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1. Separate emotionally from the family you grew up in; not to the point of estrangement, but enough so that your identity is separate from that of your parents and siblings。  在感情上与你成长的家庭分开;不要到产生隔阂的地步,但要足以使你的身份独立于你的父母和兄弟。 /201004/100950上网时,好友发过来一个链接,打开一看是个超级搞笑的视频,于是,你又把这个链接发送给了更多的人。于是网络爆红现象应运而生。而该现象还有个专业术语:Internet meme“网络迷因”。  An Internet meme, is some kind of idea or piece of information that sps very rapidly across a large number of Internet users. It's a bit like the online equivalent of an inside joke, a fashionable, attention-grabbing concept that a large number of Internet users become aware of. A meme often takes the form of a hyperlink, propagated via e-mail, blogs, social networking, instant messaging, etc.  “网络迷因”(又称“网络爆红”)指某个理念或信息迅速在互联网用户间传播的现象。这样的信息有点类似于“圈儿内笑话”,也就是只有大批互联网用户知晓的、最前沿的、引人关注的信息。网络迷因通常以超链接的形式通过电邮、客、社交网站还有即时信息等途径传播。  A meme might be a joke or ation, a rumor or simple fact, an image, piece of , or even a particular website – virtually any titbit that can be passed from one person to another via electronic communication. A key facet of a meme is that it is voluntary, a communication which sps from one place to the next without any kind of compulsion or automation.  网络迷因的内容可以是个笑话、一句引语、传言或某个事实、图像、一段视频、甚至可以是某个网站,基本上只要是能够通过电子通讯技术从一个人传给另一个人的内容都可以成为迷因。网络迷因一个重要的特点是所有的传播过程都是自发的,没有任何强迫或自动发送属性。 /201009/113913Every woman has a different approach to marriage, says Scott Haltzman, MD, a professor at Brown University and the author of several books, including The Secrets of Happily Married Men: Eight Ways to Win Your Wife's Heart Forever. Whether you're more take-charge or easygoing, bossy or nurturing, experts say that you can make a marriage work by recognizing your strengths and weaknesses. Below are the most common wife types. Which are you? 美国布朗大学教授、医学士斯科特 霍斯曼说,每个女人婚姻形式都各不相同。他著有多部作品,其中包括《已婚男士幸福秘诀:八种方法永远赢得妻子的心》。不管你是主控类型的,还是逍遥自在型的,不管你是很专横还是很有教养,认识到自己的优缺点总是会对你的婚姻有好处的。下面介绍几种最常见的妻子类型。看看你是哪一种。The Nurturer哺育者一样的妻子 If he has a need, you meet it. You make him chicken soup when he's sick. You tuck love notes in his bagged lunches and do the dishes most nights because he seems too tired—after all, you reason, his job is more stressful than yours and he needs some down time. "These are women who are driven by a fundamental need to maintain peace," he says. "The only problem is that when women like this crash, they crash hard." 只要他有要求,你就满足。他生病的时候你给他炖鸡汤,在他的午餐便当里塞上爱心纸条,大多数晚饭由你来做,只因为他看上去似乎很累——你有你的理由,因为你觉得毕竟他的工作比你的压力大,所以需要时间休息一会儿。他说:“这种女人总是试图维护平和的生活,唯一的问题就是,一旦这种女人崩溃,她们会崩溃的很严重。” That's how Kathleen Buczko, 46, approached her marriage for many years. The marketing consultant from San Pedro, California, says she tried to be as nurturing as possible to her husband. Only one problem: She became burned out on being the "giver." 46岁的凯瑟琳 布奇科介绍了多年来她处理婚姻的方式。她是加利福尼亚州圣佩德罗的营销顾问,她说在她的婚姻中她对丈夫总是尽量像个哺育者一样。唯一的问题是,作为一个给与者她变得筋疲力尽。 "When my oldest was born, I tried to keep up the fa?ade," she says. "I just expected that my husband would sense my exhaustion and step in. He didn't, so about five weeks after our first son was born I was going back to work, and I cracked." “大儿子出生后,我努力撑。我只希望丈夫能够察觉到我的疲惫,然后帮帮我。但他没有。所以大儿子出生大约五星期后我重新回去上班时突然崩溃了。” Les Parrott, PhD, cofounder of RealRelationships.com and author of Trading Places: The Best Move You'll Ever Make in Your Marriage, says there's nothing wrong with wives who nurture. However, just be sure you do it without sacrificing your own needs. Mild depression, self-pity and negative expressions or outbursts are all warning signs of a nurturer who is on the verge of collapse—and maybe in need of nurturing herself. 赖斯·派瑞士是RealRelationships.com的创办人之一,著有《颠倒乾坤——婚姻中的最佳抉择》,他说做一个哺育者似的妻子并没有什么错,但是,一定要确保这样做不会牺牲掉你自己的需求。轻度抑郁症、自怜、否定表达或情感爆发都预示着培育者正处于崩溃的边缘,或许她们需要哺育一下自己。The Mothering Wife具有母性的妻子 You make his breakfast in the morning, manage his social calendar, remind him to take his medication and lay out his clothes for work each morning (no white socks with slacks!). And why wouldn't you do these things? You love him and you want him to be well taken care of—and to eat his vegetables! 你帮他做早饭,帮他管理社交安排表,提醒他吃药,每天早上把他上班要穿的衣找出来搭配好。为什么不这样做呢,你爱他,希望给他很好的照顾,想办法让他吃蔬菜。 If you have a tendency to mother your husband, you're not alone. According to Haltzman, lots of women do it, and men, for the most part, don't complain. "Men like being taken care of," he says. "It can give him a sense of feeling loved. It can also reduce anxiety about whether his needs are being met. You make his doctor's appointments and you put his medication out for him in the morning, so you don't have to worry about his health." 如果你对自己的丈夫有母性的倾向,那你并不孤单。距霍斯曼说,很多女性都有这种倾向,而大多数男人也乐于接受。他说:“男人喜欢被照顾的感觉。这会让他们有被爱的感觉,并且还能减轻他们因自己的需求是否能够被满足而产生的焦虑。你帮他预约医生,早上把药拿给他,这样就不用担心他的健康了。” But, this wife style can come with some concerns. "You could be fostering a sense of dependency that your husband may end up taking for granted," he warns. "The biggest concern is that it can start to create feelings of resentment. The wife starts to feel like the husband is just another child to take care of, and the husband can start to feel like he isn't respected." And, let's face it, he adds, "No man wants to be married to his mother." 但是这种类型的妻子还要注意一些问题。他警告说:“你可能正在培养丈夫的依赖感,到最后可能他会以为这些都是理所当然的。最大的问题是他还能滋生出不满情绪。妻子会渐渐觉得丈夫就像是自己照顾的另一个孩子,而丈夫会觉得自己没有得到尊重。”而且,还得面对这一事实,他补充说:“没有哪个男人想娶个母亲。” Linda Franklin, author and creator of TheRealCougarWoman.com, says she used to mother her husband. "I think it's pretty common for a woman to transfer that mothering instinct to her significant other," she says. "It took me a long time to understand that you can be compassionate and loving without being smothering and controlling. A mother is a mother, and a wife is a wife, and never should those roles get confused." 作家琳达 富兰克林是TheRealCougarWoman.com的创建者,她说自己总是母亲般的照顾丈夫。“我觉得女性将母性本能转移到自己的另一半身上是相当普遍的情况,我用了很长时间才明白,不用控制或者让人喘不过气来也能给与爱喝同情。母亲就是母亲,妻子就是妻子,角色不该混淆起来。” Though this dynamic can work for some couples, Haltzman says try not to let your inner mother take over, and be on the look out for the warning signs of a troubled relationship. "When you start to feel annoyed about picking out his clothes in the morning or setting out his vitamins for him to take," he says, "it may be time to step back and rethink how you're approaching the relationship. It's better that his clothes don't match and he forgets the vitamins if it makes for a happier dynamic in the relationship." 尽管这种状态可能会对一些夫妻有好处,但霍斯曼说尽量还是不要让内心的母性取代你作为妻子的角色,并要多留意那些表示夫妻间关系出现问题的迹象。他说:“如果你已经厌倦了早上帮他把衣拿出来放好或者拿药给他,那就是时候回头看看你们是怎么变成现在这种关系的了。如果能让你们的关系更加美好,那么即使他的衣不配套或者他忘了吃药也没什么。” /201110/158914Oh, the power of a good night#39;s sleep. A whole gamut of positive benefits can be seen from getting enough rest, but for many of us, hitting the sack can be challenging. There#39;s plenty of advice out there about what to do to get to sleep but what about what not to do? Click through for some of the pre-bedtime activities that could be hurting your chance at getting a good night#39;s sleep.啊,伟大的睡眠!良好的睡眠能带来极大的好处,但对我们有些人来说,睡觉也不是件容易事。关于;做这几件事能让你睡得好;的建议铺天盖地,但有人讲过;睡觉前不要做以下几件事;吗?看这里吧。我们来告诉你睡觉前绝对不能做的几件事。1.Exercise1.锻炼No, you don#39;t get to ditch your yoga mat or running shoes all together. Exercise is a vital activity for your health, and can actually contribute to getting better-quality sleep. The problem, though, is that exercising within three hours of bedtime can raise your body temperature, and make dozing off more difficult. Breaking a sweat, then, is best left for earlier in the day!先别急着把瑜伽垫或跑鞋丢了。锻炼对于健康来将很重要,同时也能帮你获得优质的睡眠。但问题在于,睡前3小时的锻炼能提高你的体温,并让你更加清醒。因此,锻炼这事儿最好放在更早些时候进行。2.Watch TV/Surf the Web2.看电视或上网Studies have shown that pre-slumber screen time can impede your body#39;s ability to fall asleep. The likely culprit? Well, the bright lights of these screens can hinder the development of melatonin, the hormone that promotes sleep. So close that laptop and turn off that TV about an hour before bed.研究表明,睡前盯着屏幕能扰乱身体入睡的过程。罪魁祸首是谁?是这些屏幕发出的亮光。它们能阻断褪黑素的形成,而褪黑素是帮你入睡的激素。所以,睡前一小时最好关掉电脑和电视。3.Take a Hot Shower/Bath3.洗热水澡/泡热水澡Like exercise, hot showers and baths can actually help you fall asleep. The problem, however, comes out of taking one too close to the time you plan on hitting the sack. Being overheated can bring same affects just like late exercises.跟锻炼一样,热水澡能帮你入眠。但是,如果刚洗澡就睡觉,同样会导致睡不好。体温过高带来的影响跟前文提到的锻炼太晚一样。4.Drink Too Many Fluids4.喝太多东西Caffeine, of course, and alcohol both make it difficult to get a good night#39;s rest. But drinking a lot of any liquid within the last hour or two before you go to bed will lead to those ded late night bathroom breaks, and further disrupt your slumber. You shouldn#39;t go to bed thirsty, however, as you#39;ll likely wake up in the middle of the night to get a drink of water. Balance is key here.很显然,咖啡因和酒精饮料都能影响睡眠。但无论是什么,只要在睡前1-2小时喝的太多,都会让你频繁起夜而痛苦不堪,继而影响到睡眠。渴着入睡同样不推崇,因为半夜被渴醒也很不好受啊!平衡这两者是关键。5.Work5.工作Whatever work or school issue it is, it can certainly wait until morning. Getting work done stimulates your brain and can cause you unneeded stress - pretty much the opposite of what you want to feel if you#39;re trying to fall asleep!无论是工作还是学习上的事,都可以推到明天再做。睡前干活会刺激你的大脑,给你添加不必要的压力——而这简直是想成功入睡的大忌!6.Read Engrossing Stories6.阅读有趣的小说Many of us have done this: you#39;re ing a really interesting novel and you tell yourself, ;Oh just one more page!; Suddenly, it#39;s 2AM and you have to be awake in four hours. Yep, ing a really interesting book, essay or novel before bed will make it difficult to get to sleep. Perhaps you can remedy it by finding the most boring thing imaginable to ?!很多人都这么做过:你在读一本很有意思的小说,边读边对自己说:;再读一页!;然后突然间,已经到凌晨两点了,距离起床只有4个小时了!嗯哼,所以,睡前读有趣的书啊、文章啊或者是小说,都会让你更难入睡。补救措施:要不,找本超级无聊的书,睡前读?7.Cuddle With Your Pets7.跟宠物腻在一起As a child, I always wanted to have my beloved pet chihuahua sleep in my (twin) bed. And then came the reality: it#39;s amazing how much space a 6 pound creature can take up, and how grumpy chihuahuas can be when you disturb their slumber. The point is, sleeping with a pet in your bed can seriously disturb your sleep.我从小就想让我的吉娃娃跟我一起睡。接着问题就来了:一个6磅重的家伙,占得空间一点也不小;而且,他们在睡觉的时候,万一被打扰了,脾气会相当暴躁。所以,关键点是:跟宠物一起睡觉的话,受到打扰的可是你。8.Have Serious Conversations8.谈论严肃话题You#39;ve probably heard the phrase, ;don#39;t go to bed angry.; And, as it turns out, it#39;s totally accurate! Research has shown that sleeping directly after a fight or traumatic experience will effectively preserve your emotions until you awake. The human body is adverse to falling asleep in dangerous situations - it#39;s a defense mechanism. Thus, you#39;ll have a much harder time falling asleep after a big blowout. It#39;s best to resolve conflicts before you hit the sack.你可能听到过这样一句话:;不要带着愤怒的情绪上床;。事实明这话对极了!研究表明,如果睡前跟别人吵了一架,或是受了心理创伤,那么这种不良情绪会一直存在,直到你醒来。人体本能地对危险处境产生自我保护,表现方式就是干扰睡眠。所以如果你刚发完脾气,入睡会很困难。最佳的方法是在睡前解决掉所有争端。 /201208/193064

When our daughter was born, we named her Myles, after my beloved late father, despite family warning that the name was too masculine. Years later, when I felt she was old enough to understand, I explained to Myles, Your name is very special. I named you after my own father because I loved him very much. I know he would be proud of you. Myles thought carefully about this and then said, I know all that, Mom. But I don#39;t understand why my grandfather had a girl#39;s name.女儿出生时,我们给她取名叫迈尔斯,和我深爱的业已过世的父亲同一个名字,不过家人提醒这个名字太男性化了。 几年以后,我觉得迈尔斯已经长大,能够懂事了。我对她解释说:你的名字很特别。我给你取了一个和我爸爸一样的名字,因为我非常爱他。我相信他会为你而深感自豪的。 迈尔斯很仔细地想了一下,然后说道:这些我都懂,妈妈。可是我不知道外公为什么会有一个女孩子的名字。词汇点津:my beloved late father 已故的父亲

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