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April Fools' Day is a day to play jokes on others, No one knows how this holiday began but people think it first started in France. 愚人节是大家互相开玩笑,用假话捉弄对方节日。没人知道这个节日时怎么开始的,但是很多人认为是起源于法国。In the 16 th century, people celebrated New Year's Day from March 25 to April 1. In the mid—1560s King Charles IX changed it from March 25 to January 1. But some people still celebrated in on April 1, so others called them April Fools. 16世纪,人们庆祝新年是从3月25日到4月1日,到了16世纪中期,查理四世国王把新年改为每年的1月1日到3月25日。可是一些因循守旧的人反对这种革新,依然按照旧历固执地在4月1日这一天送礼品,庆祝新年。主张改革的人对这些守旧者的做法大加嘲弄。 Each country celebrates April Fools' Day differently. In France, people call the April Fools “April Fish”. They tape a paper fish to their friends' backs to fool them. When he or she finds this , they shout “April Fish!” 每个国家庆祝愚人节的方式都不相同。在法国,被愚弄的人成为“上钩的鱼”。人们把用纸剪裁成的鱼贴在朋友的背后,当朋友们发现时,人们就大喊:“上钩的鱼”。In England, people play jokes only in the morning. You are a “noodle” if someone fools you. In Scotland, April Fools' Day is 48 hours long. They call an April Fool “April Gowk”. Gowk is another name for a cuckoo bird. 在英国,愚人节时,大家只是在早上互相开玩笑。如果你被愚弄了,你就会被成为“面条”。在苏格兰,愚人节会持续48个小时,被愚弄的人被称为“四月布谷鸟”。In the America, people play small jokes on their friends and any other people on the first of April. They may point down to your shoe and say, “Your shoelace is untied.” If you believe them and look down to see, you are an April Fool then.在美国,4月1日,大家互相开玩笑,用假话捉弄对方。他们会指着你的鞋子说:“鞋带开了”,如果你真的相信了,向下看自己的鞋子,你就成了四月傻瓜。 /201103/129894。

  • Plan ahead. As much as you hate working on the weekends, doing just a little planning ahead of time can make your Mondays much better. This can be as simple as getting a full night’s sleep (instead of staying up late on Sunday) or packing your lunch the night before. One of my personal favorites, though, is taking five minutes during the weekend to “pre-prioritize” your Monday. Grab a notepad or planner and jot down the first three tasks you need to complete Monday morning. Then stick to them. 早计划 尽管你不喜欢周末工作,但是在周末抽出一点时间提前计划一下会对你有很大的好处。周日不要熬夜或者提前准备好周一的午餐。个人建议在周末抽出五分钟时间,找个笔记本写下你需要在周一早晨优先做的三件事,并坚持做到。 /201004/102062。
  • To one who has just sneezed, people generally say, “God bless you.” In many European countries, sneezing is traditionally associated with death. Americans believe that one is very close to death when one sneezes, because sneezing can drive the soul from the head, or the life from the body. So to the sneezer they say, “God bless you”, as a charm against the danger of the moment. But some people have given more sensible explanations for the custom. They say it was St.Gregory who first said, “God bless you”, after others sneezed, because in his time there was a deadly disease, and sneezing was a sign that the sneezer might have caught the disease. Aristotle mentions a similar custom among the Greeks. One Greek writer tells us that sneezing was an important symptom of a disease that sp in Athens.打喷嚏对刚打过喷嚏的人,人们通常说:“上帝保佑你。“在欧美,打喷嚏意味着死到临头,因为过去有人以为打喷嚏会把灵魂从脑袋里打出去,或者把生命从身体里打出去。于是人们祝福一下,以化解危险。但还有一些解释似乎更合理。有人说是教皇圣格列高利最先说这句祝福话的,他在世时正流行一种致命的疾病,打喷嚏是一个症状。亚里士多德也在著作中提到,希腊人就有向打喷嚏的人祝福的习俗。另一位古希腊作家写道,雅典流行的一种疾病的重要症状就是打喷嚏。 /200906/74388。
  • Recession harms fertilityMen's testosterone levels could be harmed by stress caused by the global economic downturn, according to a British doctor.Chronic stress caused by redundancy, financial worries or working longer hours could make levels of the hormone drop, says Richard Petty, the medical director of a top London men's health clinic.Testosterone, the hormone produced by the testicles, triggers the development of male sexual characteristics. It is linked to sexual function, circulation and muscle mass, as well as concentration, mood and memory."When a man becomes grumpy or irritable, it's easy to blame work or simply the effects of aging," says Petty."In the short-term, stress can increase levels of testosterone and this is useful in helping people respond quickly to pressures and new situations."But chronic stress, which is ongoing, is a major factor in the decline of testosterone."Chronic stress occurs all too frequently due to our modern lifestyles, when everything from high-pressured jobs to unemployment keeps the body in a state of perceived threat."Petty advises men to reduce their stress levels as much as possible by resting, eating healthily and exercising. /200902/63331。
  • This contest made people really work for the big prize - but the chance to get VIP tickets to the MTV Europe Music Awards and to possibly announce the winner of a major category on stage during the show motivated more than 3,500 people to apply. Sony Ericsson picked 100 lucky winners (based on their personal submissions) who made the journey from London to Liverpool over a 9 day period for the first ever "Fan Walk." Sony Ericsson was a sponsor of the awards which made it possible to not only to get the tickets but to secure the opportunity for one big music fan to announce the winner of the "best star" category while millions of people across the continent were watching.This campaign works on multiple fronts. First of all, Sony Ericsson was able to secure a major incentive to get people excited and to enter - that being the chance to announce an award winner at the show. Next, there is a natural product tie-in for Sony Ericsson - having people listen to music via their Walkman phone as well as map their route via the phone, take photos, capture s, text friends and more. All of this content is on the campaign website, provided a showcase of great stories by music fans who are now even more bonded with Sony Ericsson than before. The campaign also worked across multiple countries and brought together winners for all over Europe, so building even more local and regional buzz about the campaign.This campaign is a great example of never letting a "we could never do that" comment in a brainstorm stop you from thinking. And it also shows the power or creating experiences for people to get to know and love your brand, who will in turn tell everyone about thier unique involvement and build a brands reputation through positive word-of-mouth. Well done on all fronts! 这个比赛真正使人们投入到了大奖的争夺中——为了得到MTV欧洲音乐节的VIP票以及可能在面对超过3500名的观众的舞台上宣布主要奖项获得者的机会。索爱从所有的申请者中挑选了100名幸运的赢家,他们将参与到为期9天的从伦敦到利物浦的第一次“歌迷大暴走”行程中。作为该奖赞助商的索爱不仅能得到门票,而且还能决定一位超级歌迷可以在成千上万的观众前宣布谁将获得“最佳影视歌星”奖。这个比赛能够顺利执行有多方面的原因。首先,索爱能够抓住一个使人非常兴奋并被吸引参与其中的诱饵——在演出时为获奖歌手颁奖的机会。其次,该活动与索爱产品属性相契合——人们可以使用它的音乐手机来听音乐、搜索路线、拍照、拍摄视频、与朋友短信聊天等等。所有的内容都放在活动网站上,它还提供了一个展示平台供歌迷们记录不同寻常的故事,用户的使用黏度比之前更高了。这个活动也在其它多个国家进行,并集合欧洲各地的获奖者,所以该活动建立了更多具有地域性的信息。这个比赛是一个很好的例子,永远不要让“我们不可能做到”那种一瞬间的想法使你停止思考。这也显示了创造体验来使人们了解并热爱你的品牌的能量,他们转而会告诉每个人他们独特的体验,从而使品牌美誉通过口碑传播来得以实现。 /200901/60859。
  • 1. 付帐(cash):右手拇指、的食指和中指在空中捏在一起或在另一只手上作出写字的样子,这是表示在饭馆要付帐的手势。   2. “动脑筋”(use your brain)“机敏一点”(being clever):用手指点点自己的太阳穴。   3. “傻瓜”(fool):用拇指按住鼻尖摇动其四指,或十指分开。也常常食指对着太阳穴转动,同时吐出舌头,则表示所谈到的人是个“痴呆”“傻瓜”。   4. “讲的不是真话”(lying):讲话时,无意识地将一食指放在鼻子下面或鼻子边时,表示另人一定会理解为讲话人“讲的不是真话”难以置信。   5. 自以为是(complacent assertion);用食指往上鼻子,还可表示“不可一世”(overbearing)。   6. “别作声”(stopping-talking):嘴唇合扰,将食指贴着嘴唇,同时发出“hush”嘘嘘声。   7. “侮辱和蔑视”(insulting and scorning);用拇指顶住鼻尖儿,冲着被侮辱者摇动其它四指的鸡冠或手势。   8. “赞同”(agreement):向上翘起拇指。   9. “祝贺”(congratulation):双手在身前嘴部高度相搓的动作。   10. “威胁”(menace):由于生气,挥动一只拳头的动作似乎无处不有。因受挫折而双手握着拳使劲摇动的动作。   11. “绝对不行”(absolutely not):掌心向外,两只手臂在胸前交叉,然后再张开至相距一米左右。   12. “完了”(that's all):两臂在腰部交叉,然后再向下,向身体两侧伸出。   13. “害羞”(shame):双臂伸直,向下交叉,两掌反握,同时脸转向一侧。   14. “打招呼”(greeting):英语国家人在路上打招呼,常常要拿帽子表示致意。现一般已化为抬一下帽子,甚至只是摸一下帽沿。   15. “高兴激动”(happiness and excitement):双手握拳向上举起,前后频频用力摇动。   16. “愤怒、急燥”(anger and anxiousness):两手臂在身体两侧张开,双手握拳,怒目而视。也常常头一扬,嘴里咂咂有声,同时还可能眨眨眼睛或者眼珠向上和向一侧转动,也表示愤怒、厌烦、急燥。   17. “怜悯、同情”(pity):头摇来摇去,同里嘴里发出咂咂之声,嘴里还说“that’s too bad.”或“sorry to hear it.”   18. “太古怪了”(too queer):在太阳穴处用食指划一圆圈。 /200904/68263。
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