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home to tens of thousands of exiled Tibetans--is putting ever-tighter restrictions on their basic rights, according to a new report that points a finger of blame at China. 新发表的一份报告指出,尼泊尔正在对居住在该国的西藏流亡人士施加比以往更加严格的限制措施,该报告称,此事背后有中国的影子。目前有数万名西藏流亡人士居住在尼泊尔。Tibetans in Nepal #39;face excessive use of force by police, preventive detention, torture and ill-treatment when detained,#39; according to a Human Rights Watch report released Tuesday. They also face #39;intrusive surveillance and arbitrary application of vaguely formulated and overly broad definitions of security offenses,#39; the New York-based advocacy group said. 人权观察(Human Rights Watch)周二发表的一份报告指出,在尼泊尔的西藏人面临着警方的压力,包括过度使用警力、预防性羁押、羁押期间的刑讯和虐待等。这家总部位于纽约的组织还说,他们面临的情况还包括,警方会对他们进行侵犯性监视,以及随意使用语焉不详、界定过于宽泛的治安条例。Human Rights Watch urged Nepal#39;s government to protect the rights of its Tibetan residents including their freedom of expression and assembly. It also urged China not to pressure Nepal to take actions #39;that are in contradiction with international human rights and refugee law.#39; 人权观察敦促尼泊尔政府保护居住在该国的西藏人士的权利,包括表达自由和集会自由的权利。该组织还敦促中国不要向尼泊尔施压,要求尼泊尔采取某些与国际人权法和难民法相悖的措施。Nepal and Tibet share a mountainous border. Since the Dalai Lama fled to India from Tibet in 1959, several thousand Tibetans have settled in Nepal, for the most part mixing peacefully with the country#39;s Buddhist and Hindu communities. 尼泊尔和西藏接壤。自从达赖喇嘛1959年从西藏逃到印度之后,成千上万名西藏人在尼泊尔定居,大部分人与该国的佛教人群和印度教人群和平杂处。China, which provides significant financial and development aid to Nepal, has pressed the Nepalese government to rein in anti-China activities on its soil. The Chinese pressure has grown since a 2008 uprising in Tibet that China says was orchestrated by the Dalai Lama and the Tibetans in exile. The Dalai Lama has dismissed the allegations that he advocated violence. 中国大量向尼泊尔提供金融援助和发展援助。中国曾向尼泊尔政府施压,要求其控制在尼泊尔国土上进行的反华活动。自从2008年西藏发生骚乱以来,中国向尼泊尔施压的力度与日俱增。中国说当年的骚乱是达赖喇嘛和西藏流亡人士组织的,而达赖喇嘛多次驳斥了有关他主张暴力的指控。The population of exiled Tibetans in Nepal is estimated at about 15,000 to 20,000. Most revere the Dalai Lama as their spiritual leader. They occasionally organize rallies and demonstrations to protest what they see as China#39;s occupation of their homeland of Tibet--giving rise to clashes with Nepali security forces. Tibetans in Nepal also face restrictions on their freedom of movement and access to jobs. 据估计,居住在尼泊尔的西藏流亡人士约有1.5万到两万人,他们大多数人都把达赖喇嘛尊为精神领袖。他们偶尔会组织集会和游行活动,对他们所称的中国占领了自己的故乡西藏的做法表达抗议,这会引发与尼泊尔安全部队的冲突。在尼泊尔的西藏人士也面临着行动自由和就业方面的限制。China#39;s security concerns over Tibetan activities in Nepal has grounding in early Tibetan resistance against its occupation of Tibet in early 1950s. In late 1950s, scores of Tibetans, including monks, took up guerrilla warfare against the Chinese army. They were trained by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency but facing crushing defeat, they retreated to mountain hideout in Mustang region of Nepal in 1960. The resistance eventually died but the escape that Nepal#39;s Himalayan frontiers provided to the Tibetan rebels underscored geopolitical importance for Chinese rulers to scrutinize Tibetan activities in Nepal. 中国对尼泊尔藏人活动的警惕始源于上世纪50年代初期,当时中国军队占领西藏激起了西藏人的反抗。50年代末期,包括僧侣在内的大量藏人与中国军队展开游击战。他们虽受过美国中央情报局(U.S. Central Intelligence Agency)的训练,却仍遭残败,在1960年撤退进尼泊尔木斯塘的山区中藏身。反抗虽最终平息,然而尼泊尔的喜马拉雅边境为西藏叛军提供的蔽护,凸显出中国政府紧密关注尼泊尔藏人活动的重要地缘政治意义。Nepal#39;s relations with Tibet perhaps goes back to antiquity. A Nepali princess famous in local folklore as Bhrikuti is said to have introduced Buddhism to Tibet in the seventh century. The trade between the two political territories flourished through the trans-Himalayan routes in the medieval age. Many mountain-dwelling communities in Nepal, including the Sherpas, trace their lineage to Tibet. One of the still popular Nepali women#39;s proverbs invokes the importance that trade with Lhasa, administrative capital of Tibet, once held in the people#39;s lives in Nepal. #39;There is gold in Lhasa [but] my ears are bare,#39; the proverb says. 尼泊尔与西藏的关系或可追溯回古代。据称在公元七世纪时,尼泊尔的尺尊公主(Bhrkuti)将佛教传入西藏。中世纪时,两地通过跨喜马拉雅路线建立起繁荣的贸易往来。尼泊尔许多居住于山中的族群(包括夏尔巴人)的祖先都可追溯回西藏。如今尼泊尔妇女间仍盛传一句谚语:拉萨有黄金,吾耳却裸露。这句话体现着尼泊尔与西藏行政首府拉萨进行贸易的重要性。Today Nepal#39;s political establishment sees Tibet in context of China#39;s growing economic and military might. An official joint statement between China and Nepal during Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao#39;s Nepal visit in January 2012 elucidated this new geopolitical reality. 如今,尼泊尔与西藏的政治关系建立在中国经济及军事力量不断增强的背景之下。2012年1月时任中国总理的温家宝到访尼泊尔,中尼两国当时发表的联合声明便凸显出这一新的地缘政治形势。#39;The Nepalese side reiterated that there is only one China in the world, and the Government of the People#39;s Republic of China is the sole legal government representing the whole of China,#39; the statement said. #39;Both Taiwan and Tibet are integral parts of the Chinese territory. The Nepalese side firmly supports the efforts made by the Chinese side to uphold state sovereignty, national unity and territorial integrity, and does not allow any forces to use Nepalese territory for any anti-China or separatist activities.#39; 声明称:“尼方重申,世界上只有一个中国,中华人民共和国政府是代表全中国的唯一合法政府,台湾和西藏是中国领土不可分割的一部分。尼方坚定持中方为维护国家主权、统一和领土完整所作的努力,不允许任何势力利用尼领土从事任何反华分裂活动。”#39;The Chinese side highly appreciated the position of the Nepalese side,#39; the statement further said. 声明还称:“中方高度赞扬尼方立场。” /201404/284304

The Associated Press says at least 786 children in the ed States have died of abuse and neglect in a six-year span, saying the children died ;in plain view of child protection authorities.;美联社报道,在六年期间,美国至少786名儿童死于虐待和疏忽。这些儿童在“儿童保护机构的眼皮底下”死去。AP says it discovered during its eight-month investigation that many of the children were ;beaten, starved or left alone to drown while agencies had good reason to know they were in danger.;美联社说,在历时八个月的调查中发现,儿童保护机构完全应该了解这些儿童死亡之前的处境危险,他们中的许多人“受到殴打、挨饿或者无人看护溺水身亡”。AP conducted the survey in the 50 U.S. states, plus the District of Columbia and branches of the military. The report says many states ;struggled to provide numbers; and that ;secrecy often prevailed.;美联社在美国的50个州以及哥伦比亚特区和美国军队多个部门做了这项调查。The survey revealed that most of the 768 children known to have died were under the age of four.调查报告显示,已知死亡的768个儿童中,绝大多数年龄在4岁以下。The data collection system on child deaths is so flawed, AP said, that no one can say for certain how many children overall die from abuse or neglect every year.美联社说,有关儿童死亡的数据收集系统存在缺陷,因此没有人能够确切地说出每年究竟有多少儿童死于虐待或者疏忽。The federal government estimates an average of about 1,650 deaths annually in recent years. The Associated Press reports many believe the actual number is twice as high.美国联邦政府估计,近些年平均每年有大约1650名儿童死于虐待和疏忽。美联社报道,许多人认为实际数字是这个数字的两倍。 /201412/350201Poachers have killed one of the world’s largest elephants – a famed great tusker named Satao – in Tsavo East National Park in Kenya.在肯尼亚东察沃国家公园,偷猎者杀死一头世界上最大的大象——有名的长牙大象萨韬(Satao)。Wildlife officials revealed that Satao, a giant elephant with tusks that nearly reached the ground, has died after being shot with poisoned arrows in late May.野生动物官员透露,有着几乎长及地面长牙的萨韬,在五月底被毒箭射中后死亡。Conservationists describe how the bull elephant had intentionally hid in bushes to conceal his sweeping tusks, which were estimated to each weigh around 45kg.自然资源保护学家描述了这头公象是如何故意躲在灌木丛中来隐藏它的长象牙。它的长象牙每个约重45千克。Satao’s death at the age of around 45 years is the latest in a massive upsurge of poaching of the mammals for their ivory across the African continent.45岁萨韬的死亡只是非洲大陆上为了象牙而大肆猎杀大象现象中的最近一例。Wildlife officials found Satao’s carcass was found with his face hacked off and weighty tusks removed.野生动物官员发现萨韬的尸体发现时,它的脸已经被劈开,重重的象牙被拔走了。Richard Moller, of The Tsavo Trust, who had been monitoring Satao for several months confirmed that the elephant found dead on May 30 was indeed Satao, whom he called ;an icon;.Tsavo基金会(Tsavo Trust)的理查兹·莫勒(Richars Moller)已经观察萨韬几个月了,他实这头在5月30日被猎杀的大象就是萨韬。他称萨韬为“一个符号”。;There is no doubt that Satao is dead, killed by an ivory poacher’s poisoned arrow to feed the seemingly insatiable demand for ivory in far-off countries,; Mr Moller said.莫勒说:“毫无疑问,萨韬死了,被象牙偷猎者的毒箭给害死了,就是为了满足来自那些遥远国家对象牙看起来贪得无厌的需求。;A great life lost so that someone far away can have a trinket on their mantelpiece.“一个伟大生命的消逝,就是为了某个人可以在壁炉上有个饰品。;The loss of such an iconic elephant is the most visible and heart-rending tip of this iceberg, this tragedy that is unfolding across the continent,; added Frank Pope of Save The Elephants in Nairobi.“在内罗毕拯救大象”活动的弗兰克·波普(Frank Pope)补充道:“这一标志性大象的死亡,只是这冰山上最明显最令人心碎的一角。这样的悲剧正席卷全大陆。”A soaring demand for ivory in a number of Asian nations has seen poaching hit levels that were last reached in the 1980s before the ivory trade was banned.一些亚洲国家对象牙的需求急剧增加,这就使得偷猎死灰复燃,重新达到了20世纪80年代象牙交易被禁之前的水平。The street value of elephant tusk is believed to exceed thousands of dollars per kilo and officials have acknowledged the role of organised crime in the poaching crisis.象牙的市场价格每公斤超过数千美元。官方承认在偷猎危机中组织了犯罪活动。More than 20,000 African elephants were slaughtered in 2013, according to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).根据濒危野生动植物种国际贸易公约(CITES),在2013年,有2万头非洲象被猎杀。The Kenya Wildlife Service has documented the killing of 97 elephants so far this year, but experts dispute the official figures.在今年,肯尼亚野生动物保护局已经记载有97头大象被杀,但是专家对官方数据持怀疑态度。Dr Paula Kahumbu, who leads the Hands Off Our Elephants campaign, wrote that – based on the reports she has seen – “elephant poaching in Kenya is at least 10 times the official figures”.领导“放开我们的大象”活动的宝拉·卡呼卜士(Dr Paula Kahumbu)依据她所看到的新闻写到:“在肯尼亚被猎杀大象的真正数量至少是官方数字的10倍。”Earlier this month, police seized more than 200 elephant tusks in a warehouse in the port city of Mombasa, weighing over 2,000kg.本月早些时候,警方在港口城市蒙巴萨的一个仓库没收了200多个象牙,总重量超过2000千克。 /201406/306801

China#39;s economy may be slowing, but you wouldn#39;t know it from the average car buyer.中国的经济增长速度可能在放缓,但是从汹涌的购车大军中丝毫察觉不到这一点。Passenger car sales in China look set to expand 15% this year -- twice the pace of 2012, estimate consultants at LMC Automotive.咨询公司LMC Automotive估计,今年中国乘用车销量将增长15%,增幅是2012年的两倍。There are bumps in the road ahead, but they shouldn#39;t harm the spending spree. To combat pollution, several big cities are restricting car purchases by driving up license-plate prices. In the long term, these diktats probably are limited to a few places with pollution concerns, where the market is saturated anyway.未来汽车市场依然存在一些障碍,但不会影响到这种购车热潮。虽然中国几个大城市为控制污染而采取了提高车牌价格等措施来限制汽车购买,不过长期而言,这些限购措施可能只限于一些污染严重的城市,这些城市的市场已经饱和。The last sales slump, which ended in 2012, resulted mostly from the end of nationwide car subsidies in 2009 and 2010 that had pulled forward demand. There haven#39;t been major subsidies in place this year so demand should remain fresh.中国上次出现销量滑坡局面,主要因为政府在2009年和2010年推出了全国范围的补贴政策,透了需求,因而在政策退出后市场低迷,这种状况已在2012年结束。今年在没有大型补贴活动的情况下市场需求保持旺盛。Meanwhile, next year could add another driver: replacements.与此同时,明年汽车市场将增添另一个驱动力:换车需求。It has been about five years since China#39;s car sales exploded in 2009. Consumers who ventured into the market then are looking to change their old cars, reckons Macquarie#39;s Janet Lewis. Plus, more drivers are using car loans. The share of buyers using loans tripled to 15% in 2013 from 2009, according to J.D. Power.中国距2009年出现汽车销量爆发式增长已经过去五年时间。麦格理(Macquarie)分析师Janet Lewis认为,当年的购车者将会考虑换车。此外,更多购车者使用汽车贷款。J.D. Power的数据显示,2013年贷款购车比例上升至15%,是2009年的三倍。This sophisticated second-time buyer with access to financing likely will purchase a luxury or utility vehicle, Ms. Lewis says. That is one reason both these segments look promising. LMC forecasts luxury car sales rising by 23% in 2014.Lewis表示,这些精明的二次购车者在贷款的帮助下将购买豪华车或运动型多用途车(SUV)。这是两个市场领域前景看好的一个理由。LMC预计,2014年豪华车销量将增长23%。The question for investors is how to capitalize on all this. Auto stocks rallied 36% this year, so there may be little more to be gained. Leading SUV-maker Great Wall Motor#39;s shares climbed 80%, but now its margins are moderating. On the other hand, BMW#39;s local partner Brilliance China Automotive should enhance its profits from 2015 as it boosts scale.投资者的问题是如何捕捉其中的投资机会。今年汽车股高涨了36%,再涨空间可能有限。一流SUV企业长城汽车(Great Wall Motor Co.)飙升了80%,但目前公司的利润率势头已经减弱。另一方面,宝马汽车(BMW)的中国合作伙伴华晨中国(Brilliance China Automotive)从2015年起利润有望提高,因为规模扩大。Car dealers are another way in. Hong Kong-listed China Zhengtong Auto Services markets premium brands, including in fast-growing inland provinces, and trades at seven times forward earnings. That is cheaper than the nine times at which Baoxin Auto Group, another luxury dealer, trades.投资汽车经销商股是另一种方式。香港上市公司正通汽车(China Zhengtong Auto Services)目前的市盈率只有7倍;该公司销售豪华汽车品牌,覆盖地区包括高增长的内陆市场。正通汽车的市盈率低于宝信汽车(Baoxin Auto Group)的9倍,后者是另一家豪华车经销商。China#39;s secular automotive story remains intact. And having conquered richer coastal provinces, businesses are moving inland. Residents in lower-tier cities will purchase nearly 60% of China#39;s new cars until 2020, says McKinsey.中国汽车市场的长期增长趋势不变。继攻克富裕的沿海省份之后,汽车市场的主战场正转向内陆省份。McKinsey称,到2020年,三四线城市的新车购买比例将接近60%。Even as China#39;s place in the global economic firmament dims, its car buyers should remain stars.即使中国在全球经济天空中的光芒黯淡,中国购车者仍将是闪亮的明星。 /201312/271049

Manufacturing in China contracted to an 11-month low this month, according to a preliminary ing of an influential index tracking the sector by HS.根据汇丰(HS)制造业采购经理人指数(PMI)的“预览版”读数,3月中国制造业活动已收缩至11个月内的最低点。Manufacturing in China was worse than expected, according to a closely-watched ;flash; index by HS and Markit. The preliminary ing for March was 49.2, against of a ing of 50.7 in February and versus expectations of 50.5. Any score less than 50 indicates contraction.这一受到密切关注的指数由汇丰和Markit共同编制,最新“预览版”读数显示中国制造业状况比预期更糟。本月这一读数为49.2,不仅低于2月份的50.7,也低于50.5的预期数值。该读数低于50表示相关产业处于收缩中。The sector has last contracted in January, with a ing of 49.7, according to the index.根据这一指数,中国制造业上次出现收缩是在今年1月,当时读数为49.7。But taken as an indicator about the Chinese economy as a whole the monthly survey should be treated with a degree of caution. The HS index is heavily skewed towards small, private companies and tends to be more volatile than China#39;s official PMI, which focuses more on state-backed companies. However the last ing for the official PMI, which came in at 49.9 in February, also pointed to a worsening economy.不过,要用该读数衡量中国经济总体状况还需谨慎。汇丰的PMI指数更为偏向小型民营企业,波动性往往大于更关注国有企业的中国官方PMI指数。不过,中国官方上次公布的2月份PMI指数也只有49.9,同样显示中国经济在恶化。Annabel Fiddes, economist at Markit said:“The HS Flash China Manufacturing PMI signalled a slight deterioration in the health of China#39;s manufacturing sector in March. A renewed fall in total new business contributed to a weaker expansion of output, while companies continued to trim their workforce numbers.Markit经济学家安娜贝尔#8226;菲德斯(Annabel Fiddes)表示:“汇丰预览版中国制造业PMI指数表明,3月份中国制造业的情况略有恶化。新增业务总量再次下滑,令产出增长势头继续减弱。同时,企业也在继续削减员工人数。“Meanwhile, manufacturing companies continued to benefit from falling input costs, stemming from the recent global oil price decline. However, relatively muted client demand has led firms to pass on savings in a bid to boost new work, and cut their selling prices at a similarly sharp rate.”“与此同时,近期全球油价下跌导致进口成本下滑,继续令制造业企业受益。然而,相对低迷的客户需求令企业以差不多同样大的幅度调降了销售价格,以便将节省下来的成本回馈客户,从而提升新增业务量。” /201503/366170Ann Hand安汉德Company: Project Frog公司:建筑公司Project FrogAge: 45年龄:45岁Though Hand was British Petroleum#39;s SVP of Global Brand, Marketing and Innovation, for several years, she#39;s on a much more environmentally friendly mission today. Project Frog aims to revamp the construction industry with simple-to-build spaces (they takes days, rather than months to construct) that consume about 50% less energy than traditional buildings for sectors like education and healthcare. Hand#39;s plan seems to be working: revenue is expected to more than double this year.虽然汉德曾在英国石油公司(British Petroleum)担任过多年全球品牌、营销与创新高级副总裁,但她现在却在从事更加环保的事业。Project Frog的使命是希望通过易于建造的空间(通常几天或者几个月便可完成),彻底改造建筑行业。相比教育与医疗等行业的传统建筑,Project Frog的建筑可以节省约50%的能源。汉德的计划似乎已经奏效:公司今年的收入预计将增加一倍以上。Julia Hartz茱莉亚哈茨Company: Eventbrite公司:在线票务平台EventbriteAge: 33年龄:33岁Hartz started Eventbrite, an online ticketing platform, with her now-husband Kevin in 2006. Since its founding, the company has raised 0 million from firms like Sequoia Capital and Tiger Global Management and reached billion in gross ticket sales this September. Entrepreneurship forced Hartz to appreciate candid and collaborative conversations. ;I had to learn how to ask for help,; she says. ;Everyone always thinks it#39;s brave to go out alone, but I think it#39;s even braver to put yourself out there in front of others, and to figure out how to work together.;2006年,哈茨与现任丈夫凯文共同创办了在线票务平台Eventbrite。自成立以来,这家公司先后从红杉资本(Sequoia Capital)和老虎全球基金(Tiger Global Management)等公司获得了总计1.4亿美元的投资。今年9月,它的票务销售总额达到了20亿美元。创业让哈茨不得不在与人沟通时运用坦率、且具有合作性的对话方式。她说:“我必须学会如何寻求帮助。所有人都认为创业是勇敢的举动,但我认为,更需要勇气的事情是,把自己摆到众人面前,同时努力达成协作。”Jules Pieri朱尔斯皮耶里Company: The Grommet公司:The Grommet公司Age: 53年龄:53岁After years working with large consumer product companies like Stride Rite and Keds, Pieri grew frustrated with the difficulty mom-and-pop shops had launching new products. ;The more innovative a product—as opposed to mainstream and ;known;—the harder it was to get distribution,; she explains. In response, she launched The Grommet, a discovery platform that connects customers with inventors#39; stories and their products, five years ago. Pieri, whose company helped launch products including SodaStream and Fitbit, counts HP CEO Meg Whitman as a mentor and has a side-gig as an entrepreneur in residence at Harvard Business School.皮耶里在大型消费类产品公司工作过多年,如Stride Rite和科迪斯(Keds)等。所以,这种夫妻店在推出新产品时所遇到的困难令皮耶里感到失望。她解释道:“越创新的产品,因为与主流和‘已知’相悖,因而越难销售。”因此,她在五年前成立了The Grommet,这个信息分享平台会将消费者与发明者的故事和产品联系起来。皮耶里的公司帮助发布的产品包括自制碳酸饮料机Sodastream和智能腕带Fitbit。她一直把惠普公司(HP)CEO梅格惠特曼作为自己的导师,并在哈佛商学院(Harvard Business School)担任入驻企业家。Leila Janah利拉詹纳Company: Samasource公司:撒马源公司Age: 31年龄:31岁In 2008, Janah talked to a call center worker from Dharavi, India, the largest slum in South Asia, while working as a consultant. The worker said there were millions of unemployed villagers as talented as he was. ;I thought, #39;What if outsourcing could generate a few dollars for billions of people, rather than billions of dollars for a wealthy few#39;; Janah says. She went on to launch Samasource, a tech platform that connects impoverished women and youth with large corporations like Google, LinkedIn, and Microsoft to complete digital projects. To date, the non-profit has helped over 16,000 people rise above the poverty line and it recently launched SamaUSA, a domestic program for low-income students living in San Francisco.2008年,詹纳作为顾问与印度达拉维一家呼叫中心的员工进行了交流。达拉维是南亚最大的贫民窟。那名工人说有数以百万计的无业村民具备有与他一样的能力。詹纳说:“我想:‘有没有可能利用外包为数十亿人每个人带来几美元,而不是为少数富人带去数十亿美元?’” 于是,她成立了撒马源公司(Samasource),用这个高科技平台帮助贫困的女性和年轻人获得谷歌(Google)、商务社交媒体公司LinkedIn和微软(Microsoft)等公司的数字项目。到目前为止,这个非盈利机构已经帮助16,000人脱离了贫困。近期,它还在美国成立了一个国内项目SamaUSA,主要面向居住在旧金山的低收入学生。Lisa Stone丽萨斯通Company: BlogHer公司:女性客网站BlogHerAge: 46年龄:46岁In early 2005, Stone and her co-founders Elisa Camahort Page and Jory Des Jardins noticed that there were countless women blogging, but mainstream media rarely linked to their posts. The trio decided to host a grassroots conference that year and attracted sponsors like Google and Yahoo. It quickly sold out and soon after, they launched BlogHer.com. The publishing platform turned blogging into a lucrative business for many women -- it paid million to 5,000 of its bloggers between 2009 and 2012 -- and now reaches an audience of 92 million.2005年初,斯通和其联合创始人爱丽莎卡玛赫特和朱瑞德斯贾丁斯发现,使用客的女性规模庞大,但主流媒体却很少会引用她们的文章。于是,三人决定召开一次草根会议,并吸引了谷歌和雅虎(Yahoo)等赞助商。门票很快销售一空,不久,她们便成立了BlogHer.com。这个客发布平台把撰写客变成了许多女性可以用来赚钱的一项业务——2009年至2012年期间,这家公司向5,000名主付了超过2,500万美元。目前,这个平台的用户已经超过9,200万人。Lori Steele劳瑞斯蒂尔Company: Everyone Counts公司:网络投票公司Everyone CountsAge: 50年龄:50岁Ten years ago, Steele was a successful investment advisor speaking at ITU World, a ed Nations conference on technology for government. That same week, California experienced its first-ever gubernatorial election recall. Steele couldn#39;t believe these kinds of hiccups were happening during such important races (the infamous Florida presidential election recall was only three years prior), so she decided to solve the problem herself. To date,169 countries, including Bosnia-Herzegovina, used Everyone Counts#39; electronic voting platform, as did the Academy Awards committee.十年前,斯蒂尔作为一名成功的投资顾问在世界电信展(ITU World)上发言。世界电信展是联合国主导的一项活动,重点是科技在政府中的应用。同一周,加州经历了史上第一次州长罢免选举。斯蒂尔不敢相信,在如此重要的选举中,会出现这种不合时宜的平台故障(三年前才刚刚发生了臭名昭著的佛罗里达州总统选举罢免),所以她决定凭一己之力来解决这个问题。到目前为止,共有169个国家使用了Everyone Counts的电子投票平台,包括波斯尼亚黑塞哥利亚和奥斯卡奖评审委员会。 /201311/263199

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