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上海的整形外科医院交通大学医学院附属儿童医学中心激光祛痘价格费用Her friends are dead; she looks like hell; the guy with the knife won’t let up. Meet the final girl.她的朋友们都死了,她自己看上去也糟透了;拿刀子的男人不肯放过她这就是恐怖电影里那个“最后的女孩”Rooted in grindhouse cinema, the final girl, as she’s known to fans, is the feisty character who’s left to face the killer in a horror movie. To cheers from the audience, she usually wins the climactic combat with weapons and wit, providing a cathartic end to the gore and gloom.影迷们熟悉的“最后的女孩”源自于刑房电影(grindhouse cinema)类型,她是恐怖电影中那种坚强面对杀手的女性角色令观众们激动的是,她总能靠武器和智慧赢得电影里的战斗,还能为片中的流血和阴郁带来一个升华性的结局“You want these teens to meet horrible ends, but the final girl goes against that,” said Stacie Ponder, the writer of the horror movie blog Final Girl. “It’s a woman who’s ultimately victorious.”“你希望这些少年们遇到恐怖的结局,但那个‘最后的女孩’挺身反抗,”恐怖电影日志“最后的女孩”(Final Girl)的作者斯塔西·庞德(Stacie Ponder)说,“这个女人是最后的胜利者”The final girl — almost always white, young and straight(ish) — has had a complicated evolution in the male-dominated horror world. She’s a feminist renegade to some fans, including women, but a sexist fantasy figure to others. Originating in the early 1970s as a sexless “good” girl, usually with a masculine name like Chris, she survived more by luck than by aggression. Fast ward to 198, when “A Nightmare on Elm Street” introduced a proactive final girl who booby-trapped her home to catch Freddy Krueger.“最后的女孩”几乎都是年轻的、异性恋的白种人,在男性主导的恐怖电影界经历了复杂的演化对于某些影迷来说(包括女影迷),她是叛逆的女权主义者;但是另一些人觉得她是男权主义幻想的象征她发源于世纪70年代初,最开始是一个性别色不明显的“好女孩”形象,通常有个男性化的名字,诸如“克里斯”之类,她能活下来与其说是因为敢于斗争,倒不如说是靠运气把时间拨回198年,《猛鬼街(A Nightmare on Elm Street)中推出了一个先发制人的“最后的女孩”,她在家乡设下陷阱,追捕变态弗瑞迪·克鲁格(Freddy Krueger)A game changer arrived in 1996, when the winking “Scream” featured an in-control final girl who knew what a final girl was. Time travel in the new film “The Final Girls” introduces two fresh twists: mother-daughter final girls and a tear-jerker ending.真正改变规则的电影是1996年的《惊声尖叫(Scream),里面有一个掌控全局的“最后的女孩”,她知道身为“最后的女孩”意味着什么新片《最后的女孩(The Final Girls)中的时空旅行推出了两个新花样:母亲和女儿的“最后的女孩”组合,以及催人泪下的结局What other final girls are worth a look this Halloween? Here are five standout women you don’t want to mess with.万圣节之际,有什么值得一看的“最后的女孩”电影?下面是五个了不起的女人,绝对不可错过Actress: Olivia Hussey演员:奥莉薇娅·荷塞(Olivia Hussey)Movie: “Black Christmas” (197)影片:《黑色圣诞节(Black Christmas, 197)Character: Jess角色:杰丝(Jess)This Canadian holiday horror movie set a standard feminist final girls. Jess refuses to back down from rotten men, including a possessive boyfriend, inept police and the unhinged killer wiping out her sorority sisters. Her life, including decisions about marriage and abortion, is keenly explored. Few final girls get such an “incredibly radical through line,” as the horror blogger Kate Hogan put it.这部加拿大假日恐怖电影为女权主义“最后的女孩”设立了标杆杰丝面对腐朽的男人们绝不退让,其中包括占有欲强的男友、无能的警察和精神错乱的杀手,他杀死了她女生联谊会的姊们影片深入探索了她的人生,包括结婚与流产的决定正如恐怖电影客写手凯特·霍根(Kate Hogan)所写的,很少有“最后的女孩”能够说出如此“极度激进的台词”Actress: Marilyn Burns演员:玛丽莲·伯恩斯(Marilyn Burns)Movie: “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” (197)影片:《得州电锯杀人狂(The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, 197)Character: Sally角色:莎莉(Sally)There’s not much fight to Sally. But that’s to be expected after Leatherface chases her through the Texas night. She’s also stuffed in a bag and hit with a broom by a deranged cook. She’s tied to a chair, ced to sit at a beastly dinner table with a gruesome family of homicidal maniacs. To escape, she jumps through a window. Battered and bloodied, she stumbles away from the killer and flees in the back of a pickup truck, diminished to a cackling mess. How was your day?莎莉本没有多少打斗但当一个得克萨斯的夜晚,“人皮脸”(Leatherface)在她身后紧追不放,观众就对她充满了期待她被塞进一个大口袋,被一个疯掉的厨子用扫帚打,被捆在椅子上,逼着和残忍的谋杀狂家庭共进野蛮晚宴为了脱身,她跳窗而出她遭受虐待,浑身是血,从杀手身边笨拙地逃开,跳上一辆皮卡货车的后车厢,最后在疯狂混乱的大笑中淡出镜头你看了以后还好吧?Actress: Jamie Lee Curtis演员:杰米·李·柯蒂斯(Jamie Lee Curtis)Movie: “Halloween” (1978)影片:《月光光心慌慌(Halloween,1978)Character: Laurie角色:劳瑞(Laurie)In John Carpenter’s much-copied tale, the final girl goes from innocent babysitter to tenacious protector in 90 minutes. She uses a knitting needle, a coat hanger and a knife against the maniac man-child Michael Myers. Though Laurie is one of horror’s beloved final girls, she is saved by a man (Donald Pleasence). Still, she serves a crucial function, which is to be a “ray of hope that it’s not all nihilism and death, that somebody can make it through,” Ms. Ponder said.在约翰·卡朋特(John Carpenter)这个广为人模仿的故事里,“最后的女孩”在90分钟内从纯真的看护者变成了坚强的保护人她使用毛衣针、衣架和一把刀对抗小大人杀人狂迈克尔·迈耶斯(Michael Myers)尽管劳瑞是恐怖电影界最受钟爱的“最后的女孩”,但最后她还是被唐纳德·普利森斯(Donald Pleasence)饰演的男主角拯救不过她仍然扮演了关键性角色,是“虚无与死亡中的一线希望,让人看到有人可以挺过一切”,庞德女士说道Actress: Amy Steel演员:艾米·斯蒂尔(Amy Steel)Movie: “Friday the th, Part ” (1981)影片:《号星期五 (Friday the th,Part ,1981)Character: Ginny角色:金妮(Ginny)To outsmart the masked evildoer Jason, this final girl uses her wits: She puts on his mother’s sweater and pretends to be her. “She used what she learned as a psych major against the killer,” Ms. Ponder said. “She thought on her feet and talked him down long enough to enable herself to strike and to get away.” But when Jason wises up, Ginny tries to kill him with a machete. That doesn’t work. Cue “Friday the th, Part III.”为了智胜面具恶人杰森(Jason),这位“最后的女孩”得好好动用智慧她穿上他妈妈的毛线衣,假扮成他的妈妈“她是一个心理学学生,用上了自己学到的一切去对付这个杀手,”庞德女士说“她反应敏捷,长时间地和他交谈,得以借机发起反击,最终脱身”但当杰森明白过来,金妮也试着用大砍刀杀死他,不过没有成功,为《号星期五 3埋下了伏笔Actress: Jan Jensen演员:简·詹森(Jan Jensen)Movie: “The Last Slumber Party” (1988)影片:《最后的永眠聚会(The Last Slumber Party, 1988)Character: Chris角色:克里斯(Chris)Wearing just a sports jersey, this foul-mouthed, sex-loving final girl calmly hunts down a scalpel-wielding mental patient who has killed her friends at a party on the last day of school. An ultra-low-budget riff on the “Slumber Party Massacre” series, this film features two anomalies: a final girl who’s not virginal and — spoiler alert — a final girl who dies. Or does she?这个“最后的女孩”身穿运动衫,满嘴脏话,热衷性事,她在平静地追捕一个喜欢用手术刀的精神病,他在学期最后一天的派对上杀死了她的朋友们这部影片是“最后的永眠聚会”系列里一个成本特别低的片子,其中有两大反常之处——其一,一个不是处女的“最后的女孩”;其二(剧透警报),一个死掉的“最后的女孩”不过她真的死了吗? 1上海市去色斑多少钱 Celebrity Latin tattoos may be fuelling a revival of the ancient language in schools, it emerged today  明星们的拉丁语纹身引发了一阵学习拉丁语的热潮  Pupils are increasingly demanding to study the subject, according to an exam board, as tattooed celebrities such as David Beckham and Angelina Jolie enhance Latin's profile  小贝和安吉丽娜身上的纹身都是用拉丁语写的,由此很多学生表示要学习这门语言  But examiners urged pupils not to emulate model Danielle Lloyd, whose Latin tattoo is riddled with errors  考试机构表示,大家的态度是值得鼓励的,但是不要乱学,就像模特Danielle Lloyd,她身上的拉丁纹身有很多语法错误  While Beckham and Jolie's Latin inscriptions are grammatically correct, Lloyd's is meaningless, they said  小贝和安吉丽娜在这方面就做得很好,语法都是正确的  Her tattoo, 'Quis attero mihi tantum planto mihi validus', which is etched on to her shoulder, is intended to translate as 'To diminish me will only make me stronger'  Danielle Lloyd纹在身上的那句:Quis attero mihi tantum planto mihi validus,据说意思是:打压我只会让我更强大上海市第一人民医院宝山分院祛痘多少钱

长宁区做双眼皮手术价格Kristen Stewart doesnt want kudos getting naked on screen.克里斯汀#86;斯图尔特不想要在屏幕上裸露而获得的荣誉The -year-old opened up to the Huffington Post about her role as teenage bride Marylou in the movie adaptation of Jack Kerouac Beat classic On the Road. The role required some nudity, but that not what Stewart hopes viewers will ultimately take away from the film.这位岁的女演员向《赫芬顿邮报开诚布公地谈论了她的角色,在杰克#86;凯鲁亚克的“垮掉经典”《在路上的改编电影中饰演青少年新娘玛丽露这个角色需要一些裸露,但这不是斯图尔特希望观众从这部电影中最终带走的东西;I do hate also when people go, Oh, wow, great permance. So brave, ; Stewart said. ;Oh, because Im naked? That very annoying. But at the same time, if that what theyre focusing on, then On the Road probably isnt them anyway.;“我也确实讨厌当人们叫嚷说‘哦,哇,伟大的表演这么勇敢,”斯图尔特说“哦,因为我是裸体吗?这是非常恼人的但同时,如果这就是他们所关注的,那么无论如何 《在路上可能都不适合他们”Stewart, having the 1957 novel, connected with the characters and wanted to do the role justice.斯图尔特,看过1957年的小说,与角色有感应并想恰如其分地表现这个角色;This book celebrates being alive and it celebrates being human, and if you want to cover up and deny any aspect of that, you are denying the spirit of the book,; she said.“这本书赞扬活着赞扬做人,如果你想掩盖和否认那个的任何方面,你就是在否认这本书的精神,”她说And going topless is nothing compared to the reward of a successful project Stewart.对斯图尔特而言上身根本比不上一部成功作品的荣誉;I need to be so rocked by something, so moved by something that the idea of letting it down or ruining it is painful, and that what gets you through the shoot,; she said. ;If you start also considering what people are going to think, youll never make a movie.;“我需要因某些东西而震惊而感动以至于放弃或毁掉它是痛苦的,那是让你通过拍摄的东西,”她说“如果你开始还考虑人们会想什么,你永远不会拍一部电影” 3上海玫瑰整形美容治疗痘痘多少钱 The Dark Knight Rises fended off competition by new releases to remain dominant the third consecutive weekend. 《蝙蝠侠:黑暗骑士崛起(The Dark Knight Rises)成功抵挡住了新片发起的挑战,连续第三个周末排在票房榜首位 The film, from Time Warner Inc. TWX +1.75% Warner Bros. Pictures, grossed . million in its third week in theaters, bringing its cumulative domestic total to .6 million. Internationally, the movies has sold an . million in tickets. 时代华纳(Time Warner Inc.)旗下华纳兄弟影业(Warner Bros. Pictures)拍摄的这部影片在上映第三周获得3,60万美元的票房收入,其美国国内累计票房收入达到3.56亿美元在国际市场,该片已经收获了.8亿美元的票房 The movie didnt face much in the way of competition. Sony Corp. 6758.TO -1.00% Columbia Pictures released a rebooted version of Total Recall, starring Colin Farrell, Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel, and based on the 1990 science fiction film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. It grossed million in North American theaters, according to early studio estimates. 《蝙蝠侠:黑暗骑士崛起在卫冕之路上并没有遭遇强大竞争索尼公司(Sony Corp.)旗下哥伦比亚电影公司(Columbia Pictures)发行的重拍片《全面回忆(Total Recall)由科林#539;法瑞尔(Colin Farrell)、凯特#539;贝金赛尔(Kate Beckinsale)以及杰西卡#539;贝尔(Jessica Biel)主演该片根据1990年阿诺德#539;施瓦辛格(Arnold Schwarzenegger)主演的同名科幻电影改编据片方初步估计,该片在北美院线收获了,600万美元的票房 Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days came in third, with $.7 million in domestic box office receipts. The film, released by News Corp. NWSA +1.3% Twentieth Century Fox, is the third in the teen-oriented Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, based on books by Jeff Kinney. News Corp. also owns The Wall Street Journal. 《小屁孩日记3(Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days)以1,70万美元的美国国内票房收入排在第三新闻集团(News Corp.)旗下二十世纪福克斯公司(Twentieth Century Fox)发行的这部影片是青少片系列《小屁孩日记的第三部这一系列影片根据杰夫#539;金尼(Jeff Kinney)的原作改编新闻集团同时拥有《华尔街日报 Ice Age: Continental Drift took fourth place in its fourth weekend in theaters, earning . million, and bringing the cumulative domestic total the animated film, also from Fox, to .9 million. Fox The Watch followed with . million in its second weekend in theaters, bringing its cumulative domestic total to . million. 《冰河世纪:大陆漂移(Ice Age: Continental Drift)在上映后的第四个周末以80万美元的票房收入排位第四这部动画片的累计国内票房收入达到1.319亿美元该片同样由二十世纪福克斯公司发行福克斯发行的另一部影片《新邻里联防(The Watch)在上映的第二个周末以60万美元的收入排在票房榜的第五位,该片的国内票房总收入达到,50万美元 190上海第九医院美容整形科

第一人民医院宝山分院激光去痘价格费用 After suffering from extreme morning sickness in the first weeks of her pregnancy, Kate will spend Christmas in the comt of her family, a St. James Palace spokesman told PEOPLE on Saturday.在她怀的第一周经历极端的晨吐后,凯特将在家人的安慰下度过圣诞节,圣詹姆斯宫发言人在周六告诉《peopleIn a major break from tradition, which was cleared after consultation with Queen Elizabeth, she and husband William will visit her hometown, Bucklebury to celebrate the holiday ;privately with the Middleton family,; according to the Palace.与过去传统不一样,在咨询了女王伊丽莎白障碍清除,她和丈夫威廉将前往她的家乡巴寇伯理“私下与米德尔顿家庭”欢度节日,根据皇宫消息Since his marriage to Kate, William has made no secret of the fact that things will not always be done in the same traditional way. In some ways they are acting like any other couple, moving between both families during the holiday season.自从他娶了凯特,威廉没有隐瞒事实,事情不会总是同样的传统方式来进行在某些方面他们像任何其他夫妇一样,在节日期间两个家庭来回走动Moreover, William is also very close to his in-laws, and this is a signal he wants to involve them as much as possible in his married life with Kate.此外,威廉也非常亲近他的姻亲,这是一个信号,他想让他们尽可能多地参与到他与凯特的婚姻生活中A Palace source says the couple will be heading to Sandringham, Norfolk, where the Queen and her husband Prince Philip and the rest of the royals are gathering at some point over the Christmas period.皇宫消息称这对夫妇将前往诺福克的桑德灵汉姆宫,圣诞节期间女王和她的丈夫菲利普亲王以及其他王室成员在某种意义上也会聚到一起 99闵行区中医医院激光除皱手术价格费用上海注射隆鼻整容



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