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My September 11th started on September 10th, Frank Hussey said.我的9#8226;11是从9月10日开始的,弗兰克#8226;赫西(Frank Hussey)说。It has yet to end.而且现在都还没结束。Mr. Hussey, who just turned 55, is one of the Tishman Construction superintendents guiding 3 World Trade Center 1,079 feet skyward. 刚过完55岁生日的赫西是铁狮门建筑公司(Tishman Construction)的一名监理,正在指导1079英尺(约合330米)高的世界贸易中心3号楼(3 World Trade Center)的修建工作。Before that, he was at 4 World Trade Center. Before that, at 1 World Trade Center. Before that, at 7 World Trade Center. Before that, he worked on emergency repairs to the Bank of New York’s data center, which was damaged on Sept. 11, 2001.在这之前是在世界贸易中心4号楼,再之前是世界贸易中心1号楼、世界贸易中心7号楼。再往前,他在纽约(Bank of New York)的数据中心进行紧急抢修。该中心在2001年9月11日遭到破坏。Mr. Hussey has, in other words, devoted 15 years of his life to rebuilding the trade center.换句话说,赫西已经把生命中的15年奉献给了世贸中心的重建。But he dates his personal involvement to the night before the attack, when he was overseeing the installation of two communication masts atop an ATamp;T building less than a mile north of the trade center. 不过他认为,自己和9#8226;11的联系始于袭击前的那个晚上。当时,他正在世界贸易中心以北不到一英里的地方,指导将两根通信天线杆安装在美国电话电报公司(ATamp;T)的一栋大楼的顶上。The next morning, he was up on the rooftop to ensure the masts had been placed securely.第二天早上,为了确保天线杆安放得牢固,他上到了屋顶。The first plane came directly over us, Mr. Hussey recalled. 第一架飞机径直从我们头顶飞过,赫西回忆。We heard the rumble. 我们听到了轰鸣声。We were watching the belly of this plane in awe. 我们惊奇万分地看着飞机的腹部。Someone said, ‘This guy’s flying too low.’有人说,‘这家伙飞得太低了。’He could not have known at that moment that the hijackers in control of American Airlines Flight 11 were precisely on course, heading for the north tower. 那一刻他不可能知道,这正是控制着美国航空11航班的劫机者选择的航线。飞机直奔北楼而去。He and the ironworkers around him could only watch stupefied as the Boeing 767 hit the building. 那架波音767撞击大楼时,他和周围的钢筋工只是惊愕地看着。Mr. Hussey still shivers visibly as he remembers the sight of people falling from and jumping off the tower’s upper reaches.在回忆起众人从那栋楼的高层坠落和跳下的一幕时,仍能明显看到赫西的身体在颤抖。That day resonates, he said this week.那一天的声音依然在回响,他在本周说。Mr. Hussey, who lives in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn, said it took a year or two before he could watch planes over Kennedy International Airport, not far away, without slowing his car reflexively.住在布鲁克林弗拉特布什地区的赫西说,过了一两年,他在看到飞机在不远处的肯尼迪国际机场上空飞过时,才不会条件反射似地放慢车速。September 2001 was a low point in his life generally, when he was a divorced father bringing up two girls, 11 and 13. 总的来说,2001年9月是他人生的低谷。作为一个离异的父亲,他带着两个女儿,一个11岁,一个13岁。There were a lot of whys at the time, Mr. Hussey said. 当时心里有很多个为什么,赫西说。It was as if you were in an abyss. 像是陷入了深渊一样。His Christian faith helped him through, he said. 他说,基督教信仰帮助他渡过了难关。He wears a crucifix pendant and a New York Mets ring.他现在戴着一个耶稣十字架受难像坠饰和一枚纽约大都会棒球队(New York Mets)的戒指。Mr. Hussey is now among the longest-running members in the cast of thousands responsible for the astonishing re-creation of the World Trade Center.在成千上万名负责让世界贸易中心重新惊艳亮相的人员名单中,赫西现在是务时间最长的人之一。He was born Aug. 16, 1961, in St. Thomas Parish, in southeastern Jamaica, the first of 13 children of Patricia and Donald Hussey. 1961年8月16日,他出生于牙买加东南部的圣托马斯教区,是帕特里夏(Patricia)和唐纳德#8226;赫西(Donald Hussey)夫妇13个孩子里的老大。When he was a boy, his father, who moved to New York to look for work and set the stage for his family’s arrival, spotted a help-wanted advertisement for a chauffeur.在弗兰克小的时候,他的父亲先去了纽约,在那里找工作,为全家人的到来做准备。父亲看到了一个招聘司机的广告。The position, it turned out, was to be the personal driver for John L. 结果,这个职位是给约翰#8226;L#8226;蒂什曼(John L. Tishman)当私人司机。Tishman, then a senior vice president of the Tishman Realty and Construction Company.后者当时是铁狮门房地产与建设公司(Tishman Realty and Construction Company)的高级副总裁。Dad grew from being John Tishman’s chauffeur to clerical work and helping him with personal business, Mr.Hussey said. 爸爸一开始给约翰#8226;蒂什曼当司机,后来从事行政工作,为他处理个人事务,赫西说。They became more than ‘Driving Miss Daisy.’ They were family.他们的关系比电影《为黛西开车》(Driving Miss Daisy)里的两位主人公还要密切。就像是一家人。Though he had a summer job at Tishman, the younger Mr. Hussey planned on becoming a New York City police officer after graduating from high school. 尽管暑期时候曾在铁狮门打过工,但弗兰克#8226;赫西原先的计划是在高中毕业后在纽约当一名警察。That is until Mr. Tishman, who by then was in charge of the construction side of the family business, asked him one day, How would you like to work for me?蒂什曼当时负责家族生意中的建筑业务。直到蒂什曼有一天问他,你愿意来给我工作吗?他才改变了注意。Mr. Hussey worked at Tishman headquarters, 666 Fifth Avenue, coordinating and updating construction plans. 赫西在位于纽约大道666号的铁狮门总部工作,协调和更新施工计划。He moved into the field as a plan coordinator, then became a punch-list superintendent, buttoning up the unfinished details on projects, and then became a superintendent.他以施工协调人的身份进入这个领域,接着成为工程核验主管,解决项目中一些未完成的细节问题。之后,又成为一名主管。Tishman, now a subsidiary of Aecom, has served as the construction manager at 3, 4 and 7 World Trade Center for Silverstein Properties, and at 1 World Trade Center, which was begun by Silverstein but completed by the Durst Organization.铁狮门现为Aecom的子公司,负责世贸中心1、3、4和7号大楼的施工。其中,后面3栋楼是兆华斯坦地产公司(Silverstein Properties)开发的项目,1号楼最初是兆华斯坦的项目,但后来由德斯特集团(Durst Organization)完成。One of Mr. Hussey’s favorite moments during the reconstruction was the discovery in 2008 of a 40-foot geological depression where the foundations of 4 World Trade Center were supposed to go. 在世贸大楼重建期间,赫西个人印象最深的时刻之一是在2008年发现一个40英尺(约合12米)深的地质凹陷,那原本是世贸中心4号大楼的地基所在的地方。It had been carved out about 20,000 years earlier by a retreating glacier that deposited thousands of beach-smooth cobblestones around the hole, like a hen laying eggs, Mr. Hussey said.这个坑是在大约2万年前由一座消退的冰川留下的,周围沉积着数以千计的光滑鹅卵石,看起来就像一只母鸡在下蛋,赫西说。He has about a dozen of those eggs at home, including one that looks like a stitched baseball.他的家里留着十几个这样的蛋,其中一个看起来像缝线棒球。Mr. Hussey’s experience as a coordinator prepared him for his current role, overseeing logistics at 3 World Trade Center: the delivery of building supplies to the tower, the distribution of materials to the work floors and the even deployment of hoists — a frequent choke point in high-rise construction.因为之前做协调人的经历,他得以胜任目前主管世贸中心3号大楼后勤事务的角色:将建筑材料运至大楼工地,分发材料到不同的施工楼层,甚至还要部署起重机——这在高层建筑的建设中往往是个瓶颈。On Wednesday, Mr. Hussey had to ride herd on the arrival of 300 cubic yards of concrete, nine truckloads of steel and five trailers’ worth of exterior glass curtain wall, all of it in the swirl of traffic and pedestrians around Church and Cortlandt Streets. 周三,赫西要负责监督运到工地的300立方码(合229立方米)混凝土、9卡车钢材和5拖车外层玻璃幕墙,所有这些都要穿过教堂街和寇兰街一带川流不息的车辆和行人。Lean and sure-footed as he made his way through the work floors, Mr. Hussey greeted workers warmly. He never failed to thank the hoist operators.身形瘦削的赫西脚步沉稳地在工地里穿行,亲切地向工人们打招呼。他从来不会忘记感谢起重机驾驶员。I don’t have to bark, he said. 我不需要吼叫,他说。I’m a gentle lion. 我是一头温和的狮子。But I’ve still got the bite.但也不是没有一点锋芒。Humility is a big part of my lesson here, Mr. 谦逊是我在这里学到的重要一课,赫西说。Hussey said, as he looked over the complex from a perch on the 61st floor. 他从61楼的一个落脚处向外眺望这个建筑群。It’s the biggest thing I would leave the trade center with.那会是我给世贸中心留下的最重要的东西。But he hopes he doesn’t have to leave just yet. 但他希望自己还不用那么快离开。There is still 2 World Trade Center to build.世贸中心2号大楼尚需建设。 /201609/464714CHENNAI: Road infrastructure in the city could soon benefit from Chinese expertise. A six-member delegation from the southwest province of Chongqing on Friday met corporation officials at Ripon Buildings, offering help in urban planning and road projects.金奈的公路基础设施也许能受惠于中国的技术。周五,来自重庆的6人代表团,会见了里彭建筑公司的管理人员,就城市规划和公路项目方面提供帮助。The meeting, faciliated by a translator, comes a year after Prime Minister Narendra Modi signed an agreement, in the presence of mayor Saidai S Duraisamy, for a Chennai and Chongqing sister-city relationship.而这次碰面,距离莫迪总理为金奈和重庆建立姊城市关系而签署协议过去了一年,当时金奈市长也在现场。The two cities are governed by vastly different political systems, but urban planners believe the tie-up could still be fruitful. “The Chinese are known for high quality roads and our engineers must learn that technology,” said former urban engineering professor K P Subramanian.两个城市的政治制度是完全不同的,然而城市规划者认为这一合作仍然是富有成果的。“中国人修公路的质量是好到出名的,我们的工程师可以学习技术。”前城市工程教授Subramanian说。“China was known for cycle traffic but that has shrunk now and they can learn from our non-motorised transport policy. This type of networking is good for the city,” he added.“中国以环形交通而闻名,不过现在已经收缩了,他们可以学习我们的非机动交通政策。这种类型的网络对城市是有利的。” Bilateral ties have been growing sturdier with China’s proposal to set up a consulate in the city. Apart from the Chennai metro rail project, China was also collaborating on developing a high speed rail link between Delhi and Chennai and on increasing speed of the Chennai-Mysuru rail line.随着中国提议在金奈设立一座领事馆,双边关系也越来越牢固。除了金奈地铁项目,中国也在与印度合作修建一条连接德里至金奈的高铁,以及对金奈至迈索尔的铁路进行提速。 Hyderabad and Aurangabad are sister cities of Qingdao and Dunhuang, while Karnataka has provincial relations with the government of Sichuan through a sister-state pact. 海德拉巴和奥兰加巴德,分别是青岛和敦煌的姊城市,而卡纳塔克邦和四川省建立了省级姊关系。The sister city movement has grown in leaps and bounds from the time it was founded in 1956 by ed States president Dwight D Eisenhower during a White House conference to enhance city-to-city relationships culturally and commercially.自从美国总统艾森豪威尔于1956年在一次白宫会议上首次创立以来,姊城市关系运动取得了跳跃式发展。姊城市关系旨在加强城市之间在文化和商业上的关系。. /201607/453858

Increasing numbers of children have begun using the Internet before they reach age 10, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) announced on Friday in its latest report.中国互联网络信息中心(CNNIC)周五发布的最新报告显示,10岁以下的;低龄网民;群体占比正在提升。Besides, more adults over 40 years of age have joined the legion of those online in China, aly the country with the largest number of Internet users in the world. Yet those aged between 10 and 39 still comprise 75.1 percent of the overall number, CNNIC said.除此之外,40岁以上的成人使用互联网的比例也有所升高。而中国已经成为全世界互联网网民人数最多的国家。但是中国互联网络信息中心表示,10-39岁人群仍是我国网民的主力,占整体的75.1%。The gender ratio was 53.6 percent male and 46.4 percent female last year, the report added.该报告补充说明道,从性别上看,2015年,我国网民男女比例为53.6:46.4。Moderately educated netizens are the largest group of Internet users, but more people with lower education levels have started to surf the net, growing by 2.6 percent last year compared to 2014.学历结构方面,网民中具备中等教育程度的群体规模最大,但是与2014年底相比,小学及以下学历人群占比提升了2.6个百分点,越来越多低学历水平的人群已经开始使用互联网。About 25.2 percent of China#39;s middle school students tend to use the Internet, followed by freelance and office staff, which account for 22.1 percent and 15.2 percent respectively, the report stated.该报告还指出,网民中学生群体的占比最高,为25.2%,其次为自由职业者,比例为22.1%,企业职员占比达到15.2%。Netizens with a monthly pay between 2,001 to 3,000 yuan and 3,001 to 5,000 yuan are also a high proportion of Internet users, accounting for 18.4 percent and 23.4 percent respectively.收入结构中,网民中月收入在2001-3000、3001-5000元的群体占比较高,分别为18.4%和23.4%。The number of people using the Internet in China rose to 688 million by the end of last year, a 2.4 percent increase from 2014, some 50.3 percent of the total population, it was noted.截至去年为止,中国使用互联网的人数已经达到6亿8800万人,与2014年相比同比增长了2.4%。这一数字也达到了我国总人口的50.3%。 /201601/424721

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