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Sarah Wehner, an American woman born in the 1980s, has been promoting Chinese acupuncture years in the state of Maryland, hoping that she can some day exchange views with real masters of acupuncture in China.莎拉·魏纳是一名美国的80后女子,已经在马里兰州推行中国针灸有年了,她希望有朝一日能和中国真正的针灸大师切磋技艺Wehner is from Baltimore, Maryland. She has been an experienced acupuncturist though she has never been to China bee.莎拉·魏纳来自马里兰巴尔的尽管从未去过中国,但是她已经成为了一个经验丰富的针灸师了Her father is the one who introduced her to acupuncture. He was cured of a mental illness through acupuncture, after many other therapies failed.将她引入针灸殿堂的是她的父亲她的父亲曾患有一种精神疾病,在许多其他疗法都失败了之后,针灸最终治好了他;My father is an carpenter, he can create a lot of things with only simple tools. He enlightened me and I decided to learn acupuncture. I think I can help others with the needles,; explained Wehner.魏纳说道:“我的父亲是个木匠,他可以只用简单的工具就创造出很多东西是他启发了我,我最终决定学习针灸我觉得我也能用这些银针帮助别人”Wehner and her colleagues uploaded s introducing different acupuncture therapies on social media in order to alleviate patients concerns. They also compiled a two-page guide to TCM terms.为了打消患者们的顾虑,魏纳和她的同行们将一份介绍不同针灸疗法的视频上传到了社交媒体上此外,他们还编写了一份长达两页的中医术语指南Since treatment fees acupuncture are relatively high in the U.S., Wehner organized a group of medical students, acupuncturists, patients, commy clinics and sponsors to set up an acupuncture commy, hoping to help more people obtain the therapies, coordinate job opporties acupuncturists in the U.S., and significantly lower the price of the treatments in America by .由于针灸治疗的费用在美国比较高,所以魏纳组织了医学院的一批学生、一些针灸师、患者、社区诊所和赞助商,组建了一个针灸社区,希望能够帮助更多的人得到这种治疗、协调在美针灸师的工作机会,以及到年时显著降低美国针灸治疗的费用“I treat 70 to 0 patients from different ethnic groups and aged from to over 80 every week. They all like this traditional Chinese therapy and feel satisfied after treatment,” said Wehner.魏纳说道:“我每周会治疗70到0名病患,他们来自不同种族,老少都有他们都很喜欢这种传统的中医疗法,治疗后都感到很满意”She added that she hopes to continue improving her medical skills and would love to speak with Chinese acupuncture masters in the future.她还表示,希望继续磨练自己的医术,并期望有朝一日能够和中国的针灸大师一起切磋 99Individual income tax 个人所得税A: This is the eign. What can I do you?你好,这里是国际税务所,请问有什么帮助的吗?B: This is Tom Black and I am from England. I have something to inquire abou the income tax.我是来自于英格兰的汤姆;布莱克,我想咨询一些关于个人所得税的问题A: Sure, go ahead.好的,请说B: Here the thing. I am a sales representative in China and my company is based on my income in England?事情是这样的,我是我们公司在中国的销售代表,我们公司总部设在英格兰那么请问一下我需要交纳个人所得税吗?A: Well, it depends.这得根据不同情况而定B: On what?那么是根据什么情况呢?A: It depends on how many years you have been in China.是根据你在中国居住的时间的长短而定的B: Well, I have been in China only six months.我刚刚到中国六个月A: You are quite welcome. Bye.很高兴为您效劳,再见;be subject to;意为;受;;的控制;例如:The above offer is made without engagement and all order will be subject to our written acceptance. 以上报盘为虚盘(无约束力),所有订货将以我方书面接受为准 65

Short of Stock 缺货S: Salesclerk 售货职员 C: Customer 顾客实用句型 Practical Key SentencesS1: It is in short supply.目前缺货S: It out of stock at present.目前缺货S3: Im sorry, they are out of stock.对不起,现在缺货S: Not this style, that style.不是这款,是那款S5: Not this week, next week.不是这周,是下周S6: Not this month, next month.不是这个月,是下个月S7: If you have time, please come again.如果你有时间,请再过来S8: If you like, I give you other colors.如果你愿意,我给你其他颜色S9: If you like, I give you other samples.如果你愿意,我给你其他板S: If you like, I give you other styles.如果你愿意,我给你其他款式S: We are sorry the shor delivery.我们为交货量短缺向你道歉S: We wont have any stock two weeks.两星期内大概不会有货S: Look in again next Wednesday, all right?下周三再来看看,如何?S: I promise you, we have stock a few days later.我保,过几天就有货S: Sorry, we dont have anything less dearly.对不起,再便宜的我们没有了S: If youre free, please come again and have a look.如果有空,请你来看看S: Factory is busy, deliver a few days later, OK?现在工厂忙,能否迟几天交货?S18: This stylebrand is out of stock. But we have another stylebrand about the same price and quality.这种款式品牌现在没有货不过我们有另一种款式品牌,价格相当,质量也不错S19: This product is expected not to be available at least a month.这种产品预计一个月内都会缺货S: We have so many orders these days that many styles are short of stock.这段时间订单多,很多款式都缺货S1: Youre really unlucky, the sizes, colors and styles you want are sold out. But weve expecting some new stock tomorrow. Please come earlier tomorrow.您来得真不巧,您要的尺码、颜色、款式刚卖完不过我们明天可望进货,您不妨明天一早来C1: I need urgently, deliver earlier, OK?我急着要,能不能早点交货?C: The delivered goods are short by ten pieces.发送的货物少了件 136

A: Hi, I am your new neighbor and was wondering if I could ask you a question or two.你好,我是你的新邻居,能否问你一两个问题B: Hi! I would be happy to answer any questions you might have.你好,愿意回答你提的问题A: Everyone here seems very friendly.这儿的人看起来都很友好B: Yes, many of us have lived here a long time and know each other well.是的,很多人生活在这儿已经很长时间了,彼此很了解A: How long have you lived here?你住在这儿多长时间了?B: I have lived in this building ten years.我住在这栋楼里年了A: When I get settled, would you consider giving me a list of places you use, like cleaners and grocery stores?当我安顿完后,你能给我一个日常常去的地方吗?比如清洁工或杂货店B: I can help you with that. Would you like to go to the local farmerrsquo;s market with me this morning?乐意效劳你愿意今天商务和我去当地农贸市场吗?A: That would be great!太棒了!B: Fine. Irsquo;ll knock on your door around ten orsquo;clock then.好的,点左右我会去找你

5.Japan Has a Very High Suicide Rate5.日本自杀率很高Japan is a wealthy nation with a very interesting history and colorful culture. It a visually stunning country that is home to the most innovative, highly disciplined, hard-working, successful people around. However, one dark aspect of Japanese society that many people from the West dont know is that it has a very high suicide rate. More than 30,000 Japanese men and women off themselves every year. With this rate, it is estimated that . out of 0,000 Japanese citizens are likely to kill themselves. Suicide has become a major issue in Japan. In fact, it has become one of the primary causes of death in women aged – and men aged – .日本是个很富有的国家,历史饶有趣味,文化丰富多那里汇集了最具创新意识、高度自律、工作努力的成功人士但大多西方人不知道,在这光鲜的成就背后隐藏着日本的高自杀率每年,日本有超过3,000男女选择自杀这个比率算来,0,000个日本人中,估计就有.人有自杀倾向自杀已成为日本一大社会问题,是造成-年龄段的女性和-年龄段的男性死亡的主要原因Why does a wealthy, highly advanced nation like Japan have a very high suicide rate? Apparently, Japan also faces unemployment problems. Failure to secure jobs is one of the primary causes of Japan high suicide rate. The sad news is that many of those who commit suicide due to job problems are young adults. Many of them are actually fresh graduates. Aside from job issues, other primary factors leading to the high suicide rate in Japan are depression and financial hardship.为什么一个像日本这样富有而先进的国家有这么高的自杀率呢?显然,失业问题难辞其咎高自杀率的一个主要原因就是得不到稳定工作,而且因就业问题而自杀的大多为年轻人,而这些年轻人中很大一部分还都是应届生除了就业问题,导致高自杀率的另一个原因是经济不景气和财政困难.Families in Japan Use the Same Water Bathing.日本家庭共用一个浴缸泡澡 the Japanese, taking a bath is not only about cleansing the body. It also an effective way to relax the mind, the body, and the spirit. This is the reason why most Japanese take hot baths during the evening and go to hot springs or onsens regularly. Unlike in the Western world, Japanese families use the same water bathing, and no they dont take baths simultaneously. The father goes first, followed by the mother, and then the children.对于日本人而言,洗澡并不只是单纯的洗净身体,而是一种放空思绪、舒展身体和缓解精神的有效方式,这也是为什么大多日本人晚上都喜欢泡澡而且定期还会去泡温泉的原因跟西方不同,日本一大家子只用一池水泡澡,当然不可能是同时泡,一般都是爸爸先泡,然后是妈妈,最后是孩子Almost all Japanese homes have bathtubs. However, they only use them soaking and not cleansing. In general, the Japanese clean, scrub, and soap their bodies outside the bathtubs with the use of a wash bowl. After they have cleaned and rinsed themselves thoroughly, theyll then enter the tub, soak their bodies, and enjoy the relaxation that the hot bath water brings. Since the cleansing is done outside the bathtubs, the hot water remains clean and clear, fit to be used by other family members. One interesting aspect of Japan unique way of bathing is that house guests are given the honor of using the hot bath water first.日本几乎每个家庭都有浴缸但是,日本人并不用浴缸洗澡,而只用它泡澡一般来讲,日本人会先在浴缸外的洗脸池里洗一洗、搓一搓、打打肥皂,等到浑身都洗干净之后,再躺进浴缸泡一泡,享受热水带来的舒缓因为进浴缸前已经洗净了身体,所以泡完澡后热水仍然是干净的,其他家庭成员还可以继续泡有趣的是,如果家里来客人了,日本人会让客人第一个泡澡,然后自己再泡3.Many Streets in Japan Dont Have Names3.日本的很多街道都没名字Yes, you that right. Many streets in Japan dont have names. So how do the Japanese locate certain areas if their streets are nameless? Well, they use a peculiar kind of addressing system that uses block numbers instead of street names. Blocks in Japan are given unique numbers, and these numbers serve as the address. The spaces between these blocks, the streets, are left unnamed. So typically, people in Japan say, ;I live in Block ; or ;I work in Block ; instead of saying ;Im on Crocodile St.; or ;My house is at Banana Ave.;是的,你没看错,日本很多街道真的都没名字,就这么任性!可是既然没名字,那日本人怎么描述自己的地理位置呢?其实,日本采用的是一种很特殊的编址系统,虽然街道没有名字,但是街区都有相应的编号每个街区都由一个特定的数字表示,用以标示地址于是,处于街区之间的道路就变成了;无名氏;所以,在日本,人们都说;我家住1号街区;或者;我家住街区;,而不是;我家在鳄鱼街;或是;我家在香蕉大街;Many people from Western countries might find this addressing system quite inefficient and confusing but actually it not. In fact, it very easy to use and helps people locate certain areas very quickly. instance, if the restaurant youre looking in Tokyo City is located at Block , then all you need to do is get a map and look the area that has the number on it and voila, you just found your destination. Also, block numbers are easier to remember and spot on a map compared to street names.很多西方人可能觉得这样编址效率很低、还难找,实则不然事实上,这种方法在生活中很方便,可以帮助人们迅速定位比如说,如果你在东京市想找位于第街区的一个饭店,那你只要拿着地图找到标着号的那个地方就可以了而且,比起街道名称,街区名称更易在地图上标示,还方便记忆,一举多得.Male Adult Adoption Is Common in Japan.日本有成人收养制度Typically, couples from Western countries adopt babies or young children a variety of reasons such as infertility and companionship. However, in Japan, it quite different. It common many Japanese families, especially the wealthy ones, to adopt fully grown men. Why is this so? There are two reasons why male adult adoption is normal and quite popular in Japan. First, adult men are adopted the sake of carrying on the family name. Japan, like many countries around the world, is a patriarchal society, and family names or surnames are passed through male children. Couples who only have female children are likely to consider adopting adult males just so their family names dont disappear. Second, adult men are adopted the sake of a family business. This reason is quite common in many wealthy Japanese families who own large companies.西方夫妇也会收养婴儿或幼儿做养子,不过通常都是因为不不育或需要陪伴但是在日本,情况却大有不同日本家庭,尤其是比较富裕的家庭,收养的对象很多都是成年的男子这是为什么呢?其一,收养成年男子是为了延续家族的姓氏跟世界很多国家一样,日本也是一个父权社会,一个家族的姓氏通常是靠男性传承的所以,那些只生了女孩的家庭为了延续自己的姓氏,一般都会考虑收养一个成年男子其二,收养成年男子也是发展家族企业的一条途径很多拥有大型企业的日本家庭都会收养成年男子,让其以继承人的身份来掌舵企业,使企业发展的更好Fully grown men are adopted so that they can inherit the family business and run it. Even if a certain family has male candidates inheritance, if the father sees that his inheritors are unsuitable running his business, then he might consider taking in one of his highly competent executives.有些家族即使是有男性继承者,但如果父亲觉得这个继承者没能力掌管好企业,也会考虑收养一个具有商业天赋、能力更强的;新儿子;,以避免由于子孙的不肖而带来家业的衰败1.Japan Is the Land of Kinky Sex1.日本是怪癖性爱之都When it comes to sex, the Japanese are very open-minded. Some behaviors or acts that are considered taboo in the Western world are accepted and practiced by many Japanese people. One perfect example of this is hentai mangas and animes which depict intercourse between humans, monsters, and even tentacles. Hentai can be easily bought in bookstores and convenience stores throughout the country.日本人在性方面很开放一些西方人认为是禁忌的行为,在日本却能为人所接受,还付诸实践最好的例子可能就是变态和乱伦题材的漫画和动漫了,这些作品往往描述的都是人与人、人与兽、甚至人与幻想生物器官;触手;的性交在日本,像这种这种变态题材的作品很轻易就能从书店和便利店买到翻译:毛志遥 前十网

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