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Disney fans, rejoice: Emma Watson will definitely be donning a version of Belle#39;s much-loved sunshine-hued ballgown in the studio#39;s forthcoming live-action Beauty and the Beast adaptation.迪士尼的粉丝们,欢呼吧:艾玛.沃森将在迪士尼工作室即将推出的真人版电影《美女与野兽》中穿上贝尔备受喜爱的那条金黄色舞裙。On a new Entertainment Weekly cover, shown below, Watson is seen dancing with Dan Stevens#39;s horny Beast (it#39;s a factual statement: the character literally has horns) in a recreation of a famous scene from the original 1991 animated movie.在《周刊》的封面上(见下图),沃森和丹.史蒂文斯扮演的“长角的”野兽正在跳舞(这是事实:这个人物确实长着角;注:horny有“欲火中烧”的意思)。这张图片再现了1991年那部原创动画电影中的著名场景。Beauty and the Beast, due to be released on March 17 2017, is the latest in a string of live-action interpretations of Disney’s classic animated fairy tales. In 2015 we saw Lily Collins step into the role of Cinderella in Kenneth Branagh’s sumptuous adaptation, while audiences earlier this year were treated to Jon Favreau’s live action Jungle Book, which featured the voices of Idris Elba, Jeremy Irons and Scarlett Johansson.这部《美女与野兽》将于2017年3月17日上映,是迪士尼的经典童话主题动画片改编成的真人电影的又一新作。2015年我们看到了莉莉.柯林斯主演、肯尼思.布拉纳执导的场面华美的《灰姑娘》,今年早些时候我们又看到了乔恩.费儒执导,伊德瑞斯.艾尔巴、杰瑞米.艾恩斯和斯嘉丽.约翰逊配音的真人动作片《奇幻森林》。Directed by Bill Condon, the new Beauty and the Beast film will also star Luke Evans as villain Gaston, Emma Thompson as Mrs Potts, and Ewan McGregor as servant turned talking candle Lumiere.比尔.康顿执导的新版《美女与野兽》将由卢克.伊万斯出演恶棍加斯顿,艾玛.汤普森出演茶壶夫人,伊万.麦格雷戈出演烛台管家鲁米埃。The film will also feature music from original Beauty and the Beast composer Alan Menken, who#39;ll be re-recording some of the much-loved songs he created for the 1991 film, alongside some new material, which he#39;ll co-write with lyricist Tim Rice.新电影还将采用原版动画《美女与野兽》作曲者艾伦.曼肯所作的曲子。艾伦将会混录一些他为1991年电影创作的备受喜爱的曲子,同时也会和作词人蒂姆.莱斯一起创作一些新歌曲。;Beauty and the Beast; has been made into a movie several times, but the 1991 Disney animated film is beloved by millennials, who will no doubt go to the Emma Watson version in droves.《美女与野兽》曾多次被改编成电影,但1991年的迪士尼动画电影最受千禧一代的喜爱,而这些人无疑也将蜂拥进影院去看艾玛.沃森版的《美女与野兽》。Apparently Watson herself was one of those kids who loved the Disney animated classic.显然沃森自己当年也是喜爱这部迪士尼动画经典的孩子之一。;I can’t even think how many times I watched it as a child,; the former ;Harry Potter; star told EW in its cover story on the new ;Beast.; ;I knew all the words by heart. I knew all the songs by heart.;在《周刊》的封面故事中,这位曾出演过《哈利.波特》的女星就新版《美女与野兽》接受采访时说道:“我都记不清这部电影我小时候看了多少遍。”“这部动画的台词我都能背下来。所有的歌我也都烂熟于心。”Check out the images on EW#39;s site or when the issue hits newsstands November 4.你可登陆《周刊》官网或在新刊11月4日发行的时候看到新海报。 /201611/475967。

  • Watching a 3D movie can more than double the concentration powers and cognitive processing of children, new research claims.一项新研究声称,观看一部3D电影可以让儿童的注意力和认知处理速度提升一倍多。A study by visual technology firm RealD and led by child psychologist Dr Richard Woolfson and associate lecturer at Goldsmiths Patrick Fagan suggests that children aged between seven and 14 experienced twice the cognitive processing speed and performed better in testing after watching 20 minutes of a 3D film.视觉科技公司RealD开展了一项研究,领头人是儿童心理学士理查德#8226;伍尔夫森和金史密斯学院助理讲师帕特里克#8226;费根。研究显示,7至14岁之间的孩子在观看20分钟3D电影后,认知处理速度提升一倍,在测试中的表现也更出色。This is despite suggestions that attention spans in children have shortened in the last decade due to unlimited to access to entertainment, including on-demand TV, gaming and social media.尽管一些迹象表明,在过去十年间,由于接触无节制,包括观看点播电视,玩和使用社交媒体,儿童注意力的持续时间已经缩短了。A 2015 study claimed that watching 3D content had a similar effect to brain-training exercises.2015年的一项研究声称,观看3D节目与大脑训练有相近的功效。Consumer psychologist Mr Fagan said that the increased stimulation found in watching something in 3D ;exercised; the brain and improved performance in the short term.消费者心理学专家费根表示,观看3D节目所增加的刺激“锻炼”了大脑,并能在短期内提高大脑的表现。;3D films can play the role of #39;brain-training#39; games and help to make children #39;smarter#39; in the short term,; he said.他说,“3D电影可以发挥 ‘大脑训练’游戏的作用,帮助儿童在短期内‘更聪明’。”;The shortening of response times after watching 3D was almost three times as big as that gained from watching 2D; in other words, 3D helps children process aspects of their environment more quickly. This is likely to be because 3D is a mentally stimulating experience which #39;gets the brain#39;s juices flowing#39;.;“观看3D节目后缩短的反应时间是观看2D节目后的近3倍;换言之,3D节目帮助儿童更迅速地对环境中的方方面面做出应对。这可能是因为3D节目会刺激大脑,‘让脑汁流动起来’。”The experiment saw children given a range of cognitive tests before watching 20 minutes of a movie in either 2D or 3D and being tested again. The results showed those who saw the 3D content reacted faster and performed better in the second round of testing. Mental engagement also rose by 13% among 3D watchers.该实验先对儿童进行了一系列认知测试,在观看20分钟2D或3D电影后,再对他们测试一遍。结果显示,在第二轮测试中,观看3D节目的儿童反应更快、表现更佳。此外,观看3D节目的儿童大脑活跃度提高了13%。Child psychologist Dr Woolfson added that ;supportive parenting; and regularly listening to classical music can also aid a child#39;s memory.儿童心理学家伍尔夫森士补充道,“鼓励式教育”和经常听古典音乐也有助于提高儿童的。;Children now expect to flit from activity to activity in a matter of seconds, leaving them struggling when they need to concentrate for longer, for instance, during a classroom learning experience.; he said.“现在的孩子们想在数秒之间就从一个活动换到另一个活动上,这导致他们在需要较长时间集中精神时感到煎熬,比如在教室中上课时。”;Setting a good example also matters - parents who check their smartphones or laptops during mealtimes or family activities shouldn#39;t be surprised when their children want to do the same.;“树立一个好榜样也很关键——对于在用餐或家庭活动时查看智能手机、笔记本电脑的父母,当自己的孩子也有同样的举动时,他们不应该感到惊讶。” /201610/471106。
  • Chinese younger generation rediscovers ancient poem#39;s roots in music.中国的年轻一代在音乐中重现了古诗的根源。A piece of ancient Chinese poetry, which was written about 1,200 years ago, has recently become an online sensation among teenagers, after two young musicians composed a song for it.一首1200年前所写的中国诗词,在由两个年轻音乐人为其谱曲后,近日通过网络在年轻人中引起了轰动。Two days after a namesake song of the household ancient Chinese poem ;Song of a Pipa Player; was posted on Bilibili, a popular sharing website among the younger generation, it has aly earned over 20,000 hits and some 1,300 comments.在这首家喻户晓的诗词《琵琶行》的同名歌曲发布到哔哩哔哩--一个在年轻人中很流行的视频分享网站上两天之后,它就获得了超过2万的点击量和约1300条。Many teenagers liked and shared the five-minute song, saying that they finally found the ;correct way; to recite the ancient Chinese poems.很多青少年都对这个五分钟长的歌曲进行了点赞和分享,他们表示,自己终于找到了背古诗词的正确方式。The poem ;Song of a Pipa Player; was written by Bai Juyi, a Chinese poet of the Tang Dynasty (618-907). Consisting of over 600 characters, the poem is on the high school syllabus across China and is a must for the students to recite.《琵琶行》是中国唐代诗人白居易创作的。全篇共有600余字,是在全中国的高中教纲中都有的一首诗词,并要求学生们全文背诵。The composers of the song, named Qiran and Shenmiren online, are both online musicians. Qiran said he has been thinking of composing songs based on ancient poems since high school years.这首歌的作曲人在网上名叫奇然和沈谧仁,他们两人都是线上音乐人。奇然称,他从高中就开始打算以古诗作为基础来谱曲了。;I hated reciting poems during that time, so I made up some melodies to help, and it really helped,; said Qiran.奇然说道:“我那个时候很讨厌背诗,所以我编了些曲调来帮我记忆,而这真的很有效。”;It is a great pleasure to see so many high school students enjoying the song. If it helps them learn and recite the poems, we will continue to compose for sure. We hope that after listening to the whole album, they will get full marks in the Chinese examination,; he said.他表示:“看到那么多高中生都喜欢这首歌,我感到很开心。如果这能够帮他们学习和背诵这些诗,我们一定会继续谱曲的。我希望他们在听完整张专辑后,能够在语文考试中拿到满分。” /201705/508877。
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