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PART THREE - A YOUNG WOMAN AT THORNFIELDCHAPTER SIXTEENThe Wedding"Is that all you want to know?! All right, I shall have to tell you, but you might be angry with me, Jane--just like last night! I pretended to love Miss Ingram to make you jealous. I want you to love me as much as I loved you.""But didn't you care about poor Miss Ingram's feelings?""[-----1-----]. Were you jealous, Jane?""Never mind, Mr. Rochester." I have one more thing to ask you. Please explain everything to Mr. Fairfax. She was so surprised last night when she saw us! I'm sure she doesn't know what to think."When I visited Mrs. Fairfax later that day, I knew she was amazed by the news that I was going to marry Mr. Rochester. [-----2-----], but I did not understand why."Miss Eyre, I can't believe it!" she said. "You are a wonderful young lady, and any young man should be happy to marry you. But Mr. Rochester is a gentleman, from one of the best families in this area! And he's twenty years older than you. What will people say? He could be your father!""Oh, certainly not, Mrs. Fairfax!" I said. "He looks much younger than that!""Does he really love you?" she asked.[-----3-----] and a little angry. I turned around to look at her."Mrs. Fairfax, don't you think he could love me?" I said."Oh, yes, Miss Eyre! I didn't mean to upset you. I only mean to say, you must be careful of what people will say. I think you and Mr. Rochester should not see each other too much, until you are married." 填空 :1、She only has one feeling--pride她只有一种感情——傲慢。2、When I saw her, she looked upset我看见她时,她看上去很不安。3、Her question made me hurt她的疑问刺痛了我。 Vocabulary Focusupset:此处用作动词,表示使……不安。也可用作形容词,意为“不安的”,例如:You needn't be so upset.(你不必那么不安。) Article/200905/70885Welcome Back, "Oscar" 奥斯卡旋风再现!Get y all you movie fans! The 74th annual Academy Awards, also known as the Oscars, will be coming soon to a television near you. On March 24, 2002, movie stars and fans will be waiting in suspense to see who will take home the evening's favorite man, "Oscar."We have known who the lucky nominees are since they were announced on February 12. Now everyone, from the movie critic to the average movie-goer, can participate in Oscar fever by trying to predict who the winners might be.The Academy Awards celebrate the best and brightest talents in the movie industry. It is a night when people in all areas of filmmaking are rewarded for their hard work and creativity. With the combination of glamour, fame and live television, it is no wonder the night provides such great entertainment. This year will mark the 74th anniversary of the Oscars. The first ceremony, on May 16th, 1929, was a private dinner in a dining hall of the Roosevelt Hotel. The tickets were US, and fewer than 250 people attended that evening.Public interest in the awards that year ensured that the next year's ceremonies would be broadcast live over the radio. Since that time, the Oscars have come a long way. The awards are now watched on television by millions of viewers in over 100 different countries.This year the event will be held in the brand-new Kodak Theater. This new theater promises to be a beautiful and elegant site, suitable for the Hollywood royalty that will be attending. The Kodak Theater will also be perfect for another important part of the ceremony, the "red carpet." This is where famous celebrities make their grand entrances.The Oscar ceremonies would not be complete without the traditional red carpet entrance. With big smiles and even bigger diamonds, celebrities parade down the red carpet showing off their expensive gowns for the photographers and fans. During this time, gossip columnists crowd around celebrities to report on who arrived with who, and who looks the best. Women such as Julia Roberts and Gwyneth Paltrow usually charm fashion critics with their wonderful gowns and flawless style. However, there are always individuals whose wild personalities prompt them to make outrageous, and often scary, fashion choices. Cher is frequently one of the wildest. After the last award is handed out, the guests go to the many parties held in Hollywood. Some of these parties, like the one held by Elton John, raise money for AIDS charities and are always well-attended. At these exclusive parties, the guests celebrate the evening, movies and a little golden statuette known as "Oscar."所有的影迷们赶紧准备好!第74届年度学院奖,即众所周知的"奥斯卡"金像奖,即将通过电视屏幕呈现在您眼前。2002年3月24号,影星和影迷们将焦急地等待着,看谁能抱回当晚最抢手的小金人"奥斯卡"。由于被提名人的名单已于2月12日公布,我们已经得知哪些幸运儿获得了提名。现在从影评人到普通的电影观众,每个人都可以试着预测谁会是最后的赢家来加入到这股奥斯卡热潮中。学院奖旨在表扬电影业最优秀和最杰出的人才。参与电影制作各个领域的人们在典礼当晚因自己的努力和创意获得奖励。由于它的名声与魅力加上电视实况转播,奥斯卡之夜有这样丰富的盛况也就不足为怪了。今年将会是奥斯卡的74周年纪念。1929年5月16日举行的第一届颁奖典礼,只是在罗斯福饭店宴会厅举办的一场私人晚宴。当时的门票只有10美金,而且当晚与会人数不到250人。公众在那年对金像奖的兴趣促成了对次年的颁奖典礼进行电台现场直播。从那时起,奥斯卡取得了很大进展。现在100多个国家的数以百万的观众可以通过电视转播收看颁奖仪式。今年的颁奖典礼将在崭新的柯达剧院举行。这座新的剧院可望成为适合好莱坞名流出席的优美典雅的场所。它对典礼的另一个重要部分─"红地毯"也会非常合适。这是名人进入典礼会场的通道。没有传统的"红地毯"入场仪式,奥斯卡的颁奖典礼就不能算完整。名人们笑容满面地戴着比笑容更加耀眼的钻石走在红地毯上,向摄影师和影迷们炫耀他们昂贵的晚礼。入场的时候,八卦专栏的作家们会挤在名人周围报导谁和谁扺达现场,谁是最迷人的。朱莉娅·罗勃兹和葛妮丝·派特洛等女星常以她们出色的晚礼和完美的风格迷住了时尚家。不过,也总会有一些个别人,他们粗野的性格促使他们在饰选择上有惊人之举。最野性的人之一就是雪儿了。最后一个奖次颁发之后,来宾们便前往参加在好莱坞举办的众多聚会。有些这类宴会,比如说由埃尔顿·约翰举办的,目的是为了给艾滋病慈善机构筹款,而且总是座无虚席。在这些对来宾限制严格的聚会上,宾客们齐聚一堂庆祝金像奖之夜,电影,和被叫做"奥斯卡"的小金人。 Article/200803/28396You Are Wonderful The following true story captured our hearts.It happened several years ago in the Paris opera house.A famous singer had been cantracted to sing,and ticket sales were booming.In fact,the night of the concert found the house packed and every ticket sold.The feeling of anticipation and excitement was in the air as the house manager took the stage and said,"Ladies and gentlemen ,thank you for your enthusiastic support.I'm afraid that due to illness,the man whom you've all come to to hear will not be performing tonight.However,we have found a suitable substitude we hope will provide you with comparable entertainment."The crowd groaned in disappointment and failed to hear the announcer mention the stand-in's name .The environment turned from excitement to frustration.The stand-in performer gave the peiformance everything he had. When he had finished,there was nothing but an uncomfortable silence. No one applauded.Suddenly,from the balcony,a little boy stood up and shouted,"Daddy,I think you are wonderful!"The crowd broke into thunderous applause.We all need people in our lives who are willing to stand up once in a while and say,"I think you are wonderful." Article/200904/18068

A Health Club with A Twist 快乐.希望.亚历山大Not a single stone goes unturned in Alexander Health Club's uncompromising commitment to satisfy their customers' needs. They not only do it with great workout equipment and well-designed aerobics classes, but with answers to every detail of the working professional's personal needs.Their commitment is fulfilled by offering numerous activities ranging from muscle training on the best equipment money can buy, to sampling refreshments at their extraordinary juice bar, to just sitting back in their jazz lounge to regroup after a busy day. Members do not just come to Alexander to work out; the underlying goal is to create an atmosphere full of openness and caring so that all customers will literally feel at home.Alexander's activity roster and their world-class specialists cater to the generation whose health and leisure requirements go beyond simply lifting weights and drinking mineral water. All the members of this club are saved from the bleating horns, lineups, and out-of-order signs found throughout their everyday lives. 为了满足客户的需要,亚历山大健康俱乐部可以说是绞尽脑汁,一丝不苟。他们不仅有优质的健身器材,精心设计的有氧运动课程,而且对个人专业健身问题和需求也作出详尽的解答。亚历山大提供的活动应有尽有,从在最昂贵的健身设备上锻炼肌肉,到在别出心裁的果汁吧品尝茶点,甚至在忙完一天之后,一头栽进休憩室里,聆听爵士乐、重振精神。会员们到亚历山大来不仅仅是为了健身,俱乐部的首要目标是营造一种洋溢着坦诚与关爱的气氛,使顾客们有宾至如归的感觉。目前这一代人对健康与休闲的要求已不是重量训练和饮用矿泉水就能满足的,亚历山大于准备了丰富多样的活动节目和世界级的专业人士去满足他们的要求。身处俱乐部的会员们,可避开尘嚣俗世的车水马龙和失序纷扰。 Article/200803/30106

After one or two weeks, the laughter stopped. A King has a lot of work, James, you know that. He has to hundreds of letters, talk to people, and think about a lot of important things.I did those things,every day.But now,I thought,I had a man to help me.过了两三个星期,笑声不复存在。一个国王有许多工作要做,詹姆斯,你是知道的。他不得不阅读成千上万封书信;和民众交谈;仔细考虑许多重要的事务。我每天做这些事情,不过现在,我想我有个男人来帮我了。;My lord Henry,;I said.;Would you like to all the letters with me? You can sit next to me, and you can work with me every day.;“亨利,我的丈夫,”我说。“你想和我一起阅读这些书信吗?你可以陪在我身边,每天和我一起工作。”Your father looked unhappy.;I#39;m not interested in work like that,;he said.;I don#39;t understand it.;你父亲看起来不太高兴。“我对那样的工作不感兴趣,”他说。“我不懂那些。”;Of course not,;I said.;You#39;re a young man, my love.But I can teach you.;“当然不懂啦,”我说。“你还年轻,我亲爱的。不过我可以教你。”For one or two days he sat down with me, and I tried to teach him. But it was true, he was not interested in the work,and he did not try to understand it.他和我一起坐了一两天,我试着去教他。但没错,他确实对这项工作不感兴趣,也不打算去领会。;You do it, Mary,;he said.;I#39;m going out with my friends. We#39;re going to ride, and drink, and swim.;“你做吧,玛丽,”他说。“我要和朋友们出去,我们要去骑马、喝酒、游泳。”So I did all the work. At night, too, he often went out with his friends in the town. They drank a lot, and laughed and sang, and there were often fights. But no one said anything,because he was the King, my husband. What could people say? They were unhappy, but they were afraid of him. Some of them went to England, to the Earl of Moray.因此我又承担起所有的工作。晚上,他也经常和镇上的朋友一起出去。他们喝很多酒,又笑又唱,还经常打架。但没有人说什么,因为他是亲王,我的丈夫。人们能说什么呢?他们很不高兴,但他们怕他。他们有些人去了英格兰,到马里伯爵那里去了。At this time I was often very tired, because I was pregnant.You, my son James, were alive inside me. But I did all the work of a Queen and I needed friends too.One of these friends was a young Italian, David Riccio.那段时间我经常感到疲惫不堪。因为我怀了。你,我的儿子詹姆斯,在我的体内生存着。可我仍在做一个女王应做的一切工作,因此我也需要朋友。朋友中有一位是个年轻的意大利人,叫达维·里奇奥。Riccio was a little man and he was not tall or beautiful or strong. But he was a very clever, interesting man. He wrote many of my letters for me, and helped me. He sang well, too,and I sometimes sang with him in the evenings. I liked him very much,and at first,your father liked him too.里奇奥是个小男人,他不高,不好看也不强壮。但他是个非常聪明、有趣的男人。他替我写了许多信,给我帮助。他歌也唱得好,在晚上,有时我们一起唱歌。我很喜欢他,起初,你的父亲也喜欢他。But then, Moray#39;s friends began to talk about me and Ric-cio.;David Riccio is in the Queen#39;s rooms every night,;they said to your father.;She laughs and sings and dances with him, my lord—it is not right! He is not a Scotsman, and he is not her husband. He is always with her.;不过没多久,马里的朋友们开始谈论我和里奇奥。“达维·里奇奥整夜呆在女王的房间里。”他们对你的父亲说。“她和他唱歌、跳舞,笑声不断,我的亲王——这是不对的!他不是苏格兰人,也不是她的丈夫。可他总是和她在一起。”Perhaps they said other things,too—I don#39;t know.A lot of Scots lords listened to them. But I tell you, James, before God, I did nothing wrong. David Riccio was a good man. He worked hard, and he helped me—so of course I liked him.Your father did not work—he went out to the town every night with his friends,and drank.也许他们还说了些别的事情。——我不知道。很多苏格兰贵族都听到了。不过我告诉你,詹姆斯,在上帝的面前,我没做任何错事。达维·里奇奥是个好人,他工作努力,还帮助我——我当然喜欢他。你的父亲不工作——他每天晚上和他的朋友到镇上去喝酒。And then one night, your father came home.此后的一天晚上,你的父亲回家来了。 Article/201203/176544

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