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J.W.Anderson Intarsia merino wool sweaterJ.W.Anderson 美利奴羊毛衫Trust J.W.Anderson to design the coolest Christmas jumper on the market.80后英国设计师Jonathan William Anderson设计得酷酷的圣诞节主题套头衫。 /201312/268638

It#39;s settled: Llamas are the ultimate party animals.事实明,羊驼才是顶级的派对达人。A particularly adventurous llama named Serge proved as much when the animal -- assisted by a group of five intoxicated young men -- fled a circus in Bordeaux early Thursday morning to tour the town.上周四上午一只马戏团在波尔多的一个小镇上巡演的时候,一只羊驼在五个喝醉酒的青年的帮助之下趁机逃窜。这只极赋冒险精神的羊驼名叫赛尔日,它的行动明了羊驼才是顶级的派对达人。According to Sud Ouest, Serge roamed the streets with his new friends and even rode the city#39;s tram. Revelers documented the night of debauchery in photos that quickly sp throughout the social media world.据法国《西南日报》报道,塞尔日和它的新朋友们当街狂欢,甚至还乘坐了城里的电车。这只狂欢的队伍当晚还拍摄了许多照片,这些照片很快在社交网络上走红。It all started when the five friends wandered out of a nightclub before dawn Thursday and decided to visit a nearby circus to play with the animals, according to local reports. The group initially tried to coax a zebra out of its enclosure, but the animal reportedly refused. Instead, the young men settled for 8-year-old Serge, who happily followed the group around Bordeaux.据当地报道称,周四凌晨时分,这伙青年通宵熬吧后醉熏熏的晃荡到街上,决定拜访一下附近的马戏团,和动物们玩玩。据称这伙人一开始想要将一只斑马哄骗出笼,但被斑马拒绝了。然后这伙人成功地“勾搭”上了8岁的塞尔日,这只羊驼快乐地跟着这伙人全程巡游。The adventure finally came to an end after the tram conductor noticed there was a llama aboard and asked the passengers to depart the train. The group left the llama in the care of tram worker#39;s care until it was returned to the circus.直到电车售票员发现车上有一只羊驼,要求这些乘客离开,这场冒险才告以尾声。这伙青年将羊驼留交给电车工作人员看管后离开,随后羊驼被归还给了马戏团。The director of the traveling circus initially filed a complaint against the five men, prompting French police to detain them Thursday afternoon. Ultimately, however, the director withdrew his complaint, as Serge the llama was returned unharmed.这只巡游马戏团的经理起初起草了一份起诉书,打算于周四下午向法国警方报案,希望将这伙青年拘留。但考虑到塞尔日已经被完好归还,最终这位经理撤销了他的诉状。 /201311/263952

3. Tim Holmes. Dunalley, Australia. Jan. 4, 2013.2013年1月4日,澳大利亚南塔斯马尼亚沿海小镇达纳利,摄影:蒂姆·霍姆斯On the January 4, 2013, a bush fire swept through our small coastal township of Dunalley in Southern Tasmania. My wife and I and our five grandchildren took refuge in the sea bordering our property as massive columns of fire consumed everything in their path.2013年1月4日,一场野火席卷了南塔斯马尼亚我家所在的沿海小镇达纳利。当时大火所到之处,一片废墟。我妻子和五个孙儿只能在浅海边处避难。The grand children had lived next door to us in a beautiful, sun-filled timber farmhouse. It had a picket-fenced garden strewn with children’s toys, sandpits and colorful flowers. There was a pathway that ran through the trees to an old wooden boatshed and jetty where the children would often play.我的孙儿们原来住在我家旁边一所美丽、阳光的木屋。尖木桩做篱笆的花园里到处都是他们的玩具、沙坑和鲜花。一条小路穿过树林通向一所古老的木头船和防波堤,他们常在那儿玩耍嬉戏。On that day the jetty became our shelter, the water was cold and the fire was intensely hot on our faces but the biggest problem was the lack of air to breathe. We found a shallow area of breathable air between the toxic smoke and the water.那天防波堤成为我们的避难地,海水刺骨冰凉,大火却灼烧着我们的脸庞,但是最大的问题是缺氧。我们在呛人的烟雾和水之间争取着一小块可供呼吸的空气。The fire burned right down to the water’s edge and the jetty itself caught on fire, but we were able to put it out. We spent two and half hours under the jetty and I took the photograph with my wife’s iPhone to send by text message to our daughter so that she could see that we were all together. Our lives were spared but houses and all possessions were lost.大火直接烧到了水面,防波堤也着了火,但是我们设法把火扑灭。在防波堤下我们待了两个半小时,我用妻子的苹果手机拍了照发给女儿,让她看到我们都在一起。我们得救了,但是房子等财产都失去了。 /201312/269451

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