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重庆星宸医学检查能用医保卡吗重庆市第三人民医院什么时候建立JPMorgan: Too big to charge? CNNs Evan Perez reports that prosecutors had concerns that pressing charges might lead to JPMorgans collapse.Were learning about key meeting between federal prosecutors and the chief regulator of JP Morgan Chase, the biggest bank in the country. It happened that prosecutors wrapped up their investigation of JP Morgans dealings with the notorious Ponzi schemer Bernard Madoff. Our justice reporter Evan Perez is joining us. Hes been digging on the story. Tell us what you know.Well, Wolf. Im told by sources that a few weeks ago as prosecutors in Manhattan were trying to wrap up this investigation. They came down to Washington to meet with the main regulator of JP Morgan Chase. Thats the Treasurys officer of the Control of the Currency. Im told the meeting got tense in some respects. Because prosecutors want some assurance that if they charge JP Morgan with crimes and if they got some kind of guilty plead that the regulator wouldnt pull the bank charter of JP Morgan Chase. Now as you know, Wolf, if you do this to a bank, you pull their license in their sense, you do mean, you know hundreds of thousands of jobs and probably causing a lot of damage to the US economy, which is what you see yesterday in Manhattan, the prosecutors have announced they had reached a deferred prosecution agreement with JP Morgan Chase under which the bank is paying 1.7 billion dollars in restitution to victims of the Madoff scheme. In that sense, in the next 2 years JP Morgan Chase has to keep its nose clean and there will never be any charges against them, Wolf. /201401/272630重庆市三峡医院在哪里? ANNOUNCER: Its time for ;The Shoutout.; “大声喊出来”的时间到了!Which of these states is part of Tornado Alley? If you think you know it, then shout it out.以下哪个州是“龙卷风走廊”的一部分?如果你认为你知道,那么大声喊出来吧!Is it West Virginia? Nebraska? Nevada? Or Tennessee? Youve got three seconds, go. 它是西弗吉尼亚州、内布拉斯加州、内华达州还是田纳西州?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!Nebraska is part of the region known as Tornado Alley. 内布拉斯加州是所谓的“龙卷风走廊”地区的一部分。The state sees around 50 twisters per year. Thats your answer and thats your shoutout.这个州每年会经历大约50次旋风。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: At least one tornado touched down in Nebraska last Friday. 上周五就有一场龙卷风登陆内布拉斯加州。This storm flipped cars, ruptured a gas line in the city of Wayne, Nebraska. 风暴吹翻了轿车,切断了内布拉斯加州韦恩市的燃气管道。You can see some of the damage that it left behind right here. 你可以看到他在这里所留下的损害。The mayor of Wayne said luckily no one was killed. 韦恩市的市长表示,幸运的是,没有人死亡。Tornadoes usually hit in the spring and early summer, so the timing of this one was a little unusual.龙卷风通常在春天和初夏来袭,因此这次的时间有些不寻常。That wasnt the only severe weather around U.S. this weekend. 这并不是美国这周唯一的极端天气。A strong winter storm slammed parts of South Dakota and Wyoming. 强烈的冬季风暴席卷了南达科他州的一部分和怀俄明州。National Weather Service said reports of 20 inches of snow or more are pretty common throughout the region, some spots got up to four feet of snow.国家气象局表示20英尺及以上的雪在那个地区是很常见的,有些地方的积雪甚至能达到四英尺厚。 /201310/260309重庆星宸美容医院是私立医院吗

重庆星辰整形做微创整形手术要多少钱重庆市星宸院长是谁 Coming up with Google Doodle ideas actually comes from all over the place. It comes from not only the doodlers themselves, which is us, but also comes from other people who work at Google, and our users from all around the world.提出 Google 涂鸦标志的点子其实来自各个地方。它不仅来自涂鸦客们自己,也就是我们,也来自其他在 Google 工作的人员,以及我们来自全世界的使用者们。And then we try to find that suggestion, and solve that as a creative problem in the most exciting way that we can manage to do.然后我们试着找出那个建议,并把它当成一个创意习题,用我们能够设法做到、最令人兴奋的方式来解答。We basically just try to celebrate anything thats techy, and fun, and geeky, and artistic.我们基本上只是试着要庆祝任何科技相关、又好玩、又有点宅、和具艺术性的事物。We also have ones that we do every year. So, like Halloween, for example, we know its gonna come every year, so we can start planning way in advance.我们也有一些我们每年都创作的涂鸦标志。诺,像是万圣节,举例来说,我们知道它每年都会到来,所以我们就可以早早提前开始规划。The fortunate thing about finding inspiration for Doodles is that we aly have a subject matter. For instance, if we were celebrating Saint Patricks Day, we might look into Irish culture.关于寻找涂鸦灵感的幸运事是我们已经有个主题。好比说,如果我们在庆祝圣帕特里克节,我们可能就会研究爱尔兰文化。I usually start with research, look up reference imagery, and go from there, start sketching, brainstorming ideas.我通常从研究起头、寻找相关图像,并从那里着手,开始画草图、 脑力激盪出点子。So the inspiration comes from learning about what we are drawing.所以那灵感来自认识我们正在绘制的事物。Doodle 4 Google is awesome because it gives kids all across the country the opportunity to take our jobs for a day. This year, in particular, is really cool. Im really excited about the theme.Doodle 4 Google 很了不起,因为这竞赛提供来自全国的孩子一个机会来做一天我们的工作。特别是,今年真的很酷。我对这个主题感到很兴奋。The theme is definitely, to me, really just super cool. I mean, my whole life, Ive just dreamed about time travel.这主题绝对是--对我来说--真的就是超级酷的。我是说,我一生中,我就梦想过时光旅行。I would definitely go to see the dinosaurs.我肯定会去看恐龙。I may go back to the Renaissance, just to see what they were doing.我可能会回到文艺复兴时期,只是去瞧瞧那时的人在做什么。I really find, like, the 1930s kind of interesting.我真的觉得,像是,1930 年代有点有趣。I mean, I have no idea where I would want to go. But to be able to express what you want to do on paper and show that to everybody, thats just really cool.我是说,我一点也不知道我会想去哪。但能够在纸上传达你想做的事,并把那展示给所有人看,那真的就是非常酷。Okay, I have some advice for young artists: Theres no shortcuts.好的,我有些给年轻艺术家的建议:世上是没有捷径的。I would highly suggest that you draw everyday, and draw what you love.我会强烈建议你每天画图,并画你所爱的。I think, above all, you should focus on having fun.我想,最重要的事是,你应该专注在得到乐趣上。When you genuinely have fun, it shows.当你真正获得乐趣时,这会显现出来的。You know, last years winner just drew exactly what he loves. Thats, you know, aliens devouring Google letters. And, you know, it wasnt trying to be right. It was just him having fun, and that definitely registered with us.你知道,去年的赢家就完全只是画出他所爱的事物。那是,你知道,外星人吞下 Google 字母。 然而,你知道,涂鸦不是试着要正确真实。那只是他获得乐趣,而我们绝对理解了。This year, the winning student is Matteo Lopez, from South San Francisco, California.本年度,得奖的学生是 Matteo Lopez,来自加州南旧金山。I think...well, I cried. Honestly...seriously, if you look at the footage from last year, when Matteo Lopez won, I was having a moment.我想...嗯,我哭了。老实说...真的,如果你看去年的影片,当 Matteo Lopez 得奖时,我正沉醉在那时刻。For me, the pinnacle of success, when I was growing up as a young artist, was to actually have my artwork pinned on the chalkboard, and, you know, have it shown in front of the whole class, that to me was...that was it! And for kids now to have their opportunity to have their artwork pinned on the homepage for millions of people to see, you know, thats just awesome.对我来说,成功的巅峰--当我做为一个小艺术家长大时--是确实让我的作品被钉在黑板上,然后,你知道的,把它展示在全班面前,那对我来说...成功就是那样了!而对现在的孩子而言,能有机会把他们的作品钉在首页上让几百万人欣赏,你知道,那真是太棒了。201410/339414重庆第二附属医院网上预约

重庆市星宸美容是私人医院吗 Whether the bride gone wild is your sister, daughter, or BFF, you can stop the insanity.无论这位疯狂的新娘是你的,女儿还是最好的朋友,你都可以制止他们的疯狂举动。You Will Need你需要Understanding理解Tranquility平静Time-outs休息时间Passive-aggressiveness阳奉阴违Limits限制A catty question about her weight (optional)关于她的体重的阴险的问题(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Cut her a little slack1.给她一点体谅Cut her a little slack. Planning a wedding is stressful and time-consuming – especially these days, when the bride is apt to have a full-time job and be paying for part of it herself.给她一点关照。筹备婚礼是非常有压力,非常浪费时间的——尤其是现代社会,许多新娘通常都有全职工作,自己也要付婚礼费用的一部分。STEP 2 Find your inner Zen2.平静Meet her hissy fits with Zen-like calmness; theres no sense in both of you getting riled up. Think of her as a toddler who needs to wear herself out.以神灵一般的平静面对她的怒火。两人都大发脾气是非常不可取的。把她当成需要发泄精力的蹒跚学路的婴儿。STEP 3 Give her time-outs3.让她休息一下Whenever you need a night off from her histrionics, turn off your phone and tell her the battery died. Little white lies are perfectly acceptable when sanity is at stake.当你想有一个晚上的时间摆脱她的表演时,关掉电话,告诉她电池没电了。当你们难以冷静的时候,一些善意的小谎言是完全可以接受的。STEP 4 Be passive-aggressive4.阳奉阴违Be passive-aggressive: Forget to do some of your assigned tasks, or do them incorrectly. Yeah, it will make her even crazier. But it will make you feel so much better.阳奉阴违:忘记一些原本让你做的工作,或者出错。是的,这会让她更加疯狂。但是这会让你感觉稍好一点。If youre really craving a little payback, ask her if shes putting on weight.如果你特别渴望报复,问一下她最近是不是长胖了。STEP 5 Set limits5.设立限制Set limits. Its one thing to rise above her generalized bad behavior, but you shouldnt put up with personal attacks – or the assumption that youll go merrily into debt celebrating her marriage.设立一些限制。这些限制必须针对她的坏行为,但是不要进行人身攻击,你应该开心地庆祝她的婚礼。A bride-to-be scarfed down nine mini-cakes in two minutes to win ,000 in a contest sponsored by the TV show Bridezillas.在电视节目《新娘酷斯拉》举办的比赛中,一名准新娘在两分钟内吃掉了9份迷你蛋糕,赢得了25,000美元的奖金。视频听力译文由。201404/283790重庆西南医院是正规医院嘛重庆市妇幼保健院怎样



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