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池州市东至人民医院是什么医院池州九华医院治疗不孕不育Stopping acting like a baby! Pull yourself together!别耍孩子气了,振作起来。Pull oneself together 常用在口语中,意思就是重新振作起来,镇静下来。 /201210/205658池州男科哪里最好 Todd: OK, Yoko we were just at a festival.洋子,我们现在正在过节。Yoko: Yeah!是的!Todd: Do you want to talk about festivals in Japan?你能说说日本的节日吗?Yoko: Yes, OK. So, I think in Fall we have lots of kind of festivals, but it depends on the places.好的。秋天我们有许多不同的节日,但这要看你所在的地点。Todd: What are some things that most festivals have, like, what can you see if you go to a Japanese festival?日本节日中最常见的是什么,也就是说,我们欢度日本节日时都能看到什么?Yoko: Omikoshi.御神兴。Todd: Omikoshi.御神兴。Yoko: Yes. Do you know the word?是的,你知道这个词吗?Todd: I think so. What is Omikoshi?我知道,但什么是御神兴?Yoko: Ah, its really difficult for me to explain in English, but Omokishi looks like a bigbox, lots of people, adult people try to carry together, and they usually go to temples, and they kind of celebrate a harvest or our happiness or those kind of things对我来说很难用英语解释,但御神兴看上去就像个大轿子,许多成年人一起抬着它,他们抬着御神兴到寺庙庆祝丰收,喜事或是这类吉庆的事。Todd: OK. Do you ever carry the Omikoshi?你抬过御神兴吗?Yoko: Ah, you know, Im not a strong guy so, Ive never tried it.你知道,我不是很强壮,从来没抬过。Todd: OK. What about foods? What kind of foods do people like to eat?好的。那么食物方面呢,过节大家都吃什么?Yoko: We can see lots of small shops along the street and we can buy really Japanese food, like watagashi, its a really sweet candy but it looks like, how do you say that?我们在街边小店能买到各种地道日本食物,例如watagashi,它是很甜的糖果,但它看上去就像……你是怎么形容的?Todd: I dont know.我不知道。Yoko: I dont know. I dont know either. White small stuff.我也不知道……白色的小块糖果。Todd: White small stuff.白色的小块糖果。Yoko: Yeah. Sorry. You should see it. So its watagashi or watame. Its really popular food in matsuri, and we can see okonomiyaki. Yeah, its, somepeople say Japanese pancake, or something, but tastes different. Its not sweet.是的。抱歉,你真该看看,watagashi和watame,是过节最受欢迎的食物了。我们还能看到杂样煎菜饼。是的,有些人管它叫日本烧饼什么的,吃起来味道很特别。它不甜。Todd: Its not sweet.不甜。Yoko: Its not sweet. So vegetables, meat, and some sauce.不甜,里面有蔬菜,肉,酱料。Todd: Oh, wow! Sounds good.哇!听上去不错。Yoko: Yeah, I think so too. You should try it.是的,我认为很好吃,你真该尝尝。注:译文属原创,,。 /201302/225329Waking up and staying up起床和熬夜Some people find going to sleep a challenge.一些人发现睡觉是一种挑战。But many people find getting up and staying a little and wake a big challenge.但是许多人发现,起床和熬一小会儿夜之后醒来才是很大的挑战。I’m not a naturally morning person.我不是一个自然的早起的人。However years of training make me get up early possible.然而多年的训练让我早起成为可能。But I can’t sleep in, it’s impossible.但我不会晚一点起床,这是不可能的。I have three alarms just in case I am attend to get a little more sight我有三个闹钟以防我会迟到,Of course, it’s also hard for me to sleep in during the morning.当然,我在早上也很难入睡。Because my children, when they wake up,to get y for school.一切皆因我的孩子们,当他们醒来,要做去学校的准备。They often make so much noise that eaten possible for me to get more sleep.他们常常吃饭的时候发出很大的噪声,让我很难再有更多的睡眠。I wants I’m up.I don’t feel I’m a wake.我想自己已经起床。但我不觉得我醒了。I mean my body is moving around but my brain doesn’t seem to be working yet ,我的意思是,我的身体在移动,但我的大脑似乎没有工作,it’s like my brain still asleep and I’m just going through the motions.这就像我的大脑还在睡觉,我只是做些动作而已。Some people hate this time before they actually get out bed.有些人讨厌这个他们其实离开床的时间。Many people try to get some coffee into their system as they can.许多人试图饮用一些咖啡来让咖啡因进入身体系统。Some people turn on the television or Radio.有些人打开电视或收听广播,Some people exercise,而一些人则进行锻炼,Some people must take a shine in the morning or they don’t feel awake.有些人必须晒晒太阳否则他们不会感到清醒。Talk about it谈论下面的话题:What kinds of things do you do when you wake up in the morning?当你在早上醒来的时候你做哪些事?What about in the middle of a day, perhaps have a lunch, do you dose off?在一天的中间,也许吃午饭的时间,你会感到瞌睡吗?What do you do to stay alert?你会做什么来保持清醒?What about, when you driving a long distance,do you roll down the windows or sing songs?那么,当你长距离驾驶的时候,你会摇下车窗或者唱歌吗?What comes to waking you up for a fighting fatigue, what is your strategies?你会做什么以抗疲劳来保持清醒,有什么策略吗?Are you a heavy or a light sleeper?你是一位深度还是轻度睡眠者?How long do you take to wake up in the morning?你在早晨花多少时间醒来?Are you a morning person or a night person?你是一个早起的人还是一个夜猫子?Do you ever take naps a day?你一天曾经打盹吗?How long is too long for a nap?对你来说一次打盹会花费多长时间? /201204/177091池州市东流人民医院妇科华

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池州妇幼保健院能检查怀孕吗Jessica在北京学汉语,她的中国朋友要是遇到了不知道用美语怎么说的词,就会来请教她。今天是吴琼要问的:小心眼。Jessica:Wu Qiong, are you coming to my birthday party tomorrow?WQ:En...Im afraid not.Jessica:Why not? Youre my best friend!WQ:我不是不想去参加你的生日派对,可是你请了王贝贝,我可不想见她。Jessica:Why? I thought you two were friends.WQ:你不知道,两年前,我们去唱K。 她走调了,我心直口快说了出来,结果她记仇,这两年没少说我坏话!太小心眼了! 小心眼在英文里怎么说?Jessica:You can say a person is petty. petty is spelled p-e-t-t-y, petty. It means narrow-minded and mean.WQ:哦,petty 就是心胸狭窄,小心眼。You have no idea, Jessica, you dont know how petty she is. 她一定还在记仇, hold....hold....记仇是 hold 什么来着?Jessica:hold a grudge. grudge is spelled g-r-u-d-g-e. hold a grudge 记仇。but Wuqiong, I dont think Beibei still holds a grudge against you.WQ:Hmm, I dont know. 她表面上也和我过得去,but I think she still has a secret grudge against me! 她还在心里暗暗记仇呢!Jessica:Oh, come on! Its been two years! Im sure she has gotten over it!WQ:Get over it 就是“不再计较”的意思,对不对?Jessica:Exactly. To get over it means to forget about it.WQ:You know what, Jessica, youre right. 我决定明天去参加你的party! I want to show Beibei that Im not a petty person and its time for her to get over it, too.Jessica:Thats the spirit! Now lets see what youve learned today.WQ:第一:形容某人小心眼,用 petty;第二:记仇则是hold a grudge against someone;第三:不计较了,可以说 get over it. /201305/241517 5. A wake-up call, please.请提供叫醒务。还能这样说:Id like a wake-up call, please.I ask for a early call.应用:wake the dead 噪声大得烦人;wake up to sth. 意识到或认识到某事物6. Enjoy your breakfast, sir.请享用你的早餐,先生。还能这样说:Have a good breakfast, sir.Sir, have a pleasant breakfast.应用:enjoy great popularity 享有盛誉;enjoy a bad reputation 名声不佳7. What are your rates for laundry service?洗衣务怎么收费?还能这样说:What does it cost for the laundry service?Whats the price of the laundry service?应用:birth rate 出生率;at the rate of 按……的比例;at an easy rate 廉价地;不费力地,轻易地8. May I do the turn-down service for you now?现在可以为您收拾房间了吗?还能这样说:Can I tidy your room now?Could I do some cleaning for your room now?应用:turn down 拒绝;调低,关小 /201406/307387池州做人流的价格是多少东至县中医院几点关门



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