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Looking for a perfect tune for your workout?你在寻找最适合健身的音乐吗?Michael Jackson#39;s #39;Beat It#39; has the optimal beat. So does #39;Gangnam Style#39; by Psy and Lady Gaga#39;s #39;Edge of Glory.#39;迈克尔#8226;杰克逊(Michael Jackson)的《走开》(Beat It)节奏非常理想。朴载相(Psy)的《江南Style》(Gangnam Style)和嘎嘎(Lady Gaga)的《荣耀之巅》(Edge of Glory)也是一样。Research has found that at the right tempo, music can reduce the sense of exertion as well as boost motivation. Costas Karageorghis, deputy head of research at the School of Sport and Education at London#39;s Brunel University, says the #39;sweet spot#39; for workout music is between 125 and 140 beats per minute when people aren#39;t trying to time their movements to the music. Previously, experts believed that the faster a person exercises, the faster the music tempo should be.研究发现,节奏适当的音乐能够减少疲劳感并增强积极性。伦敦布鲁内尔大学(Brunel University)运动与教育学院(School of Sport and Education)科研副主管科斯塔斯#8226;卡拉乔吉斯(Costas Karageorghis)说,健身时音乐的理想节奏是每分钟125到140拍,这时人的动作能较为轻松地跟上节奏。很显然,专家认为一个人运动的节奏越快,相应的音乐节奏也应该越快。Other new studies have shown that when athletes synchronize their movements to a musical beat, their bodies can handle more exertion: Tmill walkers had greater stamina and cyclists required less oxygen uptake. And swimmers who listened to music during races finished faster than others who didn#39;t.其它新研究表明,当运动员的动作与音乐节奏同步时,他们的肢体会更有力量:在跑步机上慢跑的人会有更强的耐力,而单车骑行者需氧量也会减少。游泳者在比赛时听音乐会比不听的人更快到达终点。#39;Music can alter emotional and physiological arousal much like a pharmacological stimulant or sedative,#39; says Dr. Karageorghis, who has worked as a consultant psychologist to music and sports-equipment companies and for Olympic athletes. #39;It has the capacity to stimulate people even before they go into the gym.#39;卡拉乔吉斯为音乐和运动器材公司以及奥运会运动员担任心理咨询师。他说:“音乐可以调节情绪并带来生理上的刺激,就像兴奋剂和镇静剂。它甚至能够在人们走入健身房之前就给予他们激励。”The benefits of music seem most pronounced during low-to-moderate-intensity exercise -- in other words, it#39;s more effective for recreational exercisers than elite athletes, scientists say. And finding just the right beat isn#39;t difficult, as a lot of popular music falls within the optimum tempo range and most other musical genres also have music in that range, Dr. Karageorghis says. For classical music buffs, two pieces that work for him are Beethoven#39;s Symphony No. 3 in E-flat major, known as the #39;Eroica#39; symphony, and Mozart#39;s Symphony No. 40 in G minor. Other qualities that make music ideal for workouts are motivational sounds and lyrics -- think the theme from #39;Chariots of Fire#39; with its associated image of men running on the beach.科学家表示,音乐的益处在低强度到中等强度的运动中表现得最为显著──也就是说,音乐对于休闲性的运动比对竞技运动更为有效。卡拉乔吉斯说,找到适合的节奏并不困难,因为许多流行音乐都符合理想节奏的范畴,大多数其他类型的音乐也有在这一范畴内的曲目。对于古典音乐爱好者来说,贝多芬(Beethoven)的降E大调第三交响曲也就是《英雄交响曲》(Eroica symphony)以及莫扎特(Mozart)的G小调第40号交响曲是两个不错的选择。还有几个决定音乐是否适合用于健身的因素是,激励性的音调和歌词──想象一下《烈火战车》(Chariots of Fire)配上人们在海滩奔跑的画面。Sylwia Wiesenberg, owner of Tonique Fitness in New York City, says she keeps tempo in mind when compiling playlists for her two-hour cardio and body-sculpting class. #39;The hardest part of the class is the first 15 to 20 minutes,#39; she says. #39;I use music as my powerful instrument to push people harder,#39; she says.纽约市Tonique Fitness健身中心的老板席尔维娅#8226;维森伯格(Sylwia Wiesenberg)说,她在给两小时的有氧运动和形体雕塑课程编排音乐列表时,会时刻注意节奏。“课程最难的部分是开始的15到20分钟”,她说,“我把音乐作为鼓舞士气最有效的手段。”Ms. Wiesenberg starts the class with songs that have 115 to 117 beats per minute -- such as #39;The Longest Road#39; by Morgan Page -- then increases that to about 125 beats. Finally, the workout peaks with music at about 135 beats per minute, including #39;Beautiful World#39; by Tiesto amp; Mark Knight featuring Dino. A month ago when the speakers in her studio weren#39;t working, #39;the class had a totally different atmosphere and energy,#39; she says. #39;People were stopping.. . .I#39;m so dependent on the music that I don#39;t even see a point to doing a class without the music.#39;维森伯格以每分钟115到117拍的音乐来展开课程,例如根#8226;佩奇(Morgan Page)的《漫漫长路》(The Longest Road),之后加快到约每分钟125拍。最后,在运动达到最佳状态时,音乐的节奏是约每分钟135拍,其中包括铁斯托(Tiesto)和马克#8226;奈特(Mark Knight)与迪诺(Dino)合作的《美丽世界》(Beautiful World)。一个月前,当健身房里的扩音器出故障时,“班上的氛围和干劲截然不同”,她说。“人们都停了下来……我非常依赖音乐,无法想象没有音乐时如何上课。”A study published last year in the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness found that cyclists who synchronized their movements to music reduced oxygen uptake by as much as 7%. The study tested three different musical tempos on 10 men who cycled for 12 minutes at 70% maximal heart rate.一项去年发表于《体育医学与健康杂志》(Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness)的研究发现,将动作与音乐同步的自行车骑行者可减少需氧量多达7%。研究要求10位男性以最高心率的70%骑行12分钟,并在骑行时测试了三种不同节奏的音乐。Another experiment, involving 30 people walking on tmills, found that exercising at the same tempo as the music boosted endurance. One group of participants walked with motivational music, another with neutral music and a third with no music. Endurance increased in both groups listening to music, although the motivational music had the greatest effect. The study was published in the Journal of Sport amp; Exercise Psychology in 2009.另一项研究要求30个人在跑步机上行走,结果表明健身时与音乐节奏同步会增强耐力。一组参与实验者行走时伴随激励性的音乐,另一组是普通的音乐,第三组没有音乐。听音乐的两组耐力均有增加,而听激励性音乐的一组效果最为显著。这项研究发表在了2009年的《体育与运动心理杂志》(Journal of Sport amp; Exercise Psychology)上。Experts say most of the benefits of working out to music come from psychological factors. #39;When people run with music their rate of perceived exertion is lower than if they don#39;t use music or other devices,#39; says Gershon Tenenbaum, director of the graduate program in sport and exercise psychology at Florida State University. These benefits tend to evaporate once a person begins exercising at very intense levels, he says.专家认为健身时听音乐的益处主要来自于心理因素。弗罗里达州立大学(Florida State University)体育与运动心理学研究生项目主管格森#8226;特南鲍姆(Gershon Tenenbaum)说:“人们在跑步时听音乐比不借助音乐或者其他工具时感觉省力”。而一旦当运动强度变得很高,这些益处会渐渐消失。Dr. Tenenbaum says similar benefits have been observed when athletes are told to imagine they are in a certain location, such as at the beach, or are exposed to particular smells, such as lavender.特南鲍姆说,在运动员被要求想象自己身处特定环境,例如在海滩上,或者闻到某种气味,例如薰衣草时,类似的益处也会体现出来。David-Lee Priest, a researcher at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, England, says music is able to divert attention through a neurological mechanism. The unpleasant feedback from exercising, such as difficulty breathing, sweating or stiff muscles, is transferred to the brain using the afferent, or sensory, nervous system. Listening to music interferes with the transmission of those sensations, he says. #39;Before you become aware of the fatigue the music will block out the sensations of fatigue and effort so you won#39;t fully notice them,#39; he says. That blocking occurs only up to a point -- about 70% of one#39;s maximum capacity, he says.英格兰诺里奇(Norwich)东安格利亚大学(the University of East Anglia)的研究者大卫-李#8226;普利斯特(David-Lee Priest)说,音乐能通过神经机制转移注意力。健身时出现的令人不快的反应,例如呼吸困难、流汗或者肌肉僵硬,会通过传入或感觉神经系统传递至大脑。听音乐会对这类感觉的传递产生干扰,他说。“在你感到疲劳之前,音乐会阻断疲劳感和费力感,所以你完全不会注意到。” 他还补充道,这种阻断作用只在特定的时候出现,也就是一个人使用最高体力70%的时候。With resistance training, the benefit of music occurs more before one starts exercising or in between sets, Dr. Priest says. #39;It#39;s like taking a mild stimulant.. . .It will increase your heart rate and blood pressure slightly.#39;在锻炼时加以控制,音乐的益处就能在开始运动前或者运动间隙时显现,普利斯特说。“这就像了温和的兴奋剂……它能够让你的心率和血压略微升高。”In a recent study, Dr. Karageorghis and colleagues tested the effects of music on swimmers. After three weeks in which the athletes got used to swimming with ear buds, the researchers conducted three experiments using 26 collegiate swimmers who completed the 200-meter freestyle trials. They listened to motivational music, neutral music and no music. Both music groups saw a three-second improvement in performance compared to their race times without music. Although this represented just a 2% improvement, Dr. Karageorghis says it#39;s enough to make a difference in the realm of competitive swimming.在近期的一项研究中,卡拉乔吉斯和同事们测试了音乐对于游泳者的作用。研究者先让运动员用三周时间适应了戴耳塞游泳,之后与26名完成了200米自由泳的大学游泳健将进行了三项实验。他们听了激励性的音乐和普通音乐,或者不听音乐。听音乐的两组相比不听音乐时成绩提高了三秒。尽管只提高了2%,卡拉乔吉斯说这足以对竞争激烈的游泳界产生一定影响。Swimmers listening to music also reported a 10% jump in their level of motivation, compared with swimming with no music. The study, scheduled to be published in the journal Psychology of Sport and Exercise, was sponsored by swimwear company Speedo International Ltd.相比于不听音乐游泳,听音乐的游泳者在积极性方面也提高了10%。这项研究得到了速比涛公司(Speedo International Ltd.)的赞助,计划发表在《体育与运动心理学》(Psychology of Sport and Exercise)杂志上。 /201304/234715Thanksgiving break is here, which means it#39;s time for the “Turkey Drop”.感恩节假期来临,这也意味着“放弃火鸡”的时候到了。Many college freshmen are home this week for the first time since August. They’ll retreat to what is comfortable – spending time with family, old friends, and for some, a high-school sweetheart. Thanksgiving will also be a time for big questions, particularly for those freshmen still in high-school relationships. Did they take advantage of their first three months in college, or did they lose out by spending too much time on Skype? During their first trip home, freshmen have to decide whether they stick it out with their first love, or succumb to what is known as the “Turkey Drop”— the phenomenon of high-school couples breaking up when they come home for their first Thanksgiving.本周很多大学新生都会回到家中,这也是自八月以来的首次。他们将重返舒适的生活——与家人、老朋友、对一些人来说,还有高中时的男女朋友呆在一起。感恩节也是解决一些大问题的日子,尤其是那些还保持着高中时期情侣关系的大学新生们。他们是否充分利用了大学的前三个月呢?或者他们是否因为花费太多时间在网络电话上而过于松懈了呢?在他们第一个归家假期里,大一新生们必须要作出决定——是要继续他的初恋,还是向著名的“放弃火鸡”理论屈。(“放弃火鸡”理论是指高中情侣们纷纷在第一个感恩节放假回家时提出分手的现象。)Much of my own freshman year in college was determined by one recurring scene. A friend knocks on my door. She tells me her plans for the night – maybe a sorority party or a pregame in a friend’s room – and asks me if I want to come along. I look at her, all dolled up in heels and a cute crop top, and then I look back at my bed, soft and warm, offering a Saturday night of TV, calls with high-school friends, and microwavable macaroni and cheese. Do I push myself to meet new people (and risk spending the next four hours smiling and saying “hey, where are you from?” so many times that my face starts to hurt), or do I fall back on the familiar?我大一那年总是反复出现这样一个场景。一个朋友敲响了我的房门。她告诉我她今晚的计划——可能要去一个朋友的房间参加一个女生联谊会或者一个赛前准备活动——问我要不要加入。我看着她,穿着高跟鞋,装扮可爱,然后目光又定格在自己的床上,温暖舒适,似乎过一个周六电视夜,叫上高中时的朋友,再准备一些微波通心粉和奶酪才是我想要的。我是应该让自己去认识一些新的人(并且冒着花费接下来的四个小时不停地微笑、寒暄“嗨,你家是哪的?”直到面部僵硬为止的风险),还是继续过我熟悉的那种生活?One Princeton junior told me that, during her first three months in college, she stayed in her room every Friday and Saturday night. She didn’t go out because her high-school boyfriend didn’t want her to. The first time she drank alcohol, he “fell apart.” When she signed up to join a sorority, he started a screaming match. She knew she was missing out on important college experiences, but there was still something that made her stay with him for the first few months.一个普林斯顿的大三生告诉我,在大学的前三个月里,她每个周五周六都呆在自己的房间。她不出去是因为她高中的男朋友不希望她出去。她第一次喝酒,他“崩溃”了。她报名参加一个女生联谊会,他开始大呼小叫。她知道她错过了很多重要的大学经历,但是在这几个月里总有些什么让她觉得不能和他分手。“First semester of freshman year, you don’t have that many real friends, so when my high-school boyfriend would show up, I would be like, ‘Yes, here is someone I trust, that I can actually tell things to,’” another junior said. “He was someone who would just instantly understand what was happening with me emotionally. I would want to just hole up in my room for the rest of the weekend, talking to him.”“大一的上学期,没有什么真心朋友,所以当我高中的男朋友出现时,我就会觉得‘对,他就是我信任的人,我可以倾诉的人’”,另一个大三生说道。“他就是会立刻懂得我在想什么的人。我愿意整个周末都把自己关在房间里,跟他聊天。”So when does this affinity for the familiar start to change? In the first few months of college, there are those long, lonely freshman nights – times when you wonder whether you’ve actually made any real friends. By November, however, most freshmen have gotten over the worst of their homesickness. The “Turkey Drop” happens in part because freshmen realize they no longer need the safety blanket of their high school significant other.那么这种亲密的关系是从什么时候开始改变的呢?在大学里的前几个月,总会有一些漫长又孤寂的新生夜——那些夜晚你会不住地想自己是否有真正的朋友。然而到了十一月,大多数新生都从想家最折磨的阶段恢复了出来。“火鸡”现象的发生部分是因为新生们意识到他们已经不再需要高中那个至关重要的另一半带来的安全感。According to Dr. Christopher Thurber, a psychologist at Phillips Exeter Academy, going home for Thanksgiving – being surrounded by people they love – can actually help freshmen to get over their homesickness. “When you’re homesick, your actions – being tearful, staying in your room a lot – will cue in the people around you, and prompt an appropriate social response,” said Thurber. “People will reach out to you, and that often will boost the student’s confidence. This in turn will help them overcome feelings of homesickness.”Christopher Thurber士,一个菲利普斯埃克塞特学院的心理学家表示,回家过感恩节——周围都是自己爱的人——会让新生们的恋家情绪不治而愈。“在你想家的时候,你的行为——眼泪汪汪,经常闷在自己的房间——会给你周围的人发出一个信号,带来一个适当的社会反应,”Thurber说道。“人们会去接近你,这也会提高学生的自信。反过来,这也会帮助他们克恋家情绪。”When I came home for Thanksgiving my freshman year, I was also shocked by how much I’d changed. I went to a high school where the majority of students had been living in the same town since kindergarten. Most people had similar views on political issues and didn’t have experience with cultures different from our own. Then I moved into my freshman dorm, and met a roommate who had just flown in from South Korea. At Thanksgiving, it felt strange to reunite with my group of high school girlfriends, who all grew up within a 20-mile radius.在我大一那年回家过感恩节的时候,我完全被自己的改变震惊了。我就读的高中大多数学生都从幼儿园起就住在一个镇上。大多数人对于政治问题都保持着相似的见解,也没经历过和我们小镇不同的文化氛围。之后我搬进了新生寝室,室友刚刚从韩国来。感恩节的时候,再和我高中的朋友们重聚显得些许怪异,她们都在二十英里以外的地方长大了。;A freshman will think, ‘When I was with this girl in high school, I thought we were going to be together forever. Then I got to college and saw that there was so much going on – different people and places and things.’ The committed match that you had in your mind might not look the same when you go home for Thanksgiving,” said Thurber.“新生可能会觉得‘高中时我们俩在一起的时候,我以为我们一辈子都会在一起。之后我上了大学,发现未来的路还很长——不同的人,不同的地方和不同的事。’你脑海中曾经坚定的想法可能在你回家过感恩节的时候又不一样了,”Thurber说道。Almost everyone I interviewed said there was no way to casually be in a long-distance relationship in college. If you were weren#39;t together everyday on campus, then you had to make sacrifices, and you didn#39;t make sacrifices if things weren#39;t serious. One junior told me that, freshman year, her high-school boyfriend revealed his plans to propose the day after graduation. She broke up with him a few weeks later.几乎所有受访者都表示在大学里维持长距离的关系可能性不大。如果你们不能在大学里每天在一起,就必须得做出一些牺牲,而如果不够认真你就不会做出牺牲。一个大三生称,大一时,她高中时的男朋友透露说毕业的第二天就会向她求婚,而几周后,她就提出分手了。;The nice thing about the college atmosphere in terms of relationships is that you can ease in to them – you don’t have to know where you stand, you don’t have to be really certain,” said a current college junior. “But with long distance, there’s the implication that you’re in it for the long haul. Having a long-distance relationship in college doesn’t just mean long distance. It means long distance, long term.”“对于关系,大学氛围最好的一件事就是你可以轻松地享受这段关系——你不需要知道你在哪,也不需要十分确定,”一个现在就读大学三年级的人说道。“但是长距离的关系就意味着你要长期维持。大学里的异地恋不仅仅意味着距离远,也是在说双方的感情要维持很久。”By late November, you realize that the long-distance, marriage-proposal kind of commitment is fundamentally opposed to the ideals we’re taught to associate with college. A lot of women told me they felt guilty about having a high-school boyfriend because it just wasn’t what you were “supposed” to do as a freshman. When I asked them exactly what they were supposed to be doing instead, no one had a concrete answer. A few vaguely mentioned drinking more heavily, or being free to consent to a dance floor make-out, but there was clearly something else.到十一月下旬,你就会意识到长距离,以婚姻为目标的承诺和我们与大学联系在一起的想法是完全相悖的。很多女性都告诉我有一个高中男朋友让她们感到很内疚,因为这并不是一个大学新生应做的事。我反问她们那个时候到底应该做些什么时,没人给我一个具体的答复。有几个人含糊地回答说应该多喝些酒,作为“自由人”去赴舞池约会,但当然不止这些。From movies like Animal House, Van Wilder, and 21 and Over, we get this idea that college is the only time in our lives when we can do stupid, drunken things and not get in too much trouble. The bridge of Asher Roth’s legendary rap anthem, “I Love College,” offers freshmen just one piece of advice: “Do something crazy!” In college, you’re supposed to make mistakes because those mistakes become cool stories – the kind that build character and street cred. But it’s hard to feel free to make bad decisions when you’ve got someone from home sending you a constant stream of text messages on Saturday night.从《动物爱回家》,《留级之王》,《21玩过界》等电影中,大学是我们生命中唯一一段可以做愚蠢的事却惹不上大麻烦的时光。罗斯(Asher Roth)的传奇饶舌颂歌的桥梁,“我爱大学,”给大学新生们提出了一条意见:“做点儿疯狂的事!”在大学里,你应该犯错,因为这些错误日后都会变成很酷的故事——能塑造性格和名声的那种。但是如果家那边有个人总在周六的晚上给你发一条又一条的信息,你可没办法去自由地做这些事。There’s more to this cultural idea of college than wild parties. Leaving home, we’re told that the next four years will be a time to experiment and figure out what we want to contribute to the world. Most juniors and seniors I know chose to major in a department different from the one they listed on their college application. That’s because we’ve all taken risks, learning about topics we didn’t expect to love. The whole process is trial and error: Try a lot of different things, and see what works. The biggest pressure for freshmen to “turkey drop” comes from knowing that we may never again be this free to explore.而大学的文化层面甚至比聚会狂欢还包含更多。一离开家,我们被告知接下来的四年试验并搞清楚我们想为世界贡献些什么的时间。我认识的大多数大三生和大四生都选择了和他们大学申报表上填写的不同专业,这是因为我们都冒了险,学习一些我们没预料到会喜欢的内容。整个过程就是反复试验:尝试很多不同的东西,看哪个好用。大学新生“火鸡放弃”最大的压力就是明白我们可能再也没法这样自由地去探索了。 /201312/267168Sleep loss,air conditioning make us fat想苗条?多睡觉,免空调a number of aspects of modern living -- from lack of sleep to exposure to living with air conditioning -- may be feeding Americans' weight woes.Fast food meals and TV time shouldn't take all the blame for the U.S.obesityproblem, according to a research review published Tuesday.In fact, a group of researchers contend, a number of aspects of modern living -- from lack of sleep to exposure to living with air conditioning -- may be feeding Americans' weight woes.Writing in the International Journal of Obesity, they argue that obesity research and prevention efforts need to look beyond the "Big Two" -- food industry practices, likebeefed-upportion sizes and added sugar; and reduced physical activity from factors such as cuts in school gym classes.That's not to say that diet and exercise aren't important. However, the evidence linking obesity to food industry marketing and lack of gym class is circumstantial.Lack of sleep is one, they say. Research in animals and humans suggests thatchronicsleep deprivation boosts appetite and eating, and studies also show that U.S. adults and children are sleeping less than they used to. In recent decades, adults have gone from sleeping for an average of 9 hours to about 7 hours, the researchers point out.Another factor potentiallyweighing Americans downis air conditioning. The body burns calories when forced to regulate its own temperature, and people tend to eat less in hot, humid weather.The report cites 10 potential obesity risk factors in all, including: increased rates of older mothers, whose children may be more prone to excess weight gain; a range of medications, such as antidepressants, which can promote weight gain; and a decrease in smoking rates, because people often gain weight when they quit and the absence of nicotine, an appetite suppressant.No one is suggesting that people should stop taking their prescriptions, keep smoking or swelter in the July sun, according to the researcher Allison. When it comes to any one person's weight, he said, "what ultimately matters is calorie intake and calorie expenditure."(Agencies)本周二公布的一项调查显示:美国人不能把肥胖问题完全归咎于快餐饮食和长时间看电视。一个研究小组认为,事实上,现代生活中有很多因素都有可能导致美国人不幸超重,比如睡眠不足和使用空调。刊登于《国际肥胖期刊》的一份研究报告称,肥胖症研究和预防不能局限于“两大因素”——餐饮业的某些做法,如加大食物的分量或含糖量;运动量减少,如学校取消体育课。这并不是说饮食和运动不重要,无论怎样,肥胖是否直接跟饮食业的市场策略和缺少体育课有关系得视情况而言。研究人员指出:睡眠不足也是诱发肥胖的一大因素。通过对动物和人体的研究发现,长期缺乏睡眠会刺激食欲。研究同时显示,美国成年人和儿童目前的睡眠时间比过去少。近几十年,成年人每天平均睡眠时间由过去的9小时降至7小时。另一个诱发美国人肥胖焦虑的潜在因素是空调。当体温自动进行调节时,身体会消耗热量,同时,湿热的天气会让人们减少食量。研究报告列举了诱发肥胖的十大因素:大龄妈妈比例增加,她们的后代可能更容易超重;一些药物会导致体重超标,如抗抑郁病药;烟民比例减少——尼古丁有抑制食欲的作用,所以吸烟者一旦戒烟会导致体重增加。据研究人员艾利森介绍,这项研究并不是建议人们停止使用药方、继续吸烟或忍受炎暑的折磨。当谈到个人的体重问题时,艾利森说,“最重要的还是看你摄取和消耗了多少热量。”ocabulary:obesity: 过度肥胖beefed-up: 加大的,增多的(源于动词词组beef up,指“加强, 补充人数和兵力);例如:beef up the air force(加强空军)chronic: of long duration; continuing(长期的;持续的)weigh down: 使...过度焦虑 /200803/30965

The term diaosi originated as an insult for a poor, unattractive young person who stayed at home all day playing games, with dim prospects for the future -- in other words, a loser. Yet as the term went viral on the Internet, Chinese youth from all backgrounds began to embrace it.“屌丝”一词原是对那些既没钞票又没相貌,整天在宅家里打游戏,前途一片渺茫的年轻人的侮辱性称谓,换个词说就是失败者的意思。但随着这一词语走红网络,各种背景的中国年轻人都开始自嘲为“屌丝”。It has become a self-deprecating counter to the gaofushuai, or the ;tall-rich-handsome,; those with status, success, and bright futures. The number of people who refer to themselves as diaosi has continued to grow, and it is slowly transforming into a descriptor of the ordinary Chinese citizen who faces everyday struggles and hardships.和这一自贬词语相对的是“高富帅”,就是“个子高,有钱又有貌”的人,他们有地位,活得很成功,前途一片光明。而管自己叫“屌丝”的人越来越多,这一词语也渐渐演化成了中国市井小民的代名词,他们每天都要面对各种艰辛,努力谋生。This infographic, created by Sohu Business, posits that the time of the sought-after high-end Chinese consumer, drawn to high-end brands and other symbols of status, may be ending. In their place, the diaosi are poised to become the mainstream consumers in China. It also hints at a future turning point: China#39;s underdogs just may become the country#39;s mainstream.这些图表由搜狐财经制作,从中可以看出中国高端人群人热衷于名牌商标和其它象征高档地位商品的时代已经过去了,现在“屌丝”成了中国主流消费者;另一个转折点是,草根阶层成为中国的主流群体。Ever since GDP growth dropped to 7.8 percent in 2012, the Chinese economy hasn#39;t been quite as robust. Affected by the economic environment, China#39;s luxury goods consumption has substantially declined, giving business people a big headache.自2012年中国GDP增长下降至7.8个百分点之后,中国经济发展也趋向疲软。受经济环境影响,中国奢侈品消费量大幅下跌,商人对此大为头痛。We#39;ve heard that the diaosi#39;s main profession is ;moving bricks; , but this doesn#39;t seem to be the real situation ...我们知道屌丝的主要工作是“搬砖”,但事实好像并非如此……Programmers and media industry workers had the highest percentage of self-identified diaosi, but only fewer than 10 percent of civil servants self-identified as diaosi.自称为“屌丝”的人群中,有很大一部分人都在编程和传媒行业工作,只有不到10%的公务员自认为是“屌丝”。The diaosi identity is strongest in the 30 to 39 year-olds, with more than 80 percent identifying as such.自认为“屌丝”人大多是30至39岁的人,他们占到所有屌丝人口的80%以上。So, if you encounter a no-car, no-home, no-girlfriend, over 20, almost 30-year-old media worker or programmer, make no mistake -- he is a so-called diaosi.从上图可见,要是你遇见一个二十多岁马上奔三十的人,他没房没车没女友,不是程序员就是搞传媒的,那么他准保是个“屌丝”。Different incomes affect the degree of diaosi self-identification.不同的收入情况也影响到了“屌丝”的分布。In fact, survey respondents with incomes of 6,001-8,000 RMB for men and 3,001-6,000 RMB for women most identified with diaosi. Beijing residents#39; per capita disposable income is only 3,039 RMB, suggesting that the large majority of self-identified diaosi actually have incomes higher than the average income level of society. In addition, they do not need to care for cars or homes.事实上在受访人群中,月薪6001-8000元的男性和3001-6000元的女性更愿意把自己称作“屌丝”,而北京居民的人均可配收入只有3039元。这说明大部分“屌丝”的收入都要高于社会平均水平。而且,他们不用为买车买房担心。In consumer attitudes, diaosi value quality and fashion the most, while only fewer than 10 percent value necessities, suggesting that though everyone identifies as diaosi, they still want to pursue a high quality of life.在消费态度方面,“屌丝”最看重质量和时尚。只有不到10%的人关注日常所需。这意味着尽管人人自称为“屌丝”,他们都想拥有高品质生活。At the same time, diaosi really like to lounge around at home. At night they tend to stay home and use the Internet, and they especially love to play games. Thus, socializing is diaosis#39; biggest shortcoming and also their greatest demand.同时,“屌丝”真的很宅。他们晚上大都呆在家里上网,尤其热爱打游戏,因此社交是屌丝们的致命缺陷,也是他们的最大需求。The survey demonstrates that only one third of single diaosi have a significant other, or, on average only one in three males have a girlfriend. Additionally, the majority of diaosi are between 20-30 years old, the prime period for dating. Thus, socializing is truly the diaosi#39;s greatest demand.调查显示,只有三分之一的单身屌丝有“重要的另一半”,换句话说就是平均每三个男性中只有一个有女朋友。另外,大多数屌丝都在20到30岁之间,正是外出约会的黄金年龄。因此,社交沟通的确是屌丝的最大需求。In conclusion: those who identify as part of the diaosi subculture have gradually become a unique consumer group. They have strong purchasing power and rational consumption attitudes.总的说来,这些自认为属于“屌丝亚文化”的人正渐渐演化为独特的消费人群。他们有很强的购买力和理性的消费态度。The concept of pursuing the ;high-end, powerful, and upscale; is aly past; now we must direct our attention toward the diaosi concepts of ;quality, thoughtfulness, and creativity.; The diaosi could become the future mainstream consumers, inevitably giving rise to new business opportunities.购买“高端大气上档次”产品的观念已经成为过去;现在我们要将注意力转移到屌丝的购物理念上:“质量、体贴、有新意”。现在的屌丝有可能成为明天的主流消费者,必将带来新的商机。 /201307/246576Coffee isn#39;t just warm and energizing, it may also be extremely good for you. In recent years, scientists have studied the effects of coffee on various aspects of health and their results have been nothing short of amazing.除去暖身子外加提神,咖啡可还有不少好处哦。最近几年,科学家们研究了咖啡对于健康各个方面的影响,结论可能会让你大吃一惊哦。Here#39;s why coffee may actually be one of the healthiest beverages on the planet.下面就是为啥咖啡是地球上最健康的饮料之一的原因。1. Coffee Can Make You Smarter咖啡能让你更聪明Coffee doesn#39;t just keep you awake, it may literally make you smarter as well. The active ingredient in coffee is caffeine, which is a stimulant and the most commonly consumed psychoactive substance in the world. Many controlled trials have examined the effects of caffeine on the brain, demonstrating that caffeine can improve mood, reaction time, memory, vigilance and general cognitive function.不仅提神,还能让你更聪明。咖啡里面的兴奋成分是咖啡因,这是最常见的兴奋剂。很多实验表明咖啡因对大脑的有着积极的作用,能改善心情,减少反应时间,提升,提高警觉以及认知功能。Bottom Line: Caffeine potently blocks an inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain, leading to a net stimulant effect. Controlled trials show that caffeine improves both mood and brain function.总结:咖啡因能阻隔大脑中的神经元,达到刺激效果。实验表明咖啡因对情绪和大脑运作都有好处。2. Coffee Can Help You Burn Fat and Improves Physical Performance咖啡能燃烧脂肪提高身体活动能力There#39;s a good reason why you will find caffeine in most commercial fat burning supplements. Caffeine, partly due to its stimulant effect on the central nervous system, both raises metabolism and increases the oxidation of fatty acids. Caffeine can also improve athletic performance by several mechanisms, including by mobilizing fatty acids from the fat tissues. In two separate meta-analyses, caffeine was found to increase exercise performance by 11-12% on average.让我来说说为什么咖啡因是脂肪燃烧成分中最经济的方式吧。咖啡因,对中枢神经系统有着一定的刺激效果,会提高新陈代谢和脂肪酸的氧化。咖啡还能提升运动的几个机制,包括从脂肪组织中活化脂肪酸。两次单独的荟萃分析中显示咖啡因能总体提高11%-12%的体能表现。Bottom Line: Caffeine raises the metabolic rate and helps to mobilize fatty acids from the fat tissues. It can also enhance physical performance.总结:咖啡因提高新陈代谢的速度,从脂肪组织中活化脂肪酸。还能提高体能活动表现。3. Coffee May Drastically Lower Your Risk of Type II Diabetes咖啡能降低患二类糖尿病的风险In observational studies, coffee has been repeatedly associated with a lower risk of diabetes. The reduction in risk ranges from 23% all the way up to 67%. A massive review article looked at 18 studies with a total of 457,922 participants. Each additional cup of coffee per day lowered the risk of diabetes by 7%. The more coffee people drank, the lower their risk.在观察研究中发现,咖啡能有效(23%-67%)降低患糖尿病的风险。在对45万7922位调查者的18项研究显示,每天一杯咖啡能降低7%的患病率。人们喝的咖啡越多,风险就越小。Bottom Line: Drinking coffee is associated with a drastically reduced risk of type II diabetes. People who drink several cups per day are the least likely to become diabetic.总结:喝咖啡能降低换二类糖尿病的风险。每天喝几杯咖啡的人更不容易得糖尿病。4. Coffee May Lower Your Risk of Alzheimer#39;s and Parkinson#39;s咖啡能降低患老年痴呆症和帕金森症的风险Not only can coffee make you smarter in the short term, it may also protect your brain in old age. Alzheimer#39;s disease is the most common neurodegenerative disorder in the world and a leading cause of dementia. In prospective studies, coffee drinkers have up to a 60% lower risk of Alzheimer#39;s and dementia. Parkinson#39;s is the second most common neurodegenerative disorder, characterized by death of dopamine-generating neurons in the brain. Coffee may lower the risk of Parkinson#39;s by 32-60%.不仅能让你短期内变得更加聪明,还能在年老时保护你的大脑。阿尔茨海默病是世界上最常见的神经系统退行性疾病,也是痴呆的主要原因。在调查研究中发现,咖啡饮用者能降低60%的患阿尔茨海默病风险。帕金森则是世界上第二大神经系统退行性疾病,特征常表现为脑内神经死亡。咖啡能降低换帕金森病32%-60%的风险。Bottom Line: Coffee is associated with a much lower risk of dementia and the neurodegenerative disorders Alzheimer#39;s and Parkinson#39;s.总结:咖啡能大大降低患神经系统退行疾病阿尔茨海默病和帕金森病的风险。5. Coffee May be Extremely Good For Your Liver咖啡对肝脏极有好处The liver is a remarkable organ that carries out hundreds of vital functions in the body. It is very vulnerable to modern insults such as excess consumption of alcohol and fructose. Cirrhosis is the end stage of liver damage caused by diseases like alcoholism and hepatitis, where liver tissue has been largely replaced by scar tissue. Multiple studies have shown that coffee can lower the risk of cirrhosis by as much as 80%, the strongest effect for those who drank 4 or more cups per day. Coffee may also lower the risk of liver cancer by around 40%.肝脏是人体中最重要的器官,承担着成百上千种重要的机体功能。现代生活下,如过度饮酒和吃糖都会对肝脏造成一定的损害。肝硬化是肝损伤的最后阶段,由酗酒或肝炎引起,到最后肝组织基本上被瘢痕代替。很多研究发现咖啡能降低80% 肝硬化的风险,特别是对那些每天喝多于4杯咖啡的人。而咖啡还可以减少40%患肝癌的风险。Bottom Line: Coffee appears to be protective against certain liver disorders, lowering the risk of liver cancer by 40% and cirrhosis by as much as 80%.总结:咖啡能对肝组织紊乱有一定的抵抗作用,减少40%患肝癌的风险,以及80%患肝硬化的风险。6. Coffee May Decrease Your Risk of Dying咖啡能降低死亡率Many people still seem to think that coffee is unhealthy. This isn#39;t surprising though, since it is very common for conventional wisdom to be at exact odds with what the actual studies say. In two very large prospective epidemiological studies, drinking coffee was associated with a lower risk of death by all causes. This effect is particularly profound in type II diabetics, one study showing that coffee drinkers had a 30% lower risk of death during a 20 year period.很多人还是觉得咖啡不健康。这也不奇怪,真理刚被提出时,总会被怀疑是谬论。在两大前瞻性流行病研究中,喝咖啡能降低各种原因的死亡率。对二类糖尿病中的效果也极其明显,研究表明20年来咖啡饮用者降低了30%的死亡率。Bottom Line: Coffee consumption has been associated with a lower risk of death in prospective epidemiological studies, especially in type II diabetics.总结:在前瞻性流行病研究中发现,咖啡能降低死亡率,尤其是二类糖尿病。7. Coffee is Loaded With Nutrients and Antioxidants咖啡富含营养和抗氧化剂Coffee isn#39;t just black water. Many of the nutrients in the coffee beans do make it into the final drink, which actually contains a decent amount of vitamins and minerals.咖啡不止是黑色的水。咖啡豆里富含大量的营养元素,如维他命和矿物质,到最后都能被我们饮下。But this isn#39;t all. Coffee also contains a massive amount of antioxidants. In fact, coffee is the biggest source of antioxidants in the western diet, outranking both fruits and vegetables combined.还没说完,咖啡还富含抗氧化剂。实际上,咖啡是西方食物中含抗氧化剂最多的,超过蔬菜和水果的总和哦。Bottom Line: Coffee contains a decent amount of several vitamins and minerals. It is also the biggest source of antioxidants in the modern diet.总结:咖啡富含维他命和矿物质,也是现代饮食中含氧化剂最多的饮品。 /201303/230999

这是关于一个女孩、女人、女性的成长漫画On A Claire Day:亲情、友情、爱情;家庭,朋友、婚姻,工作,生活……一切的一切~今日嘱咐:人类好像就是这样,在操心和担心方面,总是习惯“抢答”……当然,在好事出现的时候,我们也会提前推进,那个拿着一个鸡蛋就幻想鸡鸭成群的人,也是你我!!译者:koogle

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