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Dealing with a rusty bicycle chain can be a messy affair, but an innovative new bike from Ikea solves that pesky problem. The furniture retail giant recently introduced its new ;Sladda; bike, which uses an oil-free and corrosion-resistant drive belt rather than a metal chain.自行车链生锈是件麻烦事儿,但家具零售巨头宜家最新推出的创意自行车,完美地解决了这个问题。该自行车名为“斯拉达”,与人们熟知的金属车链不同,宜家自行车取而代之的是驱动带,无需润滑油,且耐腐蚀。The drive belt is designed to last about 9,320 miles, which is about two to three times longer than a typical steel chain, according to Ikea. Moreover, the unisex Sladda bike has a ;click system; that lets the rider snap on accessories, such as a basket, a bike bag rack and a towing trailer, the company said.这种驱动带设计行驶路程约9320英里,是普通钢链使用寿命的两到三倍。而且公司称,该款男女通用自行车还配有一键设置系统,骑行者可以自己添加各种配件,比如前车筐、后车篓,甚至能加挂拖车。Sladda is like tablet apps: You can add endless accessories to enhance ease of use.斯拉达就像可添加应用的平板电脑,你可以随意配置海量应用,以提高它的易用度。The new drive belt may be a boon to riders who take to their bikes even during inclement weather. Over time, steel bike chains tend to rust, particularly when they#39;re covered with corrosive salt that#39;s left on the roadways.对于那些即使在恶劣天气也要骑车的人来说,这种新款驱动带可能再合适不过了。随着长时间的使用,钢制自行车链易锈蚀,尤其当路面上的腐蚀性盐类附着在自行车上以后。Accumulated rust can be difficult to remove, and it can also affect the chain#39;s flexibility. But Ikea#39;s new bike won#39;t have those problems.斑斑锈迹不易清理,也影响车链的灵活性。但宜家自行车就不会有这些问题。Moreover, the bike has automatic gears that are hidden in a sealed hub placed in the rear wheel.而且这款自行车还安装了自动变速系统,隐藏在后轮内的一个封闭盒中。Sladda#39;s frame is made from aluminum, meaning it will be easy to lift and carry up and down stairs. The bike, which comes with either 26- or 28-inch wheels, also has two layers of lacquer that will protect the frame from mud, salt and scratches. But it#39;s not for little kids — Ikea recommends that only people age 12 or older use it.斯拉达的车架是铝制的,拿起来很轻,上下楼梯携带也很方便。轮子大小分26英寸和28英寸两种。车架表面有两层喷漆,防淤泥、盐蚀和剐蹭。但车子不适于儿童使用——宜家建议12岁以上人群使用。The bike is expected to be available beginning in August for 7.该自行车有望今年8月上市,售价797美元。 /201604/438403

The page has turned for paper books, as cell phones have become the favored way to media in China, according to the findings of an annual survey on ing habits released last Monday by the Chinese Academy of Press and Publication.中国新闻出版研究院上周一公布的全国国民阅读年度调查结果显示,纸质书的时代已经过去,手机已成为我国国民青睐的阅读媒介。About 64 percent of adults digitally in 2015, up 5.9 percentage points, while 58.4 percent paper books, only a 0.4 percentage-point increase, according to an annual survey on ing habits, which polled 45,911 adults in 29 provincial divisions.这份覆盖了我国29个省(区、市)45911名受访者的调查显示,2015年我国成年国民数字化阅读方式的接触率约为64%,上升了5.9个百分点,图书阅读率为58.4%,仅上升了0.4个百分点。The survey revealed that 60 percent of respondents on their mobile phones in 2015, up 8.2 percentage points than the previous year. On average, ers 3.26 e-books, while 4.58 paper books were per capita in 2015.这项调查显示,60%的受访者在2015年通过自己的手机来进行阅读,相比前一年增加了8.2个百分点。2015年人均电子书阅读量为3.26本,而纸质图书阅读量为4.58本。On average, adults spent 62.21 minutes ing on a mobile phone each day in 2015, an 84% increase compared to 33.82 minutes per day in 2014.2015年我国成年国民人均每天手机阅读时长为62.21分钟,比2014年的33.82分钟增长84%。Among all the mobile phone ers, more than 87 percent via the popular app WeChat, the survey shows.该调查还显示,在所有的手机阅读者当中,有超过87%的人是通过目前最火的app--微信来进行阅读。 /201604/439236

Ever since fat was demonized, people started eating more sugar, refined carbs, and processed foods instead.自从脂肪被妖魔化以后,取而代之的是更多的糖、精制碳水化合物和加工食物。As a result, the entire world has become fatter and sicker. However, times are changing. Studies now show that fat, including saturated fat, isn’t the devil it was made out to be. All sorts of healthy foods that happen to contain fat have now returned to the “superfood; scene.因此,整个世界变得更胖、更易生病。然而,时代在变化。现在研究表明包含饱和脂肪在内的脂肪实则并不是人们谣传的那种恶魔。现在所有刚好含有脂肪的健康食物都是“超级食物”。1. Avocados1. 牛油果Loaded with fats. In fact, avocados are about 77% fat, making them even higher in fat than most animal foods.牛油果富含脂肪。事实上,牛油果的77%都是脂肪,因此其脂肪比大多数动物肉所含的脂肪还要高。The main fatty acid is a monounsaturated fat called oleic acid. This is also the predominant fatty acid in olive oil, associated with various health benefits.牛油果中主要的脂肪酸就是被称作油酸的不饱和脂肪酸。这也是橄榄油中含有的主要脂肪酸,橄榄油对身体有各种各样的益处。Avocados are among the best sources of potassium in the diet, even containing 40% more potassium than bananas, a typical high-potassium food.在饮食中,牛油果是钾元素最好的来源之一,甚至其钾元素含量比香蕉还高出40%,而香蕉是一种典型的高钾元素含量食物。2. Cheese2. 奶酪Cheese is incredibly nutritious. This makes sense, given that an entire cup of milk is used to produce a single thick slice of cheese.考虑到一整杯牛奶只能制成一块厚厚的奶酪,因此奶酪的营养十分充足是有道理的。3. Dark Chocolate3. 黑巧克力Dark chocolate is one of those rare health foods that actually taste incredible.黑巧克力是少数既健康又美味的食物之一。It is very high in fat, with fat at around 65% of calories. Dark chocolate is 11% fiber and contains over 50% of the RDA for iron, magnesium, copper, and manganese.黑巧克力脂肪含量很高,大约含有65%卡路里的脂肪。黑巧克力含有11%的纤维,同时还含有50%的铁元素、镁元素、铜元素和锰元素推荐日摄入量。4. Whole Eggs4. 全蛋(全蛋就是指蛋白加蛋黄)Whole eggs used to be considered unhealthy because the yolks are high in cholesterol and fat.由于蛋黄富含胆固醇和脂肪,因此以前人们认为全蛋是不健康的。In fact, a single egg contains 212 mg of cholesterol, which is 71% of the recommended daily intake. Plus, 62% of the calories in whole eggs are from fat. However, new studies have shown that cholesterol in eggs doesn#39;t affect the cholesterol in the blood, at least not in the majority of people.事实上,每个鸡蛋含有212毫克的胆固醇,这占推荐日摄入量的71%。另外,全蛋中62%的卡路里都来自于脂肪。然而,新研究已经表明鸡蛋中的胆固醇含量并不会影响到血液中的胆固醇,至少不会影响到大多数人血液中的胆固醇含量。What we#39;re left with is one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet.我们留下的实则是地球上最有营养的食物之一。(因为以前人们只吃蛋白)5. Nuts5. 坚果Nuts are incredibly healthy. They are high in healthy fats and fiber, and are a good plant-based source of protein.坚果很有营养。富含健康的脂肪和纤维,是很好的植物性蛋白源。Nuts are also high in vitamin E, as well as magnesium, a mineral that most people don#39;t get enough of.坚果还富含维他命E和镁元素,镁元素是种矿物质,大多数人摄入的镁元素含量是不够的。Studies show that people who eat nuts tend to be healthier, and have a lower risk of various diseases. This includes obesity, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes.研究发现吃坚果的人往往会更加健康,患各种疾病(包括肥胖症、心脏病和2型糖尿病)的风险也更低。译文属 /201608/462603

WHAT THE ...!? I#39;m a genetic disaster! Why didn#39;t anyone stop this!?什么……!?我是一个基因灾难!为什么没有人阻止这个!?A pug#39;s unpleasant discovery哈巴的不愉快发现 /201608/459271

Celebrating a birthday may not seem like a dangerous pastimebut too much happiness can be heart-breaking, according todoctors.  庆祝生日看上去并非一项危险的,但快乐爆棚则可能让你心碎,医生说。  Health experts have known for some time that sad events, suchas the loss of a spouse, can trigger a condition known as’broken heart syndrome’ which feels like a heart attack and can be fatal if not treated quickly.  卫生专家早已认识到伤心的事件,比如失去配偶,可以导致“心碎症”,这个症状类似心脏病,如果不尽快治疗则可能致命。  Now for the first time doctors have shown that over-excitement from happy events can also sparkthe condition, which they have named ’happy heart syndrome.’ In short, happiness can be lethal.  而现在,医生第一次实快乐的活动引起的过度兴奋也会促发该症状,这被称为“开心病”。简而言之,快乐也可以致命。  Since ’broken heart syndrome’ was first identified in 1990, doctors at the University HospitalZurich in Switzerland have been compiling a database of worldwide attacks which currently holds1750 patients.  自从‘心碎症”在1990年被首次发现,瑞士苏黎世大学医院的医生们从世界各地收集了一份目前拥有1750个病人信息的数据。  Most attacks were triggered by episodes of severe emotional distress, such as grief, fear andanger. Attending funerals was a common factor and one incident occurred after an obese patientgot stuck in the bath.  大部分的发病都由一连串的严重情绪不安引发的,例如伤心,恐惧和生气。参加葬礼是一个普遍的因素,其中有一个案例是一名肥胖病人被卡在浴缸里而导致发病。  But for 20 people the condition was precipitated by happy and joyful events, such as a birthdayparty, wedding, surprise farewell celebration, a favourite rugby team winning a game, or the birthof a grandchild.  但有20名病人的情况是因为参加了快乐愉悦的活动,比如生日派对,婚礼,惊喜式告别会,自己喜欢的橄榄球队赢了比赛,或者孙子诞生等。  Study author Dr Jelena Ghadri, resident cardiologist from University Hospital Zurich said doctorsshould enquire about happy events as well as sad, when diagnosing heart problems.  研究报告的作者苏黎世大学医院心脏科医生伊莲娜·加德里士说,医生应该在诊断心脏问题的时候,除了询问难过的事件,也要询问开心的事件。  ;We have shown that the triggers for ’broken heart syndrome’ can be more varied than previouslythought,; she said.  “我们实了‘心碎症’的诱因可以比之前认为的更多样,”她说。  ;A patient is no longer the classic ;broken hearted; patient, and the disease can be preceded bypositive emotions too.  “病人不再是经典‘心碎症’患者,这个病也可以由积极的情绪引起。”  ;Our findings suggest that happy and sad life events may share similar emotional pathways.;  “我们的发现明了快乐和伤心的活动可能分享了相似的情绪路径。”  The problem mostly affects women. 95 per cent of all patients in the database are female with anaverage age of 65.  这个问题主要影响女性。数据库中95%的病人都是平均年龄为65岁的女性。  Dr Christian Templin, principle investigator from University Hospital Zurich, said further researchwas needed to understand the exact mechanisms underlying both the ;broken; and “happy;heart variants.  苏黎世大学医院首席研究员克里斯汀娜·滕普林士说,还需要作进一步研究,以了解导致‘心碎’和‘快乐’两种不同心病的确切机制。  The new findings were published in the European Heart Journal.  这项新发现发表在《欧洲心脏期刊》中。 /201604/435528

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