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正确发音小技巧/#61510;/是一个轻辅音,发这个音时,嘴唇微张,舌尖卷起或抬起,处于上齿龈后部和硬鄂之间,不要接触下牙齿或上下颚,气流由喉咙处泄出。 /#61526;/是由轻辅音/#61510;/生成的。其发音时的口形与/#61510;/一样,不同的是,这是一个浊辅音,声音是喉咙处泄出,当发这个音时,你会感觉到喉咙处及整个嘴巴有振颤。发这两个音的关键是:嘴巴张开向前撅,舌头不要接触嘴巴内的任何东西。 /#61510;/通过气流发声,/#61526;/通过嗓音发声。如图: /#61510;/ fish shake condition fashion she /#61526;/ television usually occasionally leisure pleasure唇舌训练: My hands are usually shaking when I'm fishing. /#61526;/ /#61510;/ /#61510;/ She watches television occasionally at her leisure./#61510;/ /#61526;/ /#61526;/ /#61526;/ It's my pleasure to feed your fish on conditions. /#61526;/ /#61510;/ /#61510;/ She's got good vision on fashion trends, we usually trust her vision./#61510;/ /#61526;/ /#61510;/ /#61526;/ /#61526;/I usually wear fashion shoes on special occasions./#61526;/ /#61510;/ /#61510;/ /#61510;/ /#61526;/单词中字母的发音规律一般发/#61510;/的字母 c ocean, social, musician ch chef, Michel t condition, tradition, patient x anxious sc conscious sh sharp, sheep, show一般发/#61526;/的字母 s vision, television, occasion su leisure, pleasure, measure zu seizure发音与朗读训练(在做以下朗读练习时,请注意黑体单词中画线字母的发音)Perseverance 毅力Perseverance does not usually mean sticking to the same thing forever.毅力并不总是意味着永远坚持做同一件事。It means giving full concentration and effort to whatever you are doing. 它意味着无论你做任何事情,你都要立刻全心投入,竭尽全力;It means doing the tough things first 它意味着先做艰苦的工作,and looking downstream for gratification and rewards. 再去期待随之而来的满足和回报。It means being happy in your work with pleasure, 它意味着开心地工作,but hungry for more knowledge and progress. 渴望更多的知识和进步。It means making more calls, going more miles, pulling more weeds, 它意味着多打几个电话,多走几里路,多除草,getting up earlier in the day 早起床,and always being on the lookout for a better way of doing what you’re doing.意味着总是寻求更好的方式去做你在做的事情。Persistence is success through trial and error.毅力就是经历考验和过失的成功。 /201110/156698

Subject: Am I a wet blanket? 迷你对话A: Many people don’t like to stay with me. I don’t know why. Am I a wet blanket.很多人不愿意和我交往,我不知道为什么,我是个煞风景的人吗?B: I don’t think so. Don’t be so sensitive.我不这么认为,不要这么敏感。 地道表达 a wet blanket 1. 解词释义Wet blanket是指“令人扫兴的人,煞风景者”。盖着湿毯子当然不舒,所有像一块湿毯子一样的人,一定是令人厌烦,到人胃口的人。据说,这个俗语来源于火灾中的人们用湿毯子来扑火,throw a wet blanket on something这个动词短语就用来表示“使人扫兴,给人泼冷水”。这个短语采用比喻的方式来表达内涵,其完全是从人们的生活经历中提炼出来是。 2. 拓展例句e.g. The teenagers dont invite Bob to their parties because he is a wet blanket.少年们不邀请鲍伯参加舞会,因为他常煞风景。e.g. The weatherman threw a wet blanket on our picnic plan when he forecast rain.气象员报有雨, 给我们的野餐计划泼了冷水。e.g. Dont be a wet Blanket. They all enjoy your going there with them.别扫大家的兴。他们都希望你和他们一起去那里。e.g. Dont bring Robert to the picnic. Hes such a wet blanket.不要带罗伯特去参加野餐,他实在是个很扫兴的人。 /201404/283648

  同学们好,欢迎来到《Faith口语课堂-天天学》最新的一课,我是Faith老师,学好英语基于以下两点:1. 快乐学,2. 坚持学。你做到了这两点吗?Point: vt. 削尖;增强,vt. amp; vi. 指;指向Could you point this pencil for me? 请把铅笔给我削尖。He told a story to point his advice. 他讲了一个故事, 以增强他的忠告的力量。Point: n. 要点,论点,尖端;尖儿;小数点;(某一)时刻;(某一)地点;分数,目的,意图;We agreed at the price of USD4.5 per unit. 我们达成价格一致,每台4.5美元。My score is 98 points. 我得了98分。His remarks lack point. 他的言词缺乏要点。If you have a definite purpose in mind, get to the point promptly. 如果你心里有明确的意图, 就干脆说出来。以下这几句用得很多:I dont see your point. 我不明白你的意思。Mr. Tony, may I make a point? 托尼先生,我可以说明一下我的看法吗?You ve got a point. 你说得有道理。/你说到点子上了。What s the point? 什么意思?/这有什么意义?From my point of view:就我个人的观点来说,依我看……From my point of view, women should stay at home. 依我看,妇女应该待在家里。From my point of view, teachers are not well paid obviously. 依我看,显然教师们薪水不高。turning point: 转折点You are well aware that a merger is a major turning point. 你很清楚合并是一个重要的转折点。Sorry, I don t see your point. What s the point of arguing it? From my point of view, men should take the responsibility to support the family, and women just stay at home and take care of their husbands and kids. 对不起,我没明白你的意思。这样争论下去有何意义吗?依我看,男人就该承担起养家的责任,女人嘛就呆在家里照顾她们的丈夫和孩子。 /201206/186780

  think twice: look before you leap 三思而行Think twice before you go talk to the boss - 你去跟老板谈话前要三思而行。Think twice before you propose to that girl 向那女孩求婚前要三思而行!to beat the heat 克高温He tried to beat the heat by opening a window on the shady side.他为克高温把不朝阳的一扇窗子打开。 You can jump into a swimming pool to beat the heat!你可以跳进游泳池以应付炎热的天气。。

  书的种类Fiction 虚拟类-Romances 爱情浪漫 -Science fiction 科幻(Sci-Fi) -Fantasy 奇幻 -Thrillers 惊悚 -historic 历史Non-fiction 写实类-Travelogues 游记 -Self-help 心理 -language study 语言学习 -autobiographies 自传 -encyclopaedias 百科可以和外国人逛书局时聊得话题1. What is your favorite book? 你最喜欢的书是?My favorite book is written by Dale Carnegie. The title is “How to win friends and influence people” I think it really helps me build my relationships with people. 我最喜欢的书是戴尔卡内基的“如何赢得友谊和影响别人”它帮助我如何和别人建立良好的关系。2. Whos your favorite author? 你最喜欢的作者?Therere many authors I like. If I have to choose one, it will be ximurong. Shes a famous poet and I lots of her poems. 我喜欢的很多,但是如果一定要让我选一个,那就是席慕容。他是个有名的诗人,然后我读了很多他的作品。(最喜欢的一本书是七里香!)3. What books do you usually ?I a lot of books about English learning because I really like learning how to improve my language skill. Also I really like self-help books because it helps my personal growth. 我读很多有关英语学习的书,因为我真的很喜欢英语,想要更好。我也很喜欢有关自我成长的书籍,因为它们有助我个人的成长。4. What are you ing now? 你现在在读哪本书?Im ing a book called Four-hour Work Week by Tim Ferris. His book blows my mind. It makes me think of my life differently and I cant wait to apply his methods to make my work more efficient. 我正在读Tim Ferris的“每周工作四小时”,这本书太让我震撼了。我迫不及待要用它里面的方法来帮助我的工作更有效率。5. Would you recommend any books for me? 你可以推荐我看一本书吗?If you want to learn English, Id recommend books published by Live A. I think they have the best English learning book series. It makes English fun and easy. 如果你想学英语,我推荐你Live A出版社出版的书籍,我觉得他们是英语学习类别最好的书籍,因为它把英语学习变得更有趣。 /201502/361292

  “她是一个工作狂”怎么表达?Key: She works like a dog. 点津:在国外是一种勤勤恳恳精神的象征,是人类最好的朋友。◎点击播放器下方"进入Mp3下载页面"可下载音频◎内容来自: /201103/126985ramp up加强、增加ramp up airport security加强机场保安Japanese companies ramped up their output of LCD flat screen televisions to meet the demand日本公司为满足市场需求而增加生产等离子平板电视The factory don't have that capacity to ramp up. 这家工厂没有能力加速生产。nose dive迅速下降Yahoo's profit takes a nose dive.雅虎公司的利润大幅下降 The unemployment rate in the ed States took a nose dive in 2006.美国2006年的失业率大幅下降His career took a nose dive after he was fired by the company.他被公司解雇以后,事业一落千丈。歌曲:one day /201007/108232

  Welcome to the spotlight欢迎来到镁光灯下Where we welcome the cheers the expectations and the pressure这里,我们享受欢呼挑战预期、承受压力We welcome the grind我们接受磨炼There would be no easy shot, no days off, no excuses没有捷径,没有休息,没有借口We welcome it all来者不拒The hustle and struggle全力以赴,挣扎前行We even welcome the failures that makes winning even sweeter失败也要吞下,它让胜利更加甜美You are the first你是第一位(亚洲第一人加盟AJ)Countless have dreamed of this这是无数人的梦想Represent them, Represent me, Represent yourself带着他们的梦,我的梦,你的梦Welcome to the family欢迎加入AJ(Air Jordan, Nike旗下的高端品牌)家族更多精内容请关注微信公众号:篮球英文堂 新浪微:篮球英文堂201705/509035Thats nice.Nice way to start the day or late night.真不错 这样开始一天或深夜不错啊Because its very late at night right now.We dont tape early.Play along.现在其实是太晚了 我们不会提早录制节目 配合一下嘛So much to talk about.I really love your movie.They got me a copy of your movie and I watched it.有很多可聊 我很喜欢你的新片 他们给了我一份 我看过了I went in not konwing anything and I really loved the story.Cool.我之前不知道剧情 我很喜欢这个故事 酷You won essentially the French version of the Oscar for playing this role,which I think is absolutely amazing.Cesar award,right?Yeah.你因为对这个角色的诠释 赢得了法国版的奥斯卡 我觉得这很棒 凯撒奖 对吗 对First of all,thats got to be an amazing achievement.首先 这是一项了不起的成就You went to the French Oscars,French award show which I think must be very strange.你去了法国奥斯卡颁奖礼 法国的颁奖礼 我想那感觉一定很奇怪I watched some of it and the whole thing is in French,as it should be.因为我看了一点 整个颁奖礼说的都是法语 本来也应该这样And I wouldnt known what the hell was going on.How did you even know what was happening?我都不知道发生了什么 你怎么知道你获奖的Yeah,I went into a meditative state for that period of time.是的 那段时间我基本上入定了It was really long,4 1/2 hour show or something and they dont have advertisements or commercials in France the way we do那颁奖礼很长 大概有四个半小时吧 而且法国和我们不同 他们不会进广告So we didnt even get to take a break and chat and go to the bathroom and get a drink.That usually happens.所以我们没机会休息 聊天 去洗手间 或者喝酒 通常在颁奖礼大家会这样Award shows in America what people watching at home dont realize whenever you go to a commercial,all of the celebrities run all of the room and start drinking like fish.在家的观众对美国颁奖礼不了解的一点是 每当进广告时 所有明星都离开大厅 像鱼一样大口喝酒And then they all rush back in and sit there.Out of their minds.But really happy.Yeah,really happy.然后他们鱼贯而入 坐在那里 全都晕乎乎的 但是非常高兴 对 非常高兴201611/480979


  网罗天下新鲜、好玩、有趣、时尚的英语表达,尽在独家专栏节目;E聊吧;。本期节目的topic:没有比这更好的了You cant beat that. 再没有比这个更好的了。这句中的;you;不是指;你;,而是泛指;任何人;。这句话的意思是;没有人能做得更好;或;没有人能得到更好的;。【范例一】Look at the size of the lobster. You cant beat that.看这只龙虾的个头,没人可以找到更大的。【范例二】What a wonderful weather. You cant beat that.多好的天气!再没有比这个更好的了。【范例三】Its the very latest style. You cant beat that.这是刚推出的新款,没有比这个更好的了。A: Im going on a cruise this summer.今年夏天我要去做一次海上旅行。B: No kidding?真的吗?A: My brother won a free trip and hes taking me.我哥赢了一个免费的旅行,他要带我上。B: You cant beat that.再没有比这更好的了 /201206/185017。

  多么美丽的清晨,迎来了新的一天,新的一课。大家好,欢迎收听《Faith口语课堂-天天学》,我是Faith老师。每天学一点英语口语用法,日积月累,你的口语进步可真的会很大哦! 首先给大家介绍一个词:redundant, 它是个形容词,意思是:因人员过剩而被解雇的;不需要的; 多余的Our plant just closed down and made a bunch of us redundant. 我们工厂刚关闭了,大部分人都失去了工作。These equipments are redundant, put them away. 这些设备是多余的,把它们放一边吧。 那么,redundant的名词形式是:redundance/redundancy, 过多,过剩。Redundancy among clerks is caused by the increasing use of computers. 因计算机的使用日渐增加,造成了职员的过剩。 听众Amy来信询问如何形容男生长得不错,我们可以用“decent looking”来形容:He's a decent looking guy but he's really shy around girls for some reason.他长得不错,但不知为什么,他在女孩面前会特别害羞。The guy I'm seeing these days is really decent looking. 最近我约会的那个男人长得很好看。Do you think you're a decent looking guy? 你觉得你是个相貌不错的男人吗? 下面,我们来介绍这个手头有点紧的用法:Be strapped for cash,strap是用皮带捆扎的意思,在这里是个动词,被动语态,cash是现金的意思,现金被抽紧了,那意思就是手头有点紧,缺钱。I'm strapped for cash recently since I'm investing most of my money into the stock market. 我最近手头有点紧,因为我把大部分钱投到股市上去了。Are you strapped for cash; you’re not going out these days. 你手头有点紧吗?这些天都不见你出门。I’m afraid you'll be strapped for cash soon if you're spending money like there's no tomorrow. 你再像这样大笔花钱,很快手头就会紧张起来。 Really? How could you have the motivation to make more money if you're not spending money? 您最近因为什么出而使你您的手头有些紧呢? 这里是《Faith口语课堂-天天学》,我是Faith老师,来听首歌好吗? Celien Dion带来的Immortality,很好听的。 /201111/159606


  Subject: Are you with me? 迷你对话A: I think we should adopt this method to solve the problem. Are you with me?我想我们应该采取这种办法解决问题,你同意吗?B: That is what I want to do. I agree with you.那正是我想做的,我同意。 地道表达with somebody 1. 解词释义With somebody的子面意思是“和某人在一起”。所以Are you with me?这句话表面上是问人家和不和你在一起,实际上是问别人是否站不站在你这一边持他,是不是站在同一战线上或者是同不同意你的观点。所以每当阐述完自己的观点后,就可以问“Are you with me?”其意思是“你同意吗?”这个短句用来征询别人的意见。 2. 典型范例e.g. At first he was not with me, but later he was.开始他不同意, 但后来同意了。e.g. After a lot of persuasion, she was with me.经过多次劝说后,她同意我的说法了。 Ps: agree with sb.的意思是“同意某人的观点”。例如:I agree with you, but with some reservations. 我同意你,不过有几点要保留。 I fully agree with you. 我完全同意你的意见。 /201310/261010

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