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福州去那修复结扎龙岩查激素到哪里好冬天不用像炎夏般坐着也流汗,可是,也是脂肪囤积的季节!爱漂亮的JM们看过来,专家为你盘点十条不用挨饿也能减肥的黄金法则! A number of recent studies have revealed how making several small lifestyle changes could help you lose weight without feeling deprived of the food you love.1. USE A SMALLER PLATE A Cornell University study found that when a fixed portion of food was eaten from a large plate, diners felt they had been give a smaller than average portion, so ate more. When the same portion of food was eaten from a smaller dish, the meal seemed more substantial, so they ate less.2. USE A BIGGER FORK An Italian study into the relationship between fork size and consumption found that diners who used smaller forks ate more than those given larger forks. Researchers believe those with smaller forks felt they were making slower progress in satisfying their hunger, so ate more.3. EAT WITH MEN If you're a woman. According to psychologist Meredith Young, women eat less if there are men around. She told The Atlantic: "It is possible that small food portions signal attractiveness."4. READ THE LABELS Those who nutrition labels on food packaging eat around 5 per cent less fat than those who don't bother, according to researchers at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle.5. DRINK WATER BEFORE MEALS A 12-week study of 48 people aged between 55 and 75 on low-calorie diets found that those who drank two glasses of water before each meal lost an average of 4.5lb more than those that didn't.6. AVOID LIGHT AT NIGHT This includes late-night television and computer use. A study into the effects of bright light, dim light or darkness on weight-gain in mice found that those under a bright light at night gained 50 per cent more weight than those in darkness.7. HIDE UNHEALTHY TREATS Office workers eat less chocolate when dishes of candy were moved from their desks to the other side of the room, reveals a study by Mindless Eating author Brian Wansink.8. BE CAREFUL AROUND FRIENDS Children eat more with a friend than with a stranger, according to a study at the State University of New York at Buffalo. Researchers said that this trend, which applies to adults too, can be blamed on the fact that friends act as so-called permission-givers, and encourage one to indulge.9. BEWARE OF SKINNY FRIENDS WHO EAT A LOT Worse still, are thin friends who have large appetites. A study found that participants snacked more during a movie when accompanied by a skinny person who ate a lot, compared with those sitting next to a fat person who ate a lot.10. AVOID ADVERTISEMENTS FOR EXERCISE A study revealed that participants who were shown advertisements encouraging exercise ate more than those who weren't. The same was true of participants exposed to subliminal words relating to exercise during mealtimes. /201110/157262福州市一人民医院看多囊 核心提示:不少人随着年纪越大发现自己很多身体机能都在不断地下降,有些人更发觉自己变笨了,这与年纪好象有关,是不是自己的年纪真的大了?所以越来越笨呢?其实并非如此,你身体在退化,其中有部分原因可能与你平时的习惯有关。 忽视早餐No breakfast伏地魔说:吃什么,你就是什么。 /201109/154469福州做人工授精生男孩去哪比较好

福州博爱医院做人流手术多少钱宁德去哪家医院试管婴儿 福州那家医院输卵管结扎最好

福州做人流那家医院最好It is commonly thought that age brings wisdom.大众普遍认为年龄增长会带来更多智慧。And this is largely true, it seems – unless you are Japanese. In which case, by the time you are 25, you are likely to be just as wise as your elders, an astonishing new study reveals.这似乎很大程度上是正确的,除非你是日本人。一项新研究揭示了一个惊人的结果,日本人在达到25岁时,很可能拥有与年长的人一样多的智慧。Americans, however, are more conventional and develop deep understanding over time, according to research by the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada.不过,加拿大安大略省滑铁卢大学开展的这一调查显示,美国人在这方面更合乎常规,随着年岁的增长而加深认知。In one of the tests, designed to measure five crucial aspects of reasoning, US citizens’ scores improved by 22 percent over 50 years.在其中一项对推理能力的测试中,年长五十岁的美国参与者得分要高出22%。该测试的目的是对参与者推理能力的五个重要方面进行考量。But, in the examination scored out of 100, both 25-year-old and 75-year-old Japanese participants had an average ient of 51 for intergroup wisdom – the idea of understanding society.但是,在对25岁及75岁的日本人进行测试时,他们的团体智商——社会认知能力的平均分都是51(满分为100分)。With Americans, on the other hand, results from the same tests varied between averages of 45 and 55 between the two age groups.而当美国人接受同样的测试时,两个年龄群的平均分则分别为45和55。Also, interpersonal wisdom – the understanding of relationships between individuals – the scores of the 225 US participants climbed from 46 to 50.此外,在人际交往的智慧(即对个体间关系的认知)方面,225名美国参与者的分数随年龄增长由46分增至50分。In the case of the 186 Japanese people recruited by lead researcher Igor Grossmann, their scores actually dropped slightly from 53 to 52.首席研究员伊戈尔#8226;格罗斯曼收集了186名日本人在这方面的数据,他们的分数实际上还略微跌落,从53降至52。The tests also recorded other unexpected results.这一系列测试还记录了其他意想不到的结果。Given the US reputation of an individualistic society, you might expect its participants’ interpersonal wisdom to be higher than their supposedly more collectivist Japanese counterparts.鉴于美国人一直被视为个人主义社会,你可能会猜想美国人的人际交往智慧会比更集体化的日本对手要高。Yet the study showed that by 75, the Japanese scored higher in the interpersonal wisdom and Americans, in fact, achieved higher results in the intergroup variety.但是,研究显示,75岁以下的日本人在人际交往智慧上要超越美国人,而事实上,美国人的团体智慧得分要高于日本人。Dr Grossman suggested that perhaps, then, you need individual skills when society is collective, and social ones when it is individualistic.格罗斯曼士建议,或许在集体主义社会里你需要个人能力,而在个人主义社会中你需要社交能力。His study, published in Psychological Science and reported in The Economist, recruited Japanese and Americans with a range of different occupations.他的研究刊登在《心理科学》杂志上并被《经济学人》报道。此次研究广泛招募了来自不同行业的美国人和日本人。 /201204/177515 1. Discrimination in an employment situation职场歧视 /201005/103380龙岩做复通术那个医院最好宁德哪里可以婚检




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