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Ripening fig trees, overhanging the water#39;s edge, provide welcome food for shoals of hungry fish.水边生长着高大的无花果树,为饥饿的鱼群提供美味食物The commotion attracts dorado, known locally as the river tiger.骚动引来了麻哈脂鲤,当地人称之为“河中之虎”They patrol the feeding shoals looking for a chance to strike.它们穿梭于觅食的鱼群中,找准机会发动进攻And waiting in the wings, y to pick off any injured fish, are the piranhas.有些鱼则守在一旁等待,时刻准备攻击任何受伤的鱼,它们就是锯脂鲤A feeding frenzy quickly develops.它们的进食速率极快Piranha can strip a fish to the bone in minutes.锯脂鲤几分钟内便能将一条活鱼啃得只剩下骨架Great numbers of fish sustain vast flocks of water birds.大量的鱼养活着大批聚集的水鸟The roseate spoonbill is just one of the 650 bird species found in the Pantanal.粉红琵鹭是潘塔纳尔沼泽地中的650多种鸟类中的一种They nest alongside woodstorks in colonies thousands strong.它们将巢建在树干上,一群多达好几千只。Spectacled caiman linger below, waiting for a meal to fall out of the sky.眼镜凯门鳄在下面游荡,等着食物从天而降。 Article/201706/513730新英语900句视频版 第7课:在万国览会 文本如下:ALI: Mama, I#39;m hungry. I want a hot dog.妈, 我饿了, 我要吃热.MRS. NIKZAD: Ali, be patient.阿里, 不要急.MR. NIKZAD: Now let#39;s see.我们来看MR. NIKZAD: On this map there are three restaurants in the Plaza of Nations,这张地图, 上面有三家餐馆在国家广场里,MR. NIKZAD: Italian, French, and Spanish.包括意大利风味、法国风味和西班牙风味.MR. NIKZAD: How about Italian food for lunch?午餐吃意大利菜怎么样?ALI: But, Father, I want a hot dog!但是, 爸, 我要吃热嘛!MR. NIKZAD: Ali, be quiet. I#39;m talking to your mother.阿里,别吵, 我在跟你妈说话.MRS. NIKZAD: Dear, he#39;s only six.亲爱的, 他才六岁嘛!ALI: Look! An ice cream man! May I have an ice cream sandwich, please, please? I love ice cream sandwiches.你看! 冰淇淋摊贩! 我可以吃冰淇淋三明治吗? 拜托! 我最喜欢吃冰淇淋三明治.MR. NIKZAD: He#39;s impossible.真是拿他没办法.MRS. NIKZAD: He#39;s only a child.他还小.MR. NIKZAD: You may have your ice cream sandwich after lunch.吃完午餐以后你才可以吃冰淇淋三明治.MR. NIKZAD: Excuse me, sir. Can you help me? Where is the Italian restaurant?对不起先生, 您能不能帮个忙? 请问意大利餐馆在哪BILL: It#39;s in the Italian Pavilion, over there. On the second floor.就在那边的意大利馆里面. 在二楼.MR. NIKZAD: Thank you. 谢谢.ALI: I can have an ice cream sandwich later, can#39;t I?待会儿我可以吃冰淇淋三明治吗?BILL: Of course, you can. After lunch.当然可以, 但要在吃过午餐以后.ALI: My name#39;s Ali.我的名字叫阿里.MRS. NIKZAD: Come along, Ali. The man is busy.过来, 阿里, 这位先生很忙.BILL: That#39;s OK. Where are you from, Ali?没关系, 阿里, 你从哪儿来的?ALI: Iran.伊朗.BILL: Really?真的吗?ALI: Yes. I can speak two languages.嗯, 我会说两种语言.BILL: Oh? Your English is very good.哦? 你英文说得很好.ALI: Yes.嗯.MR. NIKZAD: Come, Ali! The restaurant#39;s over here.阿里,来, 餐馆就在这?.MRS. NIKZAD: Come along, Ali. Good-bye, sir. Thank you for your help.快来, 阿里. 先生再见, 谢谢你的帮忙.ALI: Bye-bye, ice cream man.拜拜, 卖冰淇淋的先生.BILL: Good-bye, Ali. See you after lunch.阿里,再见, 午餐后再碰头.WAITER: Here are your cocktails.这是二位的鸡尾酒.MR. CRAWFORD: Thank you.谢谢.WAITER: The sherry?雪利酒是哪一位的?MRS. CRAWFORD: For me, thank you.我的, 谢谢.WAITER: And the martini is for you, sir?这杯马丁尼该是先生的吧?MR. CRAWFORD: Yes, thank you.是的, 谢谢.WAITER: May I take your order now?二位要不要点菜?MR. CRAWFORD: Please.好的.WAITER: The lobster is very good today.今天的龙虾很不错.MR. CRAWFORD: Dear?亲爱的, 怎么样?MRS. CRAWFORD: Oh, a fruit salad, please.噢, 请给我一客水果沙拉.WAITER: Certainly. And you, sir?好的. 先生您呢?MR. CRAWFORD: The lobster, and a salad, please.请来个龙虾和沙拉.WAITER: Thank you. Wine, sir?好的, 先生要不要叫一点葡萄酒?MR. CRAWFORD: Wine, dear?亲爱的, 要不要酒?MRS. CRAWFORD: No, not for me.不, 我不要.MR. CRAWFORD: No, thank you.不要, 谢谢.WAITER: Very good, sir.好的, 先生. /200808/46854Brutus, who simply patrols around his home.布鲁特斯只在自己家附近巡视Molly, who#39;s drawn to the neighbouring wood.茉莉跑去了附近的树林And Ginger, who heads out to a neighbour#39;s house.而小姜则直接跑去了邻居家The first question is, how far they travel beyond the cat flap,第一个问题是 他们离家之后会走多远which is what scientists call the cat#39;s home range.这也就是科学家所说的猫的活动范围Sooty, who lives on the edge of the village,住在村子边缘的苏提grabs everyone#39;s attention.引起了大家的关注It#39;s quite a big range.范围好大What do we know about Sooty, John?约翰 苏提是什么情况OK, so Sooty is an ex-farm cat,苏提以前是一只农场猫so that would figure.这就说得通了Sooty has walked two miles in the first day,苏提第一天就走了三公里but he#39;s gone just 160 metres in each direction from his home.但他只在离家160米的范围内活动Sooty#39;s really covering about three hectares.苏提的巡视面积有三公顷重点解释:1.head out 离去;启程例句:I have a long way to go before dark. I#39;m going to head out.天黑前我还有很远的路要走,我得上路了。2.know about 知道例句:I#39;d love to know about the plan.我想知道这个计划。 Article/201607/454707Welcome to Lisbon, Portugal. Located near the Atlantic Ocean, the capital city is filled with lush, green grass and plenty of trees. 欢迎来到葡萄牙里斯本,坐落大西洋附近,有着茂密的绿草和大量的树木。But researchers warn this Mediterranean region, and other parts of Southern Europe, could transform into a desert by the end of the century because of climate change. 但研究人员警告称,地中海区和南欧的其它地区,由于气候变化到本世纪末可能会变成一片沙漠。To come to this conclusion, researchers used pollen records to create models of what could happen to the climate under various temperature increases. 为了得出这个结论,研究人员使用花粉记录来建立不同温度上升下的气候模型。The worst-case scenario model had global temperatures rising by about 5 degrees Celsius. This would cause the majority of southern Spain and parts of Portugal to transform into a desert.场景模型的最坏情况是全球气温上升约5摄氏度。这将导致西班牙南部和葡萄牙的大部分地区变成一片沙漠。Much of that could be prevented, though, if we work to cut carbon emissions. It#39;s actually something almost 200 governments agreed to do last year to try to keep temperatures from rising more than 1.5 degrees Celsius above preindustrial levels. 如果我们努力减少碳排放量,大部分是可以预防的。实际上,这是去年近200个政府同意做的,试图阻止气温上升1.5摄氏度超过工业化前水平。The study, which was published in the journal Science, pointed out that it didn#39;t factor in human impacts, such as urbanization and soil degradation, into its research. 这项研究发表在科学杂志上,指出它并没有将人类的影响考虑在研究内,如城市化和土壤退化。译文属。 Article/201611/475710

I#39;m not interested in judging people#39;s hustle.我对别人努力与否不感兴趣。I#39;m interested in telling people how I#39;ve accomplished what I#39;ve accomplished,我喜欢告诉人们我是怎么成功的,which is I don#39;t think I#39;m that talented.我不认为我很有才华。I do think I#39;ve outworked people. I think that#39;s real.我认为我的工作比别人出色。那倒是真的。I also think it#39;s controllable.我也认为这些都是自己可控的。And I think anybody who#39;s watching right now我认为现在正在观看节目的人,they may not be the most talented entrepreneur or salesman or you know, an amazing craft of content可能不是最有天赋的企业家、销售员或是令人惊讶的手工艺者,but if they outwork somebody, that is a variable that feels in control.但是如果他们的工作比别人出色,那么这些都可以自己掌控。Somebody who wants to start a YouTube show想开始创建“YouTube”节目的人,if they do it 365 days a year versus somebody that does it 137 days a year如果他们一年365天都在努力做,而其他人一年只做137天,and they#39;re equally as talented the person that does it 365 is gonna win.在同等天赋条件下,努力了365天的人会成功。I mean that#39;s just the truth.我说的是事实。And it#39;s the only practical advice that I think I can give.这是我能给你的最切合实际的建议。Go get more talent. I can#39;t say that.我不能说去获得更多的天赋。But, you know, work harder and go to less happy hours ,但是,更加努力地工作、减少时间,and don#39;t watch, you know, entire seasons of ;House of Cards,; yeah, that feels real.不看整季的《纸牌屋》,这些你都能做到。And so, you know, to me, I think it#39;s amazing to take the whole month of August off in Europe.整个八月都在欧洲休假,我觉得这太不可思议了。I think that#39;s an amazing work-life balance and for many people that#39;s the right advice.这是工作与生活的完美平衡,对许多人来说,这是正确的建议。It#39;s just not my little narrow view on the world这不是我对世界的狭隘看法,in the concept of if you complain about what you want professoinally, well, there#39;s a way to fix it.在这个观念中,如果你抱怨自己想要的是什么,总有办法能解决它。If you#39;re content and you make 55,000 euros a year如果你很满足,你每年赚五万五千欧元,and you have all of August off and you#39;re a part of the dart team你整个八月都在休假,你是飞镖队的一员and you spend tons of time with your kids你有大量的时间陪孩子玩儿,and you#39;re content and you do not complain, well then you#39;re a hero to me.你满足现有的生活并且不抱怨,那么你是我的英雄。 Article/201707/516291

In the pash desert,the Berbers, the ancient Roman tribes in Sahara,show me the key to their survival,in this inhospitable lands.在炎热的沙漠 巴巴里人 撒哈拉的古罗马部落 向我展示了他们在这片寸草不生的土地上 生存的技巧Every Berber has a mental map of just worthwhile.And this is a real skill of these Berber families,每一位巴巴里人都 能做到心中有数 这些巴巴里家庭 拥有真正的技能as this knowledge just pass down from generation to generation of knowing where these wells are on the desert these underground pockets of water.这些知识 代代相传 能够找到沙漠中的水井 藏水的地下口袋And it#39;s knowledge really means these guys are the ultimate Sahara Desert survivors.正是这项知识体现了 这些人才是撒哈拉沙漠的最终幸存者In Panama, the Embera Tribe have survived in the juggles for centuries,take something much stronger than water.在巴拿马 恩贝拉部落 在丛林里生活了几个世纪之久 他们习惯喝一种比水强烈的饮料Wow, it#39;s like a great cocktails, isn#39;t it?Have an embrassing weakness for Pina Coladas. This is gonna rival Pina Coladas.Okay.好像鸡尾酒 是吗 我受不了凤梨园 这可以和凤梨园相提并论 好的What they didn#39;t tell me is that they add the saliva from the village elders to help it ferment.他们没告诉我 为了促进发酵 他们添加了一些老人的唾液I think I need something to clear my head.In many cultures,it#39;s polite to accept your host#39;s hospitality,even when it#39;s a goat private part on offer.我需要理清头绪 在很多文明中 接受主人的款待是一种礼貌 甚至是山羊的私密处He#39;s gonna to cut into that and then he#39;s gonna eat one of them.他将要切开 然后吃掉 其中一个And then, as a honored guest,he wants to give me the other one.之后 作为 一名光荣的客人 他会把另一个给我It#39;s traditional for Berber man to eat goat testicles.吃山羊睾丸是巴巴里人的传统Their thought to enhance fatality and it certainly gonna be a test to my manhood.这不仅会增加患病概率 还是对我男人本色的考验That hurts just to look at it.Merci. Merci Now must say, I#39;ve never never eat it raw goat testicles before.Merci, Mohammed光看着就难受 谢谢 谢谢 现在 不得不说 我从来没吃过生的山羊睾丸 谢谢你 默罕默德 Article/201605/444796

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201605/441514

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201611/477463

雅思口语900句是在众多雅思阅读词汇中浓缩出来的精华,都是在历年雅思考试中出现且多次考过的,不得不记,不得不学!所有的单词都配有发音,每天更新三句话,天天前进一小步,雅思口语一大步! 谈论天气 (2)51.Pleasant days are what people need most in my hometown.在我的家乡,好天气是大家最渴望的。52.Weather has great influence on the crops in different areas.在不同的地域,气候对庄稼都有很大的影响。53.The weather is terrible today because of the destruction of nature by human being.现在的天气非常不好,这是人类破坏自然的结果。 /200604/6629

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