你的血液在氧化前是蓝色的While many believe that de-oxygenated blood is blue, it is actually a myth because human blood is always red - although the level of redness does differ depending on how oxygenated it is.很多人都会认为去氧血是蓝色的,这是错的,因为人类血液永远会是红的,而红色的程度则取决于不同的含氧量。31. A goldfish has a memory span of three seconds金鱼只有三秒钟的记忆This is not true as goldfish do actually have very good memories for fish. They can be trained to respond various ways to certain colours of light, different kinds of music and other sensory cues.这实际上不是真的,金鱼是一种很好的鱼,经过训练它们能对特定颜色的光、不同种类的音乐和其他感官信号做出各种反应。32. You need to wait an hour after eating before you can swim safely你吃饭一小时后游泳才安全As with any exercise after eating, swimming right after a big meal might be uncomfortable, but it won#39;t cause you to drown. However, it is good advice to stay out of the pool right after a big meal as the digestive process does divert the circulation of the blood towards the gut and to a certain extent, away from the muscles, meaning swimming could feel harder.与其他任何运动一样,大餐一顿之后马上游泳可能使胃会不舒,但这不会使你溺水。然而,它确实值得注意,当大餐一顿后,消化过程在一定程度上确实将一部分血液循环从肌肉转移到肠道,这就意味着游泳会感觉到困难。33. Bulls are enraged by the colour red公牛是被红色激怒了It is a proven fact that bulls only see blues and yellow. They only react to the red cape because of the movements that flutter around.事实明,公牛只能看到蓝色和黄色。他们有反应是因为红色斗篷不停地颤振。34. Seasons are caused by the Earth being closer to the Sun地球向太阳靠近造成季节的变换As Earth orbits the sun, its tilted axis always points in the same direction. So, throughout the year, different parts of Earth get the sun#39;s direct rays.地球在围着太阳旋转时,其倾斜轴总是在同一个方向。因此,全年不同地区得到太阳的直接辐射不同导致季节变化。35. Eating lots of chocolate will give you spots吃太多巧克力会导致你长斑There is no concrete evidence that suggests eating more chocolate can cause spots.没有确切的据表明多吃巧克力会导致长斑。36. Shaving your leg hair will make it grow back quicker剃掉你的腿毛会让它长得更快Many believe shaving body hair makes it grow back quicker but shaving hair doesn#39;t change its thickness, colour or rate of growth. Shaving facial or body hair simply gives the hair a blunt tip which might feel coarse or #39;stubbly#39; for a period of time as it grows out.许多人认为剃体毛让它长得更快,但剃头发并不会改变其厚度、颜色或生长率。剃掉脸上或身上的毛发仅仅给毛发留下钝形顶端,直到它长长之前,它在一段时间内会又粗又短而且硬。37. Frankenstein was the name of the monster in Mary Shelley#39;s book #39;Frankenstein#39;弗兰肯斯坦是玛丽·雪莱的书《弗兰肯斯坦》中怪物的名字Frankenstein was the name of the monster#39;s creator.弗兰肯斯坦是怪物的创造者的名字。38. Microwave radiation can cause cancer微波辐射能引发癌症。Most experts say that microwave ovens don#39;t give off enough energy to damage the genetic material (DNA) in cells so they can#39;t cause cancer.很多专家认为,微波炉所释放的能量是不足以损害细胞内的基因物质的,所以它们不会引发癌症。39. Men think about sex every seven seconds男性每隔七秒就会想到性While some men might think about sex this often, there is no real evidence to support this statement.一些男性也许经常会想到性,但没有切实的据明这个观点。40. Ostriches bury their head in the sand when they are scared鸵鸟害怕的时候,往往会把自己的头部埋入沙中。Ostriches swallow sand and pebbles to help grind up food in their stomachs. This means they have to bend down and briefly stick their heads in the earth to collect the pebbles. It is not because they are scared.鸵鸟会大量吞咽沙子和卵石,以此来磨碎他们胃里的食物。这也就意味着他们会弯腰并低下头来到地面去收集卵石,并不是因为它们害怕了。41. Waking sleepwalkers harms them叫醒梦游者会对他们造成伤害Waking a sleepwalker won#39;t cause them any physical harm but but could leave them startled or disoriented which is why many people believe it is best not to disturb them.叫醒一个梦游者,不会对他们造成身体上的伤害,但却会使他感到惊恐以及分不清方向,所以很多人认为,面对梦游病患者,最好的办法就是不去打扰他们。42. Albert Einstein failed maths at school阿尔伯特·爱因斯坦在上学期间数学考试曾经不及格He failed one entry exam to a school but in fact, he actually excelled at mathematics throughout his schooling and even considered becoming a mathematician for a time.阿尔伯特·爱因斯坦曾经在一次升学考试上失败了,但实际上,通过他在学校期间的表现,可以看出他在数学方面十分有天赋,甚至有一段时间想过成为一名数学家。43. Salty water boils quicker盐水更容易被煮沸The salt water requires more exposure to the heat in order to boil than water alone, so the boiling point is elevated and the time it takes to get the water to boil increases.盐水需要吸收更多的热量才能煮沸,所以盐水的沸点更高,煮沸的时间也比纯水更长。44. Carrots help you see in the dark胡萝卜能让你在黑暗中看清东西Carrots contain vitamin A, or retinol, and this is required for your body to synthesise rhodopsin, which is the pigment in your eyes that operates in low-light conditions. If you have a vitamin A deficiency, you will develop nyctalopia or night blindness. Eating carrots would correct this and improve your night vision, but only to the point of an ordinary healthy person - it won#39;t ever let you see in complete darkness.胡萝卜内含有维生素A,也就是所说的视黄醇,它是你体内综合视网膜紫质的必需物质,是你眼睛里的一种色素,这种色素能让你在光线较暗的环境下看清东西。如果你缺少维生素A,你可能会形成夜盲症。吃胡萝卜能够改善这种情况,并能提高你的夜市能力,但这种方法只针对于普通的健康人群,并且也不能让你在完全漆黑的环境下看清东西。45. Houseflies only live for around 24hours家蝇仅能存活大约24小时The adult housefly can live up to one month in the wild.家蝇成虫在野外能存活一个月。46. Eating cheese before bed will give you nightmares睡觉之前吃奶酪会让你做噩梦Cheese is believed to give you more emotionally charged dreams but not necessarily nightmares.据认为,奶酪会让你的梦情感更充沛,但不一定是噩梦。47. The capital of Australia is Sydney澳大利亚的首都是悉尼The capital of Australia is, in fact, Canberra.实际上,澳大利亚的首都应该是堪培拉。48. Tomatoes are a vegetable西红柿是一种蔬菜Tomatoes are a fruit西红柿是一种水果。49. Going out in the cold with wet hair will make you ill顶着湿漉漉的头发在寒风中出门会使你生病There is no evidence to support this, it is regarded as an old wives#39; tale.没有据明这个观点,它通常被看做妇人之见。50. Alcohol keeps you warm酒精使你温暖Alcohol may make your skin feel warm, but this apparent heatwave is deceptive. A nip or two actually causes your blood vessels to dilate, moving warm blood closer to the surface of your skin, making you feel warmer temporarily. At the same time, however, those same veins pumping blood closer to the skin#39;s surface causing you to lose core body heat.酒精能使你的皮肤感到温暖,但这种表面上的温度是具有欺骗性的。一两口酒确实会让你的血管扩张,让热血流向皮肤表面,使你感到暂时的温暖。但与此同时,这些给皮肤表面供血的血管也会使你失去核心的体温。 /201505/373656上饶县妇幼保健人民中医院整形美容科

上饶做疤痕的整形医院We all know of course that results are the cause of action. But how do you develop the habit of taking action? In order for us to successfully implement the habit of taking action, we have to learn how to use our imagination and independent will to overcome our conditioning.我们都知道结果的起因是行动。但是我们该如何去养成“开始行动”的习惯呢?为了让我们成功地贯彻采取行动的习惯,我们要学会如何运用自己的想象力和自由意志去克我们心理作用。We have a unique endowment as humans, we are responsible. When we take a closer look at the word responsibility we find its roots come from the two words; response and ability. We have the ability to respond, or the ability to take action.作为人类,我们有一个得天独厚的优点,那就是责任心。假如我们仔细地考量下responsibility(责任心)这个词的话,我们会发现它的词根是由两个词组成:response(反应)和ability(能力)。我们有能力去做出回应,我们也有能力采取行动。When we make the decision of becoming response-able, we accept that our lives are the product of our choices. The choice to take action, or not will ultimately determine your results. If you want results in life, you must master the habit of taking consistent action.当我们决定要开始负起责任心时,就意味着我们已接受了“生活就是我们所做出的决定的结果”这个事实。是否采取行动最终会决定你的人生的方方面面。假如你想要生活得有意义,那么你必需得要掌握采取相一致性的行动的能力。The reason most people don’t take action is because they think they are a product of their environment. This is a classic case of determinism and a distorted view of reality.许多人没有采取行动的原因是因为他们认为他们的一切都是拜他们所处的环境所赐。这是一个典型的对现实的曲解。This thinking gets us nowhere as it leaves our fate beyond our control. If our circumstances are beyond our control, naturally, we’ll lack motivation to take action. What’s the point when we’re a product of our environment?这样的思维方式会让我们一事无成,因为它让人相信自己无法掌控自己的命运。假如我们的处境超出了我们的掌控范围,那么我们会自然而然地丧失采取行动做出改变的动机。当我们被环境所主宰时,问题的关键在哪呢?Here’s what this type of thinking look likes:下面就非常形象地描述了这种思维方式:As you can see, this is a linear thinking process.如你所见,这是一种线性的思维方式。Here’s what is actually happening in reality:而在现实生活中,实际情况如上图。You might ask “Jonathan, why did you make the arrows rainbow colored?” Good question. I think diagrams are boring in general, which is why I hesitated to use them. However I think for this purpose, it’s good to be able to see the difference. The rainbow colors are just for added effect. If you really need a meaning though, perhaps it’s because life is much more colorful when you see things clearly.你也许想问“Jonathan,为什么你要用色的箭头呢?”这个问题问得好。总的来说,我觉得图标有点无聊,这正是我不愿去使用它们的原因。然而,这样做的好处可以让你看到不同之处。虹色的箭头仅仅是为了增强效果而已。假如你真的想要问个究竟的话,我想它代表的可能就是当你看到事物的本质时,你就会发现生活原来是如此的丰富多。When we can see that this is a continuous cycle, we realize that our environment is a product of us. If our environment is a product of us, well jeez, that means we have to take responsibility for it, don’t we? If you want to give up that responsibility, fine, live a determined life. But at least make that decision consciously.当我们看到了这个持续循环的圆圈,我们就能够意识到环境其实是由我们一手创造的。假如外部环境是由我们所创造的,这就意味着我们要担起责任心来,不是吗?假如你想要放弃这个责任,好吧,那你一定要过一种决绝坚定的生活。至少,你应该是有意识地做出这样的决定的。This may seem like a no-brainer, but most people go for exactly the opposite. They go for security, safety and comfort. They spend more time acquiring outer resources, then developing inner ones.这听上去是个很简单的事,但是大部分人所做的却恰恰相反。他们所追随的是一种安全、稳妥和舒适的生活。他们花费更多的时间去获取外部的资源,然后再去提升内在的品质。If you’re going to develop the habit of taking action, you need to be motivated.假如你想要养成雷厉风行的习惯的话,你需要被激励去那样做。If you’re doing what you love to do every day, you’re likely to take consistent and massive action.假如你每天所做的是你所热爱的事的话,你就会持续不断地采取大量的行动。If you’re working in a job you hate, slaving yourself away in a cubicle, you’re less likely to take action. You’re just going to do the bare minimum to get by.假如你所做的是一件使你囚禁在小房间并且被你憎恨的工作的话,你采取行动的可能性就会小得多。你只是做了最少的事来敷衍了事。To develop the habit of action, we need to make goals that inspire us. When we’re inspired, we’ll be motivated and the natural result is that we’ll take lots and lots of action.想要养成雷厉风行的习惯,我们需要设定一些能够激励我们的目标。当我们被激励的时候,我们就会有动机,然后我们就会自然而然地采取一系列行动。Find a way to start doing what you love, even if you have to start small. You’re more likely to develop your talents in something you love, rather than something that gives you a false sense of security. If you feel like you don’t have enough time, consider making time for the important. If we don’t make time for the things that really matter to us, when will we? Who wants to go from the cubicle to the casket?开始去做你所热爱的事,即使那件事是不值得一提的你也要去尝试。与其去做给你安全感的事,你更应该去开发做你所热爱之事的潜能。假如你觉得你没有足够的时间去做你热爱的事,那就设法腾出时间来去做重要的事吧。假如我们不为对自己来说是重要的事腾出时间去行动的话,何时我们才会去那样做?有谁想要这辈子就这样从囚禁自己的小房间走向棺材呢? /201411/343947 Nearly one million cruise passengers annually visit Juneau, Alaska’s rugged state capital, from May through September, often swarming the town of nearly 33,000 residents on day trips and shore excursions. Its main attractions include the nearby Mendenhall Glacier, where the visitors’ center offers boardwalk trails that overlook bear-viewing areas, and small boat trips to watch orca and humpback whales.每年5月至9月,近百万邮轮乘客拜访阿拉斯加州崎岖不平的首府朱诺。在日间游览或上岸短暂游览期间,他们往往会挤满这个有近3.3万居民的小城。该市的主要旅游景点包括附近的门登霍尔冰川(Mendenhall Glacier),那里的游客中心提供可以俯瞰熊出没区域的木板路游览,以及可以观看虎鲸和座头鲸的小船游览。If, post-tour, most of those visitors ate their meals back on their ships, they could hardly be blamed for shunning popcorn and fudge. Until recently, Juneau didn’t have much to offer the discerning diner. But what a local chef, Tracy LaBarge, started nine years ago with a small shack behind the public library devoted to king crab has snowballed with new restaurant openings, a weekly food truck event and fresh enthusiasm for locally sourced fare.游览结束后,大部分游客回到船上吃饭,为了逃避爆米花和乳脂软糖,所以这不能怪他们。直到不久前,朱诺没有太多美食可以提供给独具慧眼的食客。九年前,当地大厨特蕾西·拉巴奇(Tracy LaBarge)在公共图书馆后面开了个小饭馆,专卖帝王蟹。如今这里已有多家新餐馆开业,每周举办一次流动餐车集会,还出现了对当地食物迸发出的新鲜热情。“We were having dinner parties at our house because you couldn’t get a variety of food out,” said Kelly Moore, known as Midgi, who is a Juneau food blogger and columnist, observing the culinary boom of the last two years. “Now you can get it without having to do the dishes. Within a two-block area, wherever you look there’s something incredible to eat, from a food truck to fine dining.”“过去,我们在家里举办晚宴派对,因为在外面找不到吃的,”朱诺的美食主和专栏作家Midgi(原名凯莉·尔[Kelly Moore])说。她注意到过去两年当地饮食业的繁荣发展。“现在,你不必自己做就能获得各种美食。在两个街区的范围内,不管往哪里看,你都能找到非常好吃的食物,不管是流动餐车还是在高级餐厅里。”In 2006, Ms. LaBarge opened Tracy’s King Crab Shack (kingcrabshack.com), a modest stand with an honest approach, including making the cooks, and especially the proprietor herself, visible at the stove. The meaty red king crab legs were fun to wrestle, but locals in particular queued up for her cream-based crab bisque, making Ms. LaBarge a culinary star. Last summer, she doubled the restaurant’s size and moved to South Franklin Street, a main-drag location opposite a cruise dock.2006年,拉巴奇开设了特蕾西帝王蟹小饭馆(Tracy’s King Crab Shack, kingcrabshack.com),这个朴素的饭馆以诚待客,顾客们能看到灶台边的厨师们,特别是店主本人。这里多肉的红色帝王蟹腿剥起来很有趣,不过当地人更喜欢排队购买奶油蟹肉浓汤,拉巴奇因此成了烹饪明星。去年夏天,她把餐馆搬到了主干道南富兰克林街,对面有个邮轮码头,店面扩大了一倍。In addition, she opened two more restaurants last year, the upscale Salt (saltalaska.com) and the Indian restaurant Saffron (saffronalaska.com). The former serves creative food with an Alaskan accent, like hamachi crudo with pickled onion or crab carbonara. The latter, specializing in Indian comfort food, is more unexpected in the cold climate. On a rainy August afternoon last year, I lingered over creamy lentils and tangy yogurt-based salads, next to an Indian family of eight who had left their cruise ship in search of more exotic fare and found it in the cooking of Sharmila Shaligram, a native of Pune, India, whom Ms. LaBarge persuaded to move to Juneau for the opening.另外,去年她还开了两家新餐馆——高档餐厅“盐”(Salt, saltalaska.com)和印度餐馆“藏红花”(Saffron, saffronalaska.com)。盐餐厅供应阿拉斯加风味创意菜,例如生狮鱼腌洋葱或蟹肉奶酪烤意面。藏红花餐馆专做印度式的温馨食物,在阿拉斯加寒冷的气候里更是出人意料。去年8月一个下雨的下午,我在藏红花餐馆慢慢享用奶油扁豆和味道浓郁的酸奶沙拉,旁边是一家八口印度人,他们离开邮轮,寻找更具异域风情的食物,结果却在沙米拉·萨利格拉姆(Sharmila Shaligram)制作的食物中如愿以偿。萨利格拉姆是印度浦那人,这家餐馆开业时,拉巴奇劝他搬来朱诺。“I wanted to do what we didn’t have in town,” Ms. LaBarge said of her diverse collection of restaurants, which farther out of town includes the sports bar McGivney’s, (mcgivneys.com) serving the crab bisque as well as chicken wings and poutine, the Canadian fast-food dish.“我想做些当地没有的东西,”拉巴奇提到自己开设的不同餐馆时说。她甚至还开了一家体育酒吧——麦吉夫尼(McGivney’s, mcgivneys.com),那里除了供应鸡翅和加拿大快餐肉汁乳酪薯条,还供应蟹肉浓汤。Ms. LaBarge and company have been joined by other daring chefs who are delving deeply into the Alaskan larder. Leading the way is Beau Schooler, who was a 2015 semifinalist for Rising Star Chef of the Year awarded by the James Beard Foundation. At the Rookery Cafe (therookerycafe.com), a coffee shop by day centered by a long wooden communal table, his dinners, which change frequently, draw on local ingredients (I had seared halibut with locally grown zucchini, cherries, feta cheese and mint), and crowds hit capacity well before 6 p.m.除了拉巴奇,该市还有其他一些大胆的大厨,他们深入研究阿拉斯加美食。其中的领导者是·斯库勒(Beau Schooler)。2015年,他曾入围詹姆斯·比尔德基金会(James Beard Foundation)举办的年度新秀大厨(Rising Star Chef of the Year)半决赛。他是鲁克里咖啡馆(Rookery Cafe, therookerycafe.com)的大厨。这家咖啡馆白天营业,餐馆正中是一张公用木长桌。这里的翻桌率很高,顾客们被当地食材(我点的是煎大比目鱼搭配当地出产的西葫芦、樱桃、菲达奶酪和薄荷)所吸引,还不到下午6点这里就客满了。One block away, Mr. Schooler and the Rookery owner Travis Smith opened Panhandle Provisions (squareup.com/market/panhandle-provisions) last summer, offering house-cured charcuterie such as Alaskan pork salami with red wine, and grab-and-go fare like bison sandwiches with buffalo milk blue cheese, as well as foods imported from Spain to Brooklyn, like the preserved veggies from Brooklyn Brine Company.去年夏天,斯库勒和鲁克里咖啡馆的店主特拉维斯·史密斯(Travis Smith)在一个街区外合开了平锅柄食品店(Panhandle Provisions, squareup.com/market/panhandle-provisions),这里供应自制熟食(例如阿拉斯加蒜味猪肉腊肠配红酒)、外卖食物(例如野牛肉三明治配蓝纹水牛奶酪),以及从西班牙、布鲁克林等地进口的食物(例如布鲁克林布林恩公司[Brooklyn Brine Company]的腌制素菜)。This month, Ms. Moore, the food writer, introduced Juneau Food Tours (juneaufoodtours.com), a two-and-a-half--hour walking tour around the capital with sampling stops at Panhandle Provisions, Alaskan Gourmet Foods, which specializes in regional products like game sausage and smoked salmon, and Silver Bow Bakery, famous for b made with a sourdough starter, said to improve with age, that is more than a century old. The tour concludes with an Alaskan Brewing Company tasting at the historic Alaskan Bar.本月,美食作家尔推出了朱诺美食之旅(Juneau Food Tours, juneaufoodtours.com)。在两个半小时的步行之旅中,你会在这个首府的几家食品店停留品尝——平锅柄食品店、阿拉斯加美食店(Alaskan Gourmet Foods,这里专供当地食品,例如野味香肠和熏三文鱼)和银色蝴蝶结面包店(Silver Bow Bakery,这里以用酵母面团做成的面包闻名,据说这种面团时间越久味道越好,目前历史已有一个多世纪之久)。美食之旅的终点是著名的阿拉斯加酒吧(Alaskan Bar),你在那里可以品尝阿拉斯加啤酒公司(Alaskan Brewing Company)的啤酒。Wedged between the narrow Gastineau Channel and Mount Roberts, downtown Juneau’s compact layout makes progressive feasts possible on foot, including hitting Food Truck Fridays weekly at the Juneau Arts and Culture Center (jahc.org), featuring music and mobile food stands alongside the permanently stationed burger specialist Pucker Wilson’s (puckerwilsons.com),朱诺市中心夹在狭窄的加斯蒂诺海峡(Gastineau Channel)和罗伯茨山(Mount Roberts)之间,布局紧凑,步行就能到达前卫的美食集会,包括每周在朱诺艺术文化中心(Juneau Arts and Culture Center, jahc.org)举办的餐车星期五集会(Food Truck Fridays),那里有音乐、流动食品摊以及每次都会亮相的专家级普克·威尔森汉堡摊(Pucker Wilson’s, puckerwilsons.com)。According to local chefs, what Juneau (and Alaska in general) has over other food-focused destinations is the versatile bounty of the productive Pacific Ocean.当地大厨们说,与其他美食目的地相比,朱诺(乃至整个阿拉斯加)的一个优势是,这里有丰富多样的太平洋海产。“We have so much seafood in Alaska to choose from, and it’s very accommodating to cook,” Ms. LaBarge said. “You can do halibut a thousand ways. It’s a chef-friendly food.”“阿拉斯加有很多海鲜,非常适合烹饪,”拉巴奇说,“你有一千种做大比目鱼的方法。它是大厨很喜欢的一种食物。” /201506/379286上饶腋臭手术多少钱上饶纹眉多少钱



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