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Doraemon, Japan robot cat from the future, will celebrate turning minus 0 years old by being given official residence of the city where he will be born, a city official told the reporters on Friday. 为了庆祝来自未来的日本机器猫哆啦A梦负0岁的生日,机器猫出生城市的一位政府官员上周五告诉记者说,哆啦A梦将注册成为该市的正式居民 The electronic blue feline, whose cartoon exploits have captivated children across Asia, is to be given a residency certificate Kawasaki, a city near Tokyo, on September 3, exactly a century ahead of his supposed birth. 这只蓝色的电子猫将在9月3日这天,也就是他“出生日期”前整一个世纪时,获得川崎市的居民户籍书川崎市是东京附近的一个城市机器猫在卡通片中的英勇事迹已经俘获了亚洲各地儿童的心 The city, in which the character creator lived, is also home to a popular museum of all things Doraemon and plans to issue copies of the time-travelling robot cat residency certificate to fans and visitors. 哆啦A梦的创造者居住的这个城市也是十分受欢迎的哆啦A梦物馆的所在地,而且该市还计划向哆啦A梦的粉丝和游客发行它的居民户籍书的复印件哆啦A梦是一只能够穿越时空的机器猫 ;Doraemon was created and born in Kawasaki city. In that sense, he has always been a city resident,; Mayor Takao Abe told reporters, according to the online edition of the local Kanagawa Shimbun newspaper. 根据当地神奈川新闻社的网络报纸,该市市长安倍高雄告诉记者说:“哆啦A梦是在川崎市被创造和诞生的从这一意义上来讲,他将永远是本市的居民” ;I hope (the residency certificate) will bring the museum closer to many people,; he said. 他说:“我希望它(这张居民户籍书)能让许多人走近哆啦A梦物馆” The certificate will give Doraemon birthday as September 3, 1, as well as listing his likes -- pastries -- and his dislikes -- mice. 这一户籍将把哆啦A梦的出生日期登记为1年9月3日,并将列出他的喜好——甜点,和他讨厌的东西——老鼠 Doraemon was sent back in time from the nd century by a young boy who wanted to alter his family historical mistune. 哆啦A梦是一个想改变家族不幸历史的小男孩从世纪派回到现代的 His magic pocket provides an endless supply of fantastical gadgets that help his young friend Nobita Nobi navigate the trials of everyday life. 哆啦A梦的魔法口袋能提供无穷无尽的奇妙玩意儿,帮助他年幼的朋友野比大雄渡过日常生活中的种种磨难 The character first appeared in manga strips in 1969, making the transition to small and big screen over the following decades. 这一卡通人物1969年首次出现在连环画册中,在接下来的几十年间改编成动画片登上电视和电影屏幕 Doraemon remains enormously popular in Japan, serving as an instantly recognisable cultural reference across generations. 哆啦A梦在日本依然非常受欢迎,它是几代人都能够一眼认出的文化参照物 The cartoon series also has a large following in the rest of Asia, including in China and South Korea. 这部卡通系列在包括中国和韩国在内的亚洲其他国家也拥有庞大的粉丝群 1983。

South Korea cosmetic crackdown韩国整容业面临制裁South Korean prosecutors have cracked down on illegal brokers and searched the offices of plastic surgery clinics in Gangnam, Seoul, that used agents to attract patients from China.针对首尔江南区整形诊所利用中间人;拉客;吸引中国顾客的行为,韩国检察机构近日展开搜查,以打击非法中介The investigation was triggered by Chinese media reports that focused on a growing number of botched surgeries on patients from China in South Korea.韩国方面之所以开展这样的调查,源于中国媒体的相关报道:中国人到韩国整形失败的案例近来持续增加According to official Chinese data, 56,000 Chinese people went to South Korea last year to go under the knife.根据中国官方的数据,去年有5.6万中国人到韩国;动刀;Some South Korean plastic surgery clinics overcharge massively, pocketing 5m won double eye-lid surgery that costs Koreans only 1.5m won.但有些韩国整形机构却狮子大开口——韩国人只要花0万韩元(800元人民币)就能割的双眼皮,对中国人要价却高达500万韩元(.8万元人民币)This was because they had to pay brokers 50 to 90% of their fees.而这些费用中的50-90%都进了中介腰包Industry sources say more than half of the Chinese patients are lured in South Korea by agents.业内人士称,超过一半的中国整形者是中介拉来的 3776。

It been confirmed that the 3D animated film The Little Prince will be released in China on October in both English and Chinese.根据报道,3D动漫影片《小王子确认将于月日以中英文配音版形式在中国上映The film is a new animated feature from Mark Osborne, the director of Kung Fu Panda.这部影片是《功夫熊猫的导演马克·奥斯本的最新作品,The story follows a little girl who is brought into a magical world by her neighbor, the Aviator, where anything is possible.这个故事的发展背景是以一名小女孩偶然结识了老年飞行员,并被其带入万事皆有可能的魔法世界而展开的Some Chinese actors have lent their voices to the main characters, including actor Huang Bo, actress Zhou Xun and actor Huang Lei. In addition, China will also be among the first batch of countries to see the English version of the film.包括著名演员黄渤,周迅和黄磊等在内的位中国明星将在本部电影里担任主要角色的配音工作此外,中国也是第一批可以观赏到该电影英文版本的国家This is the first adaptation of the much-loved novella, which has sold some 5 million copies in 65 languages worldwide.这也是该部深受欢迎的小说第一个改编版本该小说在全球范围内翻译成65种语言,并销售了1亿500万册 39835。

While female movie-goers are blown away by the muscular tough guy in a current big-screen hit, it turns out that the muscles and scars they saw are all fake latex make-up, reported thepaper.cn.澎湃新闻报道,当女性观影者为某热映影片中的肌肉硬汉倾倒时,真相是她们看到的肌肉和伤疤原来都是假的乳胶贴Recently-released photos by the crew of Mr.Six pasting man-made muscles on the chest of award-winning actor Zhang Hanyu so as to help him play the supporting role of Men Saner, a gallant street gangster always y a fight and to help his fellows.近日,电影《老炮儿剧组曝光了几张照片在照片当中,工作人员正在认真地为影帝张涵予的胸部贴上肌肉这样做能够帮助张涵予更好地演绎《老炮儿中的角色闷三儿--一个勇敢的、愿为兄弟两肋插刀的街头恶霸It was reported that it took actor Zhang Hanyu six hours to put on all nine pieces of muscles covering arms, shoulders, chests, backs and belly each time bee shooting and then two hours to strip them off after shooting. The whole set of artificial muscles cost a total of around RMB 300,000.据报道,每次开拍前,扮演者张涵予都要花6个小时将总共9块;肌肉;贴到胳膊、肩膀、前胸、后背和腹部,收工后卸下来则需小时整套假肌肉成本在30万元左右The special effects artists also painted scars on Zhang chest and colored his skin bronze to make him look tougher in spite of the fact that 51-year-old Zhang aly has a better-than-average body shape and muscles thanks to a rigorous workout schedule.这种特效还装饰了张涵予胸部上的疤痕,并且将肌肤的颜色涂为古铜色,这样使得他看起来更加威猛尽管51岁的张涵予因为有严格的健身计划,所以已经拥有超乎常人的肌肉线条The film crew attempt to show Zhang dedication to his art in enduring the trouble and discomt of putting on and taking off the fake muscles backfired, as audiences who had been attracted by his bronzed musculature were disappointed to find out it was fake.该电影摄制组晒出照片的这一做法本来是试图表明张涵予奉献艺术,并且能够忍受假肌肉拖穿麻烦的精神但是事与愿违,因为观众大多被他古铜色的肌肉所吸引,当发现这都是假的的时候,心里自然会很失望People who opposed such trickery on the Internet felt their feelings were hurt, and questioned Zhang professional ethics compared with other actors who worked hard to look more like the characters they were playing.那些反对这种“欺骗”的网友表示,自己的情感受到了伤害,并且将张涵予与其他为了更接近饰演角色而辛苦锻炼的演员作比较,质疑他的敬业精神Zhang supporters, however, say movie fans should be tolerant of Zhang fake muscles. After all, many actresses use padded bras to make their breasts look bigger.但是,张涵予的持者则表示,作为电影观众,应该能够理解张涵予的假肌肉毕竟,许多女演员也使用文胸衬垫,使乳房看起来更大 01965。

A 3-year-old Canadian model knows something about ;elf esteem; after having her ears surgically modified to look like the mythical creature.一位3岁的加拿大模特把自己的耳朵整形成了和神话里的精灵一样,如今她应该对所谓“精灵的尊严”有所认识了吧In August, , Melynda Moon decided to get an operation that would make her ears look like a character from her favorite book series, ;Lord of the Rings.;年8月,梅兰达·莫恩决定做个手术,使自己的耳朵看起来像她最喜欢的书——《指环王——里的某位人物一样;The elegance of the elf ear is something I adore,; she explained on a YouTube documenting the surgery.“我非常喜欢精灵优美的耳朵”,她在记录了这次手术的YouTube视频里解释道Moon, who lives in Guelph, Ontario, said the decision to change her elf, er, herself, was a long time coming. She believes she was a fairy in a previous existence.莫恩住在安大略湖的圭尔夫市,她说在决定做这次手术前,她已经考虑了很久她坚信她前世是个仙女;I have always been very close to nature. Pointed ears are the most adorable thing, and I find the elven attire is so elegant,; she said, according to International Business Times. ;I have always had fantasies about what it would be like to be something other than human, so I decided to change my appearance to looksupernatural.;“我一直都与大自然十分亲近尖尖的耳朵最可爱了,而且我发现‘精灵族’的装非常优雅”,国际财经时报上的报道中她如是说“我一直很好奇,成为非人类的感觉是什么样子?所以我决定改变我的外表,让自己看起来像是一个超自然的生物”The doctors who permed the $ surgery skinned the tops of her ear cartilage, then skinned and cut pieces from the tips to m points. These tips were stitched together and removed a few weeks later after the ear skin was allowed to fuse.这次手术的费用为美元医生先剥离她耳软骨上端的皮,把软骨上端削尖然后将末端的皮肤缝合起来,几周后当耳部皮肤愈合后再将缝合物移除Moon said the treatment left her ;a bit uncomtable the day after; and her ears ;were really swollen and sore with a slight burning sensation.;莫恩说手术让她“在第二天有点难受”,她的耳朵“肿起来了,而且有点灼烧的痛感”But she said it been worth it just the reaction she gets from people.但她说手术后其他人对她的看法令她觉得这点痛很值得;I have a handful of people assume I am dressed up because I have put on pointed ears,; she said.“有很多人认为我可能精心装扮过,因为我装了一对尖耳朵”,她说道;When I tell them they are real, they look pretty confused as if they are waiting me to say just kidding -- but I am not.;“当我告诉他们,这对耳朵是真的的时候,他们摆出一副疑惑的表情,好像等着我说‘开玩笑的啦’——但我说的是真话”Moon admits that some parents have used her to keep their kids on Santa good side.莫恩承认有些父母利用她来使孩子相信圣诞老人真的存在,让他们做好孩子;Some people like to tell their kids to stop being bad because they know an elf will tell Santa theyre being bad,; she said. ;Then their children see my ears and realize their parents arent joking.;“一些人告诉自己的孩子不要做坏事,因为他们知道有一个精灵会告诉圣诞老人他们不是好孩子”,她说道,“孩子们一看到我的耳朵,就会意识到爸爸妈妈并不是在开玩笑”。

Ken Takakura, who became a star playing outlaws and stoic heroes in scores of Japanese films, died on Nov. in Tokyo. He was 83. 高仓健因经常在日本电影中饰演不法之徒与坚忍英雄而成为影星,他于月日于东京逝世,享年83岁His office said he died at a hospital where he was being treated lymphoma.他的经纪公司说,他是在接受淋巴瘤治疗的医院中去世的Mr. Takakura, who because of his quiet, brooding screen presence was often compared to Clint Eastwood, made his screen debut in 1956 and rose to fame in the 1960s in crime films like ;Abashiri Prison; (1965). Much of his appeal stemmed from his image as a hero fighting authority figures on behalf of the poor and weak. 高仓健因其安静深沉的银幕形象,经常被拿来与克林特·伊斯特伍德(Clint Eastwood)相比较1956年他开始出演电影,世纪60年代以《网走番外地(1965)等犯罪影片而获得声誉他在这些影片中被塑造为代表穷人和弱者反抗权威的英雄,他的魅力也主要来源于此He won a best-actor award at the Montreal World Film Festival his permance in the 1999 film ;Railroad Man.; He also appeared in a number of American movies, notably as a police inspector in Ridley Scott ;Black Rain; (1989), with Michael Douglas, and — in one of his rare comic roles — as a coach in ;Mr. Baseball; (199), with Tom Selleck.他因在1999年的电影《铁道员中的表演而获得蒙特利尔世界电影节最佳男演员奖他也曾在若干美国电影中亮相,其中最著名的是雷利·斯科特(Ridley Scott)的《黑雨(Black Rain,1989)中的一个警探,该片由迈克尔·道格拉斯(Michael Douglas)主演他还曾在《棒球先生(Mr. Baseball)中出演一位教练,这是他为数不多的喜剧角色之一,该片由汤姆·赛莱克(Tom Selleck)主演Though he often played outlaws, Mr. Takakura said contemporary gangster movies did not interest him. ;I like movies that pierce the human heart and linger with me,; he said in an interview that appeared on the media website Japan Subculture Research Center earlier this year.尽管高仓健经常饰演不法之徒,但他说自己对现代黑帮片不感兴趣“我喜欢那种能够穿透人类心灵、长久萦绕在我心头的电影,”他在采访中说,该采访今年年初刊登在日本亚文化研究中心的网站上Born Goichi Oda in Fukuoka, Japan, on Feb. , 1931, he did not set out to be an actor but was recruited by a major film production company while applying a managerial position. In his last film, ;Dearest; (), Mr. Takakura played a retired prison warden who embarks on a road trip to fulfill his dead wife last wish. His office said he was preparing his next project while he was in the hospital. 高仓健原名小田刚一(Goichi Oda),1931年月日出生于日本福冈,他本来并没有打算成为演员,但去一家大型电影公司应聘管理职务时,被公司招募为演员在他的最后一部电影《给亲爱的你中,他饰演一个退休刑务官,为实现亡妻遗愿上路旅行他的经纪公司说,他住院期间还在筹备自己的下一部电影Last year, when Mr. Takakura received one of Japan highest honors in the arts, the Order of Culture, at the Imperial Palace, he noted that he was best known playing characters far removed from thse exalted precincts.去年,高仓健在日本皇宫获得了日本艺术界的最高荣誉文化勋章,他指出,自己赖以成名的角色与这个高贵的地方相去甚远;In movies, Im most often an ex-convict,; he said. ;Im grateful the award despite many of these roles Ive played.;“在电影中,我经常饰演被释放的罪犯,”他说,“尽管饰演了许多那样的角色,我还能获得这个奖,我为此感激不尽” 137。