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Zhang Hanyu wins best leading actor for Taiwan film awards  Chinese mainland actor Zhang Hanyu won the best leading actor gong Saturday in Taiwan at the Golden Horse Film Awards, seen as the "Chinese-language Oscars".   Zhang claimed the title with his performance in "The Assembly", beating action star Jet Li.   The 80-million-yuan (11.6 million U.S. dollar) mainland blockbuster tells a story about a soldier seeking recognition for comrades who died during the Chinese civil war between the Communist Party of China and the Kuomintang (KMT) Party.   "The Warlords", based on a Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) struggle of three blood brothers for a woman during a time of war and political upheaval, claimed the best picture prize, beating "The Assembly", "Orz Boy", "Ocean Flame", and Taiwan's romantic drama "Cape No. 7".   Peter Chan, director of the "The Warlords", claimed the best director title.   The island's box office hit "Cape No. 7", directed by Wei Te-sheng from Taiwan, got the Outstanding Taiwanese Film of the Year. Wei was named as the Outstanding Taiwanese Filmmaker of the Year.   Prudence Liew from Hong Kong claimed the best leading actress title with her performance in "True Women for Sale".   Ma Rulong was named as the Best Supporting Actor for his role in "Cape No. 7" and Mei Fang the Best Supporting Actress for her role in the "Orz Boy."   第45届台湾电影金马奖6日晚上在台中市颁奖。在电影《集结号》中扮演“谷子地”的大陆演员张涵予获得“最佳男主角”,著名作家刘恒也因该片获得“最佳改编剧本奖”。   香港电影在颁奖中后来居上,《投名状》击败《集结号》《海角七号》《囧男孩》和《一半海水一半火焰》,获得“最佳剧情片”,该片导演陈可辛荣获“最佳导演”;香港女演员刘美君则获得“最佳女主角”。   在台湾创下“票房神话”的本土影片《海角七号》与诸多大奖失之交臂,获得“年度台湾杰出影片”,该片导演魏德圣获得“年度台湾杰出电影工作者”。台湾资深演员马如龙、梅芳分别因在《海角七号》《囧男孩》中的精湛演技,获得“最佳男、女配角”。 /200812/58354With 49% of the votes, Johnny Depp is the sexiest male thespian.约翰尼·德普以49%的持率当选最性感男星。 /200909/83903导读: 她们有着超常的法力,既能给人治病,也能用巫术蛊惑他人做坏事。这一神秘的职业,令许多人又敬又怕。Witchcraft, also called black magic, is the power or practices of witches. Western people used to believe that witches had supernatural powers. They were supposed to be able to call up spirits and make them do evil things. Their special helping spirits are called “familiars”, who take the form of animals, particularly cats, snakes, owls, and dogs.巫术,也称黑魔法,是巫师,尤其是女巫施行的法术。西方人曾相信女巫具有超自然的力量,可呼唤妖魔协助她们作恶。跟随她们的妖魔称为“巫使”,通常以猫、蛇、猫头鹰和等动物形象出现。 Some people believed witches had the power to change into animals. This power enabled them to travel about secretly. Witches also were said to be able to fly. They flew by riding brooms or rakes, or riding magical animals. Witches had great knowledge of how to make magical potions and charms, which were used to change people’s behavior. Witches were believed to be able to see into the future. They were also believed to have the evil eye – that is, the ability to harm or kill by looking.when crops failed, horses ran away, cattle sickened, wagon broke, women miscarried, or storms destroyed house, a witch was always found to blame. Some of these reputed witches were thought to hold yearly ceremonies called “Witches Sabbath”, a midnight meeting of 12 witches and the Devil.有人认为女巫也可变化为动物,所以她们可以四处游荡而不为人所知。据说女巫能够飞翔。飞行时或骑在扫帚或耙子上,或骑在某种有魔力的动物背上。女巫懂得如何煎制魔药、制作符录,以蛊惑他人。女巫也有预卜未来的本领。据说她们还有魔眼,即用目光伤害或杀死他人的能力。在中世纪,每当庄稼欠收、马匹走失、牛群遭瘟、车辆损坏、妇女流产或风暴摧毁房舍,总要找一个女巫承担罪责。有人还认为某些女巫每年举行一次女巫安息日聚会。与会者有十二个女巫及魔鬼。 Nearly all those who were suspected of practicing witchcraft were women, especially old women who were lean and ugly, looking pale and melancholy, or with red hair. In many witch trials of the 17th century in Europe and colonial America, a suspected witch was tied up and thrown into water. If she sank, she was considered a witch and was ecuted. 几乎所有被怀疑行巫术的人都是妇女,特别是些年老、瘦削、畸形、面色苍白而忧郁或长有红发的妇女。在17世纪的欧洲和北美殖民地,有女巫嫌疑的人往往被捆绑起来,投入水中,如果她下沉,就明清白;如果浮在水面,就被断定为女巫,处以死刑。 In the early Christian centuries, the church was relatively tolerant of magical practices. But in the late Middle Ages European people began to look upon those women who tried to cure diseases by using magic as witches, or the followers of Satan. Many women accused of practicing witchcraft were tortured or even burned to death. Most of them were obviously innocent.The belief in witchcraft declined at the beginning of the 18th century when people began to examine their old beliefs again with a skeptical eye. 早期欧洲基督教会曾对巫术较宽容,但到了中世纪末,人们开始将使用魔法为人治病的妇女视为女巫,或魔鬼的门徒。许多女人被控行巫术,遭受拷打后被施以火刑。其中大多数显然是无辜的。自18世纪启蒙运动始,人们开始对巫术持怀疑态度,对巫术的迷信不再流行。 /201008/111824【中英对照】The truth is women are always attracted to guys with unique and interesting personalities. In order to be successful with women, you have to know the right kind of characteristics to display to women. In the next few minutes, you'll learn the most important personality traits to display that will draw women to you. Take a look and see if you're doing something wrong! 女人事实上总是会被男人独特而有趣的特质吸引。为了成功地吸引女人,你必须知道应该将自己的哪一面展现在她们面前。在接下来的短短时间里,你将会学到吸引女人最该具备的特质。看看你是不是有哪些地方做得不对! Personality Trait 1 Do:Confidence 自信 Whenever you're talking to women, you have to show absolute confidence in yourself. No matter what happens or comes up, you should act like it doesn't faze you. A confident guy can roll with the punches and handle himself in all situations. 无论什么时候和女人接触都必须表现得绝对自信。不管发生什么事情,无论出现什么状况,你都应该表现得毫不担忧。 一个自信的人可以收放自如、从容应对各种局面。 Don't: Being Clingy And Insecure. 粘乎乎,不自信 By "clingy," I don't mean physically touchy-feely--although women can be turned off by such behavior. But being psychologically clingy is even worse. You're psychologically clingy when you never leave her side when you're walking around the department store, or when you keep asking if she likes you or if you're her type. This kind of insecurity make women think you're a pest. 这里的“粘乎乎”并非指身体上的过于卿卿我我——尽管这种行为也有可能不招女人待见。心理上的粘乎乎更糟糕。其表现为:当你们逛百货商场时,你寸步不离她左右;或者你老是问她是否爱你,或问你是不是她想要的那种类型。这种不自信会让女人觉得你很烦。 /200905/69497咱们在厨房能帮助老爸减肥。

If you haven’t seen the work of Robert Harvey Oshatz, then you’re in for a huge treat, because he’s our only guest here at Offbeat today. He’s that cool. He gets the whole day. Although really he’s so cool he should get the month. But I digress.Oshatz has designed many an amazing structure in my home state - Oregon and in other areas as well, as far reaching as Japan. His work is a mix of commercial, residential, religious, and more. What I love is how his work is entirely unique yet somehow manages to fit into the landscape so well - which is crucial I think if we want to preserve the natural environment. We really need to see more often that landscape and structure can ease together.His design philosophy is really bold. Here’s a clip:“Except for the basic elements of design composition, dominance, transition, and identity; I stay away from design theories. They seem to be too transitory and irrelevant to my work. Design theories tend to outshine their author’s performance, becoming limiting concepts, prejudicing the mind while tying one’s hands behind one’s back. They are roadblocks to new ideas. While subscribing to a particular theory of design an architect must solve problems within the parameters of that theory; this is limiting at best…The requirements of architecture are such that I must go beyond what the client understands. There must be surprise, mystery, beauty and delight, elements that make architecture rewarding to its users for a lifetime. This is one of the primary differences between architecture and building. It is the architect’s responsibility to go beyond the mere program and into the realm of what I call the spiritual.”You should really Oshatz’s entire design approach though, not simply the clip above. It’s great, very interesting when combined with his work.I ran into some issues deciding which homes to show. I’ll show two houses today, but narrowing it down to two was very difficult. I love many of his residential works a lot. Being a fan of Oregon in general, I did decide to go with two Oregon homes, which narrowed it down a little.First up the Wilkinson Residence. This is not a house easily captured in photos. However, it’s lovely and offbeat all the same. Located in Portland the home’s lot is a fast sloping grade which according to Oshatz’s site, “Provided the opportunity to bring the main level of the house into the tree canopy to evoke the feeling of being in a tree house.” The client wanted a home that flowed with the natural environment, and I’m thinking that said client got their wish. Take a look:It sort of makes you gasp, no? I almost can’t stop looking at it. This next photo is my favorite picture of the home. It’s the entryway, but it resembles a kaleidescope somewhat - like the flow keeps going when you look right at the circles. 还没见过罗伯特·哈维·奥赫兹的作品吗?那你今天就大饱眼福了,因为奥赫兹将作客“不规则的房屋”一整天哦。他太酷了,按理说他应该呆这一个月我们才甘心。不过,我跑题喽。奥赫兹在我的家乡――俄勒冈州留下了大量令人惊叹的作品,当然也在其它地方了,甚至远如日本。他的建筑是商业,居家,宗教以及更多其它元素的结合。不过,我最爱的是他的与众不同,还有建筑与周围景色完美的和谐,这样的和谐我认为在保护自然时至关重要。我们真的希望看到更多的建筑能与周围景色亲密的相处。他的设计理念非常大胆,看看他怎么说:“除了最基本的创作理论,如设计布局,主导,过渡以及特性,我拒斥理论,一种短暂而且跟我的作品毫不相干的东西。设计理论只会喧宾夺主,取代设计本身的位置,成为一种桎梏,一种概念,甚至一种偏见,使设计者束手缚脚,难以腾挪。理论是创意的绊脚石。一个建筑家一旦束缚于一个设计理论,他看问题就局限于它,理论带给他的只有局限,仅此而已。在设计作品时,我必须超越客户的想象力。惊喜,神秘,美,愉悦是我的建筑给与他们终身受用的体验,缺一不可。这就是建筑和建筑物最本质的区别。一个建筑师不应把建筑本身看作一项工程或任务,他应该进入一种境界,就是我所说的灵魂。”你最好还是把奥赫兹的设计理念通读一遍,比上面的节选要丰富多了。真的很棒,结合他自己的作品来阐释,很有趣。在决定该秀他的哪些作品时,我碰到了麻烦。今天计划是两间私人房屋,但只选两个真是太难抉择了,因为他那些住宅建筑,我喜欢的太多了。不过,我喜欢俄勒冈,所以决定选两间他在俄勒冈的作品,这样范围稍为缩小。第一个当然是威尔金森豪宅了,不过照片很难展现它的精妙。不过,它真的是无比的惹人喜爱,而且是货真价实的不规则哦。座落在波特兰的一个很陡峭的斜坡上,奥赫兹说:“这个斜坡是恰到好处,刚好可以把屋顶设计成树荫状,唤起人在树屋里的感觉。”主人要求屋子与自然环境和谐融洽,我想奥赫兹不负所托。 /200808/45579

Lovelorn staff at a Japanese marketing company can take paid time off after a bad break-up with a partner, and more "heartache leave" on offer when they get older.Tokyo-based Hime amp; Company, which also gives staff paid time off to hit the shops during sales season, says heartache leave allows staff to cry themselves out and return to work refreshed. "Not everyone needs to take maternity leave but with heartbreak, everyone needs time off, just like when you get sick," CEO Miki Hiradate said.Staff aged 24 years or younger can take one day off per year, while those between 25 and 29 can take two days off and those older can take three days off, the company said."Women in their 20s can find their next love quickly, but it's tougher for women in their 30s, and their break-ups tend to be more serious," Hiradate said.Hime amp; Company staff can also take two mornings off twice a year as "sales shopping leave", so they can race to stores to hunt for bargains."Before, women could take half-days off to go to sales, but you'd have to hide your shopping bags in lockers by the train station," Hiradate said."But with paid leave, we don't have to feel guilty about bringing our shopping bags to work, and we can enjoy the best part about sales shopping -- talking about our purchases afterwards." 日本一家营销公司日前规定,员工失恋后可享受带薪假期。而且随着年龄的增长,这种“疗伤假”会增多。这家位于东京的“姬会社”还在促销旺季为员工提供了购物假。公司称“疗伤假”能让员工在痛哭之后重振精神回到工作岗位。该公司的首席执行官平官美吉说:“并不是人人都需要休产假,但如果失恋了,无论谁都需要休息,就像生病一样。”该公司规定,24岁及24岁以下的员工每年有一天的失恋假;25岁至29岁的员工可享受两天失恋假;29岁以上的员工可休假三天。平官美吉说:“20多岁的女性失恋后能很快开始另一段恋情,但对于30多岁的女性来说就没那么容易了,所以她们的失恋往往更严重。”姬会社的员工每年还可享受两个上午的“购物假”,在此期间员工可去商场抢购打折商品。平官美吉说:“以前,女性可以请半天假出去购物,但之后又不得不将购物袋藏在地铁站的衣物柜中。”“有了带薪假期,大家就不用为把购物袋带到办公室而感到心虚了,大家还能分享购物的最大乐趣——比如一下买到的宝贝。” /200803/28738

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