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安庆房事阴茎起红疹安庆第一人民医院治疗阳痿多少钱Todd: OK, Mark, I thought we would have a mock-debate.托德:马克,我们来进行一场模拟辩论吧。Mark: OK, sounds good. What are we debating?马克:好,听起来不错。我们辩论的主题是什么?Todd: Were going to debate what is better — to watch a movie on DVD or at the cinema?托德:我们的辩论题目是是用DVD看电影好还是去电影院看电影好?Mark: OK, well I would definitely choose DVD.马克:好,我肯定会选择用DVD看电影。Todd: OK, I would say the cinema. So you go first, why is it better on DVD?托德:好,那我选择去电影院看电影更好。你先发表观点,你为什么认为用DVD看电影更好?Mark: I prefer watching movies at home because I can sit on my nice relaxing sofa. I can drink a beer. If I want to lie down on the sofa, I can lie down on the sofa. So in the cinema, you always get somebody at the side of you and theyre very noisy eating popcorn or shouting and I cant focus on the movie.马克:我喜欢在家里看电影,因为可以坐在自己家舒的沙发上。还可以一边看电影一边喝啤酒。如果我想躺在沙发上看电影,那我就可以躺下。可是在电影院,你旁边总会有吵闹的人,他们或者在吃爆米花或者大声喊叫,这种情况让我无法专心看电影。Todd: See, actually, I would agree thats the opposite. When you watch a movie at home. You have family members that interrupt you. The telephone rings. Theres always things going on. Where in a movie, usually people are pretty quiet and you can just sit and enjoy the movie.托德:我同意相反的观点。在家看电影的时候可能会被其他家人干扰。电话也可能在这个时候响起。总是会有其他事情发生。而在电影院里,一般人们都会安静地观赏电影,你只要坐在那里享受电影就行了。Mark: Yeah, but you can tell your family members, do not disturb and switch the telephone off and then you can watch it. Also, I think recently with the quality of the TVs, its a lot better now to watch at home, for example youve got the plasma screen TV with the surround sound. Its just like being in the movie theater.马克:对,不过你可以告诉家人不要打扰你,把电话关机,然后好好欣赏电影。另外,我认为以现在电视的质量来说,在家里看电影要好很多,可以用带有环绕音响系统的等离子电视看电影,那就像在电影院看电影一样。Todd: Yeah, I dont know. Theres something about — I like to a movie, and when you watch a movie at the cinema, you get the bigger screen. Usually nowadays the cinemas have higher quality sound. Youve got your popcorn, your hot dog. Its kind of a sense of excitement. When you sit down to watch a movie at home theres not a sense of excitement.托德:嗯,我不这么认为。我喜欢去电影院看电影,电影院的屏幕更大。现在电影院的音响质量更好。还可以一边吃爆米花或热一边看电影。而且在电影院看电影会有一种兴奋的感觉,在家里看电影就没有这种兴奋感。Mark: Right, well, I agree that the movie theater has improved. For example recently theyve got the beautiful comfortable chair. I live in Japan now, and in Japan you can get a beer at the movie theater. Can you get a beer in America?马克:好,我同意电影院的质量提高了。现在电影院的椅子又漂亮又舒。我现在在日本生活,在日本的电影院看电影可以喝啤酒。在美国可以喝啤酒吗?Todd: No, I dont think so.托德:不能,应该是不能。Mark: No, you cant in England as well. I like to drink a beer when Im watching a movie. So the movie theater has improved, but you have to go to the theater. What happens if its raining, you dont want to go. If its snowing, you dont want to go. Whereas at home, now you dont need to the DVD store. You can get them via your TV, right. Just press the magic button.马克:是不能,同样在英国也不可以。我喜欢一边喝啤酒一边看电影。虽然电影院的环境有所提高,但是还是要前往电影院去观看。如果遇到下雨天,你就不会想去电影院了。如果下雪,你肯定也不想去。而现在在家看电影,已经不需要去DVD店买光盘了。你可以在电视上看电影,只要按下那个神奇的按钮就行了。Todd: True. So the question is, do you think there will even be cinemas is say twenty years, thirty years?托德:没错。现在问题是,你认为二十年或者三十年以后还有电影院存在吗?Mark: Well, Ive noticed in the last ten years, that the small cinemas in the cities have usually closed, and theyre moving out of town to the big multiplexes.马克:嗯,我注意到,过去十年城市里的小型电影院已经相继关闭,现在的趋势是在郊区建设多银幕影院。Todd: Right.托德:对。Mark: So the number of cinemas has reduced in the past ten years, I think, and it will probably continue to do that. We got a home cinema now. And people are buying huge screen TVs or they are getting all the latest technology in their home. Its cheap enough to buy now, so Id probably say that cinemas will be no longer in about ten years.马克:我认为过去十年电影院的数量在逐渐减少,而且这种情况很可能会持续下去。我们现在有家庭影院。人们还可以买大屏幕电视,在家里就可以获得各种先进技术。现在家庭影院和大屏幕电视的价格很便宜,所以我认为十年以后可能就没有电影院了。Todd: Ten years!托德:十年!Mark: Yeah.马克:对。Todd: Well, I hope they dont go away too fast cause I still like them.托德:我希望电影院不要这么快消失,我还是很喜欢去电影院看电影的。 译文属 /201511/412583枞阳县红十字会医院看男科好吗 unit 272 预定单人房dialogue 英语情景对话A:Can I help you?A:能为您效劳吗?B:Wait a minute, please.B:请稍等片刻。A:Have you made a reservation?A:您预订了吗?B:No, Id like to book a single room with one double bed.B:没有,我想要订一间有一张双人床的房间。A:How long will you be staying?A:您准备在这里住多久?B:2 nights, how much does it cost?B:两晚,请问房价是多少?A:A single room costs you$ 85/day.A:一间单人房是85美元/天。B:Does the charge include everything?B:这些费用包括所有的务吗?A:Yes.A:是的。B:Do you require a deposit?B:需要付押金吗?A:No, You can pay when you check out.A:不需要,您可以在退房的时候结账。 /201512/415295Todd: Hey, Marion, I like you outfit. Nice jeans and T-shirt.托德:嘿,马里昂,我喜欢你的衣。牛仔裤和T恤真漂亮。Marion: Oh, thank you.马里昂:哦,谢谢你。Todd: Where did you get it?托德:你是哪里买的?Marion: Actually, my T-shirt is a hand-me-down from a friend of mine whos leaving so she gave me some of her clothes.马里昂:实际上我的T恤是我朋友给我的二手衣,我朋友要离开了,所以她把她的一些衣给了我。Todd: Oh, really. Ah, OK. See, thats cool, like if I know the person who wore the shirt before, Ill wear it, but I will never go to a second hand clothing store or a used clothing store (Really) I think thats disgusting.托德:哦,是吗?这很酷,如果我知道以前穿这件衣的人是谁,我会穿这件衣,所以我从来不去二手装店或旧衣店(是吗),我觉得那很恶心。Marion: Why?马里昂:为什么?Todd: Well, I mean, you dont know who wore it before.托德:我的意思是,你不知道那些衣以前谁穿过。Marion: But theyre washed, Todd. You know!马里昂:可是托德,他们会清洗那些衣的。你知道的!Todd: Yeah, but, OK, first of all, what if the person who wore it was just the type or person you really hated. Theres something about the person that you just really didnt like, and then, now youre wearing that persons clothes. Doesnt that disgust you?托德:我知道,可是,首先来说,以前穿过那件衣的人可能就是你最讨厌的那种人。你真的非常不喜欢那个人的某些方面,可是现在你却穿着那个人穿过的衣。你不会觉得那很恶心吗?Marion: No, do think a persons personality rubs off on their clothes (No, but) and then it survives the wash cycle in your washing machine?马里昂:不,你是认为一个人的性格会传递到衣上吗?(不是,可是……)而且还会在你用洗衣机清洗后继续存在?Todd: OK. Right. Right. I see what youre saying, but Ill put it to you this way. Imagine that you work with somebody.托德:好吧。我明白你的意思了,我这样说吧。想象一下你和某个人一起工作。Marion: Yes.马里昂:好。Todd: Ok, at your job, is there somebody that you dont like.托德:你的工作环境中有没有你不喜欢的人?Marion: Yes.马里昂:有。Todd: OK, now imagine that theres a clothing bin and people can put clothes in there and you see a shirt and you like it, and youre just about to take it and someone says, thats that persons shirt. Would you still take it?托德:好。现在想象有一个衣物箱,人们可以把衣物放进去,你看到了一件喜欢的衬衫,你刚要去拿那件衣,就听到有人说那是那个你讨厌的人的衬衫。你还会拿吗?Marion: Mm, I probably wouldnt.马里昂:嗯,我可能不会拿了。Todd: Right. See. See.托德:你看吧,就是这样。Marion: Yeah, but only because I wouldnt want to feel like that person had done me a favor in some way. (Right) I wouldnt want to be beholden to that person if I dont like them.马里昂:嗯,这仅仅是因为我不想有那个讨厌的人以某种方式帮了我一个忙这种感觉。(对)如果我不喜欢那个人,那我就不想欠他的人情。Todd: Right. Yeah. I mean, I dont know. I guess its good to have second hand clothes if people dont have anything, you know for charity and things like that.托德:对。我也不清楚。我想如果有人什么都没有,那去慈善商店之类的地方买二手衣是不错的选择。Marion: Yeah. Well, actually, when I was in college, I didnt have very much money, so the only clothes I could buy were second-hand clothes so I actually really got to like going around the charity shops and finding clothes that I really liked, so nothing that was following the trends of the moment, but in college that really doesnt matter. I think its better to wear something if you feel comfortable in, and I think theres a real sense of achievement when you find something that youve wanted for God-knows-how-long, for example, I found a brown suede jacket one time in a charity shop, and I thought, ;Oh, my God. This is exactly the type of suede jacket that I have been longing for;, but I could never afford that jacket at full-price, even at half-price in a normal shop. I could never have had it, so actually most of my wardrobe at home is second hand clothes I would say, and I love it. I will go to a second hand clothes shop before a normal clothes shop any day. Its so much more fun.马里昂:对。实际上我上大学时没有什么钱,当时我唯一买得起的衣就是二手衣,所以我喜欢逛慈善商店,在那里买我喜欢的衣,当时完全没有追随潮流的想法,这在大学期间没什么问题。我认为穿衣舒更重要,找到一件你一直想找的衣会有一种成就感,举例来说,有一次我在一家慈善商店发现了一件棕色绒面夹克,当时我想:“哦,天哪。这就是我一直想要的那件绒面夹克”,可是我买不起普通商店原价卖的这种夹克,即使是半价促销我也买不起。我不可能买得起,所以实际上我家里衣柜里的大部分衣都是二手衣,但是我很喜欢。哪天我在逛普通装店时要先去趟二手装店,那会有很多乐趣的。Todd: Well, thats very interesting. You have fun shopping at those stores.托德:那真是非常有意思。你会在那些装店度过愉快时光的。Marion: I will.马里昂:我会的。 译文属 /201503/362770安庆哪里有男科署光

安庆包茎手术多少钱安庆潜山县治疗龟头炎哪家医院最好 讲解文本:deep pockets 财富,财力雄厚的人(或公司)She married a man with deep pockets.她嫁了个土豪。These investments are made by companies with deep pockets.这些项目的投资商非常有钱。疯狂练习吧! 喜欢yuyu老师就加微信hahahchicai /201702/493550安庆市第一医院治疗阳痿多少钱

安庆宜城医院看男科怎么样Doron: So, we are both expats. We both left our home countries. Are you going to go back, do you think? And live in Jamaica?多伦:我们两个都是外国人。我们都离开了自己的国家。你认为你会回牙买加生活吗?Pernais: I will. I will, eventually. I think Jamaica is the only place that I could actually settle down in. Its the only place that I would really consider home, because so much of who I am is dependent on my culture.波纳斯:我会的,最后我会回去的。我认为牙买加是唯一能让我安居的地方。也是唯一我能称作家的地方,因为我依赖我的文化。Doron: Your roots.多伦:那里是你的根。Pernais: Yes.波纳斯:对。Doron: Do you have a lot of family back home?多伦:你的家人还在牙买加吗?Pernais: I do. I do. Yeah, thats the biggest part of home for me, my family.波纳斯:对,没错。我的家人对我非常重要。Doron: So when you say you will go back, when are you thinking? Like soon or in 20 years when you finish looking around the world?多伦:你刚才说你会回去,那你想什么时候回去?是马上就回去,还是在你游览过世界后,20年以后再回去?Pernais: Thats it. I want to see the world first, but I need to be home at least once a year to keep that connection with my family and with my culture really.波纳斯:对。我想先去看看这个世界,不过我至少一年要回一次家,和家人联系,回归我的文化。Doron: Hooray for air travel, right? You can always slip back. Im the opposite, I think the one place I couldnt settle down now is probably England.多伦:空中旅行万岁,对吧?你能经常回去。我和你相反,我最不可能安顿的地方就是英国。Pernais: Really?波纳斯:真的吗?Doron: Im the same as you, I think I have to see the world, but I think the world is just too big to ever settle in one place. One of my goals — I like to set myself targets — and one of them is to see every country in the world. And I thought Id been to quite a lot but I counted a few weeks ago. Ive only been to 30 and theres at least 6 or 7 times that many, so its going to take me awhile.多伦:我和你的看法一样,我也要先去世界各地看看,不过我认为这个世界太大了,我不能在任何一个地方安居。我喜欢为自己设定目标,我其中一个目标是去世界上所有国家看看。我以为我已经去过很多国家了,不过几周前我数了一下,我现在只去了30个国家,而且至少用了六七次时间,所以我要完成目标需要很长时间。Pernais: Hopefully, youll get it all done.波纳斯:希望你能实现你的目标。Doron: Yeah, I do have family at home of course in England and I miss them and I see them every couple of years but I think Ive got travel in my genes cause my mom left home when she was 17, my dad has moved all around the world, my brother now lives in America (he was born there), so I think our family just loves to travel. How about your family, are they all back in Jamaica?多伦:嗯,我也有家人还生活在英国,我很想他们,我每隔几年会见他们一次,不过我认为我的苦思决定我要四处去旅行,我妈妈在17岁时离开了家,我爸爸往返于世界各地,我哥哥现在生活在美国,他是在美国出生的,所以我认为我们家人喜欢四处旅行。你的家人呢,他们都在牙买加吗?Pernais: Not all of them. Actually a lot of my relatives live outside of Jamaica and its always good to go home for Christmas because everybody comes back home and its just like this really nice family atmosphere.波纳斯:不是所有人都在牙买加。我有很多亲戚都在外国生活,回家过圣诞节感觉很好,因为那时所有人都会回家,会有很棒的家庭氛围。Doron: Where do they all live now?多伦:他们现在住在哪里?Pernais: Mostly in America and Canada.波纳斯:大多数人住在美国和加拿大。Doron: Have you been to visit them?多伦:你有去看望过他们吗?Pernais: Ive visited a few of my cousins in the States in Florida and New York, but I havent been to Canada. Ive been to Quebec but not to visit family.波纳斯:我去美国的佛罗里达州和纽约看过我的表兄弟,不过我没去过加拿大。我去过魁北克,不过不是去看亲戚。 译文属 /201606/450480 经典句型:Can this parrot speak? 这只鹦鹉会说话吗?A:Can this parrot speak?甲:这只鹦鹉会说话吗?B:I have been teaching him for two months,but he can only say hello.乙:我教了他2个月,他只会说你好。A:Is he so dull?甲:他是不是很笨?经典句型:My mother likes raising pets in spare time. 我妈妈喜欢在闲暇时间养宠物。A:My mother likes raising pets in spare time.甲:我妈妈喜欢在闲暇时间养宠物。B:It needs patience.乙:这需要耐心。A:Yes.She is very patient.甲:是的,她非常有耐心。B:What animals does she raise?乙:她养了什么动物?A:A dog and two cats.甲:一只和两只猫。B:Can these pets play together?乙:这些宠物能在一起玩吗?句型讲解:养宠物,可以说feed pets,也可以说raise pets。这里,raise的意思是“饲养。” /201503/363838安庆枞阳治早泄好的医院在哪里桐城市妇幼保健所前列腺炎多少钱



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