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Subject: I think we should try to buy more time. 迷你对话A: The singer Bush hasn’t appeared yet. But it’s her turn now.歌手bush现在还没出现,现在已经轮到他了。B: Don’t worry. I think we should try to buy more time.别担心,我想我们应该设法拖延时间。 地道表达 buy time 1. 解词释义Buy time字面意思是“购买时间”,比喻为“拖延时间”。其英文解释为:to postpone an event hoping that the situation will improve。 2. 拓展例句e.g. She tried to buy time by doing a lot of talk.她企图以滔滔不绝的谈话来拖延时间。 e.g. The union leader is trying to buy time by prolonging the negotiation.工会的领袖企图以延长谈判过程来拖延时间。 e.g. Maybe I can buy some time by asking the judge for a continuance.也许我可以叫法官休庭一会儿来拖延时间。 Ps :表示“轮到某人做某事了”,可以这样说:It is one’s turn to do something.例如:Is it your turn to serve the ball? 该你发球了吗? /201410/333567

Youre lovely people,thank you.Tony,how are you.你们真可爱 谢谢你们 Tony 最近过得怎么样Im great,thank you.Really good indeed.不错 谢谢 非常不错Good,Im gald to hear it.Im excited,Guess whos stopping by,很好 很高兴听你这么说 我很激动 猜猜谁要来这边Guess who stopping by,who.谁啊Christopher Plummer is stopping by with his Oscar.Christopher Plummer带着小金人来了Im so excited,yes.我好期待 是啊Imagine,being in the career so long,winning your first Oscar at 82,想象一下 当了那么久的演员 在82岁高龄赢得人生中第一座小金人Im so happy for hime,Im so happy.我真为他感到高兴Hang in there,Never give up.永远坚持 永不言弃And I love the movie Beginners,I hope more people see it.我也很喜欢《初学者》这部电影 希望更多人能去看because of this,its a wonderful movie,and he was fantastic in it.因为这是一部上乘之作 Christopher在其中表现不俗and also on the show,Sophia Grace and Rosie are here.同样在本期节目中 还有Sophia Grace和RosieWe sent them to Disneyland.我们送她们去了迪士尼乐园Were going to show you how that went a little bit later on in the show.之后的节目中我们将向你展示她们的经历Judging from the dry cleaning bill I got for their tutus,they had fun.通过我收到的干洗她们的芭蕾舞裙的账单推测 她们玩的很嗨They were so excited to go to Disneyland.So Im sure they had fun.听说要去迪士尼乐园 她两都乐疯了 我确定她们玩得不错Also the star of Private Practice Kate Walsh is here.《私人诊所》中的女星Kate Walsh也将来到现场Have you seen her on the cover of Shape magazine,Tony.Tony 你看过她在Shape杂志上的封面照了么No,Im looking forward to it though.还没呢 不过我很期待Well,her practice isnt very private in that photo,Ill tell you that.Wow.Yep.Nice,yeah.好吧 她在照片里似乎没那么“私人” 我告诉你 哇 是啊 很棒 是啊Theres no stylist on that shoot at all.拍摄的时候完全没有设计师在场Nobody showed up.Its going to be a great show.完全没有 今天将会是一期很精的节目And right now its time for our segment Clumsy Thumbsy.现在到了Clumsy Thumbsy的时间了 /201707/516403

第一, 迷你对话A: Did you say that Nancy got angry with you?你是不是说南希生你的气了?B: Yeah. She almost flew into a rage. She said that it was more none of my business.是的,她几乎大发雷霆,她说不关我的事。A: We all blow our tops at times.有时候,我们都发脾气。B: Your’er right. That’s why I didn’t take that too much to heart.你说得对,所以我没往心上去。第二, 地道表达fly into rage1. 解词释义Fly into rage是一个习语,表示“怒发冲冠”“大发雷霆” “勃然大怒”的意思。2. 拓展范例e.g. Why should you fly into a rage at the slightest provocation?你为何就为了一点小事大动肝火呢?e.g. Dont fly into a rage at the drop of a hat. Remember: keep cucumber cool!别动不动就发火,记住:要保持冷静。e.g. Talking of his disappointing son, the old father flew into a rage.说起他的那个不争气的儿子,老父亲勃然大怒。e.g. Each time we mention Tom, Helen flew into a rage.每当我们提到汤姆,海伦就暴跳如雷。第三, 咬文嚼字get angry with sb. :生某人的气e.g. They like to get things done quickly and can get angry with those who cant keep up.他们喜欢快速地将事情完成,并会对跟不上速度的人非常生气。e.g. I am sorry that I get angry with you last time. I hope that you dont mind my sensitivity.上次生你的气我真对不起,希望你不要在意我的敏感。none of one’s business:不关某人的事e.g. I am responsible for the matter. None of others business.这件事由我负责, 跟旁人不相干。e.g. It s none of your business, so please don t butt in.此事与你无关,请勿介入。blow one’s tops:气急败坏,发脾气e.g. You can understand why we blew our tops a little.你会明白,我们为什么会发脾气。at times:偶尔,有时e.g. Hes a real gentleman, if a little pompous at times.他可是个正人君子, 虽然有时略显得傲慢了些。e.g. I scarcely understand myself at times.我有时简直就不了解我自己。take something to heart:牢记在心,在意,记住e.g. Ill take to heart everything youve said.我会记住你说的每句话。e.g. I hop you will take to heart the warning you have been given.我希望你能认真考虑人家给你的告诫。e.g. Its a lesson that all of us can take to heart.这是我们所有人都可以牢记在心的教训。 /201512/416698

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