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Step 1 Use spell and grammar check1.使用拼写和语法检查功能Create your resume and use the spell and grammar check functions on your word processing program to catch any obvious typos or mistakes.使用word软件来书写简历,使用其拼写和语法检查功能来找出任何明显的拼写或语法错误。Step 2 Print a copy of your resume2.打印Print a copy of your resume and it carefully. Be sure that all of your contact information and job history data is correct.将书写好的简历打印一份出来,仔细阅读。确保所有联系方式和工作经历都是正确的。Take your time as you through the resume. Dont wait until the last minute when you might be in a rush and overlook mistakes.预备好充足的时间来检查简历。不要等到最后时刻才检查,否则匆忙之间可能会遗漏一些错误。Step 3 Correct spelling and grammar mistakes3.纠正拼写和语法错误Correct spelling and grammar mistakes that your computer may have missed. Read your resume in reverse to help you focus on the spelling of each word.纠正电脑错过的拼写和语法错误。从后往前阅读简历,帮助你集中精力检查每个单词的拼写。Step 4 Read your resume out loud4.大声读出简历Read your resume aloud. Be sure that your words dont sound awkward and that you are using action words and keywords throughout your resume.大声把自己的简历读出来。确保用词准确,使用专业术语和关键词。Read the description for the job you want and be sure that your resume clearly reflects how you fit the qualifications. Use keywords from the job description in your resume.仔细阅读你申请的职位的工作描述,确保你的简历明确反映你能胜任这份工作。在简历中使用工作描述中出现的关键词。Step 5 Be consistent in formatting5.格式一致Examine the appearance of your resume. Make sure you use uniform, corresponding fonts and sizes and that your resume is consistent. Make sure that light and dark space is balanced throughout.检查简历的外观。确保简历中使用的字体和字号是一致的,确保字体和空白部分搭配平衡。Step 6 Have someone your resume6.让其他人阅读简历Have a friend or colleague your resume to check for mistakes that you might have missed.让朋友或同事阅读一下你的简历,检查你自己可能没有发现的错误。Consult your colleges career services office for resume proofing assistance. Their services are usually available for current students and alumni.向学校就业中心办公室咨询,请他们帮助校对简历。在校学生和毕业生都可以使用这项务。Step 7 Take a break and re7.休息一下,再次检查Take a break for several hours or a whole day if you can. Then, re-examine your resume one last time. Now you can send it to employers knowing that it is error-free and that you will make a great first impression.停留几个小时,如果可能的话,最好停留一天的时间,然后,最后一次检查简历。现在,你知道自己的简历完全没有错误了,可以发送给招聘单位了,你一定能够给他们留下良好的第一印象。The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the average American worker will hold over 10 different jobs over their lifetime.美国劳工统计局预测,普通美国工人一生将从事10份不同的工作。201301/218094安远县人民医院预约江西省赣州市人民医院怎么预约为庆祝回归祖国十周年和新中国成立六十周年,由中央电视台投资拍摄,麦贯之执导,潘小阳总制片,“杰女郎”曾恺玹、李国毅、潘敏世、宋汶霏、关礼杰、苑琼丹、郑佩佩等两岸三地艺人携手精心打造、至诚奉献的年末压轴大戏《莲花雨》,已于7日在央视一套晚间10:30隆重开播。据悉,该剧斥资1900万人民币,描绘了大都会生活的色画卷,鲜活呈现了一群年轻人的爱情、奋斗、创业故事。In celebration of the 10th anniversary of Macao's return to China, China Central Television has filmed the TV drama "Lotus Rain". To coincide with it's airing on CCTV every night, the cast and crew recently held a press conference to share their stories both on and off the screen.It's not easy to show everyone's story of the past ten years since Macao's return to China. But CCTV has tried through its TV drama "Lotus Rain". The show depicts how young people in Macao live to fulfill their dreams and to find love. From the ruins of St. Paul's Cathedral to fisherman's Wharf, most of the episodes were filmed on location, which impressed the leading actors and actresses.Lego Lee, Actor, said, "We spent a few days filming in front of the ruins of St.Paul's Cathedral. In the script, Qiao Ziliang's home is nearby. For me, it's a special experience shooting in such a historic and beautiful spot. "12/92119How To Get A Girl To Flash You如何让女孩对你放电 Ever since shedding our beastly fur, we humans have been forced to cover our flesh to protect from sun and snow. What a nuisance. Humility, decency, and even local laws have kept the female form covered while outside the bedroom. But what if we told you that you didn't need to be on a date to get a beautiful woman to reveal her assets? Here's how...Step 1: Find Thy Location(找合适的地点)Women who will let you take a look at their coveted bosoms won't just be standing around your local grocery store. You have to go places where the elusive females are y and willing to show you their covered assets. Check out places that host spring break debauchery.Step 2: Role Play(角色扮演)Pretend you're a talent scout. Purchase a t-shirt that says Girls Gone Wild or Playboy on it. Explain that you're looking for nude, sorry, we mean new talent. Or… try the starving artist approach. Patience is key in this approach, so take your time and explain how art school and nudity go together like peas and carrots.Step 3: Enchant Thy Lady(诱惑她)Offer your target something she may want. Sometimes alcohol works, sometimes beads work, sometimes you need to up the stakes and go all out.Step 4: Breast Request(直接请求)When all else fails… just ask. The key is not to make a big deal out of it, let her know you're just interested in seeing what's hidden underneath her clothing, strictly out of curiosity. Some women may be offended by this. But, others will be ok with it and grant you a quick peek, which is what the flash is all about. 201107/145179赣州治疗早泄费用多少

赣南妇幼保健院不孕不育医院预约挂号赣州长安医院男性科Former S. Korean President Roh dies in apparent suicideFormer South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun has died while hiking in mountains near his home. His death has shocked the country. Local media are speculating that this could be a suicide, as Roh Moo-hyun was involved in a corruption scandal. The 62-year-old Roh fell to his death just 200 meters from his home. A body guard was with him.His former aide says Roh appeared to act deliberately.Moon Jae-In, Roh Moo-Hyun's Lawyer amp; Former Aide, said, "Former President Roh left his house at 5:45 a.m.. While hiking on the mountain, he appears to have jumped off a rock at around 6:40 a.m."Roh was taken to a hospital in the nearby port city of Busan where he soon died from head injuries.Paek Seung-Wan, Chief Busan Nat'l University Hospital, said, "Doctors in this hospital attempted CPR but suspended it at 8:30 am as he failed to recover." Local media reports are calling it suicide. Roh's former aide also confirmed Roh left a note for his family. In the note Roh said life was "difficult" and apologized for making "too many people suffer".His death has shocked South Koreans, including the current President Lee Myung-bak.(GRAPHICS)Roh's note to his family:I have made too many people suffer.Due to poor health, I can't books, nor can I write.Don't be too sad. Don't blame anybody. Please cremate me. Please leave a small tombstone near home. Lee Dong-Kwan, Spokesman, South Korean Presidential Office, said, "President Lee Myung-bak says it is truly unbelievable. He says it is a regretful and tragic matter, and has expressed his condolences." The public are also grieving. Park Kyung-Hee, Resident, said, "I am extremely sad. I can't imagine how much pain he had to suffer. I think that death was the best choice for him so that those close to him would not have to suffer." Song Hyun-Sook, Resident, said, "It is very horrible that he died. I do not want to believe it. He is not going to come back alive, I am heartbroken."Roh was under heavy pressure in recent weeks. He and his family were under investigation in connection with a bribery scandal. The ex-president was struggling to clear his name.The Justice Minister says the investigation on Roh and his family will be put to an end.05/71488当警犬穿上靴子后201303/228946赣州医院专门治疗尖锐疣~0FMfIwCZZKdh,9y,V2u.%XdIDn1,Qy~nZdM+7P-!ZBRzz[abZ!Dust Your Television. Make static cling a thing of the past. Yes, we mean for the TV. A clearer and dust free screen will make that football match even more enjoyable!1HaWMp3]ONk清理你电视的灰尘a[#6e#xZbt8K3*~@0。让静电附着尘土成为过去式~_OCi@Z7NWkWxKx。是的,我们是在说电视pABTf%4rW!。更为清洁、无尘的屏幕将使足球比赛更我赏心悦目!.WSlmXFv^^))3)4BIwb9;3#sG@uZ^KtQbmD8I;2v%aqlH!q9201204/179674赣县医院有治疗前列腺炎吗

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