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大理小叶增生症状大理市做人流多少钱云南省大理市第一人民医院妇产科建卡要多少钱 Well, the landscape is very special, as you can see,好的,你可以看到这里地形非常的特别and on top of it, it never gets dark.看去它的上空永远明亮Yeah, the Sun, it#39;s fantastic.是啊,阳光太奇妙了I#39;ve joined up with Konnie Steffen.我和科尼斯蒂芬结伴而行We#39;re on a part of the ice sheet that#39;s connected to theJakobshavn Glacier.我们正走在与雅各布冰河相连接的冰层上Konnie#39;s trying to understand what#39;s causing the ice科尼正试着研究是什么导致冰层to speed up and break off into the sea,加速坍塌,掉入海洋and whether it#39;s related to climate change.这是否与气候变化有关The ice moved fast, at first by 10%, then by 2002, 30-40%冰层移动得很快,先是快了百分之十到2002年已经快了百分之三十到四十and it produced more water, Like this river.这样产生很多冰水,就像河流般And this water is probably the explanation这些冰水或许可以解释why the ice here starts to move faster.为什么冰层从这里开始加速Each summer, as a result of rising temperatures,每个夏天,温度上升more and more melt water is forming lakes and rivers越来越多融化的冰水形成河流和湖泊on the surface of the ice.在冰层表面And this is where all the water flows,这里就是所有水流into deep shafts called moulins.流入的深井,它被称为冰川锅穴No one knows for sure where the water ends up没人知道水会流到何处when it disappears into the moulins,当水流入冰川锅穴后but Konnie believes it flows straight to the base of the glacier.但科尼相信水流流入了底部的冰川If he#39;s right, this could explain why the glacier is moving so fast.如果他十对的,这便能解释为什么冰河流速加快 Article/201510/406052As the moon pulls away it will put an end随着月球日渐远离to one of nature#39;s most glorious spectacles;自然界中最壮丽的奇景也将画下句点a total solar eclipse.那就是日全食The moon is 400 times smaller than the sun.月球的体积是太阳的四百分之一But at the moment it is also precisely 400 times但目前和地球的距离closer to the earth than the sun is.也是太阳和地球距离的四百分之一This amazing coincidence means that这个惊人的巧合表示when the moon passes directly in front of the sun,月球经过太阳前方时it appears exactly the same size.两者看来体积相当We are living at the only time in the history of the solar system只有我们身处的这个时代when this unique spectacle is possible.才看得到这种奇观As the moon drifts away from us,随着月球日渐远离this awe-inspiring sight will be over forever.这个令人敬畏的异象,将会成为历史So over the years scientists continued to这些年来科学家不断做出make exciting new discoveries about our moon.有关月球的新发现But somehow it was never enough to reignite our passion但似乎永远不足以再度引燃for our closest neighbour.我们对月球的热情And that was partly because our attention had turned elsewhere.有部分原因可归咎于人们的注意力已转向别的地方There are over one hundred太阳系中还有150多颗and fifty other moons in the solar system,其他的卫星and by the late 1970#39;s we were starting to explore them.我们在1970年代末期,开始探索这些卫星The results were spectacular.得到的结果令人啧啧称奇The journey of discovery began with the Voyager probes.航海家探测器为这趟发现之旅揭开了序幕They were sent to explore the outer solar system它们的目的是探索外侧太阳系the gas giants like Jupiter and Saturn.如木星和土星等巨型气体行星Until now these extraordinary worlds在此之前人们只能透过望远镜had been seen only through telescopes.观察这些奇异又美丽的世界It took 2 years for these probes to reach their first port of call这些探测器花了两年才抵达第一个停靠点Jupiter.木星Scientists all over the world were gripped,世界各地的科学家都屏息waiting for the first close up pictures of the great giant.等待木星第一批特写照片回传But when Voyager started transmitting pictures back to earth,但是航海家开始将影像回传地球时they were in for a surprise.科学家有了意想不到的惊喜It seemed it was Jupiter#39;s moons, rather than the planet itself,看来最惊人的秘密,似乎存在于木星的卫星that held the most exciting secrets.而非木星本身We thought the moons of the outer planets我们一直以为外行星的卫星would be lumps of ice covered in craters.都是布满陨石坑的冰块And that was about it.此外乏善可陈But when Voyager started transmitting但航海家开始回传back pictures of Jupiter#39;s innermost moon,最靠近木星的卫星木卫一的影像时lo, there was a strange anomaly.出现了一个奇怪的异常之处A young NASA scientist spotted航太总署一名年轻科学家发现an odd looking bulge on the moon#39;s side.卫星的侧面有个奇怪的隆起I came in about 9 o#39;clock that morning to the navigation area我那天早上九点左右来到导航区and the tape with the pictures the spacecraft探测器前一天拍到的影片had taken the day before was on my desk.就放在我桌上I put them on the computer system于是我就用电脑放出来看and I displayed them and I could see that lo,我看到the moon of lo, was a crescent as very木卫一呈新月形often our own moon is a crescent in the night sky.就如同我们自己的月亮在夜空中往往呈新月形一样And I went and enhanced the brightness我增加了画面的亮度and there appeared beside lo,发现木卫一的一侧an object, a huge object that looked like something出现一个巨大的物体I couldn#39;t recognise and could never have expected我没料到会看到这种情景,也不知道那是什么and it completely captured my attention.所以看得全神贯注I wanted to know so badly what that was.我很想知道那是什么I just had to ask myself #39;my goodness what is that? #39;.忍不住自问 “天啊,那是什么?” Article/201505/373531大理治疗盆腔炎好医院

大理省妇幼保健院生孩子好吗The same process is happening all over the cosmos.宇宙中到处都在发生这样的碰撞过程Entire clusters of galaxies are constantly colliding and reforming.所有的星系都在不断地发生碰撞和重建Giant collisions as trillions of stars pull on one another,数万亿恒星相互吸引而产生的巨大冲撞their vast masses causing them to spin and dance.所产生的大量碎块使得星系开始旋转起舞Gravity is driving the cosmic clock work万有引力仍然像在宇宙大爆炸开始时那样as it done ever since the big bang.驱动着宇宙时钟的运行This is what the universe looks like这就是当我们脱离人类尺度上的时间when we are released from time on a human scale.所看到的宇宙面貌了But will this cosmic whirlpool go on forever但宇宙的这种旋转永远持续下去吗as an endless mild storm of mass and energy, space and time?让能量与质量,时间与空间无尽地缓慢碰撞What an extraordinary question to even be able to ask.能提出这样的问题是多么不简单啊I think the solution lies back where we began,我认为就在一切开始的地方with the big bang.宇宙大爆炸Ask yourself this.问问你自己What caused the inflation or expansion of the universe in the first place?是什么最先引起了宇宙的膨胀或是扩张When we can answer that等我们能够回答这个问题and fully understand the Big Bang,并完全理解宇宙大爆炸的时候we will also learn the fate of the universe.我们也就能够知道宇宙的命运The key to it all is something called dark energy.宇宙命运的关键是一种叫做暗能量的物质A mysterious form of energy一种神秘形式的能量that pushes space itself apart,它能够使空间本身相分离even as gravity is making matter clump together.即便存在着能将物质聚在一起的万有引力It seems as if dark energy supplied the kick that inflated the universe,看上去似乎是暗能量使得宇宙得以膨胀although we are not quite sure how.尽管我们并不知道究竟是如何做到的What is certain is可以肯定的是that the fate of the universe depends on how this dark energy behaves.宇宙的命运依赖于暗物质如何进行反应If the dark energy slowly weakens,如果暗物质逐渐变弱then gravity could get the upper hand万有引力便会占据上风那么大约两百亿年之后and in 20 billion years or so, the universe goes into reverse那么大约两百亿年之后,宇宙会开始倒转and drive everything back to where it came.将一切都拉回到宇宙的起源 Article/201511/408303大理哪个妇检医院好些 Don#39;t let winter weather turn you into a frump. Follow these tips to look fabulous without risking frostbite.不要让寒冷的天气把你变得臃肿邋遢。遵循以下建议,不需忍受寒冷,仍可保持靓丽形象。You Will Need你需要Moisturizer保湿霜Sensual fabrics性感的布料Knee-high boots高筒靴Accessories配饰Olive or safflower oil (optional)橄榄油或红花油(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Moisturize your skin1.皮肤保湿If winter weather makes your dry skin even drier, use an oil-based moisturizer, which helps skin retain moisture better than a cream or lotion. In the ingredients, look for non-clogging oil -- like avocado, mineral, primrose, or almond -- so it doesn#39;t block your pores.如果冬季的寒冷天气让你原本干燥的皮肤更加干燥,使用油性保湿霜,比乳霜或润肤露更能帮助皮肤保湿。在成分方面,选择不堵塞的油,例如鳄梨油,矿物质,樱草花或杏仁油,这样就不会堵塞毛孔。For oily or acne-prone skin, stick to a water-based moisturizer.对于油性或容易长暗疮的皮肤,坚持用补水的保湿霜。Step 2 Go for layers2.多穿几层To keep warm while still looking stylish, layer cotton or jersey knit tops under fitted sweaters. And invest in cashmere -- it#39;s eight times warmer than sheep#39;s wool yet much lighter, making it the go-to fabric for those who know how to look hot.要保暖又要保持时尚,在针织羊毛衫下套一层棉质或毛线衫。购买一件开司米羊毛衫,比普通的羊毛衫暖八倍,而且更轻,是保暖又时尚的理想选择。Step 3 Add a boot3.靴子Boost your outfit#39;s sex appeal with the right pair of boots. Knee-length styles elongate legs, and there#39;s nothing sexier than above-the-knee boots if you can rock them. Avoid mid-calf boots, which cut the line of your leg.选择合适的靴子,为性感迷人的外表锦上添花。及膝长靴会把双腿线条拉长,如果能够驾驭的话,没有什么比过膝长靴更性感的了。不要选择长及小腿中间的靴子,这样会将双腿的长线条切断。Step 4 Avoid hat hair4.不要让帽子毁坏发型Avoid hat hair. If your hair is long, twist it into a high bun and secure it at the crown of your head before putting on your hat. If it#39;s short, push it back and comb it against the way it usually falls. Either way, it will spring back to life when you remove your hat. There#39;s no point in knowing how to look hot if a bad hair day is going to ruin it!不要让帽子毁坏发型。如果你是长发,盘成比较高的发髻,固定在头顶,然后再戴帽子。如果是短发,把头发梳向与平时散落相反的方向。无论哪一种,取下帽子后头发都会恢复原状。如果糟糕的发型损坏你的形象,那你做什么都没有意义了。To tame flyaway hair, rub a drop of olive or safflower oil in your palms and then run your fingers through your hair.要处理凌乱的头发,在掌心滴一滴橄榄油或红花油,然后手指输过头发。Step 5 Accessorize5.配饰Accessorize with hats, scarves, and gloves in sassy animal prints and sexy fabrics like leather and suede. Now that you know how to look hot when it#39;s cold outside, get outdoors and start strutting your stuff!选择时尚的动物图案和性感的皮革布料的帽子,围巾和手套。现在,你已经知道天气寒冷时如何保持时尚性感了,那就出去美美地炫耀吧!Though drinking alcohol may temporarily warm you by moving blood closer to your skin, it actually lowers your core body heat, leaving you even more sensitive to the cold.尽管饮酒可以通过加速皮肤血液循环而暂时保暖,实际上却降低身体热量,让你对寒冷更加敏感。 Article/201412/347793大理那家医院做人流便宜

宾川县妇幼保健医院做产检价格Botticelli, The Birth of Venus波提切利:《维纳斯的诞生》We#39;re looking at The Birth of Venus by Botticelli. This is, of course, one of the most iconic images in the history of western art.我们正在看波提切利的《维纳斯的诞生》。这是,当然,西洋艺术史中最具标志性的图像之一。Venus is fabulously beautiful. How could it be otherwise?维纳斯是难以至信地美丽。怎么可能不这样觉得呢?So she stands radically naked in a Renaissance painting not in a Christian context here.所以她完全地站在这里一幅不在基督教脉络中的文艺复兴画作里。Until, really, this point in the Renaissance, the only time you would see nude was Eve, but here...直到,真的,在文艺复兴的这时期,你会看到裸体的唯一机会是夏娃,但这里...This is not Eve.这不是夏娃。No, Botticelli#39;s portrayed the ancient goddess of love, Venus. And he has portrayed her, actually, based her on an ancient Roman sculpture of Venus.不是,波提切利绘出古代爱神--维纳斯。而他描绘她,实际上,以古罗马维纳斯雕像为基础。...which was actually a copy of an even earlier ancient Greek sculpture, which was known sometimes as the Modest Venus, and which was actually in the collection of the Medici. We think that this painting might have actually been for one of the Medici court, perhaps even for a cousin of Lorenzo de#39; Medici....这其实是一个甚至更早期古希腊雕像的仿作,这有时以《含羞维纳斯》为人所知,这其实是在麦地奇家族的收藏中。我们认为这幅画也许其实是要给麦地奇的其中一座宫殿,也许甚至是要给伦罗佐麦地奇的一位表亲。So Venus stands in the middle. She#39;s born of the sea and seems to be being pushed in by the winds, the Zephyrs that are personified on the left. She stands on a seashell, or almost stands on a seashell. There#39;s so much impossibility in this painting. And when she gets to the shore, she#39;ll be received by an attendant that#39;s y to wrap her nude body.所以维纳斯站在中间。她从海洋诞生,看似被风推动,也就是在左侧拟人化的风神。她站在贝壳上,或几乎站在贝壳上。在这幅画里有太多的不可能性。然后当她走到岸边,她将会由一名准备好裹覆她身躯的侍女接待。But we#39;re, I think, delighted that she hasn#39;t gotten there yet because the body is just so beautiful. It#39;s so sensuous, and it#39;s an impossible kind of pose. It#39;s not really contrapposto. You know, there#39;s this extraordinary curve to the body that I think...I suggest that she#39;s got a very flexible kind of skeletal structure.但我们是,我认为,很开心她还没走到那儿,因为那身躯就是如此美丽。那是如此充满美感,而且那是个不大可能做到的姿势。那是非常人体比例不协调的。你知道,有这个身体异常的弧线,我觉得...我认为她有种非常灵活的骨骼构造。And even the Zephyrs who are those winds that blow her to shore are intertwined in impossible ways. And every figure here floats.甚至风神,就是那些吹动她到岸边的风,也以不可能的方式交缠。且这里每个角色都是飘在空中的。When we look at Renaissance paintings, we generally expect to see real naturalism. We expect to see figures that have weight, with bodies that make sense, existing in a realistic space. That#39;s what we think of when we think about the Renaissance, but that#39;s not what Botticelli gives us.当我们欣赏文艺复兴的画作时,我们通常期待看到真正的自然主义。我们期待看到有重量的人物、有合理的身躯、存在于现实的空间里。那是当我们想到文艺复兴时会想到的东西,但那不是波提切利带给我们的。Well, some art historians suggested that Botticelli is looking back to ancient Greek painting. And the only painting, really, that Botticelli would have available to him from the classical Greek tradition would have been vase painting, where figures are often isolated against the ground.嗯,有些美术史学家认为波提切利正在回顾古希腊的画作。而真的,波提切利唯一能从古典希腊传统找到的画作会是瓶画,其中人物通常都与地面分离。This is really a freeze. All the figures, and this is very much a Botticelli characteristic, are pushed forward, and...这真的是个定格动作。所有人物都被往前推向前景,这是非常波提切利的特性,而且...Kind of occupying a single plane.有点像佔住了一个单平面。That#39;s right! And they are sort of isolated, these three groupings. And you can always imagine them as line painting on a vase. In fact, this painting is really linear. And because of the patterning, because of the quality of the linear, it sort of defies space.没错!且他们有点孤立,这三组人物。而且你总是可以把它们想像成花瓶上的线图。事实上,这幅画是非常依赖线条的。而因为那结构、因为那线条的特形,它有点违反空间。I mean, yes, we can look into the deep space, but this is not a Masaccio. The attempt here is to really de-emphasize deep space and to, instead, create a sense of pattern, create a sense of beauty. This is a painting, presumably, and we#39;re just guessing. We don#39;t know.我是说,是的,我们可以望进那深度空间,但这不是马萨乔(意大利画家)。这里的尝试是要确实降低深度空间的重要性,转而创造出格局感,创造出美感。理论上来说,这是一幅画,而我们只是在猜测。我们不知道。It is really about beauty. Perhaps in the neo-Platonic sense, both beauty is physical and sensual as erotic, but that leads one to his notion of divine beauty.这确实有关美感。也许是新柏拉图派的概念,美感,正如情欲般既是形体上又刺激感官的,但那将一个人引导至他对神圣美感的概念。Right, there are two kinds of beauty, and that through a contemplation of physical beauty we can arrive at divine beauty.没错,有两种美感,而透过形体美感的沉思,我们可以到达神圣的美感。Botticelli is creating a kind of beauty that is a result of, of course, the narrative; it#39;s a result of the elegance of the figure herself, but also through the use of pattern, through a kind of purely decorative quality. We can see that especially in the traces of gold that he#39;s placed in her hair, in the trees to the right.波提切利正在创造出一种美感,当然,那是叙事的结果;那也是人物她本身优雅的结果,但同样是透过构图的使用、透过一种纯粹装饰的特性。我们可以看到那点特别是他放在她发丝中、放在右侧树中的金色轮廓。There#39;s a kind of sensuality here that#39;s irresistible, right? The pink flowers, fluttering between Venus and the Zephyr; the beautiful lines that create the waves; the lines from her hair; that fluttering drapery. It#39;s a beautiful world that we want to enter.这里有一种无法抗拒的感官享受,对吧?那粉红色的花朵,在维纳斯及风神之间飘动;那创造出海浪的美丽线条;她发丝中的线条;那摇荡的布料。那是个我们想要进入的美丽世界。 Article/201503/363978 剧作家伊芙·恩斯勒探讨现代社会中人们对安全的渴望,以及伴随而来不安全加剧的原因。让我们一起来听听那些致力于改变此现状的女性们抑或令人振奋,抑或令人悲伤的故事吧。 Article/201410/337066大理早早孕人流多少钱大理市哪里治疗宫颈糜烂好



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