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渝北区县医院是几甲沙坪坝区隆胸医院哪家比较好南川区儿童医院医生咨询 The brain#39;s plasticity and its adaptability to new situations do not function the way researchers previously thought, according to a new study published in the journal Cell. Earlier theories are based on laboratory animals, but now researchers at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden have studied the human brain. The results show that a type of support cell, the oligodendrocyte, which plays an important role in the cell-cell communication in the nervous system, is more sophisticated in humans than in rats and mice -- a fact that may contribute to the superior plasticity of the human brain.发表在《细胞》杂志上的一项最新研究表明,大脑的可塑性和对新环境的适应力并非如以前研究者们认为的那样。以前的理论都是基于动物实验研究,如今瑞典卡洛琳斯卡学院的研究者们真正研究了人脑。结果显示,人脑中的少突胶质细胞(一种持细胞,在神经系统细胞信息传输中起重要作用)比老鼠脑中的要复杂得多,这可能是人脑可塑性更强的原因之一。The learning process takes place partly by nerve cells creating new connections in the brain. Our nerve cells are therefore crucial for how we store new knowledge. But it is also important that nerve impulses travel at high speed and a special material called myelin plays a vital role. Myelin acts as an insulating layer around nerve fibres, the axons, and large quantities of myelin speed up the nerve impulses and improve function. When we learn something new, myelin production increases in the part of the brain where learning occurs. This interplay, where the brain#39;s development is shaped by the demands that are imposed on it, is what we know today as the brain#39;s plasticity.学习过程其实正是大脑神经细胞创建新连接的过程。因此,神经细胞对于我们存储新知识来说是至关重要的。但是,神经冲动高速传播着,一种叫做髓磷脂的物质也是举足轻重的。髓磷脂类似于附着在神经纤维和神经突出上的绝缘层,大量的髓磷脂可使得神经冲动加速并改善其功能。当我们学到了新知识时,大脑相应部位的髓磷脂就会增加。脑力的开发受施加其上的压力的影响。这种相互作用正式我们今天所讨论的话题——大脑的可塑性。Myelin is made by cells known as oligodendrocytes. In the last few years, there has been significant interest in oligodendrocytes and numerous studies have been conducted on mice and rats. These studies have shown that when the nerve cells of laboratory animals need more myelin, the oligodendrocytes are replaced. This is why researchers have assumed that the same also applies in humans. Researchers at Karolinska Institutet and their international collaborators have shown that this is not the case. In humans, oligodendrocyte generation is very low but despite this, myelin production can be modulated and increased if necessary. In other words, the human brain appears to have a preparedness for it, while in mice and rats, increased myelin production relies on the generation of new oligodendrocytes.髓磷脂是少突胶质细胞的产物。过去几年,研究者们对它很感兴趣,在老鼠身上做了大量实验。这些实验表明,当实验对象的神经细胞需要更多的髓磷脂时,少突胶质细胞就开始了制作过程。基于此研究,研究者假定这现象同样发生在人脑中。卡洛琳斯卡学院的研究者及其国际合作伙伴发现事实并非如此。人脑中的少突胶质细胞是非常少的,尽管如此,必要时,它还是会生产并调节髓磷脂含量。换句话说,人脑似乎事先早有准备,而老鼠大脑中的髓磷脂的增加依赖少突胶质细胞的更新换代。In the study in question, researchers have studied the brains of 55 deceased people in the age range from under 1 to 92 years. They were able to establish that at birth most oligodendrocytes are immature. They subsequently mature at a rapid rate until the age of five, when most reach maturity. After this, the turnover rate is very low. Only one in 300 oligodendrocytes are replaced per year, which means that we keep most of these cells our whole lives. This was apparent when the researchers carbon-dated the deceased people#39;s cells. The levels of carbon-14 isotopes rose sharply in the atmosphere after the nuclear weapons tests during the Cold War, and they provided a date mark in the cells. By studying carbon-14 levels in the oligodendrocytes, researchers have been able to determine their age.在该研究中,科学家们研究了1岁至92岁的55位死者的大脑。他们断言,新生婴儿大脑中的少突胶质细胞都是不成熟的,随后这些细胞迅速生长,在5岁之前大部分成熟了。接下来,它们更新换代的速度很慢。300个少突胶质细胞中每年只有1个更新,这意味着大多数的细胞会伴随我们终生。研究者们观察死者脑细胞时发现这是显而易见的。冷战期间由于核武器实验,大气中的C-14含量迅猛增长。通过研究少突胶质细胞中的-14含量,科学家们可确定死者年龄。;We were surprised by this discovery. In humans, the existing oligodendrocytes modulate their myelin production, instead of replacing the cells as in mice. It is probably what enables us to adapt and learn faster. Production of myelin is vital in several neurological diseases such as MS. We now have new basic knowledge to build upon,; says Jonas Frisén, PhD, Professor of Stem Cell Research at the Department of Cell and Molecular Biology at Karolinska Institutet.“对于这个发现,我们也很惊讶。少突胶质细胞在人脑中可调节髓磷脂含量,而不像在鼠脑中那样迅速更新换代。这也许正是我们适应新环境、学习新知识更快的原因。髓磷脂的产生对于治疗像MS这样的神经疾病是至关重要的。现在我们的研究更进了一步。” 卡洛琳斯卡学院细胞和分子生物学系的教授乔纳斯说道。 /201411/341770When it came to pharmacological solutions to life#39;s despairs, Aldous Huxley was ahead of the curve. In Huxley#39;s 1932 novel about a dystopian future, the Alphas, Betas and others populating his ;Brave New World; have at their disposal a drug called soma. A little bit of it chases the blues away: ;A gramme; — Huxley was English, remember, spelling included — ;is better than a damn.; With a swallow, negative feelings are dispelled.说到以药物手段来医治生活中的绝望,奥尔德斯·赫胥黎(Aldous Huxley)可谓走在了时代的前面。在赫胥黎1932年的小说《美丽新世界》(Brave New World)中,生活在那个反乌托邦未来世界中的阿尔法、贝塔和其他种姓的人类手头常备一种名叫“苏麻”的万能灵药,只要一点点就可以驱散生活中的阴霾。“药胜过受煎熬。”只要吞下药丸,负面情绪也随之烟消云散。Prozac, the subject of this week#39;s documentary from Retro Report, is hardly soma. But its guiding spirit is not dissimilar: A few milligrams of this drug are preferable to the many damns that lie at the core of some people#39;s lives. Looking back at Prozac#39;s introduction by Eli Lilly and Company in 1988, and hopscotching to today, the documentary explores the enormous influence, both chemical and cultural, that Prozac and its brethren have had in treating depression, a concern that gained new resonance with the recent suicide of the comedian Robin Williams.本周(指9月22日那周)的;Retro Report;(以重新审视历史上的重大事件为主题的系列纪录片)的主题百忧解(Prozac)和“苏麻”当然不是一码事,但其宗旨却并无不同:对某些人而言,用几毫克这种药物总比应付生活中的大堆烦恼合算多了。继回顾了1988年美国礼来制药(Eli Lilly and Company)推出百忧解的经过之后,这部纪录片又将视角转回当下,从化学和文化的双重角度探讨了百忧解及其同类产品在抑郁症的治疗领域造成的巨大影响。由于喜剧演员罗宾·威廉姆斯(Robin Williams)不久前自杀,抑郁症又成为当今人们关注的热点。In the late 1980s and the 90s, Prozac was widely viewed as a miracle pill, a life preserver thrown to those who felt themselves drowning in the high waters of mental anguish. It was the star in a class of new pharmaceuticals known as S.S.R.I.s — selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. Underlying their use is a belief that depression is caused by a shortage of the neurotransmitter serotonin. Pump up the levels of this brain chemical and, voilà, the mood lifts. Indeed, millions have embraced Prozac, and swear by it. Depression left them emotionally paralyzed, they say. Now, for the first time in years, they think clearly and can embrace life.在20世纪80年代末和90年代,人们普遍将百忧解看作是一种“神奇药丸”,是那些觉得自己快要没顶于精神痛苦中的人们眼里的救生圈。百忧解是一类名为选择性血清素再摄取抑制剂(SSRI)的新型药物中的明星产品。其作用基于的观念为,抑郁症是由一种名叫血清素的神经递质不足引起的。只要能提高这种脑化学物质的浓度,好啦,精神一下子就振奋起来了。事实上,已经有成百上千万人接受了百忧解,并对它的作用深信不疑。抑郁症导致他们情感麻痹,他们说。而今,他们终于可以清楚地思考并热情地拥抱生活了——多年来,这样的感觉还是第一次。Pharmacological merits aside, the green-and-cream pill was also a marvel of commercial branding, down to its market-tested name. Its chemical name is fluoxetine hydrochloride, not the most felicitous of terms. A company called Interbrand went to work for Eli Lilly and came up with Prozac. ;Pro; sounds positive. Professional, too. ;Ac;? That could signify action. As for the Z, it suggests a certain strength, perhaps with a faint high-techy quality.除去其药理学价值,这种半截绿色半截奶油色的胶囊丸也堪称商业品牌推广中的奇迹,而这尤其要感谢它经过市场考验的商品名。它的化学名称为盐酸氟西汀,这显然不够朗朗上口。一家名为Interbrand的公司为礼来出谋划策,想出了Prozac这个名字。;Pro;听起来就给人胸有成竹、十分专业(professional)的感觉。;Ac;呢,可以认为它表示“行动”(action)。至于Z,这个字母代表了某种力量,可能还有一点点高科技的感觉。(X is a pharmacological cousin to Z. Both letters are somewhat unusual, worth many points in Scrabble. It is surely not a coincidence that a striking number of modern medications contain either Z or X, or both, in their names, like Luvox, Paxil, Celexa, Effexor, Zantac, Xanax, Zoloft, Lexapro and Zocor, to name but a few. Not surprisingly, confusion can set in. Zantac or Xanax — remind me which one is for heartburn and which for panic disorder?)(在制药领域,X与Z的地位近似。这两个字母在取名这种拼字游戏中享有异乎寻常的地位和价值。绝大多数现代药物的商品名都包含Z或X,或两者兼而有之。随便举几个例子,Luvox[兰释,亦称无郁宁]、Paxil[百可舒]、Celexa[喜普妙]、Effexor[郁复伸]、Zantac[善胃得]、Xanax[赞安诺]、Zoloft[左洛复]、Lexapro[来士普]和Zocor[舒降之]等等。这肯定不是用巧合可以解释的。由此产生困扰也就不足为奇了。Zantac和Xanax,哪个能治胃灼热,哪个又是用以治疗惊恐障碍的?看名字可真分不清。)Pendulums, by definition, swing, and the one on which Prozac rides is no exception. After the early talk about it as a wonder pill — a rather chic one at that — a backlash developed, perhaps unsurprisingly. Grave questions arose among some psychiatrists about whether the S.S.R.I.s increased chances that some people, notably teenagers, would commit suicide or at least contemplate it. No definite link was confirmed, but that did not end the concern of some prominent skeptics, like a British psychiatrist, Dr. David Healy. He has dismissed the notion of S.S.R.I.s as saviors as ;bio-babble.;但凡事都是三十年河东三十年河西,百忧解也不例外。起初它被尊为灵丹妙药,还是种十分时髦的灵丹妙药,后来人们却又开始强烈地抵制它(或许这种反应不足为奇)。关于SSRI是否会增加某些人,特别是青少年的自杀事件或自杀倾向,精神科医生提出了严厉的质问。目前尚无研究实两者之间存在必然的关联,但是这并没有打消某些著名的怀疑论者的疑虑,英国的精神病学家戴维·希利士(David Healy)正是其中之一。他将那些把SSRI类药物当成救世主的说法贬斥为“生物噪音”。If some users deem Prozac lifesaving, others consider it sensory-depriving. A loss of libido is a common side effect. Some writers and artists, while often relieved to be liberated from depression#39;s tightest grip, also say that Prozac leaves them mentally hazy. In his 2012 book, ;Antifragile: Things That Gain From Disorder,; Nassim Nicholas Taleb offered this: ;Had Prozac been available last century, Baudelaire#39;s ‘spleen,#39; Edgar Allan Poe#39;s moods, the poetry of Sylvia Plath, the lamentations of so many other poets, everything with a soul would have been silenced.;有人觉得百忧解可以救命,其他使用者则认为它剥夺了人正常的生理感觉。百忧解的一个常见的副作用是丧失性欲。还有一些作家和艺术家声称,虽然百忧解将他们从抑郁症的魔爪之下解脱了出来,却也让他们精神恍惚。纳齐姆·尼古拉斯·塔利布(Nassim Nicholas Taleb)在他2012年的著作《反脆弱:从无序中受益》(;Antifragile: Things That Gain From Disorder;)中提出:“如果百忧解早在上个世纪就问世的话,那么波德莱尔(Baudelaire)的“忧郁”、埃德加·爱伦·坡(Edgar Allan Poe)的浪漫主义情怀、西尔维亚·普拉斯(Sylvia Plath)的诗歌、以及那么多其他诗人的哀叹,所有那些有灵魂的作品都将遭到扼杀。”Then, too, S.S.R.I. critics express doubts that these drugs have proved themselves significantly more effective than placebos. Some among them question the very concept that serotonin levels, on their own, cause depression or prevent it. One psychotherapist in that camp is Gary Greenberg, an author of several books on mood disorders. Writing in The New Yorker last year, Dr. Greenberg said that scientists had ;concluded that serotonin was only a finger pointing at one#39;s mood — that the causes of depression and the effects of the drugs were far more complex than the chemical-imbalance theory implied.;此外,SSRI的批判者们还怀疑这些药物的效果是否显著优于安慰剂。其中一些人质疑单凭血清素水平是否就足以导致或防止抑郁症。心理治疗师加里·格林伯格(Gary Greenberg)就属于这一阵营,他撰写过若干本关于情绪障碍的著作。在去年的《纽约客》(The New Yorker)上,格林伯格士写道:科学家们认为,“血清素只是影响个人情绪的一个因素,抑郁症的成因以及药物的效应远比化学失衡理论所描述的更加复杂。”;The ensuing research,; he continued, ;has mostly yielded more evidence that the brain, which has more neurons than the Milky Way has stars and is perhaps one of the most complex objects in the universe, is an elusive target for drugs.;“人的大脑中包含的神经元数量比系中的恒星还要多,”他继续写道,“而后续的研究得到的据大多表明,大脑是药物很难作用到的靶标。”More broadly, this retrospective on Prozac introduces a discussion of whether the medical establishment, and perhaps society in general, has gone too far in turning normal conditions, like sadness, into pathologies. And have we paved a path — shades of soma — toward wanton reliance on drugs to enhance life, not to conquer true illness?广而言之,这个关于百忧解的回顾性纪录片提出了这样一个论题:医疗机构,或者更宽泛一点来说,整个社会是否走得太过,以至于将普通的情感,如悲伤,也纳入了病态的范畴。我们是否正一步步地放任自己依赖药物,以增添生活乐趣——就像小说中的人们依赖“苏麻”一样——而放弃了征真正的疾病?This is what a prominent psychiatrist, Dr. Peter Kramer, has called ;cosmetic psychopharmacology,; a Botox approach, if you will, to matters of the mind: Why not take Prozac and its S.S.R.I. mates even if you are not clinically depressed but believe that they can boost your confidence, or maybe help you make a stronger pitch at the sales meeting?著名精神病学家彼得·克雷默(Peter Kramer)士将这种现象称为“美容式精神药理学”,就像是自愿给情绪问题打上一肉毒杆菌毒素一样:即使你并非临床抑郁症患者,只要你相信用百忧解及其SSRI同类可以提升你的自信心,或者能帮助你在推销会上语惊四座,那又何乐而不为呢?A response from others in Dr. Kramer#39;s field is that we are taking traits that are normal parts of human nature and casting them as diseases simply because remedies now exist. For instance, shyness is now regarded by some as a condition in need of treatment. In its more severe form, it is placed under the heading of social anxiety disorder. Then there are those much-heralded life enhancers, Viagra and its erection-aiding cousins. They are marketed not only to men with sexual dysfunction but also to those whose aging bodies are enduring normal wear and tear.克莱默士的同行中有人回应道,我们之所以将人性的正常组成部分当成疾病来对待,就是因为现在有了药。举例来说,今天有些人甚至将羞怯也归入了需要治疗的疾病,将其较为严重的形式纳入了社交焦虑症的范畴。此外,伟哥等促勃起药物也被当作能提升生活品质的东西而得到大肆炒作。在市场营销中,它们不仅被推销给需要治疗性功能障碍的男性,还被推荐给身体只是出现了正常衰老的普通人。One area of shyness that the S.S.R.I. class has helped overcome is discussion of depression. Decades ago, Hollywood stars and other celebrities dared not touch the subject. Now they routinely go public with their anguish. Robin Williams was an example.如果说SSRI类药物确实帮助人们克了某些问题,那么,使人们不再羞于讨论抑郁便是其中之一。几十年前,好莱坞明星和其他名人都对这个话题讳莫如深。现在,他们已经可以很习惯地公开谈论自己的苦恼了。罗宾·威廉姆斯就是一个例子。Of course, there are those in other realms of society for whom the topic remains taboo. Take one man who confesses to his wife that he is on Prozac but cautions her to tell no one. ;I#39;m serious,; he says. ;The wrong person finds out about this and I get a steel-jacketed antidepressant right in the back of the head.; This is Tony Soprano talking to his wife, Carmela. An extreme example from a work of fiction? Sure. But in all likelihood many Americans have similar fears about what others might think, and keep depression to themselves.当然,在其他社会领域中,有些人仍然十分忌讳这个话题。例如,有一个人在向自己的妻子承认他在用百忧解时,警告她不要告诉任何人。“我是说真的,”他说。“要是给不该知道的人听到点风声,我就得脑袋后面吃颗钢制的抗抑郁药。”这是《黑道家族》中的托尼·索普拉诺(Tony Soprano)对他的妻子卡尔梅拉(Carmela)说的话。这自然只是虚构作品中的一个极端的例子。但是,在美国人里,恐怕很多都会对别人的看法抱有类似的担忧,所以他们宁愿对自己的抑郁问题守口如瓶。 /201410/336081渝北区祛痘要多少钱

重庆眼角皱纹除皱Economies in Southeast Asia are not the only things growing in the region. Waistlines are too -- and that has doctors and health experts worried about the strains a clutch of new health problems could put on many countries still in the process of developing. 伴随着东南亚地区经济一同增长的,还有人们的腰围――医生和卫生专家担心,一系列新的健康问题可能会对许多发展中国家造成负担。 Rapid economic growth has created new and expanding middles classes in places like Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam. But new affluence is also driving up the rate of #39;life-style#39; diseases, including hypertension, cancer, diabetes and chronic respiratory illness, say doctors. 在印度尼西亚、菲律宾和越南等地,快速增长的经济催生了不断壮大的新兴中产阶级。而据医生称,全新的小康生活也促使高血压、癌症、糖尿病、慢性呼吸道疾病等“生活方式疾病”的发病率上升。 Together, those diseases account for 80% of the deaths in Asia, but health experts say it need not be that way -- most could be addressed by people simply changing the way they eat and live. 亚洲的因病死亡人口中,这些疾病加一起占了全部死亡原因的80%,但卫生专家称,通过日常生活和饮食方式的调整,就可以扭转这一形势。 #39;We must have behavior change,#39; Shin Young-soo, the World Health Organization#39;s regional director for the Western Pacific, said during a recent health summit in Manila. 近期在马尼拉举行的健康峰会上,世界卫生组织(World Health Organization)西太平洋地区主任申英秀(Shin Young-soo)呼吁人们对生活习惯做出改变。 As regional incomes improve, people have more money to spend on fast food and processed snacks. In recent years, demand for meat and dairy has also risen dramatically in many of Southeast Asia#39;s emerging economies. 伴随着地区收入状况的改善,人们有更多的钱来购买快餐和加工食品。近年来,许多东南亚新兴经济体内对于肉制品和奶制品的需求也在急剧上升。 But changes in diets combined with lack of exercise has made Asians more prone to diabetes than their counterparts in the West, said Dr. Shin, one of nearly 200 health and development experts attending a week-long gathering here aimed at discussing non-communicable diseases and finding way to combat them. 申英秀说,然而饮食的变化和缺乏运动结合在一起,使得亚洲人糖尿病的发病率高于西方。申英秀与近200位出席峰会的卫生和发展专家聚在一起,将对非传染性疾病以及应对策略进行为期一周的探讨。 Recent studies show that as much as 12% of Chinese adults have diabetes and half are prone to developing the disease. In South Korea, Japan and Vietnam around one in every 10 adults has diabetes. 近期研究表明,多达12%的中国成年人患有糖尿病,而一半的人口有患病风险。在韩国、日本和越南,大约每10个人就有一人是糖尿病患者。 Half a century ago, non-communicable diseases weren#39;t a priority among health experts, said WHO director-general Margaret Chan. 世界卫生组织(WHO)总干事陈冯富珍(Margaret Chan)说,半个世纪前,非传染性疾病还不是健康专家重点探讨的话题。 #39;Diets were rich in fruits and vegetables,#39; she said. #39;Fish was the principal source of protein. People drank water.#39; 她说,当时人们的膳食中多蔬菜水果,鱼是蛋白质的基本摄入来源。水是人们的饮品。 Over a short period, however, diets have remarkably shifted to white b, white rice, white sugar, sugary beverages, and highly processed foods, including canned luncheon meats. That, said Dr. Chan, has resulted in an increase in cases of diabetes and a 75% incidence of obesity -- the highest in the world -- in some Pacific island countries. 然而没过多久,餐桌上瞬间变成了白面包,白米饭,白糖,含糖饮料和午餐肉之类的精加工食品。陈冯富珍说,这一变化导致了糖尿病发病几率增加,并致使一些太平洋岛国的肥胖症发病率达到了75%,为全世界最高。 The main factors that place people at risk of developing these life-style diseases include tobacco use, unhealthy diets, physical inactivity and the harmful use of alcohol -- all of which are avoidable. For now, however, doctors say the prevalence of these risk factors is high -- and rising in many places. 促使人们患上这类生活方式相关疾病的主要原因包括吸烟、饮食不健康、缺乏锻炼以及过度饮酒,而这些均可以避免。但医生称,现在这些不良习惯仍然盛行,在很多地方甚至愈演愈烈。 The Asia-Pacific is home to about one-third of the world#39;s smokers -- many of them concentrated in China and Indonesia, two of the world#39;s biggest cigarette markets. Nearly 70% of men over the age of 15 smoke in Indonesia, according to the WHO, which says health care costs associated with tobacco-related illnesses ring in at around .7 billion each year. 亚太地区的吸烟人群占全世界的三分之一,多数集中在中国和印度尼西亚,两国也是世界两个最大的香烟市场。据世界卫生组织称,印度尼西亚超过70%的15岁以上男性人口是烟民,这使得该国因吸烟相关疾病而产生的医疗费用高达每年17亿美元。 Meanwhile, in China, Dr. Chan said, researchers estimate that 114 million adults have diabetes -- while an additional 493 million people at risk of developing the disease. 陈冯富珍说,在中国,研究人员估计约1.14亿中国人患有糖尿病,4.93亿人面临患病风险。 #39;Think about what this means in the world#39;s second largest economy,#39; she said. 她说,可以想一想这对于世界第二大经济体来说意味着什么。 The could eventually bankrupt the health care system in China. For other countries whose economies are just beginning to take off, the burden of having to deal with an increasingly unhealthy population could derail development goals and scale back the benefits of economic gain. In the region as a whole, it means added pressure on health care systems that, in many places, are aly over-stretched. 这可能会最终使得中国的医疗保险体系面临崩溃。对于其它经济刚开始起步的国家,与日俱增的不健康人口所造成的负担,可能会使其经济目标发生偏离,经济成果的收益大打折扣。而对于整个地区来说,这意味着许多地方本已不堪重负的医保系统将承受更大的压力。 The growing rate of diabetes, for example, has caused a rise in visual impairment, which can severely compromise educational opportunities, gainful employment and productivity, say health experts. By 2020 the global economic loss from visual impairment is expected to reach US0 billion annually, up from US billion in 2000. 卫生专家举例说,不断上升的糖尿病患病率已导致了视力缺陷症状不断增加,这会对教育、就业以及社会生产力造成严重影响。预计到2020年,全球每年因视力缺陷而导致的经济损失将从2000年的420亿美元上升到1,100亿美元。 /201311/265572重庆324医院是私立的吗? Most desirable postcodes in the UK revealed在英国,发现最理想的邮编坐标The study, commissioned by Royal Mail, analysed factors such as jobs, health, education and crime.英国皇家邮政在工作、健康、教育和犯罪率等方面对英国各地进行了分析。The UK#39;s most desirable postcodes, based on criteria including crime, jobs and health, have been revealed by Royal Mail.参照犯罪率、就业和健康等方面的标准,英国皇家邮政评出了英国最理想的邮政编码。Out of around 1.8 million postcodes in the UK today, the SP9 postcode of Tidworth in Wiltshire scored top marks in England, while South Glasgow (G44) came first in Scotland and Brynteg on Anglesey (LL78) was said to have the most desirable postcode in Wales.目前英国大约有180万个邮政编码,其中位于威尔特郡,邮编为SP9的蒂德沃思名列首位,南格拉斯哥(邮编G44)为苏格兰第一,而安格尔西岛(邮编LL78)则是威尔士最理想的邮编坐标。The study, by the Centre for Economic and Business Research, was commissioned to mark the 40th anniversary of the allocation of postcodes to every address in Britain, which the Royal Mail said “revolutionised” the way post was sorted and delivered.研究由英国经济与商业研究中心开展,以纪念英国向国内各地分配邮编40周年。皇家邮政表示,此举“彻底改变了”邮件分类和寄送的方式。Each area was assessed on a range of factors including employment opportunities, health, education, crime rates and housing affordability.每个地区会根据一系列因素参与评选,包括就业机会、健康、教育、犯罪率以及购房承受力。Completing the top three postcodes in England were the Hampshire village of Yateley (GU46) and the seaside resort of St Bees in Cumbria (CA27). In Scotland Erskine (PA8) and Largs (KA30) were in second and third place, while in Wales it was Llantwit Major (CF61) and Llanidloes (SY18).参与角逐英格兰地区头三名的是位于汉普郡的亚特里(邮编GU46)和位于坎布里亚郡的海滨胜地圣比斯岛(邮编CA27)。在苏格兰地区,厄斯金(邮编PA8)和拉格斯镇(邮编KA30)分列二、三名,威尔士地区则是兰特威特马哲(邮编CF61)和拉尼德洛伊斯镇(邮编SY18)。England#39;s most desirable postcodes - 1SP9, Tidworth, Wiltshire英格兰 最理想邮编坐标 - 1邮编SP9 蒂德沃思,位于威尔特郡Steve Rooney, head of Royal Mail#39;s address management unit, said: “The invention of the postcode revolutionised the way post is sorted and delivered. As it has evolved, the postcodes have also revolutionised the way companies do business.史蒂夫·鲁尼是英国皇家邮政的地址管理部负责人,他说道:“邮政编码的发明彻底改变了邮件分类和寄送的方式。随着这一变革,邮编同时也改变了企业经营的方式。”;The postcode is now used by businesses and individuals in their everyday activities, whether that is verifying a person#39;s address when making a transaction or planning a route on a sat-nav system.;“现在,企业和个人在日常生活中都要用到邮编,不管是用于验地址,进行交易,还是计划出游时查询卫星导航系统都需要它。”Overall, there are 48 million postcodes available under Royal Mail#39;s alpha-numeric system. The combination of letters and numbers was chosen because people can remember a mixture of numbers and letters more easily than a list of numbers and it gives more code combinations.皇家邮政的字母-数字编码系统如今共分配了4千8百万有效邮编。之所以选择字母加数字的邮编形式,是因为相比纯数字,人们更容易记住这种组合形式,而且这种方式能提供更多组合。 /201409/329663重庆星宸美容医院是民办还是公立医院

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