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Create a fire with just an empty soda can? Sure you can! All you have to do is watch this short about creating a fire with just an empty soda can.用空汽水罐就可以取火?当然可以!只要观看这段用空汽水罐取火的视频短片就可以了。Step 1: Importance Of A Controlled Fire1.了解火的重要性Knowing how to create a fire is probably the most important survival technique you can know, whether its to cook food, boil water or signal for help.知道怎样取火或许是最重要的生存技巧,无论是为了煮饭,烧水或发出求救信号。Step 2: Implementation2.付诸行动Heres a way to do it with just a pop can. The bottom of the can is concave and will work just like a lens to focus the suns rays. Use a bit of soft earth and then a cloth to polish the bottom of the can as brightly as possible.以下是用空汽水罐取火的方法。汽水罐的底部是凹的,可以像透镜一样集中阳光。使用一点泥土,一块布,把汽水罐底部尽可能的磨光。Step 3: Soft Dry Wood3.干燥柔软的木头Take your time and focus the light upon a piece of soft dry wood to create a bright glowing red ember on the end of the stick.花费一点时间,将阳光集中在柔软干燥的木柴上,让木柴末端生出一点火苗。Step 4: Add Soft Cloth4.加上软布Use the lining from your coat or a piece of soft cloth to catch the ember. As the ember sps onto the cloth youll want to add more material and continue blowing. Add some dry leaves. And thats how you start a fire with just a pop can and the sun.用衣内衬或一块软布来捕捉火苗。当火苗蔓延到布料上之后,可以添加一点燃料,加一点干树叶。这样,你就用汽水罐和太阳取火成功了。Thanks for watching How To Start A Fire With A Soda Can.感谢收看“怎样用空汽水罐取火”视频节目。201212/216061

How To Practice Positive Thinking on Howcast A few simple attitude adjustments can make you happier and healthier. Here’s how to harness the power of positivity.You Will NeedOptimism Visualization Happy friends Gratitude journal Step 1: Be an optimist(做一个乐观的人)Expect things to work out. Optimists have reason to be cheery: studies have shown optimists are more successful and healthier than pessimists.Step 2: Look at the bright side(多想想事情好的一面)Instead of focusing on the negative, try to find something positive in every negative situation. This will train your brain and help positive thinking come more naturally to you.Step 3: Visualize success(多想想自己的成功)Picture yourself succeeding at challenging events. Visualizing yourself as strong and triumphant primes you to make it happen — which is why athletes have been using this trick for years.The more vivid the imagery, the likelier it will work. So engage all your senses in the fantasy — smell, taste, feel, sounds.Step 4: Catch happiness(抓住每一个幸福的瞬间)Surround yourself with happy people. It’s easier to stay positive when you’re with other cheerful folks — some research indicates happiness is contagious.Step 5: Count your blessings(学会感恩)Write down five things that you’re grateful for every single day. Transplant patients who did this reported more energy and a deeper sense of well-being.Norman Vincent Peale, the author of The Power of Positive Thinking, lived to be 95.201007/108704

Celebrity make-up artist Daniel Sandler shows you how to make your eyes look bigger for maximum sex appeal.名人化妆艺术家Daniel Sandler向你展示如何化妆让你的眼睛看起来更大,更性感。Step 1: Prepare 准备Apply foundation, concealer(粉) and translucent powder(透明眼影粉) over the face to even out the skin tone before starting the look.Step 2: Eyeshadow amp; eyeliner 使用眼影或眼线膏To make your eyes look bigger and brighter, use a cream to powder eyeshadow in a pale, frosty colour and apply over the eyelids. Work a medium grey eyeshadow into the creases of the eye sockets with a soft blending brush, making sure the lid itself is kept lighter. Apply the grey eyeshadow along the lower lash line, winging it out beyond the eyes to make them look bigger. Draw attention to your eyes with a clear sparkly liquid eye liner applied over the top eyelid and into the inner corners of each eye. For extra drama, try a metallic black liquid eyeshadow applied along the upper lash line with an eye liner brush. To make your eyes look whiter, use a white eyeliner pencil to draw a line along the inner rims of the lower eyelids.Step 3: Mascara 使用睫毛膏 Next, curl the eyelashes to really open up the eyes, making sure you get as close to the roots as possible, and emphasise the upper lashes with lots of black mascara, working the wand from root to tip.Step 4: Eyebrows 修剪眉毛Finish the look by brushing clear glitter through your eyebrows to give them a hint of sparkle.Step 5: Extras 使用个性假睫毛If you have time, you can enhance the eyes even more by applying a few individual false eyelashes to the outer corners of the lash line.201111/160327

In one campaign, with General Lees forces threatening Washington,在其中一场战役里,当李将军的部队逼近华盛顿Lincoln responds by telegraphing direct orders to his generals.林肯用电报直接向将军们下令The exposed position of General Banks makes his immediate relief a point of paramount importance.班克斯将军的位置已暴露,因此当务之急是解除他的指挥权You are therefore directed by the President to move against Jackson at Harrisonburg.你现在直接听命于总统立刻移师哈里斯堡迎战杰克逊部This movement must be made immediately.务必立即出发In the course of the war,Lincoln sends almost 1000 telegrams from the small office.整个南北战争期间林肯从这个小办公室发出了约1000份电报But the South never grasps the potential of the telegraph in creating a centralized command and control system.但南方从未意识到电报的这一潜力它可以建立一个集中的指挥和控制系统It means Southern generals like Lee must plan their battles without that kind of strategic overview.这也意味像李这样南方的将军们只能在没有战略全局观的条件下指挥作战As the war continues,Lincoln brings down the hammer of his war machine.随着战争的继续,林肯使出了他那战争机器的致命杀招Industry,Lines of communication and supplies,manpower and firepower, are all marshalled to deliver a blow after blow to the Confederate Army.工业,通讯和供给线路,兵力火力都被调动起来向南方联盟军发动一波接一波的攻击 But the South,bolstered by the belief in the rightness of its cause doggedly refuses to give in.然而南方坚信他们是在为正义而战, 仍旧负隅顽抗拒绝投降As a result, the death toll just keeps rising.因此,死亡人数不断攀升At Antietam in 1862, 6,000 are killed,17,000 wounded.1862年安提耶坦一役中6000士兵阵亡, 17000士兵负伤Over four times as many as during world War IIs D-Day landings.是二战时诺曼底登陆死伤人数的四倍The carnage will trigger a revolution in battlefield medicine.巨大的伤亡催生了一场战地医疗的革命3/4 of all operations conducted by army surgeons during the Civil War are amputations.内战时期军队外科医生实施的手术四分之三均为截肢Letters from surgeon William Watson record what these battlefield ERs were like.外科医生威廉·沃森所写的信里记录了当时战场上急诊医师的工作状况Day before yesterday I performed 14 amputations without leaving the table.前天,我一共进行了14个截肢手术一刻也没有离开手术台 I do not exaggerate when I say我可以毫不夸张地说I have performed at the least calculation, 50 amputations.算起来我起码做了50台截肢手术There are so many severely wounded to the joints.很多士兵的关节受了重伤There are so many operations yet to be performed.还有很多手术要做Surgeon Theodore Dimon describes the hideous wounds left by weapons like the Minie ball.外科医生西奥多·戴蒙描述了由迷你弹这类武器所造成的可怕伤口 /201211/207392


TEXT:This is how wars start. Come on, lets have it! Private Hugh Montgomery is hit with a club. An African-American, Crispus Attucks, dies instantly. Everybody, run! When the smoke clears, four more are dead. How Boston reacts will change the course of history. Silversmith and political radical Paul Revere captures the moment British soldiers kill five colonists in the streets of Boston.His engraving will fuel the fires of revolution as outrage sps across the 13 colonies. Unhappy Boston see thy sons deplore, thy hallowed walks besmeared with guiltless gore, whilst faithless Preston and his savage bands, with murderous rancor, stretch their bloody hands. The most formidable army in the world firing on an un armed crowd. An explosive image with a title that says it all: ;The Bloody Massacre.; There was the old joke, ;You give me a picture, Ill give you a war.; Those who wanted to stir things up and to make a statement and maybe even lead a revolution, it made them able to rally others to their side.News sps fast. The colonists are avid ers, a legacy from the first Bible-ing Puritans in Plymouth. Boston has the first weekly newspaper. There are now more than 40 papers across the colonies. And the new postmaster general, Benjamin Franklin has introduced a revolutionary postal-delivery system. Night riders cut the delivery time in half. The communications network connecting the colonies is one of the best in the world. And the British have no idea.They hope the news can be contained. Before news reaches England, most of America knows about the Boston Massacre. Its a very American spirit of an idea, this idea that everybody should have access to knowledge. Its very much like that pioneering idea, e verybody should be able to make their way in the world. A printer in Connecticut can the exact same story as a farmer in North Carolina. December 1773. ;The Boston Gazette; breaks another story, that will fan the flames of rebellion. 译文:战斗是这样开始的。士兵休·蒙哥马利被打了一棒,非裔美国人克里斯珀斯·阿塔克斯当场死亡。硝烟散尽时,又死了四个人。波士顿如何回应将改变历史的发展进程。 既是银匠又是政治激进分子的保罗·里维尔,雕出了英国士兵在波士顿街头杀死五个殖民地人的画面,他的雕刻将加速革命的爆发,愤怒之火迅速在13个殖民地之间蔓延开来。波城愤怒子民叹圣街竟遭血污玷,贼子帮凶多残忍,恶爪锋利乱伤人。世界上最强大的军队对着一群手无寸铁的人疯狂扫射,这幅震惊世人的画有个一目了然的标题--波士顿惨案。 迈克尔·R·彭[纽约市市长]:“有一个古老的笑话,给我一幅画,我还你一场战争。那些想挑起事端,表明立场甚至可能领导革命的人,通过这样能团结很多人站在他们那一边。消息迅速传播开了,移民们都是热心的读者,源自最初普利茅斯清教徒读圣经的传统。 波士顿有美国的第一份周刊,当时此地已经有了40多家报刊机构,加上新的邮政署署长--本杰明·富兰克林。已经建立起了一个革命性的邮政递送系统,连夜递送可以节省一半的时间,将各个殖民地联系到一起的联系网,是当时世界上最好的,英国当局对此一无所知,他们希望这个消息能够被压下来。在消息传到英国之前,绝大多数的美国人都已经知道了波士顿惨案。 吉米·威尔士[维基百科创始人之一]:“这充分体现了一种美国精神,那就是每个人都有权利去获取真相。这很像那个开创性的想法,即每一个人应该能够开创属于自己的路。无论是康涅狄格的印刷工人还是北卡罗来纳的农民都能读到同样的消息。1773年12月,《波士顿公报》曝出了另一件事,这将助长叛乱的火焰愤怒和不满的情绪日益高涨。《美国简史》系本纪录片历史背景背景知识:波士顿倾茶事件(上)《印花税法》废除后,英国政府与殖民地的和谐关系暂时恢复,但英国并没有利用这一时机实时调整其殖民政策,也没采取其他容易为殖民地居民所接受的方式筹集经费。他们只是高高在上,认为英国议会能代表整个大英帝国,有权拘束每一块土地和其领土上的每一个臣民。双方的利益矛盾并没能缓解多少,新一轮的冲突与擦再次发生。  (一)《唐森德税法》与;波士顿惨案;  1767年1月,英国议会在财政大臣查尔斯·唐森德的建议下,通过了一个新的税收法案,这个法案以建议者的名字命名为《唐森德税法》,法案规定:;英国的土地税由20%减至15%,由此产生的40万英镑差额,需要从殖民地所征的税收中得到部分弥补。;法案规定对从英国输入北美殖民地的颜料、铅、玻璃、茶叶、纸张等征收进口税;在波士顿设立海关税务司总署;税收人员可以到船舱、私人住宅、店铺、货栈搜查违禁品。  和《印花税法》一样,《唐森德税法》再次遭到殖民地居民的强烈反对,波士顿地区出现了激烈的抗议示威活动。1767年9月,波士顿城镇会议通过决议,号召殖民地人民不进口、不消费英国货,自己生产衣、家具、车辆、钟表和其他消费品,以摆脱英国的控制。图:波士顿惨案  在轰轰烈烈的抵制英货运动中,英国经济再次遭到重大打击。波士顿和费城的进口货物量减少了一半,纽约的进口货减少了83%。殖民地人民用手工纺织的土布代替英国的纺织品,用深红色的叶子泡茶叶,以殖民地自制的纸张代替英国的纸张,房屋不刷英国进口的油漆,时髦的花边也不见了,家庭产品成了自立光荣的标志。  为压制北美殖民地此起彼伏的抗议活动,英国向殖民地地区派遣了大量的军队。英军当时有两个团的兵力驻扎波士顿以防止走私,他们日夜在城里巡逻,但由于军纪不严,严重滋扰当地居民的日常生活。英国部队还允许士兵业余打工挣钱,结果使不少城市工人失业,英国士兵与城市居民的关系日益恶化。  1770年3月5日,驻扎在波士顿的英军以保护执行关税条例的英国官员为由,向进行抗议的一群当地民众开,结果打死四人,伤六人,这就是美国历史上著名的;波士顿惨案;。惨案的发生再次激起了人民反英情绪的高涨,约5万人参加了葬礼游行。在群众的压力下,总督下令从波士顿撤军,杀群众的士兵受到审讯。发生波士顿惨案的同一天,英国政府为缓和抵制英货的经济压力,废除了《唐森德税法》规定的关税,但保留对茶叶征收进口税,以维护英国议会有权向殖民地征税的原则。为反抗英国殖民者的高压统治,在当地绅士塞缪尔·亚当斯(Samuel Adams)的领导下,波士顿市镇会议的选民成立了第一个通讯委员会。通讯委员会的主要任务是通过信函传递,扩大宣传和互通情报,在马萨诸塞民众中间统一反英活动。3个月内,马萨诸塞很快就成立了80个通讯委员会,新英格兰的其他殖民地也加入了这一运动。最后,除宾夕法尼亚和北卡罗莱纳外,各殖民地至少有一个通讯委员会。到1773年,所有通讯委员会建立了联系。通讯委员会推动独立斗争统一行动,为第一届大陆会议的召开作了组织上的准备。(精下期继续...)

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