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2019年11月23日 01:23:30 | 作者:百度互动 | 来源:新华社
Beijing will ;resolutely curb; secessionist activities seeking ;Taiwan independence; in any form, and will never let the historic tragedy of ;national separation; recur, President Xi Jinping said on Saturday.国家主席习近平上周六表示,中国政府将“坚决遏制”任何形式的“台独”分裂行径,决不让“民族分离”的历史性悲剧重演。It is the first time Xi has made remarks on cross-Straits relations since Tsai Ing-wen, chairwoman of Taiwans pro-independence Democratic Progressive Party, won a leadership election on the island in January. She is scheduled to take office in May.这是自倾向台湾独立的民进党主席蔡英文于今年1月当选台湾领导人后,习近平主席第一次就两岸关系发表言论。蔡英文按计划将于今年五月正式上任;Our policy toward Taiwan has been consistent and clear and will not change because of political changes in Taiwan,; Xi said.习近平主席表示:“我们对台方针始终如一,也非常清楚,不会因台湾政权更迭而有所改变。”He said the 1992 Consensus, which says both Taiwan and the mainland are parts of one China, explicitly defines the nature of the cross-Straits relationship and is crucial to the stable and long-term development of cross-Straits ties. Only by acknowledging the 1992 Consensus, and accepting its core content, can the two sides have a common political foundation and maintain healthy interactions.习主席表示,《九二共识》规定,台湾和大陆都是中国的一部分,它明确界定了两岸关系的性质,是确保两岸关系长期和平发展的关键。只有承认《九二共识》这一历史事实,认同其核心内涵,两岸间才有共同的政治基础,才能保持良性的互动。The past eight years, during which time Ma Ying-jeou has served as the islands leader, have been marked by smooth exchanges between the mainland and Taiwan.在马英九担任台湾领导人的过去八年间,大陆和台湾之间一直保持着良性的互动;Compatriots across the Straits are very expectant about the peaceful development of cross-Straits ties, and we should not let them down,; Xi said.习近平主席表示:“两岸同胞对推进两岸关系和平发展充满期待,我们不应让他们失望。”Premier Li Keqiang also said in the Government Work Report on Saturday that authorities on the mainland will uphold its policies toward Taiwan, oppose separatist activities, maintain the peaceful development of cross Straits relations and safeguard peace and stability of the Taiwan Straits. ;We will strive to make progress in cross-Straits economic integration. We will encourage cultural, educational, scientific and technological exchanges and help strengthen exchanges between ordinary people and the younger generation on both sides of the Straits,; he said.在周六的政府工作报告上,国家总理李克强也表示,中国政府将继续坚持对台工作的大政方针,坚决反对“台独”分裂活动,维护两岸关系和平发展和台海和平稳定。他说,“我们将努力推进两岸经济融合发展,促进两岸文化、教育、科技等领域交流,加强两岸基层和青年交流。”He added that, guided by the conviction that people on both sides of the Straits belong to one and the same family, the mainland will share with people in Taiwan both the responsibility of the Chinese nation and opportunities for development, and jointly build a cross-Straits community of common destiny.此外,李克强总理还补充说道,我们将秉持“两岸一家亲”理念,同台湾同胞共担民族大义,共享发展机遇,携手构建两岸命运共同体。来 /201603/430668

Mohammed bin Salman, son of Saudi Arabia’s King Salman and his deputy crown prince, is commonly referred to as the power behind the throne. That phrase falls short after this week’s unveiling of his Vision 2030, the most ambitious reform programme in the kingdom’s history. Whether he succeeds or fails, for now he is the power. 沙特国王萨勒King Salman)的儿子、副王储穆罕默德#8226;#8226;萨勒Mohammed bin Salman),通常被称为王权背后的掌权者。本周,在他公布沙特历史上最雄心勃勃的改革计划“愿030Vision 2030)之后,这个称呼已经不准确了。无论他是成是败,目前他就是掌权者Since his ageing father succeeded to the throne last year, the 30-year-old prince has taken hold of most of the main levers of power: as economy overlord, defence minister and architect of Saudi Arabia’s increasingly hawkish foreign policy. Now he has set breathtaking targets to wean Saudis off what he calls an “addiction to oilby replacing fast depleting hydrocarbon revenue with income from private investment, privatisation and the creation of the world’s biggest sovereign wealth fund. 自从去年他年迈的父亲继承王位以来,这0岁的王子已把持了国家的大部分主要权力:他是最高经济官员、国防部长,还是沙特日益鹰派的外交政策的设计者。如今,他制定了令人激动的目标,即用私人投资、私有化和打造全球最大主权财富基金产生的收益,取代快速减少的碳氢化合物收入,从而使沙特人摆脱他所称的“石油瘾”He plans to float up to 5 per cent of Saudi Aramco, the state oil company, and place it and other assets in this fund, which he envisages will eventually exceed tn and become a global investment force. He fore sees non-oil revenue quadrupling by 2020 from just over bn last year, before nearly doubling again by 2030. “I think in 2020 we can live without oil,he said this weekCHKD. 他打算将国有石油公司沙特阿拉伯石油公Saudi Aramco)至多5%的股份公开发行,然后把筹得资金和其他资产注入主权财富基金中。他设想,该基金的规模最终将超过2万亿美元,成为全球投资领域的一重要力量。他预计,到2020年非石油收入将在去年略高00亿美元的基础上增加三倍,030年接近再翻一番。他本周表示:“我认为020年我们不靠石油收入也能生活。Prince Mohammed, known in diplomatic shorthand as MbS, has said he also intends to introduce accountability in a public administration plagued by waste and corruption including at his defence ministry, responsible for the world’s third biggest arms procurement programme. He intends to raise locally sourced arms production from 2 per cent now to 50 per cent by 2030CHKD. 穆罕默德王子表示,他也打算在浪费和腐败问题严重的公共管理领域——包括他领导下的国防部——引入问责制。沙特国防部掌管着全球第三大武器采购项目。他打算030年把武器国产化率从目前的2%提升0%All this rewrites the social contract whereby Saudis forgo political rights and offer fealty to the House of Saud in return for public sector jobs and cradle-to-grave welfare funded by oil. Coming even close to these goals implies radical social change, an upheaval in governance all without much sign that the absolute monarchy intends its subjects to become fully participatory citizens. 所有这一切会重写当前的社会契约:沙特人放弃政治权利,效忠沙特王室(House of Saud),以换取公共行业的工作机会以及依靠石油收入实现的从摇篮到坟墓的福利保障。即便只是朝这些目标靠近,都暗示着激进的社会改革、治理的巨变——同时并没有多少迹象表明这个绝对君主制国家打算让自己的臣民变成完全参与型公民While no one can fault MbS for his boldness, his programme resembles a mobilisation of technocrats to bypass big political obstacles. The biggest of these is the cornerstone of the state: the historic compact between the House of Saud and the House of ibn Abdul Wahhab, the 18th century preacher behind the most extreme version of Sunni Muslim orthodoxy ever attempted as a form of governance. The ruling family has until now relied on the Wahhabi establishment as reactionary and bigoted as ever for its legitimacy, in exchange for clerical control over areas such as education and the judiciary, as well as the segregation of women. 尽管谁也不能指责穆罕默德王子的大胆,但他的改革计划好像是想利用技术官僚绕过一些重大政治障碍。其中最大的政治障碍是沙特国家的基石:沙特王House of Saud)与伊#8226;阿卜杜勒#8226;瓦哈卜家House of ibn Abdul Wahhab)缔结的历史性条约。伊#8226;阿卜杜勒#8226;瓦哈卜是瓦哈比教派的创始人,生活8世纪。该教派是伊斯兰教正统逊尼派各分中,曾被尝试作为一种治理形式的最极端的一。直到如今,沙特执政家族一直依赖瓦哈比当权派——他们像以往任何时候一样极端顽固保守——维持执政合法性,同时作为回报,给予后者在教育、司法以及隔离女性等领域的宗教控制权That is one lever of power the deputy crown prince does not hold, and it is hard to see his reform plans prospering if this symbiotic compact stays as it is. Deference to Saudi Arabia, moreover, has diminished as understanding grows of the ways in which Wahhabi proselytism feeds into virulent jihadi phenomena such as al-Qaeda and Isis. That alone undermines the kingdom’s potential as an investment magnet. 这是这位副王储并未掌握的一种权力,倘若这一共存条约不改变的话,我们是很难看到他的改革计划取得成功的。此外,随着人们日益了解瓦哈比教派的劝诱改宗如何催生基地组织(al-Qaeda)、伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国(ISIS)等危险圣战组织,外界对沙特的尊重减弱了。仅这一点就损害了沙特的潜在投资吸引力MbS, with a reputation for strong-headedness, may be seeking new sources of legitimacy from his own generation. He still has to consolidate his power inside a sprawling, faction-ridden family but he has given a few hints. 以固执而著称的穆罕默德王子,或许正向他的同代人那里寻找新的执政合法性来源。他还是得在一个派系林立的庞大家族内巩固自己的权力——但他也给出了些许暗示This month the unbridled power of the religious police, the notorious Mutawa, was curbed; the force can no longer arrest, question or pursue those judged in breach of its stern social mores. This week he said that whether Saudi women whose participation in the workforce he intends to increase would win the right to drive was a decision for society. Yet in a recent interview with Bloomberg he said: “We believe women have rights in Islam that they’ve yet to obtainalmost an invitation for Saudis to become more assertive on this and similarly discriminatory issues. 本月,沙特臭名昭著的宗教警察(Mutawa)肆无忌惮的权力受到了限制;他们再也不能逮捕、审问或追捕那些被认定违反了其严厉社会风俗的人。本周,他表示,沙特妇女——他打算让更多妇女进入职场——是否将赢得驾驶权利,是社会的决定。但他不久前接受彭Bloomberg)采访时表示,“我们相信,在伊斯兰世界中,妇女还有权利尚未实现”——这几乎是鼓励沙特人在这个问题以及其他具有同样歧视性的问题上表现得更坚决But on education, for example, reform cannot sidestep the clergy. At the heart of the MbS plan is the creation of private-sector jobs for underemployed, often underqualified youth, much of whose schooling consists of bombardment with Wahhabi dogma. One front-rank Gulf employer tells of interviewing a Saudi graduate whose doctorate was on Islamic ablutions. 但是,改革在比如教育等领域无法绕过教权。穆罕默德王子改革方案的核心,是为那些未充分就业、往往资质不足的年轻人创造私人部门的工作机会。在这些年轻人中,很多人受到的教育都包括大量瓦哈比教义的灌输。一家海湾地区的一流雇主谈到,他们曾经面试过一名沙特毕业生,这名毕业生士读的是伊斯兰净礼Prince Mohammed’s vision calls for wholesale curriculum reform and five Saudi universities in the top 200. There are no technocratic bypasses on that road, which leads to collision with the Wahhabi clerical establishment. 穆罕默德王子的愿景呼吁实施全面的课程改革,让5所沙特大学进入全球00名。这个目标是无法通过技术官僚式绕路实现的,这意味着与瓦哈比宗教当权派的冲突在所难免。来 /201605/440560

US prosecutors have accused two relatives of Ban Ki-moon, the former UN secretary-general, of a bribery plot linked to Vietnam’s tallest building and a South Korean company embroiled in a corruption scandal.联合UN)前任秘书长潘基文(Ban Ki-moon)的两名亲戚遭到美国检察机关的指控,原因是与越南最高建筑及一家卷入腐败丑闻的韩国企业有关的贿赂情节。Joo Hyun-bahn, Mr Ban’s nephew, denied the charges and was granted bail at a court hearing in New York after he and his father, Ban Ki-sang, were indicted on Tuesday. Ban Ki-sang, who is Ban Ki-moon’s brother, has not been arrested and could not immediately be reached for comment.潘基文的侄子潘柱贤(Bahn Joo-hyun,音译)否认了相关指控并在纽约一场法庭听中被允许保释。此前,他和他的父亲潘基相(Ban Ki-sang,音译)在周二受到了起诉。潘基相是潘基文的弟弟,他并未遭到逮捕,不过记者无法马上联系上他以置评此事。The indictment came just 10 days after Ban Ki-moon, who is not accused of any involvement in the affair, ended a decade leading the UN.就在这一起诉发生十天前,潘基文刚刚结束了对联合国十年的领导。潘基文自身并未被指控与该事件有任何关系。He has been touted as a possible candidate for the presidency of South Korea, where contenders have aly begun jockeying following the impeachment of Park Geun-hye amid a vast corruption scandal.目前,潘基文已被多方宣传为韩国总统的可能候选人。在韩国,自朴槿Park Geun-hye)因一宗巨大的腐败丑闻而遭弹劾之后,竞争总统的人选已开始明争暗斗。US authorities claim Mr Ban’s relatives conspired in 2014 to funnel .5m via a middleman to an unnamed Middle Eastern official. The official was supposed to convince his country’s sovereign wealth fund to buy the Landmark 72 tower in Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital, for 0m.美国当局声称014年潘基文的两名亲戚曾密谋通过中间人向一位不知名的中东官员输50万美元。原本用意是让这名官员说该国主权财富基金斥亿美元,买下越南首都河内的地2(Landmark 72)大楼。But the two alleged plotters were double-crossed by the middleman, Malcolm Harris, who did not have the relationship he claimed with the government official and simply pocketed an initial 0,000 downpayment, the indictment asserts.不过,该起诉书声称,这两位涉嫌的谋划者却遭到这位名为马尔科姆?哈里Malcolm Harris)的中间人的欺骗。哈里斯并不掌握所声称的与这位政府官员的关系,而只是把最初付的50万美元定金据为己有。Mr Harris, who has also been charged, used the money for a spending spree including the rental of a luxury penthouse apartment in Brooklyn, prosecutors allege. Mr Harris could not immediately be reached for comment.检察机关指控称,同样受到指控的哈里斯大肆挥霍了这笔钱,其中包括在布鲁克林租用了一个豪华顶层公寓。记者无法马上与哈里斯取得联系,以置评此事。“This alleged conduct proves the adage that there is truly no honour among thieves,said Leslie Caldwell, assistant attorney-general in the US justice department. “The indictment alleges that two defendants wanted to bribe a government official; instead they were defrauded by their co-defendant.”美国司法部(DoJ)助理总检察官莱斯考德威尔(Leslie Caldwell)表示:“这些涉嫌实施的行为明了那句谚语:小偷是没有真正的节操的。起诉书声称,两位被告想要贿赂政府官员,却被他们的共同被告骗了。”The former UN secretary-general’s brother was a senior executive at both Landmark 72 and Keangnam Enterprises, the Korean construction company that built and owned the skyscraper, US authorities allege. He wanted to arrange the sale because Keangnam had run into financial trouble from 2013, prosecutors claim.美国当局指控称,潘基文的这位弟弟是地2大楼和京南企Keangnam Enterprises)的高管。京南企业是建造并拥有这栋天大楼的韩国建筑公司。检察机关声称,潘基相之所以希望安排这一转让,是因为京南企业013年起遭遇了财务困境。Mr Ban was “surprisedby reports of the indictments of his relatives and had no knowledge of the matter, according to a spokesperson ed by Reuters news agency.据路透社(Reuters)援引潘基文发言人的说法称,潘基文对有关其亲戚所受指控的报道感到“震惊”,并对此毫不知情。来 /201701/488229

Mr Larson, who is now at SpaceX, the rocket company founded by the billionaire Elon Musk, said Mr Obama loves sitting back and having scientists say magical things about the future.现就职于亿万富翁埃隆#8226;马斯Elon Musk)创办的火箭公司SpaceX的拉森称,奥巴马喜欢闲坐着,听科学家说未来的神奇事物。Mr Obama is the first sitting president to post a selfie on Instagram, 奥巴马是首位在Instagram上发布自拍照的在任总统。and he has championed initiatives on issues like funding for start-ups, visas for international entrepreneurs, and self-driving cars.见到在《星际迷航Star Trek)中扮演斯波克(Spock)的演员伦纳德#8226;尼莫Leonard Nimoy)时,他自豪地行了瓦肯举手礼。Mr Obama created the position of ed States chief technology officer on his first day in office, 上任第一天,奥巴马就创设了美国首席技术官这个职位。and he has championed initiatives on issues like funding for start-ups, visas for international entrepreneurs, and self-driving cars.他还持资助创业公司、向国际创业者发放签和研发自动驾驶汽车等问题上的行动。A number of Silicon Valley executives have joined the Obama administration, including Megan J. 不少硅谷高管加入了奥巴马政府,包括现任美国首席技术官的前谷歌(Google)高管梅甘#8226;J#8226;史密Megan J. Smith, a former Google executive who is now the ed States chief technology officer, and Kurt DelBene, who left Microsoft in 2013 to manage Healthcare.gov and later returned to the tech company.Smith)013年离开微软(Microsoft)管理Healthcare.gov,后来又回到微软的库尔特#8226;德尔贝恩(Kurt DelBene)。But Mr Obama has also angered civil liberties advocates who grew to view him as the surveillance president, too willing to continue government programs, put in place after the terrorist attacks of 2001, that use technology to snoop on Americans. 但奥巴马也惹怒了公民自由倡导人士,他们认为他是监视总统,过于热心坚001年的恐怖袭击后实施的政府计划,利用技术手段监视美国民众。A report last week from the Center for Privacy amp; Technology at Georgetown Law chided the F.B.I. 乔治城大学法学院隐私与技术中Center for Privacy amp; Technology at Georgetown Law)上周发布的一份报告指责联邦调查局(FBI)和警方集成了一个人脸识别数据库系统。and the police for assembling a face-recognition database system that contains more than 117 million American adults, half of all adults in the country.该系统有1.17亿美国成年人的信息,相当于美国一半的成年人。This president has presided over an era in which universal tracking is becoming more pervasive, not just from intelligence agencies but also at the level of local law enforcement, said Ben Wizner, the director of the speech, privacy and technology project at the American Civil Liberties Union and the chief legal adviser to Edward J. 这位总统在位期间,无处不在的追踪变得更加普遍,不仅仅是来自情报机构,还有地方执法机构层面的追踪,美国公民自由联盟(American Civil Liberties Union)的演讲、隐私与技术项目主任、爱德华#8226;J#8226;斯诺Edward J. Snowden)的首席法律顾问本#8226;维茨Ben Wizner)说。Snowden, a former government contractor who revealed in 2013 that ed States intelligence agencies had created a mass surveillance system to comb through Americansphone records and international internet traffic.2013年,曾是政府承包商雇员的斯诺登爆料称美国情报机构创建了一个大型监视系统,检查美国的电话记录和国际互联网通讯。The public controversy that followed the disclosures emboldened some technology executives to stand up to government intrusion, leading to disagreements about how to ensure data security and privacy while meeting the needs of law enforcement. 爆料引发的公众争议促使一些科技高管开始抵制政府的干涉,引起了关于如何在满足执法需求的同时确保数据安全和隐私的分歧。This year, Apple refused to comply with an F.B.I. demand that the company unlock an iPhone during a terrorism investigation.今年,苹果在一起恐怖主义调查中拒绝按照FBI的要求破解一部iPhone。Still, that has not stopped Silicon Valley from keeping an open door for Mr Obama.但这并未阻止硅谷向奥巴马敞开大门。Sam Altman, the president of Y Combinator, a Silicon Valley start-up accelerator, suggested that the soon-to-be ex-president would be a good job candidate.硅谷的创业孵化器Y Combinator的总裁萨姆#8226;奥尔特曼(Sam Altman)表示,即将成为前总统的奥巴马会是一个优秀的应聘者。We’d happily hire him, Mr Altman joked, and give him a chance.我们会很乐意雇佣他,奥尔特曼开玩笑说,给他一个机会。来 /201610/474618

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